Kate dances with Paddington Bear at surprise appearance

Kate dances with Paddington Bear at surprise appearance

Kate Middleton made a surprise appearance yesterday, October 16, when she joined Prince William and Prince Harry for a meet-and-greet with kids at Paddington Station.

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The royal trio were there meeting children from their various charities, who were chosen by the Royal’s Charity Forum, as they took a train through the countryside in vintage carriages. There were 130 children associated with charities such as Place2Be, East Anglia Children’s Hospice, Anna Freud Centre, WellChild, and Child Bereavement UK on board the Belmond British Pullman Train, as well as guests who suffered in the Grenfell Tower fire.

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The royals also met people from the new film Paddington 2, including actor Hugh Bonneville and producer David Heyman. Also in attendance was a giant Paddington Bear, whom Kate danced with on the platform. Afterwards the actor inside the costume said: “She’s a right good mover, and I think she could win Strictly Come Dancing if she was in it.”

So… Is Kate not sick anymore since she’s well enough to dance with a bear? While speaking to a woman from Child Bereavement UK, William said Kate “is feeling much better”. But an aide said: “The Duchess is feeling much better but she has still not fully recovered.” This vagueness could mean anything, and is the perfect ‘get out of work free’ card.

The royals split up to speak to guests in the carriages. Kate spoke to Esther Windsor and her daughter Lilly, 10, from the Anna Freud Centre, discussing Kate’s and Lilly’s shared love of art.

    “The Duchess said: ‘So you’re creative. It’s great fun, isn’t it?’ The two also discussed seeing the first Paddington movie and their plans to see the second, which opens on November 10. ‘Have you ever been on a train like this? No, I haven’t either. I was just saying how big and comfy the seats are.’
    “After their chat, Lilly’s mother, Esther, said: ‘We really like the train and it’s very nice to meet Kate. She seemed very well.'”

Kate also spoke to two girls who are helped by Place2Be, Amelia Kubas, 7, and Mahira Gazi, 10. Mahira, who described the royal encounter as “mind-blowing”, said: “I asked her what’s it like to be a princess, because I’d like to be one, and she said her favourite thing was meeting special people like us.”

Hasn’t Kate said something like that before? I could have sworn I remember that being an answer before, but I don’t remember when so I don’t know where to begin to look that up. Does anyone remember?

Kate meets people in train carriage s
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William had a chat with a young boy about Prince George and his love of The Lion King. You can hear the whole conversation in the video below, but in answer to the question ‘What’s your son’s favorite show?’, William said:

    “Oh, his favorite show. Um, he quite likes the Lion King. He’s watched that a few times. What else does he like? He’s watched Octonauts. Have you seen that? … Trying to keep him off television is hard work. Not too much TV. Only a little bit.”

I actually have seen Octonauts. It was on at 6 in the morning when I was going to the gym, and there was nothing else on so I watched that. It’s actually a cute show.

So, what did Kate throw on for this surprise appearance she was only just well enough to attend? A new dress and heels, of course.

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Kate wore a new pink and black dress from Orla Kiely. The $185 Raised Flower Fitted Dress is from the 2013 season, so Kate has had this dress is her closet for years and is just now debuting it. I wonder how many clothes Kate has laying around in her closet that we’ve never seen before.

Kate wore new black suede heels, this time from Tod’s. Kate’s branching out slightly, though, because these £335 black suede pumps have a block heel. The rest of Kate’s accessories are repeats: Mulberry Bayswater clutch in black, Cartier watch, and Kiki McDonough Morganite earrings.

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147 thoughts on “Kate dances with Paddington Bear at surprise appearance

  1. Weren’t we just mentioning how Uncle Gary was in the news? I think we know why Kate suddenly showed up to this and made a point to dance with the bear, which would get press attention. Great diversion.

    For someone who still isn’t “well” according to the KP PR, she certainly is spinning around and having fun. If she still had bouts of nausea then doing twirls is the last thing she would risk doing in public. So tired of the lying. Just admit she is over the morning sickness.

    The style of dress is ok, but I don’t like the light peach pink colour on her. Plus the material makes it look like a bath mat. A darker colour would have looked better on her.

    And why a new dress? How many more outfits does she have that we have never seen? It is beyond ridiculous really.

    In most photos Harry looks like he can’t wait to be doing things with Meghan. He looks much happier on his solo appearances.

    1. I thought the dress, with the back neckline, was more appropriate for an evening event, rather than a kid’s event., and the color washes her out.

  2. I find it amusing and pathetic KP says she isn’t well, so don’t expect much, but she shows up smiling, glowing, dancing, quite unlike a sick woman. Don’t people notice this, see it, and can see the lies?

    The dress is cute but she really needs a larger size, the arms are pulling when she’s dancing and it clearly is a bit too tight.

    Kate seemed the only engaging one of the day, today. The dance was pretty cute and she seemed very sweet with the kids, when she is honestly usually terribly awkward; maybe none of them tried to touch her. 😛

    Harry had the WellChild Awards tonight but it got little press because Kate showed today. I saw some pictures. He has such joy in him and spent so much time with the children and parents, talking to them about their struggles; I’m sure it was a lovely night for everyone. So different from him subdued around his brother who looked like he was sucking on lemons today. William seemed to struggle to say anything about what George likes…

    1. Normally, I would agree about the fit of the dress, especially since it’s a habitual problem for her and her team but since she’s preggers I’ll give her a pass. during my sister’s first pregnancy she was in complete denial and wouldn’t buy any maternity clothes!! She just bought regular in larger sizes then would complain. Finally my mother and I bought her some and she was much happier point being some women are in denial their body is changing or don’t want to buy maternity clothes for whatever reason

      1. Kate did that during her pregnancy with George. She rarely wore actual maternity clothes.

        1. Maternity clothes are meant to be for the comfort element though. I tried on my cousin’s jeans once. I will totally deny it if it ever comes out though. I just wanted to see what they felt like. Kate looked rather strange when she was expecting George. Like she wasn’t giving room to breathe. I don’t understand why Kate cannot be herself.

          1. She has unresolved issues regarding her body. I won’t be shocked if she rapidly returns to her pre baby weight and is as thin as ever once baby three is born.

            Along with that and her constant efforts to wear clothing that raises her waist, she hasn’t accepted her body type for what it is.

          2. I agree. I think that Kate’s self esteem is helped by William. Maternity clothes that are probably fitted complement the figure. You can get panels in them to help breast feed. If Kate were to wear British Maternity wear think of the boost it would give the designers.

        2. A lot of fashion bloggers follow that line of thought too, and invariably the larger sizes just look awful on them. If you’re pregnant, get some nice maternity clothing! There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it looks SO MUCH BETTER.

  3. She hasn’t responded with that before. That was what we (people on here) said she should have responded with when asked the best part of being a princess. She was asked that a while back and Kate responded with something like “I am well taken care of”. Or something to that effect. Everyone on here was saying a good response would have been “meeting special people like you” or other things similar. And Viola! That was her answer this time. Now I am really starting to think her people do read this blog.

    1. Could be. It was a nice thing to say.

      I remember the talking about how she was well looked after/taken care of, which is so bizarre and infantile but shows where she really is thinking of herself imo.

      1. Remember how she could never keep her hands out of her hair? She doesn’t do that anymore. She’s also got her crotch clutching under control. She’s improving. Baby steps.

        1. Baby steps? That baby crawled, walked, ran and is now sitting in Kindergarten learning to write. I can’t think of anything slow enough to compare her “progression” to. Snails move around a lot. Glaciers are moving faster these days. We will have to change the expression from ‘moving at a glacial pace’ to ‘moving at a Kate pace’.

    2. Yes, yes, That’s it exactly, Overit. She said she was being well taken care of. That is what she liked about being a Princess. and, people here gave the comment that she used the other day. Yes, this blog is widely read..

      Ugh, the entire appearance was dismal, although, my little one got an adorable Paddington Bear from her grandma and grandpa for her birthday. I love Paddington and so does Madeline Juliet! So, I have to smile.

      Kate dancing after HG? No, I don’t think so. She was engaging, though, so a partial thumbs up. The deceit about her illness bars me from a total thumps up. Let’s call it morning sickness, not HG, please. And, yes, the appearance certainly was timely after the Uncle Gary news.

      Her hair looked very “wig-like.” Her skin so washed out by that color. The dress? Ugh? Those raised flowers do indeed look like the ones placed as bath tubs mats so people don’t slip. Really, where does she find these hideous clothes?

      William did look so sour. And, Harry, who was engaging, wasn’t his usual out there self. He cannot wait to be rid of the threesome tours, I imagine. Bring on Meghan and let the two of them take the town.

      As for Kate being a threat to Dancing with the Stars — sorry, I don’t remember the name of the initial show from GB — she should be so lucky!

      1. Bring on Harry and Meghan. They would have to be more interesting than W&K or this tiresome trio. If I see another photo of Kate between the two brothers…

        At least the ugly, ill-fitting dress did not cost a small fortune this time.

  4. I believe her usual response when asked what it’s like to be a princess is that she is “very well taken care of” or that she is “well looked after” — if memory serves, several commenters here have mentioned how shallow and self-centered that answer is, and actually said that focusing on the privilege of community service and the opportunity to meet new people would be a much better response. Perhaps her people are listening (reading)?

      1. Yes, if her people are reading, please stop kate buying new clothes and accessories. The British public who are still suffering austerity are sick and tired of seeing this woman in a new outfit every time she makes an appearance! It is unnecessary. She must have wardrobes full of stuff now. It really does give the impression that she won’t do an appearance unless it guarantees a new rig out.
        Also get her a proper stylist because many of those aforementioned new clothes are not suitable, not flattering and too expensive. Kate and a proper stylist could really show how high style low investment dressing can be done. If I was kate I’d be asking Holly Willougby for her stylists number. For those non brits reading, she does a daily tv show and generally looks great with a mix of high street and the occasional higher priced item. She also looks age appropriate.

    1. Yes, I think it was “my husband takes very good care of me”. A thrilling answer to a question posed by a child asking what’s the best part about being a princess.

      She cannot seem to manage ad lib with the “people”. She should have a few tried and trues for all ages in her back pocket for these interactions. Yet she lacks it still. I wonder if she actually suffers with debilitating anxiety. Can’t help she’s always been ruled by a strong willed, controlling bossy-boots or other (she knows no different, much like her dad I imagine). I don’t know that her life is all that great- I’ll stick with mine, thank you very much!

      The back of her neckline shows off her rounding shoulders and I didn’t think it was flattering. Nor was the color. Also really don’t like the haircut, but there’s always extensions! There are still a lot of things already purchased and gently worn that would have looked nicer. Well imo anyway and I know I really sound like a broken record about it, but seriously!

      1. She is not a curious or ambitious person so I really doubt she will change at 36. She thinks what she is doing is fine and since she still gets the pretty outfits there really isn’t any motivation to change.

  5. She looks well. I agree, she seems to be over the worst of her non-HG morning sickness. I’m not wild about the fabric of this dress, but I’d like it better if the color didn’t so closely match her skin tone and if the belt were a few inches lower.

    And yes, she’s been coached on how to better answer that particular princess question. Good for her that she showed up, seemed to enjoy herself, and remembered her lines. That sounds more snarky than I meant it to. I’m actually pleased that she got it right this time. Now, Kate, just keep it up.

    I wonder how long William can keep up this pace before he breaks for a holiday.

  6. I think the dress is nice, looks comfy; but I don’t like the color… I think it kinda washes her out.

    Overall, I think she looks good, and quite healthy! Is it just me, or does she look much fuller than when she wore that blue and black monstrosity last week? I feel like it’s night and day!

    Also, maybe I need to just stop looking there, but MY GOD WILLIAM, GET PROPERLY FITTING PANTS. I’m so tired of seeing the royal jewels that defined.

    1. +1 – I don’t need to see Will’s “accessories” either. He can afford tailored pants that fit. As for Kate’s dress – two boring outfits with black ribbon in a week ? Charles should draw the line – just a waste of money – most of them are never seen again – in many cases I can understand that – once she sees the photos she realises how bad they look on her.

    2. I got the same impression,LizB.She looks much healthier and fuller now than last week.It’s interesting how fast this can change in pregnancy! I wish for her and her child that she can stay healthy from now on.

    3. Supposedly Tasha gave William a makeover too. which again reiterates how bad she is at her job! I think it’s been the last year that all of a sudden his britches have been waaay to tight! Bleh no thank you. It Looks like he borrowed Harry’s blue shoes or finally got a pair of his own =)

  7. I don’t understand why, if she really suffers from HG, has never talked about it. Surely this would raise awareness & reduce stigma for other women…and doesn’t sharing one’s feelings align with her Heads Together campaign? Also, why doesn’t anyone from her medical team make a statement about her condition? This would also lend credibility. Statements from KP just open the door to speculation &:questions, IMO.

    Blue dress, followed by a pink dress. Interpret that as you will.

    1. Well she doesn’t have it but if she did, that’s true, her advocacy would be very helpful to those women who are expected to just ‘get on with it’ by their families and workplaces, not realising just how debilitating HG is. I never had HG, the 24 run of the mill morning sickness (which wore off, just like Kate’s) was bad enough. I’ve worked with someone who did, who worked full time and was literally a shadow of themselves and that one experience was horrific enough to enforce a one-child-policy.

  8. She is a travesty. I thought she had HG? How is she well enough to dance? How has no one in the media called her out for faking? I’m also shocked she has shown some spontaneity and a bit of personaltiy.

  9. I have to admit- I really like the dress even though I am not completely sold on the pattern/fabric. Someone upthread mentioned a bath mat and I can see that. But I think the colour does suit her and gives her a bit of a rosy glow on the skin. Also like the skirt and arm length and the neckline (especially the back). Very happy everytime she wears a more normal neckline (still not even near showing cleavage) and not those high ones. Her shorter hair looks really nice. For me this is an overall win lookwise. Much better than the light blue Temperly monstrosity.
    I will not comment on her HG issues. I really can’t say if she has severe morning sickness or HG on the lower end of the spectrum or nothing or whatever. I have my doubts but I think it is a fine line to openly dictate how people have to act when they suffer from something (same with mental health or victims of rape).
    I will however criticise their cheap PR work. If you want to sell the HG story (true or false) do it good. Write better statements, reach out to a HG research program, sent more notes to your charities instead of visiting- so many opportunities wasted…

  10. ‘This vagueness could mean anything, and is the perfect ‘get out of work free’ card.’

    Of course. *sighs*. Haters don’t even know how predictable they are. It’s not the perfect free card, it’s probably just… the truth. Doesn’t anyone here understand how illness works? She was super sick, now she’s getting better though she has her off days. Sometimes she’s perfectly fine, sometimes she doesn’t feel good at all, but she’s getting there. Jeeez. It’s like they have to spell it out to a toddler. Since when do you have to explain how getting better works? Oh right, I know. Because it’s Kate and people prefer to believe she’s lazy and lying about being sick than actually believe the easier and more logical explanation that she’s suffering from acute morning sickness. Hashtag leave Kate’s body to Kate and have some respect? Too much to ask? I know, it’s hard being respectable.

    1. Again I ask, if you dislike this blog so much, why read it? I’m not usually one to say ‘if you don’t like it, go away’, but all you do is come here and insult others. If you disagree with someone, do so politely. If you want me to reexamine how I cover something, then do so politely. But insulting everyone isn’t a great way to effect change. Clearly you hate this blog, so why do you continue to take the time to read and comment on it?

      1. You could block he/she since they only come on here insult commenters? You have given him/her plenty of chances and yet they continue to only be rude.

    2. Oh, no, of course I don’t know what HG is! I don’t know how it works! I didn’t HAVE it or anything! (Sarcasm. I did. It did not suddenly go away once I hit 10-12 weeks. It did not go away so I could go on nice holidays. Or dance. Or do anything, really, considering I could barely leave the freaking house.)

      HG does not disappear conveniently when you feel like it does. Women who have suffered here can tell you that. It is a nice get out of work free card. And a massive, massive lie.

    3. I won’t use the word hater but I have to agree that just because she made 2 appearances doesn’t negate her severe nausea and morning sickness. She’s going to have to ‘muscle’ through it like everyone else does. And her uncle getting arrested isn’t picking up much steam; not even on social media. I was a bit surprised at that myself, but then again there’s nothing she can do about her uncle’s action and media outlets reported it and moved on.

      1. I was under the impression that HG was more than just “severe nausea and morning sickness.” I had severe nausea and morning sickness, which meant I could hardly get out of bed and almost never left the house for the first 4 months of my second pregnancy. However, I was never diagnosed with HG and never needed to be hospitalized.

        Maybe this is a problem with how HG is defined in the UK versus elsewhere?

        1. HG is not severe morning sickness it is so much worse . I don’t know any sufferer who has looked as well and as ‘well rounded’ as Kate does now. If she had been throwing up every hour of the day and night she would have lost a lot of weight despite the baby.
          The fact that she is always lazy means I won’t give her the benefit of the doubt. She looks tanned ( holiday…surely no fake tan while pregnant), she’s had her hair done , she’s been non essential shopping. IV drips help but don’t cure.

          1. I agree. If she has HG, I would not expect her to look so healthy and animated at whatever event she was able to scrape herself together to attend. The world would give her a pass and perhaps love her more if they could see what she was battling through yet determined to keep up with as much “work” as she could. It’s plain silly to me that baby #3 and we’re still getting the same old and frankly unbelievable story.

            A dear friend’s older sister had it- she was hospitalized for most of her pregnancy, they were very concerned about the baby’s health and she looked skeletal after Levi was born. Plus, her hair started thinning at an alarming rate right from the onset of HG. She looked like a cancer survivor. It was very very bad. Are there degrees to this illnesses? I just don’t think the duchess can possibly have it. I really don’t.

          2. Totally agree–Her overall weight and “well-roundedness” are not at all what you’d see with anyone who has HG or even severe morning sickness.

        2. The problem isn’t with how HG is defined in the UK but how the KP PR team shifts the posts when it’s convenient. There are a set number of symptoms that occur for it to be considered HG in the medical community. A certain amount of weight needs to be lost by dehydration, severe vomiting, as well as confusion and headaches and being unable to keep any food down. The symptoms also last at least 14 to 20 weeks and sometimes throughout the pregnancy.
          KP went and called it HG within days seeing Kate perfectly fine in the public, which no doctor would have done because none of those symptoms could have legitimately occurred yet since not enough time had passed.
          No one is denying she has morning sickness and that isn’t fun for most women either. But her history of when she feels better (and trips to Mustique and skiing ) match the symptoms of morning sickness and not HG.
          KP is the one making these statements anyway, and they have been known to push lies, like when her hair extensions were really a childhood scar according to them.

    4. Claims from the Cambridge camp have been misleading for several years, and about all manner of things that later turned out to be untrue. Therefore, claims of HG, hitting the ground running, being editor for a day (but popping off to shop after an hour) et al are treated with an earned skepticism, if not derision. When people show you who they are, believe them.

    5. She’s thought of as lazy and her excuses are suspect because she’s done the least amount of work she can do, for years. She just has no goodwill left with her critics.

      I think Kate is used to a certain level of coddling and in her mind, she is very sick and unable to work. I don’t think anybody has called her a liar but it was convenient to her people to exaggerate her illness when it suits. I’m intrigued by her personality actually. Her landing William showed a steely determination which doesn’t seem to have parlayed into her married life.

    6. My experience with ordinary morning sickness was that some days I was miserable, some days I felt great. I have always assumed this was the case with Kate. I don’t think she is faking to get out of work. I feel badly for anyone experiencing HG.

    7. It’s not just a random hate-Kate response. It’s the response of people who saw her out shopping instead of honoring the Irish guards while claiming she needed to spend more time with her children. It’s the response of people who eagerly waited for her to “hit the ground running” only to see vacation pictures. If you think the criticism is too much for the occasion, it’s because it’s tinged with previous disappointments. Kate, like the rest of us, will have to overcome her mistakes. As I said upthread, she did well here. When she can do this consistently, a few times per week, for a few years, then I’ll be willing to forget her earlier selfishness.

    8. I, too, don’t like agreeing here, but the truth is we don’t know her health status. Truly, only she and her doctors know, and our guesses are just that. It is a shame that their (Kate, William, and KP) past statements and actions were so loose with the truth, and so disrespectful of the public, that now their actions are under a cloud. But I dislike shaming anyone about health issues, especially when we know that there can be a range of individual effects.

    9. Women who have actually suffered from the same severe morning sickness or HG that Kate supposedly does are calling b.s. because she isn’t behaving in any kind of way befitting one with either of those conditions. Even when you’re having a period of not horking your guts up, twirling and dancing are the last things you want to do. She is too full and well to be suffering the way KP claims she is. No amount of makeup will hide the sallowness and gaunt features that accompany nearly 24/7 vomiting. She’s faking it and they’re blowing up what may be slight morning sickness into more than it is.

      Also, you only come here to start trouble, so why bother even posting? You don’t like it here, LEAVE. Nobody will miss you. Promise.

      1. +100 I keep drawing comparisons with how unwell Charlene of Monaco looked when pregnant with the twins. She looked absolutely ghastly and I don’t recall anyone saying she had HG, just sickness. I just can’t credit Kate with even mild morning sickness when shown against Charlene. Kate looks healthier than I am, no way this woman has HG and whatever it was she’s certainly made a full recovery (somewhere sunny and warm by the looks of things..)

    10. It obviously is hard being respectful since you have no idea how to be respectful to people on here while giving your opinion. Ironic how you want others to be respectful of Kate when you yourself have no idea how to be respectful. Thanks for the example 🙂

  11. Some people discuss now that she’s getting a girl, because of the pink dress.But honestly, I can’t say if even they know the gender of their child.It’s too early for that.
    I like this visit.I quite like the dress.And why? She looks fuller, not so.sick.anymore and happier.So, her whole outfit makes a huge different impression to me.She should stay with a little bit more weight, in a healthy way.The Middleton women are just silly with their believe in being skinny=being beautiful.
    I love Paddington Bear and I love these old trains, they’re great.

    1. I love those trains too! I think it would be fun to take a trip on one. Do the whole thing vintage-vintage interiors, vintage clothing, etc :).

  12. Pros: Kate is interacting better. Harry looks cute.

    Cons: I just don’t like that dress and the center part Kate’s hair is wearing is driving me crazy for some reason. Harry is seen as an after thought. Finally? I don’t need to know what side William’s penis is hanging! Put on some flipping underwear! Boxers, briefs, whatever! Something! If the average guy was walking down the street like this (and around children like William is), people would be suspicious of this man’s intentions!

    I’m sorry but I just had to get that out of my system. #sorrynotsorry

      1. Kimothy, right on! Both W and K seem to enjoy their little flaunting of privates.
        My God, with children around! So indecent!

        1. If they want to get their kinky on to keep the spark going between them, that’s fine but don’t do it out in public and especially around children!

    1. It don’t know why KP would have agreed to a trip during the pregnancy in Scandinavia in the first place if they are also the ones saying that Kate has good days and bad days. They publicized this trip for both of them not long after Kate missed George’s first day of school. It really doesn’t make them look professional. Regardless of whether or not Kate has morning sickness or HG, it’s still very dumb of them to commit her to travel in a press release.

  13. This is the Kate I really enjoy. She looks healthy, happy, and interacted well with everyone including the bear.

    And the dress is just as pretty as her $1000+ pieces; in fact, I prefer it over many.

    I like her length of hair.

    And, this was a great idea for an event. If I were a child from these charities, I’d be over the moon to meet Paddington and ride a fancy train. Most kids probably are more excited about the bear than the royals in fact, which is cute.

    One thing that made me laugh was Paddington asked Harry to dance first, meaning the guy in the bear suit knew he’d be the best choice. Harry demurred and pointed to Kate, and thankfully she obliged.

    1. I like Kate’ hair and that she is not clutch crutching. Points for dancing with Paddington Bear.
      However the dress is out of place and I don’t like the colour. I would have gone with a yellow dress. Not a dressy dress though.

      Harry is great as usual. I agree he looks happier on his solo engagements. William does well answering the children. It must have been a lovely treat for these kids to be on a train and meet Paddington and the other actors.

        1. I think Lauri, that Kate showed a bit more personality when dancing.

          I don’t know if any of you watch Miss Marple? But on an episode, Miss Marple said the dress on the victim was wrong. Girls always wear outfits to suit the occasion casual or formal. Girls who are not ladies wear their best dress whenever. This reminded me of Kate at Paddington Station. I am not saying a top and jeans were called for. I think the dress was wrong for this occasion as it looked like something Kate would wear for an evening do.

          1. THe dress was knee-length, looked to be an easy-care fabric with minimal detailing (no beads, embroidery, etc). I’m not seeing evening wear here. She wore day shoes, her typical daytime jewelry and hair-do.. She was appropriately dressed for the event.

            I love Miss Marple, though. I wonder what she would have had to say about Kate.:)

          2. I think Kate over did the Jewellery. The earrings would have been find. The watch was a little too much for children. Is she going to look at it so she knows what time it is. It is just showing off.

      1. I think I’m in the minority in that I kind of like the pink here, but now that you’ve suggested it I think a soft, buttery yellow would be perfect with this dress, especially with the black embellishment.

        1. I have found just the dress and it is on my list. Ten more days to go! I need a new dress. Especially for Christmas day.

    2. Oh, interesting that Harry was asked first, but suggested Paddington dance with Kate. Good for Kate for taking up the offer. However, I really find that interesting.

      1. Yes. Maybe Harry is trying to wean himself away from Wills and Kate. Seriously Harry needs to move on from these appearances as his own work ethic is established. I don’t think I can take Meghan joining in as well.

  14. Glad that Kate made this surprise appearance, she did seem very engaged. Although, I too, wonder about the severeness of her HG, or does it eventually just become less acute as time goes on.
    I am not a fan of the color pink on anyone unless they are under 10 years old and this is not a good color for Kate, it made her look washed out. Like Kimothy, I also dislike her hair parted in the middle, it is just bland, but at least it is shorter.
    Funny how in Kate’s first appearance since the announcement she wore a blue dress and at this event she wore a pink dress. This must be making the Daily Mail go crazy….LOL
    All in all, it looks like the children had fun and that is what counts.

    1. Oh nooooo!!! I hope this is a momentary blip on Letiza’s fashion screen, never to be repeated. I do like the shorter hair cut, I think her delicate facial features work well with the shorter bob.

    2. Ok, yes, that dress is unbelievably hideous. But she has lots of credit at the bank of fashion and style, so this slip-up can be overlooked.

    3. I’m sure we had this print as bedspread and curtains in the 80s. Pretty bad dress to overwhelm the usually stylish Letizia. Why do the worst styles return as retro?

  15. I began reading this blog to get a different perspective of the Cambridges. They have their positives and negatives, as we all do. What I think is humourous about your blog is the Duchess can never do anything right. Today’s comments went over the top for me. There were so many snide comments about her “non-HG”. Have any of those commenters read her medical records? I don’t know if she does or does not have the illness, but as a registered nurse, I know that anyone with a serious medical illness can have good days and bad days, so dancing with a bear does not mean she is lying about her diagnosis. So why accuse her of lying with no proof? Regarding her wardrobe…I, myself, have been critical of her wearing brand new dresses (many with little style) that cost several thousand dollars, as she often does. To this event, she chose one that cost US $185 and is 4 years old and I thought how could anyone criticise her for that (other than a personal dislike of the style, of course)? Yet, there they were. Multiple critical comments about her wearing a brand new dress. It wasn’t brand new – it was 4 years old! And cost a fraction of what everything else she wears! So much for a blog with a different perspective. This is a blog of haters. It’s time to go elsewhwere – positive and negative feedback about her sartorial choices, discussions about participation (and lack thereof) in charity projects, etc. – all done in a polite and respective manner, where everyone agrees to disagrees. There is way too much unkindness in this world today to continue reading more of it here.

    1. Okay. Let me explain. Royal watching (or any celebrity watching, really) is about collecting and assembling puzzle pieces. We all understand that we are being shown a facade, and we would love a glimpse at the “reality” behind it. So we work at putting the pieces together to construct that.

      Puzzle piece 1: The Duchess suffers from HG. (this is what we are directly told)

      Puzzle piece 2: Because she has HG, she is unable to carry out a full roster of engagements. (we are directly told this, not assuming)

      Puzzle piece 3: Having HG doesn’t prevent her from traveling long distances on expensive family vacations. (verifiable fact)

      Puzzle piece 4: Kate has shockingly low engagement numbers (verifiable fact)

      Puzzle piece 5: For most of the charities she does patron, she visits maybe once a year (maybe two or three – but only if it involves sports). (verifiable fact)

      Puzzle piece 6: Her body language, speaking, and interactions with other show a marked lack of interest in the cause, other people, or anything really. (largely subjective, but I personally think well supported with evidence)

      Puzzle piece 7: Rumors are heating up that her handsome brother-in-law is about to marry a beautiful, biracial, American actress, and the blogs are beside themselves (both positively and negatively). All eyes are about to be on fresh, new blood in the royal family. (verifiable fact)

      Puzzle piece 8: At the same time, she is suddenly able to rally herself and have “good days” to attend engagements where no one was expecting her, all the while looking awake and more engaged than anyone has seen her in….well, a really long time. (partially verifiable, partially subjective)

      I could go on, but really, put all these together, and do you really think it’s unreasonable to think that she’s a lazy person, uninterested in work, and using a maybe-real, but also maybe-made-up illness as a convenient excuse? Also that she’s afraid of being overshadowed by the new girl on the block, so she now has to work to keep eyes and interest on her? It may not be accurate, but it’s definitely reasonable given the evidence at hand.

      If you want to construct another picture, go right ahead, but it’s going to require ignoring some of these puzzle pieces.

        1. Nope. I’ve been a lurker and occasional poster for several years. But I’m fascinated at how Meghan could potentially change this dull-as-dishwater dynamic. I’m placing a pre-order on popcorn now (extra butter, obvs) 🙂

          1. Great work Reba and lovely to see you step out from the shadows and put a constructive critique together.

            Marianne……perhaps you could take Collegedrowner with you on your way to Narnia and please don’t hurry back. This clearly isn’t the place for you if you can’t be objective in your reasoning and back your points up with anything more than the bad feeling you profess to dislike so much.

          2. Reba, job well done on your analysis. Bring on the popcorn. I am dying to see the change in the Kate show once Meghan joins the cast.

            Thank goodness Meghan is in the acting business because I think she is going to need the skills being around Kate.

            As a fellow RN, I did think Kate looked ill when she left the hospital following her early pregnancy announcement with George. Like many illnesses, she may have a milder form of HG, but is playing the illness card to the hilt.

      1. Great post Reba! Analyzing objective facts provided by PR is the whole point of this blog and you hit all the pertinent points.

        When people can’t rebut with facts they resort to the name calling everyone who disagrees “haters.” Critical thinking isn’t something they are able to do apparently.

      2. Exactly, Reba. Well said. My distrust of Kate’s HG claims stems not from blind hatred, but from my analysis of the evidence that we’ve gotten over the years. KP says one thing, but Kate’s actions say another. There is so much contradictory evidence that I have no other choice but to question KP’s claims.

    2. As a fellow RN, I actually think she looks suspiciously well for someone who has an illness that most commonly causes such malnourishment and dehydration that they usually have to get IV fluids. Her hair is

      1. Gah! I got a new iPad that doesn’t like me! So I didn’t get to finish. What I was saying is her hair is shiny, she doesn’t look gaunt in the face, no tell tell signs of needing of rehydration. She’s actually put on weight which is odd. Yes everyday is different but hey each arm chair diagnoses to themselves!
        On a side note. I always find it odd when peeps who’ve never commented here before feel the need announce they are no longer going to keep reading?! Meh okay, we didn’t know you were here to begin with. And several of us did actually made some kate positive comments

        1. I agree she doesn’t look ill, but is it possible that medication is keeping her HG in check? They obviously have access to the best medical care and treatments available.

  16. I found the video rather endearing. I caught myself smiling despite the fact we’ve all probably been stitched up like kippers over this HG malarkey. I though she looked lovely and fresh despite not liking the dress on a personal level. The hair looked a great improvement as was her overall demeanour. Definitely a win for the Duchess of Doolittle.

  17. I just want to say how super dapper Hugh looks!! ???I’m a sucker for a well dressed man.
    I’m not a fan of Kate’s dress. I don’t like the flower appliqué but I do like her shoes.
    I will say Kate has seemed much more engaged at her last couple of events. I don’t know what has facilitated this change or if it will last but it’s nice to see. Whether the answer to the princess question was her own or someone briefed her on appropriate responses, she actually said the right thing at the right moment, that showed she was actually listening to her. Usually, it seems her responses have nothing to do with questions asked. As some one said up thread, it’s only take 6 yrs but I guess better late than never!
    I’m actually surprised she agreed to to the little dance.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Sarah. I thought Hugh looked so sharp. I love a 3 pieces suit, but sadly men don’t wear too often now. They consider them to formal :(. I melt when my husband wears his 🙂

  18. Hmm. I think someone is very nervous about being overshadowed by Meghan. Kate is rather dull on her best days – down right infuriating on her worst. Now, someone objectively prettier, with more confidence, who’s done more than wait on someone to marry her, shows up. Oh, and she’s biracial and American. Add to that, that she’s marrying the better looking, friendlier, more popular brother, and….well, yeah, The Overshadowing is upon us. If Kate just disappeared for the duration of her pregnancy and for “maternity leave” as is her usual MO, she would cede the stage entirely to Meghan. Regardless of what you think of Meghan, if she can light a fire of competition in Kate, that might be worth whatever other baggage she brings.

    Also, I hate that dress. That’s a dress a 60 year old woman would wear.

    1. “That’s a dress a 60 year old woman would wear.” I have to take exception to this one. I am 60 and I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. The color alone would make me look dead.

      Does anyone want to take a guess at how much Kate has spent on clothes and accessories in the last 6 years? I mean, this dress is four years old and is just now seeing the light of day. How much other stuff does she have stashed at home. Most of her stuff gets worn once and we never see it again. This is wasteful. Does she have a shopping addiction? Or is she is just trying to give nouveau riche a bad name. Anyway, to answer my question, I guessing at $500,000 minimum and I think I am on the low side.

      1. My apologies! Perhaps what I should have said is that it looks like a dress that would have been worn 60 years ago. 🙂

        1. I’ll agree with that one. I hope you understood that my exception comment was made in good fun though I really wouldn’t wear that dress.

          1. Sue I’m approaching 60 and I wouldn’t wear it either! People have compared it to the sticky bath mats younuse to stop slipping, to me it’s like the cap my granny wore in the bath with flowers on it.

            I do think however Kate dresses as if she is much older than she is. I appreciate protocol but this doesn’t mean dressing as some of us more mature women choose to do.

    2. I am waiting for all the Middleton family (Carole) planted stories in DM (i.e. Kate takes Meghan under her wing, Kate shows Meghan the royal ropes ect).

      It will be interesting to see if there are any changes in Kate. Will the wardrobe, frequency of engagements and her enthusiasm for royal work differ if Meghan and Harry marry. Face it, Kate has coasted on her youth, looks and title for too many years.

      Making a better show of things will not be very hard for Harry and Meghan. Also, if they have children, it will be interesting to see if they are as *protective* of their children in the media as W&K.

    3. I think people throw the number 60 around too much when referring to Kate’s clothing that they think is horrible. My mom is in her 60s and she looks smashing and dresses so beautifully, too. I also hate the expression, “she looks good for her age,” when saying that a woman over 50 looks wonderful People can be stylish, beautiful and perfectly dazzling at every age. It’s time to give up such wording. We all hope to live long lives, don’t we? I think beauty is beauty at every age in a person’s existence.

  19. I like the cut of the dress but it’s still so matronly. The color washes her out and the flowers look like something that would have been on my grandmother’s bathrobe in the 60s. It’s not flattering when combined with that hairstyle and all her plastic work pulling her face so taut. Vanity seems to be a family value and all magic comes at a price, dearie. They aren’t aging well at all.

    William’s pants aren’t fitting, Harry can’t shine when he’s the third wheel with these bozos, and Kate’s faking HG again. Just more of the same. Wash, rinse, repeat. At least the dress wasn’t both ugly and expensive, and those kids seemed to be having a blast.

          1. Yes, we are. It was a heartbreaking drive down the Keys when we came home. It’s been three weeks and not much has changed. There is still so much work to do.

  20. I hope it was a happy event for the children! Looking at the list of organizations involved and thinking of the burdens the children must be bearing, I imagine every day can be a struggle for many of them and their families. Perhaps the train ride was able to take them away for a bit. I thought Kate looked nice, with the soft color of the dress and the flowers communicating “approachable.” It seemed to me that her heart was in it, and I hope her chats with some of the children helped make the day special for them.

  21. It was a light-hearted engagement. All three appeared to be enjoying the day. I’d like to take a ride on that train.

    I would have liked to be a whisper on the wall to hear the dinner conversation with George & Charlotte after the day’s engagement: I met Paddington Bear today! I danced with him! Your father and uncle met him too. What did he say mama? Not much George, but he was so happy he wanted dance! Do you have a picture? Yes Charlotte, I do. Is he nice? Yes, he is.

    I missed a niece’s birthday party because of work. When I returned we met up again at a barbeque. She wanted to why I missed the party. I told her I was on a trip away and one day I met Alice and the Mad Hatter. (She was fascinated with the animated Alice in Wonderland movie.) She stared at me scrunching up her eyes and asked was Alice big or small? I said she was small. Do you have a picture? Yes, and I showed her the picture of Alice and me. She kept that picture on her closet door for some time. Much to my surprise, she still has it. She has never met Alice but she has met Elsa and gave me a picture her and Elsa. 🙂

    1. I’m going to be so sad when my youngest two start to realize that the characters they meet aren’t real. There’s so much joy in that magic for kids. Of course, when I was little all I wanted to do at Disney was ride the carousel and the bus that carried us to and from our resort.

    2. Love that story! My niece used to believe that I had pixie dust and could fly. One Christmas i told her I flew to the North Pole. She was mad I didn’t wake her to take with.? Love little kids with active imaginations! She’s 10 now so fully based in reality. Good thing the other is 2 =)

    1. Meghan Markle will put Kate to shine up or ship out.. I think the latter will happen sooner than later given our knowing Kate.

      On a positive note- I like seeing Kate do the dance today! a little personality over there for ya. She was definitely more interested than I’ve seen her in a while.. Kudos !

    2. I get the feeling Kate may not mind. Kate may be perfectly happy to stay home and do her own thing, while MM does the heavy lifting. MM will give Kate cover to hide out even more, at least until it’s Queen-time.

      1. “at least until it’s Queen-time”

        Now all I can think about is Kate saying ‘It’s Queen time’ in the voice of Gaston saying ‘It’s hero time’ from Beauty and the Beast.

        1. Oh my gosh…

          I’ve now got an image in my head of Kate’s version of being “The Queen”. Something a little more like Miranda Richardson’s Queen Elizabeth I in Blackadder perhaps?

          For anyone who doesn’t know the Blackadder series here’s a taster…


          (Where’s My Pressie? – Blackadder – BBC)

  22. Just when I was so ready to be praise Harry for his appearances lately, he turns up to today’s event looking almost slovenly. But his suits lately have been sharp (and not eye stabbing blue!), he was wonderful throughout Invictus and seated next to as well as interacting with heads of state like a pro. Wow, he shines brilliantly when at events on his own (at least, when he isn’t near William – his brother seems to be the alteration). So, for that I will give him a pass on this afternoon’s messy ill-fitting wardrobe. For once, William’s outfit looked far better than Harry’s.

    Kate looked animated and engaged and she answered questions as if she had really listened to the person asking them. I am impressed with her commitment to work today. I think another commenter rightly surmised that this has as least something to do with rumours of new blood in the family, and Kate will be damned if she’s going to let her place on the cover of glossy rags fade. Whatever it takes to get Kate to actively engage in her charities is ok with me.

    William looks…. his usual snide and unhappy self. What can I say about William that hasn’t already been said? He is just such an ass, and I can’t tell if it’s his privacy obsession that compels him to give vague answers to questions about which television programmes his son watches or if he is still playing absent at home. The Cambridge family has never seemed a cohesive unit anyway, so perhaps I’m reading too much into it altogether.

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