Prince Harry looks dashing in black tie

Prince Harry looks dashing in black tie

Prince Harry looks great in black tie, and he graced us with lovely photos of him in black tie two nights in a row. First, he attended the 100 Women in Finance gala dinner in aid of WellChild, and then he accepted an Attitude Mag award on behalf of Princess Diana.

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I’m starting with Harry’s October 12 appearance at the Attitude Magazine Attitude Awards since his speech was put online. Harry was at the Attitude Awards to collect a posthumous Legacy Award on behalf of his mother, Diana. Attitude Mag awarded her with the prize in honor of her significant work in drawing attention to HIV/AIDS. In his speech, Harry said:

    “In April 1987, my mother was only 25 years old. She was still finding her way in public life, but already she felt a responsibility, to shine her spotlight on the people and issues that were often ignored. She knew that AIDS was one of the things that many wanted to ignore and seemed like a hopeless challenge. She knew that the misunderstanding of this relatively new disease was creating a dangerous situation when mixed with homophobia. People were ostracized from their communities – and sometimes from their families – simply for being ill. Staff who treated the ill, were themselves often turned away from local barbers and restaurants, even though it was proven that HIV could not be passed on from casual contact. And we faced the very real risk that thousands would die in the UK – including many young gay men of her generation – without making any progress towards treatment of the disease.
    “So when that April, she shook the hand of a 32-year-old man with HIV, in front of the cameras, she knew exactly what she was doing. She was using her position as Princess of Wales – the most famous woman in the world – to challenge everyone to educate themselves; to find their compassion; and to reach out to those who need help instead of pushing them away. In the years that followed that famous handshake, her work continued, both in public and private. When she visited Mildmay Hospital and the London Lighthouse hospice, she wanted the world to learn the stories of those who were dying. She wanted people to demand action towards treatments that would save lives. And she wanted to get to know those who were dying not as statistics or patients, but as people.
    “In the year before my mother’s death, the first truly effective anti-retroviral treatments were developed for HIV and AIDS. She did not live to see this treatment become widely available and save countless lives in the UK and around the world. I often wonder about what she would be doing to continue the fight against HIV and AIDS if she were still with us today. I believe that she would be telling everyone across society – not just those most at risk – that with effective treatment being free and available in the UK, that we must all embrace regular testing – both for our own sake and for those that we love. She would be demanding that same access to treatment and testing for young people in Africa and across the world. And she would of course be standing alongside those who are living openly, as healthy, happy and HIV-positive.
    “William and I are incredibly proud of what our mother achieved. And we thank you for awarding her the Legacy Award.”


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On October 11, Harry attended the 100 Women in Finance gala dinner in aid of WellChild, of which he is Patron, at the Victoria and Albert Museum. From the photos, he gave a speech here as well, but KP didn’t put that transcript online.

I have nothing else to add here other than Harry looks great so please enjoy these photos.

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74 thoughts on “Prince Harry looks dashing in black tie

  1. Prince Harry’s a star. I realized it when he came to New Zealand and could get a closer look. He’s got Diana’s great way with people and he throws himself into every project he gets involved with. And, as we saw on Stewart Island, after hours he’s still a great guy too. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, After the day’s engagements were over Harry and his RPOs went down to the local pub and ended up joining in on that night’s pub quiz night. He wasn’t hiding away in a hotel room, he was out meeting (and charming) the locals.

    It’s a lovely way to finish the week with some new photos of Harry, thanks KMR!

  2. I love this speech and so true.Diana was courageous , she really changed something in this world. And she would hug us all with our problems.That’s why so many loved her.

  3. He comes across well – he either writes his own stuff – or whoever assists him does a much much better job than those in the Cambridge office. Hopefully the new arrival can turn things around in that space.

    1. I’ve read somewhere Harry is very involved in the composing of his own speeches, much like his dad is with his stuff. Makes them less dull and stilted, for sure.

  4. I saw the news report on tv – his speech was touching and to the point. He looked and sounded very good, well and happy. A colleague of mine was at the BP mental health reception with Harry, Wills and Kate the other night and said Harry was lovely, and spoke to everyone.

    1. Hee, that was my first thought too – bring on the engagement announcement already! I need some happiness in the world. Asteroids brushing by earth, Mt Saint Helen gonna blow and wipe out North America, nuclear war on the horizon! I nearly have a panic attack when I watch the news. I need this wedding (but, no pressure, Harry and Meghan, lol).

      1. I don’t think you need to worry about Mt. Saint Helens, she isn’t going to wipe out North America even if she does blow again. She didn’t destroy North America in 1980 and that was her worst eruption. She has been building magma for awhile, but scientist don’t believe she will erupt anytime soon. The news just likes to freak people out. So, that is one less thing you have to worry about 🙂

        1. Well there is speculation that the the supervolcano under Yellowstone could potentially erupt in our life time. Let’s hope it’s more in the thousand years potential and not in the 15 becuase that would totally have North America destroying capabilities =)
          I had to promise my 9 yr old niece that if I some how survived a nuclear bomb(I’m in Seattle), I’d call them right away to let them know I was alive. ?File that under convos I’d never thought I’d have.
          So more tiara events are def needed

          1. Ya the Yellowstone volcano was the one I was thinking of destroying North America, but I didn’t mention that because I was trying to lessen the things gudgeon had to worry about ;). St. Helens is nothing compared to that one. In all honesty, the long awaited earthquake up by Seattle will wipe out the whole North West Coast, and CA is waiting on their’s too, lol. There are to many ‘what if’s in life to waste time worrying. Bring on tiara’s and cat videos instead 🙂

          2. Hee, sorry, my bad – yes it was the Yellowstone super volcano I was thinking of. See, I’ve tried to block it out already!

            Sarah – that is a tough conversation to have to have with your niece. Hopefully, for all of us, we never have to worry about volcanoes or nuclear war 🙁 Long lives, safety, and health to all of us 🙂

  5. Oh, his speech made me tear up. He spoke so beautifully of his mother. At 25, she took it upon herself to use her position to make a real difference regarding AIDS And, she went on in life to shine a light on landmines in later yers, too.

    Every life she touched is still blessed by her caring ways. Harry spoke so beautifully of her and has not let her loss poison him against life.

    Yes, he is one handsome man. Oh, yes, he will make a really amazing looking groom. I agree, bring on those wedding bells!!!! And, may happiness surround him as he brings joy to others by being so caring and real.

    Diana must be smiling down from heaven at her amazing son!!!

    1. I wonder if Harry and his brother appreciate the irony of complimenting their mother on what she accomplished at such a young age while William has yet to do the same.

  6. Grrrrrr!!!! Thanks KMR, I needed this 🙂

    I’ve read recently that Harry and Meghan might not have a “big” wedding with all the pomp and circumstance of W&K’s, Nooooooooo!!!!!! What if it’s not televised??? I guess I don’t mind if it’s more along the lines of Edward and Sophie’s wedding as long as it’s televised. Who can I talk to about this??

    1. Go to the top, Lauri. And, put together a petition that we can all sign!!

      Where, if I may ask, did you read that Harry and Meghan might not have a bit wedding?
      We need to see them at least enter and leave the Church. We need smiling kisses and waves from some balcony, somewhere. Whatever makes them happy should make us happy, too, but still. I agree, we need some inclusion in what could only be described as a happy day.

      1. They won’t have a big wedding not because they don’t want one, but because Meghan is not eligible for one. She has been married once before, and the Queen is obligated to not endorse Harry’s marriage to divorcee. Therefore she cannot allow them to throw a traditional royal wedding, and she likely won’t be in attendance. Just like she did not attend the wedding of Charles and Camilla

        1. No. She is eligible for one. The Church of England allows remarriage of divorcees. The reason C&C did it that way was because of the rabid Diana fans and death threats Camilla got. They had a civil ceremony first, then a blessing, to avoid a lot of the associated drama.

          The CoE has allowed divorce and remarriages after divorce in the church since 2000.

          if they do marry Harry would have a to-do in Westminster Abbey just as Anne and Andrew did.

          1. Sorry, Ashley, but Ellie is correct. To her reasons, I’ll add that C&C had more of a private wedding because they were instrumental in the destruction of each other’s marriages. According to the rules of the church, that is the reason they could not have the big wedding (and something to do with, if CoE allowed it for C&C, then they would have to allow it for every other couple, which the church did not want to…basically, it would “open the floodgates”).

            Harry had nothing to do with Meghan’s first marriage ending – so there is no restriction from the CoE – and further, it seems her wedding was a civil ceremony – so, in the eyes of CoE, she actually hasn’t even been married before. CoE has already officially said they are free to marry at Westminster Abbey, if they so choose.

            So, IMO, there is no way that Harry will not get a big Abbey wedding – he is the grandson of the queen on the heir’s line, and the only remaining son of the future king left to marry. Not to mention that he is the last senior royal who will marry for the next 20 or so years, until William’s children. I think they will get the big Abbey wedding, the balcony kiss…all of it. The only way I think it will be “lesser” than Will’s is that it won’t be declared a bank holiday.

    2. I actually think Harry’s wedding should fall somewhere between william’s and zara’s. The taxpayers are already footing the renovation bills adding the cost of a huge wedding would be ridiculous in these times. Of course, if they’re going to pay for it themselves they can do whatever they like =)
      Ashley, the COE has already come out and said she would be eligible to get married in their church. Charles and Camilla are a whole other story mainly because of the Diana sentiment

      1. I am not trying to say that they are not eligible to get married in the royal church, I am saying they are not eligible for all of the typical fanfare that comes with a royal wedding

        1. Where do you get that they are not eligible for typical fanfare? The reason the queen didn’t go to Charles and camellia’s was because it was a civil ceremony not because they were divorced and not eligible. She was at Anne’s second marriage

      2. Edward and Sophie had a nice “middle of the road” wedding. Not all the fanfare but still televised and tasteful. Right this moment I want them to have the big wedding just because I need it!!! Lol

        1. I would be disappointed if Harry didn’t have a wedding like Andrew had but Meghan being a divorcee may be the sticking point.

          1. I don’t see how Meghan being divorced is any worse than Will and Kate living together. Neither things are approved by the church.

            In any case I think this wedding matches what happened for Andrew and Fergie.

          2. I think the sticking point might actually be what the couple wants and I just don’t see Harry wanting a huge, costly, showy ‘state’ occasion.
            HM may insist upon it but we know already she gave William a lot of leeway with planning his wedding and he’s a future King.

            I’m still hoping for an Edward / Sophie template with maybe a televised service from inside St George’s and a carriage ride around Windsor etc….Lots of very sound, logical reasons for having the Abbey, National holiday etc but even since Andrew & Sarah and probably because of Andrew & Sarah the public don’t see the second son as needing a national display as per the first.

            That said Harry is probably the most popular Royal after HM so it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. My heart says St Georges though.

          3. @Nic919

            I think there’s a big difference between Meghan being divorced and W&K living together/having sex prior to marriage. Meghan was religiously linked to another man. BUUUTTTTTT!! I’m not religious and don’t know much about the Church of England.

          4. Meghan’s marriage was not a religious one, was it? Previously anyway.

            I have read that unlike William Harry is a religious sort and does go to church whereas William goes when forced, so I wonder if it’s true would it have any bearing on WA vs St George’s. St George’s is stunningly beautiful.

          5. @Ellie

            You’re right, I’m actually not sure if she had a religious ceremony. She had some Jewish traditions like the chair dance and smashing the glass. I don’t think Meghan is very religious either way.

          6. As I recall there was alot of criticism over Andrew’s big wedding. The idea was he wasn’t likely ascend to the throne so even though he was the Queen’s son it should have been more low key and less like Charles and Diana’s wedding. (I expect Andrew wouldn’t accept that.)  Harry is even farther away from the throne than Andrew was at the time. So I doubt whoever and whenever Harry marries it will be a super big deal affair. I thought the issue of Meghan’s eligibility for a CoE marriage had been set to rest long ago and I don’t think that’s a problem. 

          7. @Lizabeth, I think Harry is actually in the exact same position (distance from the crown) as Andrew was back when he married. Correct me if I’m wrong, but…

            Then: QEII — Charles — William (b. 1982) — Harry (b. 1984) — Andrew (married in 1986)

            Now: QEII — Charles — William — George — Charlotte — Harry

            So, both were 5th in line to the throne at the time of their marriage. And, even if Cambridge baby #3 is born before the wedding, Harry and Andrew are essentially in the same place as the others in line are just children.

            I don’t remember that long ago about the public mood or uproar about expense or OTTness of Andrew’s wedding, but I do think things have changed for the UK since the opulent and showy 1980s. Based on the wiki guest list of many senior foreign royals and the US first lady at the time, it seems like Andrew’s wedding was a formal state affair (does anyone remember for sure?), however I don’t think Harry’s would be at that level – especially since William’s wasn’t! I think Harry’s wedding will be similar to William’s “semi-state” affair – basically, IMO, so William could just invite whomever he wanted without regard to protocol and his future role as king (shortsighted, IMO). I think Harry will have lots of guests from charities, some celebrities, some minor foreign royals (but no tiara events at dinner the night before, etc), and personal friends.

            Hopefully we’ll all find out really, really soon!

          8. Hi Gudgeon. I was counting Cambridge baby #3 (because it’s likely to be born before Harry’s wedding no matter who he marries) and I wasn’t distinguishing between adults in line and children in line. But I still get a different count

            For Andrew when he married

            Charles 1st in line
            Will 2nd
            Harry 3rd
            Andrew 4th

            For Harry now

            Charles 1st in line
            Will 2nd
            George 3rd
            Charlotte 4th

            Harry 5th (not counting unborn baby)

            You could be right the hoopla over Andrew’s wedding was that it was a state occasion.  I do remember the criticism but not the details after all this time.

            I don’t know if it was true but wasn’t it said that the Middletons had to invite their entire village to try to fill up their side of the church? I’d think that would be a problem for MM too if that’s who Harry marries. Of course, MM does seem to have friends and does have a professional life neither of which Kate seemed to have but still. Filling up half of WA might be a challenge. So for that reason too I’d expect a smaller affair.

          9. @Lizabeth – sorry, haha, I can’t count. This is what I get for posting so late at night when I was running on just a few hours of sleep from the night before.

            Okay, so right, Andrew was 4th but Harry will be 6th after new baby. It’s weird though because for some reason I still see Harry as equally senior as Andrew. Maybe because Charles has so many more siblings than William? Or maybe because of all of Charles’s talk of slimming the monarchy down to just him and his children? Or maybe just because I was only a teenager when Andrew married so I don’t really remember how much he and Sarah worked or how popular they were. …I’m not exactly sure why but IMO, Harry will remain a really senior and important royal until George graduates from college and begins working (so, maybe 20-25 years from now). And, as the last senior royal to marry (until George) I just really do think he’ll get a big wedding. I think the scaled back, smaller weddings will be reserved for Bea and Eugenie, like Zara and Peter had.

            To your other point, I definitely agree that Meghan will have a lot more guests than Kate had. But, I wonder if Meghan will only have to fill a third or quarter of the Abbey. I think marrying into the royal family means that most guests will be on the royal side, regardless of who the bride (or groom) is. I’ll bet when Daniel married CP Victoria, most of the guests were from her side…and they seem like a real, true partnership and love story.

            In terms of MM’s guests, I think she has a LOT more personal friends than Kate – who, yes, I remember that too, that she was inviting the corner shop keeper from Bucklebury to fill out her side. In addition to having more friends, I also imagine Meghan will invite all of her current and past Suits cast members (because how could you just invite some, right?!) and their plus ones, plus some/all of the producers/directors, plus some/all of the crew, plus her agent and other people from agent’s office. I think she would also invite the folks from the charities she’s worked with and maybe some of the charity beneficiaries, like they did for W&K’s wedding. And also invite some of the people who were contributors to The Tig (which seemed like a lot of contributors, IIRC), plus some designers and stylists she’s worked with over the years. Plus each of her parents would probably have friends or guests that they want invited. I definitely do NOT think she’ll be inviting her half-siblings though! The half-sister has just been too publicly offensive toward Meghan and the half-brother…maybe he’d be invited but he also seems sketchy with the domestic violence charges.

            Lastly, how cute would it be if her dogs were the ring bearers? George, Meghan’s god-daughters, and the other kids in the wedding party can lead the dogs in 🙂

          10. I agree with most of your points Gudgeon.. I love dogs & think that would be cute. But I can’t really recommend including them in any wedding! I’ve been to 3 with dogs & it never went well although the dogs involved were normally very sweet & well-behaved, were usually obedient to commands from non-owners, and were used to strangers. But churches can smell different (candles, bridal flowers, incense), organs are loud, and guest lists can be large all of which can cause canine anxiety and anxious dogs aren’t a pretty sight! One at a wedding I attended had a “gastrointestinal upset” at an inopportune time, one wanted to “mark” each pew on the way down the aisle even though he hardly ever did that even when outdoors, and the third one took a sudden intense dislike to the minister and had to be removed. (Everything was fine at the rehearsal…it might have been his swishing robes or his touching the dog’s owner or both) But if H&M marry it will be fun to see what they plan!

          11. Late for the conversation but I can totally see Harry inviting various individuals from his charities (Invictius, Sentebale) or charities he’s closely associated with (I’m thinking of Well Child). I can also visualize Harry inviting the Obamas and Bidens since he appears to have a close friendship with them (and perhaps the Trudeaus from Canada!).

            Also, does anyone want to talk about Meghan’s potential wedding dress? 😉

  7. What a wonderful speech, a beautiful tribute to his mother. And, ITA with others on this thread, what a handsome man. So happy to see him so happy.

    1. Diana, would have been proud. Harry’s speech really made it personal but professional. It is clear that Harry knew his subject.
      I would go for St George’s chapel, if I were Harry and Meghan. It will be more personal. I don’t understand why William who wanted a small and intimate family wedding went for Westminster Abbey. His parents were married there but I would not want that history on my wedding day.

      1. His parents were married at St Paul’s.

        As heir to the heir a big wedding was expected for Will, whatever he may have preferred. I think Kate loved the big wedding, or at least thought she would. Carole definately did. .

        1. My mistake Birdy. I was not around when Diana and Charles married. They did have Diana’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey though?
          William could have had St Georges Chapel. With Carole and Kate I doubt he had much say. Those two to railroad William.

          1. @Laura – yes, Diana’s funeral was at Westminster Abbey

            How many does St. George’s Chapel seat? I can’t seem to find the info. I wonder if they deemed it too small? I do remember there was some talk that St. Paul’s was too large – especially with W&K’s “smaller/semi-state” designation…so maybe the decision was just based on size? Interesting…can’t wait to see what H&M decide on for location and stylings.

          2. Didn’t W&K make up the ‘semi state’ designation of the wedding so they didn’t have to invite as many dignitaries but got the big to-do paid for by the taxpayers?

            St George’s is large but not large enough for the big 4,000 people to-do W&K had. Can’t imagine Kate, after stalking that ring for years, would have had anything less than the Abbey!!

  8. Harry is really starting to look at peace with himself, what he is and what’s he’s become. William on the other hand is a lot of work in progress. I am starting to see Diana’s eyes peering out of Harry and not just her spirit. He really appears to be the very best of his parents and grandparents.

    1. + a million, Mrs BBV! I agree that Harry looked really at peace, content, and relaxed at Invictus and at his more recent events. I attribute a lot of that to his relationship and – the likelihood – that he has found a partner for many, many decades to come. I really do feel like he started to feel like a third wheel to W&K at their joint engagements, and he has also mentioned many times that he wished for a family of his own or a partner willing to take on his crazy life.

      As a mental health therapist myself, I also attribute his more recent relaxed self to the therapy he talked about getting a few years back, and putting some of his demons to rest. I really do believe that when people don’t deal with old pain/hurts/trauma, that the internal stress/grief/anxiety/depression swirling around mentally comes out in dysfunctional ways – partying, abusing drugs, unhealthy relationships/behaviors. And, honestly, to me, it’s almost not a coincidence that he’s chosen a woman who’s mother is a social worker! I believe that on some level people seek partners that either replicate their childhood dynamics/family of origin – or – they chose a partner who will, in some way, help them to resolve their childhood issues. I don’t find it surprising that both William and Harry have chosen women with very strong mother figures. Now…what they get from these mother figures is very different IMO (and William’s – again just IMO – is more codependent/less healthy)…but it just feels like such a good fit for Harry that Doria has a mental health background.

      I have mixed feelings about their Heads Together initiative, but I do think it will help some people to seek treatment when they hear that Harry has gone to therapy and worked on his own (very public) issues. So I really appreciate that a) he got the help he needed (and we’re witnessing how this has contributed to him being a more balanced, relaxed, and healthy person), and b) that he admitted he sought help so that he can be a model for others.

      Okay, it’s 11pm and I’m rambling now, lol. TL;DR: I agree with you, Mrs BBV!

    1. Gorgeous aren’t they? Cotswold stone in so beautiful and it’s so very English. It all sounds very plausible if not great advertising.

        1. Me too! Some of them have 8 bedrooms so all we have to do is find 8 posters here, split the rent 8 ways and we might still be able to afford food!

        2. Haha Fifi, me too! I could see myself in most of those homes!
          In typical dm fashion, I found this ridiculous
          “Of course, there is still the tricky question of timing. Traditionally, royal couples haven’t lived together until after marriage, but Kate and William set a precedent in Anglesey, spending time in their North Wales home before their wedding in 2011.
          Insiders say protocol dictates Harry and Meghan should at least be engaged before moving in.”
          Haven’t all the younger royals lived with so’s before engagements except Harry at this point?
          William and Kate, York girls and I believe mike and Zara. Not sure about Peter

          1. Kate hardly lived in Anglesey, it was a myth; she was either in London or Bucklebury, and even after the marriage when she was supposedly in Anglesey she was spotted shopping. 😉 Same with the myth they lived in this tiny cottage. No, a nice big house and a full staff.

            Zara lived with boyfriends, not just Mike.

          2. Zara did live with one other guy. A race jockey. I think it was not a good match. Zara and Mike are well suited. Especially when Mike stood his ground and said his pet dog was staying. Mia is a little firecracker. I love watching her. I can ‘t get the same level of enthusiasm for George and Charlotte.

    1. I’m deeply disturbed about this.I knew, he took or takes drugs, but I didn’t know he is capable of something like hurting people, or his own wife! .I’m very sorry for her. Such treatment is horrible.
      I see this man with different eyes from now on.

        1. You’re right.Drugs do crazy things to people’s minds.But I didn’t know he acts on it. I will never understand how people can turn their healthy brains in such disasters.Some people can never recover from this abuse.

      1. I’m not defending him as there is no defense for his horrible behavior. But the article does say she hit him in the face hard enough to knock off his glasses before he hit her (according to the cabbie.) It also recounts her conviction for fraud for taking a quarter of a million dollars from a previous employer. They sound like quite a pair.

    2. Gross.

      Not surprising considering everything else we know of that family. And we know he and his money has been used enough by Carole and Michael, so they’re persona non grata. No more Gary-paid for holidays for broke student William to bag the prince for Kate!

        1. True. It’s awful. I think this might quieten down the racists who pretend they aren’t racists who are constantly objecting to Meghan’s ‘unsuitable’ relatives.

          1. @Lisa(Aust) – sadly, I doubt it! As evidenced by the treatment Obama got, black people are often held to different standards than white people. I predict this will be brushed away quickly and there will be lots of excuses made for him, or there will be leaks from “anonymous palace sources” that the Middletons have completely cut Gary out of their lives and they never even see him anymore (even though he was just at Pippa’s wedding).

            I’m just dying to know the real deal about how much of the Middleton “fortune” Gary helped with or what other things he did behind the scenes in the quest for Big Blue.

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