Kate in Temperley for first appearance since pregnancy announcement

Kate in Temperley for first appearance since pregnancy announcement

Kate Middleton made her first appearance since announcing her third pregnancy yesterday, October 10. Kate joined Prince William and Prince Harry for a reception at Buckingham Palace to mark World Mental Health Day.

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The royal trio met representatives from mental health organizations across the UK to recognize their work in raising awareness of mental health. William gave a speech before introducing Stephen Fry, who also spoke.

    “On behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, I am delighted to welcome you all to Buckingham Palace. Tonight, we are here to celebrate decades of tireless campaigning; after thousands of people have given their time and energy; and after many brave individuals have had the courage to come forward and share their stories, mental health is no longer a Cinderella issue. You have all been invited to the palace to recognise that in the UK, we now accept that the health of our minds is as essential as the health of our bodies. Tonight, on the evening of World Mental Health Day, we celebrate that while there is more work to do, the walls of judgement and stigma around mental illness are finally falling.
    “Catherine, Harry and I are proud to stand up in support of this community. All three of us have seen that mental health is at the heart of so many of the issues we are passionate about. Catherine has been inspired by the work being done to support children, parents and teachers to prioritise mental health from the earliest years of life. Harry has seen first-hand that recovery from emotional challenges is every bit as important as recovery from physical injury for our veterans. And through my work with homelessness and responding to emergencies both as a Search and Rescue and HEMS pilot, I have seen how serious the consequences of poor mental health can be.
    “We know that none of the recent work we have supported through our Heads Together campaign would have been possible without the people in this very room. It was organisations represented here that fought quietly for decades to challenge the notion that mental health was not as important as physical health. It was you that supported people who were often the victims of prejudice and misunderstanding at times when they just needed help, advice, and care. It was the mental health community in this country that has pushed this issue to its tipping point.”


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Kate debuted a new Temperley London lace, ruffled monstrosity. Kate wore the “Eclipse” dress in light blue ($875), which was “inspired by Elizabethan and Baroque portraits of ladies wearing high necklines and ruffles” and features corded lace, black velvet trims, and a pleated skirt spliced with cotton-voile panels. And buttons. Kate loves buttons. And lace. And ruffles. Sigh. I really dislike this dress.

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Kate chose her Gianvito Rossi black pumps and Mulberry Bayswater clutch to accompany the dress, and brought back her Kiki McDonough blue topaz drop earrings she’s worn a few times this year.

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Kate was showing a slight “baby bump” in her Temperley dress. I’m actually surprised Kate is showing already since she didn’t have a “bump” this early in her pregnancies with George or Charlotte. As of now there is no due month which means she’s not passed the 12 week mark yet.

I am wondering if Kate will return to royal duties after today, or how long it will be before she does. An aide said: “The Duchess’ condition is improving but she is still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. She is delighted to be able to be here tonight.”

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232 thoughts on “Kate in Temperley for first appearance since pregnancy announcement

  1. I don’t like this dress much.
    The colour. The lace. The panels in the skirt.
    It reminds me of the jade Temperley Desdemona frock Kate wore when she and William met India’s Prime Minister except I prefer this frock.
    I like it from the waist up. I like the buttons, the sleeves and the touches of black. And the black accessories.
    Kate looks well but thin.

    1. I thought of that green Temperley dress too, when I saw this. Both are ugly and unflattering. Why are all of her clothes so tight?


  2. The dress is horrible. It is like a reject of a Little House on the Prairie cast off mixed with the ugly baby doll dress styles of the 70s. She seems to dress a lot like how Karen Carpenter did in the 70s. Blech..

    Also, was another new dress necessary? Such waste.

    Is she now going to visit anyone at Grenfell Towers now that she can go out for a few hours?

    1. Don’t hold your breath…

      The dress reminds me of something Miss Marple would have worn, if forced. It is beyond horrible.

      1. Oh no. Miss Marple had a strong sense of right and wrong. She would not have been caught dead (in the library, at the church bazaar nor at the palace) in this monstrosity.

        1. + 1
          I loved Miss Marple’s costumes.
          Especially in the episodes with Geraldine McEwen as Miss Marple.
          She would never have dressed in that blue frock.

          1. In my own defence, I did say ” if forced”!

            I agree re. the late Geraldine McEwen’s take on Miss Marple: sublime! She is my favourite interpreter of MM with her mischievous, intelligent, all-seeing eyes.

    2. She should send it right on to Mette-Marit, as it definitely has the Little House vibe.

      About the “bump”: as mentioned before, there are twin rumors, or they could be fudging how far along she is, to throw the press off. She is thin because of HG. One of the effects is weight loss because of the inability to keep down food.

      1. Highly doubt she has HG. I had it and it progressively became worse with all four of my children. I couldn’t get out of bed. We had to hire sitters and at times family would come to help. She obviously doesn’t have to do that, but there is absolutely no way I would be standing up straight w/makeup and hair in perfect condition even with someone doing it for me.
        I know we continue to have this conversation about her HG, but there is absolutely nothing that will ever convince me that she has it. Not only that, but in other photos she clearly had a tan.

        1. Oh good. I thought she had a tan too. They are such liars and lazy and greedy beyond imagination.

          As for her dress? Chaotic. Hot mess. It’s right up there in the pantheon of fugly.

        2. Lets not forget that she’s most likely had more extensions added? After all even people on sugar sites are commenting about Kate’s extensions!

          It must be a very special version of HG which allows you to be able to get a new hair do and a tan while throwing up?

        3. Kate has done a repeat of dress color and tan as when she was pregnant with Charlotte, e.g.,long,blue evening gown with the long slit. This dress is ugly and such a waste of money. I suppose she wasn’t too ill to order yet another blue dress, which has too many things going on, the black trim, buttons,the usual high waist, and pleated skirt plus lace. Lace of itself is fussy, and does not need embellishment. She needs to learn that clothes have more appeal if simply styled.

          I’m having difficulty believing she was at home with HG, so from where did she obtain the tan? A tan usually has a sliming effect.

        4. Can people please stop claiming thy know anything at all about the health status of a woman they’ve never met? Kate has HG. She missed her son’s first day at school for it. There was an official statement. Stop being rediculously rude.

      2. Remember when Prince William Hints That Kate Middleton Might Welcome Her Third Baby Sooner Than We Thought its means maybe they having twins

      3. For twin rumours go to this weeks New Idea. Mind you they have been saying Kate was pregnant and with twins for a while. One story even had Kate and her new best buddy Princess Mary both with twins and due (if I am remembering correctly) in December 2016. Like all best buddies they had organised to be pregnant and have twins at the same time – that’s according to NI and their secret informant… So I’m not going to beleive it until I see it?

  3. That is one Ugly dress – just why ? The frilled cuffs, black velvet tie and buttons, prim top that style wise does not match the skirt – which is just horrible – half lace and half solid fabric – and the liner which while “on trend” is another miss IMO. Just a huge waste of money as hopefully this one will never be seen again. Third time around she must have multiple things in the closet. I did better in sewing class as a teenager – and my Mom would not have let me out of the house in a get-up like that.

    1. Was this part of the Halloween costume collection for Temperley? It does Kate no favors at all. Any photo of her in this dress (and many other unflattering dresses) reminds me of the nominee photos for the now-ended BBC/TLC show ‘What Not To Wear.’ And, that thought always crosses my mind whenever I see photos of her wearing clothing that is not suited to her figure: unflattering styles realized in tired fabrics such as the lace explosion, floral upholstery motifs and repeating geometric line designs of the last few years. She has worn many flattering styles suited to her age and figure but this dress is not one of them.

  4. As I said on twitter-temperley, self portrait and erdem are the trifecta of labels I detest right now. This dress is more of the same hideous. I like the color but that’s it.
    I read some nauseating quote from someone there that was essentially “Kate’s amazing, such a fighter to be here” really?? excuse while I go vomit ?
    I’ve tried to stay out of the whole HG thing but kate looks suspiciously rather well for someone who’s been dealing with it. Doesn’t look gaunt in the face or dark circles under the eyes plus the noticeable showing of baby.
    FYI: Subsequent pregnancies your body pops out faster/earlier because of muscle memory and all that.
    As I’m feeling not nice I’ll just say at least she looks engaged in all these pics

    1. You know who is brave? The Grenfell Tower survivors. Kate is not brave here. Average women who have to work full days through morning sickness and HG are brave.
      The praise she gets for doing less than the bare minimum is sickening.

    2. I read some of the same comments as well. It’s all part of the PR-“look how brave she is and how much she cares about MH coming out for this”. Please, this just really solidifies she doesn’t have HG. You can’t plan on an event so far in advance with HG. Yet they announced it weeks ago and here she miraculously is. She looks like she has even gained weight. It is amazing how she found time to buy a new dress and have her hair cut all while she was supposedly so sick.

      I am so sick of the PR. The aide’s comment was pure PR, it was a reminder to us how courageous Kate was coming out for this. I also think the aide’s comment was a heads up so no one will expect Kate to ‘work’ yet. I would be sympathetic if they admitted she had morning sickness, because it would be no fun being photographed while you feel a bit nauseous. But the HG thing is too much. There are too many inconsistencies. Sorry for the negativity tonight-but I am over the praise for how little she does as well. I just feel like this is all a PR game for them and nothing is real.

      1. I agree that the aide’s comment is basically telling us not to expect Kate to do any appearances for a while.

        1. Which is bizarre. If she were sick why not take it on a case by case basis rather than with the PR onslaught of how they’ll work, whoops she’s pregnant and so sick, she shows up tonight, then what? Gah. It is so ridiculous.

          1. I don’t understand. When I am sick I need a bucket at the most. I certainly don’t look that happy, either. I don’t mind that Kate does not do many engagements when expecting a baby. But Kate really needs to step up, as she is married to the future Prince of Wales.

          2. I posted yesterday that I thought Kate would win accolades for her bravery and dedication to HT if she did attend the reception And, lo and behold, look at how everyone is cheering for her in the media.

            This is her third pregnancy, so of course she’d be showing. And, she is so very thin that the bump is more evident. I don’t think it’s twins, either.

            The dress? I just don’t know what to say. It’s ugly!

            She looked a bit tired under the eyes and make up must have been carefully applied to hide dark circles. So, perhaps, she does have morning sickness, but I am still unsure as to whether she has HG.

            William just looks terrible, too. So stuffy and pompous. He really was a cute young man. He looked so happy in that photo with his son on George’s first day at school, but he looks so unhappy most of the time

            And, I am sick of Harry being the third wheel.

            I’m done with their involvement in HT and all mental health concerns. Nothing new there. Same old, same old And, yet the praise keeps coming. Ugh.

      2. Also, HG doesn’t usually clear up/improve right around the end of the first trimester. What often does? Regular variety morning sickness.

        1. So true. They won’t be clear with her dates but morning sickness in all its forms of severity usually makes itself felt (ugh) between 4-7 weeks, usually hitting week 5 from memory. Then usually around week 14 it is better. Now princesses are more sensitive than average people but the timing of her sudden departure and re-emergence looking, frankly, very well, is more along the lines of morning sickness.

    3. Totally agree Sarah, this dress is horrible, very ugly. I don’t know why lately Kate is insisting on this dress style, this style ages her, I saw some pic where her face looked aged. And the comments “Kate is gorgeous”, “She is stunning” from some people are really scaring.

    4. She looks awfully well for someone purported to be so very ill and weak.
      I don’t mind the top half of that dress but the bottom is so frumpy sister wifey. Those inset panels do not move well at all. We will never see this again. I imagine it was incinerated once she watched herself on TV.

  5. I don’t care how pregnant or sick she is, I would rather rip jeans (Which I hated) compare to that lace, doyle, kitchen curtain, dip in blue granny dress. You know what scratch that, my grandmother wouldn’t out that on. PS She looked nervous walking into the room, which made me feel bad for thinking those things about her dress. And then my next shady thought I thought that was that girl better keep having babies because she will become irrelevant she’s boring at eight

  6. Blegh! It really is awful. Normally I can find one thing I like but this one is a total no-go for me.

    I have to wonder how big she’ll get with number three. I’m not surprised she’s showing. After a couple of babies your body just starts falling straight into the mold. I had lost fifteen pounds by thhe point Kate is probably at with my third and I was still managing to show. I found it quite impressive.

  7. She looks fine, certainly not as ill as one would expect. She’s still sick guys, they said so!

    The dress color is nice but the rest of it has got to go. What’s up wjmith the Little House on the Prairie TV show meets 80s old lady styling look? Monstrosity is one way to say it, KMR! Definitely a monstrosity.

    it makes me sad all the news headlines are about how brave Kate is, look at her baby bump, blah blah blah with little about the reason for this engagement. For World Mental Health Day, i expected more if they are so keeeeeeen on mental health.

    1. I tend to look the same even when I am actually quite sick and feeling awful, and my husband tends to discount it because I don’t look that sick. Finally I got some sympathy when I was actually vomiting every day. I didn’t have HG but was vomitting regularly for much longer than one trimester, and except for that one time I busted a bunch of blood vessels in my eye I really looked pretty much the same. Also the “tan” could be a lot of bronzer to make her look perkier, or just from spending more time outside because for me being outside made me feel way better than being indoors.

  8. By the third baby your abdominal muscles know exactly what’s going on and that bump shows up in lightning speed! I think I was in maternity pants by 10 weeks with my third. LOL.
    Her dress is just meh.
    What I don’t understand is how she controls the vomiting to do an event like this if she has HG? Would Zofran work for something like that?

    1. Zofran or other meds you’re supposed to take once or twice a day. For me, it was twice. Did very little.

      Just more proof she doesn’t have HG imo. She went on holidays when pregnant and so sick before, too. Can’t make it suddenly disappear like that. HG is horrendous. For her, it is a handy excuse so she won’t work.

  9. She is probably already showing a baby bunp since this is her 3rd pregnancy and you generally show more/earlier in each pregnancy. In the first pregnancy, especially thin women like kate, tend to show very late and for the first several months no one would even think that they are pregnant. But with each next pregnancy, the body and the belly muscles remember and get loose sooner so you have a bigger belly soonee than with the earlier pregnancies.

  10. I don’t care how pregnant or sick she is, I would rather rip jeans (Which I hated) compare to that lace, doyle, kitchen curtain, dip in blue granny dress. You know what scratch that, my grandmother wouldn’t put that on. PS She looked nervous walking into the room, which made me feel bad for thinking those things about her dress. And then my next shady thought was, that girl better keep having babies otherwise she will become irrelevant because she’s boring AF. Then I felt bad again…. see I am constantly going back and forth in my head about Kate. I want to be a Kate cheerleader, but her lack of work ethic and stepford wife character she is trying to sell, has cause me to not only lose interest but I respect for her as a woman. Sorry not sorry

  11. First, I really like the continued shorter hair and the tiny bit of extra weight on Kate. I think it makes her face look soft and pretty. I would never wear this dress myself, but I do think it is a fresh, cute dress in a retro-hip Alice-and-Wonderland kind of way. I think it would look good on a younger woman, in her 20s, with edgier accessories. I don’t think its a great choice here, although I did like the color combo of periwinkle blue with a little black on her.

    1. What tiny bit of extra weight ? The bump? Come on, please. She’s too darn thin everywhere but where the bump shows. I’m sorry. Don’t mean to appear snarky. Just incredulous, that’s all.

      1. I can see that most people think she is very thin. However to me she also rather seems to have gained already quite a lot, even more disturbing considering she has HG. Although she seemed to be fuller already since a couple of months, probably baby-prep-weight.

  12. Kate looks well. However that dress is fugly. It really is over trimmed. I much preferred Madeleine’s black lace dress. There was an elegance to it. Kate is clutching and using her hands still. Someone tell Kate to see how she is coming across. It is good they are marking Mental Health Day, but I just want to see some progress about how it is benefiting people.

  13. Why is her style on the frumpy side? She dresses nicely when pregnant but this dress was not a good choice.
    Off topic but I think we all need to accept Kate is not going to be the workhorse we all thought she would be and rather just take the privileges and none of the responsibilities. Sad because she has a great platform for serious humanitarian work.

    1. As she spent her early adult years not working why would anything change ? Maybe when she is Princess of Wales with a higher profile she might – nah – not going to happen IMO unless the incoming Princess Harry shows her up

        1. I would say very competitive. Kate does not have many female friends. I have never seen her with any. Apart from Carol or Pippa. There has been no attempt to be friends with Zara who wasis close to William.

  14. A few things to unpack:

    1.) Palace representatives appear to be still calling it ‘hyperemesis gravidarum.’ I thought they’d given that up as a bad job with the last pregnancy.

    2.) Kate needs to seek professional styling help. The fussy, girly lace frocks that she wears up to her neck are awful. They age her so badly. For someone who apparently is so obsessed with her image, can’t she see how ill fitting and unbecoming these gowns are?

    3.) She’s left her hair short since the last time we saw her. Good for her. I like the look, it’s so much more grown up than the long spaniel mane.

    4.) In a couple of the images provided above, I can see kate picking at her fingernails. I think I know why we see her donning band aids so often on her fingertips. If she truly applied herself to her work, she might gain confidence, and that could help alleviate the nervous ticks she displays all the time (I should at least be glad that her hands aren’t clawing through her hair).

    5.) Seeing the threesome together once again makes me *really* want Harry to be engaged. Honestly, it’s enough already rolling Harry out to engagements to third wheel with William and Kate. Let’s let Harry move on, shall we?

    6.) I hope that what I’m seeing with this mental health awareness gala is follow through. I’ve been let down too many times by empty Cambridge PR promises, I think this would be a straw too many. And with a topic as sensitive and important as this, the ball better not drop.

  15. Congratulations to them! Her face looks full and pretty rather than stretched across bones!

    Did they run out of the lace material when stitching the skirt portion of the dress?

    I don’t think she is showing showing per se. Since she droops her shoulders and she did not receive stance lessons where you walk with a book balanced on your head at the expensive boarding school in order to teach you to walk straight without slouching, the lower part of her body juts out. May be I’m wrong but I definitely did not show earlier with my second pregnancy. I think it’s the same with her. And HG! It never gave me a warning. But looks like it sure does to her. HG, you are not being fair. I wish you could have warned me before making an appearance at that dinner!

    Oh well, those kikis. Sigh! Am I the only one who loathes them and feel that they are ridiculously priced for their design?

    Har bear, you seem to know what you are doing. Can you please not let them use you as their third but very important wheel? They are freaking taking all the credit for the work you do!

  16. Btw, I know Kate is pregnant, but that video made me laugh. Did they really need to zoom in on her stomach? So tacky. 🙂

    1. People’s preoccupation with a pregnant woman’s changing body and focus on the “baby bump” (a term that makes me cringe) is so weird.

      1. I’m more interested to see her changing face as she won’t be able to use her botox and fillers while pregnant than her changing body.

        1. Oh yes, isn’t the Botox use of someone you’ve never met absolutely and totally fascinating? I’m so terribly excited to watch the process. Cannot imagine anything more worthy of my attention.

      1. I saw that dress and thought “hideous mash-up of someone’s idea of Wild West, saloon girl, rancher’s daughter meets upper class Euro” that does nothing, absolutely nothing for Kate’s shape.

        I know it’s hard to dress to flatter during pregnancy (I had such a hard time with it, myself), but it’s just not funny anymore – her lack of a competent stylist. She’s the future queen consort, for God’s sake.

  17. Honestly, this style of dress is everywhere at the moment and I don’t hate it, but Kate’s styling brings it down. If she had pulled her hair back in a sleek ponytail, toned down the makeup and accessorised better it could have worked. Her hair is what frumpifies most of her looks, she needs to ditch those sausage curls.

    1. This does seem to be a “theme” for the Duchess, take a nice dress and frump it up with boring accessories and puffy hair. I pray for the day when Kate might wear a sleek ponytail but I fear that day will never come.

    2. Kate wore her hair back and up when she wore the jade Temperley frock similar to this blue dress. To me both frocks are frumpy regardless of how she styles her hair.
      I love the Edwardian look but there are just way too many elements put together in one garment.

      1. As I recall her hair was up in one of her signature matron up-do’s. I’m thinking a sleek, low bun or ponytail without curls or the signature “bump” in the back.

  18. The dress is a hot mess. Who wants to look like Karen Carpenter? It makes me weep to think of someone with access to so much wonderful fashion and stylists ending up wearing this. Sigh.

    1. I am sure when Karen Carpenter was popular, all her fans want to look like her. Look at Princess Di, everyone wanted to dress like her when she bursted on the scene. She had a lot of ruffles in the early years. But then the early 80s was all full of ruffles.

        1. Yeah, well with Kate, this decade is not much better . And, some of the things I see in shop windows when I stroll through our local shopping mall with Juliet — oh, my God! I wish designers would bring back classy looks.

          1. Some designers still do classy. I find it odd that Kate seems to channel 50s housewife look and has never worn Carolina Herrera. She does that 40-50s throwback look beautifully and yet still modern looking. Her dresses may not work with Kate’s body type tho.
            Oscare da la renta still does classy too.
            Their dresses are out of my budget but not Kate’s

          2. de la Renta loved women. His clothes? Magnifique!!!

            As for classy looks, I was referring to the ones that average people of limited financial means can afford. I hate those metallic zippers running down the backs of most sheaths The front of the dress may look classy, but when I look at the back, my skin crawls!!!!

  19. She looks pretty, and I love the shade of blue, but I’m sick to death of seeing that length of dress, lace, prissy bows, and ruffled elements at wrists/neck all together in one dress. It surprises me that people pay nearly one thousand dollars to wear something that seems very dated….I know fashion goes in circles, but I have not seen anyone but a few Hollywood celebrities and Kate really embrace this Edwardian look. I’ve seen bits and pieces of these supposed hot trends in stores, but no garment with all elements present. It’s too much.

    I read William once again gave credit to Kate for thinking up the idea of Heads Together, along with her former assistant Rebecca. That is nice, since William usually shies away from genuine compliments. I think they’re in a good place together right now.

    1. I think Heads Together was rather Rebecca’s than Kate’s idea. William’s repeated credit to Kate for this idea is just PR. Good PR manipulates people to believe whatever the Firm wants them to believe.

  20. No surprises here, what a horrid dress…….it has all the elements I am so done with: lace, high neck, “pussy” type tie at the neck and frou frou sleeve detail. The godets on the skirt part of the dress just make the dress look cheap. I think the color is awful, powder blue totally washes Kate out, even when she is still not “suffering the effects of HG”. However, I knew she would not wow us with anything different. Unfortunately, Kate just has no presence in a room full of people or anywhere else for that matter and her dress sense and her stylist (if she even has one) does nothing to help that.

  21. I noticed in the video/ still photos in some publications that William appears irritated, bored and in my opinion resentful that he must grace the room and cause with his presence. Perhaps he is already finding his new, higher profile and responsibilities a disruption to his previous lifestyle, which was dictated by him and not the traditional role of royalty. I abide by the saying that with privilege comes responsibility.

    I have previously commented on another blog that the constant ‘trio’ reference and pictures of William, Kate and Harry positioned together is very juvenile. Kate is William’s wife and not Harry’s sister. I think it’s awkward that Kate at many times is stationed in the middle of the two brothers at events when they are together. Regardless of what joint causes and events that they attend, it is strange and somewhat smug to see Kate flanked by each prince. I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable in that role if I were Harry. I also cannot imagine any future spouse of Harry would want to be part of a “quartet”; as if they all are joined “at the hip” as to all their public appearances! You can certainly project joint causes without the ‘trio’ optics. Just plain silly.

    1. On the video, it made me wonder if Harry is a buffer for William and Kate, because William told her off, that they were leaving, and her face fell and she looked a bit disconcerted–like she was in for a talking to for being naughty by her parent because she was talking to people. I can never shake the feeling he treats her poorly.

      1. Ditto Ellie (gut feeling that William treats Kate like dirt/trash/a nuisance behind the scenes). I pray that he doesn’t and/or that the kids aren’t around during the episodes because that is a piss poor thing to teach your children.

        1. Dude continually brushes her off, ignores her, leaves her hanging, has said rude or outright nasty things to her. She went all in for that ring. i wonder if she believed he would be different once they married, because God knows he treated her like crap when they were dating–all the cheating and so on. I find her lazy and arrogant, and I am sure all the stories of her being as grand as William and just as rude to the underlings are true, but nobody deserves to be treated that way. And we know her mother sides with William and is the one who pushed them back together when Kate had said ENOUGH.

          1. Body language speaks volume. I think Kate dresses in colours deliberately trying to reflect her mood. Colour dressing I think they call it. Nobody knows for sure but I would say if the body language fits the context then it is an indicator. Leaving Kate when she was expecting and going up the stairs without her in New York, indicated there was something wrong. They also could not get their story straight in the engagement interview.

          2. Judging by their behavior in public and how he treats her and their relationship in general where she was his beck-and-call-girl…yeah, healthy, I doubt it.

        2. Men like to be the hunter, not the hunted. Kate showed zero respect for herself by sitting and waiting for William’s call, ergo, she has no one but herself to blame. Kate’s behavior is not something any young woman should emulate.

          1. If William treats Kate poorly that’s no one’s fault but William’s.

            Imma say it again for the people in the back:

            If someone is treating you poorly it is Not. Your. Fault.

          2. Well, it is your fault for allowing it time after time. When you finally have had enough, you will not let yourself be treated in such a way. Kate needs support, because for whatever reason, she cannot put her foot down on her own. Sad, but true.

          3. No. If William is treating her poorly that’s on William. Kate, like all people, deserves to have her her partner treat her with care and respect. You do not have to “earn” or “deserve” or “demand” respect from your partner.

      2. William appeared irritable, looking at his watch, wanting to leave NOW. Kate and Harry seemed to be engaged with and courteous to their guests, not in a hurry to go. Simple courtesies go a long way.

        1. Remember when William offered his arm to the Queen Mother. I am not a fan of the QM. However William’s manners have gone downhill since. William seems to be a different person when he is on his own without Kate. I agree, Harry is a buffer for Kate. I would not like to be living behind closed doors with William as he is.

    2. I noticed that, too, Kiki! William looks like he was in a right mood last night. Even more irritable and pissed off than usual.

    3. I finally watched the video and William looking at his watch and trying to usher them out is classic William’s a jerk demeanor. For once kate looks happy and engaged here and he’s his typical boorish self. You know cameras and videos are on you so doing things like that is going to show peeps how you really feel.
      It’s not like he has to be up early getting ready for an exhaustive day of work. Highly doubt he’s the one getting George ready for school and then driving him there. Stay and let these people enjoy being in a palace and rubbing elbows with royalty. We may not particularly like them but this is a chance in a life time for many of them and as disappointed in Harry that I am, I’d still be happy to chat with him.
      I mean, look how happy that lady who came up to Kate appeared to be and he’s just standing there like a numpty!

      1. Kate engaging with people is good to see. That’s the point of royals, they need to engage, speak to people, shake hands, get involved.

        A shame William got all pissy over it but he hates everyone I think. Like you said he’s got nowhere else to be and neither of them do the regular stuff most people do–work, school run, set up kiddo’s lunch for school, blah-blah.

    4. “I noticed in the video/ still photos in some publications that William appears irritated, bored and in my opinion resentful that he must grace the room and cause with his presence. ”

      William doesn’t seem to get irritated or resentful when he’s doing a function solo, is he like this due to the presence of his wife? I’ve seen a photo from this function where he’s doing that “hand of the small of her back” thing that he does when he needs to move her along?

      I’m not excusing William being rude but do wonder if there was more happening behind the scenes that we are not aware of.

      I just want Kate to step up and do the work that comes with being a wife of a future Queen. And I want William to, well, look to what Harry is doing, and step it up too. It seems he can do this when he’s flying solo so he needs to work on this when he’s with Kate too?

  22. Pros: she looks good in blue, hair is still short, the bit of added weight looks good on her/softens her appearance, she looks engaged.

    Cons: good gravy, looks like something Dolly Parton or Loretta Lynn wore during the 1970s. Blech. Also, the black velvet is too little girl-like, IMO. Also, Harry doesn’t look comfortable to be in the presence of his brother and SIL.

    Finally, and this something I’ve recently started coming to terms with about myself and I apologize in advance if it’s a bit too heavy to talk about but I feel I need to get it out of my system. When it was announced that W&K were having baby number three, and last night, the first image of Kate with her baby bump came out, my jealousy reared its ugly head yet again. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had various health issues all my life and, because of my transplant (or, more specifically, because of the medications I’m on), I shouldn’t have children. In fact, when I went to my OBGYN for a check-up, his assistant said to me, point blank, that having a child would kill me. After I left that doctor’s office, I broke down in tears.

    I know that time is against me (I turn 38 in less than three months) but it absolutely kills me that I’m unable to have a family of my own, especially since I’ve longed to be the cookie-cutter soccer/girl scouts/boy scouts mom ever since I was a kid myself. In fact, my youngest sister told me that, because of our age gap (eight years), it was like she had two moms instead of one and it drove her crazy. Heck, right now we’ve got four women in my division who are expecting (including my immediate supervisor) and, as you might imagine, it’s making my emotions go crazy.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m not as jazzed about this child as I have in the past and I hope you understand why.

    1. I’m so sorry, Kimothy. I can only slightly imagine— I have endometriosis and was told for years that I probably wouldn’t be able to conceive. But your transplant has taken *so many things* from you. You have every right to feel resentful and ill tempered about this one.

    2. Oh Kimothy my heart bleeds for you, sending you a giant cyber hug!!!!! I’m so sorry that you won’t be able to conceive a child of your own, you strike me as someone who would be a loving mother. But please don’t give up on your dreams of having a family of your own, families can come in many shapes and forms, biologically is only one of many ways.

    3. Kimothy, I am so sorry to hear you are going through another difficult part of your life due to the medical problems. I pray there is something in your future that will help meet this important need in your life. You always seem so caring and compassionate.

      I do not have any children due to medical problems since I was 32 years old. My medical situation is different, but I kind of know what it is like to have health problems and the decision is made for you due to health concerns.

        1. Oh dear Jet and Kimothy. I am so sorry for both of you. I am so lucky in comparison, 3 pregnancies, 3 horrible bouts of HG leaving me either hospitalised or viewing the inside of a toilet for 40 weeks, 3 Caesarian sections….but I am so very lucky because I have three beautiful, wonderful sons.
          Kimothy, is adoption something you would consider? From what little we know of you from this blog it is clear you would make a beautiful wonderful Mum.
          I used to envy people with daughters, but have long since realised that my sons are the best for me and are my world.

      1. Kimothy and Jet, my sympathies to you both. My heart aches. Whatever the outcome, I know that any child you have contact with, whether a family member, student, recipient of your volunteer time will be enriched by knowing you. We parent in many different ways.

    4. Kimothy, sorry one of your dreams isn’t going to come to fruition. I know you won’t stay hurt and jealous for long. I think it’s Murphy law that of course when being tolled something you won’t be able to have, that it seems everyone around you does.
      I know you know that families come in all different ways- maybe your sister offers to be a surrogate ( one of my coworker’s gave her sister her eggs so we joke how she’s really the mommie-auntie) adoption or you meet a guy who has gets and they need a faboo stepmom. Or maybe you’re just the coolest auntie ever! Well actually that’s my title but you could be the coolest auntie in Florida =)
      Happy thoughts your way

      1. Unfortunately, I’m not an auntie though I do still hope it’ll happen! My mom made a flip comment to me last year and told me that “maybe some moms aren’t meant to become grandmas” and boy was I hurt by that! When I told Dad, he didn’t even try to defend her and agreed that she did a foot-in-the-mouth. A few weeks later, when the folks came to visit me, I told her how much her words hurt me and she started apologizing but she knows how pissed off I was by that remark, her blowing off all three of us with one sweeping comment.

    5. I’m so sorry, Kimothy. Please know that you are not alone. I had my own issues getting/staying pregnant, and many times thought it would never happen for me. I know all about the envy and tears that come when yet another friend, relative, co-worker announces yet another pregnancy. Or not being able to face another baby shower. The worst is when the mother to be complains about feeling ill, or worse, gaining weight or the baby kicking too hard, when all you long for is to feel those things too.
      We were very lucky in that with medical intervention I was able to have our 1st baby almost 10 years to the day that we got married, and then twin girls followed a few years later. We were also very lucky to have amazing insurance so that all we paid were doctor visit co-pays for the fertility procedures, which cost in the tens of thousands of $$$.
      You seem like such a loving, nurturing, giving person, and I have no doubt that one day, if not already, you will be the fun but wise Aunt Kimothy. Doling out sage advice with a heaping helping of mischief and fun, and lots of love.
      Happiness & peace to you. xo

    6. I come from a similar position re. unable due to long term health issues, I can but it would probably kill me in the process, the risks are too just high. We explored adoption and surrogacy at length but in the end and please don’t think this is flippant suggestion having animals has been my lifesaver. All my maternal love has gone into my dog. I don’t know whether you do have animals but it has helped me no end. All that love I have to give had to go somewhere. Best decision ever to have a fur family. All my love to you. Xx

      1. MrsBBV,

        I’ve got a furbaby, Missy, who has been in my life for five years and is turning seven years old today! She’s very spoiled and loved. Just imagine: a blonde, slightly bigger version of Dorothy’s Toto and you’ve got my baby! 😉

    7. Oh sweetie, I’m so very, very sorry for you! I was blessed with 4 children, 4 bout of progressively HG, 4 harrowing births, and the 4 WTF did I really do??
      Don’t get me wrong I love my children dearly, but they were more than I could take care of after my husband was killed. And honestly they are great and they are crazy all at the same time, but I don’t know what I would have done had I not had my children.
      All I can say is maybe exploring other options and I’m sure you have so maybe I sound like a recording that you’re heard time and time again. I will be sending you good thoughts tonight sweetie. 🙂

      1. Kimothy, I am also sending you loving thoughts and cyber hugs. JET, you, too.
        It is only natural to feel sad when hearing news of someone else’s pregnancy when you are told you should not have kids, or if you recently miscarried. Life can seem so very unfair often.

        Kimothy, I won’t dare to tell you things you may not want to hear. You are suffering your feelings of being deprived of motherhood and you are entitled to those. I wish you peace of mind and hope that medicine can make things happen in the future for people like yiou — and, you, as well.

        You bring great joy and love to so many and I hope that you feel that people care about your concerns and think so highly of you, too.

        Any time you want to vent, come here and do so. So many people here care very much for you!

        1. Jenny, you took the words right out of my mouth. When confronted with someone else’s pain, often people try to make light of it, brush it off, offer ways to fix the problem…which can seem anywhere from patronizing to cruel to the sufferer, although the speaker probably didn’t intend it to come across that way (hopefully). The best we can do is be there, offer a shoulder to cry on, and a safe space to vent. Cyber hugs to all KMR readers today. This can be your safe space.

          1. JET, you are so right. This is a safe space for all. I hope you feel that you can vent here, too. I think that of all things that are posted on this blog, the warm concern of commenters for others is what makes me keep coming back. That, and an opportunity to be a member of the fashion police when it comes to Kate’s wardrobe!

            Please take care and know that your loss saddens us and may you feel a warmth and comfort when you come here. Kimothy, you, too!

    8. Awww, I’m so sorry this has hit you in that way. I’ve never wanted kids, so I can’t relate. But I can tell that you’d be an amazing mom. And I do know that there are literally millions of kids in the world that would love to have you as a mom. I know it might not be the way you’d planned it, but consider adoption. It’s truly a miracle for babies and kids around the world. Life doesn’t always unfold how we expect, but it’s what we do with what we have that brings us and those in our lives joy. <3

    9. Kimothy I’m very sad about what you are facing. I have many miomas and other problems and because of this I can’t have children, so I am very close to my nephews and nieces. Only when I gave up on trying to become a mother I stopped suffering. Stay strong, you are not alone. God bless you.

    10. Kimothy,

      I’m sorry I’m so late to this conversation. I also wanted to tell you that your attitude is perfectly understandable and that I have always been impressed with your intelligence, warmth, and generosity of spirit. You’re a beautiful human being and deserve every happiness life has to offer. I’m sorry that your medical condition precludes pregnancy.

      Have you considered becoming a foster mom? In many ways, you would be dealing with the worst aspects of parenting and would be setting yourself up for further heartbreak, but I believe you to have the strength of character to be a true blessing in the lives of some of the most needy children. I don’t want to sound as though I’m nagging you or in any way telling you how to live your life, so ignore this paragraph if it annoys you.

      Sending internet hugs your way.

    11. Over the past 24+ hours, I have received so much love and support it is both mind-boggling and heart-warming. Your words and cyber-hugs mean so much to me. I know this may sound silly but I still hold onto the hope that I’ll become a mama someday, someway.

      Hugs, love and prayers to all of you ladies.

      1. It is not a silly sounding idea of holding out hope, Kimothy. Hope is what allows us peace of mind and heart. And, hope often leads us to places we never knew we could go!

        1. Thank you jenny,

          Hugs! *heart emoji*

          Edit: I usually try to remember close friends’ children’s birthdays and send them a message or text to let them know that Auntie Kim is thinking of them. 🙂

          1. I know I’m a bit late joining this Kimothy but I can relate. I’m 41, have been unable to have kids, time is against me for adopting etc and it kills me to hear about another ‘perfect pregnancy’ like it’s as easy as anything. What really got to me was all the talk of Kate and Pippa planning on being pregnant together – I wanted to scream “it doesn’t work like that”. But it does, just not for us. I have my fur babies too, and my parents disappointment. Anyway, just wanted to say you’re not alone.

  23. I haven’t read the comments yet so please forgive me if I’m repeating others comments.

    Ugh, not another high-neck lace dress, with buttons no less!! I pray to the fashion gods everyday to bring an end to this horror but apparently my prayers are in vain 🙁 And of course, Kate styles this “dress” with the most boring accessories she can find, black pumps and a black clutch really??? I wonder if she’s aware that colors other than black go with blue?

    I watched the video of their visit yesterday and was really struck by how grim faced William was the whole time. He was tapping his watch at Kate and when she was talking and smiling at him, he just stood there looking glum. I would have thought that he could at least pretend to be happy to be with his wife at her first engagement since announcing the pregnancy.

        1. I wonder how much Tasha gets paid? It’s obvious to me she’s out of her element and Kate needs a *real* stylist.
          The other option is that Kate just wears what she generally wants to wear and doesn’t listen to her advice.
          I don’t know any stylist who would say “new Kiki’s are needed for this outfit”!

          1. Bahahahaha!!! “I don’t know any stylist who would say “new Kiki’s are needed for this outfit”! I just covered my computer with soda, thanks 🙁

          2. Wonder if Tasha is called the stylist because she parks herself on the computer cruising online for clothing that K might wear. Clothing is delivered and it’s her job to tote it over to KP (or Anmer) for K to peruse. Then the accessories hunt commences in the shoe closet, jewelry cabinet and online. There is no ‘styling’ except for what Tash has chosen and is delivered and K decides to wear.

        2. I could cope with black but she has some lovely evening shoes that would have lifted this awful dress more than pumps.

  24. Except for the black details, long sleeves, I like the dress. I am a fan of the baroque,rococo fashion (not the Elizabethan) with the bows, lace… I wish I could go to a masquerade ball in one of these gowns. I am making a blouse right now with bell sleeves that are so in.

    If you suffer so much HG, why have a 3rd child? I suppose children are worth everything suffered. If you don’t have to work hard and raise the kids, I suppose it’s fun having a lot of kids. I don’t know, I don’t have any kids and this is by choice.

    1. “If you suffer so much HG, why have a 3rd child? I suppose children are worth everything suffered. If you don’t have to work hard and raise the kids, I suppose it’s fun having a lot of kids. I don’t know, I don’t have any kids and this is by choice.”

      Because pregnancy is temporary; children aren’t. It’s obvious you don’t want kids.

      1. I think your reply is a bit harsh. I’ve read accounts of women who have had HG during a pregnancy and chose not to have more children because it was so debilitating. I don’t think they love the child less, they’re just being practical. Everyone’s different.

        1. ” I’ve read accounts of women who have had HG during a pregnancy and chose not to have more children because it was so debilitating. I don’t think they love the child less, they’re just being practical. Everyone’s different.”

          I definitely agree with you. If I have a bad experience after having 2 kids I won’t have anymore but that’s a personal decision. Obviously Catherine is willing to go through severe nausea and morning sickness to have a third child. That’s her choice.

          1. What I went through was unimaginable and yet we went on to have 4 children. After the 4th when I went into labor at 5 mths and we both nearly died that we knew we were finished. What we had decided was that once he reached a certain rank we would have another child. As I said previously I love all my children beyond belief, but there are time when you kind of want to gouge your eyes out…I’m seriously kidding, but if you have lots of children I think you kind of feel that way even if you want want to say it. 😉

        2. Being so so sick is one reason we’ve most likely stopped at one. It was unbearable.

          If I had multiple nannies and a household staff like Kate, I could reconsider. 😛

    2. I think it’s a bit like childbirth …you forget just how awful it is. And the pain is worth it for the joy of having the family you want….it’s a personal choice.
      Equally there is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting kids.

  25. Buttons and lace and bows…Oh My! It’s a trifecta of ugly. Nice color though. I wonder sometimes if this is really her style or if this is the style she thinks she should be wearing as a Duchess/future queen. I’ve seen pics of her before the marriage and it was simpler, less fussy. Sure she liked the boho style and patterned fabric, but it wasn’t so over the top frilly.

    1. I think that sometimes she dresses how she thinks she should dress, so then it comes off as uncomfortable and the clothes tend to wear her instead of the other way around.

  26. So I really hated this dress but Catherine (and Harry) did very well today; William was his usual grumpy self. You could see him cutting off a conversation between his wife and another woman. It was a bad look, again. I really think he’s the one holding her back; I guess I’m waiting for her to gain some confidence and branch out once her youngest is like 3 and George is like 8 (that sounds really far away).

    1. William always seems to be curt and downright rude or nasty to Kate. I think that’s one reason Harry is there a lot–to be a buffer. Kate gave up any semblance of a life, gladly, to be with William and with how awful he is, I think it’s nothing she bargained for.

  27. A dress without bows, buttons, lace, ruffle, rhinestones, sequin, etc. I will mark with red the date in my journal, if Kate wear a really elegant dress… Sometimes less is more, Kate. I like the blue, but with black is cheap’. Although I think this dress is nice on Kate. It’s odd even for me, but still. That is something when her ugly dress fits well, doesn’t it?

  28. On the bright side guys whilst Kate is ‘barfing for Britain’, she’s not out shopping, buying more hideous dresses for the hideous dress convention she’s clearly planning on attending.

    I can’t sympathise and be anything other that flippant. I’m drained with the pair of them. I am completely in Team Sparkle at the moment. And William looks tanned……I wouldn’t mind betting he’s had a solo trip somewhere hot for a long weekend. Just you wait pictures will soon emerge of the future King ripping it up in Ibiza with glow sticks in his hands.

  29. This dress makes me want to cry. It’s like it is trying to be ten different dresses all at once. Awful and really dowdy for a young woman.

    What upsets me is that just before Kate’s pregnancy announcement KP made a statement saying the trio would increase their workload and we all know dn well that won’t happen. Forst, Kate will need a couple of years off for pregnancy, childbirth and maternity leave. And William will be right there beside her saying he can’t work because he is a “family man” so both Will and Kate will be MIA for about 2-3 years. I estimate they will take time off until this youngest child is in preschool.

    As for Harry, if he marries Meghan my prediction is he will do the same thing William did. He will say thateghan needs to adjust to married life and then when she gets pregnant and has a baby they will hide their children away just like Will and Kate do. We will probably only see pictures of their kids maybe 3-4 times a year and they will be released by Harry. Since Harry is not the heir we will see his family even less than the Cambridges.
    Both William and Harry are so disappointing.

  30. I respectfully disagree that we won’t see much of Harry and Meghan if they wed, and their kids, if they have them. H and M are shining lights and their brightness is meant to shine in public and private! I think they will show W and K up many times at many occasions.

    1. I just can’t imagine that Meghan would want to hide away like Catherine. She’s in show business, she’ll want to interact with people. Don’t know about the kids though, Harry definitely wouldn’t want them to be hounded like he was.

    2. Harry and Meghan won’t be alower to shine too brightly because Harry won’t work more than William for fear of upstaging him. When William and Kate become Prince and Princess of Wales we won’t see much of Harry’s family.

      1. I don’t think anyone can put Harry and Meghan in a corner. If the higher ups expect them to lose their luster so as not to outshine the Cambridges, good luck! Harry has been the third wheel for way too long And, Meghan is used to being a celeb.

        It would benefit Kate very much to have a relationship with Meghan, but I think she will be intimidated and jealous.

        One of the tabloid magazines in the States has a blurb on its cover saying Harry and Meghan will be moving to the US. I doubt that, but visits will probably be plenty. I don’t think Harry will be able to move out of the country for any time. Visits, will be fine.

        1. I don’t think Kate will be intimated by Meghan. More like Meghan will be intimated by Kate. It will be lovely when Harry and Meghan tie the knot and have a child together. Not that I am rushing it. I wish they would get a move on.

          1. I highly doubt that Meghan will be intimidated by Catherine; she’s about as intimidating as a small fish. Meghan has dealt with HWood types and it’s well-known how aggressive and rude they can be. She’ll be fine; she has the tough skin to make it in the BRF. The only one I find intimidating would be Princess Anne.

  31. I will never believe Waity had HG with any of her pregnancies and I am convinced she keeps having kids to get out of work. That dress is hideous. Kate’s fashion sense is embarrasing and notice that the press has really stopped talking about the Kate Effect. Maybe because it doesn’t exist anymore. The best fashion sense Kate ever showed was on her first Canadian tour and since then it has been downhill.

    She sure did look nervous walking into that room, probably because she was afraid the jig might be up and also because, after 6 years of being a royal, she is still impossible awkward and inarticulate around people. She is a woman nearing 40, who still cannot deliver a decent speech or have any sort of memorable conversation.

    Compare her with the effervescent Meghan Markle, who is full of life, wit and charm. Kate is dull and lifeless by comparison. Meghan’s speeches are well-thought out and articulate and she would never wear that doiliy that Kate did.

    I hope that Meghan does marry Harry and I hope they both have the sense to break apart from the Royal Foundation and not do any engagements with Will and Kate. They need to have their own identities and since Harry and Wills will both have their own families. it is not appropriate that they are lumped together all the time.

    And more importantly, it won’t be to Kate’s advantage, cause Meghan will blow her out of the water EVERY.TIME.

  32. I’m amazed that in the family with hard working royals like Princess Anne who rocks frocks that are 30 years old, she wears yet a new old dress. This is basically a sister to the mint Temperley she wore on the India tour. I’m pretty sure that one still fits. Remember when they called her the Frugal Princess? Gosh, at least she could get a little cred in that arena with the occasional recycle! I would be too embarrassed to show my face at Balmoral this Christmas!

  33. It was refreshing to see the Duchess at this important event. World Mental Health Day is very important as any awareness no matter who or where it comes from is necessary. Not only for the non afflicted to maybe somehow get a better understanding, but to raise awareness of this terrible illness. In Australia currently we lose more young people to suicide than car accidents. We are constantly warned about the dangers on our roads. Millions of dollars are poured into this, advertising, promo’s etc… I am not for one minute disputing or nulling education or the importance of that. Unfortunately suicide is very hush hush. Hardly discussed, skimmed over, close the door on that one, a taboo subject. So much more could be done in our country to highlight a rising problem, but lack of funding and very much tightening the reins of any monies supporting the issue we have right now.
    I live with this threat at home with a ill daughter every single day going on 10 years now. So whatever the William, Kate and Harry can do to highlight this problem I for one would be most grateful. With some hope that it might filter to our shores. Stephen Fry gave a wonderful speech he is the drivers seat, he knows what he is talking about having first hand experience being a sufferer of mental illness.
    The Duchess dress may not be to some of our liking but the bigger picture is what did the trio achieved at this event. Hopefully some positive overflow getting some organisations not involved yet into action. Or even more exciting industries or influential persons getting the ball rolling with some generous help out there. It may just ring some much needed bells on our shores.

    To Kimothy
    I am so sorry for the suffering you have endured and the pain of such loss. Lets hope that things may change and turn around for you. As I have learned never give up on hope. You are in my thoughts bless you xxx

    1. Sophia, I appreciate your remarks. The light that is being shone on mental health is definitely important. As you said, worries about cuts in funding for programs. must be a constant source of worry for you. You take such loving care of your daughter and I hope that what you need from the government and from medical personnel is always available to you.

      Forgive my griping about Kate. And, the trio when it comes to mental health awareness. I do appreciate the efforts, but think it is time to move on to other aspects of the issue and push harder — using their status to do so.

      My feelings about Kate are often hard to hide. I appreciate it when she makes efforts and is engaging and open with all the people she meets . She is very shy and it must be very hard for her to do such appearances . Still, this is what she had to know was part of her future with William I would appreciate it if she let someone with a savvy outlook coach her and help her along I think a kind and caring mentor would work wonders with Kate as I don’t think she has it in her to do such work on her own.

      At any rate, your words made me re-think my quickness to dismiss Kate many times . So, thanks for tapping into my other side.

      I hope that things will go well for you and your daughter. She is lucky to have you and I know you feel blessed to have her in your life, too. God bless you.

      1. Hi Jenny,
        You made some excellent points as always. Pushing harder, making inroads, as you rightly said, broadening there horizons. The trio could really make a impact.
        I feel your frustration, and certainly don’t blame you for having a grip!. Using there status would be huge, it could really make such a difference. I must confess I to get frustrated, when I think about much more enthusiasm, striving to do the very best they can, the possibility of opening up new doors.
        I agree the Duchess does need some guidance, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon, I think she would have reached out by now. I think it has got to the point that whenever they put in an appearance we are just so grateful for anything positive, that in itself is rather sad.
        Thank you for your kind words Jenny, there are others afflicted not just with mental illness who struggle day to day, with all sorts of illness, sickness and problems. As I say there is always someone worse off and generally you don’t have to look too far! it is the world we live in now.
        I hope you are your family are well Jenny, lovely as always to read your comments.

        As always KMR thank you for a wonderful blog and all your time and hard work that goes with it

        1. Sophia, as always, your words fill me with inspiration You are a devoted and kind mother. You are an understanding and caring woman . You speak from your heart and your words are a welcome sight on this blog.

          I think you are correct. If Kate wanted mentoring, she would have asked by now. Maybe Ms. Quinn will be a huge help. Or, perhaps, not. I am hoping she does, though.

          Wishing you and your family the very best always.

  34. I have a feeling that Harry and Meghan will work. Their charisma is sorely needed. WillKnot and Waity are dull as dishwater.

    1. I just can’t be hopeful that Harry will break his lackluster work habits just because he gets married. His interviews earlier this year made me even more sure he will not. I hope I’m wrong.

  35. This dress is awful. The black knotted thing around the neck totally gives it a Colonel Sanders (of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame) vibe. Pretty sure that wasn’t what she intended!

  36. Yet another overpriced hideously ugly dress for Kate. She looks awfully full and healthy for someone supposedly hurling nonstop. No amount of makeup could mask my illness and weight loss during pregnancy and I didn’t even have HG. I never bought the HG excuse and still don’t. It’s an insult to women who legitimately suffer from such a debilitating condition.

    I tried to respond to both Kimothy and JET Texas upthread but my screen kept refreshing. My heart goes out to both of you.

  37. I have watched the video a few times now.
    The aide to the right of William says loudly “. . . to the other side of the hall.”
    Kate appears to hear this (it was quite loud and pointed) and moves away from the woman to whom she is speaking. William indicates to Kate that it’s time to move on by pointing to his watch and gently touches her on the back of the arm. Kate speaks to the aide to confirm. Then the short woman jumps in for a chat to Kate while William politely waits. (He’s probably thinking – go away we have a schedule to keep to).
    They wait for Harry to finish his conversation and the trio get ready to move on so William can make his speech. These occasions are tightly controlled, time wise.
    He waited politely while Kate spoke to the short woman who he doesn’t seem to know. I don’t think any of his behaviour makes William a ‘numpty’ or ‘boorish’.

    1. Spectator, I believe you only saw the first portion of the video that you are referencing about William’s interaction with Kate. In the same video, there is footage of William listening to the final speaker. His expressions speak volumes about his attitude, as I mentioned in my earlier post on this thread. If a person observed this video in its entirety, I believe they could reasonably conclude that William is dismissive to everyone around him, including Kate. Just a personal observation!

    2. One of the chief psychiatrists at a hospital I work at met them in Victoria on the Canadian tour last year. With a neutral approach, I asked her what she thought of Wlliam and Kate. She said they were extremely interested, had a lot of questions about the mental health pilot project created by our team, and when an aide told them it was time to wrap up, William told them they would like to stay at the engagement longer, and did.

      I’m not the media so I don’t think my colleague was exaggerating. She is usually a rather cynical person. It was interesting feedback and an answer I didn’t expect.

      But maybe William and Kate just wanted to finish their coffees or avoid dealing with their kids back at the accommodation, who knows.

      1. I should explain my reason for bringing this up is just that I learned sometimes they do apparently are interested and care, even if they both have resting bitch face and appear bored and anxious to go often? Cause that engagement was publicized and it garnered the same comments about them seeming careless about the whole thing.

  38. +1 spectator

    Also I wonder if she really does have HG, along with whatever eating disorder. So the dr’s caring for her hg are actually causing her to be more healthy and consume more calories, which is making her look healthy instead of sick.

    (All said with a wink to the crowd who thinks I’m just about shooting Kate rainbows. That dress. No. Bad dress.)

    1. I honestly believe she’s got some kind of anxiety disorder look at the Japanese princess who had a breakdown they think they know what they are getting involved in but they get a wake up call when they marry its one think to date a royal it’s another to be part of the instution diana fergie mark Philips where all miserable whilst the press thought they were loved up

      1. Danielle you may be right but ultimately we don’t know.
        Regardless of their vast privilege and wealth, the level of scrutiny under which they live is enormous from both traditional and social forms of media.
        It doesn’t surprise me that they are so protective of their private lives.

        1. I’ve always thought being in the public eye must be like being stalked always looking over your shoulder never being able to trust anyone .the constant scrutiny and policing of womans bodies and actions and the gossip must be horrible she never seems happy when she smiles it seems exaggerated like someone trying to pretend they are alright

          1. It must be like living in the proverbial gold fishbowl.

            ‘when she smiles it seems exaggerated like someone trying to pretend they are alright’ Possibly Danielle.
            Perhaps her smiles and gestures are sometimes a bit exaggerated because she is hyper aware that she is being filmed. It must be a lot of pressure knowing that every little thing you do is up for criticism and judgement.

    1. It must be so difficult for them at the moment the political issues must be such a worry for all Spaniards. Gorgeous girls.

      1. The girls go to private school in Madrid where there are a lot more anti-Secession and pro-monarchy sentiment. Hopefully it isn’t affecting them too much.

  39. You know, I’ve tried to refrain from saying she doesn’t have HG, but now I’m convinced. Her face is full and she is tan and glowing.

    1. She doesn’t have HG. She looks far too good. Morning sickness, serial laziness..yes. But haircuts, dress shopping ( when she has so many already) are not essentials for someone feeling so very very ill.

        1. Kate looks fuller in the face, arms, and breasts to me at this engagement versus her last one.

          1. I think by Kate standards she looks fatter than usual…not fat obviously but more weight than usual. I see that as good and hope she and baby are well. Just don’t believe HG.

          2. you compare all that? You’ve checked and seen her boobs are bigger? You don’t even realize that’s sad do you? Who cares. Can this website please stop making constant comments about this woman’s weight? She’s being dragged on DM for looking to thin to get pregnant, for having s too small bump. Then there are those sad human beings who deny she’s actually sick. Have some decency and respect.

          3. I look at a lot of photos in order to pull ones for the blog. So yeah, at a glance, that’s what I noticed about her body. I could totally be wrong. I honestly don’t care. It’s not a big deal.

            But honestly, if you think this blog and the people who comment here are so “sad”, then why do you bother to read it?

          4. I agree KMR you just need to look at older photos. She always puts on a little weight when trying to get pregnant.
            I think Collegedrowner needs to chill. We have a clear objective to politely disagree here without being rude or abusive to individuals.
            Let’s stick to that. Please. I often disagree with KMR, I’m older, I’m British, but I love her blog. Let’s continue to make this a happy place.

  40. I don’t know if my question about Kate’s former private secretary Rebecca Priestly is relevant for this post; but the media reported that she was given the Royal Victorian Order at the Buckingham Palace investiture ceremony on Wednesday by Prince William. I would appreciate opinions from the commentators on this blog that have a better understanding and knowledge of Rebecca’s role and success as Kate’s personal secretary since 2011. I have read commentaries about the challenges Rebecca may have faced as an employee of Kate, and how she sometimes appeared less than professional in her role as a personal secretary. I have also read that their relationship transcended employer/employee and provided friendship and a level of trust that was helpful to Kate. Any thoughts?

  41. Saw LIFE magazine with W&K and kids on the cover, entitled “The Young Royals: Grace. Purpose. Promise”. About how William is Diana 2.0 and the savior of the monarchy with his college sweetheart blah-blah-blah. Good Lord, the try-hard PR!

    Gag me!

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