Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia release new photos of Prince Gabriel

Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia release new photos of Prince Gabriel

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have release two new photos of their children, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, as a thank you for the wishes they received after the birth of their second son.

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, and Prince Gabriel October 2017
[Erika Gerdemark/]

Along with the photos, Carl Philip and Sofia released this message:

    “A big and warm thanks for all the friendly congratulations that have been received in connection with the birth of our son, Prince Gabriel. We appreciate your caring a lot.”

The photos are nice, but the cropping on the photos is terrible. For the top photo of Carl Philip, Sofia, and Gabriel, I get that they are going for the baby being the focus of the photo, but cropping off the heads of the parents is an odd choice. For the below photo of the Prince Family, I cropped this one a tad because there was so much blank space above their heads (you can see the uncropped photo here), but the photographer cropping off their feet is also an odd choice. The cropping in these photos is so odd.

Also, Gabriel’s baptism will take place at Drottningholm Palace Church on December 1, which is a Friday. I’ve marked it on my calendar. I love Swedish royal baptisms!

Prince Family October 2017
[Erika Gerdemark/]

43 thoughts on “Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia release new photos of Prince Gabriel

    1. Agreed, agreed and AGREED!! I don’t know if it’s the slicked back hair or what but he just looks so greasy now! Very 1980s/yuppy/MIami Vice looking style.

      The boys are adorable; Alexander is such a cute little towhead! The idea of the picture of the parents w/ Gabriel is a good one but poor executed (or just poorly cropped).

    2. I agree as well, something awkward about the photos, but the parents and babies look radiant. As for Carl Philip, I am not a fan of a beard on any man and wish he would get rid of it. His beard is particularly scruffy.

    3. I agree the cropping is bad, but otherwise the photos are beautifully composed. Notice the contrast between the pale creams and dark navy. Each parent holds a child wearing the opposite color of the parent. The navy pops but the creams, especially the background, really soften the photo. The photos are very balanced. I think these are great.

    4. That slicked back hair is a bit of a Swedish fashion with men. Time to find a new hairdo perhaps C-P?

      Cute photo of C-P, Sofia and the baby.

  1. I like these photos, just because you can see the love of those two people to their children. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But I’m glad they don’t smile like crazy in the camera, the light is good and it is not black-white coloured.
    How Kitty said, a beautiful family.

  2. Thank you KMR. Another Swedish post to brighten a grey day. I love Alexander’s expression and the way Gabriel is looking at Sofia. A truly composed photo showing a loving couple with their young offspring. I am looking forward to the Christening. I don’t know if you are covering it in real time but it really is something happy to look forward too.

  3. Oh dear – we now have the Mommy shot in nice chanel style suit and ” British Sloan Ranger a la 1980’s ” pulled back hair – well it is all PR with every RF . . . . so putting my negative aside – nice family photo and CP looks happy with his family

    1. Ha my thoughts exactly! The force is strong to whitewash her image. I mean, only last year she was wearing a dress that was so tight you could see her nursing pad and now we have her a suit that could belong to Silvia! And her hair looks like they raided the props closet from Fiddler on the roof! I actually preferred her style pre-makeover, just thought she needed a size larger for most outfits. Now they have her frumpy suits and high collars
      I find the second picture odd. Sofia is looking off somewhere else
      Anyhoodles my happy thought is they sure make cute babies

  4. I wish someone would ID the children’s clothes. I shop a lot for my little grandson, and I love Alexander’s shoes and sweater (jumper/cardigan?). Sometimes the children’s clothes are affordable for us plain folks.

    1. You can try finding them on Instagram. I saw a post about his jumper/sweater but I can’t quite remember which account posted the info, there are so many!

    2. Lyme, I’m fairly certain Alexander’s shoes are from “Kavat”. They are very popular for swedish toddlers. Great quality and not that expensive!

    3. I found Alexander’s outfit IDed from a Swedish blog, but the shoes are only available from a Scandinavian brand, Ellos. The sweater and pants are from GANT, which has stores in other countries.

      (price: about 110 US dollars)

      (price: about 86 US dollars)

      (price: about 60 US dollars)

  5. Yes, the photos are oddly cropped. However, the family is just so happy and those babies are precious. It is nice to see such warmth and love. I await the christening, too. Oh, those little chairs for the cousins! The baby sash! And, on and on. Just wonderful!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful little family!! While I agree that the cropping of these photos leaves a lot to be desired, the colors and lighting are stunning. I do wish that we would have seen more of Gabriel’s face though.

  7. Sorry to change the subject but it is World Mental Health Day and I thought readers might be interested to check on Face Book on Sophie Gregoire Trudeau’s page and see and hear her remarks on mental health .

  8. Odd cropping aside I love these photos. No matter what her past contains there’s no denying the love between these two and their children. I would certainly hope that I am not judged solely on what happened a decade or more ago when I was admittedly lost and struggling through life. I wouldn’t do that to anyone else because it’s what we’ve made of our lives that matters. Sofia gets out and does her work and seems pretty up to speed on what her organizations are doing. Anyway, I’ll step off my soapbox now. I’m ready for baby sashes and tiny chairs!

      1. Because not all of us think she’s moved on from her past. That it’s okay to ignore that she wanted fame and fortune at any cost and now that she reached the ultimate goal (in her mind) to say hey she’s miraculously this thoughtful caring individual and just a better person now.
        Her anti bullying charity and the work she does with kids directly calls her past into play. If she talked about how she was bully and now sees the error of her ways it would be one thing but they just gloss over that and talk about how mean people have been towards her.
        And I would never let my nieces hang out with some one of her ilk so I find it poor judgement to let her get involved in any charity involving kids. Again she could talk about the perils of the porn industry but considering how she made out with Jenna Jameson don’t think she sees anything wrong with it.
        People have a right to make a living any way they see fit, it’s the pretending that she’s somehow evolved to this better individual once she happened to snag her prince that I find laughable.
        I do think that a person’s past doesn’t define their whole existence but with Sofia and Kate I think it was the same as it ever was
        If that makes me a judgy person I’m actually okay with that label in this instance

        1. Who gets to decide if she’s moved on though you could argue all royal spouses want fame and fortune meghan kate maxima Leticia daniel and chris why is Sofia and kate always the one seemly held to a higher standard as for bullying maybe what she said was below the par but look at any comments on sites like this or gossip sites a large section would be considered bullying but its just excused as having an opinion the media do it all the time those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and as for your niece’s if the worst person they end up meeting in life is a glamour model they’ll be lucky indeed

          1. Maxima, Letizia, Chris, Daniel weren’t posing nude at 16. or showing up in porny TV shows and magazines. Or bullying people. Or living in NYC on the backs of sugar daddies…

            Kate sure stalked a man for years and let him treat her like crap for years to get the ring, but that’s on her; it’s not nearly as bad as a lot of what Sofia has done. And what Sofia has said she is proud of doing and would never take it back.

          2. To clarify, Sofia did not say that she was proud of what she’s done and would never take it back, she said: “For me, it’s pretty boring. It happened 10 years ago, and I moved on with my life. But no regrets. All experiences build a person, although I wouldn’t do it now if you asked me. I can say I have lived life 100 percent.”

            Honestly, regardless of what Sofia actually thinks about her past (of which I have no idea since I’m not in her head), I think what she said about her past is the best way to look at one’s past. To recognize that all experiences make us who we are, and we shouldn’t regret doing things because we’ve learned from them. Instead of living a life of regret, we should learn from our experiences and move on. Regardless of what she actually thinks, I like her response.

          3. “. . .regardless of what Sofia actually thinks about her past (of which I have no idea since I’m not in her head), I think what she said about her past is the best way to look at one’s past. To recognize that all experiences make us who we are, and we shouldn’t regret doing things because we’ve learned from them. Instead of living a life of regret, we should learn from our experiences and move on. Regardless of what she actually thinks, I like her response.”

            KMR +1 Well said.

        2. Uh everyone whose said her past in the past are the one’s insinuating that she’s moved on!
          That she’s not the same sleazy person that she was before she got married. The issues with her past show her to be a person of weak moral character. That’s my issue with “why does everyone bring up her past comments.” Because generally peeps who lack moral character don’t change their spots over night.
          I find cp to be an igoramous and douche so they probably deserve each other.
          And Chris def doesn’t enjoy the spotlight.
          We’ve called William hypocritical too for his same issues with bullying.
          There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be rich and/or famous, it’s how you go about getting it that I call into question.
          You’re perfectly welcome to think she’s the bees knees. I do not

      2. She had quite the life.

        Sugar daddies in NYC, posing nude at 16 in Thailand, learning how to sell herself and her body for advantages and money which she spoke of in a blog she ran, the trashy TV show, ‘Miss Slitz,’ going after CP who was with Emma at the time (CP probably cheated on Emma with Sofia), her blog where she bullied people herself, getting everything she wants because CP is the beloved son of a misogynist like CG while Victoria had to fight for years to marry Daniel…

        I have a right to judge her gross behavior. And the parents who enabled such behavior when she was SIXTEEN posing nude!!!

        Not the sort of person you’d want representing your country, is it?

        Not to mention CP and his dismal racing ‘career’ if one can call it that and plagarising stuff for his design company.

        All of it quite sketchy.

        Oh, and Sofia having a company when Daniel had to disengage himself from any business ventures upon marrying Victoria, but Sofia stared a limited company with her sisters involved and her dad as well, with an address of a royal residence as the company’s location…

        1. I find her response to questions about her past a bit too easy breezy no big deal. But she bagged the prince and likely doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s all brand new now?.
          Other than that, her kids are very cute. I hope they have the benefit of spending lot’s of time with their aunt Victoria and her wonderful family.

  9. If he cheated on emma with Sofia then that’s cp doing Sofia wasnt attached people make out that spouses of royals have to be whiter than white when the royals arnt exactly who people would choose to represent the country if they had a choice it’s not like like they have done anything exceptional between Nazi connections shooting animals colonialism corruption cases racist antics and dictatorships over the years and living off the taxpayer while constantly complaining I think I’d rather have the former glamour model theres also the fact daniel married the future queen cp and sofia will be forgotten when Victoria’s kids grow up there’s a mysogny to the wayfemale royal spouses are treated as if they somehow have to prove there worthy when the prince’s they marry don’t deserve the privilege they have they do the bare minimum yet the woman are all held to a higher standard as for the allegations of sugar daddies which there’s no proof and usually an allegation to discredit woman who cares what two consenting adults do is no ones business

  10. Lovely portraits but I wish I could see the baby’s face! They should at least have one foto of him,propped up, facing the camera. Anyway, this foto session is about the little prince & how much he has grown, right?

  11. I don’t know much a bout Sofia’s past. She is a very good looking woman though and obviously Cp and her make beautiful babies!
    Beautiful family. One can almost feel the warmth in that photo!

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