Royal Round Up: Madeleine posts photo of Leonore, Victoria at Sweden Dinner

Royal Round Up: Madeleine posts photo of Leonore, Victoria at Sweden Dinner

I’ve mostly not been paying attention to what’s been happening over in Sweden for the last couple weeks, so here is a royal round up of a few of the recent goings on of Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria.

Leonore with Heidi of Gotland[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

On Thursday, Princess Madeleine posted a cute photo collage of Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas with Haidi of Gotland – the horse Leonore received as a Christening gift from her Duchy, and visited in June 2016. Madeleine captioned the photo: “Leonore finally reunited with Heidi af Gotland!”

[Min Stora Dag]

On September 13, Madeleine attended the Min Stora Dag seminar När livet inte följer manus in Stockholm. The seminar was part of Min Stora Dag’s initiative to increase understanding and knowledge about neuropsychiatric function variations, such as ADHD and autism, and mental health. Madeleine didn’t give a speech, she just sat front row for the seminar. Afterward, she posted on her FB page (it was posted in Swedish; translated here by Google Translate):

    “Today I participated in Min Stora Dag’s seminar on an important topic that we should all pay attention to! Min Stora Dag has this year a special project, the Invisibility Project. This means that even more children and young people with neuropsychiatric functional variations such as severe ADHD or autism is having a big day. Another important part is that we all need to be better at seeing what children and young people with diagnoses are good at instead of what they can not. And in addition, take time to reflect on and take into account the fact that pain that is on the inside does not always appear on the outside. We can help move attitudes and increase opportunities for these children. They will feel accepted everyday and get extra power through just one big day!”


Last night, September 22, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia hosted the Sweden Dinner, with Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip in attendance.

At the dinner, the menu consisted of: Buttercup with cauliflower, spinach emulsion and chives as well as lemons with a foyer; whole cooked Swedish pork tenderloin with spicy pepper, Moroccan variation and potato puree with black truffles; black currant bayaroise with ice cream, mackerel and currant coulis.

The tables were decorated with burnt-gilded candelabra from Karl XIV Johan, 1820’s. The linen cloths were woven by Klässbols Linneväveri in 2013 and are designed by Margot Barolo. The flower arrangements on the table consisted of Dahlia in different shapes and colors, arranged by Florist Claes Carlsson.


I never did post the photo Carl Philip and Princess Sofia released of Prince Gabriel, so here you go. The photo was taken at Villa Solbacken by Carl Philip.

Prince Gabriel Sept 2017[Prince Carl Philip]

27 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Madeleine posts photo of Leonore, Victoria at Sweden Dinner

  1. Wasn’t Leonore’s first introduction to Heidi the event where she kept on escaping and Chris and Madde had to keep on chasing her down in the field/woods(Leonore, not Heidi)? Hahaha, I loved that one.

    I’ve seen some more pics of the dinner, and Victoria looked smashing in that gown. Really lovely, with an amazing presence.

    I like the flower arrangements.

    1. There was a video LizB I think and Leonore was cleaning the brushes with the nanny and not so sure of the pony. Leonore has a lovely sense of humour. I adore her and Estelle. Both their personalities shine through.

  2. Lenore is positively ecstatic and Nicolas looks just like his daddy!

    Madeline and Victoria are absolutely lovely! Not just on the superficial outside but on the inside where it counts.

    Also, Daniel just had a birthday last Friday (the 15th) so hope he had a good one with Vic and the kiddos. 🙂

  3. I adore the montage of Leonore, Nicholas and the pony. I love the photo of the pony nuzzling Leonore. Leonore and Nicholas look so grown up, and the puffa jacket on Leonore must be keeping her snug. Madeleine and Chris must be so proud of these two children.
    Madeleine is glowing. It is good to see Madeleine still working and involved in finding solutions and working to understand children with autism and ADHD. I am not sure what autism is labelled as, considering it is a broad spectrum but I find that if I find sources with the same information I am more inclined to believe it. I did work experience in a class where there was a boy of seven \ eight years old who had been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and to be honest the boy was anything but shy.

    I like Victoria’s gown. It is very pretty and Daniel and Prince Carl – Phillip look smart. Once again the menu is mouth watering and I like the way there are plenty of vegetables and ice cream for dessert. I agree, the flower arrangements are exquisite with the yellows and the red dahlia’s are my favourites I think. Thank you KMR. Have a good weekend.

    1. Hi Laura,

      Kids with autism are labeled with/ or having spectrum disorder. Also, the latest DSM-IV changed so that aspergers is part of autism spectrum disorder, being one end of a highly variated spectrum.

      1. Thank you Rose for that information. I think the professionals are the best person to diagnose the disorder. That is why a charity supporting people with autism is good. Just as long as the people are being referred from the doctor or another related professional. Not just giving out information so people go out and label others.

    2. What Rose said is correct. I am an Aspie, now considered “on the spectrum” rather than having my own separate thing. I have a very high functioning Aspie son and an ASD daughter who fits more of the “traditional” mold of the spectrum vice Aspergers. None of us are shy. We are all three painfully socially awkward. I don’t know which is worse, tbh. My son and I are academically smart, daughter struggles but is very social and intuitive in her own way. There is such a broad range of ASD traits and a lack of knowledge in these things in women & girls particularly leaves a lot of room for more discovery. Females are highly underrepresented due to lack of diagnosis, so I get excited when I see things like this championing ASD and other neurological issues.

      1. I am slightly socially awkward but I am not autistic. That is why it is best to be careful when labelling. I am social and that is a sign of intelligence apparently. One mistake does not doom you.

  4. Ah, those beautiful Swedish children! Leonore and her horse! Just so sweet! And, Nico does indeed look like his dad. I love the way the children’s photos are shared with us all. Makes you feel close to the family and if only, William and Kate did this more often, too.

    Victoria’s gown is stunning. She is a beautiful woman and her mother in that beautiful color. Wow!

    I, too, appreciate the support Maddie gives to causes. I wish she had spoken, but the statement she put out was understanding and hopefully, helpful.

    Baby photo? Just precious. A very sweet baby boy!

    Thanks for the roundup, KMR> I am also hoping that things are getting back to normal for you and those you love. Some storm. And, I am praying for those in Puerto Rico and Mexico City. The world is suffering in so many ways. Whatever small things, or larger ones, we can do to help, I hope people will do.

  5. Thank you for including other royals when Kate is nowhere to be seen. Pictures of adorable Swedish babes and stunning gowns definitely bring me smiles.

    I hope you’re getting back to normal there after Irma. We spent last night in Florida City and will be making our final drive back down to Key West this afternoon. I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself for what we’re about to see over the next few hours. The Keys aren’t even close to recovering yet. It’s going to be months or years before things are fine again. 🙁

  6. Yikes! That’s an ugly mumu Sylvia is wearing!! Victoria looks lovely in her dress tho
    thanks for always including the menu and tablescape!
    Love the pics of Leonore and Nicholas. She’s such an expressive cutie. I’ve said it before but it’s smart of Madeline to release pics of her kids like this.
    Thanks for the Swedish fix!
    It’s sad but I’m already counting down to the nobel prize ceremony ???

    1. Between the mumu and her plastic surgery not aging gracefully, Sylvia is just all kinds of droopy in this photo. I feel for her with all the crap CG has put her through but these women know what they’re getting.

  7. Excuse me for changing the subject. Does any 1 know which month Kate’s baby is due? It is so strange it the silence about the 3rd child!

    1. KP has not announced the month yet. It is not strange, though; it is typical from them. For all theee of Kate’s pregnancies KP announced she was pregnant sometime during the first trimester, then when she passed the 12 week mark they announced the month.

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