Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 40th birthday

Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 40th birthday

I’m still catching up on stuff from last week before the Cambridge tour starts later today. So here is a post about Crown Princess Victoria‘s 40th birthday celebrations in Sweden.

Victoria’s celebrations began on her actual birthday July 14, Victoriadagen, with a Te Deum in Stockholm at the Royal Chapel in the Royal Palace. The entire immediate royal family attended the Te Deum, along with representatives of parliament and the government.

Afterward, a reception was held at Logården (the garden of the Royal Palace) for the guests of the Te Deum where Victoria spoke to the crowd. After the reception, there was a carriage procession through Stockholm.

Prince Daniel took the below photo of the Crown Princess Family in the carriage.

Victoria, Estelle, Oscar by Daniel Victoria Day 2017
[Prince Daniel]

Victoria wore a Pär Engsheden dress with pink butterflies on a white background. Princess Estelle wore a white dress with some pink butterflies in her hair to match her mom’s dress. Prince Oscar wore the same blue and white outfit that Prince Nicolas wore to Oscar’s Christening.

Princess Madeleine wore Erdem (sigh) and a Philip Treacy hat. Princess Leonore wore a pink dress while Prince Nicolas wore another blue outfit (has he ever worn any other color?). Chris O’Neill was also there.

Princess Sofia wore Ida Lanto with flared sleeves (please let this trend die already). Prince Carl Philip held Prince Alexander. PS. I love that Carl Philip and Sofia always hold hands at events. It’s sweet.

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were also there.

After the events in Stockholm, the family headed to Öland for the normal Victoria Day celebrations, starting with the annual evening concert.

Silvia and Victoria always were the traditional dress of Öland for this event.

Madeleine wore a dress from Zimmermann with Valentino wedges.

Sofia wore a floral dress with ruffles.

Victoria’s birthday celebrations continued on July 15 with the traditional greeting the public outside Solliden Palace.

Victoria color-coordinated her entire family (including her parents) in blue, and I’m now wondering if she will be criticized for it the way Kate is when she color-coordinates her family.

Victoria wore a custom light blue Camilla Thulin dress and some serious blue earrings.

Below is a video with highlights from the celebrations.

Here are some more fun photos from the celebrations.

64 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 40th birthday

  1. These regular photos of the children make such a difference I feel so much more connected to them. Love the family dynamics they always seem so happy together. For me it means I look at the smiles and the hand holding more than the clothes.

  2. Love the SRF!!! Happy birthday, Victoria!!

    Now, down to business:

    – Victoria’s butterfly dress… I’m not a fan. I do like her hair, though, and the decoration thing on the back (I don’t know what it’s called. I wonder if Estelle has dress envy, because I notice she does a lot of little matching themes with her mom 🙂

    -Madeleine’s Erdem should be burned with fire. I can’t stand Erdem.

    – Sofia looks nice, I always give a pass to pregnant ladies, I know how hard it is to look presentable and clothe that type of body.

    – I recognized Oscar’s outfit from the one Nicolas wore!

    – I like everyone’s concert looks much better.

    – With the blue theme, I don’t mind it too much. If this become’s a trend, though, I’m going to speak up.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of the kids and the parents with them!!!! I can’t get enough. You see personalities and relationships and realness. The Swedes are pure PR genious. I adore that one photo of Victoria and Oscar. If that were one of me and my baby, I would frame and treasure it.

    I was wondering why Leonore and Nicolas were missing from the group photo and then I saw this:

      1. I know we shouldn’t compare kids … but the difference of behavior between Victoria’s kids and Madeline is vast… kind of funny in a way

  3. Is Prince Daniel trying to bring the double breasted blazer back? That odd beige blazer with the suede slip ons… wow. Not a great look. Not far off William’s attempts at smart-casual dressing.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this post! 🙂

    CP Victoria’s butterly dress looks even better in Prince Daniel’s photo, i like it. Like Sophia’s look too, she looks really nice. Madeleine and Queen Silvia, they were more blah. Thought that too of the Saturday’s looks. Not such a fan of pale blue.

    I wathced CP Victorias interview, the programme that was made as part of these anniversary celebrations. I liked it and I really liked her. Made me like her even more and even though I don’t live in Sweden, I hope we see her as queen really soon. I couldn’t help myself, but I compared her to some British young royals when she spoke about things that aren’t perhaps so nice but “comes with the job”, that if you don’t accept that, then you maybe aren’t suitable for the job. The part where Prince Daniel talked about his wife and got tearful, it was really sweet. Hope it can be seen elsewhere too, not just up here in the northern Europe.

    1. I usually can pick out Erdem from a mile away, but this one I didn’t know until I read it. I don’t love it, but it’s not bad.

    2. I thought she looked lovely! I much preferred it to the evening outfit or to Sofia and her huge, mismatched hat. The O’Neils are a good looking family

  5. Can please the ruffles and flared sleeves trends die already ?
    And Erdem. Can they stop making such ugly outfits ? They’re on Natan levels on missing the marks with their outfits.

    I love the pictures of the children so much !! They make me feel close to the family and it is always a pleasure to see them grow.
    And I love Estelle, just love her facial expressions. She and Oscar are very expressive.

    Am I the only one who noticed the family coordination ? Blues, pinks and such. SRF is a sartorially dedicated family.

  6. I love the photo of Madeline trying to get Leonore off the floor while Queen Silvia smiling indulgently, as grandmothers would. And I love, love, how happy Victoria look while hugging Oscar! These are photos that anyone could relate to.

    1. Ps I really like the photo of Victoria kissing Estelle on the forehead and the one of Victoria and Oscar. Also the hand holding and smiles. And Carl Phillip holding Alexander. The Swedish family really show the affection between them.

  7. In this instance I really like Victoria’s efforts to colour coordinate her family.
    I think this may be due to the soft blues and the more casual clothes.
    It contributes to a soft, casual vibe.

    1. There has been a trend in photography to make photos more harmonious by having people wear similar colors. I see lots of family portraits, and even my dentist’s staff photo, where the people wear one or two colors. Usually it is blue and white or blue and black. That way no single person steals focus by wearing a print or fuchsia. The overall effect is very pleasing to the eye.

      Compare any one of these photos with that ghastly disaster of a photo the Cambridges released a month or so ago, and it is clear the SRF understand good photography and good PR.

      1. Thank-you JET Texas.
        I was unaware of this colour co-ordinated trend in photography.
        I can now understand what Kate was trying to achieve.
        Victoria in my opinion was far more successful.

  8. I am loving this event! What a way to celebrate your 40th birthday.
    What I do not love is the color pink, and I wish the pink trend would begin to die off, along with the bell sleeve moment(as someone mentioned above). I do not understand this popularity of Erdem for younger women-the dresses are so fussy and matronly, ugh!
    I love how the personalities of the children come across, why do we not see this with George and Charlotte? The SRF kiddies are so much more relaxed. I think it may have to do with more exposure to the public and the press and dare I say, maybe parents who are more relaxed?

    1. I like and admire the SRF very much; I, too, wish that Kate and William would afford us a few more candid glimpses of Charlotte and George. The Swedes do seem more relaxed about allowing their children to act like normal children while in public. In all fairness, however, I do think the press and the public are much more forgiving of the Swedish children’s behavior than of the British royal children’s. If Kate ever had to scrape George and Charlotte up off the floor (cute and funny picture, by the way! We’ve all been there!), everyone would go crazy psychoanalyzing and adversely criticizing George’s and Charlotte’s personalities and the Cambridges’ parenting.

      1. Sorry Lyme, I have to disagree with you. If you read the comments on Swedish Press, you will notice that some people were criticising Madeleine and Chris for allowing her to run away. People were comparing her with Estelle and thought that she should be able to behave like Estelle. Some people just do not know that all children are different and that’s what we see here.All the 5 children have different personalities.

        Actually I think Leonore has become so much better than before, she managed to control herself in the chapel and sat through the whole ceremony. There was no tears, no screaming, no pacifier, no toys…

        As a mother of two, I feel that its wrong and depressing to compare children, it is not healthy. We should be grateful that these children are happy and healthy and they have the priviledge to run, jump and dance.

        1. I agree totally, Ash. And I did not see the critical Swedish press comments. Such comments sadden me, too.

        2. I don’t think it’s comparing the kids but how the two houses clearly raise and introduce them to spotlight/royal duties differently.
          The swedes seem to have found a good balance

          1. The photos today of George upset me. He seems to be being brought up to be scared of the press. He seems anxious. Maybe it’s just his personality I clearly don’t know, but the way the Swedes make these events quite often for the kids and they are relaxed about the Children’s behaviour which seems to be producing kids who whilst they may not love the press are comfortable around them . I am NOT say Kate is a bad parent, I’m just thinking more broadly.

          2. William told some footballers last week that George doesn’t like that football is a tackle-type sport, so with the very little data we have about the kid, I would that he’s just a reserved person and that’s just his personality.

          3. George is like Charles, I’ve said it before,I think he really is his grandpa; shy, sensitive, not the rough-and-tumble boy William probably wanted. Shades of Philip’s behavior towards Charles, and just as negative in public commentary. (I don’t doubt they love their kids but I think George has gotten the short end of the stick with how his parents treat him and talk about him. 🙁 )

            I like how they’ve slowly introduced Estelle to the world i such a way. It’s clever. She is a public figure, and must get used to it; it is her normal, it is what should be normal for her and her contemporaries like George and Charlotte. So they are not afraid, but accept it and deal with it well!

          4. As much as the Daily Mail was over the moon with Charlotte waving and smiling during the arrival in Poland, I thought she was rather subdued. Granted, I did not watch video, just looked at thh photo after photo after photo…. from the DM and saw a rather quiet young child. Relaxed, but quiet. George, on the other hand, did seem very nervous. He has a different personality than his sister and counts heavily on his dad in these situations . Thankfully, William understands him and is patient with his help. I’m sure the travel, the fuss of these arrivals, the crowds, the cameras, etc, are draining for adults, let alone wee ones. Maybe, it is better to let the kids out more in their own environment, so they can get used to the public, and leave them at home on these State trips. Who knows? A lot is being expected of such young ones.

        3. In the video, where the entire royal family is standing outside a palace or something listening to speeches, at around the 47 second mark you can see a little girl run from one side to the other, right in front of the speaker, and then Madeleine try to contain her. At first I thought it was Leonore, but it turns out that it’s Estelle–so she still has some of that impish behavior!

          I also love how Victoria is introducing her children to public life. Again in the video, when the royal family is standing in a receiving line, greeting guests, there is Estelle, in between her parents, cheerfully shaking hands and obviously enjoying it.

          1. I have not seen the video but will do. I think it is too early to see George’s personality. Just because he does not like football doesn’t mean that can’t change. William shouldn’t go on about George’s flaws. That irritates me.

            I also like the way the Swedish kids are being raised. Estelle has a lot of poise and her and Leonore are just being Children. I think dragging children around the world at two years old and three years old must be very tiring in itself for the BRF’S children.

      2. Hi Lyme, You are probably correct, W & K would be raked over the coals. Just could be a cultural difference around how children are raised in Sweden v. UK.
        As a matter of fact the Boston Globe had an interesting article on how parenting style in the Netherlands differs from the US, I do not want anyone to start a critique about this but just posting the URL here if anyone is curious. KMR if you feel this is going to open a can of worms then please delete my comments as I do not want a parenting debate.

        1. Enjoyed this article. Reminded me of my childhood back in the 50s in a city suburb. I remember how surprised I was when I moved to a small town and our neighbor walked her girls the half block to school and back. Different world…

  9. These pics make me smile, especially the last few. That’s all I’ve got, a good thing 🙂 . I especially like that there’s a Te Deum. Gratitude is very good.

  10. The photo of the kids inside the carriage was cute and more real than any of the kids photos we see from Will and Kate. They could learn a few things from the SRF.

  11. Since Madeleine’s kids are Prince and Princess, does the SRF allow titles to pass through the female line? If so, I like it.

    1. Yes titles can be passed through the female. King Gustav decided on it when she was born; a lot of people think it’s because he favors Madeleine (and Prince CP) over Victoria.

  12. Happy Birthday, Princess Victoria. So lovely, you are!

    Just adore the picture of Estelle and her mother waving from the balcony. Estelle is just a sweet, swee4t child. All the children are so cute and involved in all these special activitiies. You get to feel very close to them and love them even mor.e.

    I’m thinking it is another boy for Sophia. She seems so large. But, it is a second pregnancy after all.

    DId not like Maddie’s dress and hat. Usually, I am a fan of her clothing.

    All in all, this family makes you smile! So warm and loving and so very real. Again, that photo of Maddie trying to get Leonore up off the ground! Priceless.

  13. I love the swedes! Victoria looks to be happy as does her little family. Love how they interact with the public!
    A lot of clothes I wouldn’t personally wear but Vic looks great in the butterflies. I’m not a fan of Erdem but Madeleine wears it well. She seems to be a fan of the frilly and is able to pull it off.
    Hate Sofia’s hat. It looks like the Eliza Doolittle hat in my fair lady.
    the swedessure love them some blue and white for pics lately!
    We’ve all said it before but the swedes really have found a great balance with kids. I love how they let them be kids and aren’t afraid to show them affection in public. You can’t help contrast that to the BRF.
    this looked to be a joyous and happy celebration!
    I noticed how Madeleine and Chris switched the kids up for you =)

  14. Oh, I loved the butterfly dress. Fit for a princess and perfect for her 40th. I always think how happy and warm and relaxed Victoria and Daniel are together and with their children. A love match that gets stronger all the time and it makes me happy to see it. Best wishes to them!

  15. These pictures are so lovely! Queen Silvia is stunning in her dress and hat. I see where the daughters get their style. Victoria looks great, and Madeleine pulls off the fussier blue dress. She looks great, too. I don’t mind Erdem, but I’m from Alabama, where the more flowery and frillier the better. LOL Sofia looked great in her dress, but the hat could have been a little smaller. It is a beautiful hat, though. It just seemed to overwhelm her outfit. But she looks lovely at this stage of her pregnancy. All of the kids are super cute. Estelle is my favorite. What a poised little beauty with a kind personality. I love how the SRF handle their pictures and PR.

    1. Lol funny you mentioned the South, I’m the same way and from Texas, the frillier and flowery the better!!

  16. I love Victoria, but I don’t understand why have all this fuss for a birthday. It just seems like it would cost a lot of money! I suppose the Swedish people don’t mind?

    I love seeing all the kids!

  17. May I know what is the correct age for a child to show good behaviour, he/she must know to stand still or sit still?

    I was reading a royal blog and some people commented that Madeleine and Chris should feel embarrased about Leonore’s behaviour and they need to start disciplining her. There was a video and some pictures where Leonore was running and dancing at the courtyard after they left the chapel. I was really shocked that some people reacted so badly towards Leonore, these people think that she is 3 1/2 years old and these running and dancing should stop. She ran and danced for only about 2 minutes and was this considered as wrong behaviour?I just don’t get it. I think Madeleine and Chris knew that she needed to release all these energy and excitement after sitting through the whole ceremony, I dont think it is unacceptable.

    There are so many disabled children around, I think their parents wish that they can move around like Leonore, have full of life and energy.

    1. I mean, Mommy Wars means no matter what any parent does they will be judged negatively for their parenting decisions. Personally I think parents should do what’s best for them and their kids as long as they are not being rude to others. Like, if your kid is ruining a movie for other people, that’s a problem and you need to discipline your kid (or just not bring them to the movie theatre). If your kid is dancing in a courtyard and not harming anyone else, do whatever.

    2. People used to make the same comments about the children of the Danish Crown Couple. Honestly some of it is just bias (whether they like the parents or not) because her behavior is that of a bouncy toddler.

  18. I saw the color coordinated photos and wonder how to comment on it, when I’ve kinda bashed Kate for the same thing. Personally, I’ve never cared much for color coordinated photos just something about them takes away the individual personality for me but I understand that they’re kind of the “thing” right now. So, I guess I’ll just leave it alone for right now but I do have to ask, does anyone know if the dress Estelle is wearing was one of Victoria’s? It’s adorable and so classic that I could see it being saved for the next generation.

  19. A very Happy Birthday to the Crown Princess Victoria.
    And, oh, all those beautiful children! The Swedish Royal Family is so warm and loving and their children just fit into any situation with childlike fun, but sweet behavior, too. Oh, a few little misteps, but what parent out with kids so young doesn’t have similar things happen,, but then, all is fixed an onward they all go.

    Love seeing photos of this special family. Estelle is just darling and her little brother is so cute!
    Leonore is priceless and her little brother, also very cute! As for Prince Alexander, what a little doll,

  20. Everyone looked happy to be there, and I thought the kids behaved well for the formal part of the program. Fashion… I don’t like the extreme matching. It almost made Daniel’s otherwise awful jacket look good — just because it wasn’t blue. And why was the only only non-high neckline on a 50’s -style shirtdress? Bleah. Otherwise, I liked the clothes. And the butterflies were fun. Hats are always good, too.

  21. I love the colour of the blue outfit Madde wore, the blue of the dress goes perfectly with the colour of her eyes. But, hmm, Erdem? He does like frills and flounces doesn’t he? I’m interested to see what the “Erdem x H&M” will look like?

    (And Madde’s blues match, not like Kate’s almost matches eg purple clutch and plum shoes?)

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