William & Kate land in Poland with George & Charlotte

William & Kate land in Poland with George & Charlotte

Prince William and Kate Middleton kicked off their 5-day tour of Poland and Germany in Poland yesterday, July 17, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

William, Kate, George, Charlotte arrive in Poland s
[Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej via Polish Embassy UK‏]

The Cambridge family landed in Warsaw in early afternoon and were greeted by officials as they stepped off their plane.

William and Kate dropped off their kids and headed over to the Presidential Palace for an official greeting from the President and First Lady of Poland. There, the royal couple toured the Palace, had lunch, and did a gift exchange.

Outside of the Palace, William and Kate did a walkabout with the gathered crowd after meeting some schoolchildren.

One person in the crowd told Kate that she was beautiful, which Kate said was not true and that it’s just the makeup. Note: I am including this quote because it’s a thing she supposedly said, let’s please not insult Kate or her looks over this comment.

    “Magda Mordaka, 21, a student, said: ‘We are fans of the British monarchy. We have a Facebook group. We love her style, and her contact with people. We were waiting for this visit from the very beginning. What would she wear? Would she bring the children? We were telling her that she is beautiful and perfect, but she said it’s not true – it’s just the make-up.'”


In this video, Kate and the First Lady are walking ahead of William and the President. I don’t know why the change, but it’s a refreshing change (since usually Kate/First Ladies walk behind William/Presidents).

The next stop of the day was the Warsaw Rising Museum where they toured the museum and meet with veterans before lighting candles in memory of those involved in the Rising. William and Kate were joined at this event by the President and First Lady. The Warsaw Uprising was a 63-day rebellion in 1944 against Nazi Germany, which resulted in a German victory and the destruction of the city.

William and Kate met four Polish Second World War veterans, two of whom fought in the Uprising, and another two who escaped from Poland to join Allied forces and take part in military campaigns. One veteran they met was 98-year-old Colonel Edmund Brzozowski who joined the Polish resistance and was captured by Stalin’s forces early in the war and imprisoned in Russia. When the Soviet Union changed sides, he was allowed to join up with British forces in the Middle East and ended up fighting with the Polish 2nd Corps at Monte Cassino. Colonel Brzozowski was not impressed by meeting Kate. When asked if it had been a good experience to meet Kate, he pulled a face and replied: “Not especially.”

The next part of the day led William and Kate to the Heart in the Warsaw Spire building. The Heart is a collaboration center that aims at fostering business relations between corporations and ready-to-scale startups in Europe and Israel. There, William and Kate joined Polish entrepreneurs for a tech market-place and pitching session. This event marks the beginning of the “Warsaw-London Bridge” initiative which aims to help small Polish businesses access London’ unique opportunities for scaling to become global players.

Among the start-ups that William and Kate interacted with was one that specializes in virtual reality and 3D visualizations. The royal couple got to put on the headsets and experience VR. Side note: I’ve played games with the Vive VR headset and VR is pretty awesome.

Another company the Cambs interacted with was Whisbear, which designs soft toys to comfort newborns by replicating the sound of the womb, responding to their cries to soothe them. After receiving one of the toys as a gift, Kate joked that she will need to have more babies to give the toy to.

    “The Duchess, already a mother-of-two, was offered a cuddly toy designed to soothe tiny babies when she and Prince William went to an event for start-up tech companies. Saying thank you for the present, she turned to the Duke laughing and said: ‘We will just have to have more babies.’ …
    “Julia Sielicka-Jastrzebska, who founded the company with her sister, said the Duchess made the lighthearted comment after learning that the bears, which she had admired, were designed for children younger than Prince George and Princess Charlotte. ‘We gave the Duchess some presents for Prince George and Princess Charlotte,’ she said. ‘She said they should have more babies, and they laughed.’
    “Among the presents were a bear for each child, and a T-shirt for the Duchess with the slogan ‘i’mperfect’; part of the company’s campaign to encourage mothers not to feel the pressure to be flawless.”


For this portion of the day, Kate chose a red and white color scheme (the colors of the Poland flag), opting for a new custom version of the white Alexander McQueen Wool and silk-blend twill peplum coat (£798) paired with her red Jenny Packham Casa clutch (which she debuted in Canada), her Cartier watch, Gianvito Rossi Praline pumps, and new earrings, necklace, and ring all in red stones (but the styles don’t match so the set looks cobbled together and wasn’t originally meant to go together).

I like the earrings and necklace, even though they aren’t part of the same set.

At the end of the day, William and Kate attended a Queen’s Birthday Party hosted by the British Ambassador at the Orangery in Łazienki Park. William gave a speech.

Guests from the worlds of business, art, fashion, and NGOs enjoyed music by a Polish orchestra led by Rafal Zambrzycki-Payne, an award winning Polish-British musician.

Kate drank some white wine at the reception.

For the reception, Kate chose a Polish designer, Gosia Baczynska, but the dress she chose had some unfortunate darting issues. The black and white sleeveless cocktail dress features a deep v neckline, leaf detail at the waist, and a cutout* design on the skirt.

* I know it’s not a proper cutout skirt, but the design looks to me like someone cut up paper and stuck it on the skirt, so I’m going with “cutout” to describe it.

I think this dress is pretty and interesting, and quite a departure for Kate, but the boob darting is unfortunate.

Kate paired the new dress with repeated accessories: her Gianvito Rossi Ankle Strap Suede d’Orsay Pumps, her Balenciaga pearl earrings, and her four pearl necklace, all worn previously together in Paris in March. She also carried her black Prada clutch.

I want to remind everyone to please not be overly negative about George and Charlotte, and Kate and William’s parenting choices. I want to remind everyone that we don’t know William and Kate’s true reasons for bringing their kids on this tour with them, and also that even if they did bring them as a PR move, William and Kate understanding that their kids bring them positive press and William and Kate genuinely loving their children are not mutually exclusive. So please do not attack William and Kate’s parenting choices.

I finally caught up on all of last week’s events: go here to read about Crown Princess Victoria’s 40th birthday celebrations, and here to read about Kate’s second day at Wimbledon.

169 thoughts on “William & Kate land in Poland with George & Charlotte

  1. I think the white McQueen looks exactly like the other white McQueen and other pieces Kate already has, so why a new white one again? I just don’t get it. The jewels with red stones are OK, nothing extraordinary though. I don’t quite know what to think of the dress by the Polish designer. I quite like the embellishment at the waist and the use of black as an accent color, but the darting boob area is really unfortunate, neither do I know what to think of the “cutout” skirt, which looks like it was made of cardboard. I also think the necklace is too much with this dress.

    I don’t mean to criticize Kate and William’s parenting choices, but it feels more and more odd to me that they allow the children to be seen on tours abroad but hardly ever in Britain. I’d think that in their position they’d think it’s important the British public feels connected to the children. They’re British royals after all.

    1. To me, the children appear, at this momen,t as props–and not necessarily related ones to the parents. George needs more practice in lessor venues to feel more comfortable and at some point more excited. His parents could help with making this a happy occasion.

      1. They both look quite attached (and related to their parents) from my eyes especially George who looks like he’s holding on for dear life to William. Charlotte also looks very comfortable with Catherine.

  2. Yet more new clothes – why not recycle some of the Canadian Tour stuff – I agree though that at some point she probably had to give Poland a nod and wear something by a Polish designer – I hope what she chose was from an up and coming one, and not a already “established name”. . . . .Hopefully we don’t see her interpretation of a “traditional Polish costume”

  3. Totally agree with you KMR, the boob darting is unfortunate. I am quite sure there were many other options to choose from but she decided to wear this one. After so many incidents like this, I have started to believe that she gets some kind of secrete pleasure by bringing attention to her chest area!

    1. Which I Think it’s okay sense her chest area looks very flat, so maybe dresses like that give some balance.

  4. I like the dress from the Polish designer even if it doesn’t look well-tailored. Maybe the fabric is just a stubborn thing. It’s interesting to see Kate wear something like this though I have to wonder why she doesn’t venture to the more adventurous McQueen designs if she’s willing to wear something like this. In fairness, I haven’t seen much of the recent designs in McQueen so I don’t really know if it still has that fashion forward look it had when its namesake founder was still around. As for the McQueen dress itself, I don’t care for it. It looks exactly like that pink McQueen complete with plunging neckline. But I love the jewellery even the gigantic pearls. The pearls aren’t to my taste but it did bring something to her look. On another note, it’s curious to see her going back to the plunging neckline. That’s three dresses in a row with a deep v-neck. That’s a favorite design feature of the Middleton sisters. I bet if Kate didn’t have to follow certain dress rules she’ll definitely dress more like Pippa.

  5. I think sometimes, they don’t have a free choice to decide what to do(bring the children, going to special places). As ambassadors of the british monarchy, they just have to do it. But I think Kate and William like it, when their children are with them.
    I like Charlotte’s dress, it’s very pretty and I like it that William takes care of his son so nicely.
    Kate’s red jewelry is beautiful.
    I’m looking forward to the next days!

  6. I like the white McQueen outfit, it’s smart and appropriate, but like others am perplexed about buying something new when you have something similar in your wardrobe. Her hair looks good, more modern and I really like the jewellery. I have to agree about the Polish designer dress. I actually like the fact that it’s quirky, but the chest detail is not good. When she looked in the mirror, did she think that was ok? Very odd. The children look sweet and I’m glad they went with Mum and Dad.

  7. I really like Kate’s Alexander McQueen look. It’s classy and elegant. This haircut suits her sooo much! It gives her a professional yet youthful look. However, I didn’t like the reception look at all. I think the styling spoilt the look- especially the hair which didn’t suit the outfit. I would love to see her in a ponytail more often.

    I think in some pictures, it seems that Kate is much more engaged than William. I’m also glad that for a change the women walked in front of the men. I’ve never understood why the man and women can’t walk beside one another, especially in William’s case where he’s always walking in front of Kate.

    The kids are adorable and growing so fast. I don’t have a problem with them bringing their kids on the tour- its their choice, plus I wouldn’t want to be away from my kids for long. However, I think it’ll be nice if they start encouraging their kids to the diplomatic procedures, especially handshakes. Diana encouraged both William and Harry to shake hands whenever they met anyone, and I think George is old enough to do the same. Just my thought though.

        1. Very sweet and so typical of one so young. She shakes the stragner’s hand, as Mummy asked, and then turns away. She is a cutie, for sure! Thanks for that link.,

      1. Yes, Charlotte shaking hands with that man was everything. Cute, cute, cute. I felt for George, he was so shy, not wanting to leave the plane. And after the greetings he walked very rigid holding William’s hand. Surely when he attends more engagements he will be more comfortable.

    1. It’s protocol that Kate walks behind William in public. The rule is 3steps behind though not always followed precisely. If you notice, Harry is always 3 steps behind William too. The higher status royal always walks ahead of their partner and other lesser status royals.

      The trick is to not draw attention to it. HM and Charles are very good about appearing to walk besides their partners when in reality there is a tiny gap between them.

      Harry tends to engage William in chat as they walk along, and also walks rather wide from William. Perhaps to accomodate the natural space that Kate would occupy, but also doesn’t draw attention to the fact he is walking behind William.

      At any rate, it gives appearance of walking besides William.

      It’s more noticeable with William and Kate because Kate is so much further back and William doesn’t often slow down to check where she is. She has to catch up with him whereas he’s already walking forward greeting officials etc

      The protocol gap is less noticeable with other royal couples because they stop and allow their partners to catch up before walking ahead.

      And they walk in such a way that they appear to be showing courteous manners to their partner as well as not walking so far ahead of said partners to extent that gap is noticeable.

    2. I agree that Kate appeared very engaged during these appearances. In some of the videos posted her interactions seemed animated and genuine, and I applaud her for it. I feel that she’s off to a good start this week and clearly pushing herself at least to the edges of her comfort zone, both sartorially and socially!

  8. How are you scoring the day? I credited it with 5 engagements.
    De-planing and walkabout together as 1.
    Palace with the President as 2
    War Museum 3
    Tech/Business 4
    Evening/Orangery 5

  9. Charlotte is cute. Mrs President is beautiful and knows how to accessorise, I love her belt.

    I had hoped with the shorter hair the up dos may be better but I was wrong, it’s the same old same old. Does she have a whole wardrobe full of McQ peplums in white and pale pink.

    No idea why the kids are on tour. I doubt we will see them again and there is a lot of travelling. Nanny Maria will be working very hard.

    1. I also loved that belt. The Polish First Lady is very elegant! She looked very chic and I loved the fact that one simple accessory can make a look pop like that.

      Kate all in white? Why? And, yes, doesn’t she have another outfit like that? I guess her accessory was her darling little girl on her arm in that beautiful dress. Still, I would love to see a bit more of a Pow or Wow factor in Kate. Even, if she chooses a boring white ensemble. Add something, please!!!

      Charlotte held on to her Mummy for dear life and who could blame her. Such excitement surrounding their arrival and she and her brother are so young. I think she feels very comfortable with her mother and George absolutely depends on William. George is very shy and I am sure these events are torture for him. So wish they could be a bit more fun for the boy.

      Kate’s evening look? Oh, those boob darts! Not good Again, white! This time with black added. Thedress was ok, but just that. She’s worn that necklace before and I don’t really care for it that much.

      So far, this visit has not packed a punch, so to speak. Kids are cute, but how far does cuteness go when you are trying to have a successful Royal State Visit. Something’s missing. Just dull, dull dull, when it comes to William and Kate.

    1. They were invited to bring the children along and probably felt that they would prefer not to be away from them for 5 days so they accepted. The flight time is only about 2 1/2 hours so it is not an exhausting long haul were the kids would arrive tired and cranky. Nanny Maria is with them during the day and W & K get to see them in the evening. End of story IMO.

  10. I’m in the minority. I dislike the McQueen and I didn’t like the other (similar) one either. It’s something about the boxy shoulders and the peplum that just makes her look a bit too wide in the shoulders. I’m not a fan of the nude shoes with the all white outfit too.

    The Polish design is really interesting and I love the necklace she paired with it. The boob darting is unfortunate but I’m glad to see her step away from her usual choices. Any price information on the dress?

    George has grown quite tall and Charlotte’s dress is beautiful. I would love to see Charlotte and Leonore interacting. They seem to have similar temperament.

    1. +1 I am with you! I dislike her accessorizing (mainly the necklace) with the dress from the evening reception, but I think overall she looks well done and appropriate.

      I also liked the photo from the DM where Charlotte is reaching out to shake someones hand. That was very cute

  11. Wow, the kids have surely grown! George looks so cute, like a little future heartthrob, in the pictures with his hand in his pocket.
    And Charlotte was adorable, giving out handshakes: https://mobile.twitter.com/RoyalSourceFR/status/886960744016863232 Also her hair is getting much lighter.

    I didn’t care much for the McQueen dress, but I LOVE the ruby+diamomd jewellery! So pretty. Her hair also looks really good at this length.

    The evening look was wow – quite edgy and modern for Kate. I am still unsure about the shiny material, but everybody has been complaining that she should wear something mote contemporary and out of her comfort zone so VOILÀ! I really like the whole look including the pearls.

    And about the quote when she said she’s not beautiful/perfect, it’s just the makeup… I really like that answer. If you get told you are beautiful, nobody says “thank you” because you would seem conceited. And this part about the makeul was good, she was just down-to-earth, modest and honest. Very good.

    1. “If you get told you are beautiful, nobody says “thank you” because you would seem conceited.”

      This must be a cultural thing. Where I come from, to be given a compliment and then deny it (it’s the makeup, etc.) rings of false modesty and immaturity. There is a way to humbly accept a compliment like this without conceit.

      1. I agree. A pet peeve of mine is when obviously pretty women claim they aren’t pretty. It seems so fake.

        1. I struggle when I am complicated. I smile but cannot express it. Though in each of my nieces I see a pretty feature. To be quite honest if I passed Kate I would say she was average looking. I am not saying Kate is ugly but really I just would not be able to pick her out in a crowd.

          1. Like Laura, I get/feel awkward whenever someone compliments my looks. I’ve gotten better at saying thank you but I am still taken aback when someone says something nice about my appearance.

          2. I think it is nice Kimothy when they do. I think I am just generally speechless. I want to say something but the words just don’t come out. I try not to tell my nieces they are pretty. More like they are awesome, kind etc. Boarding on the mischievous. One day they will look in the mirror and see for themselves. I don’t understand why Kate is so wrapped up in looks. Anyone help me out?

          3. I don’t think Kate is obviously pretty either. She gets praised for being married to William, but her features are all over the place and asymmetrical. She isn’t ugly, but she looks like the average woman. But since she doesn’t offer anything else so her insecurities show through the use of Botox, extensions and fillers. The hair playing, crotch clutch and other fidgets are all signs of someone who still isn’t comfortable with themselves. I don’t know if it’s Carole or William or both who have undermined her confidence, but she is still a very awkward 35 year old woman.

          4. Nic919,

            I had read/heard somewhere that, growing up, Kate was bullied for experiencing that awkward stage for quite a while and it wasn’t until her mother took her under her wing (when she was 17 years old) that she started to blossom as a woman though I’m not sure if she ever grew as a person.

          5. If she had just said, “Thank you,” I can just imagine the protests here. Being complimented on one’s looks when you are a regular person can be tricky. Say, thanks and you are conceited, shrug the comment off and you don’t think enough of yourself. Multiply that by being famous and you can’t win. I think Kate was being modest and kind in her reply. Perhaps, complimenting the person who complimented her would be a nice touch. If that person, was indeed pretty. Otherwise, another false ringing comment.

            It’s important for women to learn to graciously accept compliments, but I don’t want to nit pick here. I think Kate was being genuinely kind h and and didn’t want to call more attention to herself than she was already getting.

        2. But not everyone feels pretty in their own skin. I work with a lady who is quite skinny (by choice) and she does complain from time to time about feeling bloated or fat, I listen and nod my head because yeah, I have those days too so why can’t she?

          However, I do agree that some people will “fish” for compliments and that’s annoying.

          1. That’s true. I should be better at being more accepting. The reason that is a pet peeve of mine is because the times I’ve seen women do that it’s the woman either fishing for a compliment or being rude to another woman. I will work on being more accepting in the future.

          2. I’m with you Queen Lauri about smaller sized women and pretty women saying they are fat or ugly. It’s considered fishing for a complement here in New Zealand too.

            Are we, culturally, being taught as women to deny complements? If you say to a man they are good looking they’ll say thank you and have a wee preen. So why are we told that it is false to say thank you? I say, if the nice words are true then say thank you – that person has possibly wanted to lift your day by saying that.

            Then we can move on to complimenting women in their other attributes like raising children, running a home, running a business etc?

          3. I got a compliment in French once. I think I said Merci beaucoup back. Thank you for the advice though. I think saying it is just the makeup is rather silly. I think Kate at 17 years old looked a lot better than now. Kate’s skin looks harsh. and very non expressive. Have any of you seen Road to Avonlea? Sarah Polley has the most expressive face.

        1. What’s funny (not haha, but weird) is that I’m more than happy to give someone a compliment but then I get all bashful whenever someone compliments me.

      2. Totally agree LizB. If Kate had said “thank you” I would never think she was being conceited. IMO she would be kind not because she considered herself beautiful but because the person thinks she is beautiful. Saying it is the makeup may seem like false modesty.

      3. Exactly a thank you would have sufficed! But this is a huge pet peeve of mine with kate, she never owns anything. She almost always has to be bad. For once, I would love her to say I totally rock at ——-fill in blank. She can’t cook, she can’t push a button….

        1. Diana once replied she was as thick as a plank to something someone said, it always amused me because according to academic norms she was, she had no qualifications. But where it mattered, emotional intelligence, she was always A+

        2. I saw a video of this moment, the girl says “You are very beautiful” and Kate replied “No, not at all, I’ll blush”. So I think her reply was not about makeup.

          1. The article quoted the girl who met Kate, not Kate. So it’s entirely possible the girl who gave the quote may have misunderstood what Kate meant due to a language issue.

    2. Growing up I was told there were 2 possible answers. If the compliment was for your school grades, work project, garden, handicraft, cooking then the answer is ‘thank you.’ Complimented on beauty, children’s beauty or manners, clothing, pets or husband then the answer is ‘How kind of you.’ If you think someone was giving a left-handed compliment ‘How kind of you’ is always the answer.

      1. Those are some good rules of thumb, GraceH. Thanks for sharing them. I’m going to follow them myself on the odd occasion I am accidentally complimented for something haha.

  12. “Mrs President is beautiful and knows how to accessorise” +1

    I think she may have upstaged Kate somewhat today.
    I was a bit underwhelmed by both of her outfits.

    1. Poland’s First Lady is stunning! She also has a confident, commanding presence–which makes sense, as I read that she is a teacher.

      1. She does have a great presence and wears her lovely clothing so well. A very confident and elegant woman! Kate, on the other hand, seems very young in her demeanor. Less confident of her demeanor, but a bit fresh, like a breath of fresh air after a heavy rainstorm. Make sense? I don’t know how else to describe her.

  13. She was doing so well until that evening hairstyle + those earrings. That is a combo straight out of a chic 70yr old woman.

    Dear Kate, there are chignons / tucked away hairstyles that are appropriate for 30something old women. Step away from the 90yr old hairstyles. Please find a different signature hairstyle for your updos.

    How is it that Carole dresses and styles herself in a more youthful manner than Kate?

    1. She’s wearing florals to a concentration camp today, so it gets worse.

      I like the arriving outfit even if the shoes are boring and don’t go with. The hair has done such a change! The Polish designer is a nice nod to the country, but it is awful and nobody would look good in that; then combine the 1980s weird jewelry, and it looks worse, then the hair-net fake chignon… C’mon, Kate, you were doing so well! I think part of it is she doesn’t have the personality or charisma like, say, Maxima to pull this off. That’s just not her, that’s fine, but it doesn’t work.

      She does seem far more engaged and interesting, though I laughed at how the veteran wasn’t interested in meeting Kate. I wonder if this guy met Harry when Harry went to Monte Cassino in 2014.

      Kiddies are adorable as usual.

      1. Colonel B is hilarious. He did something with his life that required courage and has no time for a mannequin. If only others realized the waste of monarchy.

  14. If it weren’t for the darting, I would really like the Polish dress – its unique, memorable, pretty, and a nod to the host country. Unfortunately, the darts are really distracting.

    As people have mentioned before, the fact that Alexander McQueen is Kate’s favorite is rather ironic. Alexander McQueen himself would never make her favorite dresses.

    I do like her hair this length very much.

    The kids are very cute, and I’m glad it was Charlotte who wore red/white and Kate didn’t choose to wear her red/white Canada McQueen.

    I am thrilled Kate is showing far more interest as of late in photos and videos of her interactions with people. Her eyes look lively and she leans in more. The veteran who was not impressed had a private conversation with her, so maybe she is still asking extremely obvious questions and therefore he felt she wasn’t well prepared.

    Her answer to the girls question was fine. I think Kate felt odd being called perfect, and wanted the girls to know that perfection is an image,not a way of being. It was a nice moment from her, I think.

    1. I hope someone id’s the children’s clothing. I hope the little dress, red shoes, and George’s shirt are affordable. Many of their clothes have been within my reach (barely!) for my own grandchildren. I love most of the clothes they wear.

      1. What Kate’s Kids Wore should have ID’s. I don’t read that side because my kids are older but the info should be there.

      2. One of UK papers has a photo of Harry in Charles’ arms wearing the very same shoes. The implication being that they were the same shoes. I would sooner believe it was the same style from the same manufacturer purchased recently.

  15. I think Kate looks really good here, I like the shorter hair and I really like her arrival outfit. The only thing I really dislike is the pictures where she is talking and using her hands – it always looks like she’s lecturing the people she’s talking to, as if she is an expert on whatever. We all know she has no real area(s) of expertise. While I agree about the bust dart comments, I don’t find the darts all that terrible and I quite like the dress.

    1. She uses her hands to look more intelligent than she really is. We know how terribly inarticulate she already is.

      I have to say: William must really hate his privileged position of heir to the Kingdom! His family should’ve driven it into the thick skull of his spoilt man that he has a duty to his nation to choose a wife that would not only make him happy & that he loves, but is also an asset to the nation and will be an asset as Queen Consort. Sure marry for love, but also remember your duty! Will chose to marry a woman who is completely incapable of the task in front of her, has shown only minor improvements in 6 years of marriage, has no work ethic & is spoilt and wasteful to boot.

    1. Then we, the KMR community, should get credit for it. We called it out first, damn it. Think they will ever mention us like they mentioned the Order of Splendor ?

  16. I think it’s one thing to wear an outfit from a local designer , even though the cone boobs were unfortunate, but the white suit was another sign of excessive waste. She did not need another white coat / suit that looks like at least four other previous outfits. She has plenty of red and white clothing to work with from her Canada tour and she is hugely wasteful and should be constantly criticized for it. This tour is supposed to be about Brexit and the UK is going to pay dearly for it. This chick has no concept of this and blithely shops like an addict without any shame. The kids are being used as a cover, but there is no reason for any new clothing to have been or purchased. Are these two going to make any deals anyway? Is Merkel going to give away Germany’s position because Charlotte shook her hand? Not likely.

    1. +100 Nic919.
      I would love Merkel to give a huge eye roll in WK’s direction. With economic problems happening in Britain, it would be more cost-effective for WK to do these tours but also bringing a team of business leaders, arts leaders, fashion, tech leaders, science & education leaders with them- so that it creates opportunities for learning, networking, exchanging of ideas and making deals among different segments of society within the 2 countries.

      These ‘holi-tours’ need to be worth the money by leaving some lasting impact. What is this tour gonna achieve, really? Just to show that Britain is still friends with these European nations, so please, pretty please treat us kindly during the Brexit (that Britain initiated and that was driven by a lot of racism: the nasty rhetoric of Poles stealing jobs from Britons in Mother Britannia, no less!)

      And if Charlotte and George are old enough to go on tours to different countries, they are old enough to go on a mini meet and greet tour in their country & events in their own country. Wonder why their parents don’t take the kids on a UK tour?

      1. +1 at the infinite Red Tulip and Nic919
        If they ever were to do a mini-tour in the UK, they would get back their popularity in no time.

  17. I liked the arrival coat? (looks like a skirt suit) and also the party dress with pearls, though the bust darts remind me of the space cone bras of the fifties. And she is finally highlighting the accessories instead of hiding them behind her hair. I know it’s my American sensibilities, but I wish they’d put George in long pants. He looks to be tall like his dad and just looks gangly in those shorts.

    There are some very unflattering pics of them apparently having a spat arriving to the party.

    Ye gods, a floral dress and sandals to the concentration camp.

    1. At least it wasn’t a major pop of color floral dress, but still….

      Not an easy event to attend and you could see pain on both faces of the Royal Couple. Just looking at the photos brought tears to my eyes and as I read the article, they streamed down my face. I simply cannot imagine the pain of actually being there.

      I do wonder, though, why a floral print and those shoes. I give up trying to figure out her clothing choices. Again, I give some points for the subdued colors. Maybe, flowers symbolize hope? I don’t know…..Hope out of great pain and despair.

    2. Do you have links to the article with the pics of the spat, Fifi? I didn’t see any photos of that nature but maybe I am looking in the “wrong” places

      1. You have to go to royaldish.com, the pics are under william, catherine, etc, then under news and photos of. Be warned that royaldish can be quite nasty in the comments. Whether it was a spat, or something else, the photos are quite different from those usually printed.

        1. Thank you! Had a look but I must say it is just too difficult for me to tell whether they are having an argument or not. Photos are just too fleeting to tell. Video is a much more accurate indication of mood in my opinion. And as someone who has a terrible RBF and look miserable unless I am actively smiling, I tend to give benefit of the doubt.

          Not throwing shade, Fifi, just reacting. Thanks again for your help. (I’d never come across royaldish before. Clearly I am an uninformed amateur when it comes to royal watching!)

          1. I agree that we don’t know if it was a spat; could have been her hairpins were sticking into her scalp ?. I was struck by how different than most pics, but everyone has fleeting expressions it would be better not to have publicized.

          2. Both Will’s private secy and Rebecca certainly had concerned faces in those photos. My first guess is a change in plans that affected time with the kids.

  18. Colonel Brzozowski has stolen my heart. Empty is as empty does. He saw through her.

    My heritage is Polish against the background of WWII, refugees, deaths, and Treblinka. I hate them for going to Poland. It’s deeply emotional for me.

    I want to ask why the Dolittles are there. Why? But Jen is right, it’s the wrong question. Rather, what do they bring, what do they give? Anyone have an answer?

    And they bring the props *on a business trip*. I dread to think what she’s going to wear to a concentration camp- please let it be sombre.

    1. Maven, Having read many books (fiction and nonfiction) about the plight of Poland during World War II, I empathize (in a humble way!) with your pain. I do, however, think it’s a good thing to “showcase” modern Poland by having highly visible figures visiting. The Cambridge’s visit has also shed light–and hopefully piqued interest in!–the story of the Warsaw Uprising as well as the tragedy of Treblinka. How many young people in the US have heard of either? Hopefully the press coverage associated with the visit of the world-famous Cambridges will increase those numbers!

      1. Lyme, I really think your reply to Maven’s comment is quite on target.
        Maven, I also feel very humble in my feelings of empathy toward what so many brave Polish people endured. Words fail one when one tries to offer comfort and understanding. Just know that so many people care. It’s something none of us should ever forget.

        1. In the words of Zigi Shipper, 87 year old survivor of Stutthoff who met the Cambridges today;

          “When a royal goes and it’s put on the television or in the paper, people say “Why don’t we go?” And that’s what we want”

          1. You know what? I wish you were right. But the fact is, these are people that anyone barely knows unless one thinks they are celebrities. They don’t say a word. They just show up. They tour. Is this a photo op for concentration camps? It’s nice what Zigi said, but it doesn’t make it reality. I hope he’s right.

      2. Until the Cambridges speak about what they are seeing and doing, then I think their visits are going to do nothing more than keep the focus on Kate’s hemlines, necklines and hair. And the kids, of course. Even if their visit is a show of respect on behalf of their country, until they share what they’ve learned how can they shed light on any subject?

        And I’m not picking just on Kate and William here, but on any public figure or celebrity, royal or not, who just looks for the photo ops.

        That being said, I do think the photo today of the discarded shoes at the concentration camp communicated more than any person could ever articulate. Maybe that’s what it takes to get even a few of Kate’s worshipers to pause and question what happened and why.

        1. ”I do think the photo today of the discarded shoes at the concentration camp communicated more than any person could ever articulate.” Why did they go?

          We are sending you 3 heirs of our monarchy to visit your country. You will protect them while they are there. You must show the heir and his wife what happens when autocracy rules and what you endured and, you must show them more than once. In return, we will have your back.

      1. What would you like her to wear to a concentration camp and a street party? She’s wearing a small print in muted colors.

        1. Not a floral print for once. Maybe in somber tones, like a dark blue/green/purple or grey and with coordinate it with good accessories.

        2. She could wear a plain colour or what she wore yesterday. Her flowy hair and open toe sandals with floral dress is crass and disrespectful for a concentration camp. If she can’t figure it out her stylist should have. There is no excuse here. None at all. People died there. Families were exterminated there. At the very least she should dress like it was a memorial service, which she has attended before. She is a complete ding dong to have worn this.

        3. Wear close-toed shoes. A coat over this to hide the top/skirt. Change shoes, remove coat en route to next engagement. Let hair down for next engagement, put hair back in a pony or something for this one. Different clutch. Not difficult.

          Other royals manage to do this, why can’t Kate? Even a grayish pale blue like Camilla wore would be more appropriate than some fun summery pattern and sandals.

        4. Helena, your comment is so offensive to me. Concentration camp and street party in the same breath. What. A. Dilemma.

          I just saw the photos. How dumb and narcissistic and immature can you be. I have no words, really. This is your future queen consort, Great Britain. Offend some of the people some of the time. And not care.

          1. Seriously? As someone who knows well many people who’s grandparents were in the camps, as someone who if not for one battle would have had grandparents in the camps herself I can say that I think this was extremely appropriate. It’s in the colors of half mourning. It’s flowers, a symbol of comfort and hope. And she wasn’t wearing flip flops. She was wearing formal shoes. Considering the tour guide wore hot pink, I think black or dark grey would have been very inappropriate, especially considering that the next stop, like it or not (and I don’t like this part and think that the poles should have planned a better trip or at least scheduled the memorial second instead of last) was a street party.

          2. +1 Helena! I couldn’t agree more. Again, we criticize her for everything being about her clothes, yet all we care about is her clothes. If she changed between engagement, we would have had a problem with that too. It’s subtle and the reality is there were several stops in the day. Finally, one must ask, how are subtle flowers much different from poppies commemorating Remembrance Day?

          3. First, Remembrance day is also called Poppy Day. It’s become tradition to wear them in observance. Rembering the Holocaust doesn’t have such a tradition. So the two are completely different
            I disagree about the comment that all we care about is her clothes. Many of us would love to discuss more but that’s all she’s given us. It was just her last speech that I could actually understand everything she said.
            Should we discuss her insipid comments? Her tireless work ethic? It’s middle of July, how many days has she worked? I would guess low 40s.
            So that leaves us with the superficial. Clothes and jewelry. I can dislike an outfit and still think someone looks good. I’ve stated it before. But Kate’s team usually does shoddy tailoring and alterations thus ruining an outfit all together or she’ll buy 20 dresses of similar style.
            As for jewelry the girl has the worst accessory game in town so that puts us back to clothes.
            Most of us would love it if Kate gave us more but alas she doesn’t appear capable or interested in changing but we (unrealistically?)keep hoping

    2. I have visited Poland (south) for work and was impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit – brilliant designers, very forward looking – emerging from decades of grinding poverty and subjugation.

      If journalists covering the Cambridge’s visit focus on this rather than their usual flying the flag for royal egos, gushing about Kate’s clothes and kiddies, well, I might be convinced of the trip’s worth. Maybe they should not send royal reporters on these jaunts but those who specialise in economics, foreign policy and so on. But there is nowhere near enough emphasis on the purpose of these visits, really pushing the agenda of trade et al and they default to entertainment for the royals.

      I’m still not buying the Brexit ambassador role; I suspect it’s a struggle to find things that the Cambridge’s are willing to do and of course, on their terms, hence these make work trips with holiday elements for W+K, plus the children can have unique experiences without the inconvenience of being seen.

    3. Aren’t there protests in Poland going on right now because the current right wing government wants to remove the Supreme Court? I don’t know all the details but that is a way bigger deal than whatever the lazy duo are doing. There are dangerous movements happening all over and these jokers really don’t belong.

      1. Yes, you are right. In Poland, especially in Warsaw, mass protests against the current government have taken place for several days. This is not the first time that the government breaks basic laws. Under these circumstances, the duke’s visit may not actually make a big impression.

      2. Given that the concentration camps are the end result of fascism, I’d say that there’s a strong link between visiting them and saying “never again” and alt right governments around the world stripping their people of their civic rights.

  19. I did not like the McQueen arrival outfit, and don’t even get me started on the fact it is almost identical to many other McQueens in her wardrobe. I also did not like the accessories, or her hair.

    OTOH, I am in the minority in the fact that I LOVED her dress last night. if it wasn’t for the unfortunate darting, and the necklace which I thought was a bit off, it would have been an absolute home run for me. I would buy this dress myself if it was available.

    Charlotte looked gorgeous, wasn’t as thrilled with George’s outfit. And I am fine with them bringing them on tour, esp as the kids were invited.

    I am at a loss for words about her outfit today but will save it for when the post is up (although I’ve a feeling I won’t have much to add to KMRs comments, or those of the other commenters.)

  20. Thanks for a great post KMR!!! I can’t even imagine how difficult these tours can be for you, so much research and such, thanks so much for all your hard work!!

    I might be in the minority here but I really, really liked the evening dress she wore and thought the accessories were pretty spot on. I’m in love with the embellishment at the waist!!! My only quibble would be her hair, I don’t find this updo particularly flattering with this dress perhaps a sleek ponytail would have looked better.

    I don’t have anything to add regarding her arrival coat dress by McQueen, I mean it’s okay but I’m don’t think another new white coat dress was really needed. I will say that I like the fit of it on her.

    High five to Kate for the improvement on her posture and lack of crotch clutching!! While I still have the occasional urge to pull her shoulders back, I do have to say that I’ve noticed a marked improvement and the lack of crotch clutching is such a relief!!

    Question…does anyone know why she didn’t wear a hat or fascinator for the arrival? I believe she has on all other tours but didn’t today, so just curious.

    1. Queen Laurie, I join you in the minority of really liking the evening dress. I liked the way the prominent seaming was an important part of the style, including the curved bodice darts.

    2. She didn’t wear a hat for the first Canadian tour, Australia, Paris, India or New York. She did for the second Canadian tour and New Zealand. I think it depends on the country and formality of the ceremony. Basically, she wears a hat if hats are worn in that country.

      1. Hi Helena, I thought she wore that little maple leaf fascinator during the first Canada tour? But I think you’re right, it probably depends on the country and formality. I initially thought her arrival look today was a bit casual, if McQueen can be called casual, I guess the lack of hat made it appear that way to me. 🙂

        1. She wore that hat at the Canada Day celebrations. I don’t think she wore a hat for any of their arrivals around the country for that trip

        2. Canadians rarely wear hats. Only the older ladies at certain churches. It is not considered a part of formal dress in Canada. Kate just wears these fascinators because she wants to.

          1. Is it a British thing? Hats are rarely worn in this neck of the woods either, except for a very formal occasion, and then by older women. Fascinators are another species: feathers and raffia in all sorts of odd combos, perched like a flying saucer on a woman’s head. Strange but good for a laugh, I guess.

      2. “Basically, she wears a hat if hats are worn in that country.”

        Sorry to prove you wrong Helena, but hats are not worn that much here in New Zealand. Maybe at “Ladies Day” at the Races or a woolly hat at the rugby and that’s about it. Of course we should all be wearing hats in summer as the sun is so strong, but that’s another story.

    3. I’m hoping fascinators go the way of the dodo. I just hate them. I don’t know why Kate didn’t wear a hat but I’m pleased she didn’t. It’s old fashioned except for very formal events and are not often worn in the everyday.

      I loved the outfit of the Polish Prime Minister’s wife; so elegant.

        1. They’re not a thing in Australia/NZ either. Maybe for Melbourne Cup Day for a few but that’s about all.

  21. Tired of trying to find substance in Kate, so I’ll comment on her hair. I may be alone in this, but I’m really not liking it, although the length should be better. It still is much too heavy and with that middle part it is just dragging her face down again, especially in the photos of today’s concentration camp visit. I think she still has extensions for some extra body, which she does not need. And for some reason in side and rear views, it also seems to accentuate her poor posture.

    And the updo for the reception was hideous. Was she actually wearing a hairnet, again? Ugh.

    1. As someone who has had a nearly identical haircut to Kate’s current cut, I will say that to wear her hair in that undo would have almost definitely required a hairnet.

    2. I agree about her hair. I know I was always harping on her long hair and I will say she does look better with shorter hair, but I was hoping for her hair to be even shorter, maybe just have the ends brushing her shoulders. That to me is a real bob, what she had was a major trim. I predict that she will grow it right back.

      Also, another McQueen 2 piece outfit with a peplum, all I can say is McYawn.

      As for the dress by the Polish designer, it was a departure for Kate, but that cheap looking pearl jewelry ruined it. If she had worn some diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet ( I am sure there are some hanging around Buckingham Palace for her to borrow) that would have detracted from the weird darts. I do wonder if the dress had some kind of pre-formed bodice on the inside that caused her to look so pointy.

  22. I’m just curious: Is it not odd to keep celebrating the Queen’s birthday with these evening receptions months past the actual date, and even over a month after the official celebration in Britain? For a milestone birthday perhaps it would be more understandable, but this just seems really odd to me. Why not keep it just a reception in the Queen’s honor?

  23. Love, love, love the First Lady of Poland and how she dresses, accessorizes and presents herself in her posture and expression. I am very impressed – she could be royalty.

    I like Kate’s white McQueen outfit that she wore at arrival, but it was unnecessary to buy something new when she has so many of the same type of outfits in her closet. I like her accessorizing with ruby jewelry in a nod to the Polish flag. I don’t mind her theme dressing.

    The evening dress was a little distracting with the fit over the bust, but I loved the dress and her jewelry. And it was a nice gesture to showcase a Polish designer.

    I think Kate is improving very much lately. Kudos!

  24. Love the arrivals outfit. Very nicely fitted. Also really like the red jewellery. The kids are beyond cute. I think about how my 5 year old son would be behaving in this situation, yikes! Probably trying to wander off or picking his nose, bless him. It must be stressful to put ones kids out there like this. I’m wondering if they decided to bring them because it will be George’s birthday during this trip, and this way they can see him on the day?
    Anyways, I digress. I liked the evening look as well, minus the darts. Wondering if maybe the material photographed differently than it looked in person? Not to keen on the updo either.

    1. You may have hit on the reason, Dayle, regarding George’s birthday and why the children were brought on the trip. When a child is young, it seems to be very important to them to have a celebration on the actual birthday. We adults just want a card (with a little cash) and dinner at the Mexican restaurant with a margarita. LOL

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I have young kids and would want to be together for their birthdays. It is fun to make a big deal over birthdays when they are little, my eight year old is already kind of over it, so I can see wanting to bring them when the birthday is the next day.

  25. The large pearl accessories go well with the Polish designed dress. Previously, I thought they looked hideous when she paired them with the black lace dress during the visit to France. Her hair is up too! I honestly didn’t see a problem with the boob darting until I saw a different angled picture of the dress….it literally looks like she’s permanently cold from the side. I have no idea about tailoring. So can someone tell me is it just poor tailoring or if she was larger chested the cups would be better filled and smoother? Is it the type of fabric? She’s had multiple boob darting issues and I’m genuinely curious why this is a recurring theme. Thanks!

    1. Interesting that the designer has remained mute about that aspect of the dress. Not even in the Polish press (local or international) has there been any explanation about the cone-like appearance of the bustline. Couldn’t check the web site as it has been inaccessible all day today except for the home page. There are only two possibilities: it was designed that way or incorrect measurements were used when constructing the dress. If incorrect measurements were used who (Kate or Gosia) will own up to that? It will forever be a mystery until Gosia decides to explain.

  26. Can I just say I think it’s some what demeaning to ask colonel B if he was impressed with them?! Look at his life and what he’s been through! why on earth would he be impressed with them?! At 98 good for him for not even pretending. I love the older generations
    I want to applaud Kate for branching out in her evening wear but the cone boobs are a huge no. I like the necklace she wore with it but not a fan of the earrings.
    I like the company that wants mother’s not to stress to be perfect and so true.
    Sadly nothing else to add same ol same ol

    1. Charlotte appears to be a good mixture of Windsor and Middleton. I see Lady Sarah Chatto (Princess Margaret’s daughter) and Carole in little Charlotte.

      George, on the other hand, looks just like his Grandpa Mike and I noticed it very early on. 🙂

      Both children are adorable!

  27. Let me only say that Kate never disappoints – during her first two hours in Poland she made an incredible spectacle of showing her nipples in front of anyone who happened to be on Krakowskie Przedmieście during her and William’s walkabout. I don’t know if she wore any bra or not but her nipples were completely visible through the fabric of her Alexander McQueen coat. I am not sure if anyone mentioned that before me but I am currently in Poland and I watched almost entire footage of Kate and William’s visit in polish news channel and bealive me, she made an unforgettable “show”.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find photo proof except the second picture in that Vogue’s article where you can see her with president Duda. Look at this picture closely and hopefully you will notice what I meant. It was especially visible while she greeted small kids with flags after first meeting with presiden Duda and his wife


    1. My neighbor (native of Krakow) told me the same. Showed me even more photos of the beginning of the visit and laughed. Said ‘this is nothing, we see it all the time’ but that it is ‘not good for a person representing another country’ and that it should have been avoided. She is not enamored of any of the British royal family but says that Charles and Elizabeth are followed because they are ‘serious about their positions.’

    2. You have been missed Polish Girl. I was thinking of you and am glad you are in Poland for the Cambridge visit. Or, have you moved back there? How are you and your family?
      Shocking news about the showing of her nipples, btw. Will click on your link.

      Hope all is well for you!

  28. These are minor things, but I wonder why Kate holds Charlotte with her arm under Charlotte’s dress? It bothers me in the same way that Kate doesn’t tuck her dresses behind her thighs when she bends down.
    Also, I saw a video of her getting off the plane, and when she greeted dignitaries (or whoever they were, not exactly sure) she still had charlotte on her hip making the handshaking awkward. That just seemed like a very symbolic gesture to me. It was like saying “I’m from the U.K. and even though we’ve left the the EU I’ve still got strong family values, just like you! See? We’re not so diffferent after all. Now love us.”

    1. I’ve found her holding Charlotte from under her dresses a bit awkward too. But I suspect Kate does it because holding her underneath allows the little dress to show better than if it were cupped under.

      1. It always seems to be a staged photo for either the press or the store selling the item or the manufacturer. Personally I never see moms holding their children that way.
        The fluffed skirt shows up in a staged family photo at the photographer’s studio because it is a nice composition for a photo as a keepsake.

        1. Madeleine does the same thing with Leonore when she holds her. She pulls the dress over her arm so it looks straight in photos.

      2. The way Kate holds Charlotte always seems awkward to me. IMO, It would be uncomfortable for both if she carried her like that for a long time?

        Is Kate showing off the dress or is Kate thinking of the optics and looking for a great photo?

  29. Why the private jet? There’s no commercial flight to Poland? Or too many transits will be too tiring for the kids? I think inviting the Cambridges plus the kids in tow will be very expensive indeed for the Govt who is paying.

      1. My guess as well. This visit isn’t to a Commonwealth country so armed forces planes can’t be used for transport. The private owner should be compensated for the use of the plane by HM. It is a service provided to the BRF that avoids use of military transport and avoids commercial flight restrictions.

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