Kate stops by Wimbledon to cheer Roger Federer’s win

Kate stops by Wimbledon to cheer Roger Federer’s win

Here’s a quick post on Kate Middleton‘s second Wimbledon engagement of the year. She and Prince William attended the Men’s Final today, July 16, to watch Roger Federer win his 8th Wimbledon championship.

William, Kate Wimbledon Men's Final 2017 2 cs

There is not a ton of information or interesting photos, so this post is going to be pretty light. William and Kate, as Patron of Wimbledon, watched the Men’s Final match between Federer and Marin Čilić, which Federer won. After the game, the royal couple congratulated Federer on his win.

Below is a brief video of William and Kate giving Federer kisses and handshakes. Kate says in the video: “Congratulations. Very, very well played. [inaudible].”

As Patron, Kate got to nominate a charity to be involved in the Men’s Final coin toss. She picked Place2Be, of which she is Patron. Place2Be picked 11-year-old Luca Schmetzer to be involved, and he got a tour of the facility and got to help set up stuff before being involved in the coin toss.

William and Kate also watched the mixed doubles final, which Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis won.

Kate wore a Catherine Walker dress in white with a floral pattern on the full skirt. Kate also wore her Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven earrings, and a nude sandal with a block heel. Kate wore her Cartier watch and carried her Victoria Beckham Quincy bag. Kate also sported a purple and green bow pin which is worn by female members of the All England Club (male members get a tie).

Additionally, the Telegraph is reporting that William, Kate, and Prince Harry attended Camilla’s 70th birthday party at Highgrove yesterday, July 15.

The Cambridges’ tour starts tomorrow which will be exhausting. I will hopefully have my post about Victoria’s 40th up soon.

77 thoughts on “Kate stops by Wimbledon to cheer Roger Federer’s win

  1. She looks so so so good. I would buy this dress in a heartbeat for myself if catherine walker was not rather expensive. This dress kind of reminded me of Kate’s style pre-marriage/the first year or 2 of her marriage which was my favourite style of hers.
    Also, her hair looks gorgeous! This length and the soft waves really suit her.

  2. I loved her dress and I thought they seemed as relaxed together and as happy as I’ve seen them in a long time. The British press have had a good minx about Carole, Pippa and James not being in the Royal Box but in some cheap seats in social Siberia. Not sure if Mike or James Matthews went as I’ve not seen them in any photos but James was carrying 4 Pimms drinks. Actually that was probably two for Carole so she doesn’t swig her wine out of a paper bag this year.

    Dickie Arbiter seemed very vexed on Twitter that Hello magazine referred to the Middleton’s as celebrities. Not for the first time either, Dickie doesn’t seem all that keen on the Middletons.

    Does anyone know if Kate managed to drop by any of the other events taking place at Wimbledon beyond the Centre Court? Or did she ignore all the wheelchair / Senior / Junior events again?

      1. The wheelchair tennis was amazing. I watched some of a game, to be able to manage a wheelchair and a racket as well as zipping across a court to hit a ball! Wow!

    1. Arbiter’s tweet made me laugh! Something like when are they (pippa and James) celebrities!! Haha at least some people aren’t trying to make them happen

    2. I think they look so happy because they’re getting credit for working watchin tennis!

      I find the pictures of Kate touching William a bit…pathetic, on both their parts? He is not looking at her, is frowning, won’t interact. It makes me feel sad for her.

      Kate didn’t show up for the other events, I assume.

      Do love the dress and the hair, though the center part isn’t the most flattering on her. It’s interesting in that it’s a Catherine Walker dress, expensive, but the patterns don’t match on the seams at all!

      1. You know what Kate’s rubbing William reminds me of? When you were a kid and your mom was wiping a smudge off your face!

      2. I think that sums up most of their public interaction really. Kate demonstrating her possessiveness over her property, William non responsive. It reminded me of an immature teenage girl with her first boyfriend, marking her territory. Kate either smiling triumphantly or directly at the cameras. Her hair is so much better and she looks healthy.

    3. “James was carrying 4 Pimms drinks. Actually that was probably two for Carole so she doesn’t swig her wine out of a paper bag this year.”

      Lol, true. And Mike already was probably at his limit since we know that Mike keeps his stash at the ready in his car door. (Mike was there, seated next to Carole. The Sun’s photographs included him although the DM did not.)

      This is getting sidetracked, but isn’t it odd how the press jumped all over Carole for pulling out mini wine bottles from her purse, with articles questioning whether she has a drinking problem, etc., yet nothing, not one thing at all, was said in the media about that half empty liquor bottle in Michael Middleton’s car door, seen when he was meeting Pippa’s wedding planner?

      1. Good old gender stereotyping I guess. Show me a Dad with a hip flask and I’ll give you the Father of the Bride who’s usually paying for the whole shebang. Mother of the bride usually becomes a Bridezilla, Father of the bride just turn to drink. The Sun just stuck with the usual bridal party narrative but I have to say when your daughter is destined to be the future Queen of England, to be caught swigging alcohol from behind a brown paper bag is pretty calamitous. I’m surprised it’s not dragged up more frequently by the media which definitely suggests a behind the scenes deal. I.e We’ll allude to Carole calling staff for her 6pm ice cold Chablis (elegant and classy alcohol intake) but we won’t remind the public she’s a complete lush who swigs surreptitiously from behind paper bags. (Lack of breeding and possible drink problem alert).

  3. I am just really loving her hair, I really hope she sticks with this style. And I always loved it long. All in the timing I guess.

    I watched Federer in March at the BP Paribas Open and he’s simply amazing. AMAZING. I may be completely biased but I am sure the Cambridges were both seriously thrilled to be there to watch him take Wimbledon once again.

  4. Does Kate realise that clothes can be worn more than once? And where was she at Jo Konta’s semi….. you know the British woman in the semis?? I have zero respect for her.

    1. Agree Birdy. I hoped to see Kate at Jo match but she didn’t show up. And I saw some old photos of Kate touching William and it is clear, at least to me, that he feels uncomfortable about it. And he never touches her back, he totally ignores her.

    2. I was so disappointed she didn’t attend the women’s matches 🙁 As a woman who claims to love sport, she should be out there supporting women athletes and drawing more press to their events. She’s never come of as a “woman supporting women” type to me though.

      Her haircut does look very nice though.

  5. Kate looks nice here. This haircut needed to happen years ago! It looks so nice.
    I always think kate looks awkward doing things to William either trying to show affection or this, just because he always acts so disinterested.
    As others have said elsewhere, it would be nice if she did something more to support the women players.

    1. No. But I put “dick” on my comment moderation list because of spam, so when you write “Dickie” it causes the comment to get caught. I’ve been approving your comments as soon as I see them.

  6. Looks nice; I wish she would go a wee bit shorter but this looks really nice. I wonder what caused the style change?

    1. AFAIK her hair’s been this length for some time, it’s just she took out all the extensions. I like it and actually was inspired to chop mine off like this. I’m a bit embarrassed to say Kate’s ‘do spurred me to finally cut off all the raggedy ends and bits, tho’ mine wasn’t as long as hers with extensions!

        1. +1

          Very funny Springs Mom!

          What would happen if she ran through her dress allowance early? (as if that would happen?)

          Hope you and your family are all well?

    2. I wonder if Meghan Markle’s arrive on the scene has anything to do with it…

      I’m really glad. Though her outfits weren’t bold pre-George they still looked amazing. It’s been a good while since I’ve been excited and felt like she was doing a great “job”, she seems really engaged and happy to be at places… she usually does at Wimbledon I guess, it would have been great if she went to some women’s matches. She is looking great and confident. Perhaps the success of Heads Together, which was her brain child – as the video they released of the three of them on the bench talking about their personal mental health experiences suggests, has boasted her confidence in her role.

  7. So Kate did stay for the mixed doubles? Good for her, if she did so. Glad she could find the time and make the effort. Will today’s Wimbledon outing then count for two working engagements? Let’s see what else if anything she does for the All England Club now that Wimbledon is over.

    1. She watched the mixed doubles final, but left before the presentations. I was vexed that she didn’t stay to congratulate both couples, especially as there was a British player in both. Disappointing.

      1. I was happy to read that they stayed for mixed doubles but reading they didn’t stay for presentations… the men’s final didn’t take long, neither the doubles one so clearly it wasn’t a time issue. It’s just bit disappointing… especially with a British player in each team.

      2. I find that really rude, when you’re the patron, sitting front and center, to not stay until a match is complete.

        Like Kristin says, it wasn’t a time issue. I’m sure if Federer’s match had gone far into a fifth set, lasting four or more hours, they would have stayed until the very end. And if it were another sport, rugby or football, they wouldn’t have left early either.

  8. Kate looks terrific.

    I like her hair at this length so very much. I don’t even mind the centre part today. Perhaps it was the big, hot roller look at the museum that put me off the centre part.
    Lovely natural makeup. Her dress . . . I loved it.

  9. Catherine Walker brand seems to provide clothes that fit Kate well. (Maybe they have a no alterations by amateur KP staff clause.) I like this dress and the wildflower pattern makes the seam mis-match less annoying. Somehow Kate seems to have regained her equilibrium, and is dressing more her age, and more like her early royal years. Maybe she decided that royal protocol dressing was for the birds, or for nonagenarian monarchs?

    What did everyone think of Pippa’s dress? I expect Mette-Marit to be wearing it soon.

    1. Hated it. Looks like some sort of mix between old lady nightgown and some other fugly get up. And the 3tiers?!!!! Bleh
      I find the Middleton family dynamics weird. Pippa is just married and no sightings of her husband with her. Maybe he’s tired of all the pap strolls? I don’t expect them to be glued at the hip but we’ve seen him at the games before so we know he’s not averse to going. Just pips and her brother and now the family of 4.
      Are we sure James and Donna are actually dating becuase you almost never see pics of them out in public together and that hug at the wedding didn’t say couple to me.

      1. Oh dear! When I saw that dress I thought she forgot to change out of nightclothes. Then I realized those are more like granny nightclothes and no explanation arose. So I hope whatever company sells the outfit now has sufficient exposure to warrant the price of the dress.

    2. I think Pippa’s dress had at least one tier too many and the wedge sandals just don’t work with such a delicate dress. I’ve noticed that Pippa tends to be all over the place with her fashion, some good and some so bad, I wonder if at some point she’ll settle into a style and if that will help.

      1. Agree, Queen Lauri. She’s all over the place. And the extra money now she’s married means she can make more expensive mistakes.

  10. She’s put on weight. I expect a baby no 3 announcement before the year is out. That’s the only reason she’s added weight in the past.

    That said, weight gain or not, i wish she would not go back to her preferred skeletal weight. She looks so much better at this weight.

    1. I’ve suspected pregnancy since the America’s cup outing. She’s definitely put on weight and pregnancy is the only reason she’d allow it. OTOH, if she is not pregnant I will be thrilled if the weight gain is a result of getting some help. She looks so lovely with more weight on; when she was at her natural* weight (see: university days) she was gorgeous.

      *meaning “not ruthlessly managed”

        1. Ok. Well, I’ve never suspected pregnancy before (not even when she *was* pregnant) so I can’t comment on others’ speculations.

    2. Throwing this out there because it was discussed on another KMR post: Kate could be on antidepressants, and that could be the cause of recent weight gain as well.

      She certainly seems happier these days: whether that’s due to early pregnancy, medication, or no-more-Jecca, who knows. But even if she’s not pregnant now, I do rather suspect that she wants to be like her own mum and have three children, too.

      1. This won’t come across how I intend it to so don’t take offence anyone.. But Kate is getting on a bit isn’t she. I’m not that interested to know how old she is but I’m guessing she’s past 35 and at that age, like it or not, we all tend to thicken out a little. Can’t stay 21 forever no matter how much diet, exercise or surgery we have. You all may be right and it’s pregnancy related or some such other reason but my guess is she’s at that difficult time of life when we are near / hitting 40 and our waistlines refuse to do what we want and the weird puffiness starts. JMO.

      2. Whoa; antidepressants. As someone who does suffer from depression and has been medicated I wouldn’t even feel comfortable speculating. Like ABC said; she’s over 35 and will naturally put on more weight.

      1. I definitely believe — and I posted this before — that she has had a chin implant.
        I don’t like to speculate on whether she is on anti-depressants, or not. Such a personal thing. And, when one tries to find the perfect match, it can be so overwhelming. Maybe, Kate is just happier now and more used to her life as a Duchess and has relaxed her stringent diet and is living life to the max. I will say that she looks better all ways around and that is a major plus! What woman would not want to look and feel great?

  11. Well, fashion wise this was a good day for the Duchess, the dress is rather sweet and appropriate for the occasion. Any idea what shoes she wore today? I do like the shorter hair but agree that a slightly off-center part might be a bit more flattering.

    I have to say that I’d feel a bit strange if my daughter and I were at the same event but seated in different areas. Now, I understand that the Middleton’s didn’t have royal box tickets and a fuss probably would have been raised if they were seated by the Cambridges but it still feels a bit odd to me.

    Thanks for the great post KMR! I hope the next 5 days don’t prove to be too exhausting for you 🙂

    1. I couldn’t even keep up with the state visit plus Kate’s engagements plus Victoria’s birthday celebrations last week with my not-so-new-anymore job. But I’m finally all caught up on that stuff. Hopefully I can make it through this tour.

    2. “I have to say that I’d feel a bit strange if my daughter and I were at the same event but seated in different areas. ”

      It does seem jarring until one realises that if the Midds weren’t such publicity hounds intent on flaunting their quasi-royal status, no one would know or care where they sat. I am sure those who know other royals have sat elsewhere without fuss. This only becomes a big production because every Midd including Kate makes it so.

      Meanwhile Pips and Carol sat far from each other a few days ago. I guess you take what you can get when you’re a mooch.

  12. Fashion wise, it was a good outing for Kate. Wish Kate would do more to watch women tennis and I hope that she promotes the All England Club throughout the year, not just during Wimbledon season.

    As for Kate rubbing some
    Nose snot or smudge off of her toddler-husband while he barely looks at when. How can William respect a woman that’s only with him for getting her claws on a life of privilege, luxury and Royal Box seats at Wimbledon?

    She is a below mediocre woman in every way, who hasn’t worked hard and earned a single Thing that she has, not even her clothes. One would think that she’d feel grateful for her lot in life that also raised her and her spotlight hogging family to the top, by showing some obligation to those that are less privileged. Kate can’t even be bothered to do that and William hates his position so much that he hasn’t bothered to encourage her nor bothered to marry a woman that actually likes to you know…work.

    You especially see the difference when you see Felipe and Letizia, who seem to be a well matched couple that have mutual love and respect for each other.

    Sorry, rant over. As you can tell, the royals and the BRF in particular, are beginning to grate on me with all their complaining of their privilege and showing a middle finger to giving back and duty.

  13. I think Kate look good here – love the dress on her.
    But if I had a royal tour coming up, I’ll be home cramming like crazy. I would want make that I all about who we are going to meet and what the charity is about. How the work? Possibly look to see if any of their methods could help my charities?
    Make sure I know everything about the people that I’d be meeting and what are their customs so that I avoid pitfalls.
    This just seems like the wrong time to go to Wimbledon.

  14. The dress was Not My Thing, but perfectly appropriate for the occasion and I actually love the hair today: centre part and all. I did not like the centre part at the NHM the other night, but I think that was the more curled style. This one looks fab. So thrilled with the new hair.

    Having said the dress was fine, it is yet another new one. And Catherine Walker no less; I was about to give a pass to the new purchase when it was first identified (by the DM) as Ted Baker, but then the ID was changed to Walker. Should have known: the Ted Baker days are long gone, occasional token high-street buys aside.

    1. There usually aren’t with Wimbledon photos since they are mostly photographed in the stands where their legs and feet are blocked. Same with Trooping and Remembrance Sunday when they’re on balconies.

      1. M, thank you for the photos. The sandals seem to be comfortable but I would have preferred white or even red shoes with the white dress.

  15. Another good outing for Kate, it’s nice to see. Now I’ve raised my hopes for the tour, as she’s looked happy and involved in her events lately.

  16. Is this actually going to count as an event in the CC? All she did was watch a tennis game. She didn’t even present the trophy (not that I am against the Duke of Kent still doing that) so what kind of work was involved here ? It’s not like a Federer final needs further attention.

    Anyway, I noticed the very brief interaction post trophy ceremony and Federer spent way more time speaking to the others in the room.

    The outfit is fine, but yet again another new one. And I never realized she wore earrings because the hair hides them. Her hair is better without the extensions but it is still pretty basic. It never looks finished but is like hair your get when you step out of the shower and rub with a towel.

    1. Federer’s very brief interaction with Kate and William after the match made me give a little cheer. Also gave me a little bit of hope that he is wise to the Middletons’ ways.

    2. I’d say it will be counted given Kate is patron saint of Wimbledon. But you raise a good question re. ‘royal work’ when so much of it is merely being entertained by others. Quite silly, isn’t it?

      I’m sure Federer keeps his powder dry given all the types of people he gets to meet; he was courteous to the Cambridge’s, though didn’t waste energy on them. I was surprised to hear Carole Middleton bailed up Mirka to ask for spare tickets. Surely she would have bought her own tickets for a final no less? Who behaves like that? Or maybe Carole just wanted to rub shoulders with the Federer’s and be seen? Pushy, brassy woman…and in the heat of the moment, she struck. Ugh!

  17. I liked the skirt, but the bodice lacked something. I don’t know what. Her hair looked lovely and she seemed relaxed and happy, but why not? Viewing a tennis final match? Nice work if you can get it. I also felt sorry for her when she reached out to touch William’s face — yes, she did look like she was trying to remove something from it. He just does not respond to her. Sad.

  18. Next thing, they will be trying to tell us that watching Wimbledon is “work”.

    It is a total insult to our intelligence, but so many people actually swallow that kind of garbage

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