George & Charlotte out for Trooping the Color 2017

George & Charlotte out for Trooping the Color 2017

The British royal family celebrated Queen Elizabeth‘s Official Birthday today, June 17, at the annual Trooping the Color at Horse Guards Parade, with a balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace.

BP released a message from the Queen on the occasion of her Official Birthday about the recent tragedies the UK has faced:

    “Today is traditionally a day of celebration. This year, however, it is difficult to escape a very sombre national mood. In recent months, the country has witnessed a succession of terrible tragedies. As a nation, we continue to reflect and pray for all those who have been directly affected by these events. During recent visits in Manchester and London, I have been profoundly struck by the immediate inclination of people throughout the country to offer comfort and support to those in desperate need. Put to the test, the United Kingdom has been resolute in the face of adversity. United in our sadness, we are equally determined, without fear or favour, to support all those rebuilding lives so horribly affected by injury and loss.”

The Queen and Prince Philip held a minute of silence at BP before leaving for the ceremony. They then traveled down The Mall in a carriage procession followed by the royal colonels – Prince Charles, Prince William, and Princess Anne – on horseback and other family members in carriages.

Once at Horse Guard’s Parade, over 1400 parading soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians greeted HM with a royal salute before she inspected the troops and listened to the military bands perform. The the 1st Battalion Irish Guards Trooped their Color in front of HM.

The royal then traveled back to BP for a flypast. That’s where the wee ones come in. Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined their parents on the balcony.

I know not everyone will enjoy the Cambridge family color-coordination going on, but I actually like it this time.

Kate Middleton wore a new, custom Alexander McQueen dress based on the “pleated skirt skater dress”. She also wore a new pink Jane Taylor hat, the Queen’s Diamond Pendant Earrings, and her Etui Bags nude clutch.

From the waist up, I think Kate looks really pretty, but the pleats are a no for me.

Kate traveled in a carriage with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry (who looked grumpy in every photo except this one).

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie wore coordinating florals.

And for some reason Sophie wasn’t present, so Prince Edward rode in the carriage with Prince Andrew and his daughters.

238 thoughts on “George & Charlotte out for Trooping the Color 2017

    1. I love the colour but then I love pink. Not a choice I would make for today, nor did any of the other Royals dress in bright colours. The princesses were beautifully dressed and composed and I think sombre, like the Queen. Such a sad time, I’m glad the Queen acknowledged it again and offered words of comfort. Looking at these photos of Kate with the RF, it seems as if they are strangers to each other. The children are only interacting with their parents – that could be for photos but it’s interesting. Kate only appears to speak with Prince Phillip who looks spritely and engaged. Otherwise she’s ensuring the children are seen. I had to laugh at her staying on the balcony after the Queen had gone in.

      1. **facepalm** now, I can’t unsee that (comparing George to The Sound of Music).

        I’ll leave my thoughts in another thread.

  1. For the whole matchy thing – this one isn’t too bad. I kinda like the different shades of pink and red.

    Also, for Kate’s outfits, this one is ok, in my opinion. Pretty usual for her. The color looks very good on her.

    Charlotte looks cute and normal (her hair is so long!). George’s suspenders and shirt… that’s kinda weird to me. I’m not digging it. They look like something worn by Harry or William?

  2. Poor George. Put some lederhosen on that kid and the outfit would be complete.

    I can’t help but think any other kid would be mocked and bullied by his peers for wearing a shirt with a Peter Pan collar and suspenders.

    Kate, please don’t do this to your little boy. I’m getting some serious Sound of Music cosplay vibe off of that outfit.

    1. Aren’t William and Kate going to Germany and Poland? Maybe they’re getting gerorge’s themed outfit ready in case he goes =)

    2. I’m confident George wears perfectly normal every-day clothing when he goes to school:) This is just for official engagements, it’s not as if William wears his uniform every day.

      1. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the outfits he wears at public events are specifically NOT how he’s dressed on a normal day, in order to make him less visible when on day-to-day outings.

    3. Agreed, I feel he could have a chance to be happier if he weren’t made to be so stuffily dressed. Poor mite, I wish he was smiling always.

      1. The staging in such costumes reeks of Middleton try-too-hard artifice. It is a deliberate attempt to elevate the Cambridge children from others – even their cousins! – via a mid-20th century pastiche of rose-tinted traditional English family ideal set in aspic. It is so wildly outdated and inappropriate in 21st century Britain (or anywhere) that it signals how out-of-touch the Cambridge’s are as well as their increasing irrelevance.

        1. Think of it as Katie’s rejoinder for the criticism of her ‘work’ wardrobe in the first few years of her marriage: the too short hemlines, the deep V neckline on custom pieces, the full skirts blown about in the wind. Rather than adjust elements her preferred wardrobe pieces, she has turned to cosplay for the important photo opportunities. These are the archival records of the event and she has staged them to her advantage as she perceives it or has been advised to do.

          1. You make great points, Grace. I certainly agree that external pressure has been applied, the upshot being that Kate ends up looking matronly – even at her sister’s wedding. It’s a shame the children are drawn into that cosplay web; it’s unnecessary and inauthentic. Playing to her physicality for so long has been at the expense of developing other attributes, sad to say.

  3. I love all the hats! Kate’s doesn’t quite go with the color of the dress, though. And while I like that her waist seems accurately mapped by her dress for a change, the external seam at the waist bugs me. She looks pretty and engaged with her children, who are looking particularly cute today.

    I’m intrigued by Bea’s dress/jacket/coat(?). I like the hat, but it’s a young style and not made more sophisticated by wearing at an angle. Eugenie gets my vote for best hat of the day.

    Great speech by HM. That really highlights the advantage of having a non-political head of state.

      1. That almost-but-not-quite-matching style is a “Kate thing”, to borrow a sugar’s phrase. I wonder if no one around her notices, or minds, or is willing to point it out.

    1. The external seam bothers me too. I have a comment awaiting moderation about how Kate’s dress is very similar to the one Ivanka wore on November 8. Both are McQueen. Ivanka’s dress is baby blue, sleeveless and shorter. I really didn’t like the external seam on Ivanka’s dress either.

        1. Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away I was able to buy designer clothing. I can tell you that 99% of the time it is not worth the price.

          1. Oh, please read My Mrs. Brown by William Norwich, if you get the chance. I just finished it and loved it. All about one woman of a certain age and a limited income who falls madly in love with a vintage Oscar de la Renta dress. The hunt to fine one of her very own, no matter the cost, is an adult fairy tale. Says so much about never giving up one’s dreams, no matter what one’s age. Also, says much about the way society marginalizes women once they hit a certain age. A lot of kindness in this book and just a nice read. When you find out why Mrs. Brown really wants the dress.. .. well, read it and see.

            I just would like that 1% chance of having a well worth it designer dress one day, bluhare. I appreciate your take, though.

          2. Really bluhare? Is it just because the quality isn’t very good? I’m asking so I can save my money down the road πŸ™‚

          3. jenny, thank you for that recommendation. It sounds fun.

            As to the rest, yes, there are some items that really are beautifully put together and you can see all the detail in the construction and it’s beautiful. But most are just clothes with a very nice looking label on them. I got rid of some, and I kept some, and I also gave one or two items I am now too big to wear to a couple of friends.

            But that was my thought at the time; I’m buying all this expensive stuff, and it doesn’t wear any better (sometimes worse in fact) and other than the label there’s nothing to differentiate it. With some very notable exceptions. I have a couple of Gucci velvet jackets that are beautiful with exceptional velvet. I have a hand tatted Valentino lace jacket that I was going to wear when Mr. bluhare and I renewed our vows (but we never did). Andrew Gn makes some fabulous ladylike stuff. And I have two wool jackets that are definitely keepers (Armani and Fendi I think). I also have a Chanel jacket back from their frayed and patchy era and I paid a fortune for it but I never did think it was that great.

            But alas those days are gone.

      1. I thought Ivanka looked terrible in that dress. Too busty and the skirt was way too short. I had forgotten about it until you posted here.

        And, bluhare, thank you for your take on designer clothing. Oh, to own even one great jacket or dress, as you say you still have. I am sure yoU wear them well!

  4. I’m only saying this as a reflection of the style of the dress. It looks like something from Maternally Yours. Not saying anything about Kate’s well being, but oh that ugly dress. And, the two shades of pink thing between mother and daughter really was not my cup of tea. I’m not opposed to pink, but this was too much, imo. Still, I loved the kids. Facial expressions? Priceless. Charlotte’s hair is so long and beautiful. Poor George in that outfit, though. He’s one cute kid. But the styles they put him in spell O H N O!

    I appreciated the words of HM. The people of Great Britain have experienced such loss and pain of late. I hope each day brings more peace of mind and heart to all.

    I know that photos only show a fraction of a second in one’s facial expressions, but sometimes William looks so sour. Did smile at his kids, though. Good! Kate looked very happy. I was glad to see Prince Phillip looking well. Camilla and HM looked lovely. So did Bea. Not too fond of Eugenie’s summertime look. Liked her hat.
    I only just looked at photos again and saw Harry. He looked great — as usual.

  5. Well, i really liked hat the Cambridges were colour coordinating.
    Charlotte is getting so pretty and I love her hair – it is so long!
    Also, George is just adorably cute with his serious facial expressions. He seems like a shy but very smart and pensive kid.

    I watched Trooping live on TV and it was so adorable that when one of the first planes flew over the palace during the flypast, George and Charlotte both turned to the sky and waved to the plane – so cute!!

  6. Like that pink and Kate’s outfit here. Glad to see that Charlotte is wearing a colour other than blue, lol. The kids look so grown- since they are seen so infrequently, it’s always surprising from one appearance to the next, how big they are. Charlotte has natural curiosity & interest in people and things around her; hope she always retains that. Wonder if it’s going to be a Will and Harry situation, with Charlotte who would be more naturally able to be a future Monarch due to her inherent personality and talents, as opposed to George who is anxious and never really interested or being pleasant with people or engaged with his surroundings. But due to the outmoded inheritance laws, the eldest will get great power and wealth bestowed on them, just for winning the birth order lottery.

    While I like Kate’s outfit, after hearing more and more the horrific losses of the Grenfell fire, I’m appalled at the rising cost of Kate’s clothing. She spends public money on new clothing and accessories every time she gets out of the house, while there wasn’t “enough money” available to ensure that apartment towers we’re built
    Up to modern fire safety standards.

    1. George is a child and saying he isn’t pleasant or engaged with his surroundings is kind of… I don’t know, not a kind thing to say about a little boy who is clearly a more sensitive, pensive soul than his outgoing sister. Nothing wrong with him the way he is. (And of course hiding them behind barbed wire and walls does neither of them any good.)

      1. I get that feeling too Ellie. George looks a sensitive boy. However he doesn’t have a playful nature. I get the feeling that George is picking up on what is going on around him.

        1. I am not saying that to be unkind but that is how I see it. George could be a sensitive pensive boy, he could Be someone who isn’t a people person, he could be someone who likes to be in his own familiar environment. I agree though that based on his projected future role, his parents hiding him away isn’t doing him any favors.

          1. I think the point Ellie tries to make is that, with what we’ve seen of George, we really just can’t tell what his personality is exactly. George could be a sensitive pensive boy, but he also could be a little shy now. He will change so much over the next coming years, and yes, he’s only nearly four, let’s not discuss his social abilities quite just yet πŸ™‚

      2. +1000…as a little girl I preferred reading or drawing then socializing, luckily my mother put me in lots of extra curricular activities which helped…hopefully George will grow into his role.

          1. You and me both, KMR. Crowds especially. I can mumble my way through socializing now . . . most of the time . . . but I still can’t deal with crowds.

          2. I think I preferred reading/drawing. I wish I had gone to more extra curricular activities. I can manage better now however it does take practise. Though a cousin of mine can only ask if people would like a cup of tea. And she graduated from Cambridge! I think because we don’t see enough of George and Charlotte it is hard to determine what personalities they have. With the Swedish children it is more obvious and they are allowed within reason to express themselves.

    2. I think it’s too early to judge the children’s personalities because they are so young and we haven’t seen them that much. Children’s personalities change. Also, George and Charlotte may be one way in public and a completely different way in private. We just don’t know. I think it’s best we reserve judgement on their personalities and whether they will be good at being working royals until much later.

      1. This 100%. I’m a little sensitive because George reminds me of my son in public… My little boy gets super shy and frowny in public and won’t interact much or seem “spirited”… But he is the silliest, bubbliest kid in private! I don’t think we can tell much about George’s true personality based on public outings.

        1. Maven, George Has Been Dissed several times on this blog and some people just have to say things. My comment was just to point out that the kids have different personalities and that we don’t really know them, so why are there so many who insist on sayihng some negative things And, the comments that were recently made about George seemed negative imo. I agree with you that he is a sensitive little boy from what we have seen, but I also have seen him show signs of great fun and spirit. Agree to disagree, ok?

      2. KMR – I sort of agree, but IMO, a lot of times personalities – or inborn traits – remain static throughout life. I’m thinking back to the comments about William as a child – stropy, tantrumy, naughty, stubborn, etc…and he seems exactly that way as an adult (IMO). I was thinking about Diana’s comments and also the reports of his behavior in nursery school. I also think birth order plays into people’s personalities and think this is somewhat reflected in Will’s and Harry’s personalities.

        Of course, this isn’t to say people can’t change – (IMO) this is one of William’s (worst) traits as well, not being open to change/believing he is right/going against advice just to be contrary – so hopefully both children will not inherit this from William.

        My reflections on looking at this pictures of the kids is that Charlotte seems more nonchalant (based on the hand on chin, ignoring mom while she was talking to her or pointing things out), while George seems more stressed and nervous (based on his “worried” brow facial expressions). I also think that the comments we’ve gotten from W&K – and the way they appear to treat the children – reflect this as well. William often talked about George being naughty or a bruiser while Charlotte was “ladylike.”

        I really hate gendered treatment or characterizations of children, but I think this is how W&K see and treat their children, so I expect that the children will then probably grow into those roles since that is the messages they are getting from their parents. I wish those kids the very best of luck because I think their parents are stunted (emotionally and maturity-wise) and are not good role models in terms of royal behavior or healthy relationships. I also don’t think W&K would be good at helping the children overcome their personality “deficits” (by that I mean, helping them become more comfortable with people, if they are shy, or helping them become more stable if they are flighty, etc.). Neither W or K IMO work on their own personality deficits so I really don’t see them as being able to help their children gain this skill.

        1. I kind if get the feeling that this is how they are around their parents. I’ll bet a dollar they are relaxed and expressive around their nanny. Even in the larger photos where everyone’s there, the kids gravitate towards Maria. Interactions with W&K appear stiff. I could be wrong and that’s fine, but their body language gives off that vibe.

        2. Except that the comments about William’s childhood personality came from people who actually knew him or interacted with him. Those comments didn’t come from people who had never met him and were only judging based on photos and a few minutes of video. So there is a big difference between the comments about William from Diana/people who knew William, and the comments on here about George.

          1. George is not even 4 yet. Isn’t he turning 4 in July?
            To sum up his personality based on some photos and videos of the past few years is pretty harsh, if you ask me. He and his sister appear to have different personalities. Each child is darling and I really don’t like to see either dissed in any way. I think we are all welcome to comment on people and things, but kids should be off limits in many ways. George’s clothing probably is not chosen by him, so it’s ok, imo to be tough on that, but his personality? Come on.

          2. I think it is a little silly to try to compare kids’ personalities while they’re at different ages and we see so little of them. I have kids similar in age to the Cambridge kids, and my 2 year old is much less reserved in public than my 4 year old. My 4 year old is much more reserved than he was at 2. As they age, they often become more conscience of their surroundings.

          3. jenny,

            No one here dissed George as far as I can see. But I’m guessing speculation about his personality and Charlotte’s is unwelcome?

            Having said that, he seems like a typical firstborn to me, who tend to have a load of responsibility and expectation laid on them even when you’re not in line to be king, while the second child tends to be more social. Parents tend to be more anxious with the first child and more relaxed with the second. Add in the king bit, and isolation, and one can get an anxious, cautious, reserved little boy. He seems the sensitive type, like his grandfather which can be a marvelous/worrying quality depending on his environment and nurture. It’s a shame he doesn’t have Charles as a constant in his sphere; I think it would do him a world of good.

  7. I like Kate’s outfit, this is a different colour for her and it’s nice. The family look well and relaxed. I don’t like George’s braces, but otherwise the children look sweet. I feel so sorry for the men in those uniforms in this heat! Wise of Philip not to wear his.

  8. Yes, Kate looks good in pink, alone, but I don’t think the Pepto-Bismal pink here just doesn’t work–it’s overwhelming with Charlotte also in pink, and it just clashes something awful with William’s red uniform. And I can’t stand the waistline on her dress–the pleats, the way it rides up in the front and what the heck is that on the back? Handles?

    And just wondering: Why isn’t Andrew in his military garb? Oddly, Edward is more decked out with medals, etc., than anyone, yet Andrew wears not one?

    1. Andrew was in the Navy. The Navy is the only service that doesn’t take part in Trooping the Colour therefore no need for him to be in uniform.

      Further, whilst he is honorary colonel in chief of some regiments within the overal military service, none take part in Trooping the Colour thus no uniform for him.

      To be clear, Trooping the Colour is primarily an Army service spectacle involving British and commonwealth armies. And even so, not all regiments take part. Some are represented every year and others attend in rotation. Only members of attending regiments, including their honorary colonel in chief, wear uniform on parade. It includes elements of the RAF in the form of the flypast which is why William occasionally wears an RAF uniform.

      Edward is colonel in chief of 9 regiments. Most years, one of his regiments takes part in the parade thus his uniform and medals.

    2. Edward’s uniform is so OTT and costumey it is distracting. No way he did that much military service, so all of the sashes, epaulets, and medals are comical. Edward was a theater nerd ? so it makes me think he fell into a costume trunk in a theater.

      1. The medals and such are all commemorative and don’t mean anything for service, they just mean you were a military member during certain events or for service in general (ie W’s medals are jubilee medals). He’s the honorary colonel in chief of some and made up a uniform for himself, as Philip pushed him into the Royal Marines and Edward was not cut out for it and left.

        I think him being a theatre nerd is why his outfit is so OTT!

      2. Not to be negative, but Edward didn’t design his uniform so it’s not his fault how it looks. I think he’s a great support for his units and tries to represent them well.

  9. Charlotte and George look adorable. Charlotte in particular looks cute and yes has longish hair. However Kate is smiling and Charlotte is not even giving eye contact. There is very little connection.
    I like Beatrice and Eugenie’s hats. They really are light and have a summer feel.
    Kate’s outfit looks ok and her hair is up. However I liked the blue outfit from the hospital visit better. Though that blue outfit looked liked it needed tailoring.
    The trooping of the colour horses looks so grand. Thank you KMR.

    1. I don’t think we’re looking at the same pictures? Charlotte is constantly looking at Kate! She even touches her mother’s face more than once.

    2. I’ve noticed in almost all photos of Kate and Charlotte, the little girl rarely, if ever, makes eye contact with her mother. They all seem rather forced to my eye, along with the coordinated dressing. But are there not smart contemporary clothes for children these days? Poor old George in that get-up…

      I really liked Eugenie’s summer outfit with hat; charming, fresh and appropriate on a hot day. Beatrice’s outfit also looked good. There were some sombre looks on the balcony, presumably because of recent events, and grinning from ear to ear may have read as unconcerned about others’ distress.

      1. Kate has had it out since day one to a) theme dress herself for every occasion, b) copy Diana’s looks, and c) dress poor George just like his father at that age. It makes you wonder if the poor child will be able to come into his own with that constant William v. 2.0 thing being forced on him by his mother.

      2. Kate is not at a memorial service, meeting victims, or at a funeral, so I don’t think smiling is that big a deal. One can be mindful of the situation happening with so many people affected and still smile and be happy with one’s kids. I remember when my grandfather was in the hospital before he died, and I and my cousin and his kid went outside and laughed and played because the kid didn’t understand what was happening and needed a break from being in the hospital waiting room. Smiling after a death or a tragedy doesn’t necessarily mean one is unconcerned about others’ distress.

      3. ????

        It seems normal to me, for Kate to look more at Charlotte than Charlotte looks at Kate. Since Charlotte’s her daughter, I can see why Kate is proud of her and enjoys watching her be excited about the plains and all.
        Most times we see Charlotte, there are far more interesting things for her to look at than her mum, either it’s crowds, bubbles, a pony or some more crowds. She’s two, two-year-olds are discovering the world.

        1. Exactly. There is far more to see than her mother, who she presumably sees all the time. My son pays no attention to me at events!

    3. Considering there was a lot going on in front of the balcony – the massive crowd, the planes, the military – I don’t think it’s fair to say that there is little connection between Kate and Charlotte. Parents smile at their kids while the kids look around all the time; I don’t think it’s that odd.

  10. Kids are adorable as always though I find Kate’s body-blocking on the balcony and insistence on fussing with them a bit strange. I get a bit of fussing over them but constantly is a bit overdoing it. Constantly worried about appearing a certain way, probably, but it comes across so…wrong. It makes me wonder if Carole was always like that with her kiddos. Must be perfectly turned out 24/7 and perfectly behaved. Stressful on the kids and stressful for Kate.

    The hair-net and old lady chignon – come on girl you can do better.

    I also find the garish pink a bit uncouth in these circumstances when Camilla and HM are wearing subtle colors, even Bea and Eugenie are; clearly something was communicated here. I like the hat but the dress is awful. Why can’t she re-use another dress? Why spend more money when so much is going on in Britain? It doesn’t look like the top fits very well, either, but bespoke items should fit perfectly!

    1. Is it me or during the waiting girlfriend years Kate dressed better?All those dresses and coats and now the matronly look. I liked the hair net on Louise. I think to be honest Kate needs to cut her hair. That would look a lot more trendy.

      1. I think Kate dressed better during her girlfriend years. I think she is a bit lost on what is appropriate for her age and duties now. She had more fun with accessories too during the dating years.

        1. Even a scarf from a charity shop would do for Kate Overit. I think there are some hits for her clothes so not totally negative. However you would have thought Kate would have dressed in muted colours due to respect. You would have thought one of the members of the family or a member of staff would have given Kate a heads up.

      2. I think the new style in dressing is a directive from Charles underscored with Kate’s clothing allowance for no more embarrassing dress photos. Kate plays along because that seems to be her desire in life. JMO

    2. Ellie I agree about the color. Especially since the Queen mentioned that today would be a more somber event than normal. It does seem like they were told to wear more subdued colors and it wouldn’t be the first time that Kate didn’t follow the dress code. But who knows, maybe the firm didn’t mention a color option. I did find it interesting that Kate wore such a vivid pink and stood out from the rest of the senior royals. On a side note, I don’t think this shade of pink flatters Kate. Bright pink is really not her color.

      1. Look at many other ladies on the balcony: one wore a eye catching teal dress and a pink hat, then there were girls in colourful dresses with floral patterns,…. so I doubt the queen told everybody to wear grey etc… or about half of the ladies were not following the dress code πŸ˜‰

        1. That’s why I said senior royals because I knew someone would comment on Autumn’s bright clothing. But she isn’t a senior and I don’t think she rode in the carriages. So very different!

          Notice that the center group, which is the main royals, are all wearing subdued colors (which doesn’t have too be grey) except Kate. She stands out from the rest which she has done before.

          1. I liked Autumn’s outfit and Sophie’s outfit (Frederick Windsor’s wife). It is also the first time that I have noticed no Lady Louise. Or I am wrong?

          2. I don’t think Sophie or the Wessex children were there. Edward was, though.

      2. I agree this shade doesn’t work on Kate and neither do those pleats on her waist. I think Kate should have worn a more muted colour. It would have been a nice touch with the tragedies but also, I think the Queen should be allowed to be the most visible. I like Eugenie’s dress and hat most.

    3. If Carole is a narcissist then her passing onto Kate an excessive need to appear perfect in public at all times makes sense. Public persona is very important to the narcissist.

      I’ve long suspected Carole of narcissism and seeing her children as avatars to further her own ambition, which is a characteristic of someone with narcissism.

      1. I’m sorry, I don’t think you can say/suspect someone of narcissism when you’ve never even met them, I don’t like Carole either, but we know far too little about her and her behavior to make such a conclusion, it’s a little rude, both to Carole and those who actually suffer from the mental disorder. Please don’t do that?

        1. I disagree, you don’t have to meet someone to suspect them of narcissism. I could name half a dozen celebrities that are obviously narcissistic and I have never met them. Also, narcissism isn’t a mental disorder. Plus Indiana said IF, she never said carol was. It was a theory. Nothing rude about it.

          1. I’m sorry but that is ridiculous. The problem is today anything can be called a mental disorder because it is the way you are wired. Excuses can be made for anything. I’m waiting for laziness to be labeled a mental disorder. Sorry, but just because it was labeled a mental disorder doesn’t make it correct. I told my husband and he said ‘come on’. I have never heard anyone call narcissism a mental disorder. It is easier to label it a m.d. than to take responsibility for your own issues. To me it takes away from real mental problems like bipolar disorder. I’m not going to debate this more than that, but I just see it as an excuse

          2. People can have strong narcissistic personality traits but not necessarily have Narcissistic personality disorder or other mental illness. Like people who have anxiety do not necessarily have anxiety disorders.

          3. There’s the personality disorder and the generic being a narcissist where it’s all about you. I’d say Carole is the latter, not the NPD-type but has narcissistic personality traits.

          4. I’ve seen huge narcissist s who don’t display the personality disorder, and my husband has the “disorder” but is far from a nascisist. The two aren’t mutually exclusive and can be vastly different. I can easily state that IMHO, Carole is a Narcissist, and Kate may have the N.P.D. that can be behaviorally and genetically inherited, without being an actual Narcissist, like her mother.

          5. Agreed Overit. Everything is being treated over the top these days– I wonder if this is in part to get meds from Big Pharma or insurance coverage for therapy. No regard to what this does to people in their life and jobs they could be precluded from. Worse, it turns people off from treating mental health as a serious issue if someone being considered a “snot” is a mental health problem, who’s going to take someone with serious depression seriously? We need people to engage in a healthy way, not dismiss or push off just to health professionals. People have to engage in their personal lives with friends and family. That’s where important intervention and healing take place.

        2. NPD and have narcissistic traits are two different things. There are enough consistent stories from varied sources to pin Carole with at least narcissistic tendencies. You only have to look at their family history, their classic grifting, and the manufactured hoopla that was the Pippa Middleton wedding to know she’s a narcissist. They’re classic social climbers and show it off in the most gaudy, classless ways. Poor Michael Middleton always looks exhausted and embarassed. Having a wife like that is tiresome. Having a mother like that definitely is. My mother is just like Carole, just throw in alcohol dependency on top of it.

      2. Having a parent who was diagnosed a paranoid narcissist, I can assure you narcissism is a personality/mental disorder.
        Carole may be a lot of things but narcissist she is not.

        1. +1

          So many people nowadays think they are experts on everything – character traits etc. They have never met a person (politician, celebrity, …) and yet still analyze their behaviour as if they were experts. This has to stop. Saying that soneone appears confident or shy or whatever is ok, saying that someone has a mental disorder without proof (if you are not a psychologist/psychiatrist who has met the person) is definitely not ok.

        2. Exactly. I’m glad that what I suffered for years at the hands of my mother wasn’t a mental disorder per the internet doctors here. Good to know it’s not real and just an excuse.

    4. The constant body blocking and interminable fussing keeps the focus on Kate; she did it last year too. I read it as trying to give the Perfect Mother vibe all the time. The children were perfectly fine, no need to fuss.

    5. I think in all of the pics camilla kind of sighed and deeply saddened by why on earth my daughter in law picked that color and even coordinated it with the whole crew..then again we havent seen much interaction between camilla and catherine as supposed to be shown in my many engagements by other european royal families..

        1. Well, this is what that poster thinks she’s thinking. That’s why she says “I think.” It’s a clue in the English language that the person is speculating.

          1. Just because one doesn’t like speculation on what people are thinking based on the speculator’s own biases doesn’t mean one doesn’t understand English.

      1. I seriously doubt that with everything going on in GB that Camilla was deeply saddened by Kate’s choice of a pink dress.

      1. It seems like all the senior royal ladies, those in the carriages, wore subdued colors except Kate – it really made her stick out and not in a good way, if you ask me.

      2. I agree with Ellie-none of the senior royals wore bright colors and they would have been the ones to get the memos. The others don’t ride in the carriages or stand next to the Queen. The senior royals are the ones who matter-no one really cares about anyone else on the balcony. Kate stood out like a sore thumb

        Regardless of if there was a memo or not, Kate chose a super bright pink to stand out. Today was about the Queen’s birthday and she should have been the focal point. Even without a memo, Kate shouldn’t have chosen such a bright color to be the center of attention. But she did it on the jubilee boat day on the Thames where there was a memo, so we know she likes to get the attention. This is a day, regardless of more somber events, that should have been about the Queen. A pale pink would have been more respectful of the Queen. It is like trying to draw attention to yourself on a day that isn’t about you.

        1. I do find it really meh of Autumn and Zara to have been wearing bright outfits, btw, so not just on Kate about it.

          I think Sophie Windsor looked lovely and so did Gabriella as always, Lady Gabriella is a stunner.

    6. I don’t see a difference in somberness between the pale blue the queen wore and the pink that Kate wore. The Queen wears that shade of blue quite often, and it doesn’t have a somber meaning on those outings. Additionally, when the Queen visited the fire victims three days ago, she wore a very bright shade of blue. When she visited the terror victims in Manchester a few weeks ago she wore a bright blue with a bright orange hat.

      In summary, there is absolutely no evidence that the Queen picked a light blue due to the somber mood of the occasion. That idea makes no sense in light of what she wore to other somber events directly connected to the terror attacks and fire. Therefore, there should be no criticism on that count of Kate’s dress color.

  11. I like the top of the dress but the waist and pleats below just no. The color does remind me of pepto bismol. I think it’s unfortunate to bring out another bespoke new outfit with all the tradegy in Britain but who knows if everyone else’s attire was also new.

  12. At first I thought I was going to like Kate’s outfit but I agree with you, from the waist up-yes waist down-resounding NO!
    Love her/the queens earrings hate the boring as usual hair do.
    There seemed to be some grumpiness going on the balcony today.
    Do you know what brooch the queen is wearing? It looks faboo, as does her outfit.

  13. I agree with a lot of the comments above. I liked Kate’s dress to a certain extent — the neckline and colour I quite like, for example. But the matchy-matchy thing with the kids (who looked cute, IMHO, although again too “pink”) is really too far.

    But my main thought is this: I am absolutely fed up with her spending on clothes. Why can’t Kate wear a repeat outfit more than just occasionally? Especially given all that is going on in the UK: is a bubblegum pink, expensive bespoke dress really the thing for a time like this? I am sure it was commissioned weeks or even months ago, but why not save it for another occasion and wear a (less bright) repeat today?

    P.S. Ellie: I have it on very good authority that Carole must indeed have everything pristine and perfect. It is a class thing (see the blue box analysis by Kate Fox here:

    1. This is interesting. I’m from an African Commonwealth country and the English we speak is mostly posh words (as per the article) and American words (soda, dessert, washroom etc.). I’m guessing colonies (at least the African ones) learned the posh version because most colonialists were from the upper classes? I’m really curious now.
      I had thought the class divide issue and the language differences were no longer a big deal. It was mean spirited of the lady if she truly meant to put down Carole.

      1. Having grown up with that type of language/ class coding, as soon as i read that lady’s words about the Middletons, i winced.

        THAT is such a put down/ burn.

        If i were Carole i’d be mortified if anyone said that about me in public.

        Above all else, being *seen* to try so hard is a very quick way to invite judgement and mockery. And it’s also funny that the upper classes and the lower classes would be the ones to do this because they don’t care about appearances. They take their class distinction on the chin and get on with their lives.

        It’s always the aspirational middles who are try hards, and who paradoxically, are also super snobby about other classes.

        Uncle Gary is proudly working class. He shows all the markers of not giving a fig about it and not geing a tryhard and consequently is probably more welcomed by rest of society.

        Carole hides her working class roots and is desperately try hard middle class trying to appear upper class or aristo, and for that everyone mocks her.

        1. +1, Hera. I can read “code”, too, and was mortified for Carole (even though I don’t care for her, based on what I know, and the source’s comments accord with everything else I have heard about her). I wonder if Carole could decipher it because it was absolutely brutal. It was the “That sort of thing” that really put the knife in.

          1. Hate me if you want, but that article was flat out and out funny and as far as I’m concerned, actually as far as I **understood** it spot on. I have zero sympathy for CarolE with an E. I don’t understand why she isn’t proud of herself, being an airline stewardess is an absolutely respectable job. I was quite astounded to find, that as an American I use upper class words:) I suppose that y’all might have a very valid point in that it was maybe not quite right to single out the Middletons, but then again, she’s the one who put herself out there, and let’s just say ‘promoted’ her daughters. However, I didn’t understand alot of the article so my opinion might be skewed **because of my lack of understanding.**
            Quite surprising the ‘class’ of some words.

        2. Yeah I got that it’s veiled insult but I am hoping it was just a faux pas because I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want to embarrass someone else so publicly. Like her or not, she never did this “lady” any harm to warrant that.

          1. EL: l’d hazard a guess that Carole didn’t do anything per se, but rubbed the other mothers the wrong way, and i would think that Carole’s class pretensions would have been the primary source of their ire.

    2. Update: is this Bethan Holt (from the Telegraph) throwing very subtle shade? “As the royal tots have grown up in the public eye, their parents- the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge- have been careful to protect the youngsters, but always ensure that for the appearences which they do carry out, George and Charlotte are impeccably turned out.

      And how better to project a pristine family front than to dress as a co-ordinated foursome?”. (source:
      Note the use of the term “pristine” again.

      1. I think Kate is replicating the very thing her mother was criticised for. In service to her idea of royal, real or perceived. Her insistence on her physical self improvements and self presentation is straight from the comments made by that Marlborough mother.

        There are reasons to justify all of it, many if not all legit, but for her aspirations, she’s going to be mocked just like her mother.

  14. I am so so sick of the hats Kate wears that look like something growing out of her forehead, though this one is better than most. I guess she can’t really wear anything else because of that Gone with the Wind/Little Women hairstyle she wears to these occasions even if it makes her look ancient. I have read in several places that she can’t really do any other up-do or her hair extensions would show. Don’t know enough about that process to judge that idea.

    While Kate looked really good in the pink I thought the color was inappropriate given the events of the last week. When I saw the first picture of her and Camilla in the carriage, I was sure she wore it because she could never go out to an event like this in something that wasn’t new and also because it was going to co-ordinate with Charlotte. I didn’t think she was going to also co-ordinate George. She should have had a backup plan so that she could have worn something in a more subdued color. The Queen wore an outfit that is several years old and that she wore on June 1 to a garden party. I would be willing to bet that it was not what she originally intended to wear but she adapted for the times. I don’t mind the rather old fashioned dresses she puts on Charlotte but these outfits she is putting George in are going to result in him being teased at school. I don’t care how much this new school wants everyone to be friends, it is going to happen.

    Back to Kate’s dress – that weird ruffle thing at the waist spoiled the dress. It makes it look like the dress is inside out and the skirt and bodice are just basted together for a fitting.

    1. I think the word you’re looking for is fascinator, Kate’s not exactly wearing a hat. It’s old-fashioned and not everyone likes it, but I don’t think she’s wearing it incorrectly. As for the color of her dress, she was not the only one in a bright color, so I don’t think we should blame Kate for that. This is still trooping of the colour, the queen’s birthday celebration, not a funeral.
      UK schools have uniforms, so no need to worry about the bullies πŸ™‚

      1. Fascinators really took off in the mid 00s. If 10yrs is all it takes for a trend to be deemed old fashioned, man am i old!!!

        Kate wears the same fascinator in different colours, with very tiny variation in adornment.

        It’s pity because there are and have always been glorious examples of them. People didn’t like Beatrice’s wedding fascinator, and that’s a pity because she used to wear truly glorious ones. Ditto Zara. Heck Kate used to wear interesting ones pre-this boring style that she settled on this boring style.

  15. I love Eugenie’s outfit. Especially her hat. She looks summery and youthful.

    I was looking at all their hats and thinking that I would want something with more shade like Camilla’s or Eugenie’s. That way it would shade my eyes from the sun. I normally wear sunglasses so I would be squinting a lot without them. I wouldn’t want a smaller hat like Kates on a sunny day. I don’t know how she doesn’t squint the whole time. Also, it was so warm today and yet so many of them are wearing long sleeves. They must be so hot.

  16. I LOVE the pic with George’s big smile! We don’t often see pics of him smiling. It’s made even better by Charlotte’s expression in that shot. She’s very pensive, like, “This does not impressive me,” lol. Charlotte reminds me of Sarah Chatto more and more.

    I really liked Camilla’s look and the York girls. The way the waist on Kate’s dress goes up slightly in the middle makes it look odd, but Kate looks genuinely happy here, so I’m happy. So much of how a person looks comes down to their attitude and posture. Even though the dress is not to my taste, I think Kate looks great here just because she seems more genuine and relaxed.

    I really like the queen’s brooch. Does anyone have any info about it?

  17. The kids are so cute!
    I don’t really like Kate’s dress, it’s too bright, I’m not a fan of the color, there’s just so much pink going on. LOVE the earrings, always happy when she wears a piece of HM’s jewelry.
    I don’t thin ladies were dressed in pastels because of the attacks, I’m quite sure it has more to do with the heat, I suspect that’s why Philip chose to wear a morning coat and not a military uniform. Since Kate was not at all the only one who didn’t opt for pastels, I really don’t take offence.
    George looks ridiculous in that outfit, he makes more than up for it with his cuteness though, and Charlotte is getting prettier every time we see her, what a adorable little thing.
    Wondering why Harry was so grumpy. I suspect people will blame Kate for blocking the sight, but as I watched it on BBC, I really got the feeling that Harry just didn’t enjoy it one bit and purposely stayed in the back (like he has for the past three years now).

    1. I agree about Harry. From the photos in the carriage as well, he seemed really grumpy the entire time. And for the last several years he’s stayed toward the back on the balcony. So I think his balcony position was all his own making.

  18. Agree with you, KMR – I like Kate’s outfit from the waist up (those earrings!) but the pleats/oddness at the waist does nothing for me. Surprisingly I like the pink; I think the color flatters her more than the pale shade she wore last year.

    I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t care for the York girls’ outfits at all. I can’t put my finger quite on it, but they just don’t seem to fit in with the pageantry of the day? Between Eugenie going sleeveless and Beatrice’s jaunty boater hat, these look more like something I’d expect to see at Ascot, maybe. That being said, they look lovely.

    Cute kids are cute – George and Charlotte both looked to be in good spirits. πŸ™‚

    1. I, too, like this color on Kate. I dislike florals in general, so I’m not a fan of the York girls’ dresses.

  19. The top two photos of the Cambridge family are adorable.

    Not a fan of Kate’s outfit today. The pleated neckline, the paper bag waist, the hard pink shade.

    Prince Edward – OTT but quite spectacular.

    Amanda: +1 re your comment about Beatrice and Eugenie.

  20. Considering Kate hasn’t bothered to visit the victims of the fire in a building that is in her neighbourhood, it is disgusting that she chose to wear another new costly dress, much less one in frou frou pink that is contrary to the entire tone the Queen wanted.
    Her obsessing over the kids being perfect and staying on the balcony once the Queen left isn’t great either, but she is why people are mad right now. Kate is a waste. She does nothing and costs so much while the residents of that building are in dire straits. The UK people need to demand a massive accounting because one family of people who do so little, get so damn much, while others die because an extra few pounds per panel could not be spent. The Queen seems to get that she needs to be humble when these things happen. Waity Katie just wants her pretty dresses.
    And if she is pregnant, then she needs to be told to work during and after. She clearly doesn’t have HG this time round.

    1. Well said Nic919. When the Queen left the balcony, the Cambridges SHOULD have left too, but no. Ridiculous. And Kate constant fussing was irritating.

  21. I LOVED Kate’s look! The hat, the colour of both the hat and dress, the paperbag waist, the pleated detailing on the neckline.. LOVE!
    Am tired of seeing matronly buns though at her neck. Would love to see an updo higher up.

    I would also like to see William holding Charlotte for once. We’ve seen him hold her once… in a photo…

  22. First of all, due to the current unfortunate circumstances, she stuck out like a sore thumb, did she missed the memo or something? I’m pretty sure theres the whole protocol or something notifiying this years theme that manages the appearance of whole family that showed on the procession, and if there none she still stuck out since all of the ladies wore muted almost identical tone. And her stubborness to keep on wearing those frou frou pink is something that showed that shes there only for her prince and princess fairytale dream shes had for a long time since waity kate era. Even the york sisters get the idea..sigh.
    Bout the kids, she def doing it on purpose since the philips girls and the wessexs children dress up just like any other children and their parents dont push them to dress a certain way. Kate is mad that way. Again, thats perhaps one list scratched from the to do list as princess shes had since like the day she was born maybe.. sigh

    1. Not all of the ladies wore soft colors, at least 50% was dressed in bright, just not Camilla, the Queen and the Yorks. If Kate broke a law (or missed a memo), so did half the women present. In any case, if there was a dress code to respect those who died, it wouldn’t be flowery pastels, it would be grey/purple/half-mourning or even darker. So I don’t think it is something that showed that she’s there only for her prince and princess fairytale dream πŸ˜‰

      1. From the picture I saw only 3 ladies wearing bright colors-that is hardly 50%. The majority were in simple pastel colors, which is muted. Kate was the only senior royal in a bright color. So it would appear that she wanted to stand out. The other 2 wearing brighter dresses are not senior royals and therefore aren’t held to the same standard. Either way, today was to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and she was the one who should have stood out-not Kate.

        1. From that picture, yes, but if you actually look it up and check a pic of everyone who had the pleasure of standing on the balcony, I promise, 50%ish did not get the don’t-wear-bright-colors memo. πŸ™‚

      2. HM tends to wear bright colors to be seen by everyone. Her more subdued look was likely not what was originally planned. Kate has a history of standing out when she shouldn’t, whether it’s inappropriate dress or shoving more senior royals out of the way to be in front on the balcony. Last year she kept pulling Charlotte’s hands down when the child was clearly in distress and trying to cover her ears (or tug at them if she was teething). It’s The Kate Show, starring lazy Katie and produced by Carole Middleton.

        1. Honestly, it was very hot and HM is not the youngest, I presume she preffered to wear a softer tone because of the weather since she has not been wearing softer colors at any other event but this one since the attacks/fire.

          1. She made it clear it was a somber occasion and Kate ignored the literal memo. At least do some research since you insist on being contrary in all of your comments. HM sent the notice out, Kate didn’t comply. Again.

    2. The Queen wore bright blue to visit the fire victims and the Manchester terror attack victims. Plus she wears light blue quite a bit. There is no indication that the Queen was intentionally dressing somberly, and therefore no indication that Kate missed a memo. The pink was perfectly appropriate.

      1. The Queen wrote a letter which was sent out that morning saying the Trooping was to be a somber occasion. It really can’t get any clearer of her intention of how the Trooping was to be treated. Kate just can’t be bothered to care. Had she at least worn a repeat it might have been better but instead she has to wear another new dress, upping her total this year to about 60k For doing nothing. When people die because government councils are looking to save money, but this woman has to live in endless luxury it is insulting. She is acting like Marie Antoinette and she better wake up soon. People are going to pick up on the extreme cost of supporting royals and she is a prime example of the waste.

  23. I agree with you KMR- Kate looked great from the waist up, but I also don’t like the pleats. I think she looks better in more streamlined dresses, but I’ll give her points for trying something new. The kids were cute, Charlotte is a doll! It must be really overwhelming to be on that balcony! A lot to take in!

  24. I love this look and colour on Kate, minus the weird detail at the back of the dress. I agree with people that are commenting on the inappropriate colour Kate chose to wear considering the recent events in the UK. She should have taken her cue from the other senior royal ladies and not worn something so bright and most importantly new, considering people in her neighbourhood have nothing thanks to the fire that tore through their building with such ferocity. Surely she has a baby pink ensemble that she could have reworn? The children are very sweet, not a fan of the clothing poor George has to wear.

    1. The Queen wore bright blue to visit the fire victims and the Manchester terror attack victims. Plus she wears light blue quite a bit. There is no indication that the Queen was intentionally dressing somberly, and therefore no indication that Kate missed a memo. The pink was perfectly appropriate.

  25. Kate shouldn’t have to be sent a memo to realise how inappropriate a bright, NEW outfit would be given the circumstances. Her husband spent the day before meeting distraught residents who lost everything.

    Protestors were at the town hall demanding justice, answers etc. The town hall is a skip and a hop from KP and entire high street was on lock down from about 2pm onwards on friday.

    This pink outfit was about as appropriate as her matching military outfit worn to meet survivors of London riots in 2011 who had also lost everything.

    The media has taken up the theme of money being found for buck house, but not the residents, so she’s doubly tone deaf.

    Muted colours, even if not somber, and a repeat, would have been appropriate here.

    1. I wonder if anyone in the media will ever call her out on the tone-deaf conspicuous consumption.

      Part of me thinks she just doesn’t, well, think about it nor care much; to her, it is about making sure the attention is on her, thus bright colors and such. Not in the way HM does it to make sure people can see her and identify her with her bright coats and hats.

      1. They’re not doing it yet, Ellie, nor has the media bothered to investigate what the Queen did with public monies allocated to renovations over the years but diverted elsewhere. In effect, the people are paying twice for the same thing. That’s a dangerous box to open in these fractious and fraught times. I agree with your take re. Kate not thinking or caring much about others – not much warmth there; she seems content to be taken care of in her little bubble of conspicuous privilege. She stood out like a sore thumb at this event.

        1. I agree with your entire post, Jen, and while I have only an opinion I really believe that Kate’s goal was to stand out.
          I’m thinking back to the way she dressed and acted at the Ground Zero Memorial so I’m leaving it at that. Again, agree with your **whole** post.

    2. The Queen wore bright blue to visit the fire victims and the Manchester terror attack victims. Plus she wears light blue quite a bit. There is no indication that the Queen was intentionally dressing somberly, and therefore no indication that Kate missed a memo. The pink was perfectly appropriate.

    3. My guess is that she already had the dress planned, and the color coordinating, and was loathe to change. Big, big mistake.

  26. This would have been a good time for Kate to re-wear on of the trillion coat dresses she has in her closet -preferably something in a pale colour instead of a shouty look-at-me-pink. It has been a rough week in London and a less frivolous appearance would have been appropriate. The pink would be perfect for upcoming Euro trip.

  27. Hi all, sorry I’m late to the party!! Life has been super busy but I’m up early this morning and finally have some quiet time or as my husband likes to say “royal blogging time”.

    I just can’t decide on this pink color Kate is wearing, is it bubble gum pink or pepto bismol pink? Either way imo, it’s a bit much to wear a dress and fascinator in this color, I would have preferred a different color hat, like how Autumn Phillips wore a teal dress with a pink fascinator. And I’m just not feeling the paper-bag waist line detail, who really wants to add thickness at their waistline? I’m rather surprised at how few of the McQueen/Cambridge collaboration dresses I like. I don’t now if it’s the designer, the after-market tailoring or lack of styling but I just haven’t been excited about it for a while now.

    PG & PC are just adorable!! Those little, chubby cheeks are too sweet!! And those facial expressions, priceless!!! I think Charlotte’s dress is quite cute, I’ll be curious to watch how her fashion sense evolves. I wonder if she’ll take the Zara route and become that generations royal rebel? I imagine she has the personality for it! I’m just not feeling George’s outfit today, I don’t mind the suspenders but the burgundy/cream color combination is better suited to fall or winter not summer imo.

    1. I can’t wait until the kids get to decide what they want to wear and not be victims of Kate’s horrible sense of style. Charlotte hasn’t had to wear too many awful things but George has yet to be allowed to dress like a boy in this century. He is going to push back on this at some point and it will be glorious when he does.

      1. I’d like to see George in casual clothes, after playing in the garden maybe? He can go play with Christopher Robin and Pooh in the Hundred Acre Woods another day?

        Still think of the gorgeous photo of George clapping his hands while on Kate’s lap at his christening. And also George standing on tippee toes looking at Charlotte, in her pram, at her christening. Cute!

      2. He just needs a little Tyrolean hat and he’d look like the tiny woodchopper figurine from a cuckoo clock. All very Grimm’s imo and perhaps a touch silly in this day and age. I am all for tradition but I find this a bit of a reach

      3. George really does look like he’s in period costume, but I think the throwback look is only for public appearances. I’ve swear I’ve seen a few paparazzi shots where he’s dressed (mostly) like an average toddler/preschooler.

        1. Yes, but the question is why? Why the constant need to have George look like he stepped out of another century when making public appearances? Poor tyke. He might really despise those clothes. He surely will when he is older, if they insist on continuing to dress him that way.

          1. I once read that Will and Kate dress him in short pants because that’s how it’s always been done among the British upper classes – according to (hilarious) tradition, aristocrats and royals don’t allow their sons to wear pants until they reach a certain age.

            The entire thing is laughably absurd imo, but I’d bet that George is far more comfortable than he looks – he’s grown up dressing this way, after all, so I’m sure he’s quite used to it by now.

            Funnily enough, my preschooler would probably LOVE to have George’s wardrobe – he absolutely adores shorts and would wear them year round if I let him!

          2. jenny,

            I’m guessing the constant need to have George look apart from the 21st century probably has more to do with emphasising his status and class*, because it’s certainly not an emphasis on being “normal” or ordinary. Just like the Cambs ensured that for the big kiddie events the Norland Nanny Maria wore the service uniform, which again, sets them and George apart from and above the rest of society.

            The Cambs represent a more refined sensibility, a purity and perfection only found in the aristocracy, unlike us, the great unwashed. In essence, they are gods gracing us with their fragrant presence (in Kate’s Downton Abbey wannabe head, anyways).

            *Of course, I also agree it’s copying the Diana era.

            I’m also guessing that Kate leads a huge fantasy life and this explains how gobsmackingly tone deaf she can be.

          3. lobbit,

            Short pants are no big deal and traditional- at least when I was growing up. I imagine George feels quite at home just like other little boys. I grew up working class and that was traditional then for all boys. There’s something to be said for this little rite of passage- when you finally get your first pair of long pants, meaning that you are quite grown up. I don’t know how prevalent that tradition is in the UK now. But I do understand its appeal.

            Of course, knowing Kate, it’s probably got a snob factor.

    2. If you think more about why someone would want to add to their waist — and not to hide a pregnancy — I think you’ll have your answer.

      1. Pleats like those can hide an early pregnancy. Look bad on the more advanced bump, though. I stand by my comment that it looks like a maternity dress, but I am talking about the dress and not a possible condition of the Duchess. I’ve seen many women wearing what I can only describe as pregnancy garb when they are not pregnant. It’s odd, but I’ve seen it.

    1. Good job Bea!!

      I’m not a fan of the boater hats she’s been favoring but I like the one she wore yesterday, I thought she and Eug and Sophie Windsor were amongst the best dressed by far.

  28. Can we talk about the KP Father’s Day tweet? I’m actually shocked they did one with Charles, William and Harry. And no pic of William and Charlotte?
    I guess I’m even more shocked that they actually tweeted something at all. Is it Father’s Day in the U.K.? I know they have a different Mother’s Day than the US

    1. I thought it was nice but it would have been better to see a new picture of W with both his kiddos. Something more personal, to connect with.

  29. Kate in all that pepto pink was way too show, if you ask me. Particularly, after the horror of the fire in London. I really detested the dress and the fascinator. Just don’t like that look. The kids are adorable, but poor George was dressed way too much like The Sound of Music — as someone else commented. Charlotte is so cute and inquisitive. Her hair is growing and growing!

    So much sadness in Great Britain of late and so it was nice that tradition flowed — even if more tempered in tone. Which, was thoughtful, I think.

    1. Agreed, this outfit was obviously planned before the fire so that Kate would stand out in the balcony pictures, but once the fire happened, someone (or Kate) should have thought about switching out to a somber color–re-wear something even to respect the horribleness. It’s like Kate gets the public demonstrativeness of clothes when it’s a nautical event yet clueless when it’s a serious or somber one.

      1. It’s like Kate gets the public demonstrativeness of clothes when it’s a nautical event yet clueless when it’s a serious or somber one.

        I totally agree with Sunny. Plus the event was to mark the Queen’s Official Birthday, it’s for the Queen so she should be the person who is most prominent, not Kate Middleton. IMO Kate dressed deliberately in this colour to draw attention to herself. I also feel it shows lack of respect – to the Queen and to the people affected by the tragedy that has hit the UK in the last few months.

        I have also taken note of the last few posts which KMR has written and especially the one about thinking before commenting. I have thought about what I would say since I first saw the photos of Kate in bright bright pink and waited until today to see if it still annoys me, and I find that it still does. It’s a case of showing respect, she may have planned to wear this dress a couple of months ago but when circumstances changed then she could have changed her outfit too?

          1. But in terms of the monarchy, Autumn is no one. Kate will one day be Queen Consort. That’s a huge difference, especially when it comes to the language of dressing. HM understands this better than anyone.

          2. Except that HM wore neon yellow to a garden party the day after a terror attack and many people on here defended that choice. Why is Kate wearing pink to Trooping different?

          3. I think because as monarch HM has done before – brighter, cheery colors, for example when she visited the hospital in Manchester in that bright blue coat. Also, a garden party to me is a very different animal than the Official Birthday that is seen by so, so many and an opportunity for the RF to be a unit and make statements. HM is not attention seeking like I have found Kate to be in her clothing choices (HM wears colors to be seen but she is the monarch; Kate does it because she wants to be seen and makeit about her, thus the awkward fussing over her children, making certain they are in front, that sort of thing).

            I think it is because HM has shown far more respect and awareness than Kate has during times of crisis. Evidence: Kate in that bright pink coat visiting the 9/11 memorial. I didn’t expect black but a bright, bright pink coat was disrespectful. HM din’t wear bright colors but wasn’t in black or navy or whatever either (wasn’t she in a pale color? pale colors are also mourning colors).

            If it were not days after a fire that really rocked the area she lives in, and if it weren’t a sort of…hmmm…series of things and Kate’s history with behavior like this (as I see it), I would cut more slack, you know what I mean? (I see most of the royals like this honestly; tone-deaf, it’s all about me me me, not just W&K.) But spending a fortune on a bespoke coat when she could have changed into something different to be respectful,I dunno, were I Kate I’d have chosen something lighter, more appropriate, rather than show off how much money I spent.

            I am zonked on pain killers from surgery so I apologize if I make no sense. lol

          4. Ok, so Autumn had a bright hat on. She could have toned it down a bit too. My point still is that Kate is on that top layer in the BRF and she should have toned down in defference to HM. Firstly as I said before the event is about The Queen and not Kate Middleton.

            As Ellie said
            “HM wears colors to be seen but she is the monarch; Kate does it because she wants to be seen and makeit about her”
            which I totally agree with. If Kate was a bit more humble and respectful then I’d let some of her quirks go. But this, to me, looked like attention seeking.

            And, yes, I did raise eyebrows at that yellow outfit The Queen wore to the garden party. Then I was reminded that HM wears bright colours so she can be seen. As someone said in the comments on that post… It was bright but there were a lot of people present and if you saw a glimpse of yellow then you knew you had seen The Queen.

            The Trooping of the Colour is The Queen’s day and marks her birthday therefore she should be the prominent person.

            I hope you are recovering well from your surgery Ellie?

          5. Thanks Cathy. I’m doing okay – I was told I would be up and about by now and near to 100%, but I’m in so much pain, it’s ridiculous. Moving the slightest makes me want to scream. πŸ™ Appendectomies are NO fun!

          6. Hi Ellie

            Ouch! Been there, done that… got a nice scar too as mine burst!

            I can give you one tip – you’ll be needing to get your (umm, how do I say this) internal organs working. Being chopped up doesn’t help and the pain killers slow everything down (like d–o–w–n). I do know that eating kiwifruit gets me going again – hope that will help you? And it’s a natural way of doing it.

            On the positive side! Now you’ve had that out this means you will be able to winter over in Antarctica! Thrilled! It’s because they can’t operate to remove an appendix there and getting a plane in to medivac is dicey in winter.

            Hope that makes your day?


          7. The garden party is different than this. The garden party is a once-in-a-lifetime event where people planned their outfits months in advance. They were guests of HM and the occasion was to honor them for whatever service or thing it is they do. HM knows that being in that crowd requires visibility and she wouldn’t want anyone to say that they were invited to meet the Queen at a once-in-a-lifetime event but nobody could enjoy it because it was depressing and they couldn’t even see HM from the back. Trooping the Colour is about HER, so she can do whatever she wants. People show up by the multiple thousands every year and it’s not an invite-only event. It happens every year. It’s her day and she can do whatever she wants. But she sets the tone and Kate misses, whether it’s by making a mockery of tragic events in overpriced, inappropriate outfits or ignoring protocol when HM exits the balcony. Kate only appears to care about being seen to show off.

        1. The Queen wore bright blue to visit the fire victims and the Manchester terror attack victims. Plus she wears light blue quite a bit. There is no indication that the Queen was intentionally dressing somberly, and therefore no indication that Kate missed a memo. The pink was perfectly appropriate. I’m honestly a little surprised at how many people here have used this non-issue to criticize Kate.

          1. There is an indication because the Queen wrote a letter saying the Trooping was going to be a somber occasion. That’s pretty specific. Visiting the scene of the fire was done before she wrote that letter.

          2. Thank you for your comment Jennifer but I have a different opinion to you.

            I’m from a Commonwealth country and this may be the reason why my opinion is different from yours. The event was overshadowed by what has happened in the UK in the last few months and it was a somber occasion as indicated in HM letter.

            Plus it was The Queen’s day so let her be the centre of attention, don’t wear such an eye catching colour? Perhaps I could explain it like this – would you wear a white dress to a wedding, when you are not the bride? It’s about showing respect – to your Monarch as well as showing respect for the people who have died.

      2. Oh, Ellie, so sorry you’ve been in pain and I hope that you are healing nicely and feeling better now. I agree with you and Cathy and others who think the bright pink was too much after the dreadful fire. I do tend to think that with Kate it seems to be all about her And, her daughter. Dressing in similar colors is not my cup of tea, but if she likes it, fine. However, on a day devoted to HM, and a day so close on the heels of so much tragedy in Britain, I do wish she had chosen a less bright and upbeat tone. I am sure there is significance in William’s red jacket, but also, wow! Not knowing the significance of it, however, I still was shocked by his brightness, too.

        Yes, Autumn could have chosen a more subdued tone than the teal, too, but she is not in the front line the way Kate is. If you looked at the photos and did not know when this shot was taken, you’d think, “Oh, wow, Kate is the headliner here.” Of course, with two adorable tots around her, she would get much attention, but it does seem out of line to me that she chose to be so bold in her color choice. Just saying….

        1. William is wearing the ceremonial uniform of the Irish guards for whom he is colonel in Chief.

          His regiment took part in the parade and they are all wearing that colour.

          Here is a summary of everyone’s uniforms and why they wear the colours they do.

          William wearing his ceremonial uniform, as bright red as it is, is not in the wrong. Ditto Charles and HM/ DoE when they wore uniform.

          Harry doesn’t wear this bright red uniform because he is not part of regiments that wear these colours.

          These are Harry’s uniform options according to occassions

          1. You are a walking talking encyclopedia, hera. Thanks for the lesson. I had assumed the red jackets of William and Charles had a significance, so now I know.

  30. I do not like pink on Kate in any variation. I did like the design of her fascinhat, again, too bad it was pink. The McQueen looks are just variations of the same style, but this iteration had way too much going on. The waist detail was not flattering, made the dress look unfinished. At least it did not have those flappy things on her hips, but it did have some odd detailing on the waist in the back. Kind of all over the place. Overall, McQueen is not very exciting, even when the clothing is not being created for Kate. I was happy to see the children looking like they were enjoying themselves.

    1. Thr McQueen I’ve seen (admittedly, mostly on Kate because it’s not really my thing) just seems so costume-y. But it fits with their carefully constructive narrative. It’s kitschy but it fits

      1. I’ve said it often, and i will say it again. McQueen as worn by Kate is nothing like McQueen as conceived or imagined by the man himself.

        I have to accept that he is dead and his ideas book/ folder has been mined to extinction, but it still kills me to see these ladies who lunch designs churned out by the label.

        Pink ladies who lunch McQueen? Really?

        Alexander envisioned his clothing as armour. Strength in adversity. He said he wanted people to be afraid of women in his clothing. His clothing were always challenging. Even the ready to wear. People reacted to them. Best analogy being marmite. Either you love it or you hate it. With a passion. Colours were dark and forbidding. Construction rigid and ready for battle.

        Then Sarah takes over his label. And despite being his assistant for over 10yrs, apparently she didn’t absorb what his label was about. The first interview she said she wanted to soften the label. To make it lighter, less forbiding. Her early years at the helm were clearly McQueen archives repeated ad naseum, but as the label de jour for Kate, she’s softened to the point where a McQueen dress looks like anything generic from other designers irrespective of who is wearing it. It’s gone ladies who lunch in soft pink tones and equally unmemorable.

        I attend McQueen sample sales religiously and it’s gone from supermarket sweep by a very diverse crowd – race, gender, self presentation etc – to tonnes of clothing left on the racks. Repeated comments are how boring and generic everything is. It’s gone from queues around the block to hardly anyone showing up. It’s sad to see. The overheard comments tell you how much has been lost.

        One might argue that it is just clothing, but that is to ignore the real contribution that McQueen made to fashion and everyday wardrobes (he showed bumsters in 1996 which filtered down to all our wardrobes in the form of low waisted trousers by 1999) He elevated fashion to art. His couture is sculpture, his ready to wear visionary.

        Who will remember Sarah’s designs next year, nevermind a century from now?

  31. Kate is once again tone deaf and taking center stage om a day that is not about her. Add this one to a long list of occurrences just like it. I hope someone sits her and little Willy down one day and gives them the what for. Those poor children and the UK deserve better.

    Not a fan of boater hats at all but I think everyone else looks nice. Bea’s hat is so Mary Poppins.

    My thoughts are with everyone in the UK right now. Yet another motorist attack. When will it end???

    1. I know Meghan. Another nasty attack by a coward using a car as a weapon. Bless all in GB and may those who have been hurt, or those who have lost their lives — and all their loved ones find peace. Peace to all, actually.

  32. I think Kate looks nice, but I feel like she didn’t get the memo.
    All the other ladies seems to wear muted colours to pay tribute to all the recent hardships they faced, but Kate is bright and happy. She stands out, but is it a good thing.

  33. Okay, I’m finally going to comment.

    Pros: Kate looks lovely in that shade of pink. I’ve said it time and again, she looks her best in jewel-tone colors! Also, Charlotte looked adorable and I loved how her shoes and barrette matched big brother George’s suspenders. I also liked her nonchalant attitude throughout it. George seems to be an observant little boy. Camilla looked great in that soft, buttery color and Eugenie’s smile can light up a room as does Autumn Phillips’ smile! It was also sweet to see the extended members (Kents, Gloucesters and the like) on the balcony. Last, I’m glad Kate’s hair was out of her face.

    Cons: George being in suspenders was fine but it’s the color that I didn’t like. That shade of red was too Christmassy for me–more of a Winter shade than a Summer shade, IMO. Also, whomever compared him to The Sound of Music ugh…..I cannot get that mental image out of my head! Also, Grumpy Harry! I also didn’t like Beatrice’s boat hat. Again, too Anne Shirley for me! Last, I missed Sophie Wessex and the kiddos!! πŸ™

    Bonus: part of me wants to comment on Kate’s constant fussing over the kids but part of me feels it would be inappropriate since A.) I’m not a parent to a human (only to a dog) and B.) it simply feels wrong, in light of KMR’s first post after being gone for two weeks.

  34. Kate’s hairnet needs to be burned straight away. *Why* she wears the damn thing to begin with is beyond me.

    It. is. so. ugly. and. I. can. see. it. from. this. distance.

    The children are sweet, I love the expressions!

    1. It is possible to buy hairnets which are finer and not so noticeable, I wonder if anyone has told Kate’s hairdresser?

  35. My reaction to these pics caught me off guard. In light of all the recent heartbreaking tragedies, it makes me feel…I don’t know. Embittered, maybe? These overrated lottery winners enjoy taxpayer-funded 24/7 security. Nothing bad will ever happen to their precious rears. They offer one measly minute of silence. Then life goes on for them, without a hitch. They dress up and smile and wave. Then go hide behind their taxpayer-funded palatial walls, far from the shattered lives left behind.

    What can I say? That’s how I feel today.

  36. I enjoyed seeing the pictures where the cousins interacted…is this the first time we’ve seen the Phillips kids engage with the Cambridge kids? I think before this the only public image was a stiffly posed photo (well, Mia stole the show holding a purse).

    I find it really strange that the public images never show Harry or Charles interact with the kids. Sometimes they even don’t follow the gaze (and smile) of the Queen and Prince Phillip at the little ones. Even if they somehow are privately the happiest extended family in the world, the public image is certainly one of maintaining distance. In the baptism images of George and Charlotte, for example, only Will and Kate are near the kids. I think in Harry’s baptism, William is on the Queen’s lap and interacting with other members of the family too. In the generational photo, George holds William’s hand but The Queen and Charles smile straight ahead at the camera. The Queen does hold Charlotte in the grandchildren photo, but then again, no one else could hold the baby there.

    It would be interesting to know if the Cambridge images over the years are deliberate or just a subtle glimpse of how family dynamics are.

    1. Hi Ann, I too find it…odd, I guess would be the word that neither Charles nor Harry seem to interact with the children at all. In the past Harry had expressed hopes of being the “cool, fun uncle” and I hope he’s able to be all that and more for George and Char but I just don’t know.

    2. That’s such a sad thought. Here’s hoping they all have more fun behind closed doors.

      You just have to look at those fun photos of William playing chasing with Mia to see the fun part is coming out there?

  37. Does anyone know the halfway number of the year of Kate engagements? She just added one for June 29, but there were less royal events this month due to the crisises that have plagued Britain. Last year, she had about 60 by June 30. My hunch is she is at that number, but not above?

      1. You’re amazing, KMR, thank you for all the time and effort. Last year, the numbers were higher because of India. It will be interesting to see if the autumn move to London will have any effect, either more or less engagements with the life change.

    1. Ann, KMR does a running total – see the menu bar at the top ‘Appearance Total 2017’. As of June 17, Kate had worked a total of 28 days from 158 days so far this year, totalling 41 engagements.

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