Kate & William join HM for Day 1 of Royal Ascot 2017

Kate & William join HM for Day 1 of Royal Ascot 2017

Kate Middleton and Prince William attended Day 1 of Royal Ascot yesterday, June 20, and Kate, well, wore almost an identical outfit to last year’s Ascot showing.

Queen, Philip Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1
[Ascot Racecourse]

This year’s line up for Day 1 included Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, and Lord Vestey in carriage 1. HM wore a lime green Stewart Parvin outfit with a matching lime green Rachel Trevor Morgan hat. She is wearing her gold and diamond Singapore Peranakan Diamond Jubilee Brooch which she received as a gift in 2012.

The second carriage featured Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie. Camilla wore white with her giant Pink Topaz Choker. Beatrice wore a white, embellished dress from Claire Mischevani and a pink hat. Eugenie wore a black dress with a flower design.

William and Kate occupied the third carriage with Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Kate, William, Sophie, Edward Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1
[Ascot Racecourse]

Sophie went with a new, bespoke green dress from Emilia Wickstead and a hat by Jane Taylor.

Last year, when Kate wore that white lace D&G dress, I said I didn’t dislike the idea of the look, I just disliked the execution. So I guess Kate wants a do-over because she again chose a white lace dress, white hat, and nude accessories.

This year, Kate chose a new, bespoke white lace dress from Alexander McQueen. The white lace dress Kate’s is based on sold for $3,685, but Kate had hers altered to be longer. I am mostly never a fan of Kate’s alterations, but I actually think Kate’s looks better than the original here. Kate wore a new, white floral hat, and a new nude clutch, Loeffler Randall‘s ‘Tab’ clutch ($275).

Kate’s shoes are her Gianvito Rossi Praline pumps, and she gave Queen Elizabeth’s Bahrain Pearl Drop Earrings another outing.

Thoughts on this year’s execution? I think this year is much better than last year. I still dislike lace, high necklines, and nude accessories, but I think Kate looks nice here. Loads better than last year.

The fourth carriage hosted Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips with Lord and Lady Jane Fellowes. Autumn’s blue and white dress is the “Florence Embroidered Two-Tier Pleated Dress” (£249.00) from Rumour London.

Princess Anne, Zara Tindall (who kissed pretty much everyone) and Mike Tindall were also in attendance, but didn’t ride in carriages.

Carole Middleton also attended.

Other photos: Charles and Camilla presented the prize for the St James’s Palace Stakes.

And William and Kate presented the prize for the King’s Stand Stakes.

Kate put her hand on William’s back while at the prize presentation.

Here’s a full length look at the Queen’s and Sophie’s outfits.

Kate’s dress was a tad bit see-through and when the sun was behind her you could see the outline of her legs.

Also, this happened. Sophie almost fell on top of Kate when she was entering the carriage.

Here is a video of the carriage procession.

Additionally, KP announced that Kate will visit the Victoria and Albert Museum on June 29 to open the new Exhibition Road Quarter.

156 thoughts on “Kate & William join HM for Day 1 of Royal Ascot 2017

  1. I love love love Sophie Wessex’s hat. Considering how hot it was yesterday, I’m impressed by the amount of long sleeves on display. Bea’s coat dress is pretty but I would have been a sweaty mess in it. Kate’s lace dress could have done with a better liner, and maybe a coloured hat to mix it up a bit.

    1. I wonder why Eugenie got away with sleeveless — Royal Ascot’s fancy Royal Enclosure dress code says no sleeveless dresses/tops! I think she and Bea, and Zara, look best.

      Kate looks like a walking doily again. I like the execution better than last year, but my goodness, how much money does she spend to look like a grandmother? And to wear something so similar every year? Meh. I’d love a nicer, sharper updo like she had while on the Southeast Asian tour but I guess there’s too much fake hair thus he hairnet.

      1. This summer Eugenie has worn sleeveless on a few occasions where perhaps possibly she shouldn’t…….inside church at Pippa’s wedding, Royal enclosure at Ascot to name a couple. Certainly if it had been Kate she would’ve been torn to shreds. Xx

        1. I forgot that sleeveless is not acceptable in church in the UK and European cultures.

          I guess she gets away with it for being “only” a York princess.

          1. Eugenie gets a pass for sleeveless from me because I have no problem with sleeveless. If anyone else, including Kate, wanted to wear sleeveless to the same occasions as Eugenie, I’d be fine with that, too.

          2. KMR, I don’t have a problem with it either, but it is an issue in a lot of cultures. I’ve been barred from entering a church in Italy and Slovakia because I was wearing a sleeveless top, or my skirt didn’t cover my knees.

          3. Sleeveless isn’t allowed in the Royal Box at Ascot, nor are flimsy fascinators; only 4″ or something base, I don’t remember, I read it and it made me giggle. So Eugenie is getting away with it being royal. 🙂

        2. KMR, sleeveless in British Society is a bit of a no-no on formal occasion akin to men removing their jackets without being invited to do so. In etiquette terms it’s just not done. When the last British Prime Minster and the Chancellors wives went sleeveless in church on a state occasion it caused quite the scandal and William Hanson was appalled.

      2. According to the Royal Ascot website the dress code for ladies permits dresses with a 1 inch strap or greater. The straps of her dress are thick and seem to me to be at least 1 inch, so I would say she’s within the dress code.

        1. Just…..but you know one doesn’t really expect a blood princess to push the dress code to the limit. Of course she will get away with it but you would really expect her to lead by example not sail close to the wind, especially as Ascot has made a monumental effort over the last few years to reinforce the dress code and raise standards to where they were.

      3. This year there actually is no prohibition on sleeveless. I went to the website and the royal enclosure dress code only does not allow ladies to wear strapless off the shoulder or spaghetti straps (I read somewhere that straps had to be at least an inch wide). There doesn’t seem to be any prohibition on sleeveless dresses. I found it interesting that jumpsuits and trousers were permitted as well. Having said that, I agree, if Kate wore sleeveless, there would probably be an outcry.

        I keep thinking Kate is cosplaying some Victorian Gothic Romance, I don’t think she looks terrible, but it’s a bit ridiculous, and pretty boring, but at least she looked like she was having some fun.

        1. You wouldn’t be mistaken on the cosplay thing. She is so costumey it hurts some times. She set the tone with her wedding gown and has been playing that role ever since.

        2. Trouser suits are newly added this year….Too much IMHO but the day we see Princess Anne in a jumpsuit I know my Ascot days will be over.

      4. I think she looks absolutely beautiful! Really, really stunning. I can’t see how there can be criticism about her attire. She looks regal, radiant, and happy.

  2. Everyone looks lovely, Kate looks nice, she looks younger and fresher, maybe the makeup. I love this lace dress, it seems to billow a bit around her and it gives her more curves, in a good way. Well done.

  3. So much to say about these looks.

    – HM and Sophie look good in green. Sophie’s dress look like to be in a heavier fabric. I am not sure but it looks like it. Hope it wasn’t the case as most Europe is going through a heatwave. (Portugal is fighting a huge fire that killed 70 people, UK roads are melting, France had weather over 36°C for the past week …)

    – Kate, Camilla and Bea had the right idea by wearing white. Bea’s dress however doesn’t cut it for me as it makes her wider at the bottom that she is. I like the color of her fascinatror but wish it was a proper hat instead. It looks like a food plate. Camilla seems all right.

    As for Kate, the fit of the dress is much much better than last year and it seems to be properly fit her waist. Hope this trend continue. Lace is right choice since it’s a light material but how much more lace/white dress does she have to buy ? She has enough of them. And I dislike the hat.

    – Eugenie needs a good bra support. And change dress style. She looks stuffed on the top and must have suffered wearing black.

    – Zara and Anne look alright, even if the gloves are a bit out of place. Autumn’s dress … is a bit of an eyesore to me but at least it fits.

    – Carole Middleton looks good. She clearly knows what works for her and I like that she has a hat.

    – About the gents … Hamdam is my fave. He looks yummy.

    I hope that every KMR reader is handling this hot weather well and that everyone is all right. Don’t forget to drink water. Take care.

    1. I’m in France and it’s hot hot hot. I cooked lunch and dinner by 7h because it was already 28C. Thankfully, we have air conditioning in the children’s bedroom, so we can hole up there for the afternoon. Unfortunately, my almost 4 year old is stir crazy and cries because he wants to go to the park. Not today, kid!

      1. So do I. I live in the Alps, and it’s 36°C in the shadows. And being the month of Ramadan, I’m just thirsty, not even hungry.

        Good luck on handling your 4 year-old 🙂

        1. LizB and Ellana, hoping the weather turns cooler soon. We had similar weather in NY last week and it was stifling. I can only imagine trying to entertain your son, LizB. And, Ellana, being in the Alps and having it so hot. My goodness. Sending cool winds the direction of you both.

    2. Actually gloves are right and proper for the ladies. We’ve just fallen out of the habit of wearing them. Just as we’ve stopped attending church in a hat except at weddings.

      1. What a shame, I love some proper hats. If I had the budget, I’d have many of them.
        Gloves, I can do without.

    3. I live in Thailand and the weather is 30+ degrees C all year round, apart from a few short weeks around Christmas if we’re lucky!

    4. I am in Sacramento, CA and it is 114 F today. It is awful. They are cycling through the power grids and so only offices have air conditioning; hallways and elevators are 90 degrees.

      1. Damn LoriB, it seems that you and Kaz have it harder than me. It’s just that I’m not used to this kind of weather, especially here. Good luck to you.

  4. Love Sophie’s outfit and adore Camilla’s hat. Everyone looks basically nice. I have to say that I am OVER AND DONE with the lace dresses, but this year’s is better than last year’s for the DoC.

    But, really, is the snood/hairnet going to be a regular occurance now? Because I hate it. There has got to be a middle ground between flowing locks à la teenager and back in a low hairnet like a lunch lady. (No offence to lunch ladies intended. My mawmaw was a wonderful lunch lady and rocked the hairnet. But she was in her 60s and 70s.)

    1. Why are long flowing locks considered to be a teenager look? Countless celebrities wear their hair long and down at red carpet events or other things and no one complains. Is it because Kate has worn that hairstyle for so long and you want her to change it up? No judgment, I’m just trying to understand ?

      1. The DoC is not supposed to be a celebrity. She is not a Hollywood or reality TV star Her life is more than red-carpet events. I don’t care how she wears it in her down-time, but the years of flowing (mostly fake) locks at official engagements is not professional. Where I live, long flowy sausage curl hair is usually worn by teenage girls, not adult women in the real world.
        Plus, I’m just pointing out the extremes – it’s mostly either a hairstyle that takes hours and time with extentions and wiglets and becomes the focus of her appearances… or it’s a hairnet.

  5. I do love the hat, and like this dress better than last year’s. I just don’t get doing something so similar to last year! Her mom looks more stylish. I find it interesting they weren’t with the Royals, but with her parents, most of the day. And Kate’s adoring gazes and touches to William who just ignores her is bizarre. It makes me kind of sad for her.

    I’d have done a white/cream dress with a bright. fun punchy hat and shoes. It’s Ascot, have fun with going wild.

  6. Was HMTQ wearing her Kermit coat yesterday?

    I thought the McQueen was much improved on the D & G and Kate looked very Eliza Doolittle not that I’ll ever understand why she bought another white lace dress to wear at Ascot. Carole really does suit baby blue and Mike looked very handsome in his top hat.

    William & Kate had the most positive body language I’ve seen them share in a long while yesterday. They actually looked happy and tactile together. I saw NO interaction between the Cambridges and PoW and DoC. Now did I just miss it or was there no interaction to see? At the Trooping of the Colour I thought that both Duchesses seemed tense in the carriage with each other. Public smiles but body language appeared frosty.

    I am worried for HMTQ today……state robes and the full crown jewels on what is likely to ge the hottest day since 1976. I hope she has a car waiting outside to whisk her off to Ascot when she’s done at Parliament today although I hear the ceremony was always planned as a State Opening ‘lite’ due to the Brexit agenda? So maybe she won’t have to struggle in the full kit today? I couldn’t do it and I’m half her age.

    1. I did not see any photos of C&C and W&K interacting.

      It was announced a while ago that HM will be wearing day dress rather than full ceremonial robes at the opening of parliament this year. BP said back in April: “Additionally, owing to the revised calendar, the State Opening of Parliament will take place with reduced ceremonial elements. Consequently, there will not be a carriage procession, the military presence at the Palace of Westminster will be minimal and the Queen will wear day dress rather than an evening gown and robes. The Imperial State Crown will be carried ahead of Her Majesty.”

      1. I bet she’s relieved about that.

        Having been in the Lords whilst it’s in session it’s very hot on a normal day what with the TV cameras in there but a day like today and full as well it would be unbearable. Both chambers are really very small when you are in them.

          1. Nope……not that works in the Chambers. Portcullis house yes but The Palace of Westminster is falling apart and about to have the most massive renovation at huge, huge cost. To be honest how it has remained open is a mystery to me.

    2. I watched the end of Trooping the Colours live. Kate and Camilla seemed to go on very well on the balcony and shared some laughs.

  7. I thought Kate had better posture that day. She still slouches a bit in the photo where she is handing out the prize, but elsewhere, where she is walking or standing, I thought she was a lot straighter and shoulders back. What a difference. 🙂

    1. I notice that she and her mom have similar posture, so it may be their natural configuration of neck and shoulders.

      1. There is a picture of them standing side by side at Ascot and Carole has the rounded shoulder head thrust forward posture we see so often in Kate. Now we know where the duchess gets it from. Though Carole looks like she may be developing a bit of a dowager hump from it. To be expected,if she’s had this poor upper body posture all her life, she’s in her 60’s ( my MiL was definitely developing one before she passed away at 63, and she also had that posture issue)

    2. I too have noticed that Kate seems to be working on her posture more recently, kudos!! I think not carrying around that clutch is allowing her shoulders to move back to a more natural stance. I did notice Carole’s rounded shoulders and jutting chin and this does seem to be where Kate gets it from but if she doesn’t want the “dowager hump” she needs to start strengthening her back muscles.

  8. OMG Kate, a white dress almost identical of the one she wore last year. When I first saw the pictures yesterday I thought they were showing her last year in Ascot, but when I saw the video on YouTube it was written “4 hours ago”. Kate is not original, we all know that, but wearing a dress almost identical of the one she also wore and at the same event is too much. But I liked this dress more, and I liked the hat more too. And she is with her arms by her side, but her walking and posture are still terrible. By the way, I think Carole Middleton was elegant, many people still ask say she should not be with the Royals. Well I don’t like her but she is Kate’s mother, so she can be there. To me the best looking was Sophie. Her hat is great.

  9. At first, I was excited because I thought Kate altered the Dolce and Gabbana dress and decided she too had enough of the dust ruffle and she had spent so much on the dress, why not alter it and make it better? I thought, well just like Kate to wear it to the same event, but she’s being resourceful at last. No. It’s a new dress. By Alexander McQueen, likely costing thousands. But, it is an improvement. I like it far better than D&G and I like it better than Self Portrait. I am surprised, however, how many on the royal forums (a place with usually mixed fashion reviews) unanimously adored this, some saying it was the best ever. Makes me feel odd for not seeing what they do….I just think it’s pretty but nothing I would file away in my head as particularly memorable or gorgeous.

    In any case, it’s nice to see her very happy as of late.

    1. I totally agree with you about the dress. It’s nice, and way better than last year’s D&G, but it’s not amazing or memorable.

    2. Well, everybody has a different taste 🙂 I, for example, love this dress and also think this was one of my favourite Kate looks. It would be boring if we all had the same taste, wouldn’t it?

      1. I often feel totally different from most other commenters because I kind of live twee dressing; I was a personal shopper at JCrew when I was younger and I guess it will just never bleed out. And I’m a sucker for florals too. So sorry KMR! I’m not loving the white lace as much, but in general I’m an outlier on the forum.

  10. I think Kate’s entire outfit would do well for an informal wedding bridal dress. I still am bored with lace and hate the hide-the-forehead hats, but this dress fits correctly and is flattering.

    I, too, love Sophie Wessex’s hat. I like the top of Bea’s dress, but the skirt billowed oddly with that center inverted pleat. I wonder if Eugenie wore sleeveless because they relaxed the dress code because of the heat?

    1. Hi, Fifi, I am with you on this dress looking a bit bridal. In fact, when I checked out the photo of Kate and William together, I thought, “Oh, they should renew their vows!”

      I thought the dress and hat were far better than her look last year. Then, I spotted the way the sun shone through the skirt and I agree with others. She needed to check out the lining before sporting this on such a sunny, sunny day. Once again, exhibition rules.

      Also, why does she need to spend so much money on yet another white lace dress? I’m with all who protested that fact.

      Bea and Eugenie looked awful and I did not like the look Sophie sported. Too heavy looking a fabric on such a hot, hot day. Did like her hat, though. Camilla looked lovely.

      And, omg, the priceless image of Sophie nearly tumbling onto the Duchess’ lap in the carriage. They both seemed to laugh it off, but so glad nobody was hurt.

      1. Fifi and Jenny, I also thought the same thing looking at the dress very bridal looking. The number of lace dresses, they all seem to have the same or similar look. Such a waste of money. I wonder is that her comfort zone? The Duchess make up looked really well done.
        I thought the Queen and Sophie looked smashing. Sophie’s hat is stunning, I wonder is the stone jade around her neck? loved it. Yes the fabric looks heavy but she looked very stylish.
        Camilla’s brooch is beautiful. I thought she looked lovely.
        Prince Charles looked really nice in his outfit. I don’t usually take much notice but to me he stood out today amongst the males, very elegantly dressed (is that the right word for a man!)

    2. Hi Fifi,

      I loved the “thought” of Bea’s dress, but the I agree the billowing wasn’t very flattering and frankly I thought it looked to hot for such a warm day. Loved Sophie’s hat, I think it was my favorite piece of clothing!!!!

  11. I love this look! I disliked what she wore last year, but this is a win!
    The flower details on the hat are so pretty and delicate, gorgeous. And the dress is beautiful. I also like that she put her hair up with the high neckline.

    Verdict: A fantastic outfit! And some cute PDA from William & Kate 🙂

      1. Peter looked so much like William in that photo of him walking with his wife. Autumn’s dress reminded me of a tamer version of that red and white doily number that Kate wore in Canada. Yuck.

        1. Yes, it was a more subtle version of Kate’s ugly red and white Canadian number!

          I thought Kate looked very pretty, but am also wondering why she needed to buy yet another white lace dress. This one worked, though. But, oh the see through look when the sun hit!

  12. Comparing it to last year, this was loads better. But I don’t understand why she had to do a look that looks almost exactly the same as last year. And bespoke too! How strange. I don’t really understand the outfits for this horse races. They all look like they’re going to a wedding but it’s pretty much a gambling event isn’t it? Btw, I thought Carole’s outfit was nice. If it was shorter I would wear it.

    1. Ascot like Wimbledon, Henley, Goodwood, The Chelsea Flower Show, Cowes, Badminton, the Derby at Epsom and even the Formula One Grand Prix as well as Glyndebourne and various Polo events that Royals attend is what constitutes the British summer social season. Steeped in tradition and association with the Royals. The dress code is almost as important as the events themselves. Traditionally runs from April to August some include and have been taking place since the 19th century. Getting your attire right at these events is crucial.

    2. The bar is always so low with Kate that people are praising the fact she didn’t wear a hippy dress like last year. But while it is more structured, she is still wearing a white lace dress and apparently didn’t test out the lining because the DM is ripping her for it. And since she has been doing this for a while, it’s either laziness or exhibitionsim at this point. If you are going to wear a lace dress then make sure it is lined. That is not hard.

      1. The dress looks lined. However, a less transparent material would have been better for the photos/bright sun situation. I’m going to give Kate a pass this time!

  13. I’m beyond fed up and now verging on disgusted at Kate’s spending on clothes. Like other commenters, when i saw the first pics (chest up) I thought she had re-worn the dress from last year and, while pleased she repeated an outfit, thought it was a bit odd that she’d repeat the same outfit two years in a row. Then I realised it was a totally new dress. What is going on?? Why is someone not having a word to her about constantly buying new clothes? She has trillions of gorgeous dresses and yet she still has to have a new one on almost every occasion. It’s just too, too much.

    This dress is lovely, I liked the alteration from the original, and I actually liked last year’s too, but I am so annoyed at her spending that I can’t be too admiring. Sorry. Just too grumpy.

    Carole looked lovely, as did Sophie.

    1. Not almost, every.single.time in the past year.

      No more pretense at frugality by recycling the 5% of her wardrobe that she used to do.

      It’s all know and bespoke.

      At this rate, considering she’ll be turning out for the rest of her life, i’m not sure that we can afford her.

  14. I don’t understand the choice to wear a basically identical (but new) outfit as last year. But I FAR prefer this year’s version, and I think Kate looks lovely. I know everyone is over the lace dresses, but I still love them (especially done like this!).

    But my favorite was the pictures of Kate and Sophie after Sophie fell on her– too cute! I like to see them laughing. I would love to see Kate become close to Sophie and use her as a mentor.

    1. I recall reading something about Sophie wanting to get close to Kate and help her out, around the time of the wedding and after.

      William put the kibosh on that straightaway. He won’t allow it. He is the only one who can show her the ropes, and as we know, he is unaware of them himself and doesn’t care and wants to burn it to the ground imo.

  15. I was not a fan of last year’s dress, so while I think it’s a little odd she chose basically the same outfit, this dress is way better. A bit of a less see-through slip would have been well-advised, but overall, she looked lovely.

  16. The best pictures of the day were those in the carriage with Sophie and Kate!

    I thought Kate looked extremely nice. Funny how one one day she’s caught with suitcases under her eyes, dull skin and too much blush then the next she looks like she’d spent a rejuvenating week being pampered at a spa. I’d love to know her secret!

    Eugenie’s dress made her boobs look like she was hiding an inflatable bath pillow in her bra. Poor choice for the day. But Bea’s outfit was just stunning. Almost better suited to Easter services or a wedding- hopefully we’ll see it again. Surprisingly her hair was pretty straggly and that’s the last thing you’d expect from her- it usually looks so lovely.

    Carole is so botoxed/filled she can’t even smile properly anymore. Since Pippa’s wedding, her face has been puffy and tight and it takes away from what’s arguably one of her best features, her huge happy smile. I hope I never talk myself into work like that, so rarely does it look natural and enhancing.

    1. Hi Ray, I’ve found using a good exfoliating mask can work wonders. I use a pumpkin enzyme mask that makes me look so much “fresher”, which reminds me to put it on tonight as I’ve been looking rather dull and haggard lately too. 🙂

      1. Do you mind sharing the brand of yours Queen Lauri? I am always looking for a good mask. I have yet to find one that makes my skin look renewed, especially after a dry/cold winter. 🙂

        1. Hi Overit, I use the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin enzyme mask. It’s suggested use is 1-2 x’s a week but I don’t always remember 🙂

          1. I will check Sephora next time I’m in the city and if they have it, I will for sure try it. Thanks for the tip!

          2. Thanks Lauri. I always appreciate other’s experience with face products since you can’t really trust magazine reviews anymore. Finding good anti-aging products is such a pain as well. I am looking forward trying the mask.

            Ray it looks like Amazon sells the mask as well

          3. I’m gonna look into it! I’d love a mask like that. My skin is okay, but I get dry or oily patches and I have huge pores. 🙁 On the plus side no wrinkles except under the eyes which I’ve had all my life…

            I’ve found using Clinique’s skincare really helps because it’s gentle.

          4. Thanks QLauri! I found it on PoshMark and ended up getting four different types of masks to try. My husband LOVES Masks. LOVES them. He is always wandering around in the evening with a green or blue face. So he will be so excited. Thank you!

          5. Since we’re sharing, I do have one skin care product (recently tried and on my second large bottle) that I really can’t get enough of, I just love it so much. Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel. I use it daily as a serum under my SPF moisturizer, or on lazy inside days you can skip the moisturizer and just use this. It really is like a cool drink of water for your skin, not sticky, tacky or greasy at all- two pumps for the face and one for the neck. I’m over 40 so my skin needs the hydration no matter what. And I really do see and feel a difference. Can’t imagine how great my skin will look once I add the mask- glowing!!

    2. Finally, someone mentioned Carole’s overly filled face. Her outfit looks fine but the rest of her is a hot mess. Kate also makes use of the botox. You can tell when she’s on the tail end of her injections.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. That is all I can look at is how over filled Carol’s face is. It was really noticeable at Pippa’s wedding as well. I think Kate is starting to use some filler as well and not just botox. Whoever does Carol’s face is overdoing it. I’m actually sad that more and more women are doing it instead of aging normally. And your right Ray, it affects Carol’s smile.

        1. Kate has jowls because she is so thin, but they aren’t noticeable for the moment, which means she either gained some weight there and nowhere else, or she is using fillers. Her bunny lines are especially obvious when she was trying to laugh during the Sophie incident. I think Kate is often out of the public eye because she is getting work done on a fairly constant basis.

        2. I’ve always thought Carole looked remarkably like a younger Angelica Huston. If she keeps up with the fillers/botox and itsn’t careful, she will come to look like the current pillow-faced Angelica Huston.

      2. The use of injected cosmetic enhancements seems to be escalating for Kate, and now her mother has joined in. The frozen look is really disconcerting and a tad scary. I can’t think it will end well being a slave to such things.

        1. In one of the pictures, Carole is standing next to Kate and looks very shiny. Is that because of the heat or some other reason? It just seem noticeable and I wondered if it was heat related. She looked plastic.

  17. I like this dress better than last years. I actually just really like the dress.

    I don’t understand and I don’t find it appropriate the amount of money spent to outfit her for smaller events such as this. Everyone likes to have something new, but when it comes off the backs of the tax payer, it’s bothersome.

    She looks more engaged and actually happy to be there so I am happy to see that. Does this count as ‘work’ for them?

    1. Considering that the dress, the hat/fascinator, and the clutch are all so very close to last year’s outfit, I can’t see how she can justify the cost for this outfit. It’s basically like the DM’s “get the same look” outfits, only it isn’t for less. And, because she actually presented an award, I think Kate will get to count this as “work” when really it isn’t anything more than dressing up for a fun event. Perhaps fun appearances that require nothing much more than smiling and waving should be counted separately from “work” events that at least require her to greet, meet and recite a few scripted comments.

      1. If getting off and then on a plane is considered ‘work’ and counted as such, turning up to watch the gee-gees after parading around in a carriage will definitely be considered so. I agree that ‘work’ needs to be re-defined for the BRF; smiling and waving is not work, turning up to ‘listen’ is not work either – these activities are nothing but a series of time-fillers to appear visible and engaged.

        Reckless spending on clothes is just wasteful. I thought Kate’s dress was similar to the upper part of her sister’s wedding dress, but overall too frou-frou and not worth the price. If Kate has to be dressed in new clothes almost every time she leaves her fortress, she is an unsustainable burden.

  18. Kate’s dress is appropriate and I think she has been looking quite well lately. I’m not a fan of the lace, but she’s entitled to her taste. I’d looked at a number of pictures from Ascot yesterday and I thought Beatrice looked rather unwell – quite puffy in the face and significant bags under her eyes. I hope it was just a result of being photographed on such a bright, sunny day. Eugenie is quite a pretty girl, but I agree her foundation garments weren’t doing a good job for her. I actually like her dress and hat quite a bit.

  19. I haven’t read all the comments yet, so please forgive me if I’m restating what’s already been said.

    First off, how nice to see William and Kate interact with extended members of the royal family! We see this so rarely so it’s a bit of a treat. I wonder if Kate and Zara are making plans to get the kids together for a play date? I didn’t see any pictures of W&K interacting with Charles and Camilla, I hope that they can one day put aside their differences (if there are any).

    Secondly, I really liked Carole’s outfit today especially her shoes! What an unusual style, I’m loving them! I hope that she encourages Kate to start taking some fashion risks with her shoes, get away from those boring court shoes and try something a bit different.

    Thirdly, the dress that Autumn is wearing reminds me so much of the red tiered confection Kate wore to Canada but I have to say that I like Autumn’s much better.

    Lastly, I just can’t with the lace dresses anymore…sigh. If I were in charge of styling this look, I would have selected a simpler hat or fascinator as the dress has so much ruffle and lace going on, styled her hair into a sleek and straight low ponytail or chignon and added a colorful clutch or shoes. I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the ruffles, lace, bows and flowers that this outfit felt both tweeny and matronly at the same time. I would really love to see Kate embrace a more sleek style of hair, the bump in the back, imo, adds an “old lady” matronly component that she just doesn’t need. Frankly, I think an all over “sleek and simple” look would suit Kate much more than all the ruffles, bows and lace.

    Thanks for a great post KMR!!

  20. I can understand that maybe Kate wanted to wear white again to Ascot, but why does she choose something almost identical to what she wore a year ago? Does she not have an assistant who keeps track of these things. This dress is better than last year, but lace, high neck….same old, same old. The York girls did not impress, Eugenie is short waisted and has a large bust and should not be wearing dresses with belts and full skirts. She would look better in a more fitted dress that flares out on the bottom. I think she wore a red dress about a year ago that looked fab. As a matter of fact, Bea’s outfit would have looked much better on her, although I thought that quite matronly. The only winner for me at this event was Sophie. She looked very sophisticated and I loved the neckline of her dress.
    I still can not help but think Kate is pregnant, she looks very glowy and has this air of “I’ve got a secret”.

    1. Totally agree that Kate recently has had that “I know something you don’t know” air about her, and that, plus her new “glowy” complexion has also made me question whether or not she’s expecting. Something else that might possibly explain Kate’s new rather smug confidence is the absence of Jecca Craig from their social circle–now that Jonathan Baillie has that new Nat Geo appointment, I think he and Jecca must be spending much of their time in DC. I will always believe that Jecca has played–and continues to play–a key role in William and Kate’s relationship.

  21. Zara’s dress was by far the most stylish and modern of the group (and I think one of the least expensive.)
    Kate makes me think of My fair lady but looks young and fresh so its a win. But with what was spent on that dress so it should be!

    1. So many differing opinions. That’s what makes for fun.

      I am afraid I did not like Zara’s dress at all. As for the York sisters. I wish someone would kindly say to them: “Please, no! Try something else.”

    2. Zara’s dress, very chic and I like the that blue colour. Eugenie is different but I like it. Especially the hat. Beatrice is wearing a dress and the embroidery on it. I can’t get over that.
      Autumn and Peter holding hands. They make a cute couple. I am not sure about the dress though. It looks a lot less muted. Can I add that Lady Sophie Windsor looked stunning. Not Countess of Wessex Sophie along with Gabriella. Those two ladies are under the radar but from the dresses I liked them.
      Kate’s lace dress is pretty but it does look bridal and over fussy. Even the fascinator\hat is over done.

      Camilla does look very regal and HM does look like the Kermit look is back. I think it is a lighter green. HM, looks very down.

      1. Laura: firstly, apologies for following you around correcting finer details.

        By Lady Sophie Windsor did you mean wife of Fred Windsor?

        If yes, then you are giving her an incorrect title and that is confusing to the reader.

        She has no title in her own right nor is she the daughter of a title. She married a title. That means she loses her first name when you reger to her by said title ie Lady Fredrick Windsor. Calling her Lady Sophie Windsor implies that she is daughter of Windsor as opposed to wife. Only daughters of a title keep their first name in their title.

        So Sophie Winkleman (single lady) = Lady Frederick Windsor (married lady)

        Sophie Rhys Jones (single lady) = The Countess of Wessex (married lady)

        Gabrielle is the daughter of a title so she keeps her first name ie Lady Gabrielle Windsor. When she marries, if she marries someone with a lesser title, she becomes Lady Gabriel (husband’s surname or title) like her married cousins Lady Davinia Lewis and Lady Helen Taylor (married to Mr Gary Lewis and Mr Tim Taylor respectively). If she marries a greater title, then she loses her identity as if she had no title eg Lady Diana Spencer married POW, DOC etal and her married name became PssoW, DssOC etal

        1. Arggggggghhhhhhh the dress code, the names, the etiquette, way too much for a fat little American currently sitting in a closet at her desk. One thing that I find obscene, in this day and age, or for that matter in any day and age is waity’s total and absolute disregard for other people’s money. There is absolutely no justification for having a new outfit for every single ‘event’. None. This woman is incredibly high maintenance, to the point of as I said flat out obscenely wasteful. Anne wears the same clothes more than once, I guess she is more secure than waity. Ghastly spending. Just my fat little American opinion coming from a closet.

        2. Yes Herazeus I meant Fred Winsor’s wife. My mistake. I didn’t know because they are minor royalty. I just liked Sophie’s style of dress.
          I admire Jecca Craig. Jecca was in William’s circle of friends. I don’t remember Kate being in his circle. I think they were just friends as I don’t think there was any romance there. Their body language seems to have indicated that as well. I mean Jecca and William never held hands.

  22. Kate is playing dress-up again with her overly costumey look. She could have at least chosen something not nearly identical to what she wore last year. Matronly dress and hair, check and check. Nothing exciting to see here.

    Poor Bea and Eugenie. Both just missed. There’s always tomorrow (today. I haven’t sought out photos yet). Carole looks frightful. Lay off the cosmetic work! She looks like a wax statue, her face is so tight. Nice outfit, though. Wonder when Kate will borrow it.

    I’d make Sophie best dressed if the material weren’t so heavy.

    I hope Phillip makes a quick recovery. It’s always worrisome when someone that age lands in the big house.

  23. I think Princess Eugenie is the most naturally pretty of all the women, but that dress! The black doesn’t look so bad but the fit and the lack of supportive foundation garments underneath make her look like an old dowager. She’s such a gorgeous girl with a nice, genuine smile–I’d love to see her kick it up a notch!

  24. Ha I love that you said giant pink topaz choker =)
    I dislike this dress for the same reasons you do. I differ tho in actually liking the original better, the collar isn’t as high, yes too short for her to wear but she could lengthen it and it didn’t seem to be peplum waist.
    Again with the same 1 hairdo her stylist seems capable of doing. When is the Spain state visit? Maybe seeing Leti’s faboo hair will jump start her into rethinking hers.
    I did like the earrings tho. I hope they change the posts when the lend them out-otherwise it kinda grosses me out but I won’t think about that aspect.
    I think Eugenie has a great figure but this dress did her no favors and she appeared to need a better bra.
    I saw a sweet photo of Zara with Phillip that made me smile
    And I love the queen in her bright chartreuse!!

    1. Yes, it will be interesting when the Spanish Royals come to visit. Queen Letizia dresses beautifully and is not afraid to experiment with her hair and outfits. She regularly recycles her clothes for the many engagements that she has. It’s clear that she has the self confidence that some readers think the Duchess of Cambridge lacks.

      I check out Queenletiziastyle.com/blog often just to see what she comes up with next. Hopefully Kate will take a few pointers!

      1. OMG, I loved her outfit from the other day. The white pants with the red blouse and killer red heels! She looked fantastic, appropriate and yet still stylish and fresh. Kate would look great in an outfit like that. Leti knows how to accessorize an outfit. She is a great example of how to dress for her age and yet still stylish. I would love Kate to take some inspiration from her.

      2. the swedes win for best tiara hair for me but Leti wins for best everyday hair! I love how she’s not afraid to try new dos. I haven’t liked some of them but she gets props for being adventurous

  25. When I was on Instagram, I scrolled right past these Ascot pictures because I thought they were the pictures from last year. Why on earth did she buy another lace dress that looks way too similar to last year’s? The one good thing is that this McQueen is loads better than the D&G creation.

  26. So I need to rant a bit on the nametags I saw. For once I am not blaming Kate. When I noticed that Carole’s name tag said “Mrs. Michael Middleton” I just about lost it. Does Carole not have a name? How different is this from Offred or Ofglen from the Handmaid’s Tale? There is a whole debate about why women change their last name once they are married, but why are we removing their first names too? Isn’t this the 21st century? Why does such a sexist patriarchal and insulting tradition continue? There is nothing that can ever justify this. Nothing.

    1. I can’t +1 this enough. I think it’s ridiculous that a woman loses her entire name once married.

    2. And herein lies my objection to name change post marriage writ large.

      Last year, i got into it with a few posters on here regarding name change as well as the ‘tradition’ of father walking bride into church to the waiting groom at the front, and the renactment of father putting bride’s hand into groom’s hand as well as Priest asking ‘who gives this woman away?’ Followed by ‘i do’ from father.

      Lots of people continue to see this as cute custom instead of the ‘women as chattel’ symbolism it visibly demonstrates and they happily renact it. Ditto name changes.

      In formal situations, it’s ALWAYS Mrs Michael Middleton. Never Mrs Carole Middleton because on marriage ‘Carole’ ceases to exist.

      People are more sensitive about it when titles are used because that is a glaring demonstration of the same, and ignore the micro-aggression at our non-titled level.

      In the case of Kate, i think both traditions apply because Kate has demonstrated in every way that she’s a pre-feminist era woman complete with the requisite education that society girls raised to make good marriages were given.

      It is therefore right, in her case, that her father walks her into church and hands her over to William, and she changes her name to his name and erases herself.

      1. I replied to your post last year and I don’t see the father giving his daughter away as a cute custom. It’s tradition and on such a special day as my wedding, when my family’s love and my husband’s family’s love was all around us, I was honored, happy and just plain thrilled to have my father escort me down the aisle. He has always meant the world to me and he still does.

        We are all entitled to our opinions, but Hera, please don’t sum up people who believe in that custom as thinking it’s cute. I never thought that and I wonder if others do.

        You are certainly entitled to your thoughts and me to mine. Trust me, though, mine, just because they differ from yours are not adorable, cute, precious, or any other insulting word. They are real and my feelings for my dad and all his loving and caring ways throughout my life are more special than my words can ever say. P.S. I also love and appreciate my mom more than my words can express!

        I ask respectfully if you ever wed? If so, did you honestly think you were erasing your self and just handing a “thing” over to your husband? I don’t think any modern day woman could possibly think that!

        It’s back to work for me and my colleagues. Good evening! Sorry for my rant, but I was obviously irked beyond belief!

        1. Mary Elizabeth: You are projecting when you extrapolate my comment that way. I said nothing about marriage, love or relationships.

          I talked about one specific reanactment within the wedding ceremony that is *traditionally* a man walking his chattel to another man and handing it over.

          Women were once chattel, that is fact. Whatever the feelings involved. That part of the ceremony was a very visible AND necessary part of the transfer of contract from father to husband.

          And whether or not you personally like it, the fact remains that many women think it’s cute to reanact this *tradition*. They’ve been indoctrinated into thinking it’s a necessary part of the ceremony. In a modern post feminist world, it is not. It’s a relic. A micro- aggression if you will, but most women do not think critically about it. In the same way that women accepted chattel status for centuries and in some instances foughtbagainst being seen to be equal to men. It was *tradition* not to have equal rights.

          Attacking me for pointing this out doesn’t change the fact especially since i didn’t invent said custom and zealously enforce it with my all powerful church on pain of death.

          Sneeringly asking after my marital arrangements is also a deflection because it has no bearing on the question at hand, but i’m sure you feel better for such rudeness.

          I’m glad you married surrounded by love. It’s something i should hope was a minimum at all weddings.

          …but that wasn’ t my point at all though you interpreted it that way.

          1. Agree with Hera. I’m glad you were married with a family who lovingly supports you. But no need to question someone’s marital status and base that on whether someone’s opinion is valid.

      2. Actually, based on internet gossip, it would have been more accurate for Carole to walk Kate down the aisle and throw her at William. Who gives this bride? I do! Take her!

    3. I’ve been peeved when I’ve received letters to Mrs Husband’s First Surname. Like, what? I get that’s what is done in Ascot-y circles and how they do the buttons but it’s really ridiculous. Why not Mrs Carole Middleton? That’s her name, not Mrs Michael.

      I had my dad walk me down the aisle, but my dad, mom, and stepmom all ‘gave me away’ when the pastor asked ‘Who giveth this woman’ blahblahblah, because they ALL raised me. (I can only imagine a hypothetical royal bride doing this and making some people stroke out!)

    4. That’s the way it is in British royal circles.
      When the godparents for George and Charlotte were announced, it said Mrs Michael Tindall for Zara, for example. (https://www.royal.uk/prince-george-0)
      They just use “official titles” and apparently, in British aristocratic society, Carol’s official title is Mrs Michael Middleton

  27. I prefer this year’s dress over last year’s D&G, but I liked last year’s hat better (but I wouldn’t necessarily put them both together!) I’ll join the chorus of whyyyyyy did she choose to wear another white lace dress but I agree the execution is much better the second time around. It was nice seeing Kate look fairly relaxed and happy, and the picture of her and Sophie gave me a giggle. 🙂

    Sohpie knocked it out of the park for me! Love this color of green, and the hat is perfection!

  28. Harry had an interview with Newsweek. It absolves a lot of W&K’s laziness, how they’re just wanting to work in specific issues and not just show up and shake hands. Eyeroll. I’m starting to get annoyed at Harry showing he’s just as petulant and workshy as William despite all of his charisma, good heart and work with Sentebale and Invictus. One great quote is how nobody wants to be king or queen. Uh, ask your dad, Harry?

    Harry pops by for home cooked meals from Kate who is his big sister he never had. Didn’t he say around the engagement he didn’t know her and was looking forward to getting to know her?

    And you can’t forget some old fashioned Charles bashing/Diana worship in an American publication!

        1. Thanks. Ellie for the article. It was an interesting read. Loved the pic of Diana holding Harry. It was a really sweet picture.

    1. I did a heavy eye roll at that comment about how it’s not laziness but they research thoroughly and get involved on a regular basis. Yeah okay
      And how “they don’t want to be seen as celebrities”
      And how the three of them are bringing the royality into the 21st century ?
      It was another sycophantic article that these three statements alone are laughable

      1. I still really like Harry but I find a lot of these comments put a bad taste in my mouth. Praising HM and his mum, sure, but what about his dad who helped raise him and really supported Harry in his charitable initiatives so much? Come on…

        1. That was a strange note i felt.

          He readily spoke about HM, but not about WK and nothing at all about Charles and Camilla?

          Yet in documentaries, he often says how much he visits Charles for advice and can articulate what Charles does.

          Lots of the article felt like impressions pulled from other articles and quotes through the years and cobbled into the one article.

          The only new information that should receive more attention is the stated intent that WHK will drop many of the charities patroned by the royal family after HM and Charles are gone. We speculate that would happen, but there it is writ large.

          1. If makes me think it’s just the American perception of how bad Charles is and promoting that. The joy in his dad’s face as he embraced Harry before Invictus says all you need to know about their bond.

          2. Newsweek and its articles are a throwback to our American press tradition of shallow and myopic reporting on anything not American. It was started by very rich, conservative businessmen–the Cheney and Mellon families in the 1930s. In the early 2010s Tina Brown tried to re-fashion it into a gossipy tabloidy publication but failed and it ceased publication in 2012 after years struggling to stopgap a dwindling readership.Then it was resurrected in 2014. The article reads like a People magazine story desperate to be informative journalism. But it instead feeds into the American naive narrative of royalty and faraway glamour from a bygone era.

          3. Is the author of this article, Angela Levin, the same Angela Levin who created myhorridparent.com? And who also wrote Diana’s Babies: Kate, William and the Repair of A Broken Family?

            If so, it’s not surprising that she didn’t include anything positive about Charles in this piece. She isn’t objective about him at all. So perhaps Harry did speak positively of Charles, but Levin chose not to include it.

    2. Harry does himself no favours with that ‘on message’ article. “We don’t want to turn up, shake hands but not get involved.” Sorry, mate, but that’s pretty much all the three of you do re. Heads Together. My takeaway from the trio’s ‘involvement’ is parroting a slogan or two, being inarticulate, largely unprepared and unknowledgeable.

      I wish he’d stop blathering on about how hard it is to be a prince and get over himself as being a provider of royal magic that the world needs. It really doesn’t. Harry has immense unearned privilege but let’s not for a moment lose our collective minds to believe he (or William or Kate) are working full tilt at anything except preservation of a spotlight and their own privilege on the back of others.

      1. The idea that W&K are more involved than just showing up and shaking hands is laughable. Harry, however, is; with Sentebale and Invictus, he is very intimately involved, attends many meetings, organizes Invictus and has a big say in how it all goes, but I don’t know about HT. I would say he is walking the walk more than they are, that’s for sure, despite the petulance I’m seeing lately in interviews. I hope it just has to do with speaking out about things.

        Another thing I found interesting is him talking how awful it was for them to walk in the funeral cortege. I remember reading Charles said they didn’t have to if they didn’t want to, but Philip convinced them they would look back and wish they had done. Seems too much for a little boy of 12.

      2. Exactly!! Harry says these things and then there is no follow through. And his actions to the issues I brought up say completely different things than his words.
        Yes-Harry has done some great things with senteble and invictus but he isn’t there every day doing the grunt work. Who knows how much he actually does with them. When he does work, I’m not denying that he comes prepared and is relatable but he’s also content to do nothing, go off on trips and hunting and what have you but also some of his biggest events are Africa-centric. Not that the big 5 don’t need help but he could focus some of that conservation to the U.K.
        Don’t want to be perceived as a celebrity-don’t date actresses! Don’t go to a major museum after hours for only you and your gf! Don’t get in a photo booth at a party with models, actresses and Other celebrities
        And when your father has a better twitter account than you? No, I don’t think you, your brother and his wife (who acts like a throwback of a 50s housewife) and constantly gripe about the need for privacy is going to bring the monarchy into 21st century. Unless of course with these 3, people might realize that hereditary monarchy isn’t the way to do things in the 21st century ?

          1. Why do you keep asking this question over and over? What do /you/ think?

            I think the monarchy will be here long after we die. It is an institution entrenched in government and social construct. A revolution would have to happen before it goes away.

          2. Kitty, my overall take is that the monarchy isn’t going to collapse any time soon. But it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are a number of things that can come into play at any time eg financial repercussions from Brexit, austerity measures bringing people to breaking point, secession from the Union at some point by Scotland, the ebb and flow of political movements worldwide, local events see an underbelly of discontent of the status quo exposed (Grenfell Fire) and so on.

            When the Queen dies, will people’s apathy towards the monarchy eventually be replaced with something more clear-sighted about the expectations and cost for a Head of State? While Charles and his lot have a plan to ‘slim down’, I imagine they don’t think for a minute that the public money should also be slimmed down. But no! Charles wants a highly profitable public resource, the Duchy of Cornwall, given to his layabout family.

            What is missing in all this planning and plotting is the public’s input: What kind of Head of State does the country need and can afford? Since Charles and co want the workload slimmed, why not slim it to constitutional tasks and events and leave the charity as an unpaid, voluntary activity? After all, charity work was only added relatively recently for the purpose of making the BRF appear relevant, hence securing its future. Could the HoS role be remunerated much like the President of Ireland, for example? Looking at the expense from a dry economic perspective, the current arrangement is unsustainable.

        1. Very true. I agree that when Harry works on things that interest him he is prepped and engaged, as he should be. He knows he can relate to people, like Diana, though should not rest on that skill alone or his mother’s memory. But – like his brother – he shies away from work required of him in the UK. Harry left the army some two years ago and has not moved to full-time work, content to dabble and fly under the radar aka Harry’s gap years. Having staff keep a museum open so that he can show off to his girlfriend is abuse of privilege, pure and simple. He has thrown around his prince title with women like no-one’s business. So yes, the words don’t always match actions. Frankly, I see the trio as three over-privileged people enabled by family to play at ‘working’ (thinking specifically of HT) rather than getting off their behinds to do substantial work for others.

          1. A different generation, Ellie. Unfortunately, these are just two entitled trust fund babies whom Harry thinks the world looks up to for their ‘royal magic’. Delusional.

          2. If I were royal God knows I’d look upon it as a privilege, blessing, and a duty to people and as a religious person also a duty before God to do that job. I’d look at Anne, Charles especially, on how to do it, and do it RIGHT. See it as a positive, because let’s face it, it’s a damn privilege not just to have all that wealth but that positive influence and ability to affect change that can really change the world. Sadly the generation of royals that’s my age don’t see it that way.

    3. That quote about how no one in the family wants to be King or Queen is going to come back to bite Harry on the ass later. That was a foolish thing to say. I can imagine now everyone will write articles centered around that one sentence.

      1. His wish can be granted. The responses will be for the Windsor’s to step away from the gravy train and move on.

        1. Yes, he should step away. Quite a fatuous remark that makes him seem that he doesn’t understand that every advantage he has comes from his being British royalty.

          1. I think he meant it insofar as nobody wants it as, HM didn’t really /want/ it. But it was her duty. It is a lot of responsibility, and a burden; HM and Charles see it as a positive burden, Charles especially, because he views it as not just his duty but his position in a way to make people’s lives better . Unlike William, who sees it as awful and everyone is mean and out to get him and blah-blah; I see that bleed out into Harry a bit in the petulance department. Still a really dumb thing to say but I think I understand the light in which he means it. Not like that’s forgiving of making such a dumb comment.

            Nobody WANTS to be and have that level of responsibility, but it is their duty, their fate, and they must accept it. Whinging about it does no good. Then leave if you don’t want that.

            I also think he’s referring to William–how he will step up when he absolutely has to, but does not want to, and thus he’s an angry, bitter person.

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