Appearance Total 2017

Updated: January 17.

Types of appearances:
A – Royal Family Appearances in the UK ()
B – Royal Duty Appearances in the UK (2)
C – Charity Appearances in the UK (for her patronages) (1)
D – No Press Appearances in the UK ()
E – Foreign Appearances ()

Total number of days worked: 2
Total number of engagements: 3

Kate’s Appearance Total 2016:

January ():

January 11: Visit to the Anna Freud Centre Early Years Parenting Unit. (Solo) (C)
January 11: Visit to Child Bereavement UK. (B)
January 17: Heads Together event. (Speech) (B)

February ():
March ():
April ():
May ():
June ():
July ():
August ():
September ():
October ():
November ():
December ():


January 17: Heads Together event.

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Out and About in the UK (that we know of):

January 8: Sunday church service at Sandringham.

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Vacations (that we know of):