Appearance Totals 2017

Updated: December 23.

Types of appearances:
A – Royal Family Appearances in the UK (1)
B – Royal Duty Appearances in the UK (33)
C – Charity Appearances in the UK (for her patronages) (26)
D – No Press Appearances in the UK (3)
E – Foreign Appearances (42)

Total number of days worked: 65
Total number of engagements: 105
Total number of solo engagements: 32

Kate’s Appearance Total 2017:

January (4 – B 1; C 3):

January 11: Visit to the Anna Freud Centre Early Years Parenting Unit. (Solo) (C)
January 11: Visit to Child Bereavement UK. (B)
January 17: Heads Together event. (C)
January 24: Visit to EACH Quidenham hospice. (Solo) (C)

February (10 – B 4; C 6):

February 5: Heads Together London Marathon Training Day. (C)
February 6: Place2Be Children’s Mental Health Week with Heads Together. (C)
February 6: Health Writers Conference with Heads Together. (B)
February 12: BAFTA Film Awards. (B)
February 13: Filming for TV show/HT training day. (C)
February 14: Air Cadets. (Solo) (C)
February 22: Two Action for Children visits in Wales – MIST, FIT. (Solo/Solo) (C/C)
February 27: UK-India BP reception. (B)
February 28: Ronald McDonald House Evelina London. (Solo) (B)

March (11 – B 3; C 1; E 7):

March 9: Service of Dedication for Iraq Afghanistan Memorial. (B)
March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. (B)
March 17: Day 1 in Paris – Meeting with President, British Embassy reception, gala dinner. (E/E/E)
March 18: Paris Day 2 – Les Invalides, Musée d’Orsay, Trocadéro, rugby. (E/E/E/E)
March 23: Best Beginnings visit. (Solo) (B)
March 28: National Portrait Gallery Portrait Gala. (Solo) (C)

April (6 – B 3; C 3):

April 4: 42nd Street opening night for EACH. (Solo) (C)
April 5: Service of Hope. (B)
April 19: HT event at KP. (Solo) (C)
April 20: Global Academy opening in support of Heads Together. (C)
April 21: BBC Radio 1. (B)
April 23: London Marathon. (B)

May (9 – B 4; E 5):

May 3: Farms for City Children. (Solo) (B)
May 11: Luxembourg – Mudam, Place Clairefontaine, Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg City Museum, Dräi Eechelen Museum. (Solo) (E/E/E/E/E)
May 13: Party at the Palace. (B)
May 16: BP Garden Party. (B)
May 22: Chelsea Flower Show. (Solo – kind of) (B)

June (5 – A 1; B 2; C 1; D 1):

June 12: London Bridge & Borough Market attack visit. (Solo) (B)
June 16: 1851 Trust Roadshow. (Solo) (C)
June 17: Trooping the Color. (A)
June 28: Kate, with William, visited the Headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Services. (D)
June 29: V&A Exhibition Road Quarter opening. (Solo) (B)

July (34 – B 1; C 3; E 30):

July 3: Wimbledon. (Solo) (C)
July 12: State Banquet for Spain. (B)
July 13: NHM re-opening of Hintze Hall. (Solo) (C)
July 16: Wimbledon. (C)
July 17: Poland – Arrival, Greeting President, Warsaw Rising Museum, Warsaw Spire building, Orangery in Łazienki Park. (E/E/E/E/E)
July 18: Poland – Stutthof, Gdansk market square, Shakespeare theatre, European Solidarity Centre, Solidarity Monument. (E/E/E/E/E)
July 19: Poland & Germany – Left Poland & arrived in Germany, meeting with Chancellor Merkel, Brandenburg Gate, Strassenkinder, meeting with President Steinmeier, British Ambassador’s reception. (E/E/E/E/E/E)
July 20: Germany – Heidelberg German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg market square, River Neckar, Clärchens Ballhaus reception. (E/E/E/E)
July 21: Germany – Hamburg Maritime Museum, Elbphilharmonie, Airbus, Departure. (E/E/E/E)
July 30: Belgium – Arrival, Service at the Menin Gate, In Flanders Fields Museum reception, Market Square theatrical performance. (E/E/E/E)
July 31: Belgium – Bedford House Cemetery, Tyne Cot Cemetery service. (E/E)

August (1 – B 1):

August 30: Diana White Garden. (B)

September (0):
October (4 – B 2; C 2):

October 10: World Mental Health Day. (B)
October 16: Paddington Station. (B)
October 18: Coach Core graduation. (C)
October 31: National Tennis Centre as Patron of Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). (Solo) (C)

November (16 – B 8; C 6; D 2):

November 1: KP maternal mental health roundtable. (Solo) (C)
November 7: reception at Berry Brothers and Rudd. (C)
November 7: Anna Freud Centre Gala. (Solo) (C)
November 8: Place2Be Forum. (Solo) (C)
November 11: Festival of Remembrance. (B)
November 12: Remembrance Sunday. (B)
November 14: Family Action. (Solo) (B)
November 16: dinner at Sunbeam Studios. (C)
November 21: received Professor Carmine Pariante and Dr. Gertrude Seneviratne. (Solo) (D)
November 22: Birmingham – JLR Solihull Manufacturing Plant, Aston Villa Football Club, and Acme Whistles. (B/C/B)
November 24: Royal Variety Performance. (B)
November 28: Foundling Museum. (Solo) (B)
November 29: Campaign for School Gardening. (Solo) (B)
November 29: Roundtable at KP with experts in positive parenting and early years support. (Solo) (D)

December (5 – B 4; C 1):

December 5: Diplomatic reception. (B)
December 6: Children’s Global Media Summit. (B)
December 7: Royal Foundation Board Meeting at KP. (C)
December 12: Rugby Portobello Trust. (Solo) (B)
December 14: Grenfell Tower fire memorial service. (B)


January 17: Heads Together event.
February 6: Place2Be Children’s Mental Health Week with Heads Together.
March 23: Best Beginnings visit.
November 8: Place2Be Forum.
November 29: Campaign for School Gardening.
December 12: Rugby Portobello Trust.

Official Photos:

May 1: Kate’s photo of Charlotte for 2nd birthday.
May 29: Kate appeared in a photoshoot with William for GQ.
December 18: Cambridge family Christmas photo.

Written Messages:

September 27: Message of support for SportsAid Week.
November 8: Place2Be Forum program.

Video Messages:

April 21: Heads Together #OkToSay video.
May 22: Children’s Hospice Week video.
September 18: Video intro for Anna Freud Centre initiative.


July 2: Wimbledon interview.


Out and About in the UK (that we know of):

January 8: Sunday church service at Sandringham.
March 30: Party at Pippa’s house.
April 6: Leaving Pippa’s house.
April 16: Easter service at Windsor Castle.
May 19: Kate driving in London.
May 20: Pippa Middleton Wedding.
June 20: Ascot.
July 1: Diana grave re-dedication.
November 5: Kate spotted in Chester with William & Kids.
November 20: 70th wedding anniversary dinner.
November 29: Driving with Carole.
December 1: Kate spotted at King’s Cross.
December 13: KP staff party.
December 20: BP Christmas lunch.
December 20: Kate watched The Nutcracker at Royal Opera House.

Shopping Trips (that we know of):

Vacations (that we know of):

March 11-13: Alleged ski trip in France (no photos).

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