Prince Philip stepping down from public duties

Prince Philip stepping down from public duties

In the wee hours of the morning on May 4, there was word that there was a meeting called with the royal staff about a big announcement regarding the royals, and speculation went wild wondering what it was about. It turned out not to be as drastic as had been speculated, but it was very significant: Prince Philip has decided he will no longer carry out public engagements.

Following in the footsteps of Prince Henrik of Denmark, who retired from public duties at the end of 2015, Philip has, with the full support of the Queen, decided that he will retire from public engagements starting in autumn of 2017. He will carry out his scheduled engagements through August, but will no longer accept any new engagements. He will continue to be associated with his over 780 patronages but will not take an active role in supporting them with public engagements. The full press release from Buckingham Palace:

    “His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh has decided that he will no longer carry out public engagements from the autumn of this year. In taking this decision, The Duke has the full support of The Queen. Prince Philip will attend previously scheduled engagements between now and August, both individually and accompanying The Queen. Thereafter, The Duke will not be accepting new invitations for visits and engagements, although he may still choose to attend certain public events from time to time.
    “The Duke of Edinburgh is Patron, President or a member of over 780 organisations, with which he will continue to be associated, although he will no longer play an active role by attending engagements. Her Majesty will continue to carry out a full programme of official engagements with the support of members of the Royal Family.”

Shortly after the announcement was made Philip accompanied the Queen to a St. James Palace service and lunch for the Order of Merit (thankfully he made a public appearance to quell some of the worst speculation). When he met mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah, he said to Philip: “I’m sorry to hear you’re standing down.” To which Philip responded: “Well I can’t stand up much longer.”

Back in January, KP announced that, starting in the autumn, William and Kate will increase their time at their KP apartment and will increase their official work. Philip stepping down from public duties will leave a big hole to fill in the royal workload, so William and Kate (and Harry) will have to step up. I wonder if Philip’s retirement was one of the reasons for announcing William and Kate increasing their workload starting in autumn.

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  1. It does seem like we are seeing a playbook being utilized and a transition coordinated.
    This got the headlines changed from the lawsuit…

    1. I thought the same thing when the announcement was finally made, there was so much speculation leading up to it. The scandalous photo trial is out of the news for now at least…

      1. The timing is very interesting in that this seems to have been coordinated well in advance; yet they choose the beginning of the trial to have a clandestine meeting complete with leaks and an announcement. BP’s PR team is clearly better than Will and Kate’s.

    2. +1000

      this is the lazy waity next day all smirk and F U to the people. Whiny bill ‘I am a prince’ took carol useless flasher waity enablers guidance and. ignore POW -or didnt bother to advise the POW/The Firm before putting the RF Monarchy foot in France Court – in addition his middelton sleezy demand from the French institutions and people for his lazy entitled wife,- her climbing mother middelton family.

      If this is how whiny can be disciplined -by HM ordering him to her duties, a 30+ man child behavior and hate for the royal family – HM POW need to demand take away his entitlements for 4 and middeltons – he give up his Line. To be forced ordered (he looked like he wanted to be elsewhere) out with HM on duties, is NOT the future GB CW needs if there is a monarchy. Allow lazy useless idle bill and cannot, to go live a private life. GB CW and the world have great serious issues than useless waste of heir spending/running around countries and wasting Duchy taxpayers funds holidaying – RPOs security time waste globally.

  2. We’ll have to wait and see if they actually step up. I mean, over the years so many of the other older royals got sick and stuff but it wasn’t as if the trio stepped up their game. This also isn’t the last time we’ve heard news about them doing more work. A part of me thinks though that at the very least we’ll see them hit the 200s in the work count at the end of the year because if they don’t especially with how much coverage this news about Phillip got I bet someone will criticize them among the reporters and it will not be pretty.

    1. I doubt we will see 200, unless they go on several tours and get several events packed into each day. I don’t think the Cambridges will step up this year. Maybe next year….

      1. Isn’t Kate only at 23? We are early May so there would have to be one hell of a burst of work to get to 200 by the end of the year.

        1. I think they won’t do much this year, but say they’re focusing on their transition to make it seamless for the children, and we can expect more next year.

          And then next year will have a new excuse.

          1. Probably baby #3 in 2018. HG ect. and 2018 is another low number year for appearances.

    2. Given past evidence and Willy’s truculence, I doubt they will do much more. They will add easy fluff and count ludicrous things like walking across the courtyard to inflate their numbers. Perhaps several freebie holitours on Kate’s ‘exotic places’ bucket list. And let’s not forget all those undocumented meetings behind the scenes.

      BTW, is Willy’s job done or what? It sure is quiet these days.

      1. Plus getting on a plane and then getting off a plane counts as two engagements. And don’t forget the Reading of the Scientific Papers. And the bagging of the Anmer nut crop with Pips; remember that?

      2. They might start counting dropping George off and picking him up from school as work ;). That would quickly raise the numbers to 200. LOL

      3. Maven, I was wondering the same thing. Is W still working for Air Ambulance?

        I can only imagione how much they will hate life at KP. Surely, after a few months of more work, William and Kate will find a way out of their new work. Yes, a third child and the pregnancy problems Kate supposedly suffers, will make it easier for her to bow out of things, but what about Will?

        Also, for the life of me, I cannot understand how such a long trip to and from his school each day will be accepted by them. For George, it will be hard and if Kate plans to travel to and from the school each day with him, well, won’t that cut down on her working?

        It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Why not throw more to Harry? That will be the suggestion of W and K. Should he wed, there will be yet another body to fill in at events/meetings, etc.

  3. I could imagine it is one of the reasons, that and George is school aged, but I stlil do not think W&K will step up in any meaningful way this year or next once Philip is officially retired. They’ll pull the excuses they can do, unfortunately. I do see Harry stepping up more, because he is so devoted to his grandpa; I wouldn’t be surprised if he took on quite a few of Philip’s charities. I can see them even using George’s commute to school and such as an excuse; they’ve already said Kate wants to do the school run herself, and it’s a long one.

    Regarding W&K I’d love to be proven wrong but the bar is set so low I don’t really have much expectation. So here is to hoping they step up and do their jobs! HM relies on these three to do their darn duty, damn it, already.

    I wonder how HM feels about this. Or Charles. Neither can ever retire, ever… William has never truly worked, not on that level, so I do not include him.

    1. The stepping up will be of Prince Harry and P’ess to be… – back up heir to HM- Prince Edward, Earl Countess Wessexs. POW need to allow the Princesses York to participate!

  4. Phillip deserves to rest. The sad thing is that he’s done more engagements this year than Kate. He, and HM, need to sit back and relax. HM’s health scare told us one thing we already knew: WK, and to some extent Harry, are not ready to step up. All these follies need to stop. Both WK need to be prepared to become king and queen consort.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. Prince Harry is held back to save face for his lazy useless waste of brother/wifw. Any sincere and credible stepping up will be of Prince Harry and P’ess to be… – and HM other heirs- Prince Edward, Earl Countess Wessexs.

      POW need to allow the Princesses York to participate – Bea York, seem not fully in private work; allow her bloodline Royal duties ..she is in the same position as Princess (QEll),; if POW pass before HM (and recent history shows the female outlives the male).

  5. 780 organisations! That’s a lot, even for 70 years in service.
    I hope Philip will lead an interesting life, without official work. Retirement with 95 years is remarkable, no matter which work or how comfortable his life is,he did his work and this with determination, like the Queen.
    Thank you,Philip, for your long service for the Queen and your country!

  6. 70 years in service is a huge feat, HM is lucky to have him as her consort. Unfortunately his grandchildren (of the heir & spare variety) have thus far proven to be quite useless and unreliable when you compare the number of engagements from last year. A 95 year old man managed to out perform both of them with 336 engagements compared to 204 (mostly due to 2 pointless holitours) and 166, pathetic for two 30 something year olds. I’m more convinced now more than ever that this was all planned towards the end of last year, hence Will’s hissy fit and very separate Christmas. Will he step up is the question, for the monarchy’s sake I hope so and I hope the press will continue to put pressure on the lazy threesome. It’s time to grow up and earn their keep!

  7. Yesterday, an American on a board I frequent (not a royal watching blog), commented on this, calling Charles “a dolt” and lamenting that the Queen will not have anyone to talk to, because “poor William is too busy.” I about had a heart attack. The media whitewashing of W+K in the USA is incredible. Also, what a ridiculous perception of Charles!

    The DoE deserves a rest.

    1. I found out after reading some UK press, that most of the people hold a grudge against Charles. If you go on the DM for example, Charles is the incarnation of evil for what he did to poor Diana and William, until recently, was going to save the monarchy with his normalcy.

      Thankfully, some people actually understand what it is about (PR, lots of PR) and want Charles as a king.

      Let’s hope DOE enjoys his retirement.

    2. As much as we roll our eyes at KP’s incompetence, they have done a good job in masking the Cambridge’s true nature and certainly kept up barriers between William and Charles. The 20th anniversary of Diana’s death will be a big opportunity to bash Charles again, as well as sanctifying Diana through William’s commissioning of two documentaries about his mother, with his hand-picked interviewees. It will be interesting to see if any other documentary maker will cast a different/realistic eye over the history eg the Feud series’ signalling they will review the Charles-Diana story, or whether British writers will dare to review events differently.

      1. Sadly the documentaries won’t be realistic, but only show the good side of Diana. In the HBO one that Will and Harry are interviewing for this is what is said:

        “This film will show Princess Diana in a way she has never been seen before, through the eyes of the two people who knew her best”

        “This new ITV film will offer viewers a fresh and revealing insight into Princess Diana through the personal and intimate reflections of her two sons and of her friends and family, many of whom have never spoken before, to bring together a definitive portrait of a unique person who touched the lives of millions,”

        I think people only want to remember the good. That is true of most people that pass away. However, the only downside to only showing the good of Diana is that it will re-spark the hatred for Charles. Since Diana will be shown as a saint, the public will blame Charles all over again. I’m also think 2 documentaries are a bit much

        1. Too true. And not only will Charles be blamed all over again, but Willy will be elevated as the saviour of all things noble. Which makes me even more deeply suspicious now about Willy’s (et al) erection of a publicly funded statue of Di and all this memorialising of her on an anniversary which normally would not be a big deal- it’s not like it’s the 25th.

          Methinks Willy has his goons gunning for Papa (and the BRF) as retaliation for his ongoing victimisation forcing him on pain of death into kingship (never mind the obscene amount of freebies and free money for just existing). It seems to be working. Willy is *all* about the PR because there is no substance.

          Here’s a question- who pays for the PR?

          1. I’ve always been confused: Is it the Sovereign Grant or the Duchy that pays for the KP press office?

            But all the PR–videos, appearances, tours, glossy pamphlets–for anything relating to the royal foundation comes out of the donations to that charity. And then the royal foundation has had the nerve to place that spending within the “charitable giving” category of their annual reports, which makes it look like the royal foundation is extremely generous when in fact it most certainly is not. At least not to the charities. Those best served by the foundation are the royal trio themselves.

          2. Oh, Maven, you’re dead right. This flurry of docos and statue might also be laced with retaliation for being told he’d have to step up prior to last Christmas. William seems full of vengeance; he needs some professional help.

            @Overit, the descriptors of the docos will result in heavy-handed direction and forced narrative from William and Harry. It will be interesting to see how the programs are received.

    3. I frequent other boards too that have nothing to do with royal watching and that is the general consensus I see too. If the royals ever come up, which is rare, Charles is at best a weirdo and at worst an adulterer who meddles in government affairs. William and Kate should bypass him in the line of succession. Harry is a likeable party prince who does some good charity work, but who may or may not be the son of Charles.I was actually surprised at how the question of his paternity always inevitably comes up. Even now because in my opinion with age he has a strong resemblance to Charles and Philip.

      1. Interesting perceptions, however misguided. It illustrates how Diana pushed her narrative as the last word, sealed also by her early accidental death. I’m amazed the wives of men Diana went after have remained silent for so long.

        1. Honestly, I would never come forward to talk about that publicly. Diana has this weird hold on a lot of people’s psyche. Coming forward to discuss unsavory things she’s done would end up just making you look bad for trying to disparage her name. I worry that it would just end in character assassination by the pro Diana press and fans. Who needs that?

          1. You’re right, of course; no doubt those women have suffered public humiliation, lost enough and have moved on with their lives. I’m foolishly after some objectivity and some truth-telling by someone skilled enough to put the well-worn pieces together.

          2. What’s needed is an explosive book with the dirt on everyone. Ain’t gonna happen. Sadly. Such is the insulating consequence of status and far-reaching power and money.

          3. Jen, Thanks for your comment about “foolishly” seeking truth beyond the PR stillness that the public is fed.

            I’m feeling rather despairing today that the press is always falls short of what it purports to be. The US press is especially disappointing these days. There will be a Dateline show (one of the US tabloid/investigative shows) tonight on Diana as I will watch some of it, but expect a rehash of the usual drama.

        2. Hi Jen

          Some of the wives of the men Diana chased after didn’t stay quiet, Will Carling’s wife was very vocal at the time about Diana and her husband. Also Oliver Hoare’s wife complained too, but I think she was most annoyed by the large number of phone calls Diana was making to their home.

          1. Thanks Cathy. Both Charles and Diana had no respect for other people’s relationships; no-one is innocent. But it exposes the royals’ attitude of entitlement – even to invading others’ marriages.

    4. I was reading a board (mostly American) that suggested that the Queen is pressuring Charles to take himself out of the line of succession to allow the “more popular” William and Kate to reign. And that if he agrees, she will abdicate. But she’s hanging on now to try to leverage him into quitting.

      The American media has spun things on the royal family.

      1. Because the American media spins Kate as an intellectual and a beauty, the mother of the decade, and William as a heartbreakingly wonderful, kind, charismatic man and father, unlike his own evil father who ruined Diana’s life.

          1. Most people seem to think this about them, even in Britain, but here it’s crazy how they’re talked about in the media. How great they are and such. ‘He’s JUST like his mother! So wonderful!’ ‘Skip Charles, he’s evil!’ So many people here think Charles had Diana murdered. She was worshiped here like a goddess. So anything associated with her will have her shine on it, even these two dullard do-nothings.

          2. Well, I guess those with a passing interest believe what’s put in front of them. And the PR is relentless in presenting W+K as the Second Coming. Also, some people choose to accept the sugar version, I think because it suits their worldview of people at the top of the tree being worthy and good and kind, never mind the details.

  8. Suddenly it all makes sense and falls into place. I wouldn’t mind betting that William was presented with this fait accompli arround the back end of last year……hence the enormous size tantrum and Middleton Court Christmas. It’s been said, off the record, to the British press that this is why the Wales were ‘ordered’ back to London and started planning for it earlier this year. That what made PP final decision was the ill health he and HM suffered last winter. I imagine a winter avoiding the walking incubae that are the general public is pretty tempting too. Apparently his arthritis is now leaving him in real pain and he was ‘buggered if he was going to start appearing in public with walking aids’.

    I’m finding it terribly sad because it really is the start of an era ending. I just hope he manages to live a life he finds fulfilling whilst he still can. Meanwhile the thought of seeing William’s slapped arse face more doesn’t fill me with joy. Knowing that he’s taken up the reins under sufferance as opposed to any altruistic leaning is a pretty poor state of affairs. And how does this all fit in for Harry? I imagine this makes Princess Sparkle even more attractive to him as he has found a partner who is more than happy to be throwing herself into charity……I still think we will have an announcement after the election and a wedding before the year is out.

    As to whether this is timed to keep the trial out of the news?……when that trial really gets going nothing will keep the finer details out of the news. Far too juicy for the British press to avoid using especially if it has the added bonus of giving William Wails a good whacking too.

    1. I would hope that if Harry chooses to marry it will be because he wants to and not because he feels pressured because his grandfather is retiring. The latter is a really dumb reason to get married in my opinion.

  9. You’ve described a most likely scenario. But really, what on earth is wrong with William? Does he really expect very elderly family to go on forever so that he can live a life of lavish indolence? Is it that he can’t bear his family, or could it be the other way round? The BRF has created an odious, unfit man they intend to foist on the public in due course. It’s their job to fix it, somehow. The Middleton’s are enablers, not bridge builders, that much is also clear. If the BRF were a private family business, William would have been pensioned off. What a mess.

    Nothing will deflect from the trial, nothing. The Cambridge’s were foolish to let the incident be brought up again. It exposes (pardon the pun) their lies in blowing off the Paralympics for tour prep which turned out to be a holiday (William’s words in the statement given to court) in France. So that contradicts 2012 prep excuses given to everyone, yes? They look shabby, escaping ‘work’ for their own personal pleasure. Yet again.

    1. I rather suspect that they are hoping that when push comes to shove William will rise to the challenge and make the best of a bad job. Either that or greater exposure to his calling will make it more palatable to him. Fat chance, more resentful than ever would be my guess.

      You are right though…..unless there is a fundamental shift in attitude from him it is and will remain a mess. And of course whilst the Middletons continue to blow sunshine up his arse he will continue to gravitate to that family as opposed to his own that foist duty, responsibility and accountability on to him at every turn, well in his mind anyway.

      I really do wish he would just abdicate…….he and we would all be much happier. Not in HM lifetime but maybe to stick it to the PoW who he clearly has issues with? That’s a scenario I can see further down the line. I really do see the worse excesses of Diana and the Spencer’s in William at times but without her emotional intelligence.

      1. Mrs BBV, I can’t see William changing at this point. The BRF giving in to him at every turn has emboldened his demands, not warmed him to his obligations. Doing nothing rarely yields the desired outcome. William won’t willingly abdicate because he wants deference that the position of heir gives, plus financial goodies, plus, and by no means least, his surrogate family wants the crown.

        The Queen and Phillip – if they really want to secure their family’s future – should give their grandson an ultimatum. Who else will he listen to? Certainly not his father.

        1. Sadly, I believe the institution of the monarchy matters more to the queen than rocking the boat. They all think it keeps the monarchy secure and the use of a PR Juggernaut will solidly fasten the BRF’s fortunes into the future. They only see an heir and a future king, not a weakling who should be smacked upside the head at least twice a day to get a clue or get the hell out.

          My guess is that at this point in time, without massive PR, Willy and the monarchy would be dead in the water. I still want to know who pays for it.

      2. Mrs BBV, I can’t see Willie stepping up ever. It seems everyone from the Queen to Charles to the Midds treat him as though he’s a lit powder keg. His volatility, petulance and self aggrandizing tales of heroics via the air ambulance “job” belie an undeveloped human being who can’t step up to any responsibility like an adult. Both he and KM are childish and vapid and are surrounded by people who are invested in keeping W&KM weak and self centered.

      3. I agree. He should take his sourpuss self out and go wherever it is that makes him happy.
        Seeing how happy he was on the guys ski weekend shows it’s just working that makes him completely dour. It was such a different William in those pics, a 180 to the guy we see when clearly doing something he doesn’t want to.
        But considering how Kate and Middleton’s worked to get the title (not the guy) I can’t see them ever coming this close and letting him give it up.

        1. His family needs to cough up a lifetime of money (not public money) to keep William entertained on the ski slopes etc, with no responsibilities to anyone else. He is the BRF’s creation and their problem to solve. They could diffuse the ‘lit powder keg’ by removing him, hence taking away all his power over them. Won’t happen of course, and he knows that. Surely they know he is totally unfit for the role.

          1. Jen, You are right. The BRF created Willie the monster (and so many others as you have pointed out). The family has the money so wouldn’t it be all ’round helpful to pay him off to go away forever.

    2. Mrs BBV’s comment is on the money.

      And yes, William fully expects the older members to carry on. He told us as much in his EAAA interview.

      Something about being a part time Monarch whilst he did meaningful work such as flying helicopters.

      Nevermind that Philip has been saying for the past 5-6yrs that he would like to retire.

      As much as i enjoy celebitchy’s snarky speculation about WK being forced to take on more patronages every christmas, i think this retirement and it’s implications for WK is why he buggered off to the Middletons.

      1. When I saw the Middleton PR “Christmas Walk” I did wonder if Kate had refused to go to Sandringham after she was frog matched off by the Queen’s Lady in Waiting (Lady Susan Hussey) after the church service? When she was split away from the rest of the Middleton clan. That made me think Kate had put her foot down, after all she looked pretty annoyed to be walked off by Lady Susan.

    3. Will there be seedy information coming out? I thought they put whatever the French equivalent of a gag order is on the case so after the opening arguments everything else would be behind closed doors until the verdict. I know why William didn’t drop the case because he’s obsessed with privacy, but from a PR perspective he should have just dropped the case. It’s not something you want people to remember.

      What I found very interesting (and I admit I don’t know how accurate this is) but William and Kate are apparently using legal counsel from the UK? That seems really stupid in my opinion. If I were involved in a law suit abroad I would probably hire lawyers from that country. Is this William’s arrogance displaying again?

      1. I was under the impression that they are using legal council from the UK AND France.

        Perhaps the lawyers have a branch in France or work with a France based legal firm, but are there to advise on points regarding the royal family that the french may not understand.

        Eg the defence is positioning the royals as celebrities on a parr with hollywood types when in reality they are very famous public servants who depend on maintaining a pristine public image as representatives -future- of the UK and it’s realms.

        There might be an argument to be made for that difference in damages awarded.

        1. You are probably right. When I read that they were using legal counsel from the UK I was pretty surprised. It would make a lot more sense for them to be using both.

        2. Usually in criminal cases there is counsel for the state (prosecutor) and counsel for the accused. There are lawyers for the alleged victims. The claim for damages by the alleged victims is also odd because that is normally something done in a civil action. I don’t know the particulars of French law to explain this.

        3. In all seriousness, how can the BRF claim ‘maintaining a pristine public image’ with a straight face? Phillip has had extra-marital affairs, as has Charles and Diana, Andrew consorts with a range of seedy people, Sarah tried to sell access, as did Sophie, Harry has behaved poorly on several occasions, Kate has exposed herself around a dozen times, and on it goes. The illusion of a ‘pristine public image’ is maintained principally through aggressive and relentless PR that cleans up their dirt. And keeps on doing it because some RF members think they can get away with anything, confident that they’ll never be held accountable.

          1. Agreed, Jen. If all the PR meetings were counted in the CC the Cambs’ numbers would be through the roof.

            As Hera said, they’re being promoted as celebrities and not public servants- public servants who *lied* to the people and are accountable to them, which is the crux of the matter. The entire BRF consists of a bunch of publicity seeking hypocrites.

        4. I read in France that they don’t really do the big pay out. That sometimes they’ll give a euro or two because you’re supposed to be happy that you were victorious. That winning should be enough for you

  10. Prince Phillip has been a devoted working Royal. Some are not in his corner because of his many racial faffs, but I guess his age can be some sort of an excuse. We can all learn at any age, though.

    At any rate, teh servcie he has given is to be applauded, I think. He never shied away from work, not for his support of HM

    Yes, an era is beginning to end. I believe Charles has the dedication to work hard and continue the Royal Family, but William and Kate just don’t seem to be able to dig in their heels to work.

    If William were honest and courageous, he would admit he does not want to be heir, but I just think he is too weak — and too into the perks — to do that.

    On a lighter note, the new PEOPLE magazine is out with Charlotte’s b’day photo on the cover. Cover size, she is really a dead ringer for William, who when he was a kid resembled Diana so much. So, maybe, Charlotte will look more like her late maternal grandmother in the future. I wonder, though, as she has other faces of relatives running around her face, as well. At any rate, I really was struck by her resemblance to her dad more when looking at the larger photo.

    1. It’s interesting how DNA works, isn’t it? 🙂

      For the longest time, people questioned who Harry’s father was when, really, there was no question to ask! Harry is a mixture of his father, mother and a good bit of his paternal grandfather!

      1. Jenny, you’re so right about Charlotte. There are a couple of early photos of Diana & Charlotte is spitting image, hairstyle & all. Spencer looks combined with Windsor strength – can’t go wrong in my book!

        Kimothy, at last commonsense talking with regard to Harry! If anybody is in any doubt about his parentage, take a look back at the Spencer children in the early days.

        Maven, you’re right, an explosive tell all book would be very interesting. The author could start by talking to Andrew Parker Bowles. They could ask him how he felt bout being expected to “take a walk” when Charles, his so-called best friend came to visit so the Prince who wouldn’t be told no could get cosy with his wife!?! Perhaps William is more like his father than he realises.

        1. Isn’t there a cousin of Harry’s on Diana’s side that bore a striking resemblance to him when the two were kids? Either Sarah’s or Jane’s son could’ve been Harry’s twin!

          1. I’ve always thought that Harry resembled Diana’s sister Sarah more than any other of his relatives.

          2. Kimothy, that cousin would be George McCorquodale, son of Sarah Spencer.

            I enjoy this picture of Harry and George… about twinsies.

            In adulthood, the resemblance isn’t as startling as it was in that childhood picture, but it is still strong.

        2. I don’t comment here very often but I have to agree with some of this Poppy’s post above. If a book were to be written, my gut feeling wis Charles and BRF would pull out every stop to destroy the book and its credibility. I have read quite a couple of posts here that suggest that William, Kate and Harry are not favourites on this site which is okay, we all like who we like, our hearts are not so smart. However, posts that suggest that Charles is “this poor guy” that his sons are out to tarnish just have me shake my head. Charles is NOT the victim, if anything William, Harry and their mother were the victims. Charles should NOT have married a girl he did not love leave alone like, just to use her. Charles “did” Camilla another man’s wife for years while at the same time cheating on the young girl whose life he had turned upside down and destroyed but he cared not who got hurt in the process. Well what goes around come back around, this is just coming fill circle to bite him in the butt. His children are resentful of him and how he treated their mother, and they want nothing to do with him, and rightfully so. When it really did matter, Charles their father chose someone else over them!! I don’t blame William and Harry for wanting to preserving their mother’s name and “sainthood” if you may, because for the longest time Diana was tarred and feathered by the BRF while her son’s were too young to say or do anything about it!! This is William and Harry’s way of saying “mom if we had been old enough, we would have been there for you when everybody else was against you”. I do believe Diana was not a saint, she was just human like everyone of us however, if Charles and the BRF had not taken this young girl and used, abused and destroyed her, we probably would not be hanging this conversation.
          I apologize for the rant.

          1. No need to apologize to what you want to say.

            Everyone is guilty in this affair: the Firm, Charles, Diana and Camillia.
            Diana was not the saint they want to make her out to be. She was a human with flaws, like all of us. Yes, Harry and William, through their actions seem to resent their father. However at the moment, the sentiment and need for a monarchy is low and attacking their father like this, is going to damage further the Firm.

            For all their talks about starting their talks about starting a conversation, they clearly don’t follow their own advises. Settling their own issues would only improve father/sons relationship.

          2. I’m very glad you wrote this as I found it very interesting. Our positions are quite different, I used to see Diana as entirely the victim but now I doubt that and of course we’ll ever know the whole truth. I don’t believe the POW set out to use her as a brood mare. I do believe he thought that what he felt for her could develop into love much as QM’s marriage to Bertie’s did. Which in many ways was the sensible way to view such a high profile marriage. He couldn’t let his heart rule his head like you or I can.

            But a cataclysmic turn of events that neither had the strength of character to overcome is what resulted and that is my middle aged, less emotional view of the situation now.

          3. I don’t condone adultry but cheating in your marriage doesn’t equate to being a bad parent. Plus, there was cheating on both sides.
            One could say how Diana confided, treated and some what manipulated her teenage son to her plight was more detrimental to William than anything Charles did.

          4. Wee Willie has thinks he found a mother lode of sympathy in mining Diana’s life and death, especially putting her name and memory up next to his scandal in which he lied about why he bailed on the Paralympics, a group of athletes Diana would treat with respect. I don’t see a son who is appropriately considerate towards the memory of his mother.

          5. As the only non-Diana sugar in the world, aparantly, I’d like to point out that she and her family misrepresented her to the BRF. They sold her as this nice, compliant girl who would go along when they knew she had a terrible temper and lied and manipulated people. Diana lied to Charles about loving the country, horses, polo, and his intellectual persuits, all pretenses which she abandoned on the honeymoon. Charles must have felt conned. They both made mistakes from the beginning. It was not all his fault.

          6. Hi, Jet. I wouldn’t call myself a Diana sugar, but I still marvel at her charisma and in some cases her courage. I just finished watching the Diana special on NBC’s Dateline. A few things are as fresh as they were 20 to 30 years ago. You can see her flaws clearly now but it doesn’t diminish her magic. As an aside I’m glad Charles married someone who loves him and he loves her. I like Charles and respect his work, even with his quirks and privileged life.

            A few key moments from the program:

            – Her beauty just after her wedding when she posed with Charles at Balmoral.
            – When she held the hand of an AIDS patient. At that time no one understood AIDS, which was a truly horrible way to die. And every one who had AIDS died then and almost always alone and in horribly painful way. Friends and famy abandoned them. I was an RN in Chicago who cared for many patientts diagnosed with AIDS. There were even RNs who would do anything to not have to care for them. The stigma and hysteria was constantly unnerving. Diana’s simple gesture of touch was stunning and a game changer.

            – The painful fact that she never found a love and happiness.

            I found the two hour program painful to watch. It was pretty well reported with a gaggle of friends, journalists and law enforcement interviewed.

          1. I don’t condone all Diana’s actions. However, I believe she was emotionally stunted and married way too young. And, to a man who knew he didn’t love her, but caved in to the pressure to marry.

            Diana’s childhood was very sad. Her mother deserted the family. Diana, I think never really felt loved. So, at one point in her marriage, she began looking for that love and never found it. So,she kept looking.

            I think her virtues far outweighed her vices, though. For one so young and really left out in the cold by the monarchy, she did create a role of her own. One, in which she made a difference in many people’s lives. Nobody is perfect, but Diana certainly did her part to help others.

            Now, that I am older, I do see that letting young William in on her suffering was wrong. And, damaging to him As commented above, I can’t blame William and Harry for wanting to keep a more stellar image of their mother alive. She meant the world to them and had a huge and positive impact on the world. Why wouldn’t they want her to be remembered favorably?

            Not one of us is perfect, but so many people don’t have the time or interest to do things for the less fortunate. Anytime, someone does do that, I think they earn angel points. We all need to think about others and help when/if we can. Diana understood that. I believe she was sincere in her efforts.

            Guess I will always be in Camp Diana. But, yes, I will admit her flaws.

  11. How many organizations do Princes Andrew and Edward have? I imagine that they should take on some of their father’s charities before they get passed onto Princes William and Harry since they are sons before grandsons. And Sophie and Camilla should take on some as well.

    1. It’s funny you mention this, the DM had an article yesterday about Prince Andrew becoming the new Plus One of the Queen:
      -> You can imagine very well the reactions the article got.

      And today we get William at work with the Queen :
      -> Maybe William will finally learn his job and how to control his faces (a look at the second picture will show you how much practice in that regard is needed).

      1. Oh my goodness. In the second and fourth photos, he looks uncomfortable and awkward as anything! Geez dude! Is that gap big enough for ya, Wills?

        Charles, on the other hand, greets her warmly! 🙂

      2. OMG, Aung San Suu Syi with the Queen. What an extraordinary woman. Both the Queen and Wee Willie should feel deeply honored to meet her. But I doubt Wee Willie even knows anything about her courageous stance against a military dictatorship and years of house arrest in Burma (now Myanmar).

      3. Okay, this is just major PR pushing Willy to the front. It was Charles’ gig, but it is indeed, interesting that Willy got a star role in the tabloids.

        BTW, Willy wasn’t “at work with the queen”. He was just standing there. On the side.

        1. Maven, Just looked at all the photos. Charles appears to know her well. Lovely pictures.

          Willie looks like he can’t understand why he is there.

          1. Charles knew her husband, Michael Aris, and when he died in 1999, Charles became patron of the foundation that was set up in his name, the Michael Aris Trust for Tibetan and Himalayan studies.

            Michael Aris was a Tibetan scholar and we know how much Charles has championed Tibet so i presume that was a mutual interest on top of supporting him as his wife was in prison.

          2. Thanks, Herazeus. I knew her husband taught in England and died during her imprisonment and house arrest. I didn’t know the Charles connection.

  12. How many times have we been told William and Kate are eager to fill their engagement calendars and every year we roll our eyes, laugh and say yeah right?
    So I’ll believe when I see in regards to them stepping up to the plate. It’s may and Kate’s worked the equivalent of 5 days a month so far, we’ve heard of no big tours coming their way which bumped up their numbers last yr
    I do believe the separate Christmas was due to them being told they’ll have to work more this yr. and it was his tantrum.

  13. I won’t deny that PP has certainly worked hard over the years and has been an integral part of “the Firm”, and I wish him no ill will but at least we will not have to put up with his racist comments. I do not find this amusing and those who put it down to his “quirky” personality have let him get away with this.

    1. I agree about the racist and sexist comments. Philip should not get a pass just for being old. Plenty of old people either have never said those types of things or changed their ways with the times.

    2. Agreed. There’s no good reason to normalise racist and sexist behaviour, which is constantly done when a title of any kind is in front of a person’s name. Doing so says more about the people who choose to do so.

  14. I should be happy that PP is getting to retire at the sprightly age of 95, but all I can do is wonder what excuses Will and Kate will pull out now in order to avoid having to step up. After all, they’ve been recalled back to London. They’re going to have to get creative!

      1. Right there with you. If she times it around October or later, it’ll also get her most of 2018 off as well.

  15. Hee hee here come the work shy William stories. This person is actually saying what most of us have been critical about even about trial in France.
    I particularly like this bit:
    “William is now 34, older than Philip when he took up his role, yet he still appears workshy, stroppy and insular. His desire to have his own way borders on petulance and smacks of an unattractive assumption of privilege. It’s time he grew up and took a leaf out of Grandpa’s book.”

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