Royal Round Up: Letizia, Camilla, Eugenie, Charlene, Sofia

Royal Round Up: Letizia, Camilla, Eugenie, Charlene, Sofia

Here’s a Royal Round Up of two ladies we haven’t talked about in a while and three ladies we just talked about recently: Queen Letizia doing stuff for the Princess of Asturias awards; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the Man Booker Prize; Princess Eugenie at an event for Elephant Family; Princess Charlene at the Princess Grace Awards; and Princess Sofia in a meeting with child rights organizations.

Here is a parade of fashion from Queen Letizia during events surrounding the 2016 Princess of Asturias Awards.

On October 20, Leti and King Felipe attended the ‘XXV Musical Week’ closing concert at the Principe Felipe Auditorium in Oviedo, Spain. Leti chose her go-to designer, Felipe Varela, wearing a new black, figure-hugging, spaghetti-strapped dress from the designer’s SS17 collection. She wore her Prada Saffiano black patent leather pumps, and the diamond earrings she wore to her wedding.

On October 21, Leti and Felipe met with the 2016 Princess of Asturias Award laureates at the Reconquista Hotel. Letizia wore a Carolina Herrera printed sheath dress which she debuted last month, and a new pair of red Magrit pumps.

Also on October 21, Felipe and Leti, along with Queen Sofia, attended the 2016 Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo. Leti wore another new Felipe Varela dress, this one a nude dress with a hand embroidered tulle overlay with black Swarovski crystals. Leti accessorized with her black Felipe Valera satin clutch, a new pair of nude suede Magrit “Vanessa” sandals, and de Grisogono black diamond teardrop earrings.

The Princess of Asturias Foundation was founded in 1980 by then Prince Felipe as the Prince of Asturias Foundation. It was renamed the Princess of Asturias Foundation in 2014 after Felipe ascended the throne to reflect the new Princess of Asturias, Princess Leonor. The Foundation’s aim is to contribute to extolling and promoting those scientific, cultural and humanistic values that form part of the universal heritage of humanity.

On October 22, Felipe and Letizia visited the Los Oscos Region which was honored as the 2016 Best Asturian Village. Leti wore a fuchsia coat by a local designer, Marcos Luengo. It’s a bespoke design of a coat from the AW16 collection. Leti wore her Chanel Comète Earrings.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the 2016 Man Booker Prize at Guildhall on October 25. Camilla gave a speech before presenting the winners with their awards. Camilla said in part:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, I’m delighted and honoured to be asked to this most exciting of literary evenings. In September this year my husband and I joined the 500th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Mail and – if I may quote him – he made the point that the Royal Mail ‘by its very existence, defends the written word’. When I was thinking about what I wanted to say this evening, I realised that the Man Booker Prize also defends the written word. Every year, the Prize honours the immense range of people writing in the English language and acknowledges that there are readers, from all over the world, eager to broaden their horizons.”

You can read her full speech here.

Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank attended the opening night of ‘Conservation Couture: The Animal Ball Collection’ in aid of Elephant Family and supported by Swarovski at the Victoria and Albert Museum on October 25.

Elephant Family is collaborating with the V&A to display an exclusive collection of couture masks, created by the world’s greatest fashion houses and inspired entirely by the animal kingdom. The masks will be on display at the V&A for a limited time in an area of the Museum not usually open to the public, the Cupola. The display is a prelude to Elephant Family’s 2016 fundraising event in November, The Animal Ball.

Eugenie attended the opening night and gave a speech. She read an extract from Mark Shand‘s (Camilla’s brother) book, and then said: “For many years now I have been a huge supporter of Mark Shand and all his work with Elephant Family. His legacy lives on with all the wonderful work the charity does for saving these beautiful creatures.”

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were in New York City on October 24 for the 2016 Princess Grace Awards put on by the Princess Grace Foundation. Naomi Campbell was the night’s host, and Albert and Charlene presented the Prince Rainier III Award to Queen Latifah.

The Princess Grace Foundation is dedicated to identifying and assisting emerging talent in theater, dance, and film by awarding grants in the form of scholarships, apprenticeships, and fellowships. The Awards honor 21 individuals in the worlds of theater, dance, and film.

The gala was sponsored by Christian Dior Couture, so of course Charlene wore Dior Couture. She wore a white, long-sleeve gown with four-leaf clover (among other leaves) on the skirt and one on the chest. The dress is custom but the four-leaf clover pattern is from the Christian Dior Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection. Charlene also wore some really gorgeous diamond chandelier earrings.

I kind of really love this pattern, but I’m not sure I like the shape of the top part of Charlene’s dress.

On October 25, Princess Sofia joined Queen Silvia at the Royal Palace for a meeting with The Children’s Ombudsman and other big children’s rights organizations, such as: Save the Children, UNICEF and the World Childhood Foundation. The workshop, “Our refugee – Our Time challenge”, is about the challenges of unaccompanied refugee children and young people in Sweden and how many suffer from mental illness.

This is a follow-up meeting. The initial meeting was held in March of this year – both Silvia and Sofia attended (which apparently I did not cover). During this meeting all invited organizations presented changes that have occurred in their own activities related to refugee children in Sweden. Silvia ended the meeting by saying: “Organizations can not do everything on their own, but together we can achieve so much.”


On a fashion note: I really wish Sofia would stop wearing these black booties with pants that stop at her ankles. It’s just not a good look.


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    1. Hi, Vegas Thanks for the link. The photo of Kate buttoning Charlotte’s sweater is so cute. Charlotte looks so darling. She certainly has it!! Just a little shining star.

  1. Also, Princess Beatrice was at the UN during Asia’s Game changers awards, where she presented Dr.Ruit with an award. It’s the same Dr whom she traveled with during the south Asia tor for free eye care.
    Hmm, one of the first comments on here, that’s a first. I like Eug dress, but she could have had a dress that was tailored better or she could have wore better undergarments. I dunno…

  2. LOVE Leti’s Felipe Varela dress. I also really enjoy the variety of hairstyles she pulls off.

    I like Charlene’s whole look, but I think the dress would be much improved by a boatneck neckline and maybe a belt.

  3. Charlene has an amazing sense of style. And that haircut suits her so much. I’m not a fan of Letizia’s and Sofia’s style though. It just doesn’t strike me as something royalty would wear.

  4. I really like Letizia but she has aged dramaticly in the last two years (you can see it in close ups on other websites). She is always so thin and that makes it more obvious whereas Maxima still looks beautiful with at her age. She also had a lot of fashion misses this year in my eyes- but she is working a lot and is filling her role perfectly- even she is not on the warm side. More like an CEO / ice queen which is fine to me. I wish she would have more opportunity to wear her tiaras it feels like that was ages ago.
    Eugenie looks lovely. I am no fan of the York’s but I think I make an exception for her. Did she get a new PR? It feels like as they wok hard on her perception. Maybe it is all for the alleged Andrew vs. Charles quarrel but then good press is good press so whatever. If I recall allright she is working full time, still has time for charity outings (and locking fab while doing it) and has a good looking (rich) long term boyfriend (maybe someday husband). She really is on the sunny side right now and I am happy for her. Whatever happens with her appanage – she will be fine.
    Sofia still has to find her role (and style) but I like that she is out and about all whole being a new mom (not like someone we know…).
    Charlene- no words! Does she ever smile? I can’t believe every source would exclude smiling pictures of her but boy she always seems bored and unhappy. And I highly doubt her work ethic as she dropt out of many engagements over the years. She and Kate would go along perfectly in terms of over stereotyped styling and a rejecting vibe. At least Kate can show other faces, maniac or not. But then both strike me as uncomfortable when being together with women of reputation and good looks. That would be a chillining event for sure…

    1. It’s always great to read others opinions here. I like Charlene. She never seemed eager to enter that marriage, but I think since having the twins she really has been more comfortable in her role. She certainly is not the smiling type, but she’s sincere from what I can tell. She takes her job seriously and in my opinion, her style is very French and interesting. She does seem like a warm mother, and in events with children, she gets down to their level and regularly offers hugs.

      1. I’m not sure I believe Charlene wasn’t eager to enter the marriage. She was around for years (they met in 2000) before she married Albert – including staying with him through the revelation of his second illegitimate child. So I think she knew what she was getting into when she married. Although she did seem more “eager” in her girlfriend years than after.

    2. I don’t really have anything to say about Charlene’s current work ethic–I don’t think we see or hear as much of what she does compared to how we’re force-fed every exaggerated detail about Kate. But I do have to say that I totally respect Charlene as an Olympic-level athlete. She clearly knows about dedication, making sacrifices, overcoming adversity, dealing with losses and disappointments, and the necessity and value of hard work and preparation. Life skills that Kate never learned in the bubble her parents created and kept her in.

    3. I think Charlene’s role is an anomaly, at least compared to the other royal ladies. Her husband runs the country, he is a billionaire, and there is little or no charity work to be done. Her Foundation is creating satellites in other countries, expanding outside their small borders.

      Her role also seems to be presenting a glamorous image. Just as Grace was there to bring glamour and class to the shady, casino-funded country. Charlene is supposed to present the image of Monaco, while glossing over the tax-dodge for uber wealthy reputation they have had for years. Magazine spreads, photo shoots – because she’s supposed to be part of the image and tourist draw I suppose.

    4. I think Charlene is a quieter person so she doesn’t smile as much or as big as other royal ladies, but she also seems to have gotten a lot of botox/plastic surgery done to her face, and I think that could definitely affect how much she smiles.

    5. I did not see a big or open-mouth smile from Charlene in any of the photos from this event. She only did her barely-there, closed-mouth one. Charlene barely works. I haven’t counted her engagements, but she doesn’t do a lot especially compared to Albert.

      PS. Please don’t talk about people’s weight.

      1. Monaco is a far different case from the UK. Tiny uber-wealthy population and basically no charity work to be done. That is why it is admirable (to me) that she has made her own foundation and is expanding it across the globe. She is creating work when really she doesn’t have to. The billionaires in Monaco aren’t rioting in the streets to remove the monarchy.

  5. I will start with Princess Eugenie if I may. I think Eugenie’s speech was well researched and she was confident reading it out. Positive body language and I do adore the dress. Though the top could be better supported. I think the dress suits Eugenie. Jack supporting Eugenie is lovely to see. Jack used to be a waiter at tables or so I read. I don’t understand how he can be accused of being rich. Jack from his manners and appearance seem genuine. Definitely a sunny time for them both.
    I like Camilla and I will look at the full speech later. I like how Camilla gets involved and there seems to be more substance and consistency to her work now. I like the dress as well. Princess Sofia seems to be getting actively invovled, in the children’s charities. I look forward to updates about the progress of these. I do like Princess Soifa’s suit is it? Very professional look.

  6. nope Caroline. Charlene smiles often but for some reason the press Likes to publish the ones that she isn’t smiling secondly Charlene is way too classy. well dressed elegant. Kate is always haggard and her wide open mouth grins makes her look trashy. girl has no class or fashion sense. lastly Charlene does many engagements alone. council cath needs her husband all the time. girl can’t even give a speech. Charlene is 100 times better!!!

    1. Charlene looks stunning without having to smile. She has a presence Kate would kill for. And considering Prince Albert is even less of a prize than Will, she makes the best of a bad situation.

    2. I can only speak for what I see or better what is shown to me. I never saw her in person so that is my impression. For her style- well I just don’t like it.
      I am not denying that the strange ways KM’s style is heading is not my cup of tea either. Charlene is at least able to stand straight and walk without putting her head forwards like a chicken (typically pose for people working at the computer 24/7 -but we know KM is clearly not doing that -maybe online shopping?) I will give you that.

    3. From the photos I’ve seen on photo agency sites and posted to the Prince’s Palace Facebook page, she doesn’t smile all that much especially when posing for photos.

      How do wide, open mouth grins make someone trashy? And why do they specifically make Kate trashy but not Maxima who also does exaggerated facial expressions?

      I don’t think we need to trash other women in order to build another woman up. You can comment on Charlene’s successes without bashing Kate for her failures.

      1. She’s often smiling in pap photos in personal time, but those don’t make it to a lot of royal discussions. Albert and Charlene just aren’t that high-profile to a many. Funny given his mother.

  7. I know this might be an unpopular comment. However, since both Kate and CP Mary are generally critized a lot for the money they spend on clothes and jewels, I feel that it is OK to bring up the expenditure of other royal women even though most of them but especially Maxima and Letizia seem to be exempt from this kind of criticism. I have even seen Letizia been used as an example of frugal spending. She may spend less on clothes than Kate, Mary and Maxima but she has some very very expensive jewellery – especially earrings.

    It was something that struck me when I noticed that she wore earrings from De Grisgono. I really like that firm and they make some very pretty earrings. However, this firm make couture jewellery, which is a far cry from Kate’s boring jewels from Kiki McDonough and Asprey as well as Mary’s much nicer stuff from Ole Lynggaard.

    Most of De Grisgono’s jewels are PRICE ON REQUEST – code for exorbitantly expensive! I did a little research and the few priced items I could find that are similar to Leti’s in terms of size and gems used are in the range of $80.000-110.000 for a pair of earrings! Compared to that Leti’s Chanel Comète Studs in white gold and diamonds are positively modest at the prince range of $ 2.000-3.000.

    She also has a matching necklace from De Grisgono with an evern larger pendant and a lot of pearls. That will be even more expensive.

      1. Well, the Spanish RF isn’t among the wealthier RFs in Europe so that’s a possibility. She has had the De Grisgono set for many years but the pieces have been kept in the vault in recent years. The same with the tiara that her husband gave her. It is adorned with 10 large, flawless pearls. Pearls of that size and quality are not cheap. Then comes the diamonds and the design. It is most like much more expensive than many of the belle epoque tiara/necklaces that can be seen on auctions. CP Mary’s new tiara (an antique) was estimated to about $9.000. Letizia’s Ansorena Fleur de Lys Tiara is most likely much much more expensive.

        1. Juan Carlos’s net worth is bandied about as being between 1 and 2 billion US. I’m sure he works very hard at keeping that hidden, as most of the royals with private wealth do.

          The disadvantage comes when money changes hands publicly, like Joachim selling the farm and buying the new house. Now there is a public record of his minimum net worth, which I’m sure he’d rather not have published.

          It is unlikely that out of S&L’s small annual taxpayer funding, she was buying masses of expensive jewels. The numbers just wouldn’t add up.

          We don’t know who bought the tiara (really ugly IMO) which is the traditional 5 year anniversary gift in that family. Or that it is owned vs. leased like the Midnight. If purchased, the most expensive jewels like the tiara would have been with private funds not taxpayer, or given as wedding gifts from an outside source. JC is chummy with several of the Middle Eastern royal families. 12 years ago I can see them giving expensive jewels to Letizia as a wedding gift, as they did with Diana.

    1. Leti and Maxima are queens, Mary is married to the first in line, Kate to the second in line… That should be seen in their expenses…

        1. Even as Princess of Asturias she’d be higher up then Kate. She’d fall in the Camilla status.
          I don’t think she’s worn her engagement ring since her in-laws corruption case so she seems conscientious of the climate/things going on around her.

          1. I have also read that engagements rings are not as common in Spanish Royal Family, so there may not be the same sentimental attachment.

          2. I think it is related to the corruption case. Inaki purchased it for Felipe, so the press wouldn’t be tipped off. I can see her wanting to hide it away.

      1. I think the economy of the country plus the wealth of the royal families and individuals are more likely to determine how much will be spent on each person, not place in line of succession. Sure, within individual royal families the place in line could indicate how much is spent on them but not when comparing different families.

    2. Trying to remember the figures that may have been on here or somewhere else, don’t remember. Denmark around 6 million people, Spain around 46 million. Fred and Mary’s annual costs were roughly 10 times that of Felipe and Letizia when both were CPs. Assuming that they were using that taxpayer money for their working wardrobe costs in addition to office costs.

      The personal wealth of Juan Carlos is often estimated at 2+ billion US, 1 billion if you take the royal properties out (and you should!). He was poor in 1975, has shrewdly made up for it in the last 40 years. Did he earn it honestly, I doubt it.

      p.s. Beautiful Lalique “tiara” going up for auction in a few weeks at Sothebys

      1. That Lalique piece hardly qualifies as a tiara. It is a pretty little hairband but it doesn’t even come close to the artistry and craftmanship of most of his jewellery.

        I just want to mention that the DRF get a fixed amount of money from the State. That amount cover all they expenses. The monarch get a specific amount of which a certain percent is earmarked for the consort. The same goes for the CP and his consort. That was the standard until Joachim’s marriage when the government inexplicaply decided to give Joachim an annual amount. Alexandra got an annual amount upon the divorce, which she still gets. What is less publicized is that Count Ingolf of Rosenborg gets an annual amount as well as a consolation prize for being disinherited even though he has never represented the RF. I’d like it to get back to only the monarch and the heir getting an apanage.

        I’m curious, where is the information on Juan Carlos’ riches because those weren’t mentioned in articles about the private wealth of the European RFs.

        1. That’s why I put it in quotation marks. I wouldn’t call that a tiara, but Sothebys is in charge!

          I know they get fixed amounts, just as Felipe and Letizia do. F&L appear to have served many more people with far less funding than F&M.

          I did quick searches to find the info on Juan Carlos and his wealth. Poor at ascension, worth a boatload now. The friendship with certain Middle Eastern royal families could have something to do with it. He isn’t listed in Forbes anymore, but then others aren’t either. Exactly how they want it.

          Lux used to appear near the top on the wealthiest list, there was trouble, and surprise now their net worth is publicly gauged to be much less. With increasing anti-monarchy sentiment in Lux in the last few years, it isn’t surprising. The Lux family was said to have a huge stake in the iron/steel industry, plus MT’s family wealth was pegged a billion decades ago. But when they’re out there asking for the government to increase their annual budget, they’d like you to forget about all that.

          The wealthiest people on the planet, especially those who want to be anonymous, make sure they don’t appear on those lists. Most of us will never know they exist. I’d never heard of Santo Domingo or Borromeo and their billions until they started dating the Monaco brothers.

          To me, the royals who have lots of private wealth try very hard to hide it. QEII lives an incredible life of luxury, but she doesn’t flaunt it. Consequently, people aren’t questioning if taxpayer funds are used to secure the private properties of Sandringham and Balmoral. Or her horse breeding operation in Kentucky.

          When they let the wealth show, they get in trouble. When W-A and Maxima bought a house in Argentina, there wasn’t much fuss. It made sense, buy a house so the girls can get to know the rest of the family. But the luxury house in Africa cause so much trouble they sold it. The luxury house in Greece is now a huge bone of contention with taxpayers.

        2. Alexandra still gets money from the state? That’s ridiculous. She hasn’t been a member of the RF for over a decade.

          1. Alexandra’s post divorce stipend from the taxpayers has never made sense to me.

            You leave, no more taxpayer credit card. End of.

  8. Just a quick question–do you like Eugenie with her hair this color, or her natural dark? I go back and forth on this.

    I’ve said before that I think that Charlene has a face which looks sad when she is not. I think she is very chic. She is one who took advice on fashion and the results are a style which suits her.

        1. Charlene can have both a Resting Sad Face and a beautiful smile. They are not mutually exclusive. Resting Sad Face just means when she is not smiling she looks sad. But she can also have a beautiful smile when she smiles. But when she’s not outright smiling she looks sad.

          1. Why are you willing to be so rude to Kate but when someone dares criticize Charlene you get so upset and insult others in order to raise up Charlene?

    1. Fifi, Eugenie was blonde as a toddler/ junior and her hair went dark into her teens I believe. I think Eugenie looks pretty with her natural hair colour. I like Beatrice’s red/auburn shade too.

  9. To me, all of these ladies seem really involved in what they are doing and more importantly, want to be involved, unlike a certain Duchess, whose demeanor always screams, “when will this be over so I can get out of here!”
    I know Charlene looks serious all the time but I just really like her. She exudes this kind of quiet calm and is very poised. Also, her diamond earrings are to die for.

    1. you guys need to follow Charlene more often. I have seen plenty of pics of her smiling and PDA with Albert. Kate and William look cold Taj Mahal photo cold cold!!!

      1. Charlene is giving a barely-there smile, if at all, in all of the photos from this event on Getty. She usually (not always but usually) gives closed-mouth, barely-there smiles in photos.

        1. Love those photos. Despite who she is now her excitement for teammates reflects so well on her. I bet she wishes she was competing!
          I’m a huge fan. Wealthy beyond belief but she finds a way to make her mark on the world.

  10. I realize this post is about the women, but I just have to say how gorgeous Felipe is! And four different pics each show him in a different suit or jacket, and only one in navy. Actually, he could wear nothing but navy and he still would never appear dull. He just radiates intelligence, confidence and sexiness!

    1. Felipe is a total hottie and even more so now that he has is beard back!!?
      I also like how he and Leti look at each other, they seem to have sweet moments among all the other stuff

  11. A wonderful royal round-up and perceptive comments, as usual. When I started reading this blog, Camilla was for me the arch-villain other woman. Gradually, as KMR has documented her activities, I started coming around to grudging respect. I’m afraid I’m going to have to give up the “grudging.” As a former literature prof I very much admire her efforts on behalf of literacy, in support of children’s writing, and, as she describes in her speech in bringing books to prisons. Thanks, KMR, for linking to the full speech.

    1. Constance, I am impressed by your credentials. A former Literature Professor. I’d like to be in your book club!!!

      I am also impressed by Camilla’s love of the English written word. She is a champion, as you said, of literacy and wants to encourage children to write, as well. That raises her so much in my opinion scale.

      Leti is quite fashionable, although, I did not like the color of that coat. Still, she wears everything so well. I loved the printed dress she was wearing in the second photo. Believe it was the second one.

      Agree wtih KMR regarding Sofia and her boots/trousers. Ugh. Loved the Queen’s scarf!

      Charlene is quite chic. I am thrown off by the bodice of her gown, but the skirt was so beautiful and she wears most everything so well. I am also impressed by her Olympian status. All the hard work she must have put in for so may years and her obvious discipline that was needed to compete. That is something she will pass on to her twins . Discipline in whatever they choose to undertake!

      Eugenie’s dress was beautiful, but she needed better undergarments. I like her more and more, whenever I read of what she is doing.

  12. I think I would of liked Leti’s 1st outfit with a different belt. The one she has doesn’t do it for me. I love her Caroline Herrera dress tho, it fits her perfectly.
    Not a huge fan of Camilla’s outfit but I love that she does literary work and she has her pretty pedal choker on so I can forgive the outfit.
    I love the bottom part of Charlene’s dress but agree with KMR, the top part doesn’t do it for me. She’s also a lady with some beautiful jewels!! I read where Albert bought his mother’s old home, which I thought was sweet.

  13. I have to say that I used to cringe when Eugenie (or Beatrice) wore clothes that seemed all wrong for her body type, but now I just love everything she (or Bea) wears!
    I click eagerly on pictures of either of them because they seem to be having so much fun with what they wear! They are never boring!
    And why not? They’ll be criticized no matter what they wear (or do), so why not relax and enjoy life? It’s an attitude that inspires me.

  14. Camilla rocks. She’s consistent and constant with literacy and reading. It’s personal, too. This is the way you do it. As jenny has
    stated, Camilla has a genuine love of the written word, and her passion shows.

  15. I sometimes wonder about the princesses, why they are not married. Not a judgment. When you’re with someone for several years and it doesn’t move on to marriage- why?

    I am not going to accept that the men are sheepish or reluctant or intimidated.

    1. I think the ongoing animosity between Philip and Fergie may have something to do with it. They’d have to pick their mother or their grandfather to attend the wedding.

      Or, given that their parents marriage imploded, they may not see value in those kinds of legal ties. Or not see them as necessary until such time as they want to have kids?

      Also, the employment and housing situation for them keeps coming up. I think that is part of the problem. It is difficult-enough for Andrew to try to get them into a royal property (whether or not they should be there). If they were married? Huge public fight about their husbands living off the state, even if they were paying market rent on the space.

      1. Just as well Beatrice did not marry Dave Clark given the demise of that relationship. Both girls are in their twenties still; people tend to marry a little later these days.

        Given that Eugenie and Jack are moving into Ivy Cottage after its renovation, living arrangements seem to have been sorted. Additionally, Eugenie has trust money and will no doubt inherit further. Both she and Jack work. These are not financially fragile people. They’ll work it out.

        As for Eugenie having to make a choice of who to invite, Phillip should put any differences with Sarah aside and honor Eugenie and her choices on her wedding day.

        1. I think people forget just how young B&E are and were when they got together with their boyfriends since they’ve been in their relationships (or past now for B) for so long. B is only 28 and E is only 26.

          1. Yes, they were only in their late teens or thereabouts when they got together with their respective partners.

            Nor does everyone think of or wants marriage as an end goal. If they’re happy in whatever state they are in, what more can one ask?

        2. It has been announced Eugenie is moving it, not that the couple is. Does that mean Jack is moving in? Probably, but that has been kept firmly out of the public discussions. If they both move in there, I expect loud protests when the photographic proof comes out.

    2. Not everyone is interested in marriage. Some people are happy just being together without ever actually getting married. I obviously cannot comment on these specific women’s reasons since I don’t know them or how they think, but not every woman is interested in marriage.

  16. My name is Lisa and I’m a Camilla and Charlene sugar. There I’ve admitted my allegiance. 🙂

    Leti, Camilla, Charlene, Eugenie…love it. Really love the dresses Leti wore on these outings. May I also say I’m thrilled that Felipe has his beard again!!

    Sofia is out there working so that’s good. I do a bit of side eye when I see her in the center of a group shot when Silvia (the Queen Consort) is also there. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? She’s like a heat seeking missile locked in on the center position.

    It’s always great to see everyone out and working. Camilla could teach Miss Kate a thing or two about picking something you are truly passionate about and working it at every opportunity.

  17. Great post KMR. I don’t have any comments but want more articles on these hard working royal ladies. It is refreshing to read about working royals for a change.

  18. The print on Charlene’s dress is amazing. So elegant and understated. I would wear any item of clothing with a print like that. Hat, scarf, apron, nurses scrubs, toe socks…

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