Duchess Kate topless photos & Vogue cover update, Prince Harry in Nottingham

Duchess Kate topless photos & Vogue cover update, Prince Harry in Nottingham

I have two updates related to Kate Middleton – one related to her 2012 topless France photos, and one related to her British Vogue cover – and Prince Harry in Nottingham.

Kate Middleton covers Vogue 2
[Josh Olins for Vogue UK]

First Kate update: Six people are set to face trial in France under privacy laws over the publication of Kate’s 2012 topless photos taken while on vacation in France. A judicial source said those covered by the case would include senior staff at French regional newspaper La Provence, Closer Magazine, and Closer’s parent company – Silvio Berlusconi’s Arnoldo Mondadori Editore publishing group. The trial is likely to start next year. [Mirror]

Second Kate update: I posted on Monday about how British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman talked about Kate, saying “She’s incredibly likeable”, and comparing her to Diana. Well now Shulman has given an interview to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour where she talked about how well Kate’s Vogue cover sold.

Shulman said: “Yes she did very very well for us but actually she wasn’t the best selling issue of the year. But that’s not because of Cara Delevingne it’s because it’s the September issue and everyone wants to buy Vogue for fashion, so you can’t really judge it that way.”

I mean, it’s not shocking to me that the September issue outsold Kate’s June issue. I don’t follow or buy fashion magazines, but the September issue is usually the biggest of the year, correct? I understand that Kate’s was the centenary issue, but still.

Prince Harry toured Nottingham yesterday, October 26. Harry’s day began at Nottingham’s new police station. He met members of the public who had gathered outside to see him. During the impromptu walkabout, Harry was handed a carrier bag full of goodies by 80 year old Irene Hartman including a box of Nottingham Fudge and a bag of Haribo gummies. Harry asked her: “How did you know I like them?”

Afterward, Irene said: “I met Prince Charles and Diana many years ago and I remember them saying he liked Haribo. I told Harry I knew from when he was a young boy and I told him ‘your mum would have been proud of you’. He’s a lovely man and he’s just like his mum. He’s doing things like she used to do.”

Harry also received a white rose from Dr. Alicia Osorio, 32, originally from Mexico City, who told Harry she was giving him the rose because his mother Princess Diana was an English rose. She said: “I wanted to give him a rose because it reminds me of his mother who was an English rose. I asked if he can put it on his mother’s tomb. He said: ‘Thank you very much. White is my favourite colour’.”

Harry then toured the building, meeting officers from Nottingham Police and Nottingham Council, including cadets and trading standards officers, whose services are now all under one roof in the new station. Harry attended a police briefing to find out about the issues which are affecting people in Nottingham communities, and was shown many of the goods which have been seized which fail trading standards.

Harry’s next stop was the National Ice Centre to catch up with the Coach Core sporting apprentices. The Coach Core apprenticeship scheme gives young people age 16-24 living in London and Glasgow the chance to become the next generation of inspirational coaches. Coach Core is run by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Harry played with balls outside, then moved indoors to the ice rink. Harry was given a pair of ice skates, but declined to have a go on the ice, saying: “Gifts are fine but don’t expect me to get on the ice.”

As Harry left, he was introduced to Casey Johnson, 11, who has undergone heart surgery five times and her friend Rachel Hammond, 25, who had a heart transplant in June. Nottingham-born Rachel had drawn up a ‘bucket list’ before her surgery, not knowing whether a suitable heart would be found or whether she would survive the traumatic operation. On that list was meeting Prince Harry – as well as wearing a wedding dress and taking a trip to New York.

Harry stopped to chat with the girls, and even took a photo with them. The talented Ed Lane Fox took the photo. Rachel said afterward:

    “I’ve always wanted to meet him since I was a little girl. I think he’s handsome but he does amazing work for charity and seems very normal for a Royal. I can’t believe he stopped – it was just amazing. That’s one thing ticked off my bucket list! Hopefully everything will be ok as I feel amazing after the operation. Harry wanted to know all about how it had gone and how I was feeling. He was lovely.”

Harry then moved to Full Effect, a community recording studio which aims to reduce youth violence and improve opportunities for young people in the city. Full Effect is another project founded by the Royal Foundation.

Harry saw rehearsals for Full Effect initiative “Hip Hopera” – a project which engages young people through music.

BTW, I want to draw attention to the fact that Mr. Harry here did a wardrobe change. He arrived at the Nottingham Police Station in a blue suit, white shirt, and light blue tie. And left the Police Station in a navy shirt, dark grey pants, and light brown shoes. Apparently Harry has mastered the art of dressing for the occasion, even if that means changing mid-day so as to wear the appropriate clothes to each engagement.

152 thoughts on “Duchess Kate topless photos & Vogue cover update, Prince Harry in Nottingham

    1. ++100
      King Henry!

      Whiny would be straightening some part if his jacket if any, looking over people’s head like he scorn being too close (just like george has is becoming snubbish like W&w by carol and the middletons closeness), hate interacting since becoming a midd.

  1. IMO if you walk around outside your bedroom and bathroom with no clothes on then you run the risk or being seen … The RPOs have a right to not see Kate in the all together out on a balcony …

    1. They were just angry that they got caught out on their lie. Preparing for the tour? Nah, naked on holiday, thanks! But the outrage kept people from looking beneath that. If you don’t want to be caught don’t sunbathe nude on a balcony facing a public road. The photographer said there was a lot more too. Ew.

        1. Was it? I read they could see the house from the road. Creepy. I stand corrected! I know it was Viscount Linley’s house.

          I still don’t get why they did that. I guess they’re used to the fact they’d never be alone anyway, but man, maybe I’m paranoid but I wouldn’t want my security or the household staff to see me in the buff, much less photographers.

          1. Yeah, they could see the house from the road… with a long camera lens. The house is a mile away from the road, and from what I remember there are also a lot of trees between the house and the road. The only way those photographers got the photos they got was because of the long lens, which is why those shots are so grainy.

            I’m not surprised W&K felt safe from strangers seeing them since they thought the house was secluded and protected. Why they were willing to get naked in front of their security… well, Harry got naked in front of his security in that hotel room in Vegas. So I guess the royals are just comfortable with that.

          2. As I’m familiar with e.g. the Finnish sauna culture through my mother and used to seeing naked people, I’ve never really understood why seeing someone naked is such a big deal. I understand that there are people who don’t want to be seen naked and it’s just fine, but I’ve never understood why the photographers would see all the trouble to get a pap pic of someone naked, or why the public would be eager to see such pics. I guess it’s just this part of my upbringing that makes me think this way. It’s OK if you don’t want to be seen naked, and if you don’t, that should be respected, but I just don’t get why the nude pics are so exciting in the eyes of the public. I doubt there’s a celeb or a royal out there who’d have something to show the others don’t. I could e.g. swim naked in front of no matter whom, but I believe it’s just because I’m so used to it and I understand if the others don’t feel the same way.

          3. If I was one of their servants I would feel offended that they think so little of me that they are comfy parading around with all their bits hanging out. It signifies more than brazenness. People need jobs and they endure a lot. You only do that when you think people around you are insignificant and faceless.

            I agree with those who say these control freaks got pissed off about the naked pix because they got caught out in a massive lie about The Paralympics. That’s what was truly shameful.

      1. They should be more worried about what Rupert Murdoch has tucked away. By dragging this through a court it will only make it worse. I take it this is mostly Kate’s doing as I think Bill couldn’t give a rats either way. Which just goes to show Kate’s is clutching at straws to be liked.

        1. I think it’s the other way around. I think this is William’s doing; he’s the one who has the most hatred for the press. He would love to stick it to them any way he could.

          1. He’d love for them all to be jailed, I’m sure.

            France’s privacy laws are, AFAIK, very strict so it is a possibility perhaps.

          2. now after 4 years. I think Bill has had enough of her. This is only going to embarrasses her more then him. People are already calling her HO names in the press and you know this will get throw out of Court. A waste of time and money. I’m beginning to think she’s trying to reinvent herself as mother Teresa with the cloths she has been wearing lately. Billy is doing himself no favors going after the press its not like he hasn’t had bad press in the past why now.

          3. HO names?

            “why now”? Because William and Kate filed this charge four years ago right after the photos were released in 2012, and it’s taken this long for anything to come of it. This is all in the hands of the French court; William and Kate have no control over what’s happening now.

            It’s the same thing as with the breach of privacy complaint that Kate won last month – the courts take time to investigate and take action. People kept asking re that breach of privacy complaint why Kate waited until September to file when the photos came out in May. And I kept explaining that Kate filed her complaint the day the photos were released, and that it wasn’t until September that the court came to their conclusion. It’s the same thing with these topless photos but just much, much longer. W&K filed their complaint in 2012, and it’s taken this long for the French courts to investigate and come to their conclusion to press forward.

            The timing of the French court pressing forward on this case is solely determined by the French court; William and Kate have nothing to do with it.

          4. Kate surely can’t get too upset about her nude pictures. I’m thinking within herself she loves it. Because she’s tried on every tour to show her behind. It would only take one time for my dress to blow up to know to not ever chance it again.

      2. Yes, there was more. Kate kneeling in front of William (also naked); at one point, he pulled her inside, where they continued. He seemed to know/sense they could be seen. It’s karma for blowing off the Paralympics.

        1. So i get the impression that maybe the other photos will or make its way online in the near future. Which could be why there suing. It could be more about getting the other photos then given a rats about the ones that are already online. IDK what she’s worried about we all know she’s done way worse.

          1. I highly doubt it. It’s been four years; if those photos were going to surface they would have by now.

            William and Kate aren’t just now suing. They sued way back in 2012 right after the photos were released. It has taken until now for the French court to determine to press forward with the trial.

          2. All photos taken during that time will be evidence at trial and the photographer lawyers will do their best to get descriptions of each photo out there, especially if Kate is giving Will a bj.. This will be more embarrassing for them than anything.

            At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what they were doing or wearing, they still lied and skipped the Paralympics. This trial will put concrete dates on their actions. They may have to be witnesses as well. It’s not like the French court is going to bend the rules for them.

        2. Jojo, did these other photos get leaked or are they just rumored to exist? I remember when the photos were released the editor sort of justified it by saying there were other “more intimate” photos they didn’t release. My understanding was that the nature of those photos and the photos themselves weren’t released and weren’t going to be. I feel like the magazine would be getting itself into even deeper issues if it released those!

          1. If there are other photos from that same time period then they are all evidence for the trial. They won’t be published but they will be presented in court. The lawyers defending the photographers charged will want all the evidence before the court. Will and Kate can’t manipulate the French court like they do the UK press

          2. The editor picked the photos that were the most discrete and kept the more damaging photos. I cant wait until ol Murdoch releases his file He’ll have them running.

      3. “If you don’ t want to be caught don’ t sunbathe nude on a balcony facing a public road”
        That’s it!!! I’ ve never sunbathed nude anywhere, Kate knew she was a public person, she should have known they would take pics of her

        1. Thanks livia!

          You have said what I was thinking very well.

          It will be interesting to see what comes out after the court case.

    2. There are other legal issues that weren’t considered before and might be brought up this time around. iirc in France, hotels are considered public property and you can be legally photographed in public areas like balconies and pools. Linley regularly used this house as an income property for tourists and overnight guests. Blurs the legal lines. This wasn’t a full-time private residence, but an estate used to generate income from paying guests.

      These photos proved W&K and their staff lied to the taxpayers about them working when they were on vacation.

      1. +100

        And that low end Jecca-like dreary Vogue cover….the public wasn’t fooled – how awful and shameful for HM BRF. Whiny and the middleton doing everything to destroy/embarrass HM POW with the millions of Duchy funding, and BRF.

        CP Mary and Fred should have been featured on the 100th cover, Tiara and all!

  2. The art direction on Kate’s Vogue cover was very heavy-handed. The resulting images were contrived and dull. It’s problematic if Kate took the reins for this shoot; really, let professionals do their jobs. This is just the same as butchering designers’ clothes. Why does Kate think she knows best?

    It will be interesting to see what transpires with the French court case.

    1. I think she looks nice in the pics. To me the problem is Vogue is a luxury magazine, and I doubt people buy it to see photos of someone posing in jeans and striped shirts showing how normal she is. It would only have worked if Kate was an interesting personality with something to say.

        1. I feel the same way. Vogue is something I associate with glamour, and these photos were definitely not glamorous in any way.

        2. The technical aspects of the shoot were fine. It was the overall artistic direction that was uninspired. I get that having Kate on the cover was a coup for Vogue, but they had to compromise in terms of direction – Kate’s theme being “I am a country woman/ country farmer” and contriving a visual essay around that. It’s inauthentic but falls into line with Kate’s current narrative. Vogue is excusing itself by saying that Kate had total control over the shoot. for sure. The work has the same dull hand at work as we see in the costume dressing et al. Yet, there was an opportunity for Kate to put herself in the hands of experts and learn, something she has been consistently unwilling to do.

      1. Yes the pictures and the clothes are boring but I think the real problem is that there was no interview. Kate reveals absolutely nothing of herself other than a highly staged image of herself (and the staging is so obvious that it is almost painful to watch). There’s absolutely no sense of anything authentic because she only presents herself as a mute doll playing dress up in the countryside. Besides most of the photos could be seen online and when there’s no interview then why buy the magazine?

        In Denmark both CP Mary and Princess Marie have done photo shoots with fashion magazines and whilst Mary does whip out a ball gown or two as well as some royal jewels, the clothes isn’t that exciting. What is interesting is not really the photos but the interviews where you get a sense of the person and the work she do.

          1. Yeah, those pics were fun! The whole juxtaposition between moving crates and ballgown/tiara was quite tongue in cheek. I also loved that Mary wore a very shiny gown whilst being hugely pregnant. There was absolutely no attempts to hide away her size. The whole thing was like “yes I’m pregnant, almost ready to pop, and faabulous!”.

          2. Those pics are so good! I like that Mary owns her vanity. She loves luxury and doesn’t try to hide it. Kate should do the same.

        1. “Playing dress up….” I beg to differ.;-)

          KMR, more Prince Henry (King Henry, in the making) please! – he is the real ( deal like grandpa PP, DoE). Heb should be separate Post with his work in Nottingham.

    1. I cant get over the crowds they all wanted to see him and give him so much love. You Don’t see that with W&K. I don’t know why they keep holding him back he’s their biggest asset.

      1. Agreed. Harry is the genuine article. Im sure the Cambridges dislike how popular he is. I bet that is why the media downplays his work, and the Yorks. Can’t have someone outshining the next-in-lines.

      2. So true. He is the one people have a deep love for. He is the greatest asset the Royals, have. Yes, he is JoJo. How wonderful he was with everyone he met. The way people talked to him and the white rose and the other gifts were so thoughtful. So touching. He understands that and treats everyone with such kindneses.

        1. You know the great thing about Harry is He’s done it all on his owns. After being dragged as the Party Prince for years he has proven that with Handwork and dedication you can make deference. No fancy Vogue interview or expensive cloths. In fact Harry has never bagged his family out to media and with all their faults he stay true them. He”s made mistakes and like a man admitted he was wrong and moved on. We have only started to see what Harry is capable off.

  3. He’s just a natural. You never see him awkwardly posing with other people, he always gets right into it no matter where he is. WillKat would be guarding their crotch making extra sure they are not touching the plebs. There were some really good quotes as well when talking to the Coach Core kids.
    I love that he changed his outfit. Perfect for all occasions. Can’t wait for November 20th to come.

    1. LOL Me too! I was pumped for the ice cream and then realized it was an ice rink instead. Bummed.

      1. I seriously reread it 3 times, hoping it really was Ice Cream and then I was so sad it wasn’t. I think I actually made a frown face LOL

          1. You get a free sample (at least when I went several yrs ago) then they have a scoops store where you can buy more and it offers some samples that haven’t been released yet!?

  4. Love that Harry talked to those girls, asked to have a photo taken himself, and then continued the conversation. It’s such a little thing, but it shows he cared and thought they were important. Will and Kate would wave, shake their hand if the girls extended theirs, if asked pose for a photo standing straight and center to the camera, arms in front, and then wave goodbye. It’s a vast difference.

    As for Vogue, no official numbers released so we really have no idea how the issue sold. I’m guessing it wasn’t the number two selling issue either or the spokeswoman would have said “Kate was our best selling issue, aside of course from the famed September issue.”

    1. Harry is just so very likeable! Lovable, I should say.
      I was so happy the transplant recipient got to meet him . So very happy that he also took the presents from the elderly woman and the doctor. He knows how to respond and how to make people feel that they and their offerings are so appreciated. Probably because they are!

      I teared up at those parts of the blog entry.

      Kate and the nude photos? At this point in time, I could care less. The Vogue shoot, as well. She does so little to interest, or help others. I’m getting more and more bored with William and Kate.

      The photo of Harry exiting the car looked like he couldn’t wait to be with and talk to people. Off and running, that is Prince Harry.

      1. Daaaang I wish I could use my transplant card now to meet Harry, Charles and/or the York girls! Or Prince Daniel from Sweden (since we’ve got transplant in common and I once received a response from his secretary haha!).

        Seriously? Well done Harry!

        As for Kate? No sympathy over the nude pictures. I know that nudity is nbd in Europe but did she really (and naïvely) think that nobody would want to scope out and get exclusive pictures like this? If they were able to take (and publish) pictures of William whipping out his crown jewel to pee, they’d be more than happy to get a picture of Kate showing her girls.

        As for that Vogue cover? Boring as heck!

        And tgif!

  5. All I can think of is how nice it would be to get a hug from Harry. I think any girl would like those strong arms around her 😉

    1. I know. I was expecting something to be announced this week. KP announced several appearances for William. But none for Kate.

        1. It is a pity Harry is not first borne. He really seems to be thoughtful, outgoing and kind. The Cambridges are boring, privileged, and clueless. What an unfortunate situation. As for the French photos, nothing we haven’t seen before on official tours. Just blah to Vogue

    2. I was thinking that too since this is when Kate makes up her numbers. KMR, is October or November their typically most busy month?

      1. Yes, October and November are usually Kate’s busiest months. So it’s odd to me that she’s got nothing planned for the rest of October or Novermber yet.

  6. Harry is great 🙂 !!!!!!!

    I think that actually Kate’ s cover actually marked the 100th anniversary of the magazine, hence it was supposed to sell much more: IMHO it sod less than the september issue because of Kate herself and her dull cheap catalog underwhelming cover. As one of you said if the issue sold well the editor would have said that Kate was the best selling issue, aside from the famed September issue, instead she just said that september issue sold more and that’ s very telling.
    After all Kate’ s pictures and the cover itself was boring and so blah, not what was expected fropm Vogue. Kate doesn’ t have IT, plus she’ s so stubborn not to allow anyone to advice her because she thinks she knows best but she’ s wrong. I think the editor expected higher sales but was disappointed, boring Kate doesn’ t sell

    1. The September issue is vogues biggest issue of the year because fall fashion. It is much thicker and costs over 10 dollars. So no. That’s no surprise that it didn’t outsell the September issue. That has nothing to do with kate

  7. Hey KMR did you miss the moment when Harry stopped for the old lady at the end of one of the engagements? It was quite lovely of him to do. Anyways, I’m actually with Will & Kate on this one. I wonder though if neither side wanted to settle?

  8. This is the danger in taking to the courts. Four years ago they were a lot more popular, and public opinion was in their defense. Now the goodwill has evaporated and there has been a lot of flashing. I don’t think they will come off well in the raking this up again. I’d really like to know who alerted the photographer.

    I’m kind of sorry Harry got lumped in with them in this post. Now that is the way to do a day of visits. The BRF must be fretting because one brother performs so well, and the other, the heir, is such a disappointment.

      1. Do you think when the trial starts next year, that Will and Kate will be out and about a lot-maybe be on tour? Mainly to distract from the trial news and/or get some good-will going their way? I expect to see the kid’s more during that time personally. Will and Kate are probably happy this is going to trial, but like you said, it will bring a whole new interest in the photos, which they don’t want.

  9. Oh I really like Harry! He’s so natural with other people, wonderful to see! Like when he stands next to the girls, he has a warm aura, smiles, puts his arms around them – there is no awkward distance or forced smile. He is just himself.
    And I also liked that he changed clothes to fit the occasion, that also shows that he was prepared and informed to what happened during the day.

  10. I’m considering Harry’s leaked Vegas photos v. KM’s photos. I had a lot of sympathy for Harry when those photos were published. He trusted people who he befriended and they betrayed him even if it was naive of him.

    But I don’t feel any sympathy for W&KM because they were in that location after lying to get out of the Paralympics closing events. KM has been caught in other strange inconsistencies such as out and about shopping soon after being released from hospital for supposedly severe HG. She spurned the other military wives during his training after the wedding and went to live in London to shop. She then later wrote how much she enjoyed the military lifestyle. The nude photos was the most sensational incident among many lies.

    I also think W deserves some of the blame for not protecting KM. They were not being discreet during their post Olympics dishonest vacation and W should have known better. Even though I don’t think the photos should have been published, I think W&K should acknowledge their poor choices leading up to the debacle.

    As for Alexandra Shulman’s continued discussion about the Vogue cover, I think she should keep quiet. KM is not a nice, interesting person and the cover didn’t sell well. Basta.

    As for Harry, he is a genuine star. I hate seeing him make appearances with W&KM because he always has to put his light under a bushel when he’s with the dull duo.

    1. Harry was younger, drunk and very naive in thinking so many people would keep the Las Vegas activities private. When there’s money to be made and a ready opportunity presents, all bets are off.

      As you point out, Indiana Joanna, Kate has been caught out many a time for consciously plying a particular narrative only for it to be revealed as an outright lie. No sympathy. She and William are handsomely rewarded for their royal ‘work’ which they’ve wriggled out of doing for years, as well as giving a nano-f**k when they do deign to turn up. They both deserve a well-placed smack down. I hope at least one media outlet is sharpening their words to do so.

      1. And lets not forget that Kate wore the “little dress that wasn’t” for that fashion show as a way of getting William’s attention at university?

  11. Harry knocks it out of the park again. I hope he marries soon, settles down and has some babies and really dedicates himself to the service of others, more than just according to royal time. He has quite a talent there, so hard to resist.

    Once settled, I hope he tosses off those 2 albatrosses around his neck and finally becomes his own man.

    Oh, and it’s very nice to see him out and about in his own country! Maybe he can help build some houses for the disadvantaged while he’s at it.

  12. “I don’t follow or buy fashion magazines, but the September issue is usually the biggest of the year, correct?”


    You are correct. When I was younger I used to drool over the fashion p0rn of the September issue. It was very literally “big”- heavy and fat, stuffed with opulent fashion, opulent jewellery, opulent photography, opulent ads. Because it was a fall issue, the colours were rich and warm, the textures boundless. It was a feast for the eyes. Truly! You could spend many pleasurable hours poring through it.

    1. Maven, I’m one of those people who found Vogue rather boring. The obvious product placements, expensive clothes, and du jour models never captured my admiration.

      In fact, today’s magazines are all about selling stuff, so I don’t believe any of the hype.

    2. I used to love vogue but as soon as Anna wintour caved and put the kardshians on I stopped my subscription. She once told Oprah she’d put her on the cover if she would lose weight but has no qualms about putting them on the cover!! No thank you. I don’t want my money to support them so got a subscription to a travel maf instead =)

    3. I never like the September issue. It is far too big and over half of it is all ads. To me, the September issue is never fun to read

  13. Just wondering if the fact that Will and Kate trademarked their names will have any effect in this legal issue–they can claim that not just their privacy but their “brand” has been damaged. And the timing of the trademark–granted in April 2013–makes me wonder if the application for it was spurred on by those damaging photos in 2012.

  14. I suppose Kate has a case, as there was a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, they should have known better, especially being caught out in the lie about why they couldn’t attend the Paralympic Games. I have to admit I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Perhaps the strict French laws are why they always jet off there for their secret vacations?

    The Vogue editor really needs to shut up about the cover shoot. Today she said in an interview, “The idea that she is a kind of silent mannequin that just wants to put on expensive clothes is so not what she is…” Oh, really, Ms. Shulman? What is she then? Personally, I think that’s a perfect description of Kate.

    Always a joy to see Harry out and about. I can’t get over the fact of how wonderful he is on these engagements. The photo of him with the two girls was such a kind and generous thing to do. I saw where he autographed a poster at the Full Escape place. Remember what a fuss W&K made about signing a cricket bat in India? So full of themselves, those two.

    Just curious – is Nottingham known for crime or high unemployment problems? This appears to be a test project for the Coach Core program and other projects, and was wondering why they chose Nottingham. I think Harry’s been there a few time already this year.

    1. I’ve heard that area of Nottingham is known for youth crime and gang violence, so getting these groups in there to give these kids mentorship, hobbies and help is a really good thing that The Royal Foundation is supporting.

    2. In five years there is very little that Kate has said in public. The only discussion is about her clothing… she literally is a mannequin at this point because she says nothing while she stands next to Will and just waves.
      After five years of barely doing charity events, she has shown nothing for the public to think otherwise. This Vogue editor just needs to stop. If this was a year in maybe she could get away with this, but with five years of still knowing little about Kate you can’t lie to the public when they see too much evidence to the contrary.

      1. With her desire only to be seen as William’s mute appendage, I can’t take Kate seriously. She sends an incredibly poor message to young women. Regardless of the palace hype, she has done nothing for anyone. I’m always aware that Kate thinks she’s very clever and has us all fooled with this demure little wife act… hmm, not so much!

        The French court case presents media editors a golden opportunity to again (1) reveal that Kate and William lied when blowing off the Paralympics, calling both their characters and commitment to work into further doubt (2) be more precise about the contents of the ‘topless’ photos, all in the cause of accurate reporting.

        Whatever, it will backfire on William and Kate; they won’t come of it looking good. What they do in private is their own business but even when they moved inside to continue they still did not bother to secure their privacy. Both William and Kate seem to enjoy thrill of exposure – her flashing, no underwear, his tight pants revealing too much – which I suspect is their ‘f**k you’ private joke to show their disdain in having to work.

      1. Ah, makes sense that that would be a good pilot program area then. Thanks, Birdy and Ellie, for satisfying my curiosity.

  15. I don’t see how much punishment the French courts will be able to inflict when the prosecution apparently cannot prove who took the photos that were published. La Provence has denied it was theirs, yet their photographer — but also another — are charged.

    Let’s put it this way: no one is going to jail for this.

    In the meantime, every headline will read “Kate Middleton Topless Photos Trial,” even supposedly sympathetic articles.

  16. Am I the only one who thinks it odd that Shulman all the sudden keeps talking about Kate’s vogue cover? It would have made more sense her talking about it when it first came out. But now, she seems to keep bringing it up out of the blue. It is sad that other’s have to keep talking about Kate since Kate never talks herself-we have no sense of who she is.

    I wonder if Shulman talking so much about Kate will make it so Kate never does another magazine cover? Or if this is Shulman’s way to suck-up in order to get Kate on the cover again?

    1. I totally agree, plus Shulman’s comment about the issue not selling as well as the fall issue, is kind of a veiled insult. It is like she did an about face. She should’ve stopped when she said Kate was likeable.

      1. Overit, I agree that the timing is strange. Shulman supposedly was criticised by other fashion editors regarding the cover when it first came out. I wonder if she’s gearing up for another KM cover. Anyway, she sounds very defensive and almost apologetic.

        1. Back tracking for the negative comments. Editor is now in Damage control for the first story. I bet W&K have an entire team that sit around all day trolling the web. I guess they got the message that we don’t want to see Kate in her dressing gown. So they sent her packing to Amer Hall. Will must be over joyed he can now go to Vietnam and have a booze up on tax payers funds.

    2. Kate needs to drop her silly accent and speak normal so she can be understood. To me she sounds as if she has a mouth full of marbles trying to be so proper and royal. I’m thinking if she did give a interview who could understand her. She really needs to watch the engagement interview. She was open likeable I really did like her. Boy has she changed.

      1. Likable, really? I found her insufferably rude with her comments about not caring what people thought, which seems to me: I do what I want! She’s always been the same…

        1. That and the, “of course, I wasn’t very happy about it” jabs about their split made me want to smack her. You could tell she was in over her head and not cut out for the life she was entering.

  17. Harry just radiates kindness. He always appears interested and happy to be wherever he is at the time. Even if he was having an off day personally and did not feel like having to do a full day of engagements you would never be able to tell.
    As for the Topless Trial, I know it was a private vacation at a private property, but I am just surprised that given William’s press paranoia he would have thought twice and suggested to his wife that going topless may not be a great idea.

  18. I didn’t like the Vogue issue featuring Kate because I thought it was underdone. It looked like something from a lesser magazine. Her clothes had no wow! factor, and the staging was boring. I don’t really have an opinion on the nude pictures, except to say that I wouldn’t want the RPOs seeing me topless/naked. As to Harry and these great photographs, he’s just adorable! Is it me or does he become more dashing all the time? While I am here, I wanted to thank KMR for all the hard work you do on this blog. I don’t comment often, but enjoy reading each and every post. I can tell a lot of work goes into making it what it is.

  19. This trial is a waste of good money to me. I know they thought they were in seclusion, but really what about the staff at the home, the security. Apparently she just doesn’t have any qualms about stripping off in front of the hired help. I’m just so meh about the whole trial. So were a lot of comments on DM.

    As for Harry, I absolutely love seeing him out and about. He’s got it. Period.

  20. I suspect the public appetite to keep the royals in power and privilege with public funds is going to go downhill (and steadily too) once the queen dies. In time, very few Britons will want to see a monarchy, esp as Britain increasingly more multi-racial. The time will come when WK will wish that paparazzi were taking and magazines still publishing private pics of them on vacation. At least that’ll show that the public still has interest in them. Time will come that WK will dance Butt naked in a balcony, in open view of the road if. Eeddd, and beg to have their pictures taken and published.

  21. Re the naked pics: Kate and William displayed unbelievable stupidity. William of all people, with his dislike of the media and obsession with privacy, should have known better. Surely there were staff there too? Surely the place was scoped out by their security team?

  22. Reading about WK anymore is like the mom from Charlie Brown: wah wah wah what wahwah wah wah. No subsance to those two. Her Vogue cover had her channeling Crocodile Dundee.

    Harry is lovely as always. I’ll forever be in the King Henry camp.

  23. If only she and Bill wouln’t seem so smug….. their lack of work is telling. If I would be them I would take on some high profile jobs now to put all the articles about the trial at a back page. Put some gourgous dresses, the big guns (jewellery) and the adorable children in the mix and they could use for their own cause. Who gives them advice????? I think it is their right to not get published naked! They are people of public interest but they all deserve to not get published naked. To show the world that they lied (again), a dressed photo would have been enough. Could they have known better- sure, but I think in many cases we stop doing things because we know some people will use it against us and I am all for not let my freedom get trimmed because of those. I still hope for them. They don’t seem happy in their life, their relationship and their pubic role and I so want them be. And if the crown is to much pressure, well then renounce. Let Hary try (which I do not hope for him- all the pressure for finding the right queen, producing a heir, lots of articles about his past…the press and the mass are cruel and have fast changing opinions).
    In the nothern half of Europa nudity is really not that big of a thing. The sauna culture in scandinavia, the big FKK movement in (mostly East) Germany are just two exampled. We (general we- I was always more on the prude side- makes my parents question themselves what they did wrong) let children play naked at the beach as long as they want or share a bathroom as long as everybody involved is comfortable with it. But we value the right to decide who sees us naked! Maybe that is way I am not so shocked about her flashing. Sure showing off you butt is not very professional but then as long as it is not my butt… I am actually believing that she always wear underware. To put a star or pixel on something does not prove she is not wearing underware. We get our information from magazines that are clearly not reliable sources or from the BRF themselves (also not reliable) so we never see the whole truth. We can just snark on what the sources want to show us and that is fine but we should not forget that we could be wrong (same goes for all the fanpages). I think somehting went downhill shortly before George was born. They wanted to give her time to adjust to her new role but it feels like she is working less and less even if that is nor true. Both seem so strained. Why not give her charities she could really connect to like sports, and maybe art? They were seen as a starting point and then she got into hospice charity and then everything went wrong. Maybe it was to early and she should have connected more with them first? Like more appearances. It is an easy field to try how you would like to be involved. To change the more and more negative perception they need a good schedule with about two charity outings per week and one more glamourus (they are royal and don’t we all long for the fairytale?) per month. You want her to be accepted as queen? Make her queen! Style her queen (robes and jewels). You want everybody to be seen as good parents? Show them you indeed do parenting. Curated and “candid” photos is what you need. One outing per week will do. Think of the possibilities: KM picks up George from school, Mum and Dad watching their children play in the garden/playground, play with them… If they would do that the public perception would change again. It is an old media (and politics) trick. Show it long enough to them and they will believe it. Arrrggghhhh what is their PR team doing?

  24. I love fashion. I have been following fashion since i coild remember. And that September issue excuse is lame and untrue.

    It’s true that September and March ate the biggest issues in the fashion calender for all magazines, but if a vogue cover star/concept is appealing enough to the public, then it really doesn’t matter which month they appear on.

    To compound the failure of the Kate cover, it was a centenary issue. Guaranteed OTT sales based on that milestone alone nevermind putting a coveted royal on the cover.

    I’m not sure why the editor decided to reveal the figures publicly or to explain the failure with such a risible excuse, but what i can’t believe is that people are buying it.

    She is saying that a frequently used vogue model on an issue aimed at fashionistas and therefore a niche market outsold the issue conceived as a collectors item and boosted with a once in a lifetime coup of royal cover to attract non fashionistas.

    Major fail on her part.

    Major fail on Kate’s part.

    And it puts a nail in the coffin of media that frequently says that Kate sells magazines especially where she could have sold to royal fans AND fashionistas.

    1. Totally agree!

      Just goes to show, not even the great 100th celebration for Vogue could sell lazy entitled, ‘bespoke posh’ wmiddleton.

  25. ya right Kate has flashed her naked bum everywhere. even her dating years she flashed all the time she a chronic flasher period. and what about the security and staff in France what a show!!!

  26. I’m in two camps about this naked photos thing. How ‘far’ is a mile? When you say ‘the road was a mile away’ it does sound like it is an enormous distance but really it’s not. For example I live waaay out in the middle of nowhere, my house is nearly a mile from the nearest public road and when I’m driving home I can see if my dog has managed to get the door open (so I know what to expect in the garden). Granted it’s just fields between the road and my property but I’m not buying the expectation of privacy due to the distance. It’s not a huge distance, not in the country. If you can see the road then the road can see you so keep your clothes on, hardly rocket science!

    But on the other hand it’s a bit cheeky of the photographers and I can appreciate they felt they had to take some form of action. To do otherwise would be to give an unspoken or tacit permission that it was ok to photograph them 24/7 which I’m not sure is in anyone’s interests. I don’t like them but I can accept their need for privacy.

    So I don’t know. I think they were stupid, I hope they have learnt lessons from it and really it should be dropped. There is nothing to be gained on any side by dragging it through the courts and back into mainstream gossip again. That aside, IF they do release further pics I’m getting the popcorn and beer ready as that will be gossip heaven! Thank goodness for Harry.

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