My Top 25 Favorite Kate Middleton Looks

My Top 25 Favorite Kate Middleton Looks

I’ve been thinking about a Kate’s Clothes Before George V Kate’s Clothes After George post for quite some time and I never could figure out a good way of presenting that comparison because an outfit I may love others may hate and vice versa. So any conclusion I drew (mine would have been that Kate had better style Before George) would have just been my subjective opinion. So in an attempt to do that Before George/After George comparison while also maintaining that this is purely my own opinion, I’ve decided to do a post with my favorite Kate Middleton looks, which fall into one of two categories: Before George (BG) and After George (AG).

When going through all of Kate’s looks and picking out my favorites, I had about 20 from Before George and 9 from After George based purely on when she debuted the look. I narrowed the field down to Top 25 and came up with 18 BG looks and 7 AG looks based on when she debuted them. There were some looks which were repeated during both time periods and some looks I liked more when repeated AG than BG, so if that’s the case then I labeled the look “AG”.

So these are my Top 25 Favorite Kate Middleton Looks.

1) Alexander McQueen navy military-style coat (BG)

This Alexander McQueen navy coat is a bespoke piece made from two different preAW11 pieces which Kate paired with a bespoke navy beret from Rachel Trevor Morgan, her blue satin Prada pumps, her Anya Hindmarch “Marano” Box Clutch, her Cipher Bracelet, her Kiki McDonough Citrine Pear Drops, and the Irish Guards Cartier Gold Shamrock Brooch.

This is my all time favorite outfit Kate has ever worn. I love the military feel of the coat, I like the accessories, and the brooch adds a nice interesting touch. I don’t even mind all the blue (as you will find throughout this post, I am not as adverse to “all one color” looks as some). I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat; I wish I owned this coat.

Unfortunately, Kate peaked sartorially two months after her wedding, wearing this outfit to Armed Forces Day at Victoria Barracks on June 25, 2011.

When Kate repeats a McQueen coat and I say there are better McQueen coats she should repeat, this is the one I’m thinking of. I love this one.

2) Catherine Walker “Marianne” red coat and dress (AG)

Kate first wore this Catherine Walker “Marianne” red coat and dress on her final day in Canada on July 8, 2011. For that occasion, Kate paired it with her LK Bennett nude Sledges, her Stuart Weitzman “Muse” clutch in Nude Snakeskin, her Kiki McDonough Grace earrings, and the Queen’s Diamond Maple Leaf brooch. She wore her hair in a half updo.

I really liked this coat when Kate first wore it and it was definitely on my top favorites list, but it might not have ranked so high had Kate not reworn the coat and dress this past June.

For Order of the Garter on June 13, 2016 Kate repeated this coat and dress, pairing it with a repeated red bespoke Lock & Company hat, new Gianvito Rossi red suede pumps, her red Alexander McQueen clutch, her Mappin and Webb “Empress” necklace, her art deco diamond bracelet, and her Robinson Pelham diamond wedding earrings.

While many of you thought this was too much red, I just adored this look and still do. So much so that it landed at number 2 on my all time favorites list.

3) LK Bennett “Lasa” blue & white poppy dress (AG)

This LK Bennett “Lasa” blue and white poppy dress has been a favorite since it debuted on April 19, 2014 in Brisbane, Australia. On that occasion, Kate wore it with an Oroton “Odeion” Indigo Clutch, bespoke Alexander McQueen navy suede pumps, her Mappin and Webb “Fortune” necklace, sapphire and diamond drop earrings, and Cartier watch.

Again, lots of blue, but this dress really is fantastic. I’m happy she repeated the dress in Luton on August 24, but her nude LK Bennett Fern pumps and Nina clutch were boring.

This is definitely the best After George debut piece.

4) Alexander McQueen black velvet gown (BG)

Kate wore this black velvet Alexander McQueen strapless gown to the Sun Military Awards on December 19, 2011 and while I have nitpicks with the cheap-looking Mouawad necklace and bracelet and her hair down covering the necklace, I think she looks really great here. Kate accessorized the velvet gown and Mouawad jewelry with her art deco diamond earrings, Jimmy Choo “Cosmic” black pumps, and Pretty Ballerinas Velvet Bow Clutch. I think the flaring, mermaid silhouette in gowns really suits Kate.

I would definitely not mind a return of this gown, maybe with an updo to show off some royal jewelry? That would be nice, since I’ve always thought this necklace looked way too juvenile.

5) Beulah London Chiara Wool Navy Trapeze Overcoat (AG)

This is another all blue outfit from Kate, but I still don’t mind it. I really like this whole look with the Beulah London Chiara Wool Navy Trapeze Overcoat, Jane Taylor “Chestnut” Wool-Felt Disc, Alexander McQueen navy suede pumps, Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch in navy suede, and the G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant Necklace and Pear Earrings.

She wore this outfit to the Afghanistan Service of Commemoration at St. Paul’s Cathedral on March 13, 2015. She repeated the coat to a private memorial service on March 26, 2015, switching out the hat, clutch, and jewelry.

6) Alexander McQueen white pique coat (BG)

There are several pieces on this list which are very styling-dependent in that the pieces themselves are rather boring but with proper styling look great. This piece is great all on it’s own, regardless of styling.

This white Alexander McQueen pique coat is a favorite no matter what the styling is, and if this list were based solely on the dress or coat rather than on the look as a whole this coat would be much higher. This is another McQueen coat Kate debuted early in her royal career – on June 11, 2011 at Trooping the Color – which I would love to have in my closet.

Kate paired this coat with her Lock & Company black basket hat and Kiki McDonough Grace earrings the first time she wore it. I like that she went with a different color for her hat to offset the white of the coat.

When Kate repeated the coat at Order of the Garter on June 18, 2012, she paired it with a Jane Corbett white disc hat with an elaborate bow, her LK Bennett nude Sledges and “Natalie” clutch, and her Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Oval Drops. Though I dislike nude accessories I still love this coat so much I can overlook the boring nude accessories. That’s how much I love this coat.

7) Topshop B&W polka dot dress (BG)

I am a sucker for polka dots; I just love them. So this black and white polka dotted Topshop dress Kate wore to the Harry Potter exhibit at Warner Brothers Studios on April 26, 2013 is a favorite of mine (I know it’s short, but I still love it). I really like that she added the Ralph Lauren black peplum blazer. Her Episode “Angel” Pumps, Mascaro Suede Ribbon Clutch, and Annoushka Pearl Drops are basic but I still like this outfit.

Kate repeated this outfit (with a hat included) for a friend’s wedding on May 11, 2013 where the dress got caught in the wind and she flashed everyone. I actually prefer this look without the hat, since I dislike the hat Kate chose.

8) Emilia Wickstead green coat (BG)

I really like this green Emilia Wickstead coat and, despite what many of you say, I really like this brown “Betty Boop” Lock & Company hat she wore with it. Kate also wore her Emmy “Valerie” Pumps in Chocolate Suede, an Emilia Wickstead belt, and her Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Oval Drops, along with the Cartier Shamrock Brooch.

This coat made it’s debut on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012 and made a return on St. Patrick’s Day in 2013 (where she wore a bunch of black accessories with it). I much prefer the first outing. I would definitely not mind seeing this coat again, though maybe at a different event.

9) Alexander McQueen custom gold hibiscus gown (BG)

I know that people have a problem with this gown because of the low neckline worn in Malaysia, but I still love this gown. I doubt we will ever see it again because it is so Tour specific, but I would love to see it again. I just think it is so pretty.

Kate wore this Alexander McQueen custom gold hibiscus gown to the Malaysian State Dinner on September 13, 2012 while on tour. She paired it with Jimmy Choo “Dart” glitter sandals, Wilbur & Gussie “Charlie” Gold Glitter Clutch, and Catherine Zoraida “Double Leaf” earrings and matching “Spread Your Wings” bracelet.

10) Jenny Packham rose pearlescent gown (BG/AG)

This is another instance where I like a look both Before and After George – probably because Kate accessorized the look pretty much the same both times, though she did change up her hair and add more jewelry the second time.

This pearlescent Jenny Packham gown is from the SS11 ready-to-wear collection and Kate first wore it to her very first official public appearance as a royal: The ARK 10th Anniversary Gala on June 9, 2011. For that appearance, Kate paired the dress with her LK Bennett pink “Agata” Sandals, her Prada pink Satin Logo Box Clutch, and her Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto earrings (wow, that’s a throwback – she hasn’t worn Links of London since one appearance in 2014 and before that 2012). It was a very pretty look, and Kate looked super thrilled that day, walking with her arms at her sides and everything.

Kate didn’t seem to have the same spark when she repeated the dress at the EACH Norfolk Gala Dinner on June 22, 2016. For that appearance, Kate kept the same shoes and clutch, but wore her hair in an updo (as opposed to down like she did in 2011) and wore the Queen’s Diamond Chandalier Earrings and Queen Mary’s Diamond Choker Bracelet.

I prefer the updo and diamonds she wore in 2016, but she just seemed so much happier in 2011 that I can’t decide which appearance I prefer. So this is going in both categories.

11) Alexander McQueen “Black Watch” tartan coat (BG/AG)

This Alexander McQueen bespoke “Black Watch” tartan coat is a favorite of mine and one of Kate’s pieces that I most remember. She first wore it days before KP announced she was pregnant with Prince George when she visited St. Andrew’s School for St. Andrew’s Day on November 30, 2012 and played hockey in heels. Kate wore the coat the first time with her Aquatalia “Rhumba” Boots, and sapphire and diamond drops.

For the repeat after George was born, Kate wore it to Christmas 2013 with her Aquatalia “Rhumba” Boots, black Cornelia James gloves, Gina Foster green beret with bow, and her Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Oval Drops.

This is another piece that Kate wore both Before and After George, but for me the two wearings are too similar for me to have a favorite of the two.

12) Alexander McQueen bespoke pink lace dress (BG)

This Alexander McQueen bespoke pink lace dress is one of the pieces on this list which relied heavily on styling to make it look good. I really like the styling Kate had on the first wearing to the Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving on June 5, 2012: Jane Taylor Nude Beaded Cocktail Hat; Prada Pink Satin Box Clutch; LK Bennett Sledges; and Heavenly Necklaces Faux Pearl and Diamond Drops. Kate also wore a pink ribbon belt.

But the repeat to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party on June 10, 2014 failed to live up to the previous wearing, and it’s all down to styling. Kate wore the dress the second time with: Jane Corbett Bespoke Champagne Lace Hat; Russell & Bromley 5th Ave Court Shoes and 5th Ave Clutch; and Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings. Most importantly, though, Kate didn’t wear the pink ribbon belt.

Without the belt and other pink accessories, this dress just falls so flat. But ignoring the second wearing, the first wearing is still a favorite of mine.

13) Beulah London red “Sarai” dress (BG)

I remember back in 2011 seeing photos of Prince William and Kate at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala on October 13, 2011 on E News and really loving this Beulah London red “Sarai” dress. Kate carried her Wilbur & Gussie “Charlie” Gold Glitter Clutch and wore her hair down.

This dress to me is very “Kate Middleton” in that it has a plunging neckline and jersey silk look. Kate used to wear a lot of this type of dress before she got married, had kids, and started wearing necklines up to her throat. I miss the days when Kate was daring enough to show her clavicle. I know Kate is trying so hard to look like the Duchess of Cambridge now, but she needs to bring back a little of that Kate Middleton spark.

14) LK Bennett dark teal “Davina” dress and “Jude” jacket (BG)

Kate wore the LK Bennett teal “Davina” dress and “Jude” jacket for the first time on March 8, 2012 when she visited Leicester with the Queen and Prince Philip. On that visit Kate wore her favorite Lock & Company “Fairy Tale” hat with her Episode “Angel” pumps (which used to be a staple but we haven’t seen them in quite some time), Mascaro Suede Ribbon Clutch, Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Oval Drops, and her Alexander McQueen belt which I dislike.

I’ve always liked this outfit, so I was happy when Kate repeated it on December 9, 2015 for ICAP Charity Day. On that occassion, Kate ditched the ugly McQueen belt for the green one which came with the jacket; she also wore her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps, Mappin and Webb “Empress” Mini White Gold and Diamond pendant and earrings, and carried her black Mulberry Bayswater clutch.

It really is a toss up between the two looks since I like the hat more in 2012 but like the green belt more in 2015. I’m picking the 2012 look, though, because I do like the addition of the hat. I wish Kate would wear the dress without the jacket since it’s such a pretty dress on it’s own.

15) Emilia Wickstead teal pleated dress (AG)

I know many of you are going to disagree with me on this selection but no matter where this dress ranks in the polls, I still love it. I adore the color.

This Emilia Wickstead pleated teal dress is a customized version of the “Alice” dress from 2011 and features long sleeves, a square neckline, and pleated skirt. Kate first wore this dress to church in New Zealand on April 13, 2014. She paired the dress with a pretty teal hat by Jane Taylor (Kate’s is a customized version of the “Dolly”), Emmy Shoes “Valerie” pumps and “Natasha” clutch in Carbon suede, her Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Oval Drops, and the Queen’s Silver Fern Brooch.

For the repeat occasion to the Action on Addiction center on December 10, 2015, Kate wore the dress with her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps, black Mulberry Bayswater clutch, Mappin and Webb “Empress” pendant, and her sapphire and diamond earrings.

I liked the dress when she first wore it and I liked it when she repeated it, but I like the styling on the first occasion much better (the styling on the second occasion is meh).

16) Jenny Packham silver one-shoulder gown (BG)

When Kate attended the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal reception at St. James’s Palace on November 10, 2011 she wore this bespoke silver one-shoulder Jenny Packham gown. Kate wore this gown with her Jimmy Choo “Vamp” sandals, Beaut Jewelry “Eva” Vintage Earrings, and art deco diamond bracelet. She also wore a poppy brooch.

This look makes my list because it’s one of Kate’s “daring” looks from her early years as a royal, and I actually really like the color on her.

17) Alexander McQueen bespoke red peplum dress (BG)

This bespoke red pleated dress from Alexander McQueen really only makes this list because I like the styling she did for the first wearing on June 3, 2012 for the Jubilee River Flotilla. I actually really don’t like the side flaps on the dress.

For the Jubilee River Pageant, Kate wore the dress with a red Lock & Company hat, LK Bennett Sledges, Alexander McQueen red bow clutch, Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings, Royal Submarine Service Gold Dolphin Brooch, and Strathearn Tartan Scarf.

I really like the look as a whole, but the next two appearances of the dress – at the RADA reception on February 17, 2014 and the Anna Freud Centre Christmas party on December 15, 2015 – were super boring.

18) Jenny Packham “Ink Blue Silk Dress” (AG)

This dress took three wearings for me to come around on it. I didn’t like the sleeves the first time Kate wore it – to the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala on October 24, 2013 – but over time I’ve come to like the flowiness of the skirt. And I like the color.

My two favorite wearings are, of course, the ones where Kate actually wore some substantial jewelry: at the National Portrait Gallery Portrait gala on February 11, 2014 and at the St. Andrew’s 600th Gala NYC on December 9, 2014.

The dress is by Jenny Packham, is made of tulle in an “ink blue”, and comes from the Fall 2013 collection. When she wore it in February 2014 she paired it with the Nizam of Hyderabad Diamond Necklace and subsequently threw her mop of hair over it, but when she wore it in December 2014 she wore her hair in an updo she we could see her emerald and diamond earrings and bracelet.

19) Paule Ka burgundy jacket and skirt (BG)

I remember when Kate wore this Paule Ka burgundy jacket and skirt to the Middle Temple visit on October 8, 2012 well. It was before I started this blog and I was part of another (now defunct) forum. Everyone hated this look since the skirt is so short, but I’ve always secretly loved it. I just love the color.

20) Prabal Gurung purple print dress (BG)

This Prabal Gurung purple and white printed dress is one that took me a while to come around on. I didn’t like it when she first wore it to the Singapore state dinner on September 11, 2012, mostly because I was expecting something “more” and was disappointed. But once I got over my disappointment, I realized that this dress is really pretty. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I really like the color on Kate.

Kate’s accessories weren’t too exciting, though: Prada black satin pumps, Anya Hindmarch “Maud” clutch, and art deco bracelet and earrings. But the dress is pretty. I wouldn’t mind a repeat of this.

21) Alexander McQueen broderie anglaise shirt and skirt (BG)

This Alexander McQueen white broderie anglaise shirt and skirt is something I’ve always liked but not really loved. But it makes it higher on the list than some other things because I have a weird fondness for it. It’s so light and summery.

Kate first wore this outfit on September 12, 2012 in Singapore with navy accessories – sapphire and diamond earrings, Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch and Corkswoon wedges – and I thought I’d like this look more with different accessories, but when she repeated it leaving Bhutan on April 14, 2016 wearing nude accessories I realized I liked the navy accessories better (even the Wedges of Doom, so that’s saying something).

22) Catherine Walker “Russian Greatcoat” in red (AG)

The reason I like this red Catherine Walker “Russian Greatcoat” is because it reminds me of the other red Catherine Walker coat on this list up at number 2. This one, though, lands at number 22 because while I love the color and the silhouette, I dislike how high the neckline is. I like the Gina Foster “Seaford” Red Pillbox hat and New Zealand Fern Brooch, and Kate’s Emmy Shoes “Valerie” Pumps and “Natasha” Clutch in Chocolate Suede have always been nice.

Kate wore this coat on April 7, 2014 for her arrival in New Zealand.

23) Reiss “Emile Sharply Tailored Coat” (AG)

Kate wore this Reiss “Emile Sharply Tailored Coat” to the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony on September 18, 2015 with her Stuart Weitzman “Power” pumps and black “Muse” clutch, Mappin and Webb “Empress” earrings, and Beulah London “Shibani Blue Heart Scarf”.

This is not a stand out, “wow, look at me” look, but I love the color and sleekness of it.

24) Alexander McQueen Sailor Sweater Dress (BG)

I don’t know why but for some reason I like this dress. It’s not a huge favorite and almost didn’t make the list because I think the fit is a bit off on Kate, but I still like it for some reason.

Kate wore this Alexander McQueen Sailor Sweater Dress for the first time on July 4, 2011 while in Canada. She paired it with her Alexander McQueen navy suede pumps and sapphire and diamond drops.

The second time she wore it was to Wimbledon on July 4, 2012. This time she wore her sapphire and diamond drops, Prada Blue Satin Pumps, and Jaeger Quilted Leather Clutch. She wore her hair down the second time and in a ponytail the first time.

I wish the strip around the waist sat higher, but overall I like it.

25) Zimmermann white broderie anglaise “Roamer” dress (AG)

Kate Middleton Wimbledon

The Zimmermann white broderie anglaise “Roamer” day dress lands on the list for a similar reason to the number 21 Alexander McQueen broderie anglaise outfit, in that it’s just light and summery and I like it for some reason.

I didn’t much care for the boring nude accessories the first time she wore it – on April 18, 2014 to the Easter Show in Australia – but when she repeated the dress to Wimbledon on July 2, 2014 I was very, very happy. The Anya Hindmarch Fan clutch is my favorite clutch Kate owns so I was very happy to see it again.

So all in all, out of my Top 25 Favorite Kate Looks, 15 are squarely in the Before George category, 8 are squarely in the After George category, and 2 are in both. This isn’t definitive, and everyone’s tastes are different, but I definitely like Kate’s Before George style better than her After George style (even though three out of my Top 5 are After George looks) and it all comes down to styling. Kate just doesn’t style her outfits well.

151 thoughts on “My Top 25 Favorite Kate Middleton Looks

  1. Hmm, lets see – I love the pearlescent Jenny Packham gown each time Kate has worn it. And even though it’s a bit too cutesy with the sailor theme I have always liked that sailor sweater dress.

    1. I agree that the sailor dress is so cutesy and obvious with the theme, but for some reason I’ve always liked it.

      1. Interesting list, KMR!

        The sailor dress has always bothered me because it looks like it’s sagging. As a knitter, I just cringe that the garment doesn’t seem to drape properly. Further, the waistline is low on Kate, below her natural waist, and it is an odd placement for her: she usually hitches up the waistline on her garments to give the appearance that she’s got longer legs. It’s just not my favorite! Sarah Jessica Parker wore the same dress, and it seems to fit her better.

        I really liked a robins-egg blue dress (not pictured) that Kate wore in New Zealand. She accessorised it with a parasol, and it’s a beautiful dress – the only bizarre thing is she wore it to a cemetery for the victims of the NZ 2010 earthquake…and was smiling during her tour through the graves. Inappropriate behaviour, but a lovely dress.

        1. I agree with your thoughts on the sailor dress, but I still have an attraction to it for some reason that I can’t figure out.

          Re the blue dress with parasol: are you sure that was NZ, because I remember that dress/parasol combo and thought it happened in SE Asia.

        2. Aren’t sailor dresses often dropped waist to look more like a sailor’s middy blouse? I have a fondness for sailor dresses and sailor suits on little boys.

    2. The original outing of the pearlescent Jenny Packham is my favorite Kate look of all time. She looked radiant and actually happy to be there! She was glowing.

      1. I agree with you for your reasons.
        When we voted which tour was our favorite, I voted for the Canada one because Kate still looked genually happy. Plus, I liked several of her ensembles.

      2. The pearlescent gown is also a favorite of mine, and what I hoped would be the start of some bold evening wear from her. Alas, I was mistaken. Kate isn’t bold in her fashion choices, and most of her evening wear is boring. Notice how little of her evening wear made the list. It is mostly day looks.

        1. To be fair, Kate has worn way more day looks than evening looks. For all the talk that Kate loves movies premieres and such, she rarely does evening gala events. So 6 out of 25 looks being evening gowns is actually a lot considering she’s only worn about 25 gowns total over her five years of being a royal.

          1. I’m with the other commentors Herazeus – wear your dress and I’m certain you will style up and look great! No one will be able to remember how anyone else wore it!

            And have fun on the days you wear it too 🙂

          2. Keep the dress and “Make it your own.” You have what it takes!
            If you liked it enough to buy it, then by all means, enjoy it.

    3. I have a different take, because I can’t see the pearlescent dress without thinking how different Kate looked the second time around. It is THE dress that, to me, marks how different she looks just five short years in. Her updo is nice as is the jewelry, but I think she looks almost like a different person than when she first wore it. It makes me wonder if it’s hormones, or if she was getting major cosmetic injections to look like a supermodel in order to close the deal with Will. One big facet that could have kicked her from ring competition is not being photogenic enough, and early pictures showed Kate without the taunt skin and bright complexion she had in the Packham first go-around.

      1. I agree with this. She looked much better the first time in that dress and to age that much in a short period of time especially considering she doesn’t live a stressful life, at least in terms of work, suggests there is something going on behind the scenes. She looked scrawnier the second time and not as fresh as before. And it seems to have been more obvious in 2016 because the 2015 picture with the blue coat shows her looking a little better.

  2. I liked the pale blue dress with the whiteish lace overlay that she wore on the Asian tour in 2012 – very hard to rank her Top 25 looks – it would be easier to list all the clothes that I didn’t like !

    1. I think that would be harder since there are more clothes I disliked than liked.

      1. Oh, and I was about to ask you to do a list of her outfits that you most disliked! Anyway, this was fun to look at, she certainly has some gorgeous clothes. Thanks for putting it all together.

          1. I actually liked that one Jet, lol. I just wish she would have unzipped around the neck a bit so it didn’t look like it was strangling her. Otherwise, I like the style of that coat dress. It was a bit more youthful looking than other coat dresses. I like the occasional coat with no collar.

    2. That would be my all time favourite. Love that dress. Not keen on any of the McQ outfits, starting with the wedding dress.

  3. Thank KMR, this was fun and one thing I agree with you on is that Kate dressed better before George. But I have to wonder if it was partially because Kate was still new and we weren’t used to her typical style yet? All I know is Kate can pick a pretty dress but has no clue how to style it.

    The other thing this post made me realize is I have very different taste from you. A couple of the pieces you chose I can’t stand, like the red Beulah dress or the polka-dot dress, just because it was far too short for a pregnant duchess. While others, I thought were nice, but not her top ones. It is fun seeing what you like and interesting to see how each of us have different favorites/dislikes.

    I always loved these 2:
    1. The teal dress from the Olympics. To me, she looked like a knock-out:

    2. This dress I have always wanted her to repeat and still is one of my favorite looks on Kate. I love the pearls in her hair as well:

      1. Overit, I love the blue dress with white overlay and the shawl collared coat. Don’t like the teal dress mostly because I can’t stand lace dresses anymore.

        I’ve never thought KM a beauty, but rather cute. Looking at these photos, she depends so heavily on her hair to carry her look. She also looks completely in her glory when W is holding her hand.

        1. I go back on forth on Kate’s beauty. Sometime I think she is beautiful, while other times I think she is very average. I noticed that she was much prettier before George. Right around the wedding and fist few years of marriage, she had such a sparkle to make her glow. I think that is what made it stand out, where as she doesn’t have that now. But I think you are right, a lot of her beauty depends on how done up she is

          1. I also think that her face looked so different when she had a bit more weight. It’s not just a fuller face, but I cannot seem to put my finger on what is so different about her facially.

          2. Where looks are as subjective as art, I think she looked her best when she still looked happy. Her college days are some of my favorite looks, she had a real smile to her, looked healthy and seemed easy going.
            Whatever the case, it doesn’t appear that way anymore. People always say a smile can change your whole demeanor have it right.
            My sister was a sorority girl and I tease her about her party pic smile(fake smile for the camera smile) that’s the one Kate has seemed to be wearing for awhile now=(

          3. I think the little bit of extra weight in her face makes her look more relaxed. Her over-the-top grin might make her look ridiculously girly with the weight, for instance, and cadaverous without it.

    1. I love both of those Overit…that was the one Oz Shan and I were talking about up post and the teal is beautiful, love the back.
      But don’t like your third choice! Isn’t taste interesting?

        1. I hate that dress !!! But then I’m not a fan of orange…except on Max.
          This is such fun KMR your wonderful post encourages debate, and the KMR community can debate and disagree in such a pleasant manner. Would that the world could do the same.

      1. LOL, Paula, this is why I love this blog. I don’t like the Tory Burch dress at all. It just shows how much we all have different fashion choices. I really like seeing what everyone likes :). Makes me think Kate has made less fashion mistakes than I thought since at least a few people are bound to like every outfit.

      2. I am not a fan of Tory Burch at all, her designs are very meh and remind me of what a 40+ old money Ivy League graduate would wear to a luncheon or what a 30+ very wealthy suburban mom would wear to say Look at me, I have made it and wear subdued yet very expensive clothing. In that respect, this is probably why Kate has worn her clothes in the past.

    2. I think Kate favored different design elements BG which I, personally, like better. Like she used to wear more v-necks, and v-lapel (?) coats, and more open necklines (strapless gown, one should gown), and now she wears things so buttoned up and closed off. It may just be my age, but I like the more open necklines and think the more closed necklines are aging and constricted which I dislike. She also did choose, I my opinion, better clothes. And she was more willing to accessorize BG. Again, this post is all just my opinion, but I really did like her BG style better and I don’t think that’s all due to her being new and me not being used to her style. I really do think her style has changed, and not for the better.

      Fashion and art are so subjective; that’s why I made sure to say these were “my favorite” looks rather than “Kate’s best” looks. Because I knew people would disagree with my choices.

      1. When you put your list together, I could instantly see that Kate looks the best in V-necks which accentuate her face and bring the eye down in a flattering way. She also looks good in a square cut neck, which brings the eye across her face to her hair.

        I couldn’t get over how much better she accessorized before George. I didn’t pay attention to what she was wearing back then so your post was an interesting look back to compare to now. I also think the health spa trips or whatever she was doing before George made a huge difference to her skin’s firmness and overall brightness.

        We’ve all commented how much different she looks now versus four year ago, and I wonder if, now that Charles is paying all the bills, she doesn’t want the family to know how she got that young, glowing look. I think she should stop worrying if so and go get it done again! Skin changes after a baby, but it usually doesn’t sag as much as hers has, and Carole seems to have taunt skin, so I would think Kate should decently have too.

        I love the Jenny Packham blue dress, even with the three-quarter sleeve. It’s the closest to princess yet practical that Kate has ever looked in my opinion.

        I don’t believe it made your list, but I loved that white coat dress that she wore to visit the prison. That was my favorite Kate-working outfit and also my favorite patron visit because it was so out-of-the-box but extremely relevant that she’s ever done. I’m disappointed that she never returned.

        I love, love the tartan, and the Boop hat is so cute. I wish she would wear it more often.

        Fun post as always!

        1. I went back and looked– it’s The Fold (London) ivory and grey flecked dress. Really cute, v-neck, fitted her well which is always a major well-deserved criticism, and interesting. It can be changed up with a scarf, updo, or any number of changes. I’d love to have it.

          1. A lot of people criticized Kate negatively for wearing that dress to the prison because something about wearing a dress and heels to a prison. But I do think she looked really nice in that dress. It wasn’t a stand out enough to earn a spot in my top 25 faves list, but it was a nice dress on her.

      2. Thanks KMR. I only asked the new thing because I get asked that, so I was curious about your thoughts. I also prefer her style before George as well and I don’t think it was because she was new either. I am so with you on her necklines. I had not really thought about how much more open they were before George, but they were. Remember the dress from her first solo engagement where she filled in for Charles? She would never wear a dress that open on top now. It is almost like her neck-lines are symbolic how of she is feeling/comes across, such as now she is closed off and restrained.

        It really is fun seeing everyone’s favorite. Fashion is subjective, which is why it makes it so great. I always liked her blue military coat as well. She needs to wear some of her clothing from before George again.

      1. I actually didn’t like that one too much because I didn’t like the teal stone part.

  4. I had never seen that purple Prabal Gurung dress and I like it, it’s different from everything she wears. Too bad she didn’t tie her hair up so we could see the whole print. And that pearlescent Jenny Packham is always amazing.

    I always tought Kate’s problem was that she had a boring style, but looking at these pics I’m coming to think it’s just laziness. It’s like she can’t even put in the time to go in front of the mirror and try to mix different tops and bottoms and accessories. She just puts on a dresscoat, one of her nearly identical shoes/bag, Kiki earrings and that’s it. For someone who supposedly loves fashion, this is lazy dressing.

  5. My top 25, in no particular order, is:

    1. Jenny Packham teal Aspen gown – BG
    2. Project D Penelope dress – BG
    3. Mulberry navy broderie dress – BG
    4. Jenny Packham green/black gown (for the New York evening event, the best styling of the dress!) – AG
    5. Reiss Peacock dress/Joseph white jacket for Epsom – BG
    6. Temperley Amoret gown (the 1st ad 2nd styling) – BG
    7. Issa engagement dress – BG
    8. LK Bennett blue poppy dress – AG
    9. Seraphine blue coat/Seraphine Florrie dress – AG
    10. Beulah navy blue coat for Afghanistan service – AG
    11. DVF Patrice ikat dress for Blue Mountains – AG
    12. DVF black Zarita gown – AG
    13. Jenny Packham jade ‘mullet’ gown – AG
    14. Roland Mouret blue ‘cold shoulder’ gown – AG
    15. Temperley bright jade green lace dress (India) – AG
    16. Jenny Packham rose sequin gown (2nd styling) – AG
    17. Alexander McQueen blush pink lace dress (with the belt) – BG
    18. Hobbs Wessex grey chec dress – BG
    19. Mulberry mint coat (scouts) – BG
    20. Topshop pink/black dress (India) – AG
    21. Erdem navy lace dress (Canada) – BG
    22. Zimmermann white lace dress – AG
    23. Temperley blue lace Aster dress (Malaysian tea party) – BG
    24. Jonathan Saunders green check Evelyn dress (Wimbledon/Solomon Islands) – Both
    25. Emilia Wickstead blue ‘shimmery’ maternity dress – BG

    13 for before George, 13 for after George.

    25 is too little! There are so many more clothes of hers I love!

    – Jaeger yellow shirt dress
    – Ralph Lauren green blazer, particularly the Anglesey goodbye
    – Alexander McQueen pink peplum dress
    – Dolce and Gabbana white lace dress
    – Topshop polka dot dress
    – ASOS polka dot dress
    – Ralph Lauren peplum blazer, with everything she’s worn it with
    – Both of her Temperley laser cut black dresses
    … I could go on.

      1. But even then was she not channeling Diana in her blue suit?
        And then the Issa designer of such an iconic dress was not invited to the wedding? Very rude.

        1. It doesn’t matter to me. I still love that blue Issa dress regardless.

          Why would Kate have invited the designer of the Issa dress to her wedding if she didn’t know the person? I don’t think it’s rude to not have invited the Issa designer to the wedding.

          1. KMR, they invited tons of people they didn’t know to the wedding like the owners of the Bucklebury pub who’d never met the family, so I find it a little unusual.

            I do LOVE that dress so much. Jewel tones do a lot for Kate but so did that smug joy she finally got the ring!

          2. See I thought that was just weird and stupid. Why invite random people like that?

          3. She did know the designer but there were links to the Al Fayed family hence the lack of invitation. But then she shouldn’t have chosen that dress for such an iconic occasion. Issa was essentially dumped in the bid for Royal status.
            It was widely commented on at the time, and Kate didn’t look good.

          4. Oh. I didn’t know that she knew the designer. I thought the Al Fayed connection came about later – that Issa was purchased by them, or something like that, only after the engagement announcement.

          5. Camila al fayed didn’t buy the controlling shares until after. I believe 2011 or 2012?
            I look at the pub owner invite two-fold. 1)You’re having a huge wedding, inviting people you don’t really know so why not invite the “common man” 2) it makes them appear more prince/princess of the people.
            I wasn’t really a Royal watcher but do remember the pub guy being interviewed so it must have worked somewhat.

          6. I don’t remember what he said but it was something along the lines of he had no idea why he had been invited.

          7. Kate was the unofficial celebrity endorsement for Issa. They gave her tonnes of free clothes for years which enabled them to build their business. Pippa was also a lucky recepient because she could keep whatever Kate didn’t choose.

            If you go back to the girlfriend years, post university, there are so many photos of Kate in Issa clothes.

            Engagement dress was a no brainer because it merely continued an existing relationship.

            However, when Camilla Fayed bought the brand in mid-July 2011, Kate dropped Issa like a hot potato. She last wore Issa during the Canadian tour which was in early July 2011

            She hasn’t won Issa again.

          8. It was a big wedding. Perhaps the Middleton’s were required to fill a certain number of seats, more than they could from personal friendships, so defaulted to Bucklebury residents. The press was playing up the ‘down-to-earth humble middle-class family’ at that point, so it seems a likely scenario.

          9. Well that’s why I think it was so odd that they invited strangers. I don’t know how many seats W&K were allowed to have specifically for their friends and family, but weren’t Charles and Diana only allowed 30 seats? If they were only allowed a limited number of seats, that’s why I think it’s odd they went with a stranger from Bucklebury. Why waste the seat? I can’t imagine they were given so many seats they needed to find strangers to fill them.

          10. I recall they had hundreds of invitations to give out, not just a few like Charles and Diana; William famously said HE controlled it all and HE chose and I think that’s one reason he got his ‘semi state wedding’ paid for by the taxpayers. I remember reading about his RAF ‘friends’ who were a bit puzzled they got invited since they weren’t close and it was pretty obvious none of them liked William who’d skip shifts or leave them in the lurch when /they/ wanted a break or a holiday by not showing up!

            I just find it so weird they invited total strangers, and if you look at the guest list, a lot of the invitees seem to be there to just play up ‘we’re normal people look we invited people from Bucklebury!’ then ‘look at us we invited Becks and Posh Spice how cool celebs yay!’.

          11. Re: Stranger seat fillers at the wedding. It’s always amused me thst when William gave his thoughts on wedding prep and talked about wedding guest list, he said that BP were originally in charge of the list and invited lots of dignitaries, diplomatic types etc ie people consumerate with his status, but as he didn’t know any of them, he went to the Queen and complained about it. The Queen let him tear up the list to fill with his own picks, and the Middletons filled it with strangers from their village like that pub owner. They weren’t PR minded to invite people from charities linked to them….oh wait, they aren’t charity minded so couldn’t invite that type of person. Strangers it was!!!

  6. Im ok with most of your choices, except the gold mcqueen. It looked like something a pagent queen would wear in the 90s. Also the sailor sweater dress from Canada. Its obvious theme dressing and it does nothing for her figure.
    Her looks before the kids were definetly better. Her babies stole whatever sense of style she had

    1. I like the white and gold, though it’s definitely pagenty. After all pagents are all about pseudo-royalty aren’t they– sashes, tiaras? They’re both costume dressing.

      1. I love the white/gold fabric and general style, but I’m not a fan of the great bony chest expanse look she’s sporting here — even before you factor in the Muslim modesty issue. It’s also a mismatch to wear such regal fabric paired with so few, and such casual jewelry. That much skin could have been covered with some major stones, especially for a state dinner.

  7. You made some excellent choices and was very well thought out. I will.agree that she dressed so much better prior to George’s birth. Even her hair was gorgeous but her first hair stylist was the best. There are a few you liked I didn’t care for such as the polka dot dress but in my humble opinion very few women look good in polka dots such as this particular dress. I am partial to more open at neck line. I have come to appreciate her simplicity such as minimal jewelry. I often wonder how much input do her personal assistants and even mum and/or sister have in her public fashion presentations. Thank you for this post that will also promote some good discussion.

  8. I agree with many of your choices.Here are my top 23 in no particular order:
    1)Lasa Poppy LK Bennett
    2)LK Bennett Detroit dress
    3)Purple Prabal Gurung
    4)Malenie Birger Teal coat with black beading
    5)2016 Order of the Garter look
    6)2011 Order of the Garter look
    7)Beulah London Chiara
    8)Champagne McQueen lace
    9)Naeem khan dress India
    10)McQueen navy military style
    11)McQueen tartan
    12)McQueen red bespoke peplum dress
    13)white Zimmermann
    14)Jenny Packham pearlescent,rose sequin gown
    15)Look at Zara Phillips wedding
    16)emerald green D&G dress in Canada
    17)The white McQueen worn at 2016 Buckingham Palace tea party
    18)The Duck blue jenny packham in Malaysia
    19)the blue Erdem dress with lace first Canada tour
    20)Yellow Roksanda Illincic at wimbledon
    21)Temperley Titan dress pre marriage
    22)amanda wakely navy suit pre marriage
    23)katherine hooker brown pre marriage

  9. KMR, I really loved this post. Clothes Before George V Kate’s Clothes After George shows more than clothes, it shows my vision of Kate before and after she became mother. What I think more interesting is that Kate seemed happier before George was born. She had light in her eyes, and even her smile was great. Her enthusiasm was visible. But something changed and that old Kate disappeared. I assure this because, as I said before, I was a huge fan of Kate and I think this is sad. I loved and admired this woman and now I have contempt for her.

    My favorites dresses are the Alexander McQueen custom gold hibiscus gown (BG) (I have no problem with the low neckline), the Jenny Packham rose pearlescent gown (BG/AG) (this was always a favorite of mine) and the Prabal Gurung purple print dress (BG) (I love purple). I agree with you KMR, Kate doesn’t style her outfits well and I think her “style” was better before George was born.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head about a happier look before George. I wonder if William played a part in transforming that happy person into the shrunken figure we see now?

      I also think the fit of the clothes was better, and even her posture.

  10. Top 5: I love the lilac dress she wore in BAFTA in Los Angeles. The Jenny Peckham ink blue, the Jenny Peckham teal blue. The Issa engagement dress. The LK Bennett white with blue florals.

    I don’t remember the Prabal dress but it’s different from her usual style and I like it.

    I do like her in red. I also think green is a great color on her.

    I have not enjoyed her British style this year: the most recent poppy McQueen, the floral Kate Spade, the long blue LK Bennett with the Obamas, the long blue Saloni from the banquet before India. in fact, I would include these in my least favorites of all time, and they all come in 2016. That’s not promising news on the sartorial side of things…

  11. I think this is where that Vogue editor made an insightful point: it’s sort of like a uniform to her. Slip on a coat dress, the fave heels of that month, conservative accessories, and maybe slap on a hat. Cute coats make an entire outfit and you don’t have to style multiple items. She even found a uniform updo — it works well enough so now she will just do that ad nauseum. “Look at me people, I’m ‘duchessing’ here. Happy? Can I go back to my estate and put my jeggings back on yet?”

    1. OMG Kristen, that “I’m ‘duchessing’ here…. Can I go back to my estate…?” is exactly the attitude her and William have and it shows at every event they attend (except the Sir Ben one’s). Thanks for capturing their attitude and demeanor in such a humorous way 🙂


    What about the dress she wore at the Taj Mahal? Thought that was a beautiful dress that looked great regardless of accessories.

    1. It’s not one of my favorites. Like I said, this is a list of my favorites. I know people will have other favorites. These are mine.

    2. I love a lot of Naeem Khan’s outfits but that wasn’t one of them. I felt she could have worn it to the Netherlands and been Delft Blue for her theme dressing =)

  13. The navy Sarah Burton for McQueen is a top runner for me as well. But I think it may be too tight in the torso to be comfortable on her. It looked too tight the day she wore it. Garments need some ‘ease’, that is something Kate and her tailor fail to see. Accessories were good, considering it’s Kate we are talking about.

    The white pique coat by Sarah Burton is also nice, however she ruined the look by the way she wore it. The McQueen site featured it with a longer pencil skirt, some great booties, and it was knockout. But Kate made it look fru fru. It was a travesty, IMO.

    She has some great pieces in her closet, she just needs help in how to style them. I really question her skills with accessories, how is it she allegedly worked as an accessories buyer??

    I’ve pretty much lost hope in her. Her attitude in Canada wrecked it for me, and her lack of work ethic doesn’t help either. There’s really nothing to say about her except fashion, and she isn’t even very good with that. Her recent wardrobe is very old ladylike – or boring – or silly (McQueen red/white dress in Vancouver I’m looking at you), and I think she should ditch the house of Catherine Walker and just leave that to her mother.

    1. The Canada tour was a huge turning point in breaking off any hope for W&K. I didn’t feel that they wanted to do the tour and therefore stuck it to Trudeau by dictating all terms for appearances.
      They behaved like spoiled brats.

      1. It didn’t help that Trudeau and his wife Sophie are very good at these kinds of events. (I would even say that Laureen Harper would have been better than Kate because she always seemed professional when she did attend official functions)

      2. Indiana Joanna I totally agree with you. I was expecting the PM his wife and children at the play party for the children. But Kate always appeared to ignore the PMs wife.

        1. Of course she would. Sophie is pretty and smart and bubbly and married to a guy who doesn’t give her the cold shoulder in public. Sophie also worked full time prior to Justin running as MP and is raising kids without an army of nannies. Sophie is exactly the kind of woman that Kate would hate.

    2. Kate really has no clue how to accessorize or style an outfit. That is her biggest problem. She takes a beautiful dress and makes it boring. She had more fun with accessories before she married. Her outfits at least had some style elements to them. Though, I am also not sure about her Jigsaw job. I just don’t see her knowing what to buy. It is almost like when she got married, that royal family sucked any personality out of her.

      I so agree with you on Catherine Walker! Kate needs to just step away and stop trying Walker until she is more mature.

  14. Her white Roland Mouret is what I covet, her entire plum ensemble from her first Christmas married at Sandringham, the dove grey ensemble from Easter Sunday in Australia. Her Temperley black shearling coat (love it so much), which I don’t think we’ve seen since BG. Actually, so many of her coats- I am such a coat fanatic!!!

    Thanks for this post KMR, great idea!

  15. Thanks for putting this togehter, KMR. Such a lively discussion has popped up as people have such different opinions.

    Basically, I have to agree that I don’t think Kate knows how to accessorize, or trust herself in adding color to her choices. Example, the navy coat, shoes, dress and hat (when pregnant with Charlotte) would have really been smashing with a great scarf or brooch, or different colors in the dress/blouse beneath and the shoes. She doesn’t seem to trust herself to try something else, does she?

    I’m not really a fan of most of her clothes. That began with the engagement dress and wedding gown and has continued to slide downward. I do like the dress with the poppies and wish she had worn different shoes.

    The all blue, all red, all whatever looks bother me Some of the lines of the clothing are ok, but she never really wows me. Post George, or after And, although she did not seem happy in the time after George, I still think that when she is with Charlotte, she glows.

    Again, thank you for putting this together. Where, btw, is Lauri of CA? I hope she is ok I would like to tap into her posture tips. It seems that Kate often tilts to the side. I noticed that in many of her wedding photos and notice it in several photos here.

    1. I’ve been thinking about Lauri from CA too! I’ve missed her. When I saw Kate with the King of the Netherlands, my thoughts went immediately to Lauri…

      My overall impression from KMR’s list is that Kate looked far healthier and with a greater lightness of being pre-children. The choices of clothes seem to have worsened, especially of late. The choices seemed fresher early on, if that makes sense.

        1. Yes, but I posted where is Lauri before she posted her reply to you.
          I’ve been worried. Lauri, we have missed you. Are you ok?

  16. That burgundy suit has such a short skirt and pairing it with black tights was not a win for me.
    I really don’t like that look. I think it is the worst of the bunch, which really does not have many faves for me. Sorry,. because you work so hard, KMR. I just don’t think “fashion” when I think of Kate.

    1. I’m with KMR on that one I love it. Short? Yes but she’s young and has great legs, so as long as there’s no fly ups I’m fine with that, perhaps not now as a mum of 2 .
      Enjoying the debate seeding how everyone views different outfits. There is no right or wrong.

      1. I’m young, too, Birdy. And, people say I have great legs, but to me that suit and the shorty short skirt is terrible. Especially for a Duchess. Oh, well, to each her own.

        Thanks, KMR. I think we all have our own fashion ideas. I appreciate your putting this post together.

  17. My take away from this is that Kate can’t accessorize, her best looks are ones where the clothes are already somewhat accessorized through print, fabric choice, tailoring, or accessories such as buttons or belts. But she looooves a good coat dress doesn’t she?

  18. Thanks for this post!
    What makes or breaks certain outfits for me is her accessories. I love it when she’s wearing a sparkly brooch.
    I loved the Jenny packham rose gown the 1st time around. She was wearing open toe heels, which we don’t see too often and looked happy.
    I also loved the black velvet Alexander McQueen and where KMR and I differ, I actually love the Mouawad necklace and bracelet. Kate very rarely wears big sparkly and this was good bling for me. We do agree with the hair down obscuring it tho.
    I didn’t mind the completely matching ensembles in the beginning but after 5 yrs of a monochromatic look, it’s old and boring.

  19. Most married-ins in the Royal Family relax after they’ve had the children. They, they regain their own personality and sense of self, etc.

    She is the opposite. Having the heir has made her more committed to constantly seeking their approval — probably so she can just fly under the radar at her country estate without them being able to complain about her behavior.

    1. Fifi, Are you referring to the dress Carole wore at Wimbledon this year? Wearing that dress was so unfortunate all round. Appropriate for ages five to 10 years old. Not a 60 year old.

      1. Yes. I looked it up, and obviously not the same. I totally agree with you, so inappropriate. Like my mother used to say, just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should.

  20. Long time “lurker” here. I love this blog and couldn’t resist chiming in.

    I think my all time favorite is the Issa Blue Wrap engagement dress followed by that Emilia Wickstead coat. I want both of those things for my closet!

  21. I think one reason she’s looked less happy after George was that the internet grumblings and criticems about her bubbled up into the public sphere when he was a few months old. If she had any post-partum blues — and it’s likely, given Will’s comment that she still needed to lose 20 pounds when George was 5 weeks (I think) old — that criticsm probably hit her hard. I think she put up with criticsm from Will because she had her family to tell her she’s wonderful and the press/public generally swooned over her. But after George, she probably felt she had done everything Will wanted and he still wasn’t happy with her, her parents weren’t as close, and the public wasn’t entirely enamoured with her either… and she struggled to cope. She doesn’t look confident anymore because she isn’t. She’s always been in over her head, but now she seems to realize it.

    1. Will is an asshole for making a comment about her weight. She looked her best with the extra weight during her pregnancy. For him to comment on how much more she needed to lose is just horrific. It’s obvious now why she is so obsessed with being thin when she has an ass of a husband to mess with her mind. People should have come down hard on him for that because right now she does not look her best but probably thinks as long as she is super thin than he will be interested. Ugh.

    2. He said that?! For real?! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Edited to add: I shouldn’t be surprised since he once insulted an actress when he just met her!! Ugh!!!

  22. Hi KMR! Great post…that must have taken a huge amount of time to trawl through and find all of these so fabulous effort!
    There’s definitely been a change in the way she dresses BG and AG no doubt about it. I know she has help and all but I’d say some of it comes down to being a new mum as this is something I’ve noticed with many of my friends when they became mum’s. Time factor I guess although in comparison there’s no excuse for Kate.
    That Vogue article that you or someone referenced here is quite telling isn’t it? The one where the Vogue person said not to compare her and Diana and that basically the two of them have/had very different motivations around the whole fame and celebrity thing.
    I find that a very astute observation….Di being into the celebrity of it all and Kate being professional and wants to do her bit but only up to a point. That hits the nail on the head as far as you are concerned KMR? Personally Idon’t see anything wrong with that attitude.
    You know I really wonder if Diana was still alive what a nightmare she’d be as a mum in law. Imagine it. You’re 50+ with your best years behind you and this young fresh faced bride of your son’s comes along. Di would hate the comparisons, the attention Kate gets now, and would be jealous of the time and respect Wills gives Kate and her family etc. She would have been a jealous nightmare! And not to disparage the dead but we all know she had issues and in her head she substituted the limelight as a firm of love, sad as that is.
    I think Kate knows this Duchess business is a job. It could be worse…she could have been a total celeb loving attention seeking publicity hog! But then again if she was I doubt she’d have made it to be Mrs Wills as he clearly needs/wants someone totally focused on him. Yuck.
    In today’s snap chat techno world I for one do not blame her one bit for treating it like a job and having her real focus on her family and kids. Her clothing choices, lack of public speaking effort and work shy ways? Well I agree with you on some points and think there’s alot more going on behind the scenes than we know right now (re palace flunkies, Charles himself, Will’s input and protectiveness of her even the old Charlie and Andy debate.).
    My bet is once the Queen dies and Charles can have his way I reckon she’ll have had her child rearing grace years and she’ll be one of the few main royals so there’ll be no choice for her but to work her butt off. Here’s hoping that by then she’s done a Princess Mary and grown into her own skin and sorted out her style choices. As it is I don’t think she’s anywhere near as confident a person as Mary…
    Anyway sorry – sidetracked quite a bit there lol!
    Your satorical choices here KMR. Its great to see what you like and there’s a theme running through your choices of her best looks too.
    I’m a fan of the coat dress/dresses look where it’s fitted on the bodice and more flared out from the hips. Because she’s a bit of a bean pole I really think the likes of the straight up and down jackets like the military one at the very beginning and that blue jacket are just so ugh and boring for her shape and not a great look.
    As for the rest….love love love the pearlescent Jenny Packham the first time round. And the ink blue long JP dress as well – but jeez if you are going to borrow Granny’s serious bling get your hair out the way, girl! Otherwise that’s what I call night time princess dressing!! What the point of being a princess/duchess if you can’t bling it up and shine?!
    Have to say though, I agree with some of the other posts that during the day she often plays it safe and dull.
    I miss those low cut v neck long sleeved numbers or the shoulder baring silver gray one shoulder evening dress. Those were styles that was young but classy and suits her age and her ‘body type. Its a shame she gave that away in order to be seen (probably by the Queen) to be doing the ‘right and appropriate’ thing.
    Why not just be yourself in the first place?
    Who else thinks that when Liz dies we will see a new level of satorical confidence from Kate?
    Cheers from NZ!

    1. KiwiGirl, I think you are right about Diana. Her perception would be very different now if she would still be alive. It was already shifting in her last two years. She was no Mother Theresa and played the media game very well. Did she do great things for charity? Yes! But I think wether she nor Charles were very attentive parents. They were to mingled up in hurting each other for a long time.
      I am quite on board with your view on the things except that I think the military coat really is one of her best outfits.

    2. Hi, Kiwi Girl. Nice to hear a new voice.

      In my opinion, I don’t think there would have been a Middleton marriage if Diana was alive.
      William rushed toward the Midds and found a sense of comfort from Carole, the Mum of the girl he was seeing. I doubt that William’s anger toward the media and his unfortunate lack of duty would be so evident if his Mum were still here.

      That said, I don’t agree with what you said about what a horror Diana would be as a mother-in-law. Diana was a super-star — larger than life — and she would not have been THAT old when William married. Look at Sophie, she is 50, right? She may not have Di’s charisma, but she is picture perfect in her attire and has some work ethic. Diana would have aheld her own and I think would have still captured the world’s fascination and love. I think it would be hard for any young bride to compete with that image, but Diana was also a champion of the underdog and would have sensed the bride’s nervousness and tried to help, I think. I still think the bride would not have been Kate, though.

      I agree with those who think Kate is suffering the burden of being the Duchess. So many mishaps happened early in her marriage twirling of her banana curls during a somber ceremony, flashing, etc) that she must have gotten an earful from the Queen’s people. If she suffered Post-partum depression, it may have been aggravated by her realizing that the life she was living was not that life she was promised by William and the reality might have knocked her down more than a peg.

      She has still been cut more slack than Diana ever was and she has done so little to make an impact on her own. It does not have to be one that has the “WOW” factor attached to it, but Kate needs to take some responsibility for the life that she and her Mum wanted so badly for her. That means, work hard to overcome your innate shyness, woman. Take some public speaking lessons and build up your self-confidence by tackling an issue you are comfortable with and making it your own.

      I try to be more generous in my negative feelings toward her.. When I see a glimmer of success, I will try to compliment it. But, for goodness sake, she is not a toddler who needs constant reinforcement. As others often comment, the bar has been set so low when it comes to her, that even a mediocre performance is applauded.

      We are each entitled to our feelings and beliefs. So, that’s where I stand. I will respect what others believe, too. Sorry for the long comment. Back to work for me.

      1. Very well put Mary Elizabeth. I agree with. I don’t think for a moment William would have married Kate if Diana had been around. Diana hated social climbing and would have sniffed out Kate’s/Carol’s intentions from the start. I don’t think Kate would have even made it into William’s inner circle of friends.

        I also have to add, that Kate not courting fame goes against all photo evidence. Kate loves attention and even sought it out. She wanted the celebrity lifestyle and got it. I don’t for second think she wanted a quiet country life or else she would have dated a less high profile man. She sought William out and stayed with him through all the cheating and waiting. A woman only does that if she wanted the royal title. I think she loves William, but no woman puts up with the way he treated her unless he is a prince and that is your/your parents goal. She also tries to be the center of attention at events that aren’t focused on her, such as wearing clothing to stand out. Such as during the Queen’s Jubilee-when all the royals gathered for a sail on the Thames. Camilla and Kate received memo’s to wear cream/beige clothing, so as not to upstage the Queen. Kate decided to ignore it and wore bright red, thus making sure she would stand out. Who does that? Only a woman who wants to be the center of attention when it is the Queen’s day-not hers. Kate’s loves the limelight.

        I will say regarding ‘why not be yourself.’ I sadly don’t think Kate knows who she is. She has been trying too hard to be what she thinks a Duchess is that she has no idea who she is. She has no distinctive personality anymore like she had a one point. Her outfits demonstrate that. Clothing is a reflection of a person’s personality.

        1. Overit and Mary Elizabeth well said both of you. Can I add, that the way her boys talk about her proves to me beyond doubt that whatever her failings Diana was an amazing mother who adored her boys. Of course there were issues and problems, but their love for her shines out 20 years later. She would have adored being a granny.
          And Will would not have been married to Kate!

          1. Overit and Birdy, so well said.
            I forgot that moment of Kate in red when all the other Royal ladies were in white. And, Birdy, yes, how beautifully Diana’s sons speak of her.

            I honestly don’t believe Kate Middleton, or Carole, would have had a chance to snag Wills if Diana had lived.

  23. Uhhhhh I love the black and white polka dott dress she wore when pregnant. I am planning to copy that look to show of my bump if the weather will allow it! But I also love my wedges and nude pumps ;-). Totally on board with all who talked about how good she looks with a v-neck/lower neckline. She should mix it up more! She is older now, I know, but that is now reason to dress like my grandmother. When she tries something out of line it is always so over-the-top ugly -like older women that try to look young and end up dressing clownish.

  24. My all time favourite look was the Hobb’s Dalmatian Print coat. I am pretty sure she’s only worn it when preggo, but both times it was styled nicely. She looks so sweet and cute when she’s pregnant and I’m a sucker for anything with spots, so that’s probably why it’s a win for me.

    Thanks KMR for the post! I’m sure it took a while to put together. I don’t know anything about you or what else you have going on, but your dedication to this blog is appreciated. I love the discussions people have on here, they’re always so respectful. I always learn so much too!

  25. I have a question for anyone to answer. As I was googling Kate’s worst looks, I noticed several comments on her stockings. Often the writer would say her American tan hose ruined the look, or her shiny nude hose ruined it. Is it the color of the stockings that offends these fashion critics, or is it that she wears stockings at all? I appreciate good nude stockings, but I admit to being unaware of the current trend in hosiery.

    1. Tan/nude tights have always been a fashion no no and something only old school grannies wear. Terminally uncool.

      Kate wearing tan/nude tights falls under those fashion rules.

      As she has to wear tights for official events, coloured tights are an option, but she ignores that option. For the record, there is no rule that she must wear nude/tan tights. That is strictly her choice. A choice that is as steadfast as her nude courts.

      1. I don’t entirely agree, but my viewpoint may be somewhat skewed. I have a book of fashion history, so I’ll paraphrase from it: Until the twentieth century, some sort of stocking was required (for every woman). Usually, these were wool or cotton knit and attached to something corset-like. Silk stockings were a luxury item and sexy as hell.

        This held true until WWII, when silk was rationed and used for parachutes. Women were urged to use make-up on their legs and draw the stocking seam down the backside to sell the illusion. Technology swooped in to save the day with the invention of nylon. All those beautiful, well-dressed women of the fifties wore nylon stockings if they couldn’t afford silk. And they nearly always wore them. In the 1960’s the fashion revolution ditched the girdle (which is what stocking were attached to at that point) and introduced the mini-skirt. There was quite a bit of concern about showing off one’s underwear, so Mary Quant, the inventor of the mini, explained, “You must wear tights with short skirts so you can sit gracefully.” Tights were too hot for every season in the U.S., so manufacturers created pantyhose.

        I was raised to believe that hose (short for hosiery) was a necessary finish to an outfit. It makes your legs look smoother — nicks, bumps, and bruises are buffed out — and your feet fit in your shoes better. Only sandals were to be worn with bare feet. It wasn’t a question of fashion. It was a necessity, like wearing socks. The quality of the hose makes a difference, though. The American cheerleader tough, shiny, fake-tan looking hose look awful. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google “Hooters waitress”.

        I didn’t see women not wear hose with dresses until the 90’s. I thought it was grunge’s backlash against the colored hose of the 80’s.

        So I’m middle-aged, unfashionable, and when I wear a dress with proper shoes, I wear hose. It might not look good, but it looks better than my unadorned legs. I usually wear jeans or dress slacks, though, so it’s rarely an issue.

        1. I was raised in the 90s that hose was necessary when wearing a dress or a skirt.

          1. When did you notice women not wearing hose as a matter of course? I think it became more widespread in the early 2000’s, and now, as Herazeus pointed out, it’s hopelessly old-fashioned. But I’m not sure about this.

          2. I would say about the mid-2000s, although I still wear hose whenever I wear a proper dress or skirt. If that makes me old fashioned or not hip, I don’t care since I think it looks better for me and makes me feel better in my dresses. When wearing dress pants and heels I wear those knee highs.

          3. Me too! But if I’m wearing booties with a dress I’ll put on ankle socks over the tights/hose. I wonder if the no-hose fashion is similar to the no-bra statements of the 70’s. Just not for everyone, and better quality bras (and hose) make everything okay again.

        2. That’s a great potted history, graymatters. I get wearing hose to cover bumps and create a sleekness to complement the dress. Wasn’t it Herazeus who alerted us to the ultra fine hose Kate wears? It was a particular brand, pricey, as you would expect with a quality item, and can barely be discerned because of its sheerness.

          I’m now going to lower the tone, so be warned. Lolaloveheart (I think) opined at some point that Kate preferred the hose in lieu of underwear in order to keep the line of her clothing smooth. Maybe that’s an explanation for the hose?

          1. It’s not a bad idea. If you wear hose all day, it definately needs a wash because of your feet. If you wear panty-hose, the panty insert gives you a good-enough underwear substitute. I’m not sure why I’m not comfortable with that for myself, but it makes sense if Kate does it. And it’s more comfy than a thong.

          2. They have spanx for that now! Sucks things in and smooths things out at the same time!! If I thought I could get away with it, I’d wear mine 24/7????=)

          3. I can’t believe I know this, but Spanx was originally the top part of a control-top panty hose cut free from the legs. It developed from there.

            I can’t wear Spanx. It won’t stay put and is hot and uncomfortable. Just as the leg part of the hose comes in different styles and qualities, so does the panty part. It doesn’t have to be ugly and uncomfortable (though it often is).

          4. It wouldn’t be my choice either, but if it works for her… I’d imagine that expensive hose is bought by the score!

          5. Kate is so pale. She’d have to be spray-tanned constantly, or apply leg make-up to go sans hosery.

            I really hate bare legs unless it is summer. And, not every skin tone is amenable to tanning. One of my friends who tans only after constant, constant, constant sun exposure, says her legs are the last thing to take on color.

    2. I guess I’m old fashioned then. My legs are pale, have some freckles and often have bruises. I need hose to even out my skin tone. Plus it’s an added layer of warmth in a cold office. I only wear hose with skirts, and never with open toed shoes. Funny how the fashion critics say her hosiery ruined an outfit when that is one of the few parts I like.

  26. Hi KMR, I enjoyed this article and your opinions on Kate’s best looks. I also think the Jenny Packham pearlescent gown (BG) was one of her best looks. I really thought at the time Kate looked gorgeous in it. The second time, the dress is still pretty, but we are so used to her being covered up to her neck, that it was kind of boring. Also, since it has been 5 years she does look different, her skin looks coarse and less taut and her hair color is horrendous right now. Or maybe, the press photoshops her less now, since their relationship with W&K is very contentious. I know you put No. 13, the Beulah gown as one of your faves, but to me this was just awful, looks like a too-long red satin housecoat and Kate just looks very messy in it. I think this is one of her worst formal looks. My other vote for a really awful look is the sailor sweater dress, which I know many of you have said you liked, IMO, it just hung off of her and it looked like the bottom was all stretched out to create those ripples. I loved the red McQueen dress for the Jubilee and thought Kate looked really good at this event and I loved the Prabal Gurung dress, when she wore that I thought maybe she would start being a bit more adventurous in wearing non-chromatic outfits. One of my fave dresses of her for some reason is this gray Orla Kiely dress:
    The fit was great and Kate looked happy and relaxed.

  27. Sorry that I’m late!! I’ve been having some issues going on. Long story short: I found out on Friday that I *do* in fact have to move and by out by February 28th. On top of that, when I told one of my head supervisors about the move, she immediately suggested that I consider moving back to Tampa to be closer to my family and doctors. WHAAAAAT?! **mega confused Kimothy**

    Note: on Monday I told my immediate supervisor what’s up (and what was said to me on Friday afternoon) and he was genuinely shocked at what the head supervisor said to me since everyone seems to like me, I *do* have a life here in Tallahassee and the only reason I should consider moving would be for myself, a pay increase, and that the job was a sure thing (last part was Dad’s input).

    As you can imagine, my brain cells have been feeling utterly confused and, honestly, I haven’t had much of an appetite plus I’ve been having one-on-one conversations with the Almighty. I’m calmer now and have created a plan with the folks. Also, friends of mine in the area know what’s going on and are keeping their eyes and ears peeled for me.

    Now back to the topic: I never really liked her outfits since she became a duchess because of the fact that:

    1.) These are clearly “costumes” she’s created because this is how she “thinks” a duchess should look.

    2.) it’s very clear that she was much happier at the beginning but now, for whatever reason, something is very off and it makes me sad to see.

    I know it would be impossible but I would love to do a “favorite outfits before becoming a duchess” and “favorites after becoming a duchess” to make a compare and contrast between then and now.

    Whew! That’s all I’ve got everyone! Hugs!

    1. Of the photos I’ve seen of Kate pre-marriage, I actually didn’t like her style at all in her pre-Duchess days. So I don’t have any favorites from then. Well, other than the Issa engagement dress. But that’s it.

    2. Sending huge cyber hugs Kimothy, as we say in England ‘don’t let the buggers get you down’ ( hope that’s not too rude to Americans) .
      You do what’s right for you and don’t let small minded ignorant people influence your decisions. You’ve achieved so much by simply being alive 20 years Post transplant, then you give back again and again.
      I think I can safely speak for all KMRers we are immensely proud of you.
      You go girl!

    3. Kimothy, I’m shocked that this is happening to you; surely this is not legal? That would set off all sorts of alarm bells here and the supervisor would be reprimanded, if not removed. My best to you; it’s difficult having to deal with this level of crap. Lucky you have great family and friends.

      Back to old Kate; yep, you are right – the costumes, plus the very obvious channeling of Diana is disingenuous. Goodness knows why she went down the Diana path; it draws comparisons where she will never win out. The early Duchess days, plus being pregnant with George, were her best looks – fresh-faced, genuinely happy, and looking healthier with a little more weight on her. Fast forward to now – very mannered, pinched, controlled to the nth degree, poor clothing choices, lots of work done (face, teeth, hair). I’d imagine the royal life that eventuated was not what she was promised by William or imagined for herself.

    4. Blimey Kimothy, that was a bit off putting what that woman said! It’s not her place to say something like that and if it had done that here there would be grounds for a conversation with HR.

      It’s great you have support from your family and you do what will make you happy.

      Enjoy the hunt for a new home, you never know just who you may meet while going through the process?

      Great comments re Kate and I agree with what you are saying that Kate is dressing to be how she thinks a duchess should dress.

      1. Hello, Kimothy and all good wishes to you. I cannot believe what that woman said to you, but I am hoping things are better now and that all will work out in the best way for you.

        Birdy is right. You have done so well. You are a survivor! I believe things will fall in line and I wish you less stress and more positive action in your life.

        Hang in there.

  28. Thanks for conpiling this post KMR. It must’ve taken quite a bit of work to go through your archives. You definitely make this Kate more interesting than she actually is and more buzz worthy than she deserves to be.

    In general, Kate looked happier, healthier and thus more beautiful before she had her kids. Her style was more elegant yet youthful too. She looked beautiful and elegant. I don’t know what she is doing now. It’s like she’s perpetually sad and tired and has just given up in her style.

  29. Great post! The sailor dress is lovely but not on Kate. She has absolutely no hips and drop waisted looks dreadful on her. Plus she’s long waisted so doesn’t really work. She really did seem to have some spark in the early days.

  30. I personally don’t like her in anything red. For some reason, she tends to pick orange-based reds, which imo makes her hair look brassy. I’m not sure who told her that she looks good in red, but I really disagree. Or, if she likes red, then I wish she would go with a more blue-based red or even more of a jewel-toned red. I think she looks best in blues. Anytime she wears blue, I think she looks really nice. Even if it’s a white dress with blue flowers (like above) or a grey dress with blue undertones, the color complements her really well.

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