Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Sofia, CP Victoria, Duchess Camilla, Prince Harry

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Sofia, CP Victoria, Duchess Camilla, Prince Harry

Here’s a royal round up to start your Monday. We’ve got some articles about Kate Middleton which offered tidbits of interesting information, Princess Sofia out and about for a day of engagements with Prince Carl Philip, Crown Princess Victoria doing her thing, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall reading to children, and a sprinkling of Prince Harry.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

First off are two articles about Kate Middleton. One is related to her visit to the Netherlands, and the one is related to her British Vogue cover.

The first one is from the Daily Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle who says:

    “Royal courtiers hope the Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Netherlands is the first of many solo engagements. No royal can match her media coverage now. ‘If you can’t get the Queen to visit then everyone wants William and Kate – and if they can only have one of them they want Kate,’ says a source. Always fiercely determined to protect her private life and family, the duchess is now more relaxed about accepting a public royal role. Previously attempts to involve her – even when initiated by the Queen – were resisted.”

I mean, I totally believe that Kate is one of the most requested royals just because she garners more press than anyone else. So yeah, organizations would want her just so they would get more press. I don’t believe for a second that Kate is “more relaxed about accepting a public royal role”. I mean, clearly she is not relaxed at all when doing royal duties. And I think it’s interesting that someone has put it in writing that Kate resisted getting involved with royal duties even when it’s been coming from the Queen. So can we please stop with the “The Queen/Charles isn’t letting her work more” thing that some people bring up? The Queen wants her to work more, and Kate’s refusing to.

Kate Middleton covers Vogue 1
[Josh Olins for Vogue UK]

British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman has given an interview about working with Kate on her Vogue cover. Shulman spoke to ES Magazine’s Charlotte Edwards (though I’m quoting the DM) about how Kate is incredibly likable and the total opposite of Princess Diana.

    On what Kate is like: “She’s incredibly likeable. She really is. She wants to do what she’s doing well, and she’s very professional.”
    On how Kate is different from Diana: “Diana was more interested in that high-voltage celebrity, that was something she really embraced. The Duchess of Cambridge is prepared to do her bit, but it’s not one of the things that she most cares about. She loves her kids and the countryside. Dressing up, that’s a professional side to her. It’s a sort of uniform, all those lovely couture costumes.”

[Daily Mail]

Is Kate “incredibly likeable”? I don’t know since I’ve never met her, but I could see it. I’m sure Kate is polite and doesn’t offend anyone since she never gives her opinion on anything. It just depends on what one thinks is “likable” about others. There are people I know who most people would say are incredibly likable, but I find to be incredibly annoying. So I can believe that Kate is “likable” to some. But I cannot believe “She wants to do what she’s doing well, and she’s very professional” given all that we’ve witnessed from her at her engagements. If she wanted to do well, she’d be more professional. And she isn’t.

I disagree that clothes is “not one of the things that she most cares about”. Kate shops all the time. She has bespoke pieces created for her. She takes designs and twists them to her liking. She clearly cares enough about clothes to make all those specialized pieces for her, and to buy designer garments which cost thousands of dollars. If Kate didn’t care about clothes, she wouldn’t spend so much on them and wouldn’t go with bespoke pieces. Kate cares. She just has terrible taste.

On October 21, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, Duke and Duchess of Värmland, visited Värmland for a day of engagements. The couple arrived the night before via train with their son, Prince Alexander.

In the morning, Carl Philip visited the area around Gullsjöälven in Säffle where he met with representatives of the Agricultural Society to learn more about modern forestry, and even tried a bit of logging. Carl Philip is patron of the Agricultural Society Association.

Meanwhile, Sofia was at Fritidsbanken (which translates to Leisure bank) in Karlstad. Fritidsbanken is like a library but with sports and leisure equipment, where you can borrow equipment for active recreation, such as skiing, skating, rollerblading, life jackets, snowboards, and more, for up to 14 days. Sofia was given a tour of the premises and met with staff and volunteers, as well as fourth graders from Fröding school. Sofia donated a football to the organization. You can see some more photos from this event here.

Carl Philip and Sofia met up and continued their day in Säffle, where they stopped by the town hall to meet with the Mayor and have lunch.

They then visited Säffle’s old water tower where they viewed the art installation Forest of Säffle. The water tower, designed by architect Ivar Justus Tengbom, was built in 1914 and is 45 meters high.

In the afternoon, the couple visited the business headquarters of Somas – which makes butterfly, ball segment and ball valves.

Sofia wore three different tops during the day paired with the same black pants and booties. The first top is the Mayla “Daria vintage blue silk blouse with ruffles” (2,250.00 kr, or about $252), which looks way too twee for me. The jacket is from RED Valentino. Sofia wore the “Two-tone scalloped tech-jersey coat” which is currently on sale for $398 (marked down from the original $995 price).

In the evening, the couple attended a dinner hosted by the Governor at his residence. Sofia wore a black blouse and a black skirt paired with her silver Charlotte Olympia Monroe pumps which she debuted back in June at the Polar Music Prize. Not sure I like this top and skirt – the skirt looks really cheap with that elastic waistband.

On October 18, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Swedish Radio.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Victoria wore a new By Malene Birger Draped Crepe Dress in burgundy ($495) which I like a whole lot and want for myself.

On October 20, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was in Swindon to celebrate the town’s 175th anniversary. In 1841 Sir Daniel Gooch proposed that Great Western Rail (GWR) locate their locomotive works in Swindon and the business grew to employ 14,000 local people, transforming rural farmland into a thriving town.

Camilla arrived by train and unveiled a plaque to open Sir Daniel Gooch Place at Swindon Railway Station as her first engagement. Camilla was joined by the Mayor of Swindon, and then met a bunch of local school children from Robert Le Kyng Primary School.

Camilla then viewed historic items from the Sir Daniel Gooch exhibition before visiting the Civic Offices to view long-term plans for the regeneration of the town center.

Upon leaving the Civic Offices, Camilla bumped into newlyweds Craig and Rachel Bailey who looked delighted to bump into Camilla on their way out of the registry office in Swindon after tying the knot.

On October 21, as Patron of Beanstalk (which recruits and trains volunteers to work in primary schools with children who have fallen behind with their reading), Camilla visited the Wells Festival of Literature at The Bishop’s Palace in Wells, England.

Camilla read to school children an excerpt from The Best Bear in All the World, written by Jeanne Willis and published earlier this month to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Winnie the Pooh. Camilla was then shown around The Bishops Palace Gardens and The Long Gallery by The Rt Revd Peter Hancock, Bishop of Bath and Wells. There is a video of Camilla’s engagement here.

Prince Harry attended the Metropolitan Police Service of Remembrance at the Metropolitan Police Training College on October 20.

60 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Sofia, CP Victoria, Duchess Camilla, Prince Harry

  1. Really, all that shopping Kate does all the time proves that she must be very interested in clothes. How stupid does that editor think people are?

        1. +1
          Her comment is as if the public is stupid. Historical at least the 5 years of marriage is that lazy entitled is all about abusing taxpayers, both the RF and the Duchies, -her status as if she and whiny is accountable to no one, and refusal to of giving paying back her whiny and family of Middleton’s.

          All the other BRF – Prince Henry, are hard at work – and it is hidden not much in the news, to cover these two entitled, lack of duties/work ethics.

          The SRF/DRF got it right! Prince/ess CP and Sofia (CP/ess Couplers are not afraid of introducing their babies/children to an early life of service and duty.

      1. Eugenie must be stirring some monumental jealousy. First, she was featured in HB’s A Day in the Life looking gorgeous in a gown and a fashionable frock. Her interview was light, fun, and showed that she is confident in her royal role–and that she has a job, no less! The complete opposite impression KM gives with her tortuous speaking, laziness and ridiculous fashion choices.

        Then E gets engaged which is sure to undercut waster Pip’s own wedding coverage.

        Then she is seen seated next to Prime Minister Theresa May at an event commemorating the great Wilber Wilberforce.

        W&K likely are whining in resentment. And are we being prepped for another KM Vogue cover or feature?

        1. Eugenie isn’t engaged. There has been speculation that she will get engaged soon, but she is not currently.

    1. She is on the cover of a major fashion magazine…I would say the clothes mean a very great deal to her. And whatever, she’s dressed down for the country in this photoshoot, but give me a break- it’s Burberry. I’ll go as far as to say she loves buying new clothes whenever she possibly can (you don’t have to be a fashion icon for that!) and rates as her #1 fav pass time of all time.

  2. Judging by the body language in the Netherlands photos, Kate is not more relaxed about taking a public role. I do think she’s aware she has to, as she and William certainly got bad press this spring and despite William saying the press being negative is a part of public life, I do think it affected them. So Kate may be saying yes now because she feels obligated to maintain her positive public ratings. Also her kids are getting older, so it will be harder and harder to say no to royal engagements.

    1. I cringed at those photos, she looked terrified for a visit that was so lightweight.

      To be honest I really doubt they care and I think they are being pushed to do more, not sure by who. Still most of the engagements they attend seem to be light stuff (like those trips to Manchester and Cornwall). It’s a way of always looking busy without doing much. This, and bringing out the children occasionally, brings the good PR they need.

      1. ” It’s a way of always looking busy without doing much.”

        This comment sums up the duo. Kate and William have obviously been ordered to do more, so they do, though the ‘work’ is lightweight to the point of being airborne and their interest is less than real. I wish the Cambridge’s had the courage of their convictions and cut the cord. But they are greedy, hanging out for when the Duchy wealth comes their way.

        On a serious note, measuring all royal engagements by numbers alone gives the illusion of being busy; whether they have impact and value to the organisation and local community is never questioned. To a large extent these engagements are just vehicles for royals to be seen and hence deserving of the millions paid to them.

  3. CP and Sophia work hard. As much as the conversation on the last post may have implied that they shouldn’t be on the royal roster, they at least put their feet to the pavement and get out there and see people. I like that they split up to do engagements and cover more ground. I wish W+K would’ve done this in Canada so the trip didn’t come off so much like a couples holiday.

    I think Sophia’s fashion choices could still use some fine tuning. Something there is just a little off for me. I think it’s her taste level. I do applaud her for dressing appropriately for the events she attends.

    Camilla’s coat was a little too vibrant plaid for me and I typically like plaid! The colors are very 80’s, early 90’s to me. I did like her blue suit underneath, though.

    Victoria and Harry are winners in my book as always.

  4. I get the critical comments Carl Philip and Sofia receive on their role and the voice that they shouldn’t get paid by taxpayers but apart from that problem, I do think they do a pretty good job doing engagements. I also like the fact that they split up and so solo engagements. I would think having her own interests and causes to support help Sofia to find her position in royal family.

    I remember growing up I mostly just heard negative comments on Camilla through media, but during the last years I really start to like her. Especially the way she supports rather uncommon causes made me respect her even more. Also like her outfit, fits her well…

    Also, it’s rather difficult not to like Victoria and Harry. They always do a pretty good job and one can see that they take their role serious.

    And I didn’t plan to write smt on Kate but the comments that she mlre relaxed and professional now stuck on me – and I’m sorry but I can’t see that at all. Only look at the pic with Willem Alexander, she is not comfortable, relaxed, or confident at all and looking back at recent engagements I can’t say she looked professional either. Rather unprepared and uninterested.

    1. I love Camilla’s support of victims of domestic violence. I volunteer for that cause in my community and it’s wonderful to see someone with influence take up the cause. It’s uncomfortable for most to speak about and she does a great job of empathizing with survivors and advocating for them.

    2. Sofia wore trousers that weren’t jeggings. She gets a gold star in my book. Kate has skanky taste in that regard. She has worn multiple pairs of excessively skin tight jeggings for official attendances and not one pair of trousers.
      As we can see from Sofia, you can wear not skin tight pants and still be stylish.

      1. Exactly! Kate-in-jeggings must have an absolute mental block about trousers! I just don’t understand why she doesn’t wear any!

  5. To me KM’s Vogue cover looks even stranger now than it did when first published. The heavy photoshopping, her pose, the hat all make her look like Australia’s female Paul Hogan.

    Alexandra Shulman’s quote that if we just got talk to KM like she did we’d think KM was nice. Damning with faint praise. And why did she have to disparage Diana for her charisma to explain away KM’s blandness? I doubt KM’s cover sold more than a few copies. Diana’s covers sold out. Is Shulman making excuses for her bad choice of putting KM on the cover?

    KM looks like she hates every moment of the Netherlands trip. Her crouching indicates she wants to disappear.

    The other photos of royals show how it’s done. I’m starting to respect Sofia more and like CP less. She’s taking to the role very well and he just seems like a scrounger supported by taxpayers. Victoria and Daniel are wonderful.

    Harry is charismatic as always. Very present and in the moment. I also like seeing photos of Camilla. She looks like she is interested in other people.

    1. I hate these comparisons to Diana. First it was how Kate was similar to her, now they got to the point where they have to bash her in order for Kate to look good.

      1. I know, the Diana references are all over the place. Seems like very defensive posturing by KM’s people who are desperate to find a way to put her in positive light They are too thick to understand that referencing Diana in any way will never convince anyone that KM is royal worthy.

  6. Ah, the “loves the countryside” nonsense when she grew up in the British equivalent of Darien or Westport, with its proximity to New York and spent her 20s marching up and down Chelsea.

    Loves dottering around her palatial country estate with no responsibilities and big walls, sure.

    1. I’m startled over the comments that Kate wants to do a good job, too. Now, really how many people are buying into that? Also, now that Diana has been gone nearly 20 years, throwing her under the bus and saying that she was celebrity-driven just to make Kate look even better annoys me greatly.

      Who did more for people and causes that needed attention? If Diana were alive and had undertaken the mental health issue, I honestly think she would have focused more and the public light she was shining would begin to make some improvements in fundraising for research, as well as programs to help those in need of help.

      Kate the Great? She has yet to show me that side of her.

      On a happier note, Prince Alexander is so adorable. What a very sweet baby. His mom and dad are doing their parts and always with “keen” interest and a way of showing that they do care.

      Same for Victoria and Harry.

      Camilla reading to the children was lovely. I know this is a subject dear to her heart. Also am thankful for her tremendous support for those who have suffered from domestic violence.
      And, that portrait of HM (all dots) is a novelty. Looked fun to me.

  7. Great analysis KMR. And you’re right. The “Queen/Charles isn’t letting her work more” thing is a completely bogus and lame excuse. By now it’s totally debunked. Besides from the very beginning KP officials have stated that Kate is the one who dictates her schedule so if she isn’t working it’s because she doesn’t want to.

    This must be a frustrating blog for you to run. Sometimes I feel bad for talking about her like this but then we hear stuff like this from insiders and you’re just… sigh.

  8. Sofia, a year in, is already doing more engagemenats, and performing better than the future queen of England. Who’d of thought? I love her black and white coat.

    Always great to see news of one of my favorites, the consummate professional, Victoria, and of Harry, the king of charisma.

    Camilla seems to have the knack of connecting with people. I always think she is nicely dressed in age appropriate outfits, which is all I really want in a royal.

    Here’s a link to an article about another favorite:

    They seem to be very hard working. It’s a truly small royal family (partly because of other member’s bad behavior) that seems to work very well.

    1. One could say that if Sofia was able to make out with Jenna Jameson on trashy reality tv, that she probably has no problem performing in front of a crowd. I guess in that aspect her past prepared her for her current position. =)

  9. Off topic: I am eager for the Nobel prize ceremonies this year because of course fabulous gowns, tiaras, and Bob Dylan. I really hope he shows to see what he will wear.

      1. Well he probably knows that while he can write great songs (I’m a fan), he doesn’t deserve the prize in literature.

    1. I don’t think he’ll show. I get what they where trying to do but if you didn’t want some obscure writer, maybe they shouldn’t have picked an artists known for not going to events.

  10. I really enjoy your blog, KMR, thanks for all the hard work you put in to it. I don’t usually comment as I feel there are so many others out there saying it all so well, but this blatant PR strike to make it appear that Kate is a hard-working countrywoman is really stretching credulity to its limits, and rather disappointing for someone of Alexandra’s supposed taste to peddle. I also cannot abhor the distasteful comments regarding Diana, whose support of Vogue was well known and much appreciated in her day.
    As for “Dressing up, that’s a professional side to her. It’s a sort of uniform, all those lovely couture costumes.” it leaves me speechless! A professional side, indeed? when she is prepared to butcher her outfits with the badly proportioned alterations, dress in a manner that somehow sucks the life out of her clothes, and of late, appears in public in new outfits constantly, all of which blend in to the same dull, meh style. If only she were indeed professional in her approach, instead of appearing to cower and shy away from contact and interaction.
    So often, she and William conduct engagements as if they are locked in their own little world, she in particular not only defers to him but does so to the point of being rude to those around her. I’ve seen images and video where she cuts people off to speak to Will or to Rebecca Deacon, and so many instances where they walk along talking closely to one another, as if to exclude those around them. They have created their own world, and I believe that this is mostly Will’s doing. His statements about his childhood indicate that he does feel damaged by it to the extent that he wants to block out the world, and with Kate he has created his own bubble. She enforces that and protects him to such a degree that they are appearing more and more removed from both ordinary people and their royal role. Her fake accent, stilted appearances and remove from other people suggest that she is entirely absorbed by him, and they are both uninterested in fulfilling any other role than protecting themselves against a cruel world while all the time living a life of fantastic privilege.

    1. Perhaps Alexandra Shulman is just trying to beat Anna Wintour in getting Kate on a cover before Anna. And are they both competing to get Kate’s second Vogue cover?

      1. Kate has never posed for a Vogue US cover. Shulman already beat Wintour for a Kate posed Vogue cover.

  11. After the last presidential debate, there were all these memes about bad hombres that then turned into bad ombrés, I instantly thought of Sofia and her bad ombré!!
    At first, I was giving her a break because a lot of women stop dying their hair during pregnancy, then I as thinking it was a Swedish thing but I went to Sweden and it didn’t appear that way. I’m out of excuses and it’s just tacky

  12. I forgot to mention the clothes!
    I love the wine color of Victoria’s outfit! And Camilla’s coat and scarf are a lovely color too! Yay
    Now for the boo
    Eek Sofia, you’ve worn some lovely outfits but the black with elastic waist?? No and of course with the dreaded middle part updo =(
    I loved Camilla reading to the kids! Harry is of course swoon worthy.
    Thanks for the happy Monday post KMR

  13. The truth always comes out, sooner or later. Finally we can drop the Charles doesn’t want Kate to still his thunder crap. People with an actual brain have known this since forever.

    People have rewritten Queens early years as married to defend Kate, altough the actual truth wasa something else.

    One down, which lies to tackle next!

    Kate is a fashion icon!
    Kate has friends!
    Kate is a hands on mother!
    Kate reads scientific papers!
    Kate works hard for her charities!
    Kate has only a few charities so she can work with them more!
    Kate only works so little to make an impact, otherwise everyone would get used to her!
    The Queen encouraged Kate to work little during her first two years, like she did as a newlywed. (Which was later updated to three years, four years, five years by her fans.)!
    Kate did work a lot during the dating period, for her parents you see! (Altough if a person has a good work ethic, it usually shines through no matter what. Meaby Kate’s is under all her badly applied make up!)

  14. I looked up the phrase likable person. Matthew Hussey- Shout out number two, said that kindness always wins over a person being successful in business or if they are appearances only. Kate is not likable in my view. Treating people poorly and not even turning up.

    I love the photos of Prince Carl, Princess Sofia and Prince Alexander. I like how Princess Sofia gives Alexander eye contact and smiles at him. It is so lovely seeing Princess Sofia undertake her duties with enthusiasm. The outfits of Princess Sofia, that I like best are the black and white outfit and the black dress with the full skirt. Very chic and elegant. I like CP’s shade of red on her and the simple bun.
    Harry. Oh Prince Harry you make my Monday complete. I like how Harry gets stuck in to his work and good for Camilla reading to the children. It can’t be easy getting and keeping the children’s attention. Thank you KMR, for the roundup.

    1. I have no idea who Matthew Hussey is, but I looked up “likable person” and found this Forbes article about the 13 qualities of likable people based on a UCLA study.

      Some qualities: They Ask Questions; They Are Genuine; They Don’t Pass Judgment; They Don’t Seek Attention; They Are Consistent; They Use Positive Body Language; They Greet People by Name; They Smile; They Know When To Open Up; They Balance Passion and Fun.

      Based on this article I can’t imagine Kate being likable. I can imagine that Kate is not offensive, as I said she doesn’t offer her opinions on anything so she will never offend anyone. But I can’t imagine that she is incredibly likable.

      I love the “They Are Genuine” explanation because I think this is one of Kate’s biggest problems:

      “Being genuine and honest is essential to being likeable. No one likes a fake. People gravitate toward those who are genuine because they know they can trust them. It is difficult to like someone when you don’t know who they really are and how they really feel.

      “Likeable people know who they are. They are confident enough to be comfortable in their own skin. By concentrating on what drives you and makes you happy as an individual, you become a much more interesting person than if you attempt to win people over by making choices that you think will make them like you.”

      “They Use Positive Body Language” is also interesting as this is another of Kate’s big problem areas:

      “Becoming cognizant of your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice (and making certain they’re positive) will draw people to you like ants to a picnic. Using an enthusiastic tone, uncrossing your arms, maintaining eye contact, and leaning towards the person who’s speaking are all forms of positive body language that high-EQ people use to draw others in. Positive body language can make all the difference in a conversation. It’s true that how you say something can be more important than what you say.”

  15. I am not impressed with Sofia’s fashion choices or her the way her hair looks in this round, but she is pitching right in and doing her royal job and looks very relaxed doing it. I think because her hair seems very fine, that a chin length bob would be a great look for her.
    Now to Kate: She looks like a deer in the headlights in the picture with King Willem-E, note her tense posture and her shoulders. Why is she like this after 5 years of being in the BRF? To me, it is a real mystery. Is it a mental health issue, lack of intelligence, plain old arrogance and laziness, or William putting the fear of God into her about being around the press and now she is totally cowed about putting a foot wrong, which has made her so socially awkward?

  16. I love that Sofia changed up outfits to wear clothes appropriate for the engagement. Kate could do that SO easily, esp. if she really felt compelled to wear a dress on a day with something more casual. Didn’t she change it up in Canada like that?

    And I adore Viktoria’s dress.

  17. Perhaps W&K keep doing what there doing so that HM will give in and order them back to Amer Hall never to be seen again. Then we would see a lot more of Harry and everyone would live happily ever after. Amen…

  18. I might be totally completely wrong but looking at the pictures it appears that Sofia takes Prince Alexander’s hood down so people can see him better? If true then I think that’s great – apologies to any Swedes out there but we are so used to our UK Royals hiding their children away that any deliberate ‘show’ of the children is refreshing and gets a big thumbs up from me!


    Thought I would share this article with you guys. I agree with what this designer says about Kate’s Vogue shoot being “underwhelming”. IMO it looked more like Town and Country magazine and not Vogue. There was really nothing fashionable about it. I also agree with his statement about the Cambridges being almost “too perfect.” I get that impression as well.

    1. I just see Diana, what a beautiful lady who despite all her personal issues made a real difference. Kate has everything so easy yet achieves nothing.

  20. All I can do is laugh at the Vogue quotes about Kate. Anyone paying half the amount of attention we do to her outings can see that this is not a woman who is comfortable in her role. I believe that she’s willing to work about as much as I believe the moon is made of cheese. If anything, the hammer has been thrown down and Kate has no real choice. I’m sure at some point she’ll whine enough to William to have him go whine at HM about the work load and it will go back to previous levels. In other words, once in a blue moon. Or she’ll announce another pregnancy. Also, enough of comparing Kate to Diana. Diana was high voltage; she didn’t chase it. Kate chases it and no matter how much she tries to wrap herself around it, she will always be a hanger on. If I remember correctly Diana didn’t have paps on speed dial when she was dating Charles like Kate’s family did. She also didn’t have her family appearing in the papers seemingly every time we turn around. Now which ones do you think are going after high voltage celebrity?

    Sophia, the positive is I liked the second outfit with the slacks and I liked her coat. Love little Alexander. The bad, the peasant/ruffled blouse gave me flashbacks to junior high in the 70s. Not sure about that “Yes, I’m here” pose with the kids either. And the evening outfit was just all kinds of wrong.

    Victoria looked good, Daniel looked really good.

    Love Camilla and how she’s always so “there” when she does her engagements. She doesn’t phone it in.

    And Harry, do you realize we’ll have two weeks of His Ginger Hotness news when he goes on his tour? This is the tour to follow!

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