Sophie Countess of Wessex DofE Diamond Challenge training update

Sophie Countess of Wessex DofE Diamond Challenge training update

Also on August 4, Buckingham Palace released an update, in the form of a video, on Sophie, Countess of Wessex‘s training for her DofE Diamond Challenge which will see her cycle 445 miles from Edinburgh to London.

Sophie DofE challenge update

From September 19-25, Sophie will cycle with a team of six experienced cyclists from the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace in London, covering 445 miles.

The video update was filmed during a recent training session, and Sophie had this to say about her training and Challenge:

    “I think if you’d asked me a few months ago that I would be able to do 60 miles I think I probably would have laughed, but here we are I’m doing 60 miles. It’s been hard, it’s probably harder than I thought, and there have definitely been moments when I’ve thought what on earth I have decided to do.
    “The team I’ve got behind me, there’s seven of us riding all together and really the role of the team is to basically support me in what I’m doing. They are all experienced cyclists; I’m not. They know what they’re doing; I don’t. They know how to get me from one point to the next. And actually riding in a small peloton that we will be doing, they’re providing a bit of windshield for me, a lot of chat to distract me, and a lot of encouragement up the hills. And it’s great because we’ve cycled quite a lot together now which is really nice because they’re all from all points of the country, and they’re really just there to get me from A to B. They’ve been incredible, and huge enthusiasts, and to be honest with you I could not be doing this now if it wasn’t for them.
    “The Challenge is of course to raise money for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 60th anniversary. They asked me a long time ago if I would think about doing a challenge for the Diamond Appeal which is why I came up with this idea, so the idea is to raise funds for the Diamond Appeal which will be supporting particularly the disadvantaged and disabled young people to gain access to doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.”

I like these training updates, and I really like hearing Sophie talk about her training and Challenge in her own words, rather than a press release or something. I really just like it whenever a royal actually says something in their own words since for the most part we only engage with them silently through photos.

As of time of posting, Sophie’s JustGiving page has raised £65,172.

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24 thoughts on “Sophie Countess of Wessex DofE Diamond Challenge training update

  1. Go Sophie go! I can’t imagine how tough the training is. When does the challenge actually start and how long are they planning to take?

  2. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is such an excellent thing, and I’ve seen how it can improve young peoples’ lives. I’m impressed at the challenge she’s set herself!

    1. I always wonder why Kate doesn’t help out with these awards as a sort of sub, like she did with the scouts. She achieved gold when she took the duke of Edinburgh awards at school.

      1. Entitled lazy km is only seen with the Scots once a year, usually when she is pregnant, in hiding and forced out to make up end of year count.

  3. Wow, 60 miles a day!! My hats off to Sophie, to take on a challenge that is so out of one’s comfort zone is inspiring! I wonder if she will continue to ride after this Challenge is over? Riding is a wonderful, low impact way to get in some good cardio, so important as one reaches 50 and beyond.

    1. I think it’s great that Sophie is taking on a challenge specifically because it’s out of her comfort zone. I think that’s a thing to promote and I hope she inspires people to take on things out of their comfort zone.

  4. Go Sophie!

    This is something everyone can get behind, picking something hard and meeting that challenge.

    She’s shining a light on the DoE awards too. Before this ride was talked about I had thought the awards were just for kids. Thanks KMR for the post and for showing adults can participate too.

  5. Good for Sophie! One thing I noticed is how she stated how her team is helping her. She even said that she can’t do it without them. I always believe in giving credit where it’s due.

    This is a wonderful fundraiser for the DoE. She’s truly a class act. Sixty miles a day is a huge accomplishment. I wish her every bit of luck.

    Thanks, KMR, for the update.

    1. I, too, really like that she gave credit to the people who are helping her. A lot of times the people who are there helping the royal or celeb get left out, so it’s great that she’s expressly mentioning them.

  6. I really admire Sophie. At 50 she could relax, raise her family, and do a few charity events. Instead she does a lot of work, unfortunately not covered much by the press. And now this great bike ride fundraiser. She could have have just waved them off and met them in the end, but she is really tackling it. Many younger members of the royal family should use her as a role model.

    1. Yes, others should take note. Sophie is a great lady and works, works, works. Her children are learning a great deal about giving back from her. She is exceptional. I wish her luck with this challenge. I am in awe of her. Sixty miles a day. Good for her.

      1. “Yes, others should take note.” I doubt Kate would want to follow suit, because it’s hard work and we all know how the duchess avoids work as though it’s a plague. Plus, Kate’s makeup will melt, so this is definitely a no go for waity.

    2. I think it’s great that Sophie is getting involved personally rather than just congratulating people on taking the challenge.

  7. Kate ? Why aren’t you joining her? Shame on you .
    Great that Sophie is photographed without makeup looking like a normal human being.
    I wish she was raising more money but perhaps once the cycle starts it will be in he news more.

  8. I love that she has taken this on and is determined to see it through. It’s always great to see someone take on a commitment and follow through with it. And she’s honest about it, no “oh it’s so easy” and worrying more about what she’ll be wearing than the ride itself.

    But I put my money where my mouth is and backed her for this ride. So I’ve got a vested interest in seeing her complete it. 🙂 🙂

  9. WTG Sophie!! Cycling 60 miles a day cannot be easy and I like how she admitted it! I like how she and Edward are (slowly) introducing their children to the public and showing them what they do. 🙂

  10. Thanks for posting this update KMR! I love that Sophie is riding 60 miles for the 60th Anniversary. I really appreciate how naturally grateful she is about the team that seems to be surrounding her with support and encouragement. I wish I could be with her cycling too. I also hope that she’ll wear a helmet cam and film while she’s biking. That way, we could really be with her and see the team in action.

    1. That would be a fun idea – give us a taste of what she’s seeing while making her ride.

  11. My congratulations to Sophie and the others who are doing this amazing ride! All best wishes. Not an easy undertaking, I am sure. Sophie is one gutsy lady. One hard working and caring person, too. I am certain she will do well in this undertaking and I know she will continue to work hard and do her part to shine a positive light on the world. I’m happy to be able to find out about this.

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