Prince William and Kate Middleton line up appearances for August

Prince William and Kate Middleton line up appearances for August

I’m never more happy to be proven wrong than when I expect Kate not to do something and then she does. I didn’t think Kate (or William) would do anything in August, especially if rumors are true that the Canada Tour! Part Deux takes place in September, but as it happens Kensington Palace announced a day of appearances for Kate Middleton and Prince William on the 24th. William will also have a day of engagements on the 23rd in Germany.

William and Kate will visit Luton in Bedfordshire on Wednesday, August 24. They’re back to caring about mental health, and will also visit a hospice and a 200-year-old company.

  • First, William and Kate will visit Bute Mills “to see local organisations doing ground-breaking work with young people, with a focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing”. They will tour the building, then meet people from Youthscape, CHUMS, OM Group, Our Minds Matter (OMM), and Luton Council of Faiths and Grassroots.
  • Next, William and Kate will visit Keech Hospice Care (an adult hospice) where they will meet families, friends and volunteers of the hospice at a reception, and unveil a plaque to mark the hospice’s 25th anniversary.
  • Finally, William and Kate will visit Hayward Tyler, which celebrated it’s 200th anniversary last year. William and Kate will present them with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) and to open their newly built Centre of Excellence.


On August 23, William will visit Dusseldorf, Germany at the request of Her Majesty’s Government. William will attend a series of events honoring the role of British Forces Germany (BFG), and celebrating the 70th anniversary of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). William will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel before attending a gala with her. William will give a speech at the gala.


I don’t have much to say other than I’m surprised they’re doing anything in August – I honestly did not expect them to – but that’s great that they’re adding stuff to their schedule. I wonder what William will say to Merkel and will we get to hear it. His meeting with the Indian PM was private, but his meetings with Obama and the President of Singapore were not. I hope we get something because I’m always interested in what royals and government officials talk to each other about.

Today is a two post day, so be sure to check out the Sophie, Countess of Wessex training update.

By the way, Lurdes over at the Tesouras & Tiaras blog is doing a series of interviews with some of her favorite royal bloggers for her #SummerSeries2016 and she was kind enough to ask me to participate, so I did an interview about my blog and about Kate. You can read my interview here.

118 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton line up appearances for August

    1. Here’s to you, KMR! Congratulations for being asked to be interviewed and what a great joy it was to read all you said. I was particularly impressed by your reference to Kate being like a piece of Play Dough (spelling? Sorry, I have so much on my plate this am, I don’t have time to go back and research the proper way to say that brand name)that can be molded over and over again. I also was a bit surprised to hear that you likened parts of your own personality to Kate’s. I just don’t see that at all. What achievements you have with this blog. How hard you work and how fair you are. I see nothing even vaguely like that in the Duchess, who will always be lazy to me until she proves us wrong.

      I also liked your comments on fair critiques and not being way too negative. I’m especially with you on any nasty comments about babies and their physical appearances that may be on the negative side.

      Forget Kate and William’s upcoming schedule. I do feel happy that they are doing some work, though. However, I am sure you don’t want the limelight on you, but your interview was awesome. We appreciate you so much and the opportunity give us to express ourselves on things that matter to us. Also, the great community you have built here is something to be appreciated and applauded. Thank you!

      Oh, and the idea that being critical does not mean that one should be so negative. I think I have the habit of times of being negative and I wish to pull back in that way. What good does it do to rant and rave all the time? None of us really know William and Kate and just have strong opinions based on what we see and hear. There are times that I re-read my posts and think, “who do I think I am?” I want to try to be a bit more fair in the future.

      So, to William and Kate, good news on more appearances. And to you, KMR, a round of heartfelt applause from us!

      1. Thank you, Jenny. That was very kind of you.

        I, too, have gone back and read some of my previous comments on Kate, and I’ve disliked how mean I was. I do think it’s easy to just be negative, and it really is a challenge sometimes to be more positive.

    1. It’ll have been an entire month between their last engagement and these upcoming ones. Yes, I realize praising that is ridiculous, but I really didn’t think we would see them (especially Kate) again until the end of September. So while it’s ridiculous that they are taking such a long break, they are at least doing *something* in August. Also, all the royals typically take a month or so off in August/September, so it’s not unusual for W&K to take a month off this time of year compared to other royals.

      1. KMR, I get what you mean about them doing something. But isn’t it time they stopped seeing others do groundbreaking work in mental health and actually attempt doing something substantial themselves?

    2. +1
      Spot on!

      This is to quiet the outrage of the entitled lazy, secret French vacay and on the Duke of Westminster plane. Why isnt lazy chutney traveling with entitled petulant to Germany…

      Thank you KMR and congratulations on your interview!

    1. Yeah, Camilla isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the causes she supports.

    1. Yes I wondered the same thing. I don’t know why some engagements are solo, some are as a couple. I would have thought the overseas one would have been as a couple.

    2. Since the visit is “at the request of HM Government”, perhaps they only requested William and did not request Kate?

  1. What a great interview, KMR. You have such thoughtful responses.

    I’m glad they’re out doing something, so that’s a positive, but I think that’s the only positive I can come up with here. It just is disappointing to me they launch these vaunted ‘projects,’ drag Harry into it to give it good PR/give them the shine of him, and it just…lies there dormant until they need to get out to counteract any criticism. Especially considering mental health is such an important topic. I hope they say intelligent, well-thought-out things, but I think that’s a lot of wishful thinking on my part. I’m still furious about some of the things they’ve said about mental health.

    1. My compliments, too. Great responses to the questions and quite a lot of information that we all appreciate, for certain. Oh, the Play Doh remark. Perfect, actually. Make something, smash it and re-make something else. Seems as if Kate is a work in progress, but I wish she would get her act together now that she is settled into the Royal Life.

      You are becoming the go-to person with the blog and good for you.

      As for William and Kate and their next round of “work,” I must say I am surprised. Thought they were saving it for the tour of Canada. Let’s see what their upcoming appearances do for the causes they “champion,” or for the UK, as William has the Chancellor’s ear for a quick talk.

      So hot in New York. How about everyone else? For those in Australia/NZ, who are tired of winter, this Long Island girl can’t wait! I opened the door of my house to let the dog out at 7am and thought I died and went straight to Hell. And, I try to be a good person!

      1. I love winter! Sadly in Australia it does not get cold like in Europe of parts of the US. We are at the tail end of winter and today is forecast to be 61F in my neck of the woods; in summer it regularly gets to over 111F!!

      2. It has cooled off here in Alabama due to some rainy weather. It is around 90F. It was very hot before that with temps near 100F. But we have air conditioning everywhere.

      3. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth. I’m really proud of that Play-Doh comparison. I think it is very apt.

        I’m in Florida and it’s about 100 degrees every day. Not fun.

    2. Thanks, Ellie.

      I am disappointed Kate hasn’t done more with Heads Together, or children’s mental health in general, since that was supposed to be Kate’s Big Cause this year. She really hasn’t done much with it.

  2. Is that the moment I should get excited because William is visiting my country!? Or disappointed because Kate won’t be with him because they are so perfect together and what she would wear bla bla bla…
    okay maybe I’m not that excited about thoee things in general but couple of years ago Queen Beatrix visited a place close by and would have been interesting to see how they would thing takes place.

    Anyway, it’s positive that they added smt to their schedule and that they actually work but that’s it. Maybe also because I don’t want to get my hopes up to get more from Kate than a new dress or think it could be possible that William says smt great. Too often to expect something just resulted in disappointments!

    And most important , congrats to the interview KMR! Haven’t read yet but looking forward to it!

  3. I’ve become cynical – I see this and all I think is: promote goodwill after France trip, or promote goodwill before Canada trip. This is why consistency is good. Even if they have the best of intentions, people will be skeptical.

    Oh and I loved your interview KMR. The question on why people should follow this blog: Because it’s an HONEST blog. I like that you give credit where it’s due but also offer constructive criticism. I’ve noticed you never just point out the bad – you point out alternatives. And every single commenter in here is respectful. It’s the first blog I’ve actively commented on so thank you and all the other people here for being such a great community. Every time I see a royal headline I rush here and wait for the article (time difference sucks!).
    P.S. I’m so used to calling you KMR, seeing your name in the article threw me off completely 🙂

    1. That’s how it feels to me. Canada was announced as a way to distract from the France trip. When that didn’t damped the criticism enough, these few hours of work were set up. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have worked at all in August. (And if Harry wasn’t in Africa, I suspect he would have been sent to Germany instead.)

    2. Thank you, EL. Lol, yeah, I know you guys by your chosen handles here so if I found out your real names it would throw me a bit, too.

  4. I’m not sure what it will achieve for the organisations, for example, is there a spike in donations, volunteers or inquiries after a royal visit? If so, then there is some worth there. Three events in a day indicates once over lightly for each, at best an hour per visit? I suspect mental health was chosen for them and W+K turn up every now and then being ‘passionate’ about what they have the hide to call ‘their work’. Apart from that, nada. I think the duo act is to garner maximum points on the CC. Certainly, members of the community who work so hard deserve recognition for their efforts. I just wish someone of more gravitas could do so.

    No doubt the helicopter will ferry them to Luton and back. And the good people of Luton will be billed for K+W’s security.

    I enjoyed your interview too, KMR; really nicely done. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition.

    1. Thank you, Jen.

      I would love for an organization to put out the numbers for a before and after royal visit just to see what a royal visit does, but sadly unless the organization does that, there really isn’t a way to know. Unless a Google Trends search might work? I’ll look into that.

      According to Google Earth, Luton is about 30 miles from KP. So they could, and should, probably just drive.

      1. It would be interesting to get hold of data showing when most calls for assistance, or people offering to volunteer, were made over a calendar year, then overlay dates of royal visits or publicity from royal visits eg letters, videos to see if there is any alignment. Not an exact science though and I can’t see organisations allied to royals wanting to give that info unless they could prove the connection. I wonder if their annual reports show peak activity? Would be interesting to see what Google Trends shows up. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t one charity a while back want to dump Kate as patron because she did so little? If so, they would not have seen her patronage as benefiting their organisation.

  5. I read your interview and am impressed with your answers especially how you described Kate as a play doh. I completely understand that because I’ve always thought how amazing it is that over a decade in the media spotlight and we still absolutely know nothing definitive about her. I’m talking about personality, not her hobbies and stuff (like tennis). I think part of that is because she never interacted beyond the royal circle – no work friends, people from past pre-royal gf status (that weren’t Will’s friends) still around or visible interests beyond tennis that would give us a glean to her personality. It lets her fit in a model w/ no one the wiser because she could be anything. She could fake her posh accent for example and not really called out on it except for some few jibes. But it is also going to be much harder to convince others of her sincerity once she’s in a more prominent role. Like for instance I don’t think anyone really buys the crap of her reading journals and scientific papers. It would have shown in her conversation and speeches. That’s why KP is so careful with what we hear from her because what she says could reveal who she really is. (And maybe they find her lacking for her role?) I wonder how long this will last though because I think there’s a limit to how this non personality can be stretched as keenness. It will also play in their relevance in the future because I don’t think someone like that will inspire loyalty from the public.

    1. “I wonder how long this will last though because I think there’s a limit to how this non personality can be stretched as keenness.”
      I think ‘keenness’ has been replaced with ‘demure’ as the current word du jour. ‘Keen’ didn’t take because Kate clearly wasn’t keen. The ‘children’s princess’ didn’t take either because she was awkward around them. But you can hide very nicely behind demure: it’s a decent cover for disinterest.

      Kate has been Carole’s ‘play doh’ her whole life, sad to say. And now she is William’s ‘play doh’ as well as playing whatever is required of her by the BRF too. It will be one helluva day if Kate works all this out herself and says, ‘enough’.

      1. Do you think she has it in her to say, “Enough?.” I find it sad to think that at 34, she is still leading the kind of life she thinks others want her to lead. At least, that it how it looks to those on the outside looking in.

        1. The Middleton children have been brought up to infiltrate the aristocracy in order to marry well. I think the sisters are proud of the status and materiality achieved through marriage, or about to achieve through marriage.

          I can’t see Kate reflecting on her choices unless something significant happens to disrupt her lifestyle. I would like to think that she has greater depth, but there is little evidence of that thus far to those, as you say, on the outside looking in.

      2. “It will be one helluva day if Kate works all this out herself and says, ‘enough’.”

        I would pay to see that. And I’d bring my popcorn because that would get interesting.

    2. Thank you, yuhkiminamitani. I am proud of that Play-Doh comparison. It really does fit her.

  6. I was quite surprised to see that the two of them had an August agenda…having viewed William had one first and thought well it is because of the 70 year anniversary..and that will be that…so to have a shared agenda the next day is great.

    KMR…new insights about you after reading the interview. You are anyway well written on the blog but an interview allowed for a different aspect. Kate needs that kind of interview where questions are not known ahead of time at least the interview appeared that way to get a glimpse into the real Kate…since no we don’t know her true personality. Anyway alot more I could say but harder on a phone but wanted to let you know that was an excellent interview…thank you for sharing your thoughts….for sharing the interview.

    1. Thank you, kat.

      I would love for Kate to do that kind of interview and just be honest with her answers. I’d love more personality from her.

  7. Hi KMR, I thought your interview was great! I loved the Play-Doh Kate analogy, she really is a like a piece of clay that has been worked a few too many times but is still unable to hold a shape. I also agree with you about the reason for our general disappointment with Kate, the promise of 5 years ago remains unfilled and will likely remain that way for many more years to come. Actually, imo the first year or so after the wedding held a lot of promise, William in particular seemed much more open, happy and relaxed and Kate seemed pretty confident and secure in her role and in herself. I don’t know what happened, maybe the birth of George brought all of William’s anxieties and paranoia to the surface but since then they both seem so tense and uncomfortable in public.

    Anyhow, I can’t seem to get too excited about their upcoming visit to Luton. One engagement after a month off doesn’t really scream “back to work” for me. And what is with all these duo engagements recently??

    1. Thanks, Lauri.

      It did seem like Kate was more confident and enjoying her new role when she first married, then in 2012/2013 she became much less confident.

  8. That was such a lovely interview.

    Your play doh analogy is really apt. I’ll add that she’s came with the highest, loudest PR that sold her not simply as good as can be, but better than even the most popular princess in modern history. Even if she had lived upto some expectations, she was always going to disappoint with such OTT promotion.

    Personally i started commenting on her because i was furious at the over the top PR. That goes hand in hand with the insidious way royals affect society. I was mentoring a teen group of girls who had imprinted the message that to be successful in life, they simply had to grab a rich man and never let go. Or do a Kate Middleton as they put it. That really upset my feminist principles no end.

    However, in finding blogs like this, with a community of very nice people that i can vent at, i let go of that anger and can now discuss Kate in a more rational way. I can even pity her for the bargain she’s made.

    Now i know you have a degree in Greek and Roman history, i want to sidetrack you into an indepth conversation about it because my interest in royals began with an interest in Roman and Greek civilisation and how it relates to us in the modern world.

    1. The PR for Kate was and is the stuff of empty rhetoric; my disgust is directed equally towards a weak, uncritical press and a passive, gullible public.

      Yes, the notion of monarchy is insidious to society; it is the unexamined nature of its role by both royals (wanting to cling on to unearned advantage) and the public at large that makes me despair. I have no difficulty believing that the teens you mention intend becoming predators to secure their material futures. What hope is there in present-day Britain when young people see entrenched privilege for no reason other than luck of birth? These girls are, after all, only playing out a 21st century version of Becky Sharp. The social climbing Middleton sisters succeeded in doing just that. Their ‘fairy tale romances’ have been strutted across the tabloids, complete with the price tag for the transaction – rings, titles, residences, clothes etc – for all to peruse.

      I might join you in your pity for Kate if there was a radical change in her work ethic, but there is not, nor is there a need for one. I think she has made an informed deal; it works for her.

    2. God help us all if “doing a Kate Middleton” is all our young women aspire too!

      I used to feel bad for Kate when at engagements she would look so insecure, nervous, tired and overwhelmed but after seeing how she is at engagements that include Sir Ben, my compassion for her as almost totally dried up. Now I think that her nervous, overwhelmed demeanour is nothing but an act so that people will feel sorry for her and excuse her poor work ethic.

      1. I never thought of that, Lauri. You bring up an excellent point. The people she meets, outside of the glitterati, deserve better.

      2. Interesting thought Lauri. I tend to think it is not an act, but she is really nervous and tired and frankly bored. At engagements that don’t involve sports or Sir Ben or celebrities, there is nothing that she really cares about so she looses interest and comes across tired/overwhelmed. She may also appear nervous since she won’t be able to hold a conversation and act engaged. She has nothing to contribute and is probably counting the minutes in her head until she can leave (where as events she loves she stays much longer like Downton Abbey). I think she is genuinely nervous/overwhelmed, but only because she doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass for those engagements :). Either way, I definitely don’t feel bad for her.

    3. Thank you, Herazeus.

      I agree with you that her saccharine PR hurts her. One of the reasons I started searching for blogs/forums and started my own was because I disagreed with the over the top way the press treated her.

      “do a Kate Middleton”? That makes me so sad.

  9. Well done on your interesting and thoughtful interview. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thought you came across extremely well.
    The Play doh analogy is an intelligent observation and the problem is that there is no real connection because Kate is not consistent.

    I am surprised William and Kate are working this month. I would have thought they would be with the BRF, spending time with them. I think it will be interesting seeing how the tour of Canada comes along, as the tours are well covered by yourself.

    1. Thanks, Laura.

      I think W&K usually make a trip up to Balmoral sometime in August/September to hang with Charles/the Queen for a weekend or so.

      I’m interested to know how long the Canada tour is going to be. I doubt it will be longer than India, but who knows. India was short compared to their other tours but they didn’t take the kids on that one. They are supposedly taking the kids on this one so they may stay longer.

    1. We need to meet up and have a long conversation about all this.

      Ps: i replied to you on the Eugenie post re: Tudor propaganda.

      1. Thank you my friend…..I am in the hairdressers at the moment so when I get home I will take some quiet time to have a proper read. ?

    2. Mrs. BBV, what an article. Thanks for sharing. Interesting that Harry was such an easy child. William, not so much! Such different personalities and both have handled the loss of their Mum in such different ways. Anything I can read about Princess Diana is welcome. Harry, too.

      Also interesting in what Diana’s Mum said, “We’re not Royal.” Carole, are you listening?

    3. Thank you, Mrs BBV.

      I studied both Latin and Ancient Greek languages while in university. They are fascinating languages, Latin especially since so many English words derive from Latin.

    4. Thanks for the link Mrs BBV. I love that he was so honest about Harry and William. I am not surprised at all that William was such a difficult child since he is a difficult adult.

      I am glad that someone who knows William called him out on his hate of the media. I agree, William needs to chill out. This just reiterates how much better Harry is than William and that must drive him nuts.

  10. I loved the interview, KMR! You do such a great job here. It was different to hear your “voice” outside of the blog. Different in the way that you showed us another side of you. I am proud of what you created here.

    While these engagements are nice, I wish Kate would pay a visit to her charities too. Addiction and children in hospice, to name a few, are just as deserving. And I hope William doesn’t look like a fool in front of Merkel.

    1. They haven’t been strongly German since George V. The Queen Mum was Scottish, Philip is more Danish than German ( or Greek), Diana is English/Irish and American.

      Fun fact: William ( including Harry and the Yorkies) restores the main Stuart branch, removed in favour of the German Hanovarians cadet branch, to the UK throne as Diana ( and Fergie) are descendants of Charles 2.

      1. Thank you Herazeus. I did know the fact about Charles 2 and Beatrice and Eugenie are said to be related to Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire through Eliza, the little love child between Georgina and Charles Grey. It is a pity that William didn’t marry someone with a German background. Then the chances of them having something unique in common would have made a good fact.

          1. Firstly, we were discussing bloodlines.

            Secondly, Philip’s sisters were very much unwelcome in Britain due to their Nazi ties, and both Philip and especially his mother were not Nazi sympathisers.

            Infact his mother did so much to help Jewish refugees that she was awarded the status of ‘righteous among nations’ by the Yad Vashem in Isreal. This is an official recognition handed out by Isreal to people who risked their lives to help Jewish people during the war.

            Here is more about Yad Vashem


            And here is more about ‘righteous among nations’


            Philip grew up mostly in Britain. He was very much the youngest child and barely had significant contact with his sisters to have any influence to symoathize with the Nazis.

            Never forgeting that despite his sisters’ Nazis connections, Philip fought in the war for Britain, not the Axis powers.

            Over the years, there has never been any indication that Philip has strong connections with his sisters beyond the one wedding and funeral he attended as a teen. If anything they seem/seemed like casual acquaintances unlike his Mountbatten cousins in England.

            Philip’s mother was very welcome in Britain and spent her last years here.

          2. Laura, apologies. I wasn’t telling you off. Sometimes i post comments in such a forceful tone that it comes off that way and that isn’t my intention at all.

            You have nothing to apologise for, nor was i offended in any way.

            Please accept MY apology for making you feel that you had offended.

    1. @notasugurhere, I watch those shows as well. I also like to watch Planet Earth and its evolvement, as I’m very drawn to the unknown. It’s all so very fascinating and somehow blows my mind, when I see nature, and its splendiferous glory.

    2. I think a lot of KMR’s readers share interests. I love those channels too. I also love Ancient Greek and Roman history, which KMR mentioned that she studied in college. I think a ven diagram of KMR readers’ interests would look like one big circle.

    3. Those are great channels and addicting. Even travel channel is getting into history shows with Mysteries at the Museum & Mysteries at the Monuments, which I love!

  11. Hi all!!!! I am kind of back after being away for so long :). I have been reading off and on, but never had time to comment :).

    KMR, are we allowed to call you Jessica now? I always wondered your name, but wasn’t sure if you had a problem with us using it?

    I am shocked Will and Kate have a day of engagements coming up. Good for them, since none of us thought they would do anything in August. It is a nice surprise. But I never understand when they do so many engagements in one day. I get the idea of it, but I feel like the charities get lost in the day since they do several egagments instead of just highlighting one. That is just my thoughts. I am glad they are doing something this August, I just wish they would spread them out.

    1. Agree, remember when they went to Wales for the day and it became all about her abseiling in too-tight pants? They had a lot of charity visits that day but other than the Mountain Rescue (jeggings / Skinny Kate-Gate) I can’t remember any of them. It all becomes about HER. If they concentrated on one visit then at least the organisation would get a chance of some passing recognition.

      1. Indeed. I’d imagine any royal visit would cost charities a great deal of time and money to organise. They deserve far more than a scant 15 minutes (hospice in NZ), or the approximately 30 minutes or so in recent times. It must be very disappointing to them when it’s all over.
        However, the press has options here too: they could actually choose to cover the event rather than focus on the royal’s clothes. And we could demand far more of the media by exercising our purchasing choices more discerningly.

      2. They had 5 different engagements that day and there were about two that made the news.

        1. Oh, that’s sad for the organisations. These things cost money and time to stage. I’m always hopeful that attention they receive from such visits turns into public donations and more volunteers.

    2. Hi Overit! Welcome back.

      KMR is easier to spot in comments, but you may call me Jessica if you like.

      I get what you mean, when they do multiple engagements in a day the specific ones get lost – especially if there isn’t a clothes change to mark the different visits. But I also get fitting in multiple engagements when doing an away day. Luton isn’t very far from London, but some places they visit are a bit far so fitting in multiple engagements is easier than travelling multiple times.

      1. Oh I definitely get the idea behind doing a bunch of engagements in one day. I just think they need to do something to make each engagement stand out that day. Maybe a change of clothes would help? But then I would be afraid the press would only talk about each outfit change Kate made. I just feel bad for the charities that get lost in a day with 3-5 engagements. It is hard to find a happy medium.

        1. A change of clothes for each visit would definitely help the organizations name get mentioned, since they would mention where she was. That would add extra clothes costs and coverage and such, but at least that would differentiate each visit and the organizations name would be mentioned more.

          1. I disagree about the clothing changes.

            They need to add substance to each engagement so that people remember either by quotes, activities and better interaction and KP tweeting clear information about the different stops.

            Clothing changes don’t work if they a monotonously dull and disingaged and blend into each other. As an example, the day they did a day about suicide in London. Kate changed clothing for the 3 different engagements, however, the background and photos all looked so similar, and they stayed 10-15mins top at each that you didn’t realise they had changed engagements even though Kate had changed her clothes, and nothing either one said was memorable or quotable.

            The lead upto the day had KP tweeting about one of the people they were meeting who had either survived or had been on the brink, who then turned councillor for others and an afternoon at KP that would be about private discussions with various people involved in suicide prevention.

            The way the information and eventual engagements were rolled out, it was unclear which of the people they met was this person, what exactly his charity/services were. The meeting places for the engagements were all a bland green colour. Only the priceless furniture at KP gave away that location. And Kate wore different shades of green at the engagements so I didn’t realise until KMR or another blogger wrote about it that way had been several engagements that day – given advance information from KP I should have been able to pick out the different engagements on the day, but on the day, didn’t happen.

            And I still don’t know who or what that young man looks like nor his organisation. No follow up information from KP or WK.

            And WK stayed 20min at the ‘afternoon of private discussions at KP’

            Just like her 30mins of ‘all morning (or was it a day) blogging at KP with Huffpost’

            And there has been no follow through on that day’s events or goals from KP/K

          2. Numerous clothing changes sees the media discussing the clothes, with the charity event relegated to providing context. We see this played out every time, without fail.

            Adding to the lack of substance, brevity of time spent at these visits is becoming more common, which is incredibly rude and care-less. Recently, Kate left before dessert at a dinner where she was guest of honour; such a lack of grace.

            The HuffPo ‘event’ was a fizzer. Built up like no-one’s business, Kate’s involvement extended to photo ops with some children and HuffPo staff for no more than 30 minutes or so. Billed as ‘a day working with HuffPo staff’, Kate undid all the PR by skipping out to go clothes shopping. That became the story.

            These events do all blend into each other. The series Herazeus mentioned also saw W+K retreat for ‘private discussions’ but they left within 20 minutes. There is no follow up etc because for KP and its clients the photo op is the full extent of their interest and involvement.

  12. Congratulations, KMR. Great interview. I’ve always suspected yours is a go to website for royal watchers. And it impresses me that you are more perceptive about the Kate and the other royals than the so called experts like Tina Brown, former editor of The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. If you read the article about Brown’s take on Kate, you see she had no understanding of Kate’s behavior or her background.

    You also run rings around the royals in terms of work. They can learn a lot from you.

    1. Thank you, Indiana Joanna! Sometimes I really do think I do more work covering an event than Kate does attending.

      1. You do. I learn more about her events from you. The charities and any interesting points you want to highlight.

        Honestly, I you ran their charitable office PR, you’d ma them appear more involved than they are.

        It’s not simply disengagement from the principals, it’s also the lack of information from KP an follow up to keep these initiatives alive.

        Harry’s side keeps up a steady stream of information. I wonder why WK’s side of the office which mind_bogglingly could be the first people don’t do as good a job for WK!!!!

        Mind you ELF once worked for for proper PR company so he understands the brief whereas Jason seems to have become a PR because the job required an information officer and not necessarily trained as a proper PR.

  13. At this point in time, for me, there is nothing that they would do that would convince me that they care. This is, IMO, just PR ramping up to make them look good.

    Interesting that there are more joint appearances. Sounds like Willy is taking up the slack- he’s successfully glib that way while she is a major fail because he’s better at showing care. Clearly, the BRF is buttressing her failings.

    I do love, however, the fact that they are being forced out there. Meanwhile, what’s up with Willy and his ‘job’?

    1. Hi Maven, I never thought about William attending these engagements in order to “buttress her failings” but I think you might be onto something. Although, lately she seems more ill at ease at these engagements when William is there, engagements with Sir Ben excluded. I think the BRF would be better served by inviting Sir Ben to all events attended by the Duchess, one, she’d be sure to show up, secondly, she’d look happy and engaged and third he’s easy on the eyes for the rest of us.

      1. I think flirting with Sir Ben is to make sure William pays Kate attention. I think Kate’s reputation will be in shreds with anymore flirting. William at the events with her or not. I think just releasing messages on itunes and letters are not enough. Children need to be reassured that someone in Kate’s position cares. I have yet to read the article on Princess Sofia. However that is how I see Princess Sofia now and the effort Sofia is putting in to her role.

    2. The ‘job’ was originally said to be full-time (I think), then it was revealed that it was ‘up to’ 20 hours per week, though it seems to be casual in nature ie shifts as required. Regardless, William is being pulled into ‘royal work’ more and more, as is Kate. Nowhere to hide after the gap years, etc. The upcoming trio of engagements may require a short speech or two and William is able to wing it better than Kate. However, if the engagements are fun for Kate and please her, she’s fine.

      1. The job requirements on William’s time were shifting from the beginning.

        At first they let the media speculate that it would be a full time job following the same routine as everyone else ie 4 days on and 4 days off.

        Then an official announcement was made in which they slipped in the fact that he would be undertaking 2/3 of 4 days on and 4 days off. As in he would work 2/3 of the 4 days on schedule, yet still take the full 4 days off.

        Then he was caught not working at all. Some article pro-rata-ed the hours he HAD worked and said it worked out as 20hrs per week.

        That became the lazy media lie. And it’s been repeated so often that people really think that’s his contract. And when he isn’t seen at work for months at a time, they wonder how he is still doing his 20hrs per week, when the reality is that he once put in enough hours over a very short space of time, and I assume this was at the very beginning when he was said to be very enthusiastic before boredom set in and he stopped attending.

        It’s like their royal schedule. At the end of the year, they do 90 engagements all year. Which can be pro-rata-ed to say they work one or twice a week all year round and therefore they are hardworking. The reality as you know is very different.

        1. Imagine if we all worked like that! And here’s the point: William and KP were attempting to paint a picture of ‘normality’ with the EAAA position. Most people would understand that as ‘x’ hours per fortnight over the length of a contract. KP was cynical enough to let people assume that that was the case (including the job being full-time) and did not correct the error. They chose obfuscation rather than clarity from the get-go by not specifying the limits of the contract, including the fact that William would be required to undertake royal duties that at times would take precedence over EAAA. William could have picked up a great deal of good will had he been upfront and honest.

          As it stands, it looks like (a) William works very little and is bored with this job, and (b) William uses EAAA for photo ops to portray himself as hero to buck up his failing public image. The upshot is: William is not to be believed.

          William may have put in a good number of hours at one point before the inevitable shininess of his new toy wore off but there is also a maximum number of hours a pilot can do, for safety reasons, so he would not be legally permitted to fly beyond those hours anyway. Again, very little clarification has been forthcoming. Yes, royal reporters are not exactly of Woodward-Bernstein quality, and out of desperation to write anything, come up with ridiculous material.

          At the root of this is the looseness of the agreement between the state and the BRF, which to my mind, needs radical overhaul. The Queen allows her family to set their own schedules so, if inclined, one can bunch up engagements to get them over with in a day, such as the upcoming trio of events later this month. It looks as if W+K can each claim these engagements for the CC. So are W+K performing a public service for the people of Luton, or are the people of Luton (at their cost) providing an opportunity for W+K to simply make up the numbers? Who cares about the CC? Isn’t it about the people of GB? The cost of helicopter transport, security and Kate’s outfit for the day would make a handsome donation to the hospice and the six mental health charities.

          W+K do a few hours’ work on one day in August, their ‘traditional break’ – but not by any stretch, their only one; they spend weeks doing nothing throughout the year. Let’s call it as it is.

          1. Obsfucation is the name of the game where William is concerned. And when caught lie in the full knowledge that others will vack up said lie.

            Except in this case CAA wasn’t prepared to back up his lies and made it very clear they weren’t nor would they interfere in his schedule royal or otherwise.

            As the new boss of EAAA is a royal insider, there will be more cover up just as the RAF did.

            I think the trouble with William is that he is not a convincing liar and he lies about stuff that is eadily verifiable.

            As he has been caught out in so many lies, he has become the boy who cried wolf.

          2. He really is a fool and unfit for his ‘destined’ role.

            In his defence, William does not have to be a good liar since all around him will sweep up the mess. What an awful example of a man he is presenting to his children.

          3. What I find intriguing is that the Queen and Charles are hard workers, especially considering most people are starting to retire and slow down at their ages. Why do they find it okay for William to be such a slacker? You don’t suddenly learn/grow a work ethic in your 30-40s! He’s even started to look more bored/belligerent in his most recent engagements pics.
            I think you can say that their whole existence is a holiday with a few work engagements thrown in.

          4. It is very peculiar; William is, simply, out of control. His father and grandmother are fooling themselves if they think William, after 34 years of enabled laziness, will step up.

  14. Hearty congratulations on your interview, KMR! Your responses were measured, fair and pleasant. You answered the questions put forth to you head on, and did not dilly daly around same, as in skirting the issue. I now view this blog as an extension of your thoughts presented in the interview, bravo!

    I think you and I have some similarities with respect to our academia. I studied Tudor History, ancient civilizations, and developmental psychology, which was my absolute love. However, I soon realized that my penchant for such would not pay great dividends/earnings for my future. I eventually/reluctantly settled for a Business degree.

    Has anyone seen pictures of Kate since they’ve returned? I read some comments that Kate was having *work* done to beautify herself. Ergo, my piqued curiosity.

    1. Thank you, Vonnie.

      I remember saying, “I’ll figure it out”, when confronted with what job I would actually get with my degree. Then I got my degree and realized there just weren’t jobs there. It really sucks.

      I haven’t seen any photos of Kate since the end of July.

  15. KMR, I enjoyed your interview! I didn’t become interested in present day(love the dead ones!) royalty until recently. My BIL went to Oxford and is an Anglophile and I teased him for staying up to watch the wedding! I could have cared less. So this is my guilty little secret =)

    1. LOL my motto in school was that if it wasn’t at least 400 years old I didn’t care about it.

  16. Congratulations on your interview! I saw the link on Twitter and thoroughly enjoyed it! As others have said the Play-doh analogy was perfect.

    On the duo working for one day in August, I am not the least bit excited or impressed by the announcement. I expect to see more concerned faces, hear William (and Kate parroting him) use the same catch phrases they’ve used at other mental health visits. I just can’t get worked up about it. I’m also curious about what he’ll say to Angela Merkel. I hope it’s more inspiring than what he chatted to President Obama about. Ms. Merkel could eat him for a snack so it’s a good thing Kate isn’t going. She’d look very much like a little girl lost standing next to this woman.

    1. Absolutely whatever you think of her politics Angela is one hell of a woman. Same cannot be said about beige Kate.

  17. Congratulations on the interview and publicity! You sounded smart and thoughtful. One item that struck me was why KM is still called KM and not by her title. I think it is because
    1) she was KM for 10 years while she chased Willism, we are used to calling her that
    2) unfortunatly, the name “Middleton” is linguistic reminder that she is from the middle class, not royal
    3) unfortunatly, she has done little to convince people that she is a princess. I think she has the look, but no substance, and substance matters more (to me, anyway).

    Although Sofia has a sketchy background, she seems to take her role seriously and is working to be a good princess for her country. If she keeps going like this, her past will be a minor footnote in the story of a solid princess. Kate, to me, is still lacking in her role even after 5 years of being a BRF member. She may technically be a Duchess, but she hasn’t earned the respect to be called by her title, IMO and, apparently, the opinion of much of the media.

    1. Thanks JET Texas!

      Re Kate’s name: I actually think the biggest reason why the media still calls Kate “Kate Middleton” is because she was branded as “Kate Middleton” for 8 years before the marriage and people know her by that name. Firstly, the press has categories and tags for “Kate Middleton” in their databases, and to keep things consistent and organized, they must still call and label her by that name – I still categorize Princess Sofia as Sofia Hellqvist because that’s the name she had when I first made that category and in order to keep all of my articles about her under the same category and to keep urls consistent I didn’t change the name. Secondly, the average person, non-royal watcher doesn’t know Kate by her new title, they only know her as “Kate Middleton”. As an example, when I was watching the Diamond Jubilee church service in 2012, the commentators said “The Duke of Cambridge is exiting the car”, and I had no idea who they were talking about. It was only after I saw it was William did I know who they meant. At that point, I still didn’t know William and Kate by the Cambridge title, and I don’t think the average, non-royal watcher does either. I think those two factors, more than anything, are why the press still calls Kate “Kate Middleton”. Don’t ask my why People insists on pushing the “Princes Kate” thing, lol.

      For myself, I think why I took to calling Sofia “Princess Sofia” so quickly and not calling Kate “Duchess of Cambridge” has to do with the fact that Sofia’s title has her first name in it while Kate’s doesn’t. I’ve called Kate “Duchess Kate” in the past but that’s actually incorrect to call her that (more so than calling her “Kate Middleton”, I think), and people don’t really know her by that name either. I think that’s part of it, just for myself.

      1. Sometimes they never lose the media moniker they are strongly identified with. Fergie was ‘Fergie’ right from the beginning. Along the way, she acquired a few more nicknames, including those that played with her title eg Freebie Fergie or Duchess of Pork, but ‘Fergie’ always stuck.

        A different person…’LIZ’ Hurley. She has always been Elizabeth. Privately and publicly. Yet no matter how often she introduces herself or is introduced as Elizabeth, the media and the public persist in calling her LIZ.

        1. Herazeus no worries. Apology accepted. I am a bit late replying as my internet access is down, and the library is mean and will not let me log onto this site.

  18. I’m late in writing this because I’ve been on vacation, but I wanted to say a huge congratulations to you, KMR!!! I am so proud of you for your interview and found all of your answers to the questions to be interesting and articulate. Your blog is one of my “internet happy places” I guess you could say and I appreciate so much all your hard work and consistency. Through you Ive learned so much and developed a wider love for other Royal houses I may never had heard of otherwise. You deserve all the positive recognition you can get! 🙂

    Also, great answer in the interview about “Kate Middleton” vs “Princessan Sofia.” I had never realized before that I too easily refer to Sofia as Princess, but I’ve never been able to easily use Kate’s formal title. Your answer mAkes perfect sense. Sofia seems to do a better job and take her role much more seriously than Kate does, so it’s easier for me to “believe” she is really a Princess. Well done KMR.

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