Camilla Duchess of Cornwall attends Sandringham Flower Show

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall attends Sandringham Flower Show

I doubt this post will get much attention or comments, but I wrote it a while back when I didn’t think there would be much going on, and then there was so it got bumped multiple times. But I want to get it out there because why not. So here we go. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the Sandringham Flower Show on July 27.

Camilla kept things lighthearted as she viewed papier mâché models – made by children of Flitcham Church of England Primary Academy – of herself and Charles, saying “We look like turnips” before pointing and saying, “Unfortunately I recognise that hair”. From the Daily Mail:

    “The children, aged between four to 11, had undertaken a task to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday which involved making papier mache balloon models of the senior royals. Camilla spotted them first and made a beeline for head teacher Angela Eden.
    “‘How wonderful!’ She exclaimed. ‘I can see a slight resemblance, especially the hair,’ laughed the Duchess before calling her husband over to have a look.”

The children made models of the royal family, including Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte – you can view a photo of those here.

Charles picked up the model of Prince Harry – which you can kind of see in the photo below – and said: “If you turn it upside down he’d look the same.” Charles was referencing Harry’s Ginger Beard which was captured by the students’ model.

Charles and Camilla arrived at the Show by carriage and toured the various exhibitors and met with members of the public. Charles has been Patron of The Sandringham Estate Cottage Horticultural Society since 2002 and he and Camilla attend the Sandringham Flower Show every year.

Camilla, who is a member of the Tetbury WI since 2006, stopped by the Women’s Institute booth and bought a hand-knitted elephant for £10. First of all, that elephant is adorable; and second of all, it’s nice that Cam is supporting an organization she’s a part of.

Both Charles and Camilla were very interested in the flowers, and they stopped and tasted some beer from a local brewery.

The couple spent half their time meeting members of the public, like this dog.

Camilla wore a pretty, flowy dress, but the fabric is light and there was wind. This is not the first time Camilla had had trouble with wind – I can recall two other times in the last two years when she had wind troubles: one was at the 70th anniversary of D-Day commemorations (I didn’t post a picture, though) and the other was at Princess Charlotte’s Christening. Granted, one wind trouble per year isn’t that much, but there shouldn’t be any, you know.

Here are some videos from the event:

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  1. Nice to see reports of Camilla and Charles at a lower profile event – they looked interested in what was going on around them and interacted well the the other attendees. As for the wind – that light fabric would be challenged to stay down !

    1. I think the royals would be best to just stay away from fabric that light, at least on windy days or when outdoors at all. Kate has fallen pray to light fabric on windy days many times.

      1. I agree – it would be hard to “weight down” that light a fabric perhaps a longer skirt in a heavier fabric or trousers would be better – she could have a longer tunic style top if she didn’t want to draw attention to waist area

  2. As you know I’m not a Camilla fan but I have to admit she is better at her job than Kate. Love the fact they arrive by carriage! If the carriage lives in Sandringham I wonder how often it is used.personally I love these non Kate posts . Can you tell how many people read it even if they don’t comment?
    I’ve now had a chance to read your interview. You came over as the mature , thoughtful and talented lady we know you are. Well done and well deserved attention.

    1. I’m always wary whenever I post about Camilla or Sofia since I know they both inspire a lot of divisiveness. But I like Camilla because she supports causes I care about, and whenever a reporter is actually there to cover her visits she usually gives some sort of quote they can print which I can quote. I like that.

      Yes, I can see how many views each post gets.

      Thank you re the interview.

    1. I agree. I think especially her formalwear is done a disservice by her unsupportive undergarments.

      1. I think she could take a few others with her. Max for eg can sometimes look a little in need of help. Apparently the queen always goes to Rigby and Peller. Can you imagine doing the Queen’s bra fitting!!!
        Perhaps while she’s there she can buy Kate some knickers?

    2. I’m too well endowed – my shoulders slope downwards – even with a “good” bra eventually the straps start to slide. I agree it is not a good look – I like big scarves and wraps . . .

  3. Fortunately it just looks like a minor blow up, unlike Kate’s many Marilyn moments which have been very revealing. Floaty fabrics best indoors!

  4. I like that Camilla actually tries food or drinks when she is offered them at engagements, unlike Kate who rarely does. Camilla just seems much more open to those around her.

    I am actually surprised to see Charles and Camilla doing an engagement at the end of July. I know the royals take August off, but this year it seemed like they started vacation in mid-July. Maybe that was just Will and Kate.

    1. Wills flies helicopters some weeks of the year – but apparently Kate is too busy at home with the next generation to venture out too often – despite the Nanny and Staff – perhaps it is generational – Charles was brought up with the concept of duty and responsibility – Wills might have done better with a different partner

    2. The first time I saw Camilla taste something – it was at an Australia Day fair – I was so shocked that she ate something in public since I’m so used to Kate not eating anything in public.

      1. I saw Maxima eating/drinking at an even and it made me realize that it’s just Kate that doesn’t eat an engagements.

        1. Yes, I saw Max eating something while in the stands for an event. It was fun to see them eating just like any other crowd member.

      2. I just assumed it was a royal rule: don’t be seen eating or drinking in public. Just like I thought royal women couldn’t wear pants.

      3. When royals attend events, there seems to be little left to chance, so there must be ample opportunity to let the hosts know beforehand that no food should be offered? Kate has issues with food, that much is clear, but William has also refused food on occasion – a cupcake – citing he’d get into trouble if he ate it. This has more to do with having good manners, being sensitive to others, than rules.

        1. I’m assuming the food is mainly for the rest of the peeps at the event. Common courtesy should dictate to them that they at least take something, they don’t have to eat it all. The fact that they can’t even fake being polite says a lot.

          1. Exactly. Depending on the function, taking a bite of something, accepting an orange juice or wine, is just being polite to your hosts. At the recent museum dinner, Kate left before dessert!

          2. At that event in Denmark with Mary and Frederik, Mary, Fred, and William all tasted the peanut paste but Kate refused it.

  5. Charles has the same look of gleeful chuckles he had as a boy. It always strikes me how much he looks exactly as he did as a child, only taller and greyer!!

    Camilla is always fun at engagements. You’d never know she had serious ailments at some point. Her body language is so open and she looks like she’s having the time of her life. Always.

    Even if they stay for 10mins max, neither the video nor photos show boredom or anxiety to get out of there asap.

    This could be an easy engagement for all at Sandrigham since it’s their local.

    1. I think Camilla has brought out the best in Charles. I think she helps lighten him up.
      Can we talk about what a snazzy dresser Charles is! I love a man in a suit. =)

      1. I think Charles has great style, actually. I wish he’d teach his sons a thing or two about how to dress well.

  6. I really wished more people would pay attention to the wonderful job these two are doing! Not only the number of engagements is great but also how they interact with the people and they always seem so genuinely interested… talk to people, taste food, try out smt – I’ve never seen them bored or not paying attention. It’s just great and actually how it should be. Others could learn smt here.
    I also liked that Camilla bought the elephant, not the first time she does smt like that and it are really the small gestures which matter!

    And I had to laugh about the comment Charles made about the model of Harry. He must be a wonderful person to be around as he experienced so much, knows a lot and seems to have a great sense of humor.

    1. Charles and Camilla definitely take their jobs seriously, and seem to enjoy them, too.

      1. Yes, they always seem engaged and ready to crack a joke, when I read this post I actually thought it’d be lovely to meet them!

        1. Not someone who is eager to meet Royals, but Charles and Camilla are one of those I imagine fun to meet for many reasons. They are always engaged and put actually focus on people, and give you the feeling that they really care and are interested in what people have to say… also intelligent and fun people. I remember this ecwnt they attended for Queen’s 90th birthday, that must have been fun!

  7. Personally, I think Camilla takes her job as companion (or whatever the proper title is) to Prince Charles to heart, so for me that makes her more appealing than some of the other royals.

    And I love the photos, especially the one where the dog looks up at her and she reciprocates with a smile.

    1. I had to go back and look, too since I remembered her smiling in that photo. But yeah, you can’t see her face. I guess I just assumed she was smiling since I know she loves animals.

  8. Thanks for such a sweet post KMR!!!

    I agree with everyone, Camilla always looks engaged and like she is having a jolly time at these engagements. I think it’s really sweet how her and Charles get along, very much like two peas in a pod, they certainly do bring out the best in each other.

    I have to say, I really like this dress. Camilla seems to know which style and cut suits her body shape and rarely strays from that so imo she almost always looks comfortable and nicely put together.

    1. Camilla does a great job at her events. She and Charles appear to be very engaged, taking a genuine interest in trying food and drink. Nice touch to buy the elephant and she has any number of grandchildren to give it to. I’d imagine they’d be good guests at these type of events which sound and look to be utterly charming. C+C certainly were wonderfully engaged when they visited Australia last year. They spent time talking to people at the walkabouts, were curious and very courteous. No bailing after 15 minutes.

      I like Camilla’s dress too; it was probably right for the weather and had the breeze been a little mightier, a slip would have been revealed. No big deal. I agree re. a more supportive bra!

      Overall, Camilla’s temperament seems to bring out a less uptight Charles, which can only be good for everyone.

  9. Well, KMR, you managed to turn my usual frown upside down. I smiled throughout most of this reportage. Now this is grace and gentility at its best. I also love Camilla’s dress. Looks like a lovely time was had by all, including yours truly in the reading!

    I wonder what will happen when Charles becomes king. Who will keep the engaging visits with the locals going? This is the BRF’s bread and butter.

  10. I’m a Camilla sugar and I’m not afraid to say it. Yes, there were events in the past that were not right, but the past is the past and nothing anyone says about it today is going to change it. Over, done, move on please.

    She always looks engaged and she is always prepared. I’m sure both she and PC are completely briefed on what they will be attending and seeing. And they come across as interested and caring.

    Thank you for the link of the Cambridge papier mache. I laughed so hard at the William comb over I nearly cried. And that elephant she bought was adorable, but worth much more than £10. I would have snapped it up myself if I had been there.

    1. I’m with you about Camilla, always happy to read about her. And I love her fashion, not always for me but, she looks appropriate and fashionable.

    2. I thought the comb over was amusing, too. But I think they were a bit generous with the hair for him.

  11. I like to see Camilla during engagements because the focus is on how she interacts with people versus her clothes like Kate, although this is a repeater dress lol.

  12. I like Camilla’s dress also. Charles is a very dapper looking dresser and Camilla complements him very well with her lovely, tasteful dresses. I’m happy for them that they have finally been able to be together as man and wife. It’s sad that Andrew and Fergie have been unsuccessful in obtaining the Queen’s permission to remarry. I read an article which stated that Prince Philip has a huge dislike for Fergie and the Queen defers to her husband.

    1. Isn’t Andrew still banging randoms, though? I don’t think he and Fergie are “together” in a traditional sense to the point of wanting to remarry.

  13. Enjoy seeing Charles and Camilla relating so beautifully with all. I think they enjoy themselves when out and about and others pick up on that and enjoy them, too.
    That elephant is so nicely made and I’m sure one of the little grandkids is enjoying it now. Nice touch for Cam to purchase it.

    The remarks about the paper mache heads were funny. These two really seem to be made for each other and enjoy each other very much . I used to dislike Camilla because I was such a fan of Diana. Now, I like many things about her.

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