Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine ‘absolutely’ want more children

Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine ‘absolutely’ want more children

Princess Madeleine‘s husband, Chris O’Neill, gave an interview to Sweden’s Expressen which came out last week in which he talks about his life with Madeleine and his kids, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas.

Chris Expressen interview
[Suvad Mrkonjic/Expressen]

The interview took place at the king’s Coffee Torp inside Solliden Palace. The interview appeared in Swedish, and I translated it via Google Translate.

    On Solliden: “I love Öland and Solliden Palace. It is a fantastic place and a wonderful place to be in summer.”
    On moving to London: “For me it was like coming home again, of course. Madeleine was something completely new to move from New York to London, but it has worked wonderfully well. We moved to be closer to Sweden and I would still be able to do my work. Now it is so much easier and closer to being able to get back and forth to Stockholm for Madeleine. It will be a completely different freedom.”
    How has the first year in London been? “We’ve been about to get into everything, and above all, take care of Nicolas and Leonore. They’re what is called pseudo twins in that they are so close in age. It has been a busy year. Both I and Madeleine has worked great. Besides my job and Madeleine’s royal mission and commitment to Childhood focus heavily on family life and children. For example, we prepared the children’s school aisles. Leonore starting kindergarten in the fall. It feels good.”
    How long will they stay in London? “We have not set any time limit. However, it will be at least two to three years. Then we’ll see what happens.”
    Is London okay for Madeleine? “Yes absolutely. We both feel very good in England.”
    How much does Chris work? “Very. I travel a lot, above all, but is about 75 per cent in London. The trips I make, for example, Zurich or Milan is the day, so I like that I do not have to spend a night in a hotel. Back in London, I have an office that I share with a few other enterprises, and in the evenings I can be home with the Madeleine and the children.”
    Their lives in London: “London is so much more child-friendly than New York. It usually on the weekends get very parks like Richmond Park and Hyde Park. Even museums and a variety of aquariums. Both London and Stockholm is built more child-friendly than New York. Evenings we prioritize at home with the children. Both I and Madeleine are very much for family dinners and just being at home. Both Madeleine and I are agreed that life can not be much better than what it is today with these two little creatures. There are two completely different characters where you now see that Nicolas watching every single thing that makes Leonore, and admires her. Nicolas took his first steps the other day! It’s not the most secure, but its first steps. Leonore went when she was 12 months. But I read somewhere that girls usually go earlier than boys.”
    What is the difference between Leonore and Nicolas? “It’s two completely different individuals. Nicolas is a soft little guy. Leonore is dominant and a certain little girl. Yes, by the way, I think Nicolas has inherited something of his uncle Carl Philip and grandfather King. He loves everything that has a motor. Completely obsessed with everything related to the engine. So where do we know how it will be in the future.”
    Do they want more children? “Yes absolutely. Since it’s not a foregone conclusion. Madeleine and I love having a big family. But we want to wait with the kids right now. I feel that we must focus on Nicolas and Leonore. Make sure they get our time and that we see them 100 percent. But in the future, absolutely!”
    How many more? “One or two.”
    His relationship with the rest of the royal family: “Amazing… The Queen is very humble. She is as she usually says a woman with Brazilian Heart and German brain. Incredibly sharp. [The king] has a life experience that is huge. Just sit in the evenings and hear all his stories and all he has been through. It is huge. And very entertaining. I also have a fantastic relationship with the others in the family such as Victoria and Daniel and Carl Philip and Sofia.”


There is more in the interview at the link. He talks about selling his home in Florida, how he plays tennis and Leonore loves horses, and how he loves Classic movies and comedies while Madeleine loves action and newer movies.

I think it’s interesting that Chris has given interviews lately. I know that he and Madeleine have gotten criticism in the past, which is why he’s willing to give interviews to change the conversation around them, but I thought he and Madeleine came across extremely well in their Skavlan interview. I love what he says here about Leonore, that she’s a dominant little girl and that Nicolas looks up to her. I like this family.

Swedish royal family summer photocall 2016 s

Chris O'Neill retrieves Princess Leonore after running away in Gotland

27 thoughts on “Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine ‘absolutely’ want more children

  1. Chris is very disliked in the media from what I’ve heard–he’s not Swedish, he doesn’t deal with the royal circus and is very independent. It’s good for Madeleine. I really, really like him. He is a great man, it seems like, and wonderful to Madeleine and her kids. He’s well spoken, funny, intelligent, and isn’t with Madeleine because he loves her, not because of the royal stuff he truly seems to hate.

    1. Is “isn’t” supposed to be “is” in the sentence “isn’t with Madeleine because he loves her”? I’m assuming it’s just a typo given the following part of the sentence.

      1. Whoops, yes. He is with Madeleine because he loves her, not because of the royal stuff. 🙂 This is what I get for posting when I’m tired!

  2. Chris seems to be a private person so good for him for letting the press in!
    He’s a class act and I feel he’s a great husband for Madde.

  3. I think both Maddie and Victoria hit the jackpot with their husbands. Both love and support their wives in what they need to do but retain their own identities. Daniel has had to step more into the royal role because he will be consort at some point, but it’s not as if he has been subjugated in any way.

    Both couples are love matches, but also work well together in their public personas. It’s good to see Chris coming to terms more with that side of things.

    I would love to see another one or two babies from this couple. Maybe the next will be a blend of Leonore and Nicolas. Whatever the personality I’m sure Leonore will always be the big sister and what she says goes. I have a feeling they will always have their hands full when it comes to Leonore.

    Thank you for another great post!

  4. The reality is Chris is a private citizen – funding his and Maddie’s life – and it’s none of the Swede’s business as he is not their public servant. He doesn’t answer to anybody. So it’s really kind of him to give an interview.

    1. Exactly. Maddie is doing what always happens for these monarchies. The younger siblings of the heir move out of public roles, move away from being funded by the taxpayers. Her private citizen husband is part of that, and he held firm and refused titles. He doesn’t owe them anything, and he plans to keep it that way.

      CP & Sophia should also be moving off the taxpayers payroll, as the other siblings of monarchs have done in the past.

    2. Yes, +1
      He “owes” nothing to the Swedes or royal watchers yet he is willing to share some of himself and his family without hating us or being rude.

    3. +2. He doesn’t owe them anything. I love that he gave this interview. Since you had to translate it, does that mean Chris gave the interview in Swedish?

      1. I would assume Chris gave the interview in English and then Expressen translated it to Swedish. Then I translated it back. But they don’t say.

  5. Love that guy! No, he is no George Clooney when it comes to looks, neither has he the “royal thing”. Yet I can see from pictures only, that he is a good, solid man. Come to think of it, he is the perfect guy: Private, hardworking, successful and family oriented. And he genuinely seems to love his wife and children. Well done Madde!

    1. Well, I think that Chris is a very good-looking handsome man. He kinda has this”successgul rich snobby cold businessman/banker” look to him which some people find very attractive and sone people don’t like it. I am sure he is not cold or snobby but this is just how he seems to many people…
      Maddie seems to like this kind of man, Jonas Bergström was also this “successful snobby businessman” type…
      But I do think Chris looks very attractive and I’m sure he is a great and lovely husband and daddy 🙂

      1. Well, “M from Germany”, I personally find him very attractive. Its just that he could never compete in the Mister USA kind of contest:)

        Working in the same business branch, I meet his “type” of person a lot. They seem snobbish, cold or arrogant (scary in fact), till you actually get to know them better. I think that’s is the reason why many people don’t like Chris. They can’t identify with this kind of successful, independent man. Aren’t we all somewhat intimidated by the rich and successful?:)

        Maddie seems like a strong person (or so it seems), so Chris probably found his match.

        1. I think Chris is someone who keeps his emotions close to the chest. They aren’t for public display. Him breaking down at the wedding and crying? His joy at the birth of their daughter, when he stamped her footprint on his arm? That was the kind of emotional man he keeps in check most of the time.

  6. I like the fact too that as a private citizen,Chris takes time to praise Madeleine, his children and talk about his work. Being open about these topics, I think Madeleine and Victoria are very lucky to have husbands who understand them. I like the way Leonore who is fast becoming my favourite as well as Alexander and Estelle is described as ‘dominant’, but Nicholas is a soft little guy though personalities are not fixed. Or so I read. I hope whether they have more children or not they continue to support each other.

    1. …and, spouses who continue to maintain their businesses and financial independence -instead of looking for royal maintenance and entitlement.

      I see Maddie (and her children) continued to be supported and receive royal care – homes, finances (re daughter of), along with her husband independent wealth.

  7. I have to admit that I didn’t like him from start as he came across bit cold or arrogant (not sure if those are the actual the correct words to describe what I felt but something was there which I didn’t like) but he seems to love Madeleine very much and supports her in every way he can.
    He knows what he wants and what he is able to do and doesn’t pretend to be someone else. He clearly made the line between him being a private citizen and yet being part of family…he has his job to do and takes it serious so respect for that.

  8. It is always nice to read the respect and love a couple have for each other. It certainly appears that Chris and Maddie have a good relationship and family very important. Thank you.

  9. I like Chris. Yes, he comes across sometimes as snobby and entitled, but he goes to work every day to earn a living and support his family. He talks about his family in a devoted dad and husband kind of way. He didn’t take a vanity royal title. His children’s personalities reflect his loving attention to his family.

    Huge difference between Maddie and Chris and the Cams. Wills would never be able to survive and support a family in the real world. He is totally dependent on the taxpayers for income and has never shown any interest in developing real world skills. Add in the fact that he has an obnoxious personality and Wills probably wouldn’t last very long in any job. Waity adds nothing to the Cam unit. No energy, no personality, again no real world skills.

  10. I have to say that this interview is being to change my view of Chris. I don’t dislike him but the big city, bankery types are not my style, I guess I pre-judge them and assume that they will be arrogant, greedy and a bit cold. In fact, it’s been shown that the sociopathic personality is often found in very successful people, so I guess one needs to be a bit cold and ruthless in order to be successful, at least in the big business, money culture. Anyhow, it’s apparent that Chris loves Madeline and his family very much, the tears he cried at their wedding were so heartfelt and genuine.

  11. I was a Chris convert when KMR posted a pic of him holding baby Leonore while wearing sunglasses!

    I give him lots of credit. He married into a royal family that has a different culture and language from his own. Yet he still kept his own sense of self. He obviously loves his family and it shows. I’m sure he would love Madde regardless of her title and does what he needs to do to get on with the perfunctory appearancs. Yes he seems cool and aloof. I have found that some with those attributes are totally loving and great to be around.

    Thanks for this great post, KMR!

    1. I agree that he would love Maddie regardless. I actually think that in these situations her fame was probably a hindrance to their relationship. Chris seems very private, so a title was probably not what he was seeking out.

  12. I really like Chris. I find him attractive and to have a strong manly personality. I like that he refused any title and works to support his and his family’s lifestyle and yet loves Madde enough to compromise and attend the royal events (which he appears to not truly enjoy) and give this interview. He knows who he married and is willing to contribute to her world and her family without being overwhelmed or absorbed by it.

    I love that they plan on having more children. I love this family so I will love it growing

  13. Didn’t someone post on this site a while back that the rumor in Sweden was that Maddie and Chris were unhappy? I wonder if that is what the article is all about. Forgive me being so jaded, but I started my biz life in PR. I like Chris Like Maddie, too. Their children are adorable and I must say, I would be exhausted caring for Leonore. Happy exhaustion, because she is just so darn amazing.

    So, more kids? Ask Maddie, please. I wonder if she is feeling the same way. Nico is adorable, too. But, taking after his Grandfather, the King? At least, that is just in regard to his fascination with motors. With such dear parents, I doubt little Prince Nico will ever become so cold as grandpa.

    I do hope that Maddie and Chris are happy and that life will continue to be healthy and wonderful for them and their little ones.

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