Princess Beatrice quits job to form her own startup

Princess Beatrice quits job to form her own startup

According to the Daily Mail, Princess Beatrice has quit her job in New York to form her own startup consultant company.

From the Daily Mail:

    “In June well-placed sources said the Queen’s grand-daughter had been ‘let go’ from her role in New York. This was strongly denied by aides who maintained she was only in Britain for the month of June because of a ‘work project’ and to support the Queen during her 90th birthday celebrations.
    “Sources insisted she had moved to ‘another department within the same company’, Sandbridge Capital, and would return to work in early July.
    “Last week, however, the Daily Mail was told Beatrice had not been at her desk for two months. Callers to the firm were told she ‘is no longer with the company’.
    “Sources close to the princess, 27, say she has now resigned to form her own ‘start-up’, backed by Sandbridge.
    “Sandbridge advises and invests in fashion, health and consumer businesses and boasts brands including Topshop and Karl Lagerfeld in its portfolio. The source said: ‘She is creating a start-up consultancy backed by, and in association with, the group she worked with. She and some other people have set up a consultancy business under the auspices of Sandbridge Capital.’
    “The friend said she had not been sacked, saying: ‘She was working, she resigned and is now concentrating her efforts on this start-up. She wanted to be more entrepreneurial, so she has set up her own unit within the group, but as a separate unit.’
    “A friend said: ‘Beatrice is a young girl making her own way in the world and finding her feet. She should be applauded for striking out on her own, not vilified.'”

I’m slightly skeptical because “business consultant” could mean anything and obviously this is not specific, but good on Beatrice for starting her own company if this is true. I’m wondering what role Beatrice will have since the source said she is creating the company with “some other people”. Like, is Bea going to be CEO of her own company? Or is she just a partner but not CEO? Or what’s her role? I’d really like to know. I’m all for women creating their own companies and I hope she succeeds.

In other Bea news, Beatrice attended an event for one of her patronages on June 30. Bea attended an event for the 30th birthday of Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF). The event raised over £20,000 for the BCFs current campaign, “A Life Less Lonely”, which aims to help adults and children across Berkshire struggling with loneliness and isolation. The event began with a drinks reception and included dinner and an auction.

Judging by the pictures, Bea either gave some sort of speech or participated in the calling out of the auction.

94 thoughts on “Princess Beatrice quits job to form her own startup

  1. I feel sorry for the Yorks girls they and their father want them more involved with royal duties but Prince Charles wants a slimmed down monarchy. Therefore, they are trying to do their best in an awkward situation but are constantly criticised for their holidays, lack of job or doing Royal duties etc I wish Bea all the best in whatever she does. It must be hard being a Blood princess but cannot have a big Royal role but then cannot really live a normal life either.

    1. OH hell. I just typed something but my iPod Touch decided to cop an attitude.

      Okay here’s the good, the bad and the has-me-worried/suspicious.

      Good: I sincerely hope the York girls are doing something to separate themselves from the firm but also makes good use of the position they’re in (if that makes sense).

      Bad: I think someone is jumping the gun (news or Bea…..leaning towards news) by announcing this so early.

      Has-me-worried/suspicious: the fact that this came from the Daily Mail has raised a red flag for me. Whenever people start criticizing William and/or Kate, someone (usually a York girl or Prince Harry) is thrown under the bus. Most of the time, it seems to be Bea and my hunch is because of the bad blood between the York and Middleton sisters.

      I genuinely have a soft spot for Beatrice and Eugenie. Ever since they were teenagers (or when they started going through their awkward phase), the press has bullied them relentlessly about everything under the sun and, to add fuel to the fire, they’re (the press) constantly reminding us who their parents are. Yes, I know, “Airmiles Andy and Fergie” but good gravy considering what William and Harry went through during their parents divorce, I think the Yorks ended up extremely blessed: parents whose divorce was extremely amicable and always put their children first. Heaven forbid, Sarah and Andrew did something right and raised two daughters with hardly a blemish in their reputation!

      Also, I love how the girls take on patronages that are dear and so personal to them (Bea: dyslexia, Eugenie: the hospital where she had her surgery for her scoliosis). I’ve heard Bea give a speech and she’s fantastic! Plus, it’s so obvious how much Bea enjoys interacting with the public. And Eugenie’s warm smile can light up a room!

      IMO, Charles is making a huge mistake by not allowing his nieces to become working royals.

      1. The fact that it came from the DM is why I left out them calling out Bea for the amount of jobs she’s had and vacations she’s been on. I wanted to focus on the fact that she’s forming her owning company instead.

        1. I’m definitely not blaming you on where the information is coming from. It’s just that, when I see that it’s from the DM, I get frustrated because I know they’re gong to twist this piece of news to make them look bad in the eyes of the public,

      2. Good point, dear Kimothy. Yes, it’s a bit suss that criticism of the York girls/Harry emerges to deflect criticism of the Cambridge duo. Bit too convenient.

      3. I worry that it is from the DM as well. That is the go-to source for W&K when they want to plant something negative about Harry or the Yorks.

        She’s been in business for at least 4 years, including finance and multiple finance and investment trainings. Maybe Dave is one of the group that will be doing this together? I don’t see him staying at Uber long term.

        Charles’s slim down plan, which is rumor and with no public statements about it? If he really does want to go down to 6 royals, I think that is too drastic a change too quickly. If they decrease the number of engagements they do, there will be public outcry. But each of those six covering 500 engagements a year? Only Charles manages that now out of that group. And they’ll have to decrease their costs dramatically when they go to 6, regardless of how much work they do. 600 million for 6 employees? Think again.

        I suspect Eugenie would be happy to go away completely. Beatrice said once that E is even more upset by the public criticism than she (B) is. Beatrice would be a good and content working royal. Either way, she’s likely to end up as a Counsellor of State for a portion of her life.

        If HM died tomorrow, Beatrice would automatically become a counsellor of state. (First four people in line to the throne who are over age 21). Unless they change the rules on that, it requires her to live in the UK once she assumes that role. It also requires her to remain a royal insider, supporting the monarch, but doing that while not a “working royal” is odd.

          1. IMO they’re intended as internal counselors to the monarch, their Think Tank. Plus they are legally to represent the monarch, more along the lines of stepping in and temporarily doing something assigned to the monarch vs. doing royal engagements in support of the monarch. As Charles has started doing some of the monarch’s public duties (ex. one of the ceremonies she cannot physically do anymore).

            Unless Andrew lives another 20 years, Beatrice will be a Counsellor of State. Given the relationship between Charles and Andrew, I can see Charles skipping Andrew (if he can) and installing Beatrice as one of his Counsellors instead.

          2. Hey Notasugar! Could you tell me a little more on the background of Charles and Andrew’s relationship? I don’t know any of that history. Thanks!

          3. I’d say lingering childhood issues that have never been resolved + Andrew’s shenanigans. Charles is a very sensitive person and he isn’t anyone’s favorite child. Andrew is a boor, but he’s HM’s favorite. He gets what he wants, especially when he shouldn’t.

            While all the Windsors get up to no good in various ways, if any of the things about Andrew are true he’s a real legal danger to the continuing existence of the monarchy. Charles will know that.

            I can see Charles cutting out Anne, Edward, and Sophie – because it gives him the ability to cut out Andrew too. Like Felipe of Spain removed Elena from being an official member of the royal family. That was a by-product of needing to remove Cristina. Elena wasn’t doing anything wrong, but he couldn’t remove one sister and not remove the other without raising even more eyebrows.

        1. So Eugenie is destined to be the odd man out anyway. Why hang around, wishing things would change and waiting for crumbs to fall. Taking all that abuse in the press…I’d walk away (and that can’t be an easy decision taken lightly) too.

          1. She might also be the smartest one in the bunch and have realize, early, that the royal circus was not for her. I could see her following a quiet arts-related path like Lady Sarah, perhaps owning her own auction house or gallery in the future. Those are the interests she shows us so far.

          2. Can they opt-out of being a Counsellor of State? Doesn’t seem like something Eugenie would be interested in (although, it seems unlikely that she will be one with the Windsor longevity genes. Isn’t her boyfriend a pretty ordinary guy class and job wise? Doesn’t seem like she’s asking for the spotlight or to be more involved in family matters.

            TBH, I really always have liked Eug and Bea. They seem like such nice girls in comparison to the Middletons. A Bachelorette party with them, Zara, and Autumn would probably be a hoot.

        1. Back in 2008, Kate formed a roller skating disco charity event but didn’t mention it to Beatrice (apparently people within that circle assumed Bea was going and she was stunned to even hear about it). Beatrice called Kate and got the invite but Kate left out the part about the dress code (costume theme). Beatrice shows up in her normal clothes and is teased by Kate and others on that she wasn’t dressed right. Throughout the night, Beatrice tried to call he out and Kate would brush her off, continue getting shots from the bar, and using choice words. Eventually, Kate told Bea to “f*** off” and Beatrice then winds up in the ladies room in tears. Keep in mind that Kate was 26 and Bea was 19/20. A reporter was in the restroom when Beatrice showed up in tears. I felt so bad for Bea.

          Another episode was at a fashion show and it involved Pippa. Someone messed up the seating and they put the York girls and Pippa at the same seat. B and E arrive first and when Pippa sees them in her seat, she tells them to leave and E says no. She says again and again she gets a no. Pippa is now very annoyed/irritated and the press are this exchange. Pippa eventually sits somewhere else.

          1. Has Pippa made amends with the York girls then? I think I remember seeing a fairly recent photo (since her engagement) of her with Bea at a BHF event… They seemed cozy and friendly enough to me..

    2. +1
      Totally agree.

      These ladies would work more duties if given the opportunity by ‘next in Line’ to HM (who could be the Yorks). Maybe POW is scared to admit his Line is entitled lazy, except hardworking duty bound Prince and future King Henry, who would love his cousins presence.

  2. Sounds interesting! Wish her all the best and hope she succeeds with her own company (or however it will look like at the end). Maybe we will get more information in the future and learn bit more of her role and what she does.

    Another thing, I think it’s great how Bea (and also Eugenie) take their patronages seriously and show up for events, give speeches, support the cause… they aren’t working royals and yet we see them more than some others. They really deserve more praise for their work!

  3. I like Beatrice, but my sense is that this is going to turn out like the Peter Phillips debacle re: the Patron’s Lunch. Bea doesn’t really have much to offer except for her royal connections. That’s not a criticism, that’s a fact. I wish she could have a public role too, she could be the next Anne (maybe). This will end badly.

    1. She’s got a good degree and some good if limited work experience. I don’t see how you can say it’s a fact that she has nothing to offer.
      I wish her well and hope she finds a real role for herself that makes her happy.

      1. Birdy, lots of people graduate with undergrad degrees from good universities. But if years after graduation, they stil have limited work experience, then it’s true that they don’t have much to offer in the professional world. She won’t be able to compete against candidates who have the same, if not higher, education than Beatrice and also consistent work experience with a proven record of gaining increasing experience and responsibilities. I would know, I Have worked in career counselling.

        1. All the royals have a leg up in the employment stakes, thanks to their connections; that much is obvious. How they use that privilege is another thing: gaining lots of experience, putting in the hard yards, being reliable, and actually turning up all go a long way to gaining respect and trust in the workforce. It is really important, especially in the first years after graduating, to get experience, establish oneself in order to earn more opportunities.

          I said in an earlier post today that Bea would be best advised to be discreet about her various holidays. She must be aware of her bad press. While her holidays are her business, their number and extravagant nature have impacted on her work reputation to the point where she is perceived as just not serious. The comments on the DM were scathing, one after the other. There are many, many trust babies who flit from job to job in between holidays; maybe Bea is one, I don’t know. But she can actively correct the poor assessments of her work ethic simply by consistent work. I do think the York girls are conflicted: they like doing the royal work, the attention and the rock ‘n roll of royalty, yet they are also expected to earn a living which does not sit well with the partying. At the moment they seem to be straddling a royal lifestyle along with (sometimes) day-to-day employment. That’s not a mix that gels all that well.

          The DM announcement seems premature and rather sketchy. Better to wait to see how this new venture is announced by Standbridge Capital, along with relevant details and personnel.

          1. “I do think the York girls are conflicted:…”
            I think you are completely right. On one hand it’s what they’ve been raised to expect and deserve on the other it’s singing for your supper- something they never thought they’d have to do. Bit of a tough spot for a couple of girls brought up as princesses of the U.K. The new princess in town has a big gun called 2nd in line, and the Yorkies can’t match that

          2. The “new princess in town” may very well be a temporary addition to the family; her late mother-in-law was. As was the other second-in-line’s wife (Fergie).

            Neither the current second in line nor his wife are anything to write home about, nor is their work ethic.

            Through no fault of their own, Beatrice and Eugenie were raised to be working royals. The game was changed on them very recently and now they have to figure out a new direction. The fact that they would be solid, dedicated working royals makes it even more unfortunate given the behavior and attitude of W&K.

          3. What I was saying on the Sophie post is that why not focus solely on the philanthropic? Instead of a start up compmay, why not start her own charitable organization. I think she’s clearly better at that then working. She doesn’t have to be a working royal to do charity.
            And yes, be more discrete in vacation. It’s obvious William and Kate sneak off with out being pictured so the same could go for her.

          4. I think she has to be seen to be earning a living. Just spending her time only doing charity work would get “scrounger” yelled at her in online forums. If she started her own charity, a la Sentebale, it would be great as long as the financials were regularly released. Harry got in a lot of trouble early on with Sentebale, because their working costs were so much higher than their charitable output.

          5. I think if she was seen as generally working for her charity, fundraising and promoting it, on a regular basis people would be happy.
            The problem with so many charities is when they start hiring people who want big salaries to run them thus increasing overhead. She could find someone to help her that doesn’t need a salary or at least not a large one.
            It used to be that they said fundraising costs shouldn’t exceed 35% of related contributions. Don’t know if that # still holds true. She has the means and connections to make that possible.

      2. Wikipedia says Bea has a BA in History and History of Ideas. Trust me, a degree in history means very little when entering fields like business and such. Yes, Bea had a degree, but since her field is now business it’s her experience which will matter.

    2. Agreed, Red Snapper. She has little to offer. It also seems that she spent time away from the jobs she held. So how much did she really work that would give her the authority as a consultant, not to mention she hasn’t worked that long.

      IIRC, wasn’t Beatrice’s name touted on some speaker website, where she would talk about making your life better, or be a party mingler, or something (so ridiculous)? All for ludicrously big bucks. This was pulled from the site almost immediately and some story made up about how it was a mistake.

      She’s trading on her name, hands down. What has she really to offer? I do believe she was fired.

      BTW, I have nothing against her (yet). She just seems rather feckless and looking for easy money. Sadly, she would be a much better rep for the BRF than you know who.

      1. It was for the same company that represents her mother, Sarah Ferguson. Sorry, can’t recall the company’s name. If I recall correctly, Beatrice was going to speak about being a philanthropist.

  4. Ummm the statement makes no sense. Why would Sandbridge Capital “support” a startup that would be their competitor? What does it mean that it’s within the unit in the group but a separate unit? Who is she even starting this with? What are her credentials apart from being the unfortunate looking, hideously dressed granddaughter of the Queen?

    She most likely got fired, as a result of her constant vacationing and never actually being at work. Now they are coming up with these nonsense things of a startup to cover up the fact that she’s little better than Waity-Katie. Hah! These people wouldn’t be able to hold down a full time job even if they were starving: freeloading and laziness is written into the Windsor genes.

    1. Question her credentials, sure, but there is so reason to be mean about her physical appearance.

      1. You are right KMR. But we also talk about Kate’s physical appearance, her preferred mode of grinning and her weight a lot too, which are a lot meaner than calling someone “unfortunate looking”. We also comment on someone’s physical appearance when we say she is beautiful or he is handsome (like Harry). In short, I don’t like most of these so called royals- people who are ordinary in every single way, being put up on a pedestal and living a luxurious life on public money while doing not much with their abilities or their position.

        1. You have no idea how many comments I refuse to approve because of how cruel they are in discussing people’s appearances. I’m not always able to catch the comments from people I’ve already approved before. And I actually think the discussion about Kate’s weight has gotten a bit out of hand. I understand now why other blogs have asked people not to comment on it.

        2. How is that more mean than calling someone unfortunate looking? Don’t kid yourself, it’s all mean.

          And it wouldn’t be a competitor. It would be a spin-off consulting arm instead of the investment fund doing both, which is very common and a way of spreading the risk. At least attempt to know what you’re talking about.

          1. “At least attempt to know what you’re talking about”

            I’m sorry, but I find this comment slightly offensive. Many people here have different levels of knowledge and expertise on the royals and other varying subjects. English is sometimes a second and third language as well. I found this site by being interested in the Swedish family and was looking into knowing more about them. Some people come here to be informed and gain that knowledge from here. I always look forward to the ever insightful and knowledgeable comments from several posters and the initial posts from KMR are always informative themselves.

        3. I think there is difference between attacking someone for their genetic inheritance (Beatrice’s Hanoverian eyes) vs. criticizing someone’s inappropriate behavior or dress on the job (KM grinning like crazy and twirling her hair during Remembrance Day events).

          When KM’s appearance is criticized, it is often criticism of her unprofessional appearance (caked on make-up, hair all over the place, skirts not weighted down). Those aren’t comments about her physical attributes (ie. “Her eyes make her look like an ugly startled frog”) but on her unprofessional personal presentation (ie. “If I dressed like she does at work I’d be fired.”)

          I’d be happy to have weight discussions not allowed here, neither positive nor negative comments regarding it.

      2. Meh, I think she looks fine. I’m more interested in her fashion! Love, love, love that orange peel hat! Also, she has spirit and verve and takes risks. Not too unfortunate at all unless one likes living dolls!

  5. It’s a bummer that Beatrice and Eugenie seem to want to be involved in charities and supporting the royal family but in the end will not receive the benefits that go along with it. However, others drag their feet and refuse to do all they can and still receive the benefits. Maybe benefits of the royal family should be awarded for dedication rather than birth. Ha!

  6. Oh dear. I agree that it worries me that she doesn’t seem tremendously well-prepared for this. I hope it is successful for her.
    Honestly, I don’t think the girls not being working royals has anything to do with a slimmed down monarchy- they are the children of the sibling of the future monarch. They’re best compared to Lady Sarah Chatto and Anthiny Armstrong-Jones, the children of Princess Margaret. Neither of them are working royals– they attend major events, such as Trooping of the Color and have a very few patronages.
    The fault here lies with Andrew for raising his daughters to expect to be working royals. It should have been very clear to him that would never be their future, and they should not have been raised to expect it to be.

    1. Yes, this is very true. I’m not sure when Andrew was made aware of the slimmed down royalty but even if it was in the last decade, the girls were young enough to adapt their lives accordingly, study hard etc.

    2. This makes me wonder what the future role for Harry’s children will be. I’ve wondered if he will end up styling them how the Wessex’s did with their children. I think it’s almost doing the kids a favor to keep them out of the limelight as much as possible, otherwise you end up with these situations like Bea where they are in limbo. Can’t get a royal job and can’t keep a real job either.

      1. If Harry has his kids while QEII is still alive his kids wil be Lord/Lady as they are great grandchildren of the monarch but not the children of the first child of the Prince of Wales. Harry’s kids would be Prince/Princess once Charles becomes king as they would then be grandchildren of the monarch. Of course Harry could ask them not to be upgraded but if he has them as things are currently he wouldn’t have to make that decision about his kids’ titles for a while.

          1. It seems little with 6 people but actually if those 6 would work like Charles, Anne, the Queen are working now it would be totally possible to get the same amount of engagements done. But the younger ones would need to step up a lot so maybe they keep Anne, Sophie and Edward to some point.

          2. Good point, Kristin. I just have no faith in the younger generation outside of Harry. It’s sad because I think if given the opportunity, Bea would work pretty hard for the family. She’s already shown an interest in charity even though she gets no credit from the family.

          3. Yes, and this has concerned me for a while. Anne, Edward and Sophie pull their weight, but they are all getting older. I just don’t see W, K & H working as hard as them. I think PC wanted to slim down the monarchy because of hanger-oners like the Kents and embarrassments like the Yorks, but he is slimming it down to a twig!

    3. Regarding your comment about Andrew. I totally agree. He seems to be quite pompous and entitled. There is a story that he drove through the gates of his estate despite getting alerts that the main road was closed. He is a big time “Don’t you know how I am?” person.

      That being said, I think that Andrew placed them in that spot (as future working royals) without giving it much thought. He probably felt entitled to it. I think that Andrew gets away with a lot and just figured his daughters would be working royals and prepared them as such. I am not a fan of his, but I think that he uses his position as HMs favorite to get what he wants.

      1. to be just a little bit fair to Andrew (who is a total jerk), Philip doesn’t agree with Charles’ slimmed down plans and when the York girls were born, it really was a big deal. Little princesses to go with the little princes, born at the height of Andrew and Fergie’s popularity, and they really were popular at one time. He would never have dreamed of doing it, but I think even if he had wanted to do the same as Anne, he’d have had far less leeway back then and his father would not have approved.

        1. It was different with Anne. Titles don’t pass through women, so Anne’s children could not receive titles through her. The only way her kids could have had titles is if her husband had accepted a Dukedom or such and then her kids would have been Lord/Lady or such.

    4. Princess Margaret’s children are also not working royals because HM and Philip have four children, plus the Kents, Gloucesters, and Princess Alexandra were already working royals. Cousins of the monarch. Much further down the line of succession, but they are working royals and only working royals.

      At that time, there were plenty in the stable already with four kids from HM. Margaret wasn’t very popular later in her life. I can see her reputation (like Andrew’s) being used as a reason to keep Linley and Lady Sarah out of the limelight.

      I don’t think it was all Andrew. It was an accepted public assumption that Beatrice and Eugenie would become working royals, like the Kents, Gloucesters, and Princess Alexandra. It would be Wm, Harry, Beatrice, Eugenie once those elderly members retired.

      Zara and Peter were out because of Anne’s decision. Edward and Sophie’s kids are younger and likely wouldn’t have been needed in the Firm. E&S were not really intended to be working royals either, except the divorces of Charles/Diana and Andrew/Fergie meant they needed more (and younger) members of the Firm.

      The development of B&E not being part of the Family Firm is much more recent. I’d guess in the last 5-10 years, much of it based in rising Republican sentiment + Andrew and Sarah’s ever worsening reputations.

      1. I find it interesting that the Queen’s cousins have stayed so involved. Is it because they started their charity work and got support from the Crown so early on that now it would be “rude” of the queen to take it away? It seems like there’s a lot of family politics at play here.

        1. She was 25 when she became Queen in 1952. It was around the 1960s (and 1970s) when she was doing charity work and whatnot. She needed her cousins (and their spouses) to help visit the commonwealth. They’ve established roles within their patronages.

  7. I hope this business venture of Beatrice’s works out. I think Beatrice is determined. The daily mail seems to praise Kate whilst Beatrice and Eugenie are the ones doing the charity work and supporting events to help their different causes. I hope Prince Charles reconsiders using the York girls along with Sophie, as Prince Charles and Camilla are in their sixties, nearly seventies. There is a huge gap between them and William and Kate. I don’t think there is a need to worry about Prince Harry as he realises his priorities.

    1. It would be a huge loss for Charles to cut the Wessexes. Sophie is lovely and does a lot of bread and butter work for the firm. If he does slim down the firm, there are going to be many disappointed charities and community organizations that will no longer be getting visits. I think he should put Bea and Eug on part time to make up for the loss of work as The Queen, PP, Princess Alexandra, the Gloucesters and the Kents age.

      1. They could still volunteer with their charities if he did. People would still get a thrill out of seeing them. Anne and Sophie strike me as the truly altruistic type and wouldn’t stop because they were no longer considered working royals.

      2. If I’ve read it correctly, Charles’s idea is that the monarchy is slimmed down to take on certain projects of note along with a small number of charities. It wouldn’t be a matter of being a numbers game as it is now.

        His big problem is William and Kate. At best, they go through the motions, do no prep, scowl, look bored. In short, neither brings anything to the table. They have been hard-wired to take, not to give. I can’t imagine how insulted and disappointed their various charities must be when they swan in for 30 minutes, say something puerile, and then get outta there asap. What is the point of that?!

        Sarah makes a great point: volunteering is not dependent on being ‘royal’. Millions of people do it.

        1. I don’t think they can get away with cutting the bread-and-butter local engagements. That is what endears them to some people, the idea that royals come to visit them, engage with them, and appear interested in their lives and that of local village X. If they retreat to ivory towers and only do a few big projects, support for them will fail quickly.

  8. I would like to wish Princess Beztrice well, but in my heart, I just don’t buy that she is starting her own biz. So vague, right? I feel as if she and her sister are constantly being dismissed by many in the media and it must be very difficult for them Still, when I look at the two, I see Eugenie as being
    the more reliable one. I don’t know why I think that. Just a gut feeling, I guess.

    I hate to pile on the fashion movement concerning Bea, but what is that “gown” she is wearing in the group shot? Just doesn’t help with her press. I know that is not fair, but it doesn’t.

    At any rate, best wishes to her. Again, it must be tough being in the position that she and her sis are in.

    1. I’m also not a fan of her gown/maxi. She’s done a lot of hard work on her figure and this outfit doesn’t flatter it particularly well. I feel like Bea has some really good outfits and some really bad ones. She needs to get more consistent.

        1. Bea certainly still has a lot of misses. Sometimes they are very close to wins for me, but one accessory or fit issue will throw the whole thing off. IMO she’s had some huge wins here: and here:

          I wish she could get a better handle on her middle of the road clothing. I think she has decent street style, but needs a little help with consistency and taste level in the formal and semi-formal realms.

          1. Notice that all the outfits we liked are structured and tailored for her. I think the overly flowy outfits she wears sometimes make her look bigger than she is.

          2. Bea had a great stylist at one point – Charlie Anderson, I think – and looked just stunning. That was a very good investment; I would have kept CA on speed dial!

        1. I like that she takes chances with her fashion. Better than than blowing the wad on the same style and fabric over and over in slightly different colors (shades of blue, mainly!), just because it’s designer. That shows lack of imagination and interest in actual fashion to me. Since her first year and a half in public, I’ve come to this conclusion about the Duchess. I know fashion is not for everyone, but she could spend her clothing allowance much more wisely if she’d get some real help in- no shame in that!

  9. I can’t get over what she is wearing. Mostly because I can’t tell what it is in the first place. Draperies? I hope she can find something to do that makes her happy. OK besides vacationing in tropical places.

  10. I don’t understand royal position and responsibility as well as most people who comment here, so my remarks may be wide of the mark. But it seems Beatrice has the “rich (wo)man’s problem” of so many choices. She has a trust fund, she is royal with excellent connections, she seems to have a winning personality and has lived a fairly charmed life. I say fairly because I think her parents are pretty awful, no matter how Fergie protests that she has been the best mum in the world. I suspect she’s been exposed to some pretty sordid parental behaviour as a child.

    B has spent her twenties mostly on holiday, though she seems be trying to get the hang of working for a living. But I bet her professional behaviour does need some polishing. I think she probably understands the royal aspect of her life better than the civilian professional aspect.

    She straddles two worlds, the bizarro world of royal priveledge and the equally strange world of wealth and status. I hope somehow she finds a fantastic mentor who shows her how to be the success she seems to want to be. She’s an asset to the Royal family because she seems to take her patronages seriously. So perhaps she can find a new niche within the family as it undergoes some winnowing. Don’t know, but I suspect she’ll be fine.

    1. Yes, Indiana, I agree that the transition to some semblance of ‘normalcy’ is not easy when brought up to be a cut above everyone else. And when entering the working world that everyone else inhabits, you will inevitably be judged on achievements, work ethic, staying power etc. But let’s not fall over ourselves feeling sorry for, as you say, a rich woman’s problems. If she’s as able as some claim, she’ll work it out, including understanding that she can be in control of her message. Plus she has incredible support and millions of pounds behind her. I think she adopts her mother’s hopeless media strategy: does what she likes without any understanding of how it plays and is then astounded when bad press ensues.

      And no, people in the Commonwealth are not going to support royals for too much longer. They are irrelevant to people’s lives, and nations have grown and developed without them. They are a left over from a previous era. I’m sure the BRF knows this. The slimmed down monarchy may be the plan to make a monarchy acceptable to the British people, though the public remuneration should be radically slimmed down too eg remunerated for official events, with security provided but certainly not for private outings with no public benefit. We know that Charles was campaigning to take ownership of the Duchy of Cornwall (and its millions) and don’t know where that is at or whether it has been dismissed. I hope that no government of the people would allow the resources of the people to be traded away to a family that has been given billions of public money already.

      1. Jen, I don’t disagree with you. By rich woman’s problem I meant she is incredibly lucky to enjoy all her priviledges and has opportunities available to only a few after most likely being fired from her NY job.

        And I agree the royals are irrelevant. In fact, I can’t stand them and don’t understand public financing of their exorbitant lifestyle. Just hope she can find some purpose in her life.

        1. Well, I totally agree with you, Indiana! If Bea has any disadvantage it is that her failures are played out publicly, but as said before, lots of ongoing hard work goes a long way to repudiating any tales of an extravagant lifestyle that she has clearly not earned with her own money. That said, if she has been let go of this or any other job, some honest self-reflection would help re-calibrate.

          The problem lies with the idea of royalty in itself that sees ‘A’ requiring unswerving idolatry from ‘B’. Yet what we see today is the posturing of a family of very ordinary people delivering very little overall in terms of quantity, quality and relevance. When you add in William and Kate at sub-par level – and with attitude to boot! – the facade of being ‘better than the rest of us’ crumbles in a nanosecond. I keep thinking of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.

          I don’t get the public funding either, though it’s hard to have an informed conversation when money dished out is deliberately hard to track. Having worked on many projects funded with public money, I know and respect the imperative of being open and honest with such funds, right down to the last dollar.

      2. He was going after the Crown Estate too, saying that if those were handed over they could support themselves and not need the Sovereign Grant. Crown Estate is worth an estimated £11 billion. No Charles Windsor, you are not taking that as private property.

        The rumor of him handing over Buckingham Palace to the government to use as offices and a museum? BP is falling apart because of mismanagement of the royal monies (KP apartment for W&K instead of fixing the ceiling in the BP ballroom, etc.). If he turns it over, the massive overhaul and restoration become the government’s problem.

        1. Thanks for that link, Nota. Very interesting. I can’t see the public – if they knew about it – letting the Crown Estate and DoC be removed. And in return they hand back BP that the Queen has mismanaged? Why on earth do Brits put up with this?

  11. Well, I’m going to stay positive for Bea. I’d really like to see her succeed at this. If she’s gathered a good group of people around her she could do quite well as group spokesperson and working with clientele to a degree.

    If PC is going to reduce the number of working royals he will shoot himself and the BRF in the foot. I”m sorry, but there is no way W&K will drastically step up their work numbers. William can barely manage to stay civil at some engagements, Kate looks utterly exhausted after two in a row. Can you imagine what weeks and weeks of appearances would do to them?

    And I don’t think the people of the Commonwealth would be happy to pay for their lifestyles while only seeing them when they decide it works into their schedules. PC needs to put Bea and Eugenie to work for the BRF. They appear to do really well at the engagements they attend for HM and I think they would be an asset in that department.

    Any way, I wish you luck Bea and hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. If for no other reason than to silence your critics.

  12. I can’t help but feel we are giving Bea a pass on behavior that is similar to the behavior we criticize Kate for. Eugenie has settled down to a career, but Bea is mainly on vacation, and has been for years. And any trust fund from which she benefits is ultimately derived from the tax payer, even if it from the Queen’s private wealth. She seems like a fairly sweet person, but she could avoid a lot of criticism with a job and fewer jet set holidays.

    1. I’ve called her out for all that before and have even compared her to Kate before. In this instance I wanted to be supportive of her possibly starting her own company. But yes, Bea does flit around and doesn’t seem to have much focus.

    2. Most of the “holidays” last year were proven to be long weekends. The DM likes to slant anything they can to attack the Yorks.

      There is an enormous difference between the situations of Kate Middleton and Beatrice. Beatrice has no taxpayer-funded role. Kate Middleton does. While we can guess at what Andrew might fund and how? We don’t have to guess to see how many taxpayer resources are given to W&K in exchange for doing a job they refuse to do.

      While it is difficult to track royal money, their trust funds do not (all) come back to taxpayer money. It is very gray and that is the way they like it. Some people who married in through the years brought private funds (minus Philip who had nothing). Maria Teresa of Luxembourg’s private family wealth was estimated at $1 billion when she and Henri married in the 80s.

      There are things given to individual members of royal families, not as part of official duties, that are private property. ex. Joachim of Denmark’s farm, which he sold a few years ago because he hated farming and he was a lousy farmer.

  13. Please excuse me if I’m repeating what others have already said.

    Hmm, I think more information is required. Not that I don’t trust DM’s reporting, oh no wait – I don’t. I’m more likely to think that this article was placed by the Middleton loving DM as a smoke screen for what Kate is up to in France?

    1. Oh, so right! Apparently the Cambridge’s have been spotted in France according to a re-tweet from Lolaloveheart’s twitter feed.

  14. Hmm I don’t know about this, especially if comes from the DM. If true, Not surprised obviously her NY job was always temporary. Come to think of it all her jobs sounded temporary. it was always about gaining some work experience, If I remember correctly she was spotted having some meetings with companies around June. So, whatever is happening there might have been some behind the scene things going on or those meeting could have been for something else.

    Perhaps she will be just opening another Sandbridge Capital branch in The UK or if it is her own business I wonder how her speaking platform will be combined? We must remember the media only knows so much.

    The longest commitment I ever seen her have is the foundation, Big change (about 5 years), so she’s no stranger to starting something from the ground up, if is she enthusiastic enough and has the right people around her. Not that she was the only one involved in that.

    I always see interesting convos about her on twitter especially how dyslexic schools want her to visiting Canada .I wonder if she will ever visit? Sorry for the randomness.

    1. At least two of the positions have been term-limited internships, so they were going to end no matter what. That’s why you do an internship, to gain experience and hope they might hire you after a year. The Sony one was an internship for a year, then she was hired on for a job with them. Just the DM spinning the negative again, saying 4 jobs in 5 years.

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