Sweden National Day photos from the Crown Princess family

Sweden National Day photos from the Crown Princess family

The Swedish royal court released a set of four photos of the Crown Princess family – well, just Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, and Prince Oscar – to celebrate National Day. There is a day of engagements planned (some of which have already happened) which will bring out the entire Swedish Royal Family (I’ll cover that in another post later).

National Day 2016 portrait of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar

The first photo is of Princess Estelle holding Prince Oscar in her lap – Estelle is wearing her national dress while Oscar is wearing blue overalls.

The second photo features Crown Princess Victoria holding Oscar on her lap with Estelle at her side. I really like this one because the Surprise Face is back.

National Day 2016 portrait of Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, and Prince Oscar

There is a photo of a solo Estelle playing with some sheep. All these photos were taken at Haga Palace, the Crown Princess’ official residence.

National Day 2016 portrait of Princess Estelle

The last photo is of Oscar. The Surprise Face is gone; here he looks more like Oscar the Grouch.

National Day 2016 portrait of Prince Oscar

Here is a look at Estelle’s National Day photos from 2013 until today. She’s grown up so much!

Estelle's National Day portraits through the years

Photos: Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se

45 thoughts on “Sweden National Day photos from the Crown Princess family

  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW This is just what I needed. My first day of Australia Post Training done and dusted and I come home to read this! It has just made my day after sitting at a desk reading manuals and doing workbooks and assessments and another day of it ahead of me tomorrow.

      1. Thanks Elina. I am still getting over the shock as being introduced to people as “The Trainee” LOL. It made me feel 17 again, which is very close to 30 years ago

    1. On day down! Imagine there’s heaps of red tape but no going back now Tanya. Are you all moved up yet?

      1. Hi Jen, we move up in mid July, so still contending with Sydney Traffic. I cannot wait until my commute consists of walking through a door LOL.

        1. Oh, not long at all now. Such a huge change for you all, but an exciting one too: a big leap into a wonderful future. The wonderful thing is that you won’t struggle to get to know people in a strange place; they’ll quite literally be coming to you!
          Yep, Sydney traffic is pretty gruesome and won’t be missed at all. I used to live in Annandale with just a 10 minute bus ride to work: too easy. But I’ve also had to commute 1 hour each way with 2 buses and a ferry.

          1. Yep, they will literally be beating a path to our door to come and see us. And Hubby has informed me that the local newspaper will want to interview us when we get out there. And I am a shy person when it comes to that sort of thing so it will be interesting.

            We are 8Km from the Post Office that I am training at, in Campbelltown but this afternoon with traffic it took 40 mins to get home.

            I am not looking forward to the week in Sydney. That will be at least an hour each way and the peak our traffic on top of that when I get out of the station. And I am really missing Missy four as well. Daddy is doing well, but he is a Daddy and not like a Mummy if you know what I mean LOL.

          2. Let Mr S do the talking for the interview! The newspaper article will be a great way to introduce your family to the community though you will find that people stare at you curiously for a few days wondering where they know you from! I had a similar experience years ago when I moved for a new job. I was horrified that the paper wanted to do a story but had to do so for job reasons. Five weeks will go very quickly now…

          3. I might let Hubby do the talking Jen! That is a fantastic idea.

            I was unable to go today, I have had a headache for the past two days and woke up this morning I agony with horrible earache. I went to the Drs and he said that I have a middle ear infection, so antibiotics and strong pain killers and back to bed for me today.

            Hubby has been looking after Missy Four and she is having a ball with him, he is as big as kid as what she is LOL.

  2. Oscar’s surprise face!

    By the way he is chewing on his fingers, makes me think he must be teething? If so then he is being very good.

  3. Woo hoo, more swedish kiddos in a row!
    I loooove Oscar’s surprise face! Gosh, he’s already changed from his christening day!
    Estelle is a delight in her national costume. She must be so easy to pose for pictures, she knows already how to win the camera! Her with the sheep, she reminds me of Heidi on the mountains.
    I think my fave picture is the one with Victoria. I love the hats, the meadow, the colours and how natural it all looks.
    Looking forward to your swedish national day post, KMR.
    Thank you for bringing us all this cuteness!

    1. My fave is the one with Victoria as well! It’s so obvious she’s a hands on mom and the kids have fun. My 2nd fave is the one with Estelle holding Oscar. She’s so at ease with him. And it looks like she loves her baby brother and there’s none of that sibling jealousy that going from an only child to having a sibling can bring. Goes to show the parents are doing a wonderful job.

  4. Awwwww!!! Thanks so much for this beautiful post KMR!!! What a wonderful way to start my Monday!

    Omg, Estelle and Oscar are just too cute for words! The photo of them together is simply precious and I’m sure one that the family will treasure for years to come. Estelle appears to be a proud and loving Big Sister.

    I love Oscar’s “surprise” face and his “grouchy” face, so expressive!! I really look forward to seeing him grow up as I have with Estelle and Lenore. The SRF does such a great job including the public in the lives of their children. Imo, they are pretty low key about it but know that it’s important not only for their public but also for their children and they handle it in such a fun and loving way.

  5. I to say my favourite is Estelle looking at Victoria. There is definitely a good mother – daughter attachment there. My second favourite is Estelle with Oscar with his grouchy face. It is good to see the two of them getting along. Mind you the age gap probably helps. Estelle is really growing fast and it is good that her and Leonore have a sibling. I am biased though as I have a brother.
    Hope the training continues to go well Tanya.

  6. I love the photo of Estelle holding the edge of her dress. This little girl knows how to take a photo.

  7. This family has won so many of our hearts! Love them and send a thank you for this post, KMR.

    Little Estelle, baby Oscar and Victoria are so loving in the photo together. And, Estelle in her national dress is darling. When she is holding her brother and playing with the sheep, she just exudes charm and cuteness.

    Nice way to start the week and I look forward to other posts.

    1. There’s an even better photo of the prince on the Kings Facebook page. Or maybe the queen’s ? Beautiful prince and I love the way they share the photos like the Swedes do.

  8. It’s been written about before that Victoria suffers from “face blindness”, I wonder if she is also unable to recognize family members as well?

    1. I had no idea. I did some googling after this. I wonder what she does to help. It’s really fascinating because I’ve never heard of it before. It must be difficult and frustrating. I know I would be frustrated

    2. People with face blindness can recognize things that aren’t related to face recognition such as voices. A small difference in hairstyle can make them seem like a stranger if the person tends to recognize hairstyles. But these things vary for each person as they are neurological issues.

    3. I was wondering about that too. If you have face blindness then do you develop “work arounds”, say like how people with a hearing impairment will lip reading or watch body language to get the context they may have missed due to not hearing?

  9. Cuteness overload. Estelle is so sweet. That pic of her and her brother is heart melting. And Vic and her kids ❤ This a woman who had to fight to marry Daniel to achieve this family. And she looks so content.

    I noticed some nuances with her. When she has Oscar, she always reaches out to touch Estelle or connect with her somehow. She also holds Oscar so everyone can get a good luck at that cute, expressive face. But I also feel he’s silently judging me too, lol! And to think, we’ve seen E+O more times in 6 months than we have seen of G+C in one year.

    Thank you so much for this sweet post, KMR.

    1. Spot on Ri!

      Lovely loving inclusive SRF and their children. Such genuine love, innocence of the children from barefoot in the field, sitting in the street to a toothbrush at a formal royal function – it’s all so honest and ‘normal’.

      Entitled lazy, Bill&waity middleton could learn a lot.

  10. I saw these photos right before I went back to work after my time off. It was a nice way to start the day. Estelle looks like a great big sister. Oscar with that “what, where did you come from” look is wonderful.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite picture as they all have wonderful qualities, but I do love the picture of Estelle with the sheep. We had sheep at our farm and I’ve got a soft spot for them.

  11. Just dying over here, it’s my girly!! And Oscar is going to be just as sweet, someone looks like daddy?

  12. Thanks for this post KMR. I love seeing little Estelle’s past pictures ❤

    The picture of Victoria with her children is my favorite. She isn’t the center of it yet the present, loving and attentive mother ?

    I also like Oscar the grouch with his little hand in his mouth. I see his uncle CP in him. He will surely grow up to be quite the looker.

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