Princess Leonore visits Gotland with Princess Madeleine

Princess Leonore visits Gotland with Princess Madeleine

Warning: Swedish adorableness alert. Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland, made her first ever visit to Gotland today, June 3, to view a horse that was given to her by the Duchy for her Christening in June 2014. But Leonore being who she is, she of course gave her parents, Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill, a run around before finally meeting the horse.

Leonore, Madeleine, and Chris landed in Gotland for a day of engagements; the first being meeting “Haidi of Gotland” – the horse given to Leonore for her Christening. But Leonore wasn’t super into that idea.

Instead, Leonore took off across the field, several times, and both Maddie and Chris had to chase after her to bring her back.

Princess Madeleine retrieves Princess Leonore after running away in Gotland Chris O'Neill retrieves Princess Leonore after running away in Gotland

Then Leonore ate the carrot that she was supposed to feed to Haidi.

Leonore’s nanny, Johanna, was able to entice Leonore with brushes…

Which brought her over so she could finally meet her horse properly.

Leonore meets Haidi in Gotland

At some point Leonore lost her shoes.

Madeleine spoke to the press about Leonore, saying: “She is herself, that’s how it is. Seeing her happy is fun. She and Haidi will probably become good friends soon. It takes some time to get to know a horse.”

For the visit to Haidi, Leonore wore a blue and white dress from Jacadi ($114.00), Pretty Ballerina flats ($109.00), and a Livly bow.

Here is a video of Leonore taking off across the field.

Leonore, Madeleine, and Chris had a lunch of sausages, mini burger with Gotland lamb, gravlax canapés, mayonnaise, and marinated lamb roast. And for dessert they had ice cream and meringue cake with longtime strawberries.

After meeting the horse, Leonore changed into a white and blue dress by Livly because the previous one got wet.

The Princess family walked through Gotland on their way to the Gotland Museum. There were crowds of onlookers and schoolchildren waiting for them, and Leonore received a little posy of flowers.

The family posed outside the museum…

And Leonore decided she wanted to sit down. I guess all that running around tuckered her out.

Photos: Getty / Pelle T Nilsson/Stella Pictures

108 thoughts on “Princess Leonore visits Gotland with Princess Madeleine

  1. So sweet!! They really are an adorable family. I love that they are exposing Leonore to royal duties early on so she hopefully won’t be negative towards the press later in life. I can’t give the SRF enough credit for involving their young children in events and actually letting them be children! Chris and Maddy seem to have a good sense of humor about Leonore and don’t expect her to act like a perfectly well-behaved adult. I also love that Chris is involved even though he doesn’t have a title.

  2. OMG I couldn’t stop laughing! This is hilarious and your report was on point, KMR! Adorable. Leonore is probably my favourite royal kid, ever!

  3. Leonore makes me laugh. Lovely energetic little girl, who appears to be practicing for an Olympic gold medal in sprinting. I like that Madeleine made the outing about her daughter.

  4. So much cuteness- I cant stand it!!!!!!
    I love that Princess Madeleine is so dressed down and in sensible height wedges

  5. Absolutely…the…best!!
    So funny, so cute! My kids are getting older but I remember so well taking them to a family gathering or function and them behaving like this, but so cute.
    Thanks for posting KMR

    1. My son is about the same age as Leonore and sometimes he acts just like this – taking off to see the world without looking back! Especially if we’re at the park or a field 🙂

      1. How is he doing, LizB? I recall your mentioning he broke his arm. I hope he is doing well and that you are, too! Here’s to a safe delivery!

        1. I missed you sharing about your son Liz; I hope he’s doing well too. It’s so hard to keep little ones from aggravating an injury.
          I like Leonore, I hope she grows up to be a high performance race driver. Few can handle my buffalo herd, but I’ve had many(!) who’ve said how lucky we are. It’s definitely living in the fast lane.

        2. Hi jenny – thanks for thinking of my little boy… He’s doing fine. Healing well and doesn’t even act like his arm is in a cast! It’s like it never happened!

          I’m having a tough time of it during these last few weeks, but it’s almost over 🙂

          1. Hi LizB. Glad your boy is doing fine. The good think about a bone injury when they’re young, is that it heals pretty soon and they adapt really well.
            I hope you have an easy and safe delivery.

          2. LizB, I am glad to hear that your boy is doing well. Amazing how resilient kids are, isn’t it?

            Oh, I can only imagine how tough the final weeks of pregnancy must be for you. Is it very hot where you are? Does add to the discomfort, but the final weeks are always tough. I hope you have a quick few weeks before delivery and an easy time bringing a healthy baby into the world.

            I just flashed back on how lousy I felt last August when it was so hot in NY. Maddie was born premature and I feel lucky — in retrospect – that I missed that final month of ugh!

            Of course, I was worried that she would have physical issues when I went into early labor, but thankfully, she did/does not.

            Hang in there! I wish you the best.

            I remember my husband saying, “Oh, this will be over before you know it.” whenever I complained about feeling terrible.

            Note to men: If you had to have babies, the human race would die out!

    2. Totally agree with other post of Princess Maddie and the SRF leading by example and practice with the young royals, so refreshing. This is how to be dedicated to royal life, duties with bit of ‘normal’.

      Thank you KMR. Love your captions as well as previous posts with flashbacks of both Princess cousins.

  6. Oh, KMR, what a great way to start a gloomy day. Thanks for this wonderful info about adorable Leonore and her loving parents. She is quite the little star! Just love everything about this funny, eager, delightful little girl.

    She is so cute and just a little dynamo. Her parents, are doing a wonderful job of exposing her to the public and the media and understanding just who she is! Who could help but love her?

    Leonore receiving the flowers was a fave shot. So was Lenore just sitting down after meeting the horse, which was also delightful!

    Holding on to her mom, Leonore is a delight. Off on her own, she’s a delight. Chris and Maddie have their hands full, for sure. But, what a wonderful life this family must have And, I wonder if Baby Nico is going to follow in his sister’s rowdy little footsteps?!

    P.S. Maddie is so beautiful. But, that Nanny?! Wow, I’d get rid of her in a flash. She is also quite stunning. I think Chris is a one woman man, but I don’t know if I would want that Nanny around. Just speaking the truth, here!

    1. Also love the fact that like most moms, Maddie was savvy enough to pack an extra outfit for Leonore. Obviously, trouble follows wherever the little one goes!

    2. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the nanny LOL! While I am absolutely sure that chris loves maddie dearly and would never cheat on her like Jonas Bergström did, I would get rid of her in a second 😀 Having this about 20yrs old stunning blonde around my husband all the time? No way! I fully agree with you, it is just the truth.

      I really understand why Kate hired nanny Maria (I don’t want to be mean to Maria in any ways, I am sure she is great with George and Charlotte and a big help, but I just don’t see her as as dangerous as this young blonde in such a way… you know?)

        1. What about the Arnold and Maria Shriver marriage? Remember his relationship with the housekeeper?

          Maddie must trust her husband and want the nanny who is best for her children. Madeleine is exceptionally beautiful herself, but I have to say the nanny looks like a model. Good for Madeleine; she is a better woman than I could ever be.

          May I just say something about the little girl sartorial choices? Well done Princess Madeleine. I have always liked your clothing choices for both of your children. Classic, but modern and upscale, but not stupidly expensive things which will look cute 20 years from now. You children won’t be screaming, “That is so embarrassing!” and “Why did you put that ugly dress on me?”

          1. Definitely glad I was not alone in my feelings about the Nanny. She is no Mrs. Doubtfire, that’s for sure.
            Still, Maddie is one confident woman. Good for her!

            Just way too many stories of gorgeous nannies and the daddies of the kids in their care for me not to have commented. Jennifer Garner, anyone? And, I really wasn’t saying I mistrusted Chris. Just was horrified when I saw Nanny Dearest!

          2. As a general comment I have to say I’m so disappointed in you all. Chris loves his wife, they have a good nanny. She is young and blond – so what?

          3. Oh, come on, ladies. Lighten up. It was said partially in jest, but yeah, I guess when it comes to hired help, I am totally superficial.

    3. I thought the same thing, but I don’t think she’s like Nanny Maria who lives with K&W 24/7. She probably goes home at night and Maddie runs things all the time— she’s there just to help. That makes a huge difference. It says a lot about Maddie, how confident and trusting she is of Chris. I hope he knows how lucky he is. If not, Maddie has friends who could manage a castration.

      1. Come on ladies, if I judge from the interview we saw in the Swedish talk show, I can say Chris is smitten by his wife. They are such a lovely couple. Even Adele on that show was amazed about their story.

  7. Leonore is such a super star! Love watching her in action!

    What a treat for everyone to see a healthy, active, beautiful little girl enjoying life to the fullest as her loving parents watch! This family has it together, that’s for sure.

    I can’t choose my fave Leonore photo. Each one is just perfect!

    Had to laugh when I saw her eating the carrot that was for the horse. Every Christmas Eve, when we put out cookes and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, we have to do it again. Guess who eats those goodies? Our little ones!

  8. Adorable little girl. Loved Maddie and her relaxed attitude and outfit. Can’t help wondering why I don’t have the same reaction to the Cambridge kids no matter how many photos of them are released to the press.

    1. Indiana Joanna, I think exactly the same thing about the Cambridge kids. And I agree about Maddie, she always look relaxed, not like Kate, always tense.

    2. Totally agree!

      Key word ‘ release’ compared to the actual interaction by the children no matter where in the line Of succession. Shows how genuine the SRF and children really are with the people.

  9. Estelle also got a gift from her duchy (Östergötland) at her christening. She received a miniature swan and a certificate to the trail she performed her first official engagement in 2014.

    And I also love that Leonore has her kaninen with her.

    1. I noticed the kaninen too. I loved that interview Madeleine and Chris did for that Swedish talk show, that’s where I heard the kaninen story.

  10. Mri, wonderful information. Thanks so much!
    Little Estelle looked precious in that hat!

    Wish W and K would let their little ones have some more contact with the public. It’s sad, actually, that William feels so bitter about his own childhood when people actually took Harry and him into their hearts!

    1. I totally agree, it would be so adorable to do such an engagement with George and/or Charlotte! I don’t understand why William and Kate don’t realize that this would give them tons of positive press after some … critical articles lately and that they would’t have to do much at all! I know you have to prepare the kids (or kid) what they will do and that there will be many photogs with flashing cameras, but a very small amount of work for a huge amount of positive press and support in the population? That’d be so easy!

      1. It would give them positive press and help expose them to the media now, so it’s not such a shock when they’re older. I’m all for baby steps of exposure in this case.

        1. Avoid it until it’s inevitable seems to be WK’s way of living. It will really be a shock when the kids are exposed to the press. Wasn’t there some talk that George seemed really scared by the press and public during Charlotte’s christening?

          1. They are shameless, aren’t they? The whole privacy thing is just an excuse for them to hide at Anmer and to be able to control the press. But I feel for the kids and I’m afraid they’ll end up even more paranoid than William when they grow up.

          2. Totally agree, Paula and Birdy. Notice how they haven’t (at least to my knowledge) complained about the recent pictures of Kate with the kids. Seems as though they are trying to prove she actually hangs out with them in order to justify her lack of events…

    2. Hi Jenny, while it would be nice for W&K to do this type of event with George and Charlotte, imo they are much more reactive to the public and press than proactive, like the SRF.

    3. They wouldn’t because it would show how hands OFF they are about being parents. Judging by how they complain about George, they expect children to be seen and not heard. I have a friend like this–she doesn’t allow her children to run, to play, to do anything, and it’s so depressing.

  11. Hello, my name is rhiannon and I’m a total Leonore sugar.

    I love that Madde and Chris know their daughter and let her be. I love that they allow her freedom to discover the world and be curious. I think she’s absolutely delightful.

    Thank you for ending the week on a sweet note, KMR! I love all the pics and video.

    1. Hello Rhiannon!

      Hello, my name is Cathy and I’m a Leonore sugar too


      Seriously cute set of photos – thanks to KMR for posting and for the warning at the beginning too!

      I like the way Madde and Victoria are introducing their children into their way of life. Did you notice at the Princess tea party all the children lined up and Madde was introducing Leonore to all the kids so she could shake their hands? A nice and gentle way to get used to meeting people.

      1. I loved Maddie even more for that. When she came out in that beautiful gown and serious bling for those kids?! Amazing. And the fact that Leonore was there joining in was even more special.

  12. That was so fun, thanks KMR! The SWR is officially my warm fuzzy feel good kinda feeling go to’s! I thought it was great how they just let her run, as her mother said, “She is herself, that’s how it is.” LOOOOOVE

  13. The more I see this family, the more I love them and the more I hate/resent the other. This is how you introduce kids to a life that they can’t escape. This is how you get positive press. This is what “normal” is. This is how you do modern royalty.

  14. You know, I had a feeling all day that KMR would surprise us with something wonderful and indeed, after I came back from work I saw this!
    KMR, how much more can you spoil us? I feel like a kid in a candy store, every picture of wee Leonore is heaven and honestly I can’t get enough!
    Love, love, love her to bits. I’m a complete sucker every time she does her own thing. Who said about a Leonore cam? I want one 24/7!

    Honestly, this family is in my heart. Love Maddie and Chris, they’re just great parents for their little monkey. They love her as she is. Such an acceptance will make Leonore strong and confident. It’s not easy. I raised a very lively little girl myself and half the times felt exasperated with her getting into trouble or hitting herself, especially in family gatherings or when she was expected to behave. Moreover old school people are quick to judge the parents when this happens.

    Anyway, it’s refreshing to see Maddie’s & Chris’s parenting, they are certainly cool (or they seem to be) and nanny seems definitely a great help, although for Maddie’s peace of mind, I volunteer to babysit anytime she wants. I can assure her I look nothing like the model she hired!

  15. I just saw this article at the DM and was about to cut and paste it here 🙂 I should have known that KMR was be way ahead of me!!! lol

    Oh my goodness, watching Lenore certainly brings back memories of my own “little monkey”, some good memories and some “I”m gonna pull my hair out” memories lol. But it’s wonderful to see how loved she is and it’s great that her parents understand her and are giving her the room and support to be herself.

    I thought Maddie looked so pretty today. Not that she doesn’t every day but I really liked the casual, comfortable yet chic ensemble she had on today, this is how one does “royal casual”. I really want her embroidered flats!!

  16. The second one down where she is running in the field is my absolute favorite. What a beautiful picture of the joy and innocence that is a sweet little girl. So precious.

  17. My inner 3 year old Charlotte is totally jealous of Leonore right now!!! When I was her age, I wanted a pony so badly I couldn’t see straight!!! I saved every penny I picked up off the nasty sidewalks and begged Santa piteously every year until I was 10 to please please please please please please pleeeeeeeease bring me one, but NOPE!! Every year I got a kindly written letter suspiciously in my Mom’s handwriting that Santa couldn’t fit a pony in his sleigh. (can you tell I’m still a little bit bitter about never getting my pony??). And here Leonore is, beautiful dress, gorgeous sunshiney day, and a pony all her own, and what does she do?? RUN AWAY FROM IT??????? This girl has more personality in her pinky finger than I’ve ever had in my life!!!

    Can you just imagine if this were Charlotte say out and about in a year or two? I can’t. I can’t even describe what Charlotte looks like. Without looking at a picture of her, I can’t remember if she has blonde or brunette hair or if she’s ever been photographed smiling. When I think of Charlotte, all I can think of is “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” and that god awful gothic-y Stepford wifey 1950’s throwback morbidly creepy christening she had.

  18. Maddie has her hands full but seems to be accepting of her child’s wild and inquisitive temperament, and rather than try to quash it she’s allowing her to be herself. There are a couple of photos where Maddie looks ready to kill Leonore, probably the same look my exasperated mother would have given me, I too was a wild and inquisitive toddler. Maddie is beautiful and looks lovely in the casual outfit she’s wearing. Leonore is a star, being strong willed is an excellent quality, if nurtured properly.

  19. Can someone explain why when Chris says Leonore is a little monkey, I think it is so cute and when William makes a comment about George, I want to slap him up side the head?

    1. because you don´t like him. that simple.

      if charlotte ( of kate) was wearing the dress leonore is wearing everybody will be ” oh my god is so old fashioned” common at least be honest

      p.s: sorry from brasil, so my english really bad and i dont want to be rude. i don´t even really care for kate and william, just like people to be honest.

      1. If you read older posts you will find many positive comments about the clothing on Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The vast majority of us think they are darling children.

        I for one, prefer the clothing worn by Estelle, Leonore and Nicholas. It is personal preference and nothing more.

        1. Hi, Rachel:

          How long have you been visiting this blog? I think you will notice that people often comment favorably on George and Charlotte, while not so much on their parents, when they feel the parents deserve some criticism.

          Truly, I think the dresses worn by Leonore in this thread are adorable. It’s the way she is allowed to be viewed by the public and the way she is allowed to be true to herself that wins such praise from people. She is a little imp and people seem to appreciate that.

          I think, if you read more, you will see that nobody wants to overwhelm the British Royal kids with too much exposure, but people are interested in seeing them. I think that is only natural.

    2. I agree. The more I’ve learned about Chris, the more I like him. Will, imho, has called Georgie everything but an a%%hole since he was born. And I hate that.

    3. Because William says it with disdain and borderline hatred about his own child. Chris says it humorously and lovingly knowing how she is because he is involved and knows how kids are. William expects George to be seen and not heard.

      All in how it’s expressed!

    4. Actually, i agree with Rachel that it is because you don’t like him (not the second part of her comment though-that doesn’t fit). And that is not a dig Sue-it is something we all do. How we feel about someone defines how we interpret what they say and their actions. Sadly, with William it doesn’t help that in most of his comments William comes across arrogant, entitled and douchie. So, then we perceive all his comments more negatively because that is how he always comes across. Plus, even when me makes a pleasant comment, the way he speaks is so arrogant that it is hard to notice anything else. He makes it hard to like him.

      I actually haven’t been bothered by his comments about George though. I always took them as trying to relate to people and his weak attempt at being funny. But the times we have seen William and George together shows they have a bond. It is obvious that he loves George and vice-versa. That is why his comments about George don’t bother me, since it is clear how much he loves his son.

      1. I agree with you, Overit. It’s not necessarily that we “hate” William, it’s more that we have a negative perception of him so we perceive his comments about George as negative.

  20. I got caught up earlier with my adoration of Leonore and didn’t comment on anything else. My excitement is still high but now I can see more things. It looks Leonore is more attached to mummy for now but it won’t be long until she’ll become daddy’s little girl. There’s something so sweet about daddies and their little girls, it melts my heart.

    That pony is beautiful and the day is glorious. The lunch sounds yummy, KMR. It would be perfect for a picnic. And Leonore receiving the flowers from the children is precious. Oh, how I wish I was there!

    Thank you KMR for bringing sunshine to our hearts today with this post.

      1. why? i really like the blog. i did not attack anyone. really i was not trying to make fuss so why say please? i just post a comment on a blog, i´m not asking money or something. i just have a diferent opinion i´m not the enemy

  21. She is the CUTEST! Madeleine and Chris seem like such great people and parents. I love them.

    And Swedish media says Madeleine and Chris’s marriage is dead. Come ON.

    1. dont worry haters will always hate, Princess charlene and Albert have been attacked since their georgeous wedding, but they are still an item, you should see their pics at the grand Prix reception, they looked happy as in happpyyyyyyy!!!

  22. OH! And also! They were caught EATING????

    It sure would be nice if Kate weren’t “too good” to eat any food she gets offered on her outings.

  23. Great post. Beautiful family. Adorable child. All appropriately dressed, looking happy. It’s a lovely day in a flowery field with a pretty pony. This is how you do great PR. I wish I was there. I want some of the food and to run around in a field and then, Pony Ride!

  24. Leonore reminds me of my high spirited and curious child who is almost 2 now. My son too believes “why walk when you can run”; “why sit quietly and listen to mommy and daddy, when ki can get up to so much fun”, just like little Leonore does. It is frustrating and I feel stressed a lot of times, but I adore him and wouldn’t have it any other way!

    I have to ask out of curiosity: why is it that rich people, Aristos, dress their little girls in such simple colours and patterns? There is a wealth of colours and patterns for little girl clothes, I drool over them (ok I loathe the ones with sequins and leopard prints). Is this is an upper class thing, like its the quality of the fabric and the name of the designer rather than the pattern and colour?

    1. I think its strange because I like the odd Leopard print. I think it is just the amount of leopard print. I do like the bows in the hair but I wore a lot of dresses with patterns on them. At least they were covering unlike some of the clothes now. If you think about it ten year olds to sixteen years old there is not much out there but a lot more for under tens.

  25. when I look at such cute pics of european royal family, I actually feel sorry for the british public, when are they ever going to connect with george and charlotte, and when will kate and william just be themselves and enjoy the company of their kids without staging, photoshopping, calculating everything!!!!

  26. Ok, now I am annoyed. Got up early — just because! And, logged online to see what is happening in this crazy world. First thing I saw was an ad promoting new edition of Vanity Fair. They list the top well-dressed babies/toddlers in the world. And, just guess who number one and number two are? None other than Prince George (second place) and Princess Charlotte (numero uno)! No other Royal cuties made the list. After seeing photos of the Swedish little princesses so often on this blog, I am wondering just who put this list together for VF. Leonore and Estelle always, I said ALWAYS, look fabulous. The two dresses in this post, are so adorable. It’s the kids wearing the clothes that make an impact, too!

    How much spin does Jason have to do each and every day to get publications to keep hyping the Cambridges? He must be damn dizzy. That’s it from me!

    1. I’m with you. I like how Maddie and Victoria dress their children. I would have put their children at the top of the list for stylish little ones.

      1. Yes, G. They should be at the top of the list. I know such articles are silly, but it just irks me that W and K and their children are always — or most always – getting such gushing praise.

        1. Jenny, I guess royal children take as much of attention as their parents and their family. We know BRF gets more coverage than any other royal family and probably is the most popular in the US.
          As much as I’d like more press attention to SRF, we know this won’t happen, apart from this blog. The scale is different as far as global press coverage.
          Having said that, sometimes I honestly wonder if Victoria, Maddie and the rest of the SRF that we like so much here would show the same level of sanity if they had the amount of pressure that is put on members of BRF.

          1. Elina, I am of the opinion that the BRF consider themselves to be **The** ‘royal family’ and they haven’t exactly been paragons of virtue. I’m trying to say this without offending you but the BRF or any family that calls themselves ‘the firm’, allows their members license to smash down gates, play with jobs others need and etc. is not a particularly likable/relatable bunch. I think they’ve been able to do as they please throughout the years under the radar while putting on a public face, but the age of social media, cell phones, and etc has been dangerous to their image. The BRF, as I understand it is strictly titular and ornamental so I don’t see a whole lot of pressure there. Again, no offense whatsoever intended , this is just my opinion.

          2. Hi, Elina: Yes, I guess the world is just fascinated with the British Royals. And, I had to stop and think when you posed the question as to whether Victoria and Maddie and the other Swedish Royals would show the same level of sanity if they were under the pressure that is put on the British Royals. Interesting!!!! Let’s hope they would. And, let’s enjoy them here on this blog!

    2. How can Charlotte be the number one best dressed baby in the world when she’s only worn one dress (or two dresses that look almost identical)?

      1. I know. Just shows you how stupid the article must be. And, shouldn’t William win a belated Best Dressed Boy Award? George’s winning outfits are vintage Wills!

    3. Jason is a desperate man these days, or at least I would think so. I don’t know how much Vanity Fair got paid or ***if*** they got paid for the awarding of best dressed babies in the world award to Charlotte and George but it’s ridiculous on its face. As KMR said Charlotte has been seen in two outfits, or was she in a different one at the horsey thingee? And George? For the most part he’s dressed like little Lord Fauntleroy. I think the nominees for best dressed babies were George, Charlotte, and Charlotte and George.

  27. Thank you KMR, this has brightened my day. Leonore definitely shows signs of sociability. I like how Maddie and Victoria dress their children too and bright colours so the children can be seen. My almost three year old niece has a my little pony and my eldest niece is learning to ride. I meanwhile am salivating over the food. They do like to eat the swedes. Nothing wrong with that. The more I see of the Swedish royals the warmer they appear to be. George the other day looked frightened to leave his mother’s side where as Leonore is off exploring though I do like the photo where Leonore clings to Maddie.

  28. Leonore running across the sunlit field of wildflowers in that adorable dress was like watching a commercial for baby clothes or shampoo or something; she is just such a beautiful and very lively little girl. I give both Maddie and Chris kudos for bringing her up normally without stifling her spirited and inquisitive nature. Eating that carrot meant for the horse had me in stitches!

  29. Leonore is fabulous to watch, but challenging to parent I imagine. Both parents look pretty stressed at times even with the nanny there as well. It will be interesting to watch her over the next few years. Personally, Rhiannon, whilst I love Leonore, I’m an Estelle groupie!!for such a very young girl she has presence in a way that is rare, but HM had at the same age. I simply cannot wait for the Harry/Rhiannon babies.,

    1. I agree, Burst. It’s easy to forget that Estelle is as young as she is. She just makes me smile. She has an easy smile and a sweet character.

      I would love a hybrid of a Ginger/Southern babies. Harry needs three. I see it now.

    2. Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only member of Team Estelle! Leonore is a trip; she reminds me of my youngest sister, Sam. A whole lot of energy and spunk that keeps the parents on their toes!

      In fact, we now have this saying that goes, “if Sam had been first instead of last, she would’ve scared my parents off from having more children” and it is so true. She took her first steps walking on the kitchen counter then walking OFF the kitchen counter, was so accident prone that Dad was afraid that someone would call and report abuse (thankfully, our neighbors knew us well enough to know what was going on), and had legendary tempter tantrums, at the age of 2, that my parents would let her ride out until she was done screaming and announce to us, “all done!” with a big smile on her face.

      She’s now 28 years old, lives on her own and hopes to switch jobs soon (from taking care of animals at a local zoo to becoming a teacher).

      It looks like Chris and Maddie are all ready for what’s in store haha!

      I LOVE the second picture of Leonore running through the field; so sweet and innocent and I hope they get this picture framed and preserved so that, 15 years from now they can look back at this moment with pleasure. I also liked the clothing that was picked out: clean and timeless that allowed her to run around and explore!

      Kudos to Chris and Maddie!

  30. You weren’t kidding with the cuteness alert. That child is absolutely adorable and so full of life and energy. The picture where she was eating the carrot made me absolutely howl with laughter. I haven’t read all the comments yet but while skimming along saw one that complimented Madeline for making this about her little girl. Sweet and very true. Madeline and Chris aren’t so insecure that it has to be about them all the time, and Leonore is not used as a prop, she’s obviously a very loved and cherished child.

  31. Leonore is just a beautiful bundle of joy! I love how happy and carefree she seems to be. And I’m going to give her kudos for her wardrobe. No flashing, hair pulled back, met her horse after testing the field and then greeted the people who came to meet her. I think she did an outstanding job! I’m sure she keeps Chris and Maddie on their toes at all times. Wait until Nicolas gets out there with her.

    My favorite picture is the first one where she is jumping.

    1. Hi, Lisa:

      How is everything going? I hope your mom is doing better and that you are well, too,
      Thinking of you.

      1. Hi Jenny. I’m doing fine physically but I’ve got a lot on my plate with my mom. Her health is not the best, not sure at this point how things are going to work out and I’m having a major blow out with my sister about the whole thing. Other than that I’m fine. Thank you for asking.

        1. Hi, Lisa:

          So sorry that your mother’s health is not that good. How trying for you I can imagine it is difficult and siblings don’t often all step up to the plate to help. Also, there are differing opinions on how a parent should be cared for and where a parent should live. I wish you and your family well.
          This will be trying and I trust you have family and friends to count on to help when you need to vent. I asked about you on another thread as I had not seen this comment from you. So, don’t feel as if you need to reiterate. Just sending supportive thoughts your way!

  32. As I look at these pics again, I realize it personifies the joy of childhood. The open field is a wonderland that must be explored. Kudos to Chris and Maddie for allowing Leonore to run free and enjoy it. Heck, I’m quite older than her and would do the same thing given the opportunity.

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