Royal Round Up: Prince Harry, Duchess Camilla, Queen Letizia, Princess Eugenie, Queen Rania

Royal Round Up: Prince Harry, Duchess Camilla, Queen Letizia, Princess Eugenie, Queen Rania

In feel-good news, Prince Harry kept his promise to an Invictus Games competitor who asked him to give her gold medal to Papworth Hospital in London. He delivered the medal to the hospital team yesterday, June 1. The rest of this royal round up includes a sprinkling of people we haven’t talked about in a while: Duchess Camilla, Queen Letizia, Princess Eugenie, and Queen Rania.

Prince Harry made good on his promise to American Sergeant Elizabeth Marks to deliver her Invictus Games gold medal in swimming to Papworth Hospital – the hospital which saved her life two years ago.

Harry invited the Papworth team – hospital chairman Professor John Wallwork, Consultant Intensivist Dr Alain Vuylsteke, perfusion scientist Giordano Paiella, senior staff nurse Laura Bowden, and lead ECMO nurse Jo-anne Fowles – to Kensington Palace to present them with the medal. The Duchess of Gloucester was also there in her capacity as Royal Patron of the hospital.

The KP Twitter account tweeted about the meeting, and Marks replied with: “Thank you so much for posting photos. It meant the world to me. So happy Papworth received their medal.?”

Here’s a video of Marks giving her medal back to Harry.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the wedding of Lady Charlotte Wellesley (daughter of the 9th Duke of Wellington) to Alejandro Santo Domingo. Why Camilla is wearing white to another person’s wedding? Your guess is as good as mine.

Lady Charlotte wore a structured off-the-shoulder Emilia Wickstead wedding dress and cathedral-length veil embroidered with polka dots as she married Alejandro in Íllora, Spain, just north of Granada. I don’t know why everyone is flipping out over this wedding gown: I think it looks terrible. The heavy fabric and long sleeves just don’t go with the off-the-shoulder for a May wedding in Spain. And those flaps! I can’t stand those flaps, and the super heavy-looking train. Yeah, no. Just no.

Letizia and Felipe at the National Culture Awards s
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Queen Letizia and King Felipe attended the delivery of the “National Culture Awards” – which express the recognition for the contribution to the enrichment of the cultural heritage of Spain in areas such as Fine Arts, Cinema, Literature, and Bullfighting.

Letizia pulled out a tried and true favorite Felipe Varela custom pleated purple cocktail dress that she has worn five times now. I really like this dress, so I’m totally cool with Letizia rewearing it however many times she wants. It seems like Letizia is growing out her hair from when she cut it to a bob; I really like this length on her.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie joined their father, Prince Andrew, at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party for ‘The Not Forgotten Association’ on May 26. The Daily Mail called these looks from the York Princesses “fashion fails”, but I think Beatrice actually looks pretty good here – much better than she did on May 24 – and I love Eugenie’s hat. Beatrice wore a Roksanda Ilincic dress which Queen Rania wore back in 2015. I think the dress looks good on both ladies, and that’s saying something since I don’t usually like Roksanda designs.

Eugenie attended the ‘End of Silence’ charity event at Abbey Road Studios in aid of Hope and Homes for Children on June 1 in London.

Queen Rania celebrated Jordan’s 70th Independence Day on May 25. Here she is with her son, and former Hot Guy of the Month, Crown Prince Hussein.

90 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Prince Harry, Duchess Camilla, Queen Letizia, Princess Eugenie, Queen Rania

  1. Letizia and Rania are beautiful from the inside out. They are thin in a natural looking way that suits them.

    Harry….. Be still my heart. It could only have been better if Sergeant Marks could have been there too

    I miss hot guy of the month!!!!! 🙂

  2. Oh, my word. Camilla’s dress might be the most appalling thing I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot when you consider Eugenie’s that is about three pictures down. Good gracious, gals. What were you thinking this week?!

    1. I think the dress may be a very pale yellow at the top. Still, a major fail for Camilla. The style does not suit her at all. Bea looks good in her dress and Eugenie in the black, perhaps the white and blue as well (the angle is not flattering to anyone). I love that they take risks and have fun with fashion even if they don’t always succeed.

    2. It looks like Camilla’s dress has an hombre effect, going from white at the top to yellow at the bottom. But if that was deliberate, it just makes the dress look soiled. The hombre effect should have been in a different color, but not red or brown

      1. I noticed that too. It’s probably deliberate, I doubt she would wear a grimy dress. Either way it’s still awful.

  3. I thought Charlotte Wellesley’s gown was a couple of shades short of spectacular. I loved the gown itself, except for the strange collar thng — If something else had been done with the neckline I think it would have been absolutely fabulous. The back with the veil and train looked really lovely and regal. However, it does look a bit heavy for spring/summer. A Christmas wedding with a little holly in the bouquet and the same green shoes she had on? Incredible!

    I don’t like Camilla’s dress, but you should have seen what Emilia Wickstead had on. A dress almost the same as the bride’s.

    1. I actually liked the dress including the neckline. It had a romantic feel to it. I just think it was worn in the wrong season. It would have be perfect for a Christmas wedding like you said bluhare. And green shoes, perfection :). I think those flaps in a faux white fur for a winter wedding would have really changed up the dress. I think they would look much better in a different fabric from the dress. So all in all, pretty dress especially with the design of the train in the back but wrong season.

      And thanks for the heads up. I’m going to have to go search for Wicksteads dress now

      1. I would love to know what the fabric was. If it’s silk, perhaps it looked and moved better in real life.

        The dress with it’s bold architectural lines seems to overwhelm her. On the right person with the stature to carry it off it would look fabulous and make one heck of a statement. I adored the dotted swiss veil though- a thing of beauty- very vintagey and a gorgeous embellishment for the dress.

      2. This wedding dress is amazing. The fabric reminds me of the coarse burlap material that peasants use to collect olives. It’s not a winter material, it’s just a material that matches a Mediterranean country wedding. It’s obvious to me that the designer took this idea and created an amazingly beautiful and romantic dress with details such as olive green shoes, olive leaves in the bridal bouquet and green belts in the bridesmaids’ dresses. The majestic veil completed the ‘queen of the peasants’ look, if you know what I mean. It’s brilliant for the setting of this wedding.
        Too bad that the bride didn’t stand equally majesticly with her posture. Her silhouette and waist though were beautiful.

        1. Elian, your comment made me laugh, because I read your first two lines as sarcasm. I read it like, “I really love this dress, it looks like she made it out burlap sacks that peasants wore”. Then I realized you were serious and you stated your pov well. I had to re-read your comment without a sarcastic voice in my head. Here is me being sarcastic. “I really love Camilla’s dress, it reminds me of when my 4 year old goes to the bathroom and I have to pull the entire roll of toilet paper out of the toilet that she tried to use.” I’m not laughing at you or your opinion, I’m laughing at how my brain interpreted it. 😉

          1. I realise that Jet, hahaha, I didn’t think of this way, but you’re right, it can easily pass like sarcasm and a very good one for fashion sometimes!

            And yours for Camilla’s dress is hilarious! I think it’s spot on for this ugly dress! 🙂

    2. I too really liked this dress bluhare! The detailing in the dress and veil is stunning, however imo the whole look was ruined by the bride’s rounded shoulders and extremely poor posture. Why are so many lovely women unable to stand up straight?? Are rounded shoulders and poor posture now the “it” way to be?? Sigh…

      1. I noticed the rounded shoulders, too, Lauri. I surely hope that poor posture is not the new “it” thing!

    3. Loved the gown, but for a winter wedding. I am not sure how I feel about the polka dotted veil, though. Camilla’s ruffles did not look well with the top she wore. And, why did she choose to wear white to a wedding? Ugh.

      Again, the York sisters? Oh, no. Eugenie in the black (navy)? gown looked very nice, but the photo of her with her dad and sister? No!

      Leti is stunning in the purple. Rania is beautiful, too.

      Now, tor the best part of the post. (Save the best for last)! Harry! He is just amazing and how wonderful that he brought the medal from Sgt. Marks to the medical team. It was a wonderful gesture the Sgt made and for Harry to personally bring it was just splendid.

  4. bluhare and Overit, I think the DM has it wrong. EW’s dress was not what she wore to the wedding. She can be seen behind the bride getting out of the car wearing a long olive dress. I think the bride’s mother actually wore a very similar dress but in pale pink. As always I may be wrong internet photos are sometimes not clear about the date of each photo, but I think I’m right.

  5. I love the wedding dress although not for summer in Spain.
    Camilla – wow- much though I dislike her, her choices of clothing are usually good. But this is simply a monstrosity and totally age inappropriate and not the colour for a wedding. It’s just wrong!
    Love Letizia, like Kate she has a very distinctive style, but somehow by using colour and accessories and great shoes she manages more hits than misses.
    I’m not of fan of Rania’s dress either it looks like several dresses put together in some kind of wardrobe malfunction.
    Eugene looks stunning in the long black – she needs help to get it right more often.

    1. Letizia is perfection. It’s the colour of the shoes that perfects the look and makes me swoon. She really knows how to accessorise.I don’t know much of her really, but her face looks rather stretched or ‘toxed or something.

    2. I was thinking the same thing about Ranias dress- like she threw parts of several dresses together and hoped for the best!

      1. I love Leti in this colour. She’s beautiful as ever. By the way, cultural heritage yes, I’m all for it but bullfighting no, although part of a country’s tradition, doesn’t work for me.

  6. Poor Camilla – what on earth made her wearing this horrible dress !
    Eugenie looks very pretty in the black dress. What a difference the right clothes can make.

    1. I still think Camilla looks better in structured garments. She can look stunning, but this was not one of those times.

      As for the York girls, they get so much flack for their sartorial choices. They look much better in things they wear away from royal duties. Their mother was known for her horrible sartorial choices. They seem to wear dresses that are sometimes a size too small. They think when they can just, (take a deep breath), get the zipper up the dress fits. I am not speaking about the photos above, but I have seen the sisters in dresses where a size bigger and altered would have done a world of good for their appearance.

      The York girls tend to look overly fussy doing royal duties. Eugenie looks beautiful in the black gown. Less is more York ladies. Tone it down and people will start applauding your style. They are pretty girls. I would love to see them get some positive media coverage. The ugly stepsisters comments I have read other places, are uncalled for with these young ladies, along with the comparisons to Kate.

    2. Eugenie looks stunning in this dress.
      I get really torn when it comes to this “dress for your body” discussion. On one side I think we should wear whatever makes us feel beautiful and comfortable, but at the same time it’s undeniable what the right clothes can make for you.
      I must admit I like when the York girls are bold in their choices, even when it doesn’t suit their body types.

      1. +1
        I applaud women with a sense of adventure in fashion but sometimes as stylists very well know, you have to tone down as said by others here.
        On the other hand, a certain duchess who has toned down too much looks blunt and boring. It’s not easy to find the right balance, I guess.

        1. A good stylist should actually add adventure ( says she who of course has never had a stylist). But surely they should guide you out of your comfort zone AND teach you to accessorise to get different effects from one main piece? That’s where Leti does so well and Kate does so badly.

          1. Yes, I suppose so. The work of a stylist should be to teach you this balance and develop a personal style with the choice of colours, shapes, accessories etc. This is especially harder in evening wear.
            Having said that, sometimes it’s easier to criticise the others because when it comes to our own personal style, ugh, me too, I regret how my wedding dress could have looked so much better!

  7. Sorry to thread jack but there is a wonderful photo of her baby on queen Jetsuns Facebook page. Full view of his face and so much hair!

    1. I saw the photo yesterday. I think they said he is 4 months old. I like the number of photos they have shared of their son. The couple seem warm, genuine and generous.

      It kind of bugged me that Kate hasn’t (at least to my limited knowledge) worn the gift given to her when W&K visited Bhutan. I think if Kate wore it shortly after her visit, or if they made a public departure and she wore it, the gesture would have been a nice move.

      It is the kind of polite gesture Diana would have made. The way Diana came home from an event and wrote hand written thank you notes to her hosts before she went to bed. I realize hand written thank you notes seen to be a thing of the past, but thinking about others feelings and their kindness should never go out of style.

        1. My mistake. Good for her! I love that she did that and am pleased she thought to make the gesture. Well done, Kate!

  8. Oh Lord, how is good to see Harry acting. I’m sure Elizabeth Marks is moved, as she said “It meant the world to me. So happy Papworth received their medal.” She is a winner in life. As a woman, I AM very proud of her.

    I didn’t like Camilla’s dress. Horrible. Lady Charlotte Wellesley’s wedding dress, I liked it, but it is not for this season. I loved Letizia’s dress, simple and very elegant. I liked Beatrice’s dress and Eugene’s dress for the ‘End of Silence’ charity event. She was beautiful. Queen Rania, seriously, I saw a recent photo of her and I think she is aging in reverse. She is very intelligent and elegant.

    Loved the post, KMR. Thank you.

    1. Seriously, how old is queen Rania to have a grown up son like this? She must have married when she was sixteen! She’s stunning but her fashion choices sometimes…ugh!

      As for Camilla, poor think, this look must be her worst ever. This dress has to get the award of the ugliest of all by the fashion police.

      Thank you for this round up KMR!

  9. So wonderful of Prince Harry to keep his promise and to Elizabeth for thanking the medical staff in such a special way.
    I don’t like Camilla’s look at all. A rare fail from her. The bride’s dress is more suited for winter. I like the pattern on the dress and it is different from the strapless/lace looks that have been happening so much recently but I don’t like the flap thing on the neckline.
    I prefer Eugenie’s look to Beatrice’s for the garden party and I LOVE her look at the charity event. Beatrice’s face is covered up too much by the lace on the hat and the stripe thing doesn’t work for me. I keep wanting to straighten it. But I loved seeing a video of Beatrice talking to an old man in a wheelchair at the event. She seems very sweet.
    Letizia and Rania are class acts!

  10. All I can think about is Leti and Rania’s posture. So straight! So much confidence! Not that I slouch, but I wish I could stand tall like that all the time! Must work on it!

    Like KMR, I don’t like the wedding dress. The flaps, the polka dot train, the fabric… it just doesn’t do it for me.

    Oh Harry… you just melted my heart some more!

    1. The wedding dress looks like a Peter Pan collar taken to silly extremes on a runway. Unless there is a reference to some historic gown here, I can see no purpose for the horrid collar.

      The veil was lovely, with the graduated point d’esprit.

  11. What a lovely round up, KMR! I get tired of celebs/royals/politicians say “I will be back to…” Oftentimes they don’t. A huge way to go to Mr. Rhiannon, I couldn’t help it, for keeping his word.

    Cam’s dress would have been perfect if it were ombre. Let’s say a blush/yellow/blue but that goes from deep to light. I love the bride’s veil, but the dress seems rather heavy. I love both of Eugenie’s looks. I think she’s a beauty. Bea needs to learn her silhouette. IMHO, her outfits make her look boxy. She’s had some good looks, but this one isn’t it.

    Leti is perfection as always. Rania’s dress is interesting. There are interesting textures that I quite like.

    Thank you for a good dose of some of my favorite royals!

  12. KMR, is Lady Charlotte Wellesley related to Prince Charles ex- girlfriend , Lady Jane Wellesley? Maybe she’s the niece?
    Finally, I love Eugenie’s appearance when she wore that evening gown. She can look really beautiful when wearing the right outfit.

      1. Thanks Szolo. Always asked myself what happened to Lady Jane. She’ pretty & down to earth kind of girl. I thought she would be a lovely bride for Charles.

  13. What a lovely gesture by Harry. He went the extra mile by having a reception for them at KP (as in he could have just mailed it or something equally tacky) plus I always love to see the Duchess of Gloucester. She and the Duke are some of my favorite royals.

    I have no idea what Camilla was thinking. The style doesn’t suit her – I don’t think different colors would make it look any better. Please don’t wear that one again!

    I didn’t like the wedding dress either. All I could mentally picture is a very similar fabric on a cheap Ikea sofa I had years ago.

    I love Letizia. She (almost) always looks professional at events like these. I always laugh at the whole “recycling” deal. As if clothing was supposed to be disposable or something…

    I can’t decide if I like her hair this length, because I loved her bob from last year so much. I saw some photos of F&L opening the Bosch exhibit, and Princess Bea was there! My favorite “Oma” from the Netherlands.

    The Yorks – well, I think Eugenie looks great from the waist down (Garden Party pic). The dress that Bea is wearing isn’t doing her any favors. She has a great figure, but some of her sartorial choices just aren’t flattering. The black full length is nice until you look at the weird white piece in the back and under the arms. It sort of looks like they stitched a piece of fabric on so the black wasn’t so revealing. I’m sure it was “designed” that way, but I thought it looked like a last minute side boob coverup.

    I think Rania is a beautiful lady, but my fingers always itch to do a Chanel on her (Look in the mirror just before you go out and take one thing off). I actually like the outfit (I surprised myself) but either take off the necklace or take off the embellishment on the belt.

    Thanks for the round-up! A bit of trivia – I’m sure you saw the pictures of CP Hussein with his parents at his graduation from Georgetown. The King of Bhutan’s sister (well, step-sister) also graduated from there a week or two ago. Popular college for royal families from all over the world!

  14. I am going to start with Eugenie. I think Eugenie looks stunning and confident in the black dress. The other photo of the York girls. I am going to say the dress that Eugenie wore before at the garden party was better when attended by Kate. Eugenie needs to cover her shoulders.Beatrice needs to contact Zara asap. It is either a hit or a miss and there looks a slight hesitant look.

    I am liking reading about Letty more and more. The gown colour does look really well on Letty and the hair gives a softer look to Letty. I think I need to work on my posture too.

    1. I agree about Eugenie. She looks lovely, snd slimmer, in that black dress. The garden party outfit added pounds to her figure. IMO A-line dresses/skirts aren’t flattering on most people other than the very slender, like Kate. I wish these two girls could get a fashion consultant, someone to help them ID silhouettes to use and avoid.

  15. It’s so amazing Harry delivered the medal, I’m very glad he did so publicly, and that the royal patron of the hospital, the Duchess of Gloucester, was invited! Well done. 😀
    (Watching a video of this encounter it seemed Harry was being extra careful when sitting on the chair, I hope he is recovering well from his back injury)

    I loved the wedding dress, seemed a bit heavy for the season but it was so different and the silhouette was fantastic on the bride. It’s the first time I see something I like from Emilia Wickstead I seriously dislike the pieces Kate has of that brand.

    I love the Yorks accessories but they need to get someone to tailor their outfits to perfection, a lot of times her clothes are beautiful but they do not fit their bodies (and/or body type) – they need to take a page out of Letizia and Rania’s book, even when I don’t like their outfits I never said ‘it does not fit right’.

  16. I know that I am in the minority, but I really like the wedding dress. This is the one day of your life where you can stand out and be iconic and this dress does just that. It’s a fashion risk with the shoulders flaps and the cape, but I think she pulled it off nicely. It’s not the generic lace gown that we have seen so many times since K&W got married. Love it!

    1. Yes, I too, like the wedding dress although there is little I care for from this particular designer.

      B. and E. so often look overdressed and overblown in their ‘working’ clothes. I so wish they would take a long look at their evening wear to realise that they look so much younger, trendier and less stuffy. Surely with the money available they could hire a stylist who could take their evening look and change it somewhat to suit their daytime events. E. looks fab in the black (sans the white bandage).

      Camilla looks ridiculous in her princess ruffles….a very rare mistake for her as she is usually spot on.

          1. Haha yes Daisy!! I also think as I stated elsewhere this is something a 16 year old in the 1970’s would wear!!

          2. Ha ha, I love these dolls as I’m a sucker for seventies kitsch.
            Jet Texas up thread made the perfect comment about Camilla’s dress and toilet paper. 🙂

    2. Oh I think a lot of us love this dress. Like others I would like to know what the material is. Love the olive green touches too.

      1. I didn’t like it. Are those more boob flaps? Maybe it looks prettier in person, but the shape and fabric looked a little silly to me. But that is coming from someone whose wedding dress looked like a giant squirt of Reddi Whip.

        1. Oh, too funny, JET Texas! I’ll bet at least half of us would like a do over on our wedding outfits (what was I thinking, criiiiinge…where were all the beautiful dresses the day I went shopping and what was going on in my head when I chose that??)

          1. I wish I had a wedding dress do over. I was trying too hard to be budget conscious since I had a big wedding (not my idea). In the end I should have purchased the gown I loved. Seriously, it was only $500.00 more than the cringe worthy gown I ended up giving to Goodwill. My dress probably ended up as a Halloween costume. Bride of ? with fake blood all over it.

  17. I adored the wedding dress even after I found out it was Emilia Wickstead and unlike everyone else I think a wool / silk mix is totally suitable for a Spring evening in Spain which can have a chill in the air. I’m also a total sucker for a ‘Cathedral veil’ and I thought the dark green accent was a lovely touch. I assumed Camilla’s dresser was on holiday, never seen her get it so wrong sartorially. She stepped out of her normal silhouette and look what happened. As for Letizia…..this Queen could wear a binbag and I would still marvel at her. She is the complete package and my secret ‘girl crush’ She’s everything I want to be when I grow up. When I play Princesses in my dreams Letizia is my perfect princess & role model. Have you got the impression I adore Letizia? The Spanish people must be so proud of their Queen. I think this is one of the reasons that Kate disappoints me so badly because here is a modern woman, non blood Royal, acting more Royal than a lot of them and showing Kate that with some hard work, dedication, self sacrifice and application everything is possible.

    Harry, Harry, Harry……could you be anymore perfect? ??

        1. Oh MrsBBV, you just reminded me of my mother who was dying when william and kate got married , but she watched the wedding non the less,and at the end of the wedding,when we were all so moved and still taken with this supposedly fairy tale love story,I turned to her and asked her to raise one finger if she thinks kate is lovelier than diana,and to raise two fingers if she thinks the opposite , thinking that I’m making it easy for her to say kate,but to my astonishment it took her a lot of effort to raise two fingers,she died four months later , but she was always a person with a deep insight may she RIP

  18. Kudos to Harry for fullfilling his promise to present the gold medal to the hospital,especially as he hosted a reception including Birgitte. That’s our lovely Harry.
    Next what do we get……Article and pics of super heli hero saving a man’s life. I always thought the medics did that.
    So predictable.
    On another note the Dm is still inundating readers with Kate at the horse trails. This time her hairband is top news. UGh!!!
    At the beginning of this week it was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland. Princess Anne stood in for the DOE at very short notice because he had been taken ill. As fer as I’m aware the DM only covered this event for one day.The event was televised on May 31st Anne was awesome.

  19. I’m not a fan of horizontal patterns of any kind. That said I believe Camilla wanted something summery, but the tiered ruffles are terrible. I don’t like Letizia’s dress for the horizontal pattern either. The bride’s dress was ruined by the floppy collar. I love Queen Rania. She seems like someone of substance and she is truely beautiful. I love the dress she is wearing in the photo above. Thanks, KMR.

  20. For the most part, I loved the wedding gown, I do think, as others have posted, it would have been better for a winter wedding though. Still, it was a statement gown! So much nicer than Kate’s more staid look. I wish I could have seen the full effect of the back of the dress as the bride walked down the aisle. Loved the veil and the off the shoulder look, but the fabric seemed heavy for such a look. The groom is so handsome, too.

    Camilla’s look was a big no no. And, it rained? Too bad. I guess not much, though.

    Rania’s dress was an odd choice to me. The one in the photo with her son. She is beautiful, though.

    And, Leti? My goodness, she looked amazing in that color. Lauri must have appreciated her posture and Rania’s, too.

    Harry is just perfect. In every way. What a beautiful statement that Sgt. Marks made to give one of her medals from IG to him to give to the medical team who helped her. And, Harry did it! In person! The gift from the Sgt. must have been so touching to the recipients, but to have the Prince deliver it, wow! He does everything with such panache. He’s gracious, charming and the total package. Rhiannon, you chose well!

    1. I agree, Harry continues to amaze. He is handsome, charismatic, caring and dynamic. I wanted to add that I think both Beatrice and Eugenie are very pretty. I don’t like that they get so much criticism for their looks. Eugenie looks lovely in the black dress.

  21. A bit off topic. There was this cute comment on twitter about the garden party, the one with Bea. @raachey2k- “@Yorkiebea you met my grandfather a #chindit. I asked him how it went he said “she asked me for a date but I said no I have to get home.”
    Here’s a nice instagram pic of them though it says something a bit different.

    1. I find there is a real gentleness, kindness & compassion that comes from Beatrice’s body language. I say it often but it’s such a waste not to use her more as she has the gift of being entirely natural with people. Next to Harry she is the only one of the younger Royals who gets ‘service to the crown and the people’. And Eugenie looks drop dead gorgeous in that black evening dress.

        1. As much as I would like them to be more consistent and spot on with their fashion choices,but I think as long as they feel comfortable in their clothes and follow protocol during official events, that’s all that should matter. The press seems to tear them apart either way. So they might as well wear clothes they like, and enjoy their outfits, they seem to charm their guests and bring some happiness to people no matter what they wear.
          heres a few other cute little comments:
          @nfassociation.TRH Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie attended our Garden Party yesterday. They stole the hearts of our guests.

          ‏@paul_griffiths_ May 25 @yorkiebea just wanted to say thank you so much for making my Godmother’s day, yesterday. She was thrilled X
          there’s a pic

          and I’ll stop yapping about them.

          1. I adore the York girls and wish the press would lay off them. They do charity work and serve the family and get basically no thanks for it. It’s no secret that Charles won’t have room for them in his pared down RF. Yet they are still out there.

          2. So shortsighted of PoW really because I can understand wanting and needing to reduce the cost of Royalty but who’s going to do all the bread & butter work that Willnot & Cannot can’t be arsed to do? You need a stable of minor Royals who will support, doing the boring jobs and sing for their supper. Not that I see the Royal visits as boring but I can see why visiting Grimbsy to inspect fish might not be quite as glamorous as the Wimbledon Men’s Final.

          3. Great points, MrsBBV! The Gloucesters, Kents, Wessexes, and Princess Alexandra do a lot of the more “boring” visits to hospitals and schools. Without this supporting cast, many charities are going to be left without a patron. It would be nice if Charles could at least give the Yorks support for this type of thing. Almost like an hourly job.

  22. So sad Prince Hussein has left Washington, D.C. after his graduation. I had really hoped to meet him out a la Crown Princess Mary and become a fabulous Jordanian princess…oh well I suppose…

    1. Oh that would be lovely…..I’ve always wanted to go to Jordan too so being a fabulous Jordanian princess would be right up my street. ?

      1. Lindsey in DC and MrsBBV , you’re more than welcome to jordan anytime along with the lovely ladies in this blog,our spring is lovely,avoid july and august,people of jordan are warm and kind and would treat you as princesses.

        1. Thank you Alia it would be an absolute privilege. It is the place more than anywhere else is the world I want to go right now. The colour, the historical sites, the food, the royal family, the history. There is so much about your beautiful country I want to see and do and learn about. Xx

          1. MrsBBV , and it will be my pleasure to help you if you need an advice or anything or have any questions,you can ask KMR for my email…wish you a wonderful evening Xxx

  23. Thankyou. I want to know where Queen Letizia gets her clothes. I wonder if she designs some of them? I love her look.
    Camilla is usually styled differently, at first I thought she was wearing cheesecloth. Its different.
    The sisters take a pounding in the press even when wearing clothes promoting a charity.
    Thats all I have.

    1. I know she buys a lot at Hugo Boss… the peg too but I understand she has a great dresser who customises the fit of her off the peg buys. There is a website that details her fashions but you would have to google it as I’m not sure what it’s called. Her shoe choices always fascinate me because she wears a heel like no woman I know. It’s almost as if her 4″ heels are part of her foot and leg. She glides in them whereas I totter and wobble.

      I have read by comparison to other Royal houses her wardrobe budget is quite tight. Put it like this, bespoke couture is rare for her whereas other houses it is much more common. But I think across all Royal houses the need to be more economic and less ostentatious in daywear has become the norm. I think only the older generations like The Queen and Camilla can get away with couture in it’s purest form these days. Nobody complains about the Queen using Stewart Parvin or Camilla, Bruce Oldfield or Robinson Valentine but if they were rocking up in couture Chanel to every event there would soon be rumblings. I think Princess Charlene not only has the largest budget on account of Prince Albert being a billionaire but a tiny populace to moan if she spends too much, not much accountability to the public there. One of the good things about being a Serene Highness in Monaco is that everyone there is so rich no one is going to complain if you are always in designer clothes. Besides she has some shoes to fill. Her people expect her to look good.

      Letizia had the knack of mixing designer and high end high street long before Kate took the credit for it. But like all good fashionistas, style comes from within and how good the fit is. A good dresser must be worth her weight in gold if you are on a budget. She’s certainly not afraid to take risks and she knows what works for her. I have very rarely seen her get it wrong.

      1. MrsBBV , ” But like all good fashionistas, style comes from within and how good the fit is. A good dresser must be worth her weight in gold if you are on a budget.” so true,style comes from within,something that all the money in the world won’t give if a one doesn’t have it,also don’t forget that letizia was a TV anchor,and being elegant is part of the job , I remember her presenting twice or three times a program about socialites that i used to follow on TVE in the afternoon , replacing the original presenter, little did i know that she’s going to be a queen

        1. I never saw her TV work but as you say it must have added greatly to her polished appearance. Do you think I would find some of her work on You Tube? Xx

  24. Didn’t have much of a chance to stay up on things royalty related while I was away, but now I need to decompress and am looking forward to the diversion.

    This post looks very interesting. So nice to see Harry’s face first thing doing what he does the best!

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