Prince George and Kate Middleton spotted at horse trials while Princes William and Harry play polo (update)

Prince George and Kate Middleton spotted at horse trials while Princes William and Harry play polo (update)

While Prince William and Prince Harry were busy playing polo this weekend at the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park near Ascot, Kate Middleton took Prince George (and supposedly Princess Charlotte) to watch the Houghton International Horse Trials in Norfolk – just around the corner about half an hour from Anmer Hall.

UPDATE: Prince William was at the Horse Trials with Kate, George, and Charlotte. There are photos. I’m going to leave the original content up and tack on the update at the end of this post.


From the dates and photos, it appears to me that Kate was at the Horse Trials with George while William was playing polo with Harry, and that the two parties were miles and miles apart this weekend – Kate in Norfolk and William over in Berkshire. BUT according to the woman who took and posted the above photo, William was with Kate and George (and Charlotte) at the Horse Trials. Hrm… I’m confused.

I’m going to start with what I know for sure: William was playing polo at Coworth Park on Mary 28 and Mary 29. Here is photo evidence of William on May 28 on the left and May 29 on the right.

The top photo of Kate and George was posted on Facebook on May 28 with the caption claiming it was taken “by the water jump at Houghton International Horse Trials”. In the comments of that photo, the photographer said: “They were all there… Will, Kate, and both the kiddies with a bunch of pals… just sitting eating cake from the cake stand with all the other public…. and a couple of really-not-so-incognito bodyguards!” Also in the comments, the photographer claimed she had a photo of “Will eating cake off a paper plate”, but I haven’t seen that one around.

So this photographer is claiming William was with Kate, George, and Charlotte at the Horse Trials in Norfolk on May 28, the same day he was photographed playing polo in Berkshire.

Kate and George were spotted at the Horse Trials on May 29 also. The photographer of the photo below also claimed William was there, with the caption of this photo (posted on May 29) reading: “Just thinking about packing down at the Houghton International Horse Trials and who walks passed no other than prince William, Kate , George & princess Charlotte! ……we just caught Kate walking passed with George X”

I’m confused, and kind of think these ladies are just wrong since there is no photo evidence (that I’ve seen) of William being at the Horse Trials, though I guess it’s possible if William was at the Horse Trials in the morning and then took a helicopter to the polo in the afternoon – but I’m not sure of the time logistics on that.

Anyway, what I do know for sure is that Kate and George were at the Horse Trials (this report confirms it as well), and William and Harry played polo this weekend.


I also know for sure that Harry has a back problem which he was photographed getting treatment for.

I’ll leave you with a photo of a dirty, sweaty Ginger Prince. You’re welcome.


Both William and Charlotte were photographed at the Horse Trials with Kate and George. The woman who took the photos sold them, and the photos are at the Daily Mail and Mirror.

William must have taken a helicopter from Norfolk to Berkshire to go from eating cake with his kids to playing polo with his brother in the same day. Then he must have taken a helicopter back that same day to end up at the Horse Trials the next day, then taken a helicopter back to Berkshire to play more polo, then back to Norfolk (I’m assuming that last part). That’s four helicopters rides in two days time. That’s an expensive weekend. Who paid for the helicopter? The Mirror claims a “source” said it “would have been paid for privately as he was not carrying out official engagements”, but who knows with these people.

I wonder if William is going to complain about these photos.

Charlotte is wearing blue! Wow, a color other than pink for a girl. Man, Kate is falling down on her gender stereotyping duties. PS. I hope this means we’ll see Charlotte at the annual Cambridge Family Polo Photoshoot in June.


Here is William holding George.


And here’s the William eating cake photo (which I keep typing as William eating Kate, which would be a whole other type of photo) the photographer claimed she had.


303 thoughts on “Prince George and Kate Middleton spotted at horse trials while Princes William and Harry play polo (update)

    1. Please forget that daddy and mummy are lazy, extravagant, and piss-poor public servants.

      How did bill get to polo? Helicopter? He is dense and spiteful.

    2. agreed! funny how we have heard no complaints or lawsuits re: these recent photos of the children. It looks like the Cambridges are trying to get back in the public’s good graces by exploiting their children.

  1. Thank you for the photo of Harry after the match! That has made a rainy day a little less grey!

    Kate photographed walking with George? Quelle Surprise!

    She must have seen this week’s New Idea and seen the negative comment in the article about her and William at Chelsea… so it must be time for a walk with the little ones where photos can be taken?

    I’m sorry about this but I have to say something, Kate has her hair flopping everywhere when she goes to an engagement but she has it back and up to go to the horse trials?

    1. Too funny about Kate’s restrained hair!! :)))

      What negative comment about them in Chelsea? What did they do in Chelsea?

      1. Well, the New Idea article says:

        “She has the attention of a sexy sailor and Wills isn’t happy!
        30 May 2016 | New Idea

        When it comes to royal engagements, the Duchess of Cambridge is usually poised to perfection – but during a day at sea, Kate was left visibly hot under the collar by some rather unexpected male attention.

        The world watched as handsome UK sailor Sir Ben Ainslie fawned over Kate – and the events didn’t go unnoticed by Prince William, either. In fact, Wills was left rather bemused by the flirtatious encounter – while he completely trusts Kate, 34, the young royal thought the flirtfest was particularly bad form coming from his old friend.

        “Kate and Ben have been friends for years, and he’s made no secret of how he feels about her,” says a source close to Kate. ‘She always chastises him and tells him to stop being naughty – especially as she knows how it upsets Wills.

        Leading US body language expert Susan Constantine tells New Idea that 33-year-old Wills has good reason to be suspicious of Ben, who’s married to UK TV presenter Georgie Thompson.

        Susan reveals that Ben’s behaviour towards Kate is “very telling” – and that the duchess is clearly flattered by the attention. “I’d say she has a schoolgirl crush on this guy and she’s trying to hold it in, but her body betrays it with her extreme smile. She’s very flattered by this guy and enjoys the attention,” Susan says.

        Tension between William and Kate was obvious a few days later when the royal couple attended the Chelsea Flower Show, with one insider saying they barely spoke to each other. ‘”They usually smile and joke with one another,” the source says. “But there was none of that at the flower show. They seemed very tense with each other, that’s for sure.”

        1. By the photos I didn’t get the impression that Ben flirted with Kate, but the opposite is definitely true. And William is probably more afraid of looking like a fool than actually jealous of her.

          (Btw, feliz aniversário atrasado, Jamel! 🙂 )

          1. I agree, it as Kate doing the flirting.Yes, Ben Ainslie was reported by the daughter of parents conversing with him at an event at his old school that he hated royal visits.

        2. Thanks Jamel for getting the words from that article up and in a comment for us. The article was accompanied by a collection of photos showing Kate and William with sour faces.

          I just thought it was very unusual for New Idea to be saying anything negative as they seem to lurve Kate, usually.

    2. The SRF children hit the lazy entitled nerve. W&k family of four birdenaome need to crawl back to their private secret hole.

      Entitled lazy will middleton happen to trot out from hiding and not with his royal cousins/family.

  2. What I find funny is the media going on about how t his is around the corner from Anmer. I looked it up out of curiosity, and it’s more like a 15 drive. Not so around the corner I think, haha. though perhaps it is being that it’s rural.

    Totally showing off being the hands on devoted mum, while William’s away. Same sort of games Diana played but much better–look how I’m the better parent dog and pony show. I don’t see Charlotte anywhere but I do think I see Carole on the right in the picture of them all walking.

    No way William was there.

    It looks like, in the picture of Kate walking with George, her hair is up. Not just pulled out of her hair up but hairdresser styled up in a sort of chignon style she favors. What’s up with that?!

    1. The Mail is saying it’s about a 30 minute drive. I guess when you live in the country that’s “around the corner” but for me that’s a long drive to get somewhere.

      PS. Yes way. There are photo of William there. I’ve updated the post.

    2. “around the corner” may just be a saying. My Aussie family describe a 3 hour drive as “just around the corner” 🙂

  3. Another site is suggesting the pink tights are Charlotte and the lady holding her hand is Nanny Maria. Whilst I am sure Nanny Maria was there I’m not sure this is her? It may be Charlotte though as she is over one and surely toddling a little bit, especially if she had been in her buggy for quite a while.
    I think Ellie is right, this is a Diana media move. I do hope history is not repeating itself.
    Thanks KMR for all your work over the holiday weekend.
    And because it may be missed now there is a new post up BamaLynn posted the very sad news that her Father has died over the weekend.

        1. Hi BamaLynn

          I am sorry to hear that your Dad has passed.

          It was good that you were able to see him beforehand and I wish you lots of love for getting through the next few days and weeks.

          (and I’m sending you a virtual hug too)

    1. Thanks for alerting us Birdy; so easy to miss the post.

      BamaLynn, if/when you get to read this, my sincere best thoughts and wishes to you.

    2. Thank you, Birdy, for reposting about my father. Thanks everyone for being a ray of sunshine during this sad time for me. I appreciate all of the condolence posts.

      1. Oh BamaLynn, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve lost my father 4 years ago, and I know what you are feeling. A big hug.

      2. BamaLynn, Sending a big hug your way. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father this past weekend.

      3. Dear BamaLynn:

        I send my heartfelt sympahty to you and your family on the loss of your father. What a trying time for you all. It is never easy to lose someone you love, but a parent? That is so difficult. I believe he will always be with you and I pray that loving memories of the times you shared with him will always fill your heart.

        Know that we are here for you and know that your dad must have been so proud of you during his live and will continue to love you and have pride in all you do.

        Be kind to yourself.

    1. I find it quite sad, this is a social event where they presumably feel safe and amongst friends they can trust yet photos are taken and posted on line. But even so Kate should be with him so they can relax and enjoy some time out with friends. It is beginning to feel like Charles and Diana who had different interests and friends. No reason kids plus nannies could not have gone too… Not to the after party , obviously!!

      1. I figure being public property and their lives being funded by the public means they really have no expectation of privacy. It is unfortunate, but that’s how it is, I guess. If I were any one of them I’d never assume people weren’t taking pictures of me unless cell phones were taken away. That’s just life now with camera phones everywhere.

        It doesn’t surprise me since hasn’t there been talk for ages since day 1 they lived separate lives–her still in London, him on Anglesey? She was rarely there, even during the dating years. It’s just continuing that pattern. That and he goes off on holidays and trips regularly without her, and of course without the kids so he doesn’t have to deal with awful naughty George (poor little guy).

      2. Meh, so he was photographed. The only reason it’s a big deal and seems intrusive is because it shows that he still likes to party alone and away from his family. Some family man.

      1. You have to admit it is odd though notok, how was he in two places, not near each other at the same time? There must be something wrong with the dates?

      2. The picture of George being held by (presumably) William has been taken down from that site. The other image of Kate wiping George’s face is still there. I checked the site when you posted so something has happened.

        1. I read on twitter that the people who takes the picture sold them : so we know tomorrow if it is the royals or the press who buy them.

          I just see that the pictures are on DM but no evocation of the helicopter…

    2. Perhaps he used the helicopter twice, once to fly back to the horse show and a second time for the party. I feel like he’s confused and wants the best of two worlds – being a family man vs. Being a single man. Most 30 something year old men prioritise and grow up, but not our pampered number 3 in line…

      1. He’s not confused. He does what he likes because he is a future king don’t ya know. He is beyond rules and obligations and accountable to no one. He is the Sun King.

        He’s really immature and not much of a man.

          1. Me too but I don’t think that it will be the case, the media will just say “oh the children are so cute”….

            If W and K don’t attack against these photos, does it mean that any photo is good now if it takes in a public place?

        1. William does exactly what he likes; he is delusional. It would be interesting if the press picked up on William being at two places 3 hours apart (by road).

  4. Horse trials? I thought she was allergic?

    Her outfit is so quintessentially country chic- jeans, jacket, riding boots, hair styled up for what should be her engagements look, but is her casual look. (Ugh, her hairdresser- is she the other woman pushing the pram?)

    And bringing her entourage, because God forbid she look after her children by herself (or were Carole and Pippa forbidden?).

    I definitely feel like this is a media move. “William is away from me, so I’m going to have good press for me.” But still such a sorry effort.

    1. Hmm, William dumped Kate in 2007 (?) and then when suddenly see lots of photos of Kate with James Meade at a horse event?

      And now we suddenly get a bunch of photos of Kate out and about with James Meade (with family) at a horse event again?

      I don’t know about you but I’m smelling a “Diana manipulating the media” type moment here.

      We don’t see anything of Kate with the kids for months and then all of a sudden allergic to horses Kate is at a public event on both days with the kids but without William, for the most part, as he was due to be playing polo that weekend?

      IMO Diana manipulated the press and public far better.

      1. She did Cathy both because despite book learning comparisons Diana was far brighter, but also because there was no internet, no phone cameras etc. Easier to hide some things whilst contacting photographers about other opportunities. But she was also papped a lot more than Kate has ever been.

      2. I can’t believe what Kate looked like in 2007. She looked so *baby faced*. By 2011 she looked so much older.

  5. Those pics of William doing yoga were epic. You know, I’m not super proud of this, but, even knowing what I do, I’d bang him in a second.

    1. If William were cute 18-21 year old William again I would. Just once. ‘Cause we all know what a jerk he always has been! Haha. I had such a crush on him.

    2. I love the picture that KMR used to illustrate his doing yoga because it looks like he’s getting rid of a massive wedgie!

      I admit, 19 year old William (who did that press interview right before starting his university education at St. Andrews), was very bangable if we’re just going on looks alone. He lost it by the time he was in his mid-20s!!

      1. That’s why I chose that one. I thought it looked the funniest.

      2. Hi Kimothy
        (sorry for thread jacking here)
        Congratulations for hitting that 20 years milestone! That’s awesome and very inspirational for other transplants too – My transplant friend and I toasted your milestone with a drink the over night.
        Have fun at the games and good luck with your events too!

        1. Awwwww thank you Cathy! I leave for the games in 9 days–eek!! Single digit countdown!! Right now, I’m in the early stages of packing and–grrrr–I can’t find my memory card holder for the two memory cards I’m bringing for my camera! Does anyone have any suggestions?

          Also, today marks 13 days until my anniversary–WHOA!!! Where has the time gone?

          I hope your friend is doing well! Hugs!! 😀

          1. Yes, Kimothy, we want to know about these games; if there is any coverage/ website, please let us know. Again, congratulations on the anniversary – really special.

          2. Happy 20th! You are amazing. You will feel right at home in the rust belt. It has been 89 degrees and muggy.

          3. Cathy, Rhiannon, Jen, G and anyone else that is curious:

            Here is the games website:

            Next week, the link for the opening ceremony live stream should be available. On the website, place your cursor over “Special Events” and go down to “Opening Ceremony” and presto!

            Also, might I suggest that under “Teams”, you go down to “Athletes Advisory Council”? You might recognize a certain someone’s name who represents the Southern region! 😉

            G~ WAH!!! I was hoping to get a break from the heat and warm weather!!! Is it wrong that I’m still praying for a bit of a cool down? 😉

            I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            P.S. KMR? I hope it’s okay that I posted the games link!! 😀

          4. Thanks for that link Kimothy, and enjoy yourself. don’t suppose Harry will turn up? Next time invite him AND Daniel!! Enjoy your 20th – goodness what an achievement, you must really have worked hard at your health to have such long term success. Big cyber hugs.

          5. Kimothy:

            Continued good health to you and may you have a wonderful time at the games. Who knows, you may meet a nice man! I hope so. This is your time, my friend. You, who have worked so hard to live a full and meaningful life! I hope you enjoy every minute of your time in Ohio and I wish you every success in all you put your mind to now and always!

          6. That looks really full-on Kimothy. Thanks for posting. it is a very inclusive event. I haven’t looked through everything just yet but will a bit later. I hope you get some local/national TV coverage to better educate people about the importance of organ donation; you are living proof!
            Just noticing your surname: do you have relatives in New Zealand by any chance? My best friend has that surname, and I recall her saying that there were American relatives in the family. If so, what a small world.

          7. Birdy~

            I would L-O-V-E if Harry, Daniel, plus CP Victoria and the kiddos could attend in 2018!! That would be AWESOME!!


            Regarding meeting a nice man: from your lips/fingers to God’s ears! We shall see haha but, honestly, I’m not going with the hopes of finding one but if I do, it would be a nice bonus. If not? Not the end of the world. 😉


            I’ve always dreamed of the games receiving national coverage but, alas, it hasn’t happened yet. And regarding my last name? No, I do not have relatives from New Zealand. French spelling but English pronunciation. 😉


            Thank you and my sincere condolences on the loss of your father. 🙁

          8. Kimothy, I’m happy when you’re happy. Congrats on your anniversary. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time at the games!

    3. William is kind of charming, but his personality kills it for me. If he were a nicer person I’d definetely hit it.

        1. I haven’t lusted after Will since 2002… when I found Harry, lol.

          1. Haha thank goodness! I’m not a huge fan of Hakkon either but I know the youngsters like him. and I see Harry as a son I would be very proud of. OK now I feel really old?

        2. No worries 😉

          I had a brief crush on him back in the late 90s, but that is all! Nowadays – ick! NOT my cup of tea…

        3. I’m worried reading all those comments… And confused. Must be something in the air because WILLIAM? REALLY?!?!? ?

      1. He’s got a great body, a handsome face, and I don’t care about his hair. Don’t misunderstand though, I’m perfectly aware of his (questionable) personality. Definitely a hatefuck.

          1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

            1.) I LOVE the newly coined term “hatef*ck” so much, I’m going to have to incorporate it into my vocabulary. Thank you Red Snapper!

            2.) I’d have to be paid infinity, be assured that he gets a snip-snip beforehand, AND wears a paper bag if I were to EVER do the nasty with him!! 😉

  6. Whoever took the photos and posted could have done a better job by capturing all of Charlotte! Perhaps the blogger wasn’t there and was sent the photos by someone else hence the confusion of who was there etc. Australian Woman’s Day has a story on Kate’s flirt fest with Ainslie and it mentions Will is jealous and that the Royal family was not impressed. Interesting that the foreign press that is normally so sweet on the royals is now being critical. On cue we see photos of the kiddies and awesome mum Kate…most mothers do it on their own/with their partner, not with an entourage of hairdressers, PAs etc.

  7. Paging Rhiannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lovey, better some massage skills on board if you don’t already have them. It looks as though Harry is going to need you to give him a rub down from time to down.

    And the rest of us can now get our minds out of the gutter.

    1. Um, I am literally salivating. He looks beyond hot. KMR needed to put a disclaimer notice above the picture. I did not need this picture in my memory bank.

        1. It is said that Kate had posters of Will on her wall, so using this photo as a screen saver might just work… Worth a try Rhiannon? And it will brighten your day too.

          1. Great idea. Could you imagine, say I meet Harry during a run. I give him the digits. He sends a text to confirm and that pic comes up…he would run his ginger self a far away as possible.

          2. Kate made a different statement at the engagement interview. I believe she said it was the *jeans guy* (no clue who that is). With Kate’s convoluted history I think the real truth is anyone’s guess.

          3. G., she said it was the Levi’s guy. I think it was a friend from her school days that mentioned the William poster thing. But I understand her denying it, there were probably already rumours of her kind of stalking him, so admitting she had his poster on the wall would seem even more weird.

        1. If it is Will and then he took a helicopter to the polo he is going to get caught out. There is no way he could have done both with use of the helicopter, especially on a bank holiday weekend.

    1. I said further up thread that this image of George held by a man has been removed from the site.

  8. ”So this photographer is claiming William was with Kate, George, and Charlotte at the Horse Trials in Norfolk on May 28, the same day he was photographed playing polo in Berkshire.” It was exactly what I was thinking. I read on the Internet news that William was playing polo with Harry on May 28, there was photos and all, and no one word about Kate and the kids “with William” at the Horse Trials. How can it be? Only if William used the helicopter to attend both events. I’m really tired of these “spotted pictures”.

    Rhiannon, your guy is needing treatment for back from you, LOL. Thank you KMR.

      1. Thank You notok for the picture. Then I think William really used the helicopter to attend both events.

        1. Which is an outrageous use of taxpayer money. It should only be used after careful consideration when WORKING – oooh but Will doesn’t work much does he? Or is playing polo for a charity counted as work?

        2. I can’t see William anywhere in there, what am I supposed to be looking at?!

          Edit: got it, didn’t realise (non Twitter user) that you have to open the pic! It’s very curious now isn’t it, two Williams, omg!!

        3. Wasn’t there something in DM about W&K taking the helicopter after the garden party? Would Mr. Normal get caught on another 5,000 pound helicopter ride mere days later? Probably.

          Except, I am mixed up. Was this a two day event? Could Will play polo one day and attend the event with Kate the next day?

          1. William to played polo two days in a row. Kate went to the horse trials on those same two days.

      2. I clicked on the picture and can see it now. George is wearing the same stripey top in both photos, looks like the helicopter was used…

  9. I hope that the press will investigate in order to know with what mode of transport he took. But for the question of royalty, I don’t have much confidence in British press…

  10. I’m thinking all these photos raise more questions than they answer. Why is Kate wearing an updo a la Princess Anne for a country event? Is that Pippa and Carole in the photos and who is that pushing the buggy? Is that Princess Charlotte in the pink tights because she looks quite tall for her age if it is? How did Willnot multi venue across the country without his chopper? Where is Michael Middleton these days? I smell a story here if the media care to pursue it. But the picture of William kissing George…..too cute and William does seem to be openly affectionate and dote on his little boy no matter what rubbish comes out of his mouth.

    1. Well, this buggy looks more age appropriate for Charlotte than the stroller she was supposedly inside, in the recent Kensington pictures. It’s possible that Carole is holding her while walking and the nunny is pushing the buggy. It doesn’t look that William was there on the 29th.
      Is the guy sitting on the lawn just a random guy in the wipe picture?
      I agree there are too many questions here, however William although with many other faults, seems like a doting father.

      1. Carole wasn’t there. That’s not the nanny pushing the stroller it’s the wife of james maede he is also the guy sitting next ot kate.

      2. I thought the woman was a protection officer. I seem to recall her face from shopping trips (particularly one to Zara with her dressed in black)

  11. Hello everyone,thank you KMR for your efforts always,and thank you Notok for the picture that shows William was there with his children.I don’t know why I have the feeling that Kate wanted to take her pictures with the children again without William , as she knew he wouldn’t be there because of the game,but he found out and managed to be there with them as well,which means…well never mind,anyway it’s just a hunch that you shouldn’t pay attention to.It’s quite obvious George is more comfortable with his father,and william is more tender with him than than our sweet kate,although I am expecting another staged picture soon that shows her kissing George as I am positive that she reads this blog and its comments,or at least somebody from her side does,which brings me to my main subject here,an article I read this morning on the daily mail by William Hanson that was quickly taken off, and how the british royalty is becoming too normal,one indication was our dear princess calling prince william babe.Now to start with I believe that we are all human beings and we are all equal, but still we love royalty because at this time and age they bring a touch of glamour and class that romantic ladies like me enjoy,the other european royalty played this game right,being glamorous appearances wise yet normal in their work ethics,even queens and princesses in the eastern world are doing this,at the end of the day isn’t this what woman freedom means ! and I am by no way judging those who choose to stay at home,but praising those who can make a change and do something to others and do it,as a modern age leading lady,I don’t think it’s fair for those who idolize this person to see them playing the victorian age women ethics of staying at home and caring about nothing but their appearances and enjoying themselves .I was in London in 2013,and stood there in front of St. James palace during the christening of prince george ,and the queen,whom i really love personality and work ethics wise,passed by us on her way out,then our lovely princess and william came after,anyway it’s neither here nor there,what astonished me is that when everything was over and people were walking back,I passed by a teenager who was crying on the phone and telling her mother that she saw kate,. so apparently kate is an idol to many who are at a very critical age , now do we want such an idol to be “normal” only in appearances!!!
    please give my daughter a glamorous princess with hard and effective work ethics,as we already have many kim kardashians in the world,although kim kardashians works for her money , but they are all losing the concept of woman freedom to think and achieve and returning back to how she looks only,concentrating on it and exaggerating its power and meanwhile forgetting all about her brain and what she can do.
    So kate , please don’t be normal,I don’t want to see a princess wearing a cowboy hat,I want a glamorous princess who is ‘normally” working hard on good causes.

    1. huh they go with their kids and friends to the trials and somehow kate wants to be seen alone with her kids????….. makes no sense

      They went there and enjoyed a day with their kids and friends that’s it……

      1. notok,most of the “accidentally” taken pictures are of kate and the children only,even the ones taken few days ago in london despite the fact that william was in london then,but william managed to be here in this one for a change despite his having a game in another place which is quite inconvenient for him,and will raise many angry voices of his misusing his privileges in transport that is,but i think he wanted to be in these pictures.again it’s all speculations from my side,don’t mind me and it’s quite nice seeing them enjoying a day out together

      2. It’s not it notok because he was also at polo a long way away and so if using the helicopter on personal stuff I have the right as a UK taxpayer to ask why.
        Also ‘ together’ ? No pictures of them together! Daniel and Vic would be strolling hand in hand with Estelle walking and Oscar in the buggy….!

        1. Birdy,I think it’s the statement of the year that all is not well between our prince and princess,but if william is not so into kate ” and excuse me for not finding it strange” he definitely adores his children. now i think that people are tipped to picture them,and william found out that again there are going to be pictures of kate and the children without him and most probably made it back early as the time seems to be late in the day,but this as you just said will make people wonder how he made it back so fast and cause him inconvenience . both of them are reading what people are saying , and an outing with children is an easy thing for kate that supports the fact that she’s a hands on mom,also without william proves why she is not working,but william came back early to prove that he is a hands on father…this is my interpretation of what happened as it would have been easier with some coordination between both of them to postpone this outing till the day after when they are both available

      1. I know MrsBBV 🙂 and I’m not with all he said , he just made me think about how our dear princess is being normal the wrong way . wish you lovely afternoon MrsBBV Xxxx

        1. He’s very funny though if you read his etiquette pieces. They tend to get people up in arms and some might even accuse him of trolling but if you can find his previous articles they are very worth a read and if taken literally well no wonder people think the British very strange and quite retentive. For example according to William, cereal is ‘common’ and everyone should start the day with a full English cooked breakfast that one has served oneself from a selection on the sideboard. He’s like a treasure from the upperclass 1950’s who’s nanny has never left him. Very amusing though. Xx ??

          1. MrsBBV, don’t laugh at me,but i have watched all his you tubes and read all his articles,and i know he is a bit into the extreme but i kind of like him,especially when i see how many young people behave or misbehave nowadays, not caring less that they are disturbing others and unfortunately with the blessing of their parents.would love a solution in the middle between him and those people.thank you for your insight MrsBBV Xxxx

          2. I wouldnt dream of laughing at you…..I think he’s adorable. When he’s been thrown in at the deep end in unfamiliar territory such as Aintree Races which are very different to Ascot he’s so sweet, polite and cheerful about everything he encounters. He’s an eccentric to be sure but he’s very likeable in his old school tie sort of way.

          3. OMG – I read his list and completely agree with every item. Hope I’m not bound for eccentricity. My worry though is that he may be drowned by that giant wave top of his head…or is that a breakfast sausage from the sideboard?

  12. Harry, Harry, Harry. I love those pics. I’m in heaven. Need to Google “how to give an effective sports massage”

    I have no words except Georgie is adorable. I want to see him in action – running, jumping, exploring.

    I think that Kate is courting the publicity. You can’t invite them in and then get upset about “off duty” pictures.

    Thank you for the fast post, KMR. You deserve an a day off ?

      1. notok,check twitter for the names of those who posted the pictures now and in london and you’ll find out what rahiannon means,they are not normal people who were passing by, photography is something they have mastered,and what a coincidence that they were there

      2. She never complains about it. It’s always William. I find it comical that Kate is pictured with the kids despite Will’s threats and tantrums about “privacy”. I would think that she would stay in message.

        I find it convenient that she’s usually pictured after some sort of press/public dust-up. Celebs are known for this…

    1. These photos remind me of how Diana used to call the media in order to have photos taken ‘casually’. This is PR 101. Will and Kate have been getting bad media as of late, so why not have photos ‘accidentally’ taken to show them as a family unit. The kids always bring them favor. These 2 are so transparent.

  13. As soon as the positive public perception starts to dwindle, wheel out cute pictures of the kids. No change here. For a couple apparently adamant over their children’s right to privacy, it’s so hypocritical how they’ll happily use pictures of the kids to boost their own public image.

    1. Cheeks everywhere! G & C are so cute!

      So William probably did took the heli to attend both events. Just when I think he can’t be any more out of touch, he outdoes himself.

  14. Does any one think that the photos taken of KM with George and the carriage as well as the ones on this post are in response to the photos of Princess Mary pushing her kids in the stroller? Also in response to the adorable photo of the SRF and their children during the christening? KM seems like a deeply jealous person who is looking to put herself in a motherly light so the publIic will fawn over her as everyone did re: SRF. Sorry if someone already addressed this point on KMR.

    1. I don’t think Kate pays attention to the other royals, to be honest.

    2. I doubt she pays attention to the other royals, as KMR says, but I’m sure she can’t not be aware of the recent goodwill from the whole world for the SRF after that christening, and I’m with the poster upthread who was convinces that either Kate or so,eone in her camp reads this blog. So yes, Indiana Jones, I totally think these pictures could be her response to the recent pictures of Mary & SRF with their kids.

  15. I hope this is acceptable. I get tired of saying negative things about Will, so can I bring up something about his wonderful brother, Harry?

    Harry is going to Papworth Hospital tomorrow. He will hand over the gold medal given to him by Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Marks. The medal is to be presented to the medical team that saved her life.

    1. Wow we all hoped he would go in person, and I think we all knew he would . Well done Mr Rhiannon! Proud of you, but please, no helicopter ?

      1. How perfectly appropriate that Harry should be renamed Mr Rhiannon! And how lovely that he is honoring Elizabeth Marks’ wishes, and personally too. Let’s hope no helicopter. If Harry is traveling from London, the distance is about 90 minutes by road.

      1. AT, thanks for the correct information. I either misread the info or the site I read it at corrected their original post.

    2. Harry will also be attending a reception for Normandy veterans this week, an event Charles usually attends. Yay!

    3. Oh, I am so happy that Harry will be bringing Staff Sgt, Marks’ medal to the medical personnel. This is your man, Rhiannon! He’s the tops!

  16. I’m not surprised that Charlotte was wearing blue this time. They are all wearing blue. They colored coordinated. Which makes me think even more this was a planned photo-op.

    1. EVERYONE in those pics are wearing shade of blue, gray, white, and/or stripes! Is this some kind of posh British dress code lol

      1. Can we please not judge Brits by the standards of this ridiculous duo!!! We have access to all colours of the rainbow. Actually you don’t want to know what a lot of Btits wear when the tiniest bit of sunshine arrives. And we won’t mention socks and sandals..large middle aged lady in the supermarket yesterday ( it was only just sunny) wearing very short shorts and a tiny sports back t shirt showing a lot of saggy side boob. Eugh , but knowing Kate’s penchant for flashing maybe we have that still to come?

        1. Sorry I wasn’t clear, Birdy! That’s why I said “posh” because I’ve been to England and have a few friends from there as well, and I know that this set doesn’t represent the whole population.

          In fact, I’ve always pointed out that though French women seem more “put together” and chic compared to what I’ve seen in England, I appreciate the colors and just plain fun so many have in their style across the Channel 🙂

    2. I am sure the photos had been planned and this might be the reason for William having taken the helicopter. He could be in Norfolk for “normal” happy family pictures and afterwards he could head to Berkshire for polo.

    3. Well, I am sticking my neck out, I know, but can we please suspend comments concerning whether Kate is dressing Charlotte in pink, or not. We’ve posted about this to death, as far as I am concerned. Putting a baby girl in pink is not a sin. A toddler, or older little girl, either. Many little girls prefer pink and point that out constantly to their parents. I don’t see it as putting a girl’s emotional growth in jeopardy. Nor, will it stop any girl from becoming her own person. I’m sorry, I just get tired of the rants. Charlotte is cute! Love her chubby cheeks and think she looked nice in pink, blue, or any other color.

      This just rubs me the wrong way. Excuse me, I just needed to say this.

      1. Alright. I’ll stop joking about George and Charlotte’s color palettes.

        1. KMR your blog you call the shots. I have three brothers and three sons and never wear anything pink, but I love blue. From a fairly young age kids can choose what colours they like. Just go with the flow. Pink, purple, blue, green ..

          Just saying though, what a pity you Americans who speak English can’t spell colour !!!

          1. I think the major thing for me with the color palette Kate chooses for her kids is that I just wish we’d see them in different colors. Kind of how I wish Kate would wear more colors than she does. Kate loves blue and black, and while those are nice, they aren’t my favorites, you know.

            PS. Lol, to me it’s you guys who spell color wrong. 🙂

          2. I did not mean to put you on the spot, KMR. Thanks for the post, though. I just think that Charlotte is a baby and at this point can not say what she wants to wear. As an adult, I don’t mind poking fun at Kate’s wardrobe. She’s an adult, right? But, her baby? No.

            Agree, though. She does dress the kids in the same shades most of the time. BTW, I saw the cutest toddler today when I was out for a walk with Madeleine. She was wearing a red skirt with a ruffle at the hem and a white peasant blouse with different colored flowers embroidered at the top. Really sweet and such a bright and festive look!

            Oh, shame on the damn yanks for our spelling! We are just such rebellious folks!

          3. She’s not poking fun at the baby, she poking fun at the mother who insists upon putting a girl mainly in pink and in dresses.

            It is her blog after all. I think it adds to the ongoing discussion of how W&K are shoving their son into one pigeon hole and their daughter into another. Their clothes allude to this (boy in blue play clothes, girl stuck in pink and/or in dresses).

          4. Quick question, notasugar. May I ask: How many kids do you have? I have two daughters and I dressed them the way I wanted to when they were infants. Now, that they can choose their own clothes, guess what? They gravitate toward pink. I agree with Jenny. I honestly don’t think what you put on your kid affects their emotional development. Unless you are a sadist, who puts them in God knows what?

            Some little girls – gasp — are a bit more feminine than others in demeanor. In the traditional meaning of the word, I mean. Some little boys, more masculine. I have more in my life right now to think about than if the clothes my daughters are wearing are giving them the wrong messages about their future. I think what I teach them, how I talk to them and the love I give them mean a hell of a lot more than if they are wearing pink.

            Oh, and it is KMR’s blog, but Jenny was gracious enough to respond very politely to KMR. She made a statement, as many people do on this blog and she made it in a civil way. You, on the other hand, were rude imo. If I read your post incorrectly, I apologize.

            Sorry to call you out, but I resented your comments. And, if I offended you by my initial question as to how many children you have, forgive me. I just wondered.

            Enjoy this beautiful day.

      2. Jenny, I am trying to figure out why you made this comment in response to mine? I didn’t say anything about Charlotte wearing pink or her not being cute or any variation of this combination. I am really confused why you brought this up here and frankly makes me feel like you are attacking me. It is fine venting your feelings on this matter, but please make sure you are doing it to the right person!

        My comment was merely stating that the whole family is wearing blue which to me means they knew it would be photographed. They chose the same color palette for aesthetic reasons which shows they went into the day planning on the photo op. When families get their photos professionally photographed, they normally wear the same color palette because it looks nicer on camera and shows uniformity. That is my experience anyway. That is why i mentioned they were all in blue. They wanted to show togetherness for the photo and it would look nicer in the photos.

        So, I’m not sure what ’emotional growth’ or ‘being her own person’ has to do with my post? I didn’t ‘rant’ about Charlotte. I merely stated my opinion on the why they are all matching! Your comment on the other hand, since it was in response to me, rubs me the wrong. way. It was attacking for no reason at all. I am not sure if you will read this or not, but I found it rude since it had nothing to do with what i said. It was totally out of left field. I didn’t know mentioning the color palette would be so offensive. I think i need a break from the comments section on this site for awhile.

        1. Overit, I was not slamming you. Read the posts and see who said what.
          I brought this up initially because I was feeling a bit tired of all the pink is for girls, blue is for boys criticisms that come up. Any parent can choose to dress a kid the way he/she wants. But, I guess I am tired of people saying that just because a girl is in pink and a boy in blue, that the parents are sexist. And, again, read who posted what. I was not, repeat, not criticizing you. You are entitled to your thoughts and me to mine. If I upset you, that was not my intention. And, your comment to me, just now, rubbed me the wrong way, because you directed your anger to me and not the person who said the things you accused me of saying. Sorry if my initial post offended you.

          1. Jenny i did read the above comments. I started this thread and you responded under my comment, so yes it looks like it was directed to me. Plus, no ‘response’ comments under my initial comment have anything to do with the things you are upset about. That is why it was confusing. Furthermore, i wasn’t angry. I was confused and offended that you were mad about a ‘rant’ that I never said. I still don’t know who you are directing your comment to then. No one said anything about her wearing pink in my comment or the following responses. That is why i was saying you posted it to the wrong person. I have no problem with what you said or being sick of people commenting on her wearing pink. My problem was that it seemed to be directed to me since your response name is under me and Liz who also didn’t say anything about pink. That is why it felt attacking since i never said anything about what upset you (nor did anyone under my comment). I just have no idea who’s comment you are responding to. Did you post your response under the wrong comment and that is where the confusion lies? I’m sorry if i sounded angry, i was just more frustrated than anything. I didn’t meant to upset you, I just felt attacked so i went on defense mode. So i apologize. Thanks for responding.

  17. I do wonder if the positive press for the SRF has had an influence: this was my first thought.

    Kate may not care but events over the weekend have seen the SRF sharing information via the court, personal social media accounts (Maddie) and the TV coverage of the baptism. Here and elsewhere there has been a lot of positive attention, and of course the DRF and NRF were also involved. SRF, the dignified Westlings, the gorgeous children, have all been lauded. If BRF PR is watching then photos, and informal outings may be seen as a way of saying they can match the feelgood factor evident in Stockholm. It’s not enough and perhaps predictable. Just IMO.

    Apologies for multiple use of acronyms.

  18. *sigh* I am the photographer that took all the above photos of William and Kate et al. I can assure you William WAS there with Kate and George and Charlotte for the whole time until he had to leave in the afternoon to play polo. He also paid for the helicopter himself so I heard, and did NOT use it in an official capacity. He is a good guy and that’s exactly what I would expect him to do. The photo op was NOT planned either… there were NO paps there at all, only a couple of us equestrian photographers taking pictures of the riders at the water jump. I don’t have a big long pap lens, I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time and the only person who was. We see so many photos of official engagements, that its really nice to see the royals just hanging out with the general public as they were. They were sitting on the grass, not fenced off from anyone, eating cake on paper plates like everyone else and having fun. There’s no problems between Will and Kate I can assure you. And for those who have other concerns, the Palace was contacted by the newspapers before they requested any of my photos, to find out if it was ok to publish them, and they said yes it was. Only then did I let the pictures be used. I also cropped out any of the kids that were with them that belonged to friends as I believe they should not be in all the papers. The royals will always be photographed… they are used to it…. and they weren’t doing anything embarassing or looking rubbish or such like… just having a nice afternoon. People like to see that, instead of just the official stuff, so I am glad to have shared them. They ARE a normal, happy family… they were laughing and enjoying themselves… and not in a showy way… just as we all do. I was there. You will have to take my word for it of course, but its the truth. And besides… if I hadn’t taken the pictures… you would have nothing to chat about now would you? How about giving me and the Cambridges a break and not making all these assumptions based on nothing. Oh, and the reason I took down the photo of William holding George was because it was being stolen and reposted all over the place despite my copyright being all over it, which was getting pretty annoying. Sam with the other photo of Kate and George but I wanted to leave one up as its MY page and I was pleased with the photo. It upsets me that half of you think I am lying about them both being there…. why would I do that?

    1. I don’t think anyone is lying about William being there. Perhaps they read this post before all of the updates. The pictures are lovely!

      There is plenty to chat about besides Will and Kate here. You can read many of the back posts. No one is getting as riled up as you think they are.

      1. Most of the comments were made before I updated the post, so they were made without visual confirmation that William was there (as was my original post).

        1. Exactly. That’s what I meant! I thought it was very clear that you updated at appropriate times. I think other posters hadn’t caught up with your updates when they wrote comments.

    2. Ms. Mathias,

      Please understand that when I wrote my initial article I had not seen any photos of William with Kate and George at the horse trials, but had seen photos of William playing polo the same day he was claimed to be at the horse trials. So in my confusion, and with lack of photo evidence at the time, I assumed that there was a case of mistaken identity and that William was not at the horse trials.

      Most of the comments on this thread were made before I updated the post with the photos of William with Kate and George and Charlotte. You are reading the comments with the knowledge that there are photos of William at the event, but you must take into consideration that these comments were made without that information. We commented with the knowledge we had at the time.

      Having seen the photos, we are able to comment with more knowledge and are able to have a different opinion.

      I clearly upset you when I wrote that I thought you were wrong, but I had very limited knowledge to go on at the time. When I had more knowledge, I changed my stance.

      Thank you for writing to clarify things. Have a great day.

    3. It takes me a bit to work up to posting on the site as I generally sit back and watch. What I have found is an awesome group of individuals who have given Will and Kate the benefit of the doubt many times as I have as well. It is within reason to believe that that this was a ‘planned’ natural photo op as well as that they do not get along well or that they are a ‘normal’ family and to suggest that the individuals on this site are not giving the Cambridges a break is to insult actual hardworking people who are normal. This is what ‘normal’ people think and believe, so that in itself means that Kate and Will are not succeeding in their bid to portray themselves as such. It’s also insulting that someone would come on here, not know anything about anyone who posts on this site and then perceive that they feel that they know so much more and will put them in their place because that’s exactly what I saw when I read your post.

      Unfortunately there are too many of us who are well educated and can put two and two together. To believe that Will would pay for a helicopter when he wouldn’t pay for a vacation home in Mustique is not that far reaching for ‘normal’ people to deduce. Not one of the pictures shows even a crack of a smile and yet we are being told that they were a normal, happy family interacting with all the other ‘normal’ (posh) people who just happen to be there photographing horses and wildlife, oh and watching a sport that ‘normal’ people do not participate in.

      They are showy in every way possible. If you want us to believe that they weren’t showy at the particular moment the photos were taken, okay. However, he took a luxury helicopter back and forth between the horse trials and polo, two decidedly not ‘normal’ events and a not ‘normal’ mode of transportation. It doesn’t sound like a very ‘normal’ person or family. Now my husband, before he was killed, ‘normally’ took a helicopter for training because he was military and not some obscenely wealthy individual who has privilege beyond belief and uses it for his own advantage instead of the people who he serves and not because he is in the military.

      Your comment that the palace was contacted and agreed for you to use your photos, that you took, at a public event shows how not ‘normal’ they are. We can all read and were able to read the threatening letter that Will sent the media about taking photos of his ‘precious’ family. We also read that a photographer, although on public land, taking photos could be shot as a ‘perceived’ threat.

      Now I apologize to KMR if this comes across as “attacking” another poster as that is not what I am trying to do. However, I couldn’t stand by as someone who paid to meet them at a function where they were rude and dismissive and did not behave ‘normally’ at all. I also do not feel it is appropriate for the individual who took the photos to come on to a site and chastise the people who post on her as we obviously couldn’t possibly understand in our sad, little lives of debating their lack of work ethic, extravagant living, rude demeanor, threatening and menacing behavior towards the populace who they serve, and that like clockwork they parade their children and allow photos to be posted in a manner that the good people on this site predicted some time ago.

      I would think that at the end of the day instead of passing immediate judgement perhaps you should actually look in to the people you are criticizing, as we do with Will and Kate (although with them it’s more of a critique), instead of insinuating that we are all so lowly that we couldn’t possibly understand anything, let alone Will and Kate, and how wonderful they are but that you actually admit don’t really know but just happen to see.

      Now KMR if you would like to slap my hand please do so as I will kindly take your criticism, however I will not have my hand slapped by someone who knows nothing about the individuals she feels the need to put in their place. However, if the photographer would like to be back in my good graces, I would suggest that she track down Prince Harry when he hands over the medal to the medical team and take adequate pictures for us all to talk about. 🙂

      1. Great post Springsmom, I feel so upset whenever you mention your husband, I hope you are doing ok.

        But on the plus side we now know KMR is attracting lots of attention!

        1. I wonder how well the photographer knows Will since she stated, “He is a good guy…”

          Money and profit are not a dirty words. Being in the right place at the right time, getting a go ahead from the palace to publish, and getting paid for photos is a decent day for a photographer.

          Springsmom, every time you mention your husband I feel a sadness for a man and a family I don’t even know. It was just Memorial Day in the U.S. I bet your husband and the soldiers he knew never got the go ahead from their superior to practice helicopter landings and take off’s in their girlfriends family garden.

          Thanks for taking the time to stick up for all of us. I am sure you are very busy, but every time you write Springsmom you give us so much to think about.

          Birdy is right. KMR must be getting some attention. I hope W&K, PC’s and HM staff would all read it.

        2. Yes, thank you. Memorial Day weekend is also my birthday so it’s kind of sad. However, we are moving in to a new home and very excited about the future. 🙂

          1. SpringsMom, I wish you and your children many years of happiness in your new home. I hope there will be laughter, new adventures and new friendships to go with a few tears and memories of a dear loved one.

        3. Agree with comments above. Just want to say I heard that pics taken by onlookers are being deleted by security if seen. I am not sure that the rules are clear as these pics were allowed but other blurry or average phone pics people post are are being taken down or deleted on the spot??
          How does the ‘Palace’ decide who can and cannot post candid snaps that someone happens to be lucky enough to take.
          As for the helicopter, we all hear things and expect people to take our word for it so who knows what the truth is. 🙂
          Oh, I have been on this site for years lurking and sometimes commenting and have never known KMR to deliberately mis report a story.

        1. Yes, Springsmom, you have a big thumbs up from me, too.
          I hope you are dong well and I also hope you know that we all send you our best. You are an inspiration and I do hope you are doing well. You have been through so much.

          Memorial Day weekend is not the only time we need to remember those who served and those who lost their lives serving. Their families, as well.

      2. +1,000,000 Couldn’t have put it better myself. I never post on blogs because of how commenters personally attack each other and/or the people being written about. I have found the commenters here to be a welcoming group of people who respect each other’s differing opinions, are usually very fair in giving out praise and criticism and are objective in their criticism i.e. do no resort to personal attacks.

    4. How can you ‘assure us there is no problems between William and Kate’? Do you know them personally? Do you see them day in and day out? If not, then you cannot assure us of anything more than what we see with our own eyes. For the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong between them, but you cannot be anymore positive than any other poster on here.

      The same thing goes for how do we even know you are who you say you are? Perhaps you are just a Kate fanatic who came on here to defend Will and Kate (which has been happening a lot as of late, there is is someone up above who keeps doing it). All I am saying is, this is the internet where it is really easy to claim to be someone and we have no way of knowing the truth. As you are someone who has never been on this site before and just randomly popped by to defend Will and Kate, forgive me, but I read what you said with a grain of sand. You may be the photographer or you may not be. This being the internet it is really hard to believe you. Either way, if you really are the photographer, all you can do is assure us that they were all there together, nothing more since you do not know them personally. And I find it very strange that the Palace approved the photos since they never do and William always throws a fit. *cough staged *cough.

    5. So if they are so normal and so lovely and just having a great family day out, why not share with us how much money you got for selling those photos? If you are such a great and wonderful and amazing woman why not just not take the photos? You say you’re not a pap, yet you took photos without their permission at the time and sold them for money and to enhance your reputation. And you criticise us? Wow.

      1. Omg. I just looked at the photo again and it’s says eye contact photography. So you are a photographer, if you are the real Helen. Now I really believe this was planned. You are not just some random passer byer like you made it sound like, but an actual photographer. Birdy called it, very hypocritical and contradictory.

        1. Well, I’d imagine she could have been photographing the competition as horsey competitions often engage photographers to take pictures of the competitors, judging by my friends who are equestrians.

          1. I am sure she was photographing the horses, so why take these pap photos and sell them and then criticise everyone else? Why allow them to be posted?

          2. $$$! Why else would anyone sell photos they’ve taken? And KP has no issue with it because it is their PR of the happy normal family who do things together, especially when they’er being criticized…

          3. And how would a casual passer-by taking photographs know anything about how William ‘paid’ for his helicopter trip. That is a v strange claim.

          4. I can understand the photographer, at the event for horse-riding competition reasons, happening across the Cambridge’s and their friends and taking some images; as she said, she was in the right place at the right time. She observed a group of people enjoying the day. I’m not sure how the photographer could extrapolate anything further concerning WK’s relationship outside that moment in time, or be in a position to verify William paying costs incurred for helicopter travel beyond “… so I heard.”

            A couple of points:
            1. The polo match was part of a charity event; the princes were playing in aid of three charities, Centre Point, Child Bereavement UK and WellChild. That suggests a ‘work’ event. KMR, would that be the case? If so, there would be no need for William to pay the travel costs. He has in the past re-badged personal heli travel as work to avoid paying costs so there’s precedence there. Unfortunately it appears that HM has permitted a helicopter to be available to her grandson and his wife so often that it has become their default mode of travel.

            2. That KP approved the images being printed suggests either a double standard employed here or a change of heart from the Cambridge’s given their threats to sue anyone taking pictures of their children. For some time, their public standing has been bad, due entirely to their own actions, or more accurately, lack of action. They wheel out the children to boost their standing when things are not good; it’s a pattern. They have set up paps for years to take ‘candid’ shots. I’m not suggesting that the photographer who took these images was one of these people – I believe her account – but the royals do expect to be photographed wherever they go, and a family outing goes some way to dispel current gossip. Planned? Don’t know, probably not. But if photos are taken and make them look good, yes, publish.

            3. I appreciate the photographer taking the time to correct misunderstandings due to lack of information. I do believe her account and also understand her exasperation in seeing things spin out of control. I didn’t appreciate the patronising “*sigh*” and “…if I hadn’t taken the pictures… you would have nothing to chat about now would you? “. The photographer profited from her chancing upon royalty at that event; don’t be surprised if people ask questions given who was being photographed.

            Why are we so skeptical? I think it is because the Royals – all of them – hide behind a publicly-funded smokescreen in order to preserve their family’s financial and social status, going to great lengths to avoid public scrutiny of how they spend public money, for example, if funds are re-routed to family members. That raises all sorts of questions. The Cambridge’s appear to be the most visibly profligate. Simply, they spend up big and give back very, very little of worth. Worse, they reek of attitude and entitlement. Through their PR they seek to constantly manipulate the public and it is really, really tiresome and old. They lie – a lot! It means that we, many times bitten and even more times shy, view every press release with cynicism. They brought it on themselves.

          5. Very good points, Jen.

            I don’t think it was a planned photo op, but the Cambridges surely knew they would be photographed by the public.

        1. I agree, good points.

          I think William needs to be careful also, helicopter crashes are not unheard of; even with advances in safety. If he is flying all over the place in them now then this increases the chance of him being in one.

  19. Well, perhaps little Charlotte waved her magic wand and voila daddy was here, and with another wave daddy was there. I can’t even comment on this as it’s so baffling to me but that picture of hrhaughtiness in that yoga position is priceless. It seems that the smoke and mirrors games have accelerated and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of this. It is funny though to picture Billy getting all bent out of shape at the thought of another ‘yummy mummy Cathy and kids’ Kodak moment. Oh no, you’re not having another picture taken without me.
    I agree that the kids are cute but I can’t see their pictures calming the outrage if Billy took the whirlybird. If anything it might cause people to think, however cute the kids are, that they’re paying for them as well. And I absolutely agree that the flirting between Kate and Ben was totally one sided and it wasn’t Ben’s side. It was hard to see those pictures of her looking so ‘aren’t I just the cutest thing’.

    BamaLynn , my sincerest condolences on the loss of your father. I believe he is now at peace and I am hoping that knowing that brings you comfort.

    1. Thank you, royalsareajoke. It is a comfort to know the suffering of the past month is over for him. His stroke was on April 27. And I had him for a long time. Not all are so fortunate.

  20. I think the photo of William holding George is really sweet. And Kate with Charlotte is nice as well.

    The photo of Kate sitting with her back facing us-all I can think about is how I want to pull up her pants, lol. It always drives me nuts when I see women with a gap when they sit down due to their pants being too low. It is just a personal pet peeve. I don’t know how women stand it because one, you feel the breeze and secondly, it isn’t comfortable when pants sit too low. Anyway, it is my own personal pet peeve 🙂

    1. I have a pair of beloved pants like that. I literally wear a leotard. Don’t judge, lol! It’s either that or showing my back nether regions and I don’t want to do that. 🙂

    2. +1
      I like the photos of the children. You can’t but like them, really. I would love to see more of Georgie’s personality and cute Charlotte’s walking. Love her blue hair bow!

      Kate’s skinny jeans sitting too low is just annoying. I doubt if she had any cake for herself. William is wearing the same shirt with the yoga pictures.

      I don’t buy it for a minute that this was not arranged. Why can’t they do a proper photo call, say in Kensington gardens, with the whole family, instead of ‘being caught’ in private? Wouldn’t it be less hypocritical?

      1. I just saw the post of Mrs Mathias. I would also like to thank her for the comment and take her word that this was not planned.

        1. I think it was planned insofar as they know they’ll be photographed and wanted to be, so the happy family outing would be seen and commented on. They’re getting bad press again, even in the US where the tabloids are sickly sweet (and where William likes to do his interviews; CNN, People, etc). When she doesn’t want to be seen, she doesn’t wear The Ring. When she does, she does. Remember the threats William sent everyone around King’s Lynn to never photograph them or go near them. It’s okay to photograph them and it’s cool with KP to publish them if it’s good PR. But if you’re on your cell phone they’ll have security snap at you and threaten to steal your phone because you might be taking pictures of the Cambridges…

      2. Re. skinny jeans too low: this reminds me of pictures from JLo a few years ago that “showed a major wardrobe malfunction ” while performing live on stage during a German TV show. I was watching that performance and couldn’t see any wardrobe malfunction. Only the next day when I saw the pictures in the newspaper I realized that one of her nipples must have been on show for 0,3 milliseconds…. In fact there was no wardrobe malfunction. It was only ONE picture of ONE very short moment. No one in the audience even realized “it” happened. In dubio pro reo.

    3. Totally agree Overit! I always make sure that my pants are not so tight that they will ride low like that or that my top is long enough to cover my ass, if my pants are going to be that low. I find this bum showing to be so crass, in general.

  21. The children are just so cute. I like seeing how their little faces change as they get older.

    I actually prefer these sort of pictures of Kate compared to when she’s doing official duties. She looks like her normal self. No blinding huge smiles and weird facial contortions.

    1. She looks pretty miserable and disconnected to the kids to me but I’m glad they can go out and do stuff and the kids aren’t kept locked up at Anmer. It’s good for them to get out and be around other kids and other people!

  22. Who advises this couple or indeed the royals in general. Allowing these photos to be sold ( is Ms Mathias money changed hands) gives a clear precedent. I assume they are allowed because the palace think horse trials followed by heli to polo is what normal people do. And the photos of the kids are cute,as they would be because the kids are cute. But what happens next time when there are bad photos or Georeg is being naughty or W & K are arguing – as most couple do from time to time? What will be the argument for those photos not being published. Ms Mathias was at a water jump, so W & K had a fair assumption she was not photographing them – gosh she could even have been hiding behind the fence! ( ok Ms M that last bit is a joke).

    1. This is what I am most confused by, why would the palace give ‘permission’ to a random stranger who took some sneaky shots. Nothing about that story makes sense to me. Did they give permission to the people who took a photo of George on a motorbike?

      1. Ya, I am confused as to why the DM reportedly contacted the palace to request permission to publish the photos…I don’t think they do that with other celebrities. Why these dweebs get the special treatment?!!

        1. And if Mrs Mathias is right and just happened to be there, did she just happen to be there the following day to get more pictures or did the exact story repeated with another random photographer who just happened to be there yet again?
          For the record, I don’t judge the photographers to sell their pictures to make money.

          1. That’s fine Elina, so why should that woman judge us? Her comments are rude and if no one wanted to look at her photos she wouldn’t get paid for them . If she wants the money from her pap photos she should have the decency to own it.,

          2. That’s right. Since everybody can look at her pictures, everybody is entitled to their opinion.
            She also shared her impression of the scene as a witness, we heard it, it’s fine. Any other generalisation or judgement is out of line.

        2. I don’t think the DM actually wanted permission. To me this is their way of subtly telling the public how hypocritical KP is by authorizing the publication of these ‘private’ moments after that threatening letter from years ago.

  23. What is with this family and the need to wear nothing but blue, stripes and white all the time? Anyway, I think this was partly intended as a photo op, at least in that probably one of them (I’m assuming Kate) expected to be photographed. This is Kate’s battle suit for family photo ops. The more genuine pap photos we see her in different kinds of clothing, not this matchy-matchy stuff. And who wears their gigantic engagement ring to a supposed outing with friends? Another thing, I’m surprised this person got a whole bunch of photos. They must’ve been taking a lot. Did none of their security notice. That’s what’s make me thinking that at least a part of this is intentional.
    I’m curious though. We’ve been getting a lot of pictures of them these last few days. Is this part of their preparation for Wimbledon and maybe a holiday?

    “…which I keep typing as William eating Kate, which would be a whole other type of photo.” Oh god suddenly I remembered the balcony photos in France.

    1. When you look at some photos, you can see that one man (I don’t know his name) look in the photos, he knows that he was taken in photography (sorry for the expression).
      Anyway, now with the autorisation of the palace for one time, they have no legitimaty to prosecute for other photos…
      The one thing I know is that genuine or not genuine photos, I prefer the swedish royal now…

      1. The guy is James Meade and you’re right – he could see the photographer so he would have told Kate but you can see that neither of them are moving or looking that worried.

  24. Kate never looks really comfortable around her kids, let alone happy. She always looks careworn and stressed, it is all rather sad. She might have more problems than keeping her weight down at broomstick level.

    1. Whoa, I wish I saw this before I posted below. For the first time, I thought Kate looked like she was enjoying being with her children. Oh, well, to each her own.

  25. If the photographer is right and Wills really did use the helicopter privately to flit between events then that still does not make it okay. £5,000 apparently it costs to hire for one trip. For comparison I live on about £10,000 a year. So if he has the money to drop half of what I have to live on for the whole year on 1 trip then there is something seriously wrong with this country.

    1. +1 I find it appalling when privileged, wealthy people waste money when there is so much need all around. I’m not for redistributing wealth, but for wealthy people to live more simply and give more. In Birmingham, the late Joe Bruno gave tons of money away. Many years after his death, I was in the Bruno Cancer wing of the local Catholic hospital when I had lymphoma, and my room was nicer than most hotel rooms I’ve stayed in. Mr. Bruno spared no expense for that fantastic section of the hospital.

      1. I hope Mr. Bruno is in heaven, smiling that his efforts made your hospital stay a little brighter during a difficult time. As sick as you were it is nice of you to notice and have gratitude for your surroundings.

        1. If anyone is in heaven, it’s Mr. Bruno! He started at age 19 with his life savings of $600 and built a grocery/drug store empire in Alabama. But he and his family gave back to the community so much. I was treated at a state of the art cancer center (Bruno Cancer Center in Birmingham, AL) by a wonderful Mayo Clinic-trained oncologist. I was Stage 4, but my health is fine now.

          1. BamaLynn, I’m so glad you are recovered and I wish you good health for decades to come. Your story is inspiring and so is Mr. Bruno. I hope he can see the impact his generosity has had from heaven.

          2. So glad to hear your health is good. That is wonderful news. Mr. Bruno sounds like a impressive man who placed others needs in high regard. I truly admire someone with character who used what he had to help others. Thanks for telling us about him.

            I can’t help myself. I read about Mr. Bruno and compare him to W&K. No comparison.

          3. So wonderful to hear BamaLyn and Thank You for sharing a sliver of your inspiring story and the news of your good health with us.

      2. I wonder sometimes what makes so many of us come regularly to this little is actually about Kate, it is because here we share and we are supported. BamaLynn I am now off to look up Joe Bruno. How great that a wealthy man can make a difference to others. R in the UK, you and me both. How long I have to work to get after tax £5k and he spends it three or four times in a weekend and then says he is normal. He isn’t normal, he is a future King. That’s fine but stop saying he is normal. Does he have a mortgage, car loan, huge gas bill? Does he hang his washing out so his electricity doesn’t reflect using the tumble dryer???? He wouldn’t even understand the concept!!

        1. Birdy, this is such a lovely community to come to, not only in times of personal stress, but just as a lovely connecting point to humanity. We are all so far apart geographically and have such different lives but it doesn’t matter. I enjoy the genuine support and characters of all who post here. We’re all lucky to have found our way here; as you say, Kate is a small link but not the main one.

          1. So true. It’s the first time for me to actually join a blog. Sometimes I’m off and don’t check in for days, but then I come back and want to stay more with you guys.
            I don’t always agree, we have our differences but still, it’s so refreshing and genuine, even in internet anonymity.
            KMR and KMRers everywhere should be proud.

      3. I agree with your sentiments BamaLynn. To live so decadently – helicopters, please! – is so insensitive and self-absorbed. It takes my breath away. I think you are right about those with so much living more simply. In the BRF’s case, their standard of living is contributed to by people such as yourself. The least they can do is (a) live more modestly when the UK is in austerity mode, and (b) step up the work big time = more events that benefit people, stay much longer and actually DO something, not just smile and make vacuous comments. I have huge respect for philanthropists such as Joe Bruno. The Cancer Wing you described shows huge respect for all who need their services. Such people are a blessing to their communities and to the country at large. What a stark contrast to William and Kate….
        And BamaLynn, I hope you enjoy good health now.

        1. Thank you, I am in good health now. If W&K would really work and care, their extravagant lifestyle would be easier to take. They still need to tone it down during austere times, though. My college roommate lived in Bicester for 6 years. She and her husband are back in the USA. She said that the cost of little things would astound Americans. For example, in the US, if you buy a cup of coffee, you get unlimited refills. Same with most other beverages, too, except alcohol. She said in England, you pay by the cup. Ouch! Also, she said you pay to park at the grocery store! And the VAT on everything. She said it was difficult to make ends meet. She also had trouble driving the roundabouts. LOL

          1. I think the unlimited refills etc is an American thing. In Australia, you pay by the cup. And also pay for your parking at supermarkets and large shopping complexes. And there is 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax) on most things (not fresh food though).

          2. One thing I enjoy about having you all comment from around the world is learning about differences in our countries. I never would have known stuff like this had this blog not existed.

          3. That sounds awesome. I live in Japan but I actually end up buying a lot of things from Amazon or eBay USA. Japan is crazy expensive. I mean the cheapest night gown I could find was $70 and groceries for me and a toddler costs $100/week. I found UK much cheaper (lived there for 4 years). Would love to visit the states.

  26. I really thought these photos showed a more motherly Kate. She seems to be enjoying being with the kids! George is really a cutie! And, Charlotte seems like a darling baby. The photo of Kate wiping little George’s face was really sweet, as was the photo of William holding him.

    Gosh, if the helicopter rides did occur, what a waste of money. I guess William does want it all. To be with family and do his own thing, too.

    Harry? Oh, he needs a nice back massage from one of his admirers. I wonder who that is? Calling Rhiannon!

    I dread seeing Kate in that striped top again. Sorry, I just do.

      1. I think they should have expanded the article to look at her multitudes of shoes & bags that are virtually the same. I’m all for same silhouette dressing, I do it myself but Madam’s ability to find 10 pairs of navy suede shoes, 10 pairs of identical neutral heels, same pair of skinny jeans times five is like no style icon I know. For Gods sake girl mix it up a bit, you’ve got the resources and contacts to do it.

        1. She keeps buying the same things because she uses other people’s money to buy them. I am sure if she actually had to spend her own hard-earned money (hard work and Madam Kate…what a joke!) to buy her own clothes, she would be a lot more economical and not buy five of near-identical items- she would then opt to buy different patterns and styles, in order to make clothing budget go far.

  27. Rhiannon your husband to be did good today. What a great man. Hope KMR posts some photos of our very most favourite bestest Royal tomorrow. Sorry SRF we love you, but we love Harry more.

    1. Yep, some Harry coming tomorrow (in a round up with some ladies as well).

    2. I love your royal round ups, KMR!

      Too bad there’s no one left from the SRF for H to marry. Just imagine him with Estelle and Leonore! And we would actually get to see them interacting.

  28. I hate to thread jack, but Zara, Peter, Autumn, and Mike competed in a Spartan race a few months ago!?! They are officially running in my favorite OCR. We need to get Harry involved now. I can see it now: we lock eyes as we are covered in mud attempting a barbwire crawl 🙂

  29. Is it me or was Kate there two days as her hair is up in one photo and with an Alice band the next? I wondered why William and Madeline didn’t pair off? They clearly have the same values.

    1. I don’t understand are you saying Madeline is lazy? As I understand she and her family are mostly funded by her husband , with the State paying for her working costs. Very different from Will who thinks he can fly around In a heli whenever he wants. But perhaps I have misunderstood your comment?
      Personally I would love Maddie to be my future queen.

      1. I haven’t read the swedish papers frequently but I have understood that Madeleine has at least previously had the reputation of being the lazy princess who likes to party and do shopping but not so much working.
        I’ve been really surprised how much we have seen of her lately, it’s really nice that she has taken part in some engagements in Sweden although she lives in London. I hope we see even more of her and her children in the future.

      2. Maddie was previously known as the Party Princess when she was in her 20s. And she got some criticism when she moved to New York to work for Childhood. She does get criticism because she doesn’t do a lot of royal duties in Sweden, but she did have a full time job when living in New York. I’m not sure what her current job situation is, but she does still promote Childhood on her FB page and attend events related to Childhood and child trafficking with Silvia. And she does some royal duty engagements in Sweden. I don’t know what the money situation is there, but Chris did say that he works and supports his family, so there’s that.

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