Official Photos from Prince Oscar’s Christening

Official Photos from Prince Oscar’s Christening

This long weekend is all Prince Oscar’s Christening all the time. Because if the open post, the ceremony review, and the fashion review weren’t enough, it’s time for official photos! The Swedish royal court released five official photos from Prince Oscar’s Christening today, and Princess Madeleine posted photos from the same photoshoot to her Facebook page.

Prince Oscar's Christening CP Family s

The first photo features the Crown Princess Family: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, and Prince Oscar.

I hate to do this, but in fairness I must: Why is Victoria not getting criticized for wearing white to her child’s baptism the way Kate did?

Prince Oscar's Christening CP Family Godparents s

The next photo features the Crown Princess Family with Oscar’s godparents: Oscar Magnuson, Princess Madeleine, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Hans Astrom.

Prince Oscar's Christening CP Family Siblings s

The third photo features the Crown Princess Family with Victoria and Daniel’s siblings: Madeline, Prince Carl Philip, and Anna Westling Söderström.

Prince Oscar's Christening CP Family Grandparents s

The fourth photo is with Oscar’s grandparents: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Ewa Westling, and Olle Westling. I love that the grandmothers color-coordinated.

Prince Oscar's Christening CP, Estelle, Oscar, King s

The final photo released by the Royal Court is of the King with Victoria, Estelle, and Oscar. This is my favorite photo because it is the one with the biggest smiles from both Victoria and Estelle, and Oscar’s Surprise Face is back. It’s just too bad that Carl Gustaf couldn’t crack a smile.

Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore May 2016

These final three photos were not released by the Royal Court, but they were taken during the same photoshoot. Maddie posted these three photos to her Facebook page with the caption: “My sister and I are blessed as mothers of these two sweet little girls who adore each other!”

Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore May 2016

Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore May 2016 2

Estelle and Leonore have been pretty inseparable since Leonore was born. It’s quite adorable how close they are. I wonder if Estelle will be this close to Oscar.

Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore

Photos: Anna-Lena Ahlström/

104 thoughts on “Official Photos from Prince Oscar’s Christening

  1. Random thoughts:

    – I didn’t have a problem with the DoC wearing white and I don’t with CP Victoria. It’s not the best color to make the christening gown “pop,” but I don’t mind. What I *definitely* criticized the Cambridges for was their bizarre photos and the (to me) very strange exclusion of family from their christenings.

    – Love Estelle’s posture! She’s got it already!

    – Olle Westling’s face cracks me up lol Such a difference from CG…

    – My favorite picture is the final one too.

    – Estelle and Leonore are killing me!! I can’t handle any more adorableness!!

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. The first things I noticed were Estelle’s posture, Olle’s beaming face, and the obvious love between the two young princesses. What a beautiful family. I like how all the ladies are wearing pastels or soft shades. It makes the photosnseem calm and friendly. I think the BRF has embraced red too much. Red carpets, red upholstery, red clothing – it makes a powerful statement but does not look friendly or relaxed.

    2. The love and gemiune bond is hugely heartwarming!

      Thank you KMR for the SRF so loving family pictures. All we need are photos of all the cousins/grandchildren in photo/s at Prince Alex Official royal coming out.

      Sorry, but no lazy entitled Willnot&Cannot carole m,iddleton children can hold a second to the SR children.

    3. LizB, sending you happy wishes as your due date approaches. I wish you a safe and easy delivery.

      I read elsewhere that your toddler has a broken arm. How stressful for all. Hope things are improving there, too.

      We await the arrival of your baby and wish you well.

  2. “Why is Victoria not getting criticized for wearing white to her child’s baptism the way Kate did?”

    To answer your question KMR?

    Is it because we feel Victoria is more like-able than Kate? For me I feel that when I see photos of Victoria at this christening I see Victoria and her personality. Victoria wears the clothes. I’m not looking at the clothes, in fact the clothes are one of the last things I looked at.

    Where as the clothes seem to wear Kate so I look at her clothes first. And most things Kate wears seem imo to look flat and kind of dull on her.

    Is it my eyes?

    I just love the set of photos in this post KMR, everything is beautiful.

    (No need for photoshopping here?)

    And just love love love the parquet floor too!

    1. I agree, there’s so much more to Victoria than her clothes.
      I think people criticised Kate because she always tries to turn everything into a fashion moment and make it all about her. In Victoria’s case, even though she’s wearing white, focus is on her baby and on the event.

  3. I domt remember Kate being criticized for the color white… What was the rationale for that? I do remember her dress looking stiff and old fashioned, almost costumey (charlotte) and ruffled ridiculousness (george).

    I am surprised that Victoria is escaping criticism for the see-thru dress on the blogs that don’t love the SRF as much as we do. Just goes to show that criticism is not always fair and consistent I guess.

    1. I have not seen photos of Victoria’s see-through dress.

      I have not gone back and reread the comments from Charlotte’s Christening but I recall them being critical toward Kate wearing white for matching the color of the Christening gown and taking attention away from Charlotte or something along those lines. There were also criticisms of Carole and Pippa for wearing whites and creams to match Kate and Charlotte. Don’t quote me on that but that is the recollection I have of that comment thread which is why I asked my question in my post.

      1. Kate was criticized for wearing white? I don’t remember that. I think it was more Kate was channeling a really vintage look because of the pram and George’s outfit. What I do remember is the matchy-matchy thing, especially the bit about Carole and Pippa because the other family members were wearing different colors. Tbh, I don’t like Victoria’s dress nor Kate’s during George’s christening. I don’t get this mesh thing and the ruffles on Kate’s. The one Kate wore for Charlotte’s was fine to me but I couldn’t really see much of the design though it doesn’t look exceptional to me.

      2. I realise that customs in each case are different though the difference between the Swedish and British christenings is somewhat stark. There seems to a decent level of familial affection among the Swedes, with the little cousins genuinely enjoying each others’ company, and being permitted to just be as they are – squirmy, bored, funny, falling off a chair… It’s not hidden, they are not an annoyance, and if they misbehave, they are firmly reprimanded. Estelle and Leonore seem unfazed by cameras and strangers, fitting in with grace around adult-focused activities.

        The Brits on the other hand play up the formality as if they have some big old sticks stuck up their collective butts. They really do think they are something special. In the case of Charlotte’s christening, it was such a deliberately staged throwback to to evoke a former era: George’s costume (it WAS a costume), the old pram, the retro feel of the official photos. It was so unnatural that the facade presented appeared uncomfortable. The lack of more family, including children, a nanny in attendance to make sure George did not do as Lenore did the other day. It all reeks of control, snobbery, exclusivity, coldness, and phoniness.

        1. I completely agree with you Jen. The BRF could take some notes and cues from the other European royal families. They come off as stiff and stuck up. With the way the Lamebridges try to control every aspect of Charlotte’s christening. I’m not criticizing Kate wearing white and her family wearing similar colors. Yet it did come off as a little strange. Try some color. And the extended family not being involved in Charlotte’s or even George’s christening is weird to me.

          1. The orchestrated trio of cream that Kate, Pips and Carole presented was too calculated. And you’d think a christening would be such a joyful occasion that all the family should be able to share, wouldn’t you? Where on earth is the harm in that?

        2. +1 and the picture of Nanny Maria in ***uniform*** was beyond ridiculous and ever so wannabe ‘posh’. This was at Charlotte’s christening and Kate pushing the baby carriage looked absolutely Stepford and robotic.** These** pictures are absolutely awesome and look real and relatable. Great job KMR.

          1. The uniform was just a ridiculous element. Stepford wife; how true! Kate is so busy playing a part that she can’t find herself.

          2. I hated that Maria was in that horrible uniform. Yes, it’s history. But I found it to be so….pompous. It was if she was put in her place.

        3. Agreed, Kate was criticized not for the color she wore, but the staged costume-y manner in which she styled Charlotte’s christening.

          1. Ladies I agree. Everything they do is calculated. It saddens me for the kids. For both my children’s christenings it was a joyous event. It was about are children and they’re special day. Not about pomp and showcasing a united front of cream color costumes.

      3. I think some of the criticism may have been for the issue KMR pointed out with Kate, Carole and Pippa in whites and creams. I think some of the criticism came from the overly coordinated color composition of the Middleton ladies dresses. It was IMO less about Kate wearing cream than the entire look of the family.

      4. All three, Victoria, Estelle and Oscar are matchy-matchy here. And yet we loved it. Nobody said it was formal and staged, everyone said how joyful and youthful was Victoria’s look, and how well dressed was Estelle.
        It shows you the difference. BRF’s style is pretentious, SRF’s genuine.

    2. I’m not making a big deal out of the “see-thru” moment because it was just a moment captured by a photographer from the inside of the palace while she was walking back in from being outside – it wasn’t a public moment and it only lasted a second, which, unfortunately, the photographer got and will now last forever. Should Victoria have worn a better slip? Yes. Am I cutting her slack that I don’t for Kate? Yes. Kate consistenly has these wardrobe malfunctions and in clear view of the public.

      And to be honest – I don’t like Kate. I DO like Victoria. I going be forthright about not being fair and consistent *shrugs*

  4. These photos of Estelle and Leonore are the most adorable thing! And I laughed at Oscar’s surprise face. Can’t wait for him to grow up a bit and start interacting with Estelle, it’s going to be really cute.

    1. He he, Oscar is beyond cute with his surprise face and Estelle is glowing in the last picture.
      As for Estelle’s and Leonore’s pictures, I don’t want to be boring so I’ll save everyone from yet another declaration of my love for Leonore. As others have said, I hope Estelle and Leonore will keep being close while growing up but I’m afraid it won’t be so since Maddie and Chris are located either in London or US.
      I’m sure that in time, we’ll see more bonding between Estelle and Oscar.

  5. I didn’t particularly like Victoria’s dress or the colour, but the day was so lovely and happy and full of love and family, for me the dress was irrelevant. Estelle stole the show for me anyway and had the best outfit. As someone else said at Charlotte’s christening the whole thing seemed staged, so few family not even Harry, and it was all about Kate. So her outfit, which I didn’t like at all, took centre stage.

    1. Absolutely.

      This christening “offered so much” that Victoria’s dress became somewhat irrelevant. True, we liked it disliked it but we weren’t only stuck with that. We got so much cuteness out of the whole thing and Victoria is so likeable that, who cares if she wasn’t the best dressed? Victoria offers more than just an outfit to talk about anyway.

      1. Was away for the holiday weekend and only quickly glanced through the photos of Oscar’s christening. There was so much love in that family on that day, as well as during so many other family events. I particularly enjoyed the photo where they were standing around the baby at the font and their arms were outstretched in a loving way as part of a blessing. Just lovely. (Photo on one of the other posts about the christening).

        I loved the fact that the kids were all included in this memorable occasion and it was so real. Leonore’s overturned chair! Too cute. And, yes, real! Estelle, leaning against her Daddy’s hand. Just darling!

        I thought Victoria looked beautiful. Maddie, too. But, even though I loved the dresses, I loved the joy on each face even more.

        Little George was the highlight of Charlotte’s christening, I thought. Oh, and I liked seeing William interact with his son. Kate staged the entire event as if it was being photographed for posterity, but not from a spiritual, or loving point of view, imo. It was some sort of a production that left most people feeling cold and removed.

        A christening is a joyful day. One that is shared by family and friends. One, in which love should abound.

        I guess that is why Kate was not cut the slack that Vic seems to have been cut in regard to wearing white. And, in regard to many other things, as well.

        Thanks to you, KMR, for such thorough coverage of little Oscar’s special day. You work very hard!

  6. I love the photos : they look like they are normally, not too much photoshop which makes British looking like statue (in Charlotte’s christening)

    For the white, it is less shoking because we have no issue to distingue the dress of Victoria and the dress of Oscar. But white is not ideal.
    I love that Oscar has multiple expression in the different photos.
    The photos seem less formal, show a family who loves each other (with the grandparents)

    Cute photos of Estelle and Leonore

    1. Madde has a body and a great sense of her own style – lot’s of panache, Maxima like if you will. Kate just doesn’t have the shape or the sense of self required for that level of wardrobe awesomeness!

  7. There’s genuine love & warmth that seem to radiate from these photos & you can’t help it but you just want to get to know more about this royal family & to care about them. They look wonderfully happy despite their fashion errors. Honestly, I could just bypast these criticisms which seem unimportant & just enjoy this occasion that the SRF has been kind enough to share with us. I’m more interested in the interaction between the family members & the warmth in their relationship. Everything is so genuine & spontaneous . Thanks KMR.

  8. From what I remember of the Kate’s outfit that it wasn’t so much that she wore white, but that she also got Ma Midds and Pippa to wear very similar colours and it looked like a washed out effect.

    I do love Victoria though and I didn’t mind the outfit.

    Also Lauri C, can you see how straight Estelle is sitting in the 1st, 3rd and 4th pics? She could give Kate some lessons.

    1. Pardon me for joining in but Estelle has learnt excellent posture due to the number of events that she has attendant. I think from what I can guess that Estelle copies her parents. Daniel in particular is ram rod straight. William is hunched over.

  9. I think all the photos are lovely (for the photos of the girls, there are no words to for that amount of cuteness) but my favourite is the sibling picture, just because I didn’t expect that. Now that I’ve seen the photo, I think that of course. But still, that they would release as an official picture one with all the siblings, not just the royal ones, that didn’t come to my mind before I saw it.

    Just love the SRF and especially the Crown Princess family. I can’t wait to see the Prince Alexanders christening, I’ve understood that Carl Philip and Sofia have their own way of doing things.

    1. I can’t wait either. I hope I will enjoy Alexander’s as much as I enjoyed this christening. I certainly enjoyed CP’s and Sofia’s wedding.

  10. OMG, today is my birthday and I receive this photos as a gift. Thank you KMR, I love this family. Thay are warm and seem very happy. It is a delight to see them.

    1. Thank you everyone, I have really a new family, my KMR Family. I love you all.
      Oh Birdy, I didnt get tickets for the Olympics. They are very expensive to me and my credit card is “on red”, how we say here. Have a nice day everybody.

      1. Happy Birthday, Jamel. I hope you have a wonderful year!
        And don’t worry, even if you don’t go to the Olympics, you’ll still enjoy the atmosphere in the city, it’s amazing time.

        1. Oh, that is so true! Sydney in 2000 was just magical, a really special atmosphere. I didn’t get to see the Olympics personally, but the feel of the Games was everywhere. So do enjoy it Jamel.

        2. Jamel, you are a true bright light! I hope your b’day was an especially happy day. May this new year of your life be an especially joyous one!

          Sorry to be late with my greetings. Went away for the long holiday weekend in the U.S. and it took so long to get through all the posts that I missed.

  11. These are lovely photos. I much prefer this light background to the red one they did for Estelle’s. I think Estelle will be as loving with Oscar (she seems the nurturing type) although as Oscar grows they might drift apart because of sibling rivalry and being interested in different games.

    I do remember Kate being criticised for wearing white and as far as I remember the comments were mostly on:
    1. She is trying to be the centre of attention. She went on a “white-only” phase just after the wedding and people thought she was trying to hang on to the “bride” image or just be the centre of attention. She wore a creamish/almost white dress to Ascot, Zara’s wedding etc.
    2. She matched with her mother and Pippa, which reminded people how attached (too attached) she is to her mother and how attention-seeking Pippa and sometimes Carole have been after the wedding

    I also think in addition to a comment above that the clothes seem to wear Kate, we have nothing else to focus on apart from her clothes and how she interacts with the RF in the 2-3 minutes they are outside. They deliberately do the clothing throwbacks with George and she continuously flicks her hair, has her dresses blowing up which just brings attention to her and her clothes, and she doesn’t show much personality or do much work. Diana was also noticed for her clothes as are Mary and Letizia but people quickly move on to what they did when they went somewhere.

  12. I loved this event! This makes the differences between thr SRF and BRF more jarring. This was a family event and inclusive. The BRF gave off a vibe of exclusion. Kate’s dress matched the christening gown and, for me, it was hard to discern the two. I’m not a fan of white dresses at christenings at all. It was white, but you could see the contrast of the two.

    I love how close the Scandinavian royals are. They are so supportive and like a family. The only ones that were missing were Max and WA. You can sense the love among all involved.

    The pictures of Estelle.and Leonore are beyond adorable. I love the way Leonore looks at Estelle. The pic of Leonore giggling was so cute. We got a glimpse of two little cousins sharing a giggle.

    Thank you, KMR, for providing us an Oscar-tastic weekend.

  13. Awww, I am loving the photos of Estelle and Lenore together!!!! Little Lenore has the sweetest smile and she obviously loves Estelle!

    I have to say I’m not a huge fan of these christening photos, simply because it looks like two chairs were plunked down on a corner of an empty ballroom and then the photos were taken. Imo, it made the photos look…umm…somewhat sterile. On the positive side I loved how Victoria and Daniel were leaning toward each other, similar to Carl Phillips and Sofia’s pictures it shows a couple that are close and literally leaning on each other during the first few months of their new son’s life.

    I have to agree with some of the others here when I say that yeah, I criticize Kate for things that I don’t criticize others for, it’s not fair and I try to catch myself when I do it but it does happen. I don’t have a huge problem with the mothers wearing white to their child’s christening other than it’s a bit blah next to the christening gown, but more than the color of the dress I didn’t care for Victoria’s eyelet fabric or Kate’s retro theme dressing.

    1. Lauri, I see what you mean about the setting. Also, thought I’m definitley only an amateur at photography, I’d have tried to frame the photos without the radiator cover.

    2. I may be in the minority, but I liked the formal portraits taken last year for the christening of Nicholas. The colorful green room and Madeleine’s dress made for a wow moment.

    3. I like the setting, but they could have zoomed in more, or cropped the photos to eliminate more of the background. But the overall color palette and vibe of the photos says “happy family”, especially Victoria’s Fil!

      1. I agree Jen, cropping the photos would have given it a more intimate feel. Or they could have added a colorful rug, just something to bring some color in and make the space appear less cavernous.

        1. I thought about cropping the photos so that we could get a better look at the people in the limited sizing my theme allows, but I decided against it for some reason.

  14. To answer your question about Vic not being called out about wearing white, for me it was not an issue because she wasn’t making it the statement/centerpiece to the christening. It was very obvious that this christening was about Oscar, family and friends.

    With the Cambridge christening it was about the pram, Nanny Maria in her uniform, George in his period piece and Kate at center stage. Charlotte was almost an afterthought. Matching with her mother and sister didn’t help matters any.

    Also the looks were very different. Kate’s outfit came off to me as heavier and deliberate. Vic’s was lighter and not so attention grabbing to me. And the obvious joy on everyone’s faces took the focus away from the clothes and on the occasion.

    And along with LizB I’m just not that into Kate and everything she puts on lately sets me on edge. If she had done something these past five years other than focus on her hair, expensive clothing that doesn’t always fit properly and ends up looking inexpensive and the clockwork fly up skirts and manic expressions then I’d look at cutting her a little slack. One should always be willing to learn, but Kate’s time to grow into her position is over. If she hasn’t figured it out by now she never will.

    But enough about her. I love the shots of Estelle and Leonore. They will be lifelong friends. And Oscar’s look of amazement is a joy to see. I’m very happy that the SRF are willing to let the public share in their family and the joy.

    P.S. CG was smiling KMR. The “I’m The King” smile. 😉 It would be interesting to see a photo of CG with CP, Nicolas, Oscar and Alexander. Somehow I think he would be grinning from ear to ear.

    These SRF posts have gotten me through the weekend. I’m on a plane at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to fly home as my mother isn’t doing well. Will try to pop in to get a little bit of joy so I expect everyone to keep the great comments coming please.

    1. I agree with most of what you say.

      Hope your visit home goes ok and best wishes to your Mum. Come here for some stress relief as we all do.

    2. Hope your trip goes well Lisa and that your mum gets better soon.

      I’m curious why so many people feel CG favours CP over Victoria? Is it because he opposed her being crown princess or does he show favouritism in photos? I’ve never paid attention to him before. I remember reading his objection to Victoria being crown princess was because he felt it was unfair to demote CP who was born heir apparent (eligible for crown prince) and give the title to Victoria who was born heir presumptive but he was ok with the law being in effect from the next generation (Estelle and co.). I really hope that was really the case and not that he prefers CP. That would be hard for any child.

    3. Lisa, I’m sorry to hear your mother is unwell. I hope having those she loves nearby will make what she is going through a bit easier.

    4. I agree with you when you said “everything she puts on lately sets me on edge”. I have to hold back with her. The yachting put me over said edge.

      Safe travels to you. Sending prayers to you and your mom. I’m sure you will feel at peace when you are with her.

    5. Lisa, hope your mother is fine and that she recovers well. Always a worry but she’ll perk up once you are there. Safe travels.

      1. Lisa: I am sorry to be late with my words of support to you. I will include you and your mom in my prayers and I hope that things improve. Once you see her, you should be more at peace. Sending much support to you.

    6. I’m so sorry to hear your mom is not doing well. Lots of prayers and good wishes that you will have a safe trip and a nice visit. Sadly, my dad died Saturday. It’s been a rough weekend for us.

      1. BamaLynn, I am so sorry for you and the rest of your family on the loss of your Dad. I hope you find some comfort being with your family at this difficult time.

      2. BamaLynn, I am so sorry to learn the news of your father’s passing.
        Please take care of yourself in this time of grief and remember the happier days you spent with a father, who, no doubt, loved you and his entire family.

        Sending prayers and peaceful thoughts to you and yours.

  15. Estelle is a very winsome child. She has a natural smile and seems comfortable interacting, touching and being involved. I have a feeling she’s the apple of Sweden’s eye, and they are very content to have this beautiful little family be their hereditary ambassadors (because you nailed that KMR–that’s what it is today). Vic and Daniel have done a wonderful job. Oscar is so funny and cute. Wishing I could give them all a hug and congrats.

    1. Sunny, let me join you in congratulating this lovely family. I call Estelle the star of the SRF because I think she shows from this early age how clever, aware and well adjusted she is. She’s also a protective and loving figure for Leonore so in my mind, she’s more mature than her age. I think the SRF is completely safe with both Victoria and Estelle.
      As for Daniel, it’s inevitable that a lot of criticism goes to marry-ins in the early years and I’m sure he got his own share. However I think he proved himself not only in supporting and making Victoria happy, but also in finding his own role. It’s something that in Kate’s case, is still pending. We can’t tell if W&K are happy, which sometimes results in people speculating that their marriage was a kind of business arrangement. Most importantly, Kate is not ‘keen’ to forge a role for herself, other than an appendix to the heir of the heir.
      All in all, I can’t hide how pleased I am for Vic’s and Dan’s family. Oscar was certainly born in light and happiness.

  16. Me, too, on being very taken with the adorable little cousins. It would be nice if the girls lived closer to each other (at least, it’s my understanding that Lenore lives in England).

    On Kate being criticized where Victoria isn’t: I agree with commenters above about there being a world of difference in substance between the two women. Still, at times a different standard seems to apply to Kate. For example, I noticed that in one photo (in the “Ceremony” post, three pictures after the image of Oscar’s crest), Victoria is holding Oscar in a similar way to how Kate held Charlotte when leaving the hospital and was criticized for not supporting her head properly (post of May 2, 2015). Also, walking down the aisle, Victoria carried Oscar in one arm, while holding hands with Daniel; Kate was criticized for holding Charlotte in one arm. This isn’t to say that I think Victoria should have been criticized, not at all. I just think it’s interesting that Kate was, and that some conclusions were drawn about her lack of emotional attachment to her baby daughter. I was quite struck (obviously) by the negative interpretation.

    1. I think that Kate herself considers her status to be above all others. So, she deserves all the negativity she gets and as far as I’m concerned the woman is a worthless ornamental expensive throwback to the long past days where ‘royalty’ could do no wrong and if they did anyone foolish enough to speak of it wouldn’t speaking very much longer. Just my impression. Victoria is human and while I think that the idea of inherited leadership is outdated she is going to do a great job. Estelle looks so much like her mama. (I veered but had to throw that in there). I can’t stand Kate or any snobbish rude disrespectful person who acts like she does. The flashing on her part is I really believe intentional. Anyone can have an unfortunate moment but with her it’s a guessing game as to when, not if, she’ll flash. There simply isn’t any comparison between Kate and any decent self respecting woman, ‘royal’ or otherwise and I don’t see Kate as a lady, let alone worthy of emulation at all. As far as how she relates to her children, I don’t know. I do think that for the most part she has relinquished control to her ‘mummy’ and of course the nannies. I think they’re props and handy dandy little ‘get out of what I don’t wanna do cards’, since from what I understand her skipping the Irish Guards wasn’t to be with them but to get her hair done, but she used them as her excuse for not attending. I’m way off topic so once again thanks KMR for your awesome work and Happy Memorial Day to those who celebrate it. We live right across the street from a cemetery and every year there’s a tribute to our military personnel who gave their lives. This is the last year we’ll be living here so it was particularly poignant this year.

      1. Wasn’t it Anne who opined that those marrying into the BRF get carried away with it all, becoming more ‘royal’ (in their minds) than royal? Kate bought into the status and fame to an obnoxious level, but gives nothing back.

        1. I think it’s unfortunate that in a way, Kate is presented as she is trying too hard to be flawless and aristocratic, so much so that DM was commenting that no one can beat her class (!), as opposed to the York girls.
          Kate -and Carol by extension- had to try harder to hide their lower social background and prove themselves worthy of their new status. It’s basically a sign of inferiority complex.

        2. Agreed! And with Kate unfortunately comes an odious family and they encourage her view of herself and her status. I think they assume it reflects on them and raises them up, but they are wrong. They have become a joke in a lot of ways and it seems like they’ve been forced underground. I don’t buy the DM article about William ordering Pippa around but for sure I think that something’s going on. Kate gives absolutely nothing back **for sure** and in fact is an embarrassment. I love love love the pictures of the two little girls just being themselves on this post, and it makes me sad that in all likelihood George and Charlotte won’t have that chance. Those children are being ripped off.

          1. No, I didn’t buy the William-Pippa story, except as by way of a kind of cover for both Pips and Carole vacating the scene. It’s obvious that they were tipping off the paps as to their whereabouts. I have observed that we have seen a whole lot less of them both lately rolling around London or Carole with George. It’s just Pips at charity events, no Carole. And yes, those children are going to be two uptight little numbers before too long.

    2. Kate was not supporting Charlotte’s head when Charlotte was a few hours old. Isn’t Oscar 12 weeks old? It isn’t exactly the same.

      My husband just looked over my shoulder and saw the photo of Madeleine and Leonore. He said, “Is that Christie Brinkley?” Maddie does kind of look like the former model from 30 years ago. Anyway, he thought she was pretty.

  17. Happy Memorial Day to all!

    Thanks for this post, KMR. Most of all, thank you for bringing our attention to the loveliness that is the SRF.

    I think the reason that Kate is criticized for all she does, is that Kate is lazy and vapid (a quote from QE if I remember correctly).
    We all have that coworker that does the least amount of work possible, while at times using their charm to get away with anything they can. That’s how I see Kate, since she has minimal positive attributes, it’s easy to then be in a critical mode of thinking about everything she does.
    Victoria is like the happy, eager coworker who comes to work to get it done, be a team player, and go home to her family at the end of the day. That is why she can get away with more, she works. She cares. She’s a role model for women. She is not perfect, but when you have all the good characteristics that she has, and you bring a lot to the table, most people will let some things slide, as is only fair.

    I would love to be friends with Victoria and Daniel. Kate has no friends and I think there’s a reason for that.

    1. Victoria does bring a lot to the table. She is engaged, diligent, and makes others the focus rather than unnecessary drama, such as flashing, hair flicking, mugging for cameras and wriggling out of as much work as possible. Victoria has substance to Kate’s complete lack of it.

      1. Yes, yes! Victoria is a shining example of what it means to be a hard-working member of Royalty, who also is a loving wife and mother. She is someone we all seem to admire, while Kate disappoints so many of us time and time again.

  18. OK after reading all the comments about Victoria’s “faux pas” (see thru dress, wearing white, and holding Daniel’s hand and the baby’s head with one arm), I rest my case. Initially it struck a cord in me how Victoria was more or less getting a free pass on all of the above when Kate got raked over the coals for doing the same. (DISCLAIMER: I absolutely ADORE the SRF and gave up faith in Kate years ago now. I wasn’t trying to hate for the sake of hating, but it did seem like a jarring double standard to me, and this blog always seems so fair that I was surprised that there even was a double standard.

    But again, everyone’s comments just remninded me why I love this blog so much. Everyone points out things I hadn’t taken into consideration (age difference between the babies and how they were cradled, how often Kate seemingly-deliberately flashes vs Victoria’s quite obviously accidental wardrobe malfunction, etc). I love this blog because everyone contributes their insights & opinions and soooo often it helps me see things from totally different points of view and expands my own mind. Having a place where intelligent conversation can be had and differing opinions can be hashed out respectfully is why I appreciate the KMR community so much.

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day.

  19. I don’t remember specific criticism of Kate’s christening outfit being white. More that Charlotte was merely a prop in Kate’s costume drama pap walk. Oscar’s christening looked like a loving family event, where the clothes were entirely less important.

    These official photos really bother me, though, because something has gone terribly wrong with Victoria’s makeup. I know she has a large jaw, but it looks like she’s lost her chin here and her bronzer/contouring is some weird extension of her mouth. She looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy and it’s disturbing. Normally I love pictures of her because she’s not a Barbie doll and always looks genuine, so I’m sad that these are so odd.

  20. I can see Princes Nicolas, Oscar and Alexander being close buddies, getting into mischief together when they’re elementary-school age, and teasing their sister/cousin!!

    Also, I *did* notice that CP Victoria’s dress was see-through but I also saw genuine warmth and happiness radiate from her, Prince Daniel AND Princess Estelle. With Kate? Total fakeness all around her.

    Also, Princess Madeleine is the same age as W & K but since she’s totally comfortable in her own skin (and clearly happy in her personal life), it shows in her body language. W & K are the polar opposite.

    Last, WHY is King CG doing that Mona Lisa smile? Like someone else said, if there was a photo released of him with the three princes, he’d be grinning from ear-to-ear! Sigh.

    To end this on a positive note, the close relationship that Estelle and Leonore have is so sweet and beautiful. I’m sure that, down the road, they’ll be close confidantes and ask each other for advice about boys and clothes and whatnot! I can’t wait! Is that weird? 😉

    P.S. It’s so sweet seeing 3 out of the 4 grandparents smiling from ear-to-ear at the christening of their grandson.

    **hums the old Sesame Street song, “One of These Things (Is Not Like the Others)”** 😉 😉 😉

  21. Wonderful pictures of a happy family! Thank you for putting this post up KMR. And it’s so heartwarming to see the closeness and love between Estelle and Leonore- may they always remain this close.

  22. Thank you KMR for these wonderful photos. The photos of Estelle and Leonore are adorable. Leonore is also smiling (sort of) and laugh. My favourite photos of the Christening are the first two. The photo of Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar show a united and happy family. I think the king could have tried a bit more it is his grandson. Oscar is less than a grouch in the photos and his grandfather looks like he has inherited the title. Silvia looks pleased and so does Daniel’s parents. It was good that they were included in the photos. Happy Belated Memorial Day to you all.

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