Prince Oscar’s Christening: The Fashion

Prince Oscar’s Christening: The Fashion

In part two (or part three if you count the open post) of the coverage of Prince Oscar‘s Christening, which took place at the Royal Chapel of the Royal Palace yesterday, May 27, let’s look at the fashion from the royals in attendance: Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, Princess Madeleine, Princess Leonore, Princess Sofia, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Crown Princess Mary.

The star of our show, Prince Oscar, wore the traditional Swedish Christening gown (you can read more about that here if you haven’t already). His mother, Crown Princess Victoria, wore a bespoke white version of the “Emily” dress from By Malina (the non-bespoke version is $290). Victoria wore Kreuger Jewellery “Amiral oval pearl earrings” (15000 SEK or $1,796), a white feather-y Philip Treacy hat, and white Gianvito Rossi Gianvito 105 pumps ($695.00).

I’m not sure I love Victoria’s outfit, but I do love that she went all matchy-matchy with Princess Estelle. Estelle wore a white dress with flower details and carried a a floral bag from Charabia Paris. She also wore her very own white fascinator and string of pearls.

Princess Madeleine wore a pink Roksanda Ilincic “Margot cotton and silk-blend dress” ($2,190), a pink flower hat, and diamond earrings from Queen Josefine’s Diamond Stomacher. She wore nude Jimmy Choo pumps ($595.00). Love the hat; the sleeves not so much.

Princess Leonore wore a blue and white dress and a white bow with her two French braids.

Leonore's braids

Chris O’Neill and Prince Nicolas, who was not loving the photogs.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. Sofia wore a blue Antonio Berardi “Cape-back stretch-crepe dress” ($1,540), carried a blush pink studded clutch from Valentino ($776.40), and wore nude Saint Laurent pumps ($595.00). While I think the color looks good on Sofia, I’m not really loving the dress design. Capes are cool, but I don’t like how the fabric sits on her shoulders in front.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Silvia wore a blush pink dress, shawl, and hat. Her clutch comes from Jimmy Choo (originally $1,450.00, now $725.00 at FarFetch), and her shoes are also Jimmy Choo (originally $895.00, now $447.00 at Neiman Marcus).

Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Frederik.

Mette-Marit wore a green dress with a peter pan collar (Ugh. Adult women need to stop wearing peter pan collars). She accessorized with a diamond headband (love!), diamond and pearl earrings, and an aquamarine and diamond brooch.

Mette-Marit's jewelry

Crown Princess Mary walked in with Crown Prince Haakon. Mary looked amazing – this is my favorite look from the event. Mary went with a black and white silk floral dress from Max Mara‘s 2015 collection. She paired it with a giant navy hat with a cream flower from Susanne Juul, Gianvito Rossi “Mesh-paneled suede pumps” ($308), and earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

Princess Christina was there in an odd black hat-flap thing. It looks like a black clam is eating her head.

Princess Christina

Here are Bishop Johan Dalman (R), Arch Bishop Antje Jackelen (C), and the Reverend Michael Bjerkehagen (L) in their spectacular robes.

78 thoughts on “Prince Oscar’s Christening: The Fashion

  1. Beautiful ceremony : love the children.

    For the looks : I love Mary’s and Estelle’s looks the most. I love the dress of Victoria but not the hat.

  2. I really love the look of everyone, surprisingly. Even Maddies sleeves. Victoria and Estelle, so cute together! But Sofias hat does look a bit odd, the dress is really lovely though.
    Mary looks stunning but can’t help thinking that how many had problems seeing the ceremony behind that big hat. She didn’t perhaps think of anyone else choosing her outfit.
    Queen Silvias hat was a “fun” choice.
    And loved the way Mette-Marit used the brooch. Not to mention the headband! And how nice that she shows her hair is starting to get grey, she shouldn’t have to hide it! I am in my thirties but getting grey already and have started to “embrace” it. So it’s nice to have a young royalty as a role model πŸ™‚

  3. I think Victoria looked good; the dress is flattering to her figure!

    LOVE Madde’s whole look. Fabulous. The sleeves are what make it. I wouldn’t call her flower a hat, it’s more like a hair ornament.

    Everyone else I thought looked very nice. It was a happy occasion and the happiness was just radiating off of everyone.

    The only thing I would quibble is Sofia’s dress and her hat (the hat looks like a round of camembert). I’m in no way trying to body shame her – I just think she should have gone up a size for the dress (it was very tight and looked uncomfortable. I actually felt sorry for her). It would have looked much nicer. It’s something a lot of us women have to do so soon after having a baby.

    Estelle and Leonore both look adorable and their dresses and hair are just perfect πŸ™‚

    1. +1
      I’m so with you on Madde’s look! Pure elegance, face, smile, dress, posture even when carrying Leonore, she just looks breathtaking!

    2. I’m a fan of Madde’s look too! Mary’s dress is nice as well.
      Kind of missing Chris’s sisters and their hats!
      The chapel is beautiful, I’ve seen a photo of the carpet and it’s just stunning.

  4. I like:
    Vic’s dress and think the bespoke, white version fits her better than the one on the model.
    Estelle’s look to match mum.
    Mary looks great.
    Mette-Marit’s headband and earrings were lovely.
    Maddie’s dress but not the sleeves.
    Leonore’s lovely smock dress.
    Sylvia and Ewa’s outfits; good colour co-ordination for grandmothers (with Maddie too).
    Men’s formal suits.

    Not so much:
    Sophia’s dress, the fit and style. It is a shame that she did not keep it for another occasion in a few months. I felt that she needed a looser, better fitting dress to accommodate and flatter her post baby figure.
    Mette-Marrit’s collar.

  5. I adore Princess Madeline’s dress! I fell in love with it instantly BECAUSE of those sleeves! I hope because of her they come back!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I just commented how much I love it too, Anastasia. Maddie can pull this off beautifully but of course those sleeves are not for every woman. Only for the tall and slim I’m afraid!

    2. Lol, I just bought a dress with that style of bell sleeves and had my seamstress take them off! I work on the computer all day and it just seemed that they’d be a giant pain to work around.

  6. Thanks for such a great couple of posts KMR!!! I’ve been waiting for the fashion one for what feels like forever πŸ™‚

    My compliments to all the ladies today, there was almost no crotch clutching today and everyone’s posture was next to perfect! It’s so refreshing to see a royal woman who can stand upright, not twirl her hair or clutch her crotch like something is going to escape from down there. Thank you ladies for restoring my faith!!

    While I thought everyone looked lovely today, there were a couple outfits that just didn’t thrill me. First off, I’m not thrilled with the dress Victoria wore, that eyelet fabric is, imo, just to tween looking for grown woman to pull off. However, it is better than some eyelet dresses I could mention. I actually wish Victoria had traded dresses with her daughter, the appliques would have been perfect on Victoria while the eyelet would have been age appropriate on Estelle.

    I have to say the Estelle stole the crown for best accessories today!!! A simple pearl necklace, a pale pink bag and a cute little fascinator was all she needed today and she pulled it off with aplomb!!

    Trust Madeline to come up with the most creative, out of the box outfit!! Only Maddie can pull off those huge bell sleeves and she does so without looking like a clown. Kudos to Maddie.

    Oh Mette-Marrit, you are so beautiful please quit dressing like you are 100 years old!! While I thought the color of this dress was great on her I think it would looked better as a skirt and jacket instead of a dress, it needed something to break up the lines. With MM, it is always hit or miss, frumpy or fabulous, imo today wasn’t her worst day but other than the diamond headband I’m just not feeling this look.

    While I love the thought of Sofia’s dress today, I think she should have waited a month or so before trying to pull it off. A woman’s body changes so much after giving birth that trying to cram it into such a snug dress isn’t doing yourself any favors. But I do like the color and cut of this dress and the cape is a fun little add-on. I hope to see again, when Sofia is back to herself again.

    The clear winner today was CP Mary!!! The dress, the hat, the shoes, the clutch all came together for one perfect outfit!!! And she topped all that perfection off with a glowing smile and perfect posture!! I truly wish she would take a certain someone under her wing and offer some gentle (or not too gentle) guidance.

    1. A fabric swap between Vic and Estelle. I like the fit and style of Vic’s dress and Lauri has the solution in terms of fabrics. πŸ™‚

    2. Lauri, as always, your fashion sense is amazing.
      I agree that this christening was very good fashionwise because basically, everybody looked good.

      Victoria’s dress although not so chic, was playful and pretty, suitable for a proud young mum. I don’t completely agree with the fabric swap with Estelle though. Estelle did look amazing and like a young lady however I think this fabric would look kind of bride-ish on Victoria.

      I agree Mary’s look is stunning, especially with this glorious hat and posture, but for me anyway, she can’t beat the natural elegance and the photogenic face of Maddie.

      As for MM, I think you nailed what you said about her. The colour and jewellery are fine but this look ages her so much. I would prefer a two piece or an elegant dress. Usually I don’t like headbands on her and I would prefer her to wear her hair up where this beautiful diamond headband would look almost like a tiara.

      And Sofia although beautiful in blue, I think she needed a different dress.

      All in all, this christening was lovely because it was so child friendly and the kiddos were centre stage, even with their fashion. I absolutely enjoyed it and for that reason, I’m so looking forward to prince Alexander’s christening too.

      Thank you KMR for all this coverage of a joyful and refreshing event.

      1. I think Sofia looked lovely. Good on her for not feeling pressured to wear something less form fitting just because her body isn’t back to its pre-baby shape. Unlike Kate who hid away until she was back to her skeletal self, Sofia is getting on with it and is to be commended for her confidence. IMO she is a great body image role model for women and shouldn’t be criticised for wearing a dress she’s clearly comfortable wearing.

        1. Cat, I agree Sofia is lovely, I’m just not a fan of this dress and the way it fits on the chest.
          There’s absolutely no reason for women to hide post-baby and I absolutely disagree with the pressure put on women to defy nature and return quickly to their pre-baby shape.

          1. Hi Cat and Elina, I’m sorry if I offended either of you as I was not trying to shame Sofia for wearing that dress. As I said it’s a beautiful dress and I look forward to seeing her wear it in the future. Nor am I saying that she should be hiding her post-baby body or be pressured to put her body through unreasonable expectations just to conform to societies standards. But imo this dress looks uncomfortably tight, now it might have fit perfectly two days ago but again a woman’s body changes a lot after giving birth so maybe that’s why it was a bit too snug today. Either way she looked very happy and contented today and I’m sure she is thinking ahead to her own son’s christening, hopefully sometime soon.

          2. Hi ladies, thanks for the clarification. I don’t like it when the media body shame women shortly after giving birth. I think Sofia looks fierce, she’s confident with her new body and is radiant, I think her husband has a lot to do with this, he adores her. Perhaps the dress isn’t the best fit but she owns the look, cape and all! πŸ™‚

        2. I agree with every word Cat!

          I took my eye in my hand and looked through the photos again, luckily I can’t see anything wrong with this dress on her now, all I see is a beautiful woman with confidence.

          And this is her first child, she gave birth just over a month a go, maybe she doesn’t even know of all the changes her body is going to go through.

    3. I don’t usually like what Mette-Marit wears. She and I just have too different a taste in fashion. She has worn some really beautiful gowns, but mostly I dislike what she chooses.

      Considering how much Mary and Kate look alike – to the point that sometimes when I see thumbnails of Mary I think it’s Kate – I wish Kate would take some hints from Mary fashion-wise. Not all the hints, because Mary doesn’t always slay for me, but some hints because Kate needs a fashion boost.

      I disagree with you about Victoria and Estelle switching outfits. I think an adult version of Estelle’s dress would look too twee on Victoria, and I think the eyelets would be too adult for a little girl.

      1. I agree KMR, her fashion choices are sometimes too much Little House on the Prairie or way too matronly. It’s funny because of all the royal wedding dresses, her’s is my favorite.

        I think the biggest fashion pointer I wish Mary or any of the others would bestow on Kate would be to carry herself with more confidence. It doesn’t matter what’s on your back if you have the confidence in yourself it shows and imo Kate just doesn’t and that shows too.

        1. Confidence is always the key, isn’t it.
          As for MM, it’s a pity about her style sometimes, because I think she’s a beautiful and cool lady.

    4. I loved Madeleine’s dress too. She was a show-stopper for me and my favourite. Mary was gorgeous but I think Madeleine wins for me because of the colour. Definitely agree about Victoria and Estelle. Those pearls were beautiful on her. Everyone had lovely posture which definitely improved the outfits. I even liked Sofia’s look mostly because she owns it. Everyone looks so confident. Unfortunately Kate’s posture and facial expressions make her seem unsure so her outfits (even the lovely ones) don’t give off the same effect for me.
      **P.S. Unrelated: In the Bhutan tour posts, someone asked about why with Kate it seems like crotch clasping but with the queen of Bhutan, who had a similar pose, it looked elegant. I just realised that Kate’s hands are always tightly and I mean TIGHTLY clasped and held very close to her body, which gives the impression she is uncomfortable. Her posture doesn’t help matters. The queen on the other hand had relaxed hands, her back was completely straight and her smile was genuine (relaxed) not tight.

  7. Is it just me or do those two little boys look a lot alike? Oscar and Nicolas.
    I think that Madeline and Victoria resemble each other quite a lot so it would make sense. The sleeves. Thumbs down. Sofia, the dress is imho silly. Maybe the designer was going for whimsical but missed, and the hat looks like bread dough flattened out prior to rising before baking.

    1. I definitely saw some Nicolas in Oscar when I was watching the ceremony.

    2. Nicolas looks like his father imo, I think Leonore resembles Victoria’s children more than Nicolas.

  8. CP Mary for the win! Her entire look for the day was flawless (IMHO). Second goes to Maddie and Vic comes in third.

    Estelle carried the win for the children. I wonder if Leonore’s dress was another from when Vic and Maddie were children? Nicolas and Oscar are adorable and I can’t wait to see them scampering around while Estelle tries to round them up!

    Mette Marit has wonderful skin. I liked the simplicity of her diamond headband. I liked the color of her dress, just not the frumpiness of it.

    Sofia – when I saw her sitting I thought the dress was interesting. I don’t care for that pancake/pillbox hat she’s got on at all. Then I saw the full length with the hemline and it’s a no for me. The color is very nice on her, but something about the dress just isn’t right for her. Little capes like that are hard for most women to pull off, it’s almost like an afterthought. Hopefully she’ll do better at her sons christening.

    Baby sashes are just soooo good. Too bad christenings aren’t tiara events because then it would have been truly amazing…lol

    1. It’s totally possible that Leonore and Nicolas’ outfits are repeats from the family vault, but none of the sources I looked at have any info on their outfits and when I looked through some old photos for the outfits I didn’t find them (I found one that was similar to the top part of Nicolas’ but it wasn’t the same).

  9. Loved Mary’s look, she is so chic and always dresses well. I might be in the minority, but I loved Victoria’s look. The dress was unique and interesting and I love the colour on her.

  10. Did anyone notice Mary’s curtsey to the King and Queen? OMG, it was perfect, low and slow, none of this quicky bob crap! Sigh….I wish she taught classes.

    1. I love her curtsey. Best one was while pregnant with the twins I think at the opening of parliament. Didn’t even wobble!

      1. Oooh. I would have loved to see that. Mary’s curtseys are amazing. She carries herself with confidence and class.

      2. After seeing the video of her curtsey, I practiced for a few moments and found out doing a correct curtsey isn’t as easy as Mary makes it looks, it’s also quite thigh burning πŸ™‚ p.s. I wasn’t doing it in 4 inch heels either πŸ™‚

          1. I tried it too when I first saw it. It’s so difficult.
            Rhiannon, here is a link to the video:
            She does the curtesy to the queen at 2:52 and Prince Henrik at 3:00. The one to prince Henrik is shown better.
            She was in/nearly in her 3rd trimester by this point with twins and she still did her usual curtesy.

  11. Thanks for the great post. It’s funny my reaction to the outfit choices was almost the opposite of KMR and most commentors- I really liked Sofia’s dress and Madeline’s and Victoria’s, I would not necessairily go out and buy their dresses (even if I could afford to) but I personally thought they were just enough fashion forward to be interesting but worked well for the respective princess. Both the cape and the tulip shapped skirt of Sofia’s dress were really interesting and worked. It makes me want to keep an eye on her future choices. Madeline looked gorgeous and I liked the sleeves (though I don’t know everyone could pull that off!). But my reaction on seeing CPM was that it was one of the few outfits on her I didn’t like. I just thought the dress was blah and not very flattering to her. Not bad by any means as she always looks great but just kind of meh. I do really like the accessories! This does make me thankful I don’t have to dress for the public eye as it must indeed be hard to please everyone! Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Heather, I think the tulip shaped skirt was my favorite part of Sofia’s dress, it was unusual but subtle and will the cape wouldn’t work for everyone imo the fact that it was shorter in the front made it less costume-y and more of an interesting design element. I really look forward to seeing Sofia wear this dress again.

  12. Love the colour of Maddie’s dress, and the sleeves are Ok for her. If I tried to do it and eat, I would have food everywhere.

    I adores Estelle’s outfit and the little bag.

    Victoria looked lovely and fresh as well.

    I loved that colour on Sofia but was not that thrilled with the cape.

    Oscar looked adorable and he and Estelle certainly look alike.

    Leonore is a little doll, a feisty liitle doll but kids should be kids. They are not deigned to sit for a long time, especially at that age LOL.

  13. OH I forgot about Mary. I adored her look, to me she looked the best of the bunch.

    Someone up thread said that Mary could take someone under their wing and teach her some things.

    Trust me, if Mary is anything like me and my friends, she will not sugar coat anything for Kate. We tell it like it is. It could be interesting to see. I have been shopping with a friend of mine and the saleswoman was telling her that she looked great in something but it looked terrible on her so I told her so. I expect her to do the same for me when I am trying on clothes. Of course if something is gorgeous we tell each other too.

    1. Amen! I would rather look like a hot mess in the dressing room. I once wore a dress thought was amazing…until I went to visit my nephew, who is a stylist. He said “Oh honey, no”. I haven’t worn it since. ?

    2. According to a close friend of mine who has worked for her and Frederik on their official residence, Mary knows her mind and is very forthright.

  14. I really loved CP Victoria’s eyelet dress, and it reminded me of a white eyelet dress Kate wore in Australia I believe. But there’s one image floating around where the light shines thru behind Victoria and you can see right thru her entire skirt :(. I harp on Kate so often for wearing see-thru and or billowing dresses, but I never thought Vic would have such a moment. I’m sure it was totally accidental :/

    1. You know, I didn’t mind that eyelet dress (the one Kate wore in Australia) so much because the overall style was very womanly not tweeny also the eyelets kind of faded against the white background. I saw that photo too and was horribly conflicted because as you said I give Kate a lot of crap for this type of thing but gosh sometimes one doesn’t know their dress is see-through until the moment happens.

      1. I know. I’m totally willing to give Victoria a pass because I’m sure she was completely unaware and never intended for that to happen, whereas Kate has soooo many such malfunctions that I almost think she does it on purpose.

  15. They all looked stunning, and so happy! I can’t help but smile along with them, and I’m so glad they televised it – it feels like we were there and are part of this beautiful, happy, normal (kids running amok) family. Well Done Sweden, my love for you is 100% right now! Thanks KMR for some truly great posts of this lovely occasion.

    1. I just saw them! Absolutely adorable and precious to see them hugging and laughing together. My heart just melted.

  16. Even more off topic big article in DM about Harry’s marriage prospects as well as page 3 spread about profligate Will and Kate taking the helicopter.
    Rhiannon Harry wants to marry you , he just doesn’t know it yet.

    1. I “tsk-tsk-ed” that article. Harry needs a hardworking yet loving woman. Some of these young ladies are a bit too “society”.

      I just need the right time and scenario. Hopefully at a gym or volunteer event. He won’t know what hit him.

      However, I don’t think that Will and I would get along. I hate bullies and I don’t take crap. I am very sweet and loving, but fiercely loyal. And all those Harry put downs would wear on me.

      1. If Harry marries the right sort of woman, there will be a horrible lot of jealousy from camp Cambridge. A strong, loving, hard working caring woman….remind you of anyone Rhiannon?

        1. ? She will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. And the press will provide a lovely honeymoon and then tear her down. She’s going to be a strong woman.

      2. I think you would find a tactful and classy way to deal with W&K. Brotherly banter is one thing, but publicly putting down Harry is another. Diana would not approve. I think you could find a way to let Will know, speaking publicly about Harry in a positive light, it is a win for both brothers.

      3. William would fall into line the first time you kicked him in the groin, and from thereon after, he’d behave lest you do it again.

        But seriously, I agree, Harry’s circle is too small for him to find the kind of woman with the characteristics you mention. I hope he has the sense to wait and not make the same mistake as his brother. Let’s hope he sees that marriage for what it is, and says to himself, no way.

        1. Lol, Jen! Then I would face the wrath if the Middletons. They would be cake. I don’t think I could stomach him for long. He’s mean, selfish and so not funny. I wouldn’t want to tear them apart, but remind Harry of his own worth outside of Will.

          And Kate? She would hate me. Goodness forbid if I had both Harry and William’s attention during an event.

          1. LOL, just picturing the look of death Kate would be giving you!!

            That is exactly what Harry needs, someone to remind him of “his own worth outside of Will”, although I get the impression that Harry has enough sense of self that he let’s a lot of his brothers snide comments roll off his back, which is probably why Will persists with his bullying.

          2. You could take Carole, no sweat. And push a cream bun into Kate’s large mouth. Imagine! Food! In.her.mouth! NOOO.

            No doubt Kate and William would give you a wide berth which is highly desirable. I think Harry has grown in confidence and purpose with Invictus and Sentebale; no-one can take that away from him, certainly not William. I imagine Harry has worked out how to handle William and Kate by now. Still hope he can separate himself from them in terms of work; they really are a millstone around his neck.

          3. Have you seen the photo of William and Harry going into Whetherby? Both in their school uniforms. Harry is so sweet the way he is looking up at big brother Will. I think it must be difficult for Harry to see what kind of person Will has become. I wonder how much of that little brother adoration of big brother is left these days.

  17. I loved the christening. It was a very royal, yet gamily event. I was not a fan of Vic’s eyelet dress. But her smile made up for it.

    The tiny princesses were adorable. It is so refreshing to see little girls dressed as little girls. Is it wrong to say that I loved that Leonore’s hair was askew?

    Madde is not afraid of fashion. Only she could have pulled those sleeves. She nailed the look when she first came out with Leonore. She ascended those steps and nailed a killer pose and smile. I hate Sofia’s dress. It’s missing something. The color is beautiful, but I can’t. And that hat? Burn it.

    Mette-Marit’s dress color and accessories are beautiful. I need that diamond headband. I would wear it everywhere. I think if the neckline were opened and the sleeves were 3/4 length it would be fine. Mary is the winner. She just has “it”. She was perfection from hat to heel.

    Honorable mention to the men: Daniel, CP, Chris, Frederick and Haakon. They looked smashing. Oh, and did you catch a look at Oscar’s godfather with the glasses and tails?! If Harry and I don’t work out…

    KMR, thank you for spotlighting the SRF. I so enjoy them.

    1. Mary, Madeleine and Victoria get my gold, silver and bronze placement. Only Madeleine or Max could carry off that dress with aplomb. I thought Maddie looked every inch the sexy, but classy young mother. Great hair for the royal sisters. I like Madeleine with light brown to blonde hair.

      While everyone looked nice, I was waiting for a Wow outfit, like the one Maddie wore last year for her son’s christening.

    1. Adorable! I truly hope these cuties grow up being close.
      I saw those pictures on Instagram and you can see their personalities so well; Estelle is the protector, the guiding one and her loving nature. Leonore is the little fun monkey looking up to her big cousin. ❀

      My favorite college:

      1. Words can’t describe what it felt like looking at these pictures. These cuties together are the definition of love and adorableness.
        My heart belongs to my angel, Leonore.

  18. All of this is just my opinion but I was horrified when I saw Victoria’s dress. Any dress that frankly has more holes than fabric is totally inappropriate to wear in church. I also thought it was rather juvenile for a 38 year old woman to be wearing. It was also kind of ugly. And this was before I saw the picture of her underwear. I am not willing to give Victoria a pass on this one. Kate and Charlene have been slammed for wearing dresses that turned see through in the certain light and I don’t think Victoria should get off just because she seems to be everyone’s shining star. If anything she should get slammed harder because she wore the dress in church. I think it would have been obvious when the dress was hanging on the hanger that there could be a problem. You have a dress that, let’s face it, is full of holes with a thin lining and its all in white. It doesn’t take much to figure out this could be a problem. Actually, I can’t believe the designer didn’t figure it out.

    Like a lot of you, I liked Maddie’s dress but not the sleeves. Maybe if the bell portion had been about a quarter of its actual length or just not there. I thought Mary was the best dressed of the group which is unusual because I don’t usually like her choices.

  19. I thought Victoria looked lovely. I loved Maddie’s look, too. Sofia? Not so much. That dress — the cape and hemline. No! But, I admire her for going out to all events so soon after her delivery. Not easy, I am sure. It will be fun to see Prince Alex at his special day.

    The children all looked darling. I just love Estelle and Leonore. They melt my heart. The babies, too!!!! Nicolas is getting to be a big boy!

    Mary looked amazing. She is just beautiful!

    All in all, I am so glad that we are privy to such special events in the lives of the Swedish Royals. They won my heart and if it were not for this blog, I would not have come in contact with them. Thanks, KMR.

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