Prince Oscar’s Christening: The Ceremony

Prince Oscar’s Christening: The Ceremony

Prince Oscar was Christened today, May 27, in Stockholm, Sweden at the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace. It was a really lovely service, as are all the Swedish services. If you didn’t watch along with us yesterday, you can still watch the ceremony at SVTPlay. To celebrate Oscar’s Christening, almost the entire Swedish royal family came out: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and Princess Estelle; King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia; Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia; Princess Madeleine, Chris O’Neill, Princess Leonore, and Prince Nicolas.

Note: This post got super long, so I’m doing fashion in a separate post later when I can find more ids.

Prince Oscar's Christening 1 s
[Henrik Garlöv/]

Little Oscar was pretty well behaved, which is such a shift from the last Swedish baptism where Nicolas cried through most of it.

I did notice something, though. While Leonore has a permanent sad face, Oscar has a permanent surprise face.

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Crown Prince Frederik, and Crown Princess Mette-Marit all spoke during the ceremony.

Victoria speaks during Christening Daniel speaks during Christening Frederik speaks during Christening Mette-Marit speaks during Christening

During this part, Leonore escaped her mother’s grasp and darted away.


Madeleine helped Estelle pour the water into the baptismal font.


And then because Leonore was Leonore, Victoria had to step in to hold Leonore. The baptismal water was sourced in Öland.


This baptismal font was commissioned by Charles XI from silver from the the island of Sumatra. The font was made between 1696 and 1707, and was first used in 1746 for the baptism of Crown Prince Gustav (III).

Swedish Baptismal Font



Oscar wore the traditional Christening gown. The gown dates from 1906 and is made of cotton batiste and Valenciennes lace (bobbin lace) with a petticoat of satin woven silk. The gown is trimmed with lace at the arms and also includes a jersey of Valenciennes lace. In 1935, a cream-colored silk satin cape was added. The cape features the names and dates of all the royal babies who were baptized in the gown.

Swedish Christening Gown

Christening gown

Baby sashes! Oscar was made a Knight of the Order of the Seraphim and a Knight of the Order of Charles XIII upon birth, and was presented with a baby Seraphim sash during the ceremony by his grandpa.

Prince Oscar was granted a coat of arms and a monogram. Oscar’s coat of arms was designed by Henrik Dahlström and represents his title of Duke of Skåne.

Prince Oscar's Coat of Arms Prince Oscar's Monogram

Oscar has five godparents: Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Madeleine, Oscar Magnuson (Princess Christina’s second son), and Hans Astrom.

Prince Oscar's Christening 2 s
[Henrik Garlöv/]

Here’s some cuteness from the kiddos!

Estelle holding, and resting her head on, Daniel’s hand.

Estelle and Daniel

Estelle’s little purse!

Estelle's little purse

Leonore running around during the ceremony.


Estelle joined Leonore’s side of the aisle for a bit at one point.

Estelle and Leonore

Leonore playing with a toy horse.

Leonore with a horse

Nicolas with his toothbrush.

Nicolas with toothbrush

Maddie seemingly scolding Leonore. Both Mette-Marit and Frederik seem amused.

Maddie scolding Leonore

Leonore tipped her mini chair over during the ceremony. She recovered quickly once she got a binky.

Leonore's fall

The Crown Princess family with both sets of grandparents after the ceremony. Estelle is holding Grandma Westling’s hand.

Prince Oscar's Christening 3 s
[Henrik Garlöv/]

85 thoughts on “Prince Oscar’s Christening: The Ceremony

  1. What a nice event. It’s so wonderful to actually see the ceremony! The flash back to the King and then Victoria, Carl Phillip, Madelines and Estelle’s baptisms at the start of the video was really neat. So fun to get a glimpse of the next generation of the Sweedish royal family. Have any of the BRF’s baptisms ever been broadcast? It would be so nice to see. Especially given the role the Queen and her heirs play in the Church of England, it seems like it should be a public event. Thanks for the post, can’t wait to hear more re fashion! Victoria, Madeline and Sofia all looked lovely.

    1. No, sadly the BRF hold private Christenings, so no broadcast. It would be great to see the BRF Christenings just from a royal watcher point of view, but now that you mention it it would be a really smart thing to do from a “the monarch is the head of the Church of England” point of view.

      1. I wonder if it has to do with the CoE not being down with it. Who knows. That and the BRF christenings seem to be much smaller events and they never invite foreign royalties.

        1. What a joyous event. It was lovely to see the family and all the godparents. I love the picture of Victoria holding Oscar with her father. What a beautiful picture of pure joy. The SRF are very open as well as smart. They open the door to their world. There is pomp and tradition. Yet with them being so open they stay relevant. Just my opinion. Maybe the BRF can take some notes. They do it best with pomp and tradition but they are stiff.

        2. The Swedish ones don’t invite foreign royals either unless they are godparents. There were no foreign royals at Leonore and Nicolas’ ceremonies.

          1. I just love how the personalities of the little ones shine through. There is no highly cultivated PR glossy perfect picture look. The kids are allowed to be kids. That is how it should be

          2. This is true. Could be a cost thing, too; I can’t imagine these public christenings are not extraordinarily expensive.

            I loved seeing the little kids and how engaged they are and allowed to run around and be kids!

    2. I don’t know how it is in Norway but Denmark televise the royal christenings as well. Little Princess Isabella completely stole the show at the christening of Mary and Frederik’s twins.

      Just noticed from these pictures that the DRF also do little thrones for the children – with heraldry!

      There’s also a really cute pic of Prince Joachim’s oldest son Nikolai holding his little half-brother Prince Henri.

      Incidentally, the priest (former bishop of Copenhagen and now Royal Confessor) confirmed me in my faith when I was 14 since he was the pastor in my little town at that time. He’s a really warm and funny person.

  2. The SRF just seems to do these events right! I love that they aren’t wrestling the kids down and let them be themselves. Leonore is just too adorable. Oscar looks so much like his big sister.

    I liked what the ladies wore and that everyone looked so happy. The Swedish christenings are the right amount of royal and family. We’ll never know what goes on in a BRF christening, but I can’t imagine George was allowed to scamper about like Leonore at Charlotte’s.

    Sorry if I’ve said it before, but I love these Swedish babies!

    1. These events are why I love the Swedish kids. We get to see their little personalities shine through during these events.

    1. I loved CP Mary’s hat! Now that is a proper hat – and she had CP Haakon of Norway as a really nice accessory (since their respective spouses ere the god-parents).

      I’m conflicted about Madeleine’s outfit. I generally don’t like fascinators but her’s were rather subdued and well-placed. More like a hair ornament than a fascinator. The colour really suits her but the sleeves were a bit much. She was definitely channeling Queen Maxima here. 😉

      Princess Estelle with her little fascinator, purse and string of pearls just slayed me! She was soo cute. I bet she was emulating her mama.

  3. I thought in some of the pictures, it looked like (to use an old expression) Estelle’s nose was a bit out of joint. She doesn’t seem to be happy that she isn’t the center of attention. As an only child, she was put in the center of everything and this time the attention has been on her brother, who has also naturally had a lot of Mom’s attention since he was born. This is not a criticism, it is just a fact. I have been in her shoes – I was an only child for almost nine years. I just didn’t have photographers taking my picture and people fawning all over me.

    1. Maybe the pictures give that impression, but I watched the whole thing and Estelle didn’t seem like that… I think she just got bored towards the end, and that’s why she started to wander around and then ended up with Grandma Westling.

      1. I agree with LizB. She even ventured over toto Leonore at one point.

        I have a tendency to think that Estelle is older than her years. She is very well behaved, but will still bring the sass, lol! She doesn’t seem afraid of people and of cameras. I find her refreshing. I hate to compare them, but I so wish that sweet Georgie can just be a kid. The closest we saw that was after the throwback christening.

  4. The look Victoria is giving her father when he presented Oscar with his sash- just priceless- actually chokes me up a little. And Maddie scolding Leonore!! Wow, I love these people. They are my kinda people, and I wish them all so much happiness 🙂

        1. Sorry Mri, I didn’t mean to offend you, nor was I making any assumptions. I guess I just don’t see a lot of photos where the King is really and I mean really smiling, usually it’s more of a small grin. I wasn’t really following the Swedish royals back when Estelle was born so I never saw these photos, thanks for sharing.

          1. No, my comment wasn’t directed at you but some people are making assumptions from just one photo. I wrote “other people” in that comment to make it clear I didn’t mean you. But I added pictures to that comment in reply to your comment show that people (not you, but I replied to you) shouldn’t just assume things based on one photo.

        2. No one is making assumptions Mri, we are commenting on a single point in time and not comparing it to anything else. I’m not sure why it got your hackles up, but please don’t go there. We at KMR are huge fans of the SRF ?

          1. People are assuming that just because he smiled at Prince Oscar, it means that he prefers Oscar. I mean people understand his preference based on a photo? I would understand if his words implied it but a photo doesn’t prove that much

          2. Mri, I meant to say that it was nice to see CG smiling as I haven’t seen him interact with his grands like that. I doubt it’s gender preference. It would be like HM giving Georgie a squeeze in public.

          3. Mri: People are making that assumption based on the fact that CG was vocally upset when the government made Victoria the heir over Carl Philip back in 1980 (when they changed from male primogeniture to absolute primogeniture). So there is a basis in their assumptions. Whether or not CG still feels that way and it carried over to his grandkids, I cannot say since he has not said anything about it and I’m not in his mind.

      1. It’s so odd to see Carl Gustaf really smile because we don’t see it very often. He looks much nicer when he smiles.

    1. That picture makes me choke too… I see the little girl in Victoria wanting to please her father and happy at his happy sight (sigh).

      My dad ended with 2 girls and he wanted a boy too…

      I really laughed with that picture of Maddie ? like, “I talked to you about this”

      1. I know, right. I can’t place what expression she’s making but it does makes my heart twinge.

  5. I didn’t get to watch the christening so watch language did the godparents use during the speeches. I love the special cape used in the ceremony where the names of the royal babies are embroidered. Such a lovely tradition & we’ll be expecting prince Alexander’s turn next month. The BRF also has a beautiful christening gown first worn by Queen Victoria’s firstborn but now it’s a replica since the original is old & delicate. Is the SRF’s gown the original one? Btw wonderful job on the coverage. Nobody could have done it better than you KMR! Thanks again

    1. Frederik spoke in Danish and MM spoke in Norwegian, I’m pretty sure. Victoria has a lovely, deep, clear speaking voice – I was very impressed.

      The Swedish christening gown is the original – there was a special segment before the ceremony focused on it and the conservationist who’s job it is to keep it “going.”

      1. Thanks LizB for this info. Forgot to mention Nicholas showing off his toothbrush! That’s beyond adorable! Besides Estelle’s tiny handbags, people will remember Nicholas’s toothbrush. What a memorable day!

        1. It really was wonderful to watch and it was so special because of the children 🙂 I know they’re not perfect, but I’ve become such a sugar for the SRF!

          1. Now I know why Maddie didn’t bring the kids especially Leonore to her father’s birthday celebration. She’s so hyperactive ( as she called her the little adventurer) & she might just steal the spotlight from her grandfather!

      2. One of the wonderful parts of living in Scandinavia is that we understand each other with only a little difficulty because Swedish, Danish and Norwegian are very close. Danish and Norwegian are especially close in vocabulary and grammar but with differences in pronouncian since Norway was a part of Denmark for centuries. Swedish is a bit more different. Enough that I know some Danes find it hard to understand. However, I grew up in a town that is literally right next door to Sweden (the part called Skåne, which has its own flag of red and yellow!). I can actually go down to the beach and have a look at the Swedish shoreline. I also watched a lot of Swedish television so I have no trouble understanding the language. It is more melodic than Danish and it is very good for singing.

          1. Yes.

            Historically, Skåne was part of the Danish territories, along with Halland and Blekinge. These three provinces were lost to Sweden in the Danish-Swedish wars of the mid 1600s. Skåne was particularly Danish-minded so the Swedish kings had a rather brutal policy towards them. Skåne was ruled as a sort of colony until 1720 and there were several rebellions against the Swedes. This was answered with a forceful “swedishfication” among the peasantry.

            In 1811 there was a protest among the skånska peasants against Marshal Bernadotte (he was the Swedish CP at that time) who was forcibly conscripting people. The Swedish army attacked the people – many were killed and several were sentenced to death by decapitation.

            There’s still a small remnant of the Danish identity in Skåne, which fx is manifested in the region’s flag with a yellow cross in a red field – combining colours of the Danish and the Swedish flags.

      3. I was rather surprised by Frederik’s voice, I read somewhere that it was kind of high and squeaky, but today it was nice and deep. I too was struck by how lovely Victoria’s voice is, I bet she sings beautifully too.

          1. Thanks ArtHistorian, maybe it was the actor that played him the movie that was released not all that long ago about Frederik and Mary, that had the squeaky voice? Personally, I’ve haven’t heard most of the royals speak before, having just followed them through the press and photos, so today was really a treat to be able to put voices to faces.

          2. I haven’t seen that movie.

            However, he has really struggled with public speaking in the past but he has gotten much better. I remember one celebration for his mother where he got through his whole speech without any mishaps – and after he sat down Mary just ran from her seat and gave him a big hug. I thought it was very sweet – he has really struggled in that area in the past.

  6. I love little Nicholas’ toothbrush!!! And the little satin bag Chris carried it in!!

    As I said in my prior comment (on the other page) I was really impressed that Estelle was given such a large role in the christening of her brother, blessing the water with the pastor and blessing Oscar along with the godparents. I will admit that part of the ceremony brought a tear to my eyes 🙂 Anyhow, I don’t know if it’s normal in Swedish christening ceremonies to include the siblings like that, but it seemed very special to me. I could totally see Victoria and Daniel requesting that Estelle have a little part in the ceremony, as the big sister.

    Was it just me or did Maddie seem a bit exasperated with Lenore? She is such a non-stop little girl, it must get tiring for her parents. I did ask this question on the other post, so sorry for repeating it, I just thought I might get more thoughts about it here.

    Being able to see this ceremony makes me kind of sad that the BRF always has to keep everything so private. Opening events like this really help those on the outside of the family to feel included, to feel the joy and love in the room and to feel a “bond” with the royal family. Sigh…it’s just sad that the BRF has no imagination for this type of thing.

    1. Lauri, I do think that Maddie was getting a bit exasperated with Leonore. She was probably hoping that the ceremony would wrap up soon as Chris was looking a bit nervous with Nicolas as well LOL. Kids will be kids though and as you said, it is great to see them acting like this. They are not meant to sit still for long periods of time.

      I know that it is so hard for the little ones to sit still and quiet for so long. We went to a Christening in Feb and the church was hot, and the ceremony was very long ( most Christenings are about 30mins in Australia) but this went for about an hour. After about 40 mins some of the kids started getting restless and broke free from the parents and the Priest got quite cranky with them. Thankfully Miss Four who was seated between Hubby and I was good, but she was starting to get very antsy in the last 5 minutes.

      I was beginning to get restless myself and hoping that it would wrap up soon LOL.

    2. Maddie did seem to scold Leonore more here than in the past, but she was pretty chill when Leonore toppled her chair over. I bet Maddie is used to Leonore, the little adventurer, falling down.

      1. She does remind me of my now miss eleven, when she was at Leonore’s age. She would never stop, like Leonore, doing her own thing, walking, dancing, climbing and basically, getting into trouble. She managed to hurt herself so many times in the past while giving me big scares, even fractured two bones, but I dare say this made her more resilient and tough!
        I totally understand Maddie’s efforts to keep her behaved but most importantly also safe and I love our little adventurers and adorable little Leonore!

  7. I loved everything about this. This is the first time that I’ve seen CG smile toward one of hos grands. Leonore is adorable despite falling out of a chair, rolling on the floor, and being scolded by her mother. I love that they let her be her own little squirmy self. I said in the other post that I would have loved a Leonore Camera!

    Thanks for this second post, KMR! This event was absolutely beautiful!

      1. + 1 million for a Leonore camera!
        It makes me so happy to watch what she’s up to every time, she just takes adorableness to a whole different level.
        Having said that, I would have also liked in this televised ceremony to get more of Nicolas. I think we missed quite a lot of him and his tooth brush, his reaction with auntie Sofia and poor Chris’s nervousness and patience.
        I understand the tv director had to focus on the ceremony but my secret personal -and impossible- wish would be a focus on the children! 🙂

  8. I love how normal they are, they seem to have the right combination of pomp and informality which makes them more relatable than the BRF. The BRF appears cold and distant from the public as well as from each other. I’m surprised the British Minarchy has lasted as long as it has!

    1. That’s because the British monarchy is very very old. There’s a kind of inbuilt inertia whith an institution that’s a millenia old. Along with the Denmark, Britain is the oldest living monarchy in Europe.

      Young monarchies and restored monarchies are much more vulnerable. The Spanish one is propbably the most vulnerable at present because ir has only been restored a few decades – that’s why the scandals surrounding the former King Juan Carls and the Princess Christina are so damaging to the Spanish RF and why an abdication became necessary as a survival strategy. The Swedish one is also a mite vulnerable because the Bernadottes are a fairly new dynasty and because the Swedish Parliament has removed any constitutional role from it. As I understand it, there’s also a significant republican movement in Sweden and the King isn’t very popular. Victoria is though, so I think the SRF are safe. it is good that the Line of Succession was altered, despite the king’s protest because I don’t think that Carl-Philip has what it takes to make a good monarch and I don’t think that Sofia would have been acceptable as a future Queen Consort, even in our day and age.

      Furthermore, a lot of the European monarchies earned a lot of goodwill during WWII. The Norwegian RF went into exile during the Occupation by the Nazis. The King and CP to Britain as part of an exile government and the Crown Princess and children to the US (her mother, the Queen of Sweden gave her the gorgeous Emerald Parure in case she lacked funds). Both the British embraced a role as national symbols of resistance to the German enemy. As did King Christian X in Denmark. The DRF didn’t go into exile but chose to stay and they became very visible in the streets of Copenhagen. The king by riding through the city daily and the CP couple by walking and biking round the town. The King also managed to royally piss off Hitler by giving a terse reply to a birthday telegram. Christian X actually really improved his reputation with his comportment during the Occupation because before he was actually quite unpopular since he had tried to interfere with the government in 1920, which is the closest that Denmark has ever gotten to abolishing the monarchy.

        1. The German troops actually tried to capture the king and his family in order to force a quick capitulation (they also tried to capture the members of the government). The king and his family were forced to escape. When he later met with the German representatives he refused to appoint a German friendly government and stated he would rather abdicate. He and the government fled the Germans through the country and in the end they had to go into exile. The leader of the German occupying forces then declared the king deposed.

          In general, the German Occupation of Norway was much more brutal than their occupation of Denmark.

  9. I loved the 2nd post.
    Still have to catch up with video but it’s great that it is still available.

    My favorite picture is one where Victoria and her family, joined by the godparents, step out to wave at the public and they are all taking pictures on their phones.
    Not only was it a televised event, but they had the courtesy of greeting the crowd outside ?

    1. Another revelation for me at this event was the Westlings. They look adorable. I think Daniel looks like his dad.
      I also liked KG, the king, who looked particularly well natured and of course Silvia who I thought looked every bit the proud grandma but also very elegant.
      And what can I say about Victoria? I’m just so happy for her and her adorable prince! May he grow in health and love.

  10. I love that the SRF bring the little kids to all of the events. It looks so warm and real compared to many of the BRF where children aren’t allowed to attend until they reach a certain age. I remember seeing something about how the children don’t even go to Christmas church or eat the Christmas meal at the big table until a certain age due to the Queen’s rules. Children are what add job to these events!

    1. Hi Lindsey, when I was young it was common for the children to eat at a separate table during special and/or holiday dinners. Actually as I recall it was way more fun at the kids table then at the adults table, where someone was usually arguing about religion or politics. Plus, I can see the Queen’s point here, one is all dressed up, sitting down to a several course dinner that might last a couple of hours, not really a great place for little ones and their sticky, messy fingers.

      1. There was also a “kids table” in my family, but only during Christmas and Thanksgiving when there were too many people to fit around the dining room table. During other “dining room table” worthy events, I got to sit there with the adults. But yeah, the kids table was usually the place to be since the adults were arguing about politics and boring stuff.

  11. Hello everyone! KMR thanks for the link yesterday. It was such a wonderful ceremony. I love how the SRF manages to be both regal and relaxed/approachable in their events. The kids were all so adorable and I’m impressed how well Madeleine coped with Leonore. My daughter is the same age and temperament and I’m usually so frazzled/tired 30 minutes into any sit-down event. Can’t wait for the dresses post. I loved the outfits.

    1. Hi, EL, I’m glad you enjoyed watching the event. I love that the SRF events are public.

  12. A lovely post about a lovely event. Thanks, KMR, for pointing out little Oscar’s permanent surprised face. So cute! It reminded me of when my now 37-year-old son was brand new and had a permanent alarmed face (“I felt so happy and comfortable and secure for 9 months, and then…what?! where…?!!)

  13. Leonore has a permanent sad face, but she is such a little pest! I enjoy watching her behaving like a squirming little monkey through al the ceremony, she is a truly adorable child. I also enjoy seeing the nordic RF together and being friendly with each other.

    1. Hi Lauren, seeing how well the Nordic royals get along makes me wish that W&K would try to foster some form of a relationship with some or all of these royals. They are all similar in age, in royal roles and have children around the same age. Imo, fostering a relationship with this group would help W&K tremendously, both personally and professionally, as I imagine each royal has their own strengths that would help the Cambridge’s navigate their lives and roles going forward.

      1. Hi Lauri! W&K are too private to socialise outside family, or at the very least Kate is because we sure don’t see her having around with anyone other than the Meddlesome. It would benefit them extraordinarily, but at the same time I think that they would be too dumfounded at the work that their peers do to learn anything from them. They would be too angry at the comparisons and would probably retreat to Anmer hall or head to Mustique to get over the shock. That being said I do worry about Kate. Specially since Wills threw her under the bus (and made sure that the bus ran her over for good) a few days ago.

        1. Did I miss something? To what are you referring when you say William threw Kate under the bus a few days ago?

          1. Oh. That’s In Touch, though. And the story didn’t even make it to the online version. So… yeah, I have a hard time believing that one. Also, it reads a bit like fan-fiction to me.

          2. Some of the things written I believe. I think that they might have had a few bump in their marriage that seemly got solved during the indian tour (holiday), that Wills doesn’t care and that they are moving to London. What really gave me to think about the article is here the blame was laid.

          3. Add this to the recent articles pointing out that Kate was responsible for her wardrobe for India and another occasion where things weren’t quite right. It definitely appears that a case is being laid out for possible future use.

  14. Thank you KMR. It is lovely as you say that you see the Swedish kids personalities come out. I like the fact that Estelle helped out making her feel that she was part of the Christening and her cousin Leonore just being allowed within reason to squirm. It would be good to see Leonore smile. Oscar looks more alert. I like the way the kids were given things to hold and do as the baptism ceremony must take a long time. It is good to see Mette-Marit who is very unassuming.

  15. Two things I noticed about the men. 1) Fred was gentlemanly about helping M-M with her clutch and whatever was on her chair. Mary should be pleased. 2) I love Prince Daniel, but it didn’t look like he helped Victoria on the stairs when she was walking down the portion without a handrail. I hope I missed it! A little extra caution when a woman in high heels is carrying a baby is a ‘better safe than sorry’ gesture. I know C.P. Victoria is superwoman, but all it takes is catching your heel…

    1. I noticed that as well but I am wondering if they agreed that was how they would make the walk down the stairs – Vic seems to like her family keeping together, shoulder to shoulder I have noticed. So Daniel holding Estelle’s hand and Vic holding Oscar with the handrail to guide. This strategy did not work completely due to the guards located on the stairs so Vic did not have a consistent hand hold. I suspect they hadn’t thought about that.

      Great work KMR. The posts and responses have been a joy to read.

  16. KMR I think Oscar inherited those arched brows from both his parents. On a baby those naturally arched brows lead to the cute look of constant surprise.

  17. Went away fcr the long weekend, so I am now catching up. What a joyful occasion and one the Swedish Royals allowed others to share!

    I’m so smitten with Leonore! She is one little imp. There she goes! She looked darling and acted so –well, so Leonore! Love her. Love Estelle, too. Big Sister looked bored and tired as she rested her head on Dad’s hand. So sweet. She is a darling child.

    Baby Oscar — how darling and how loved all the kids are. Little Nicolas? Just adorable.

    Thanks, KMR. I am tired of complaining about W and K and just ate this coverage up.

    So much love involved in such a special day for this baby! I wish him and his sister and cousins much happiness always. And, the best of health.

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