Open Post: Prince Oscar’s Christening

Open Post: Prince Oscar’s Christening

Hello! Here’s an open post for Prince Oscar’s Christening. I will hopefully be updating this post as a live blog throughout the broadcast, and then will definitely cover everything in detail later.

SVTPlay live stream link

The livestream starts at 11:30 AM Sweden time, with the service starting at 12:00 PM Sweden time. Some time conversions for when the livestream starts: 10:30 AM in London; 5:30 AM on the East Coast USA; 2:30 AM on the West Coast USA; 7:30 PM in Sydney; and 9:30 PM in Wellington, New Zealand.


The broadcast is over. Thank you guys for participating! I’ll be back later today with a full post on the ceremony and fashion and whatnot.

The baby sash moment.

Leonore playing with a horse and Nicolas playing with a toothbrush.


The Crown Princess family leaving the church.

CP family 2

The Crown Princess family with Oscar’s godparents.

CP family and godparents 2

Carl Philip and Sofia holding hands.

Sofia and Carl Philip holding hands

Estelle holding her grandparents hands – Daniel’s parents.

Estelle and grandparents

Baby sash! You can kind of see it.

Baby Sash


Estelle adorableness!

Estelle and Daniel

Little purse and hand holding with Daddy!

Estelle's little purse


Oscar’s Lion King moment



I love Leonore so much. She’s so squirmy and adorable.






Victoria and others said a few words.


During this moment, Leonore ran away. I love it.



Swedish kids!


I love Estelle’s little hat.


I also love Leonore’s braid and hair bow.



More arrivals.

CP family

Maddie and LEonore

I like Mary’s dress.

Mary and Silvia


The family has arrived. Nicolas.


Sofia looks really pretty.

Sofia carl philip


As we were hoping for, all the Swedish babies (except Prince Alexander) will be in attendance, so we’ll get to see our favorite squirmy monkey, Princess Leonore, and we’ll get another look at Prince Nicolas who we haven’t seen in video since his own Christening last October (I can’t wait to see what his personality is like). And of course big sister Princess Estelle will be on hand to keep all the little ones in line.

We’ll also get to see Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Princess Madeleine as godparents to Oscar (along with two non-royals). It’s very fitting Victoria and Daniel chose these three royals as godparents to Oscar since Crown Princess Mary, Crown Prince Haakon, and Prince Carl Philip are godparents to Estelle.

157 thoughts on “Open Post: Prince Oscar’s Christening

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I’m so bored of the BRF, can’t wait to see the children and the elegant princesses.

    1. Me too. I love that the Swedes bring the kids to stuff like this.

        1. YAY! Thank you KMR

          So regal, dignified and loving SRF. Guessing Prince Alex is out until his day of Christening.

          Wow, all royals are beautifully attired as Royals should, CP Mary very lovely without stealing the show from the SR ladies.

      1. Yuck! I hate panic attacks!

        I hope you are feeling better now!

        Look after yourself and good for you for getting through it.

      1. Totally agree.

        Lovely that the older children – Princesses Estelle and Leonora was included at pedestal with the sacred water.

  2. So excited – the colour scheme is clearly purple, the flowers are amazing. So glad it is not going to be bland, bland boring.

      1. It’s really nice, especially for us non-Swedes who don’t know these traditions. I wonder, how big is the international audience for these SRF broadcasts?

        1. Don’t know how many are actually watching (along with me ;D ) but in Finland the christening is shown live and later in the evening a summary also.

          Love love love little Princess Estelle, so sweet. Crown Princess Mary is also very pretty and of course Crown Princess Victoria, she looks very beautiful in white.

      1. Did a bit of Googling, and turns out the lady clergy is the archbishop of Sweden. She also has a wonderful, clear voice.

    1. I know, right. I’d be so scared I’d do something stupid like scratch my nose.

        1. Yep heels and carrying a baby is my worst nightmare. I can trip over in bare feet. I would be a wreck trying to manage in heels and carrying a kid.

  3. Oh dear, it doesn’t play in my mobile and can’t download the app. I will have to go with your coverage, ladies, until I get home. Is everybody there yet?

        1. Isn’t he the spitting image of Chris? Everybody looks amazing! Not thrilled with Sofia’s dress and hat. I love the pictures KMR!

    1. Even with help I bet getting them all ready on time, clean nappy on etc can be stressful.. Chris looks really stressed out! You just get so much love from this family and they seem so happy to share. The BRF really need to move into the 21st century – I think the more they try to keep their children secret the more people want to see them.

  4. Leonore graduated to her own small throne, just like Estelle! Too cute. All the ladies look nice.

    LOVED Vik and Daniel holding hands! I’m such a ridiculous sugar for this family…

        1. She is so adorable. I want to pinch those cheeks. And give her a cuddle. But,I think she would go full “banana back” on me.

        1. Oh I can’t be missing this! It must be heaven!
          And Estelle looks beautiful too and has a pearl necklace!

          1. Alll of the kids are so adorable. Nicolas is playing with a light up toothbrush. I would guess that he is teething.

          1. I hate to compare, but I love how Chris and Madde let her be. A certain family would probably refer to her in derogatory terms in regards to her squirmy-ness.

          2. I know, right. I love that Maddie just rolls with it. And I love that Silvia thinks it’s cute and is so chill about it.

          3. Oh no I love Estelle too – her outfit is just beautiful, I hope it is one that goes in the archives for future princesses. Love her little bag and hat too.

    1. It’s nice to see some mint green to break up all the blush pinks and baby blues… I don’t know much about her, but MM just has such a grounded look to her.

        1. I know, poor thing. A binky fixed everything, though. I’m sure she’s used to falling since she’s so active.

  5. OMG, Daniel and Estelle are just melting me over here. So much love radiating through my computer screen.

    1. They are so great together. I love the interaction between Estelle and Daniel. Hand holding!

  6. Estelle is with Daniel’s mother. I can’t take this you guys. I am so glad that I am upright in bed or I would surely give out right now.

    1. I love that Estelle is close to Daniel’s parents as well. Yes, I realize that’s a bit hypocritical because we dislike that the Cambridge kids are so close to the Middletons, but that’s at the seeming exclusion of the royals, whereas Estelle seems bonded to both sides of her family.

      1. +1 Estelle will know both sides. There is no denying that she will never be “normal” but she will get a good idea of life as a Bernadotte and as a Westling.

        1. Exactly. Victoria and Daniel aren’t faking her being “normal” (whatever that means) by focusing more attention on the Westling side of her family. Estelle is very much a royal and participates in royal duties.

          1. I agree KMR. Sorry I have not got good internet access at the moment to comment much. I think Estelle looked very sweet and regal. Such poise. Leonore and her little expressions I always enjoy seeing. I do like the dresses that they are dressed in. Age appropriate and classy. I like the bows as well. Madeline looks lovely and I like how the kids participate so they know what to expect and how to behave.

  7. KMR, we need to write the SRF and tell them that we all volunteer to babysit Leonore, Estelle, Nicolas, Oscar and Alexander. This needs to happen.

        1. My son is the same age as Leonore – but I think she could give him a run for his money lol

          As soon as this baby is born, I’ll be ready haha

          1. I think we can do it! I am sure your little baby will be taking it all in. Estelle will be our second set of hands.

      1. I will be in line to take over from you ladies when you need a breather.

        Miss Four would have a ball with Estelle and Leonore, She is not as thrilled with boys though LOL

        1. My eldest niece is a year older than Estelle. My second niece is the same age as Leonore. Both of them are blonde though and I am dark haired. I am kind of hoping my third niece is a red head.

        2. Sign me up for the boys – as my friends know ‘ I only do boys!!’ Tanya we can split them . We could have them for a week at the Condo post office….oh actually that might have to be Mary’s kids. ?

  8. Hate to compare, but Mr. and Mrs. Westling are adorable. You can tell that they are welcomed in the family. And they have a special relationship with Estelle. You can tell their focus is their son and his family.

    1. Maybe. I’m assuming it has to do with taking care of Nicolas and not something else.

  9. Thank you so much KMR and all those who are staying up late, or early or sneaking a peak at work – I feel as if we have watched this together. Such fun. Good practice for our top spot at the Abbey, Rhiannon.

    1. Is it just me, Birdy, or does that chapel seem smaller and more intimate than the Abbey? Maybe I should refer to it as a cathedral?

      One of our goals is to befriend Madde. We must have Leonore as a flower girl.

      1. This Swedish royal chapel is definitely smaller than Westminster Abbey. Though this chapel is larger than the one that was used for Leonore and Nicolas’ Christenings. This one is used for the weddings and such.

      2. Rhiannon, the Abbey is huge although not as big as St Pauls, you will have to have a fabulous dress and train. Perhaps the Swedish girls could be bridesmaids? Don’t count on Estelle not squirming off half way up the aisle though.

    2. I can’t wait to do this all over again in a month or so for Alexander!

  10. What a lovely service. I enjoyed each and every minute of it. I can’t wait to see the christening pictures.

    I had a lovely time with you all this morning! A special shout out to KMR for having an open post. You spoil us, KMR!

        1. Nah! I’m guessing either late June or mid-July. I just hope Victoria and Maddie bring out both their kids. Five Swedish kiddos in one room!

        2. Ooh will Estelle have another bag? I think she is going to be a bag lady ( in the nicest possible way) . I thought her outfit was the best of the day.

  11. Oh KMR, fantastic post. The photos are gorgeous. I waited the whole week to see this christening. The SRF is amazing, and the babies are gems. It’s a relief from the Cambridges and a shine to my eyes. Thank you very much. I loved Estelle with the purse, it reminded me Mia Tindall with the queen’s handbag. By the way, I saw Mike Tindall saying that during that photoshoot Mia was being naughty and then the Queen gave her handbag to her to be quiet, and so the photo was taken of Mia with the handbag, and I loved it.

  12. Darn, I slept in and didn’t get to see the live streaming, hoping to see videos later. Okay, who brings a toothbrush to church??? I almost fell over laughing seeing Nicholas with the toothbrush cuz you just know that for some odd reason it’s his favorite thing right now and Maddie and Chris wouldn’t have dared to have left it at home. And squirmy little Lenore, how sweet! I know it’s been said before but I love that the SRF lets the kids be kids while still maintaining some pomp and ceremony.

    I’m still waking up so I’ve really looked at all the fashion yet but my favorite accessories so far are Estelle’s purse and little string of pearls, that little girl already knows to how to style an outfit!

    1. I was LMBO too! His toothbrush!!!! 😀 😀 😀
      They all are amazing parents. You are so right, they let their kids be kids and still have them participate in the royal event 🙂 I’m so happy “we” have the SRF.

  13. Okay, now I’ve seen a few more photos and I have to say CP Mary wins, hands down, for the best outfit of the day. Love, love, love the dress, the hat, all of it is perfect.

    How great that Mette-Marit rocked a diamond headband!!

    I think I like Estelle’s dress better than Victoria’s. Imo, the while eyelet look is a bit too tween for my taste, but this dress is better than most I’ve seen. Loving Estelle’s dress, the appliques are perfect and would have looked great on her mother.

    Have to run and get the dog out for her morning constitutional.

    1. I second your comment.

      CP Mary wins again! Her outfit is beautiful but her personality makes her shine even more: her posture, her poise, her beauty. Mary wins hand down.

      Victoria looks amazing, but I wasn’t too in love with her dress. The eyelet makes it feel too… casual? Something for the beach or a BBQ, summer fun but not a christening. I LOVED Estelle’s dress and thought Victoria needed something like that (like the blue dress she wore for her first picture with Oscar. Estelle’s dress reminded me of that gorgeous dress). I was also loving Estelle’s purse. In all of my childhood pictures I’m carrying my own girly purse lol so I love it.

  14. Darn, I missed the live post so thanks to KMR for the post and for everyone who posted their comments, I can’t wait to see the whole thing tomorrow ( my time).
    Those kids are so darn cute, I love that Maddie and Chris let the toothbrush come with Nicholas to the service!
    Most of all I’m loving the baby sashes! And also the wriggly Leonore, cool and calm Estelle too! I should really say I loved the whole thing!

  15. Thank you for the post. Can’t wait to read the summary of it! I love that they let Leonore just be herself. I can only imagine what the reaction would be if George would do something like she did. Oscar looks a lot like his big sister. All of the babies are gorgeous. Nicolas and his toothbrush!

    I am now filled with the light of the Swedish babies!!

  16. I’ve commented above but will say again:

    Wow – Mary! Amazing. So elegant and beautiful. Best dressed.

    Maddie is sooo beautiful. I truly envy her beauty. I think she is even prettier than Mary and looks gorgeous in that dress. Her look get 2nd place in my book. She is also mom to that adorable Leonore so I have to love her extra for that little one.

    Leonore and Estelle have the cutest personalities.
    Oscar is going to be fun too, lol, I can tell. Nico looks so much like Cris.

    Happy to see this loving family with their extended royal friends. Wish Maxima and Willem had been there too.
    I need to find video 🙁 I missed the live post. It’s PROM season and we were out late ZzzZZzz.
    Thanks for covering them KMR.

    1. There’s a lovely bit early on where Estelle waves madly at Leonore. We do get that from some of the minor Brits – Anne’s grandkids for eg, but our beloved W & K seem to think they are better than everyone else.

      1. Ugh, I have yet to catch up on the video. Hopefully today, before the madness of this week starts 🙂 I’m so going to look for that clip you mention, Birdy.

  17. Gorgeous! ❤️ I look at them and feel instantly better. I don’t even pay attention to the dresses. The emotions, the happiness, the harmony…all of that is so much more important. ❤️?

  18. I didn’t have a chance to watch, but the pictures are just gorgeous. And any day I get to see Estelle just… you know, running the world over there in Sweden- makes me happy!

  19. Antje Jackelén, the Swedish archbishop, is the one who led the christening. She is the first female archbishop ever and first foreign born archbishop since the 12th century. She got invited to the Vatican (no other woman in religious capacity has had the honour) and promotes same-sex marriage, evolution (and science in general), etc. I understad your blogg is religiously neutral place (much like my whole being), but I just wanted to highlight an important person in today’s events. I think she is fantastic.

  20. So, I just got done watching the video and will admit there were moments when little tears of joy welled up in my eyes.

    I loved how Estelle was included in so much of the ceremony, especially the blessing of the water and when all the godparents blessed Oscar 🙂 It was really such a touching moment, I don’t know if that type of inclusion is common in Swedish christenings or not but it was really quite special.

    Was it just me or did Maddie seem a bit exasperated with Lenore? I did raise a squirmier like Lenore and I can tell there are moments when you think you are going to lose your mind. I loved the little satin baggies holding Lenore’s binky and Nicholas’ toothbrush (that still cracks me up, a toothbrush?!)

    On to fashion, for the most part I thought everyone looked lovely and very happy. I really liked Sofia’s dress but wish it hadn’t fit quite so snug. Of course she just gave birth so I’m not really criticizing her but just wish it had fit a tad better. May I ask why she was wearing a pastry on her head? Other than this pastry/hat thingey, I thought she looked great! Mette-Marit looked wonderful today! With her it can always be hit or miss, but today she really got it right. Queen Silvia looked so contented and happy today and that dress she wore was lovely!

    Lastly, I want to compliment all the ladies today for their wonderful posture!! I’m so thrilled that there was no crotch clutching, no rounded shoulders, just straight backs with chins up. Oh and did you all notice CP Mary’s curtesy to the King and Queen??? She should give lessons, it was perfect!!!

    Thank you so much KMR for all the work you put into this post today!! And thank you for covering the other royal houses, it really quite a delight!!

  21. Thank you KMR for all your fantastic coverage. Without this blog, I probably would have never been introduced to this wonderful family, and now they are my favorites ❤️❤️❤️

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