New photos of Prince George; Kate Middleton’s ICPCN letter

New photos of Prince George; Kate Middleton’s ICPCN letter

Here’s some other Kate-related stuff which I didn’t want to clutter the BP Garden Party post with. Kate Middleton‘s message of support sent to ICPCN last week was released by EHospice and it’s longer and more specific than any of the messages she’s sent to EACH. Also, Kate was spotted out and about with Prince George and Princess Charlotte this week.

Kate’s ICPCN letter

I’m starting with Kate’s letter because in all honesty it interests me more than the other stuff. Kate’s letter reads:

    “When families are confronted with the shattering news that their child has a life-limiting condition, their world can fall apart.
    “For those facing this awful reality, access to hospice and palliative care services can transform their quality of life and help families to make the most of the time they have together. I have had the privilege to see this transformational work for myself both in the UK, and through visiting inspirational hospices in Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.
    “With each of these visits, what has consistently been clear to me is that while circumstances and environments can differ across the world – those involved in providing palliative support to families are united in their aim to provide the best and most loving care possible. I have also been struck by their willingness to work together, and have seen the impact this can have. When healthcare workers share resources and expertise across borders, it can transform care services for organisations, and the families in their care.
    “I would like to thank the International Children’s Palliative Care Network membership for being the global advocate for children needing palliative care, and working to ensure that children and families across the world have a chance of accessing this vital lifeline.
    “I wish all the delegates a successful conference and a special time together – to learn, share and plan together for the benefit of children everywhere.”

This letter interests me more than the other stuff because I am genuinely interested in seeing Kate succeed, seeing her get better, and I want to compare all of her messages of support she sends. I want to say this is one of her better ones in that it is longer and more specific, and doesn’t seem to be a retread of all of her other letters. But the punctuation is making me stabby. Considering I doubt Kate writes any of these messages herself, this really falls to Rebecca Deacon. She’s the one to blame for the consistent laziness of the content, punctuation, and grammar. This one is at least better in the content area, I guess.

The photo used with the letter seems to be part of a set of new official photos taken by Chris Jeff of Kate and Prince William. The photos have not been formally released, but those who wrote to William and Kate for their 5th wedding anniversary last month can see another new photo from that set. In case you’re wondering, the back of the card reads: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were so touched that you took the trouble to write as you did on the occasion of their 5th Wedding Anniversary. It really was most thoughtful of you and Their Royal Hignesses send you their warmest thanks and best wishes.”

As for those new photos of Kate with her kids, Kate was seen out walking around the gardens of Kensington Palace with George and Charlotte (who was in a stroller) on Monday before the Chelsea Flower Show. According to Hello:

    “Kate dressed down for her off-duty outing, wearing a full-length blue skirt and matching top. She wrapped a cream jumper around her shoulders and accessorised with a pair of sunglasses.
    “Kate and her children seemed to be accompanied by one protection officer, who held back and let the mum enjoy some private bonding time with her kids. According to onlookers, the friendly royal waved to passers-by as she strolled past.”

Then yesterday, May 24, ahead of the BP Garden Party, Kate was spotted once again out with George and Charlotte. Charlotte was again in a stroller, while George got to sit on the police’s motorcycle. The threesome were out to watch Princess Anne take off in a helicopter. Apparently there were about 300-400 people watching. You can see more photos at the Daily Mail.

Kate wore a Great Plains Cezanne Pleated Dress (£75.00) in Ebony Navy Combo. This is the third Cezanne dress Kate owns – the other two are brown and green.

Kate, George, Charlotte police motorcycle
You can just see Kate’s left hand on the stroller on the far right side of this image.

A photo posted by Kates Closet (@katesclosetau) on

After their duties in London were over, William and Kate took off in a helicopter to head back to Anmer Hall. Even after that ruckus over Kate taking a helicopter back in February they’re still using the helicopter to travel to and from Anmer.

A photo posted by @acagle.2 on

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  1. For the helicopter, honestly I am content to not be British because the lack of transparency about the using of Helicopter and spending money is general will be too much for me!

    See her with the children : I have several questions :
    – I wonder if there will be complains about the pictures of the children?
    – Just one protection officer for the 3?
    – Are they private gardens in KP?

    And I speculate maybe too much : but I wonder if it is just a coincidence or if K and W are content that there are photos and that they wanted to have picture.

    1. There has to be at least 2 or 3 RPOs per royal. This isn’t something up for debate given the location or event. It’s a must.
      So, there’s easily 6 to 9 RPOs flanking K,G, and C, but they’re just slightly out of frame.

      1. I was just wondering where the children are. If they ride in the car separately, that’s so ridiculous. Isn’t the whole point of W+K never working so they can constantly be at the children’s side?

    1. Can barely see the person.

      The same with George behind bars – he look scared of being out around people and do not show that innocence and simple joy of a child.

      1. I think it’s too troublesome for him to handle the kids. He has to catch up on his naptime since he has to go to all those boring engagements later.

    1. Kate and William have been seen everywhere since before India, turning up almost daily in the press and under the flimsiest of premises. The Shamrock incident undid all sorts of goodwill towards Kate and I daresay further entrenched public contempt for her. Many of the engagements have not been received well – India – due entirely to W+K’s attitude to their ‘work’ generally and lack of genuine empathy and interest. Neither prepares, behave less than graciously, and both want to shut down an engagement 20 minutes in, unless it is something they personally enjoy eg sailing. It sets up poor optics and comparisons and reconfirms their care-less attitude. When things are dicey, they dangle the kids in front of us, but only at a distance and only enough to let us know they are still alive.

      The letter above is the very least Kate can do for her charity; she can always be counted on to do her very least. A letter and photo is worthless. The photos with kids are staged and barely visible; again, useless exercise to perpetuate the hands on mother myth.

      A couple of things I found to be curious:
      1. William had no idea he had lots of buxus growing at Anmer. He’s either not observant or not often there.
      2. Kate had to let him know that the Charlotte flower was available at Waitrose. The reason I thought the comment odd was that it would have been the kind of thing brought up in day-to-day family chatter. It all seemed new to William. Both were clearly unprepped for Chelsea, and were gracelessly bored.

      Sadly, like many other others here, I find W+K’s media strategy very forced, very manipulative eg the pet names in public when they look so awkward together. Their patterns of poor behaviour are so entrenched that I can only conclude that that’s who they really are; their PR has to peddle hard to change the narrative, which they are trying to do now.

      1. Hi Jen! I too found William’s comment about the plants…different…I mean yeah most men don’t know a rose from a daisy but is he so unobservant the he doesn’t know what the greenery around his house looks like or is he there so infrequently that every time he visits it’s all new to him? And I’m sorry but I don’t buy for a minute that they call each other “babe” or “darling”…well maybe “darling” because it’s so…from a different generation…so old fashioned? and Kate is certainly not a “modern” woman and William acts like he’s a 100 so yeah maybe “darling”. And after 5 years of marriage they are just now starting to say this to each other in public???

        1. Hi Lauri! Yes, the ‘babe’ and ‘darling’ looks staged as well. It’s out of place and not of their generation. They are cold people when in front of the public. Not to say that royals need to be too formal but it seems oddly out of place in this setting, and it hasn’t been part of their patter before. Maybe that’s why it seems off. The press has been playing it up and I guess that’s the point of the exercise – to humanise them and make them appear as oh-so-in-lurv. They just don’t ring true as a couple.

          1. Jen,
            I’m probably about to come across as being cynical (and believe me, I am since I’ve got a bit of a mean sense of humor) but I’ve got a feeling that the ‘babe’ and ‘darling’ is more of a disguise. They really want to call each other *other* names but can’t since they’re out on public so they use those terms of endearment to kind of dis one another. Just a theory of mine.

          2. I’m with you Kimothy. The sudden influx of “Babe” and “Darling” seems more snarky than loving to me.

          3. Oh Kimothy and Lisa
            Well count me in for Camp Cynical. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s just another game to ramp up attention.

      2. I have to say, I’m no body language expert but their 5th anniversary photo here looks strange? There is a distance between their bodies and they both look stiff awkward.

        1. I noticed it too, Red Tulip, and I am glad that I wasn’t the only one to see how distant they seem of each other. This is not a photo of an in love couple. I found a site that has many old stories (clippings) about Charles and Diana when they were married. And even then the media and the public already was watching the body language and the connection of the couple, watching if there were signs of trouble. And many have noted that there was a great strain on the couple and that Diana did not seem a happy woman, she seemed nervous and anxious, despite the smiles. And in the end it was confirmed that in fact the couple was not happy. And I see the same situation being repeated with William and Kate. Although only analyze what they show, without really knowing their intimacy, I notice that something is wrong with them. If what the public and media have noted in Charles and Diana was confirmed, it may be that maybe this will happen with William and Kate. Although the media is careful to point out problems in the married life of the couple, the part of the public (say partly because the fanatics only see perfection in their marriage) already realize that the fairy tale is just an illusion. Charles and Diana tried to live appearances but failed, and the end of the marriage was very troubled. I really feel that William and Kate do not seem happy, they do not have the luster they had at the beginning of marriage, William always seems tense and as someone mentioned most of the times he seems to either ignore her or be slightly perturbed by her. I see the same signs of distress in Kate that Diana had. This is very sad. I think that Kate, though she seems not to care about the criticism, have full knowledge of them. I think she knows what they say about her, and insecure as she appears to be, I doubt that it did not hurt her. But this was the life she has chosen and will have to live with it until one day she and William have the courage to divorce. And it makes me sad for George and Charlotte, but an unhappy family environment is not healthy for anyone, and William lived it. But to insist on a marriage of appearances because of image or children is a big mistake. It will only bring more suffering. I do not know if Kate has some mental problem, but the fact is that she has a scar on his head, resulting from surgery she did as a child, and it’s been said by her folks that she had a mysterious illness as a child. WildRose once commented that “Kate is 34 yrs old and has created a false image for herself from the start. It is hard to live a lie. “That’s the truth.

          1. C and D’s Christmas cards are great examples of body language. You see love unravel year after year little by little.

            W and K just don’t show that body language. Even for a staged photo there should be Something. They’ve shown it before so we know it’s possible.

  2. Given kids and nanny Maria were in London were they expected to schlepp it back to Anmer in a Range Rover?
    And she was wearing yet another pair of nude courts at the Buck Pal garden party – how many £600 pairs of the very same shoe does this lazy person need?
    Can someone here with an English degree actually apply for a job writing her letters? It seems this is her way of working, so for the love of God, at least get your English good.
    The Royal family need to all get a grasp on reality, so many of them just behaving as if money grows on trees.

    1. The punctuation is wrong because sentence construction is wrong.

      She writes topsy turvy and adds punctuation to make the back to sideways to front sentences make sense.

      If you read her notes aloud, you’ll notice that they are written in speeches. The punctuation is a pause as one reads aloud.

      Further, each sentence is too long and is written in circles before making a point.

      They need someone who knows the English language as well as the difference between written and spoken English.

      The irony of English scholars being taught the Queen(or King)’s English and we have a future Queen Consort who doesn’t know it.

    1. I don’t know. The kids and nanny were not in any of the photos I saw, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

      1. Okay, thanks. I was curious because it would be even worse if Will and Kate took the helicopter while the nanny and kids drove. I am just trying to imagine a car seat in the helicopter :).

          1. I agree Birdy. I very much doubt heir and spare travel in a helicopter together. Insurance premiums for football clubs that have players wanting to commute from London to Manchester are astronomical and some clubs won’t even countenance it because of the higher risks involved so for the Royals I imagine it’s unthinkable. A plane maybe but I very much doubt a helicopter. I think the children went on ahead in the car.

      1. If they do that will just hurt their PR again. I think the best thing they can do is keep pumping out pictures like this and stay silent. Complaining to the media only perpetuates the negative narrative that is following W+K right now. although, I wouldn’t put it past them, their PR skills are horrible.

    1. Absolutely staged, first thing I thought too. Bad publicity lately, cue photos of ‘normal’ mum doing ‘normal’ things.

  3. As for the new photo of Kate, it really is not her best. She is a photogenic woman, but her smile looks really fake there and zoned out. It is the smile of someone saying ‘take the damn photo,’ lol. Which I can relate to. I am just surprised they didn’t use a photo with a more natural smile.

  4. I saw the photos of Kate with the kids and I’m wondering……where was Charlotte? In that small sized stroller was a 1 year old? Unless she was sleeping? (Yup, I’m being skeptical.)

    Also, the pictures of George on that motorcycle are soooo staged. Sigh. I just don’t buy any of it anymore.

    Anyway, hi everyone!!! My 20th transplant anniversary will be in 20 days (June 14th). YAY!!!! That means I leave for Cleveland in 16 days!! YIKES!!! 😉

      1. Birdy,

        I sent my e-mail on May 9th and received a response on May 11th–less than 48 hours!! Here is the response I received:

        “Dear Kimberly,

        How very interesting to read about your experiences with transplantation. His Royal Highness is, as you mentioned, actively engaged in promoting the question with both patronages and, indeed, will this afternoon visit a symposium organized by Scandia Transplant. Be sure to have a look at for the latest update regarding this.

        We are familiar with the Transplant Games and the great work they do to promote, encourage and stimulate. Unfortunately His Royal Highness won’t be able to attend this year, but we are looking into it for the coming games.

        Thank you for taking the time to write as you did!

        Best regards,

        Fredrik Brodin

        Secretary to H.R.H. Prince Daniel
        The Office of H.R.H. the Crown Princess”

        My friend, Jason, was a wee bit jealous because he attempted sending a message to Prince Michael of Kent and received nada hehe!

        1. Oh wow have it framed!! What a lovely reply and let’s hope he comes to another games. How are your feet are the bandages finally off?

          1. Thank you Birdy!

            YES! The bandages are OFF and my legs are now in compression socks. The good news is that I can take them off in the evening hours to give myself a break BUT…..I have to wear them for always. Also, apparently this (my venous skin ulcers) was a pre-existing condition even going back to transplant which means that NOBODY picked up on this over the last 20+ years!!

            Anyway, I got my business cards in the mail yesterday (the ones I plan on handing out to new friends while in Cleveland) and dragged out my suitcase and carry-on (which probably scared my poor doggie, Missy). YAY!!!

        2. That’s a lovely reply, Kimothy. Hopefully your committee can follow up for another games in the next few years. Worth pursuing, finding the funding etc. Best of luck with this. How great that you followed through – that’s gumption!

          1. Thank you Jen! It’s odd that I have this guy’s actual e-mail address. I’m glad he responded (and so quickly) but I don’t want to weird-him-out by writing back and attempting to start a correspondence!

          2. Kimothy, I think the way to proceed is to bring this letter to the committee’s attention in the first instance. If they are interested in pursuing it further, as the official organ (no pun intended!) of the Transplant Games they can commence a dialogue with Daniel’s office via Fredrik. That dialogue should ask what kind of lead time is required to secure Daniel’s attendance at a future Games.

            To hedge your bets, the committee might also have other prominent US people in mind to help bring attention to the Games. I don’t know the costs associated with bringing Daniel out; this can be explored too (eg flights, security, accommodation, per diem etc) and sponsorship sought – maybe from a Swedish company operating in the US and wanting to associate with a forum such as this?

            I’m sure any KMRers working in and around this field could offer some expert advice.

    1. Congratulations! Many people on different pages have commented that Charlotte wasn’t in the pram, but instead a doll was. Most one year olds won’t stand being in a laid down position while awake. They want to look around. Also, wouldn’t she be too heavy to push with one hand in that little thing?

      1. Kimothy:

        What a wonderful anniversary for you. I wish you continued good health and hope your trip to Cleveland is a happy one! I am certain it will be celebration time for you as you keep on keeping on! We will be eager to hear all about the Games.

        Best of everything!


  5. the usual,whenever things get tight,just throw some pictures, this will raise our popularity, also the letters and pictures to her charities are brilliant idea,i should have done that when i used to work,send them my picture instead of going final thing,why is it I never saw her kissing or hugging george,always dragging him,i mean william is seen less with him,but in those few pictures we saw him kissing and holding george tenderly…don’t hate me so much as you all hate william and i seem to defend him,I am just saying what I see

    1. I don’t “hate” you at all for defending William — in fact, I really like your posts about him! I wrote him off as a human being quite a long time ago, and now I’ve realized my eyes glaze right over him anytime he pops up in a picture or article. I never had much sympathy for him at all, but youve stated your reasons for why you give him some margin for understanding very well and it does make me think. I definitely don’t excuse his behavior or anything he’s done, but I do look at him with new interest & new eyes now.

      1. thank you charlotte, it really got on my nerves when the media started blaming him for pippa’s career failure ,what career, and mids were the ones who stalked him for ten years..anyway the man definitely has his issues,something that dear old carol realized and knew how to use,and I think having Kate for a wife was a set back in his life, hope he will find someone who will set him on the right track,I think it’s difficult for kate to change we just have to accept her the way she is , but william can because he was “let’s say a normal person” before being with her,and i noticed that he’s been trying harder and doing things that are hardly covered by the media, the same media that idolizes kate if she as much as sent a letter

        1. Pippa’s career is entirely in Pippa’s hands. To be fair, I can’t see that it is William’s problem what his sister-in-law does or does not do.The BFR does not look too kindly on ‘outsiders’ cashing in on their royal connections, though conveniently turn a blind eye when less-than-immediate family members milk it for all it’s worth.

          It is clear that the Middleton’s have courted media attention for years, even having employed their own PR to help Kate’s visibility prior to things finally becoming official. Pippa got caught up in the immediate fame following the wedding, garnering all sorts of lucrative offers. The main problem for her was that she did not possess the requisite skills/ work experience/ knowledge/ training to pull them off to an accepted standard.

          This seems to be a chink in the Middleton armour: they can swing the deal (eg marriage to William), but not deliver beyond that.

    2. I actually appreciate your view on William. It is easy to blame him for everything, but you always show that he has good qualities too. So thank you :). I agree, it is evident William and George have a bond and that he loves his son.

      1. thank you Overit and Bamalynn , and thank you KMR for encouraging me and giving me the chance to express myself and say what I think is happening.
        Hope they read this blog and william sees that people still believe in him and start doing better and helping people even if the polls say his popularity is going down,don’t listen to them william and keep on working ; and as nothing is impossible , hope kate also realizes the power she has to make people happy just by being there,go for it kate,nothing better than making others happy,this is where one’s beauty really shows, not in clothes nor appearances but the soul ,love you all KMR friends

    3. alia, You have all the right to defend William and I really respect your opinion and I won’t try to make you feel different toward William. Like Charlotte, I never had much sympathy for him at all, but I don’t hate who defend him, I only get angry when people try to picture him as someone he isn’t. Have a great day and a hug to you, dear alia.

    4. Hate and criticism are not the same thing. I really wish people could figure that out. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, but please don’t classify opinions that disagree with yours as “hate”.

      He is a lifelong spoiled brat, she is a lifelong lazy status chaser. Their patterns of behavior over their entire lives show this to me.

      I do not see William as a victim, I do not see Kate Middleton as a victim. I think they are both incredibly selfish and self-centered immature people who do what they do because they get what they want.

      William gets her family that treats him like a god, and excuses to continue to be a brat. She gets the WAG lifestyle and the status and wealth she chased for a decade. They use each other and they are happy to get what they want out of using each other. They are their own worst enemies and they feed on each other in a negative way. Neither is a victim IMO.

      1. notasugarhere,I understand and like your opinion as i read it in other blogs too,and I know william has his own flows , I’m just trying to understand the situation of a prince with the big responsibility of becoming a king and who had a traumatic adolescence and once in university was stalked by kate,whom it was obvious and through the off handed way he treated her he was not so into her,but as you said he needed a family life that her mother was capable of providing but apparently it came at a high price that he is paying now by being miserable,I’m with you it’s his mistake for choosing her but I think he was trapped and became and still is the victim of the perfect kate the media pictured and still are.I am with you he has a lot of flows,and i don’t know whom to blame for indulging him instead of properly guiding a person who will one day rule a great country like britain,anyway it is all milk under the bridge now,but what started irritating me is blaming him for kate’s laziness , the woman who did nothing for nearly ten years,and must have known his personality and all his flows and was more than happy to just be with him and stuck to him in a way he was not able to get away from her,so if she’s unhappy then she made her bed,and she’s not working because she does not like working not because he doesn’t want her to,otherwise we would have seen some achievements during those tiring ten years that she endured while waiting for him…I don’t think he should be blamed for her situation, for his misconduct yes,for what he did achieve yes,but I believe in positive thinking and see that he attended 7/7 memory while she didn’t,same thing with shamrock but I feel sometimes he is ignored and only judged by what he doesn’t do,I can also see that he has been trying harder since he came from india,something that is barely covered by the news.I’m not perfect and nobody is,but we all deserve a second chance especially when we’re trying , I just wish he has better or older assistants who tell him what to do and how to conduct himself,and that it’s better to be himself even if stiff instead of joking,i mean even though he’s 34 but the man still needs a lot of guidance and learning things that expensive schools and colleges cannot provide,things that are only provided and taught by family and close people.
        sorry for my long ranting,and again i really appreciate and love reading your opinion here and elsewhere notasugarhere

        1. Alia, I enjoy reading your posts. You see things in him and bring them to my attention and it helps me try to see the good in people I’d given up on. Thank you for your posts!!!! ❤️

        2. I think William has been indulged all his life. Character is formed in a person by how one responds to difficult situations, errors of personal judgment and so on. But if you never have to be accountable for bad decisions and behaviour, that all difficult ‘issues’ are whitewashed, well then, what do you learn? How do you mature? How do you know yourself?

          William is close to middle age now and old enough to take responsibility for his choices. Like NOTA, I look for patterns. We know that William has trouble with follow through:
          • He changed university courses, and was often drunk/ barely attended;
          • Couldn’t commit to the hard work required in the RAF (nearly got kicked out) and did not see out the full term of engagement, costing the taxpayer some 400,000 pounds for his training and never repaid;
          • His bespoke Cambridge course was seemingly abandoned and certainly not used or useful since at Chelsea he could not identify plants grown in abundance in his own gardens ;
          • He works far less often at the EAAA job than claimed;
          • He disappeared for the first 6 months of George’s life, probably because it was hard work.

          What can we gather from the above? That his messes will be cleaned up with no repercussions. Further, that when advised by family or by paid advisors, he ignores them and does the opposite, requiring more work to clean up the mess he’s created.

          It was William who decided that he would educate Kate in royal ways. He is partially responsible for Kate’s uselessness because he denied her access to people who could actually help her. That he chose to marry someone so unsuitable against advice also plays to his patterns of ignoring advice. William is totally responsible for these actions and their consequences.

          Kate is responsible for herself too. She and her family have been totally committed to ingratiating themselves into aristocratic circles in order to live off the wealth and status of others. In short, parasites.

          Neither William nor Kate are victims, just living proof that over-indulgence leads to chronically immature, selfish and self-absorbed adults. Despite enormous privileges they have done nothing with their lives, just nothing.

          1. “Neither William nor Kate are victims, just living proof that over-indulgence leads to chronically immature, selfish and self-absorbed adults. Despite enormous privileges they have done nothing with their lives, just nothing.”

            + 1 billion

          2. Jen,spot on,but not all people are the same, some are more difficult and some are easier,my friend and I passed through the same difficulty,she came out bitter while i came out a better human who now understands people or let’s say try to understand more than judging them,I’m with you about all the bad choices and things he did or rather didn’t do in the past and that the man has his demons and he is not the easiest of people,but I think william is now learning from his mistakes,i know a bit late but better than never, and maybe now,at 34 he is maturing as he’s been making more effort,especially since he came from india,something i can’t say about our lovely kate,although I still believe that one day she will wake up and decide to be productive,but as I am a person who believes in second chances,I think william deserves a one and I won’t go as far as encouragement but let’s say some recognition for what he is doing now instead of the constant criticism and reminding that he didn’t work , as for teaching our lovely kate the royal ways,I think had she really wanted to, she would have done both learning and working,most of us had this time in our lives of working and learning,especially when you’re young and have the proper help and energy,I believe it’s healthier than her life now,I don’t believe he would stop her working, something i would have doubted had she worked or showed some inclination to during those ten dry years of waiting.Now to his being absent from his son’s life,nobody knows anything for sure,it’s all speculations from the media who have been siding with kate ever since this relationship started , and take it from someone who had been there,nothing is more difficult than living with a partner you can’t stand and it’s quite obvious that he’s not happy with her,and our princess is not that delicate flower she’d like people to think,something that could be seen in the set of her mouth in the rare pictures that show her true nature, which makes me hope he is not depressed and his lack of work ethics is a result of this depression,it’s quite clear he is not a happy man.nobody is perfect,i know i’m not to ask people to be,regrettably i still make mistakes,sometimes the same ones,William is weak,and showed no aim up until now,I only wish people would just recognize that he is making the effort now,no more no less, so if things work, fine , if not then no regrets , you’ve given him his chances.
            I understand your point of view dear Jen even if i don’t agree with you , but at the end of the day we both want the best for them..wish you and all the lovely people here a beautiful evening

          3. Alia, I certainly agree with you that William is a very conflicted man. To move beyond that state, there has to be personal admission to understand his problems and sufficient humility to ask for help.

            Had Kate wanted to, she could have set to work in her royal job; you’re right. She just didn’t want to. I do believe, though, that it was she who made it public that William was largely absent for the first 6 months of George’s life.

            Neither will improve if family does not firmly take them in hand, and if the media continues to flatter them under the flimsiest of premises, so much so that William and Kate think their ‘efforts’ are adequate which they are most definitely not.

          4. The Middleton are social climbers, they wanted their daughter married to The Prince. I think KM and her mother are great manipulators, but they will never outmanipulate William. They dance to his tune, not the other way around. They are all using each other, and as long as everybody gets what they want, they’re content.

            William was 15 when their mother died, not 5. He didn’t lose his father, he didn’t lose his entire family. He lost one parent. He never had to suffer the economic losses most other people experience at the loss of a parent.

            The boys were gotten therapy although many like to pretend that didn’t happen. William was coddled, Harry was thrown to the wolves. William was given every opportunity and freedom in his choice of schools. He has been indulged every day of his life.

            Kate didn’t work for 10 years because she didn’t want to. And because her main goal was to land The Prince. The Prince who treated her so badly, cheated on her openly, and still she went back to him.

            She chose to drop everything at a moment’s notice to do whatever William wanted. She even missed one of her few friend’s weddings because William offered her a weekend away with him.

            He treated her poorly, that was William’s choice. She chose to stay, that was her choice. She could have chosen to have a job, start her own business, and continue to have a relationship with William. She chose to spend her time waiting for the phone to ring, because she feared he would leave her for someone “more available”.

            IMO if William was trying to better himself, he wouldn’t be sneaking around pretending to work at EAAA, still forcing the press and private individuals to delete legally taken photos, and he’d be working hard at royal events. He wouldn’t pretend to be an engaged father and miss things like the first 6 months of their son’s life, their son’s first beach vacation, and their daughter’s first Easter. IMO he is as selfish as he always has been, and he chose a partner who is selfish too.

    5. Alia I don’t hate you or indeed William. The best bit about KMR is that most of the time individuals can give honest, well thought out opinions even if they are different from most other people’s. That is why this blog is so popular with so many intelligent, hard working , busy women and the occasional man. Different opinions challenge our own opinions .

      1. Oh Birdy, I love your outlook and the way you can accurately summarize a situation. You are so right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone here is respectful and intelligent and free thinkers…we open our minds and appreciate the differences and often see a different angle on a situation. I read a quote recently (I think it was from Hilary Clinton) that said, “Don’t take criticism personally; take it seriously” and I thought that so accurate.

        1. That is an awesome quote. Every young adult starting their lives post school and preparing to contribute to society should have that engraved on their brain!!

          1. yes LoriB and Ray , we all need criticism in our lives,which reminds me of a wonderful american coordinator that i had when i was working,she would show the person the mistake he is making and how to correct in the most delicate but constructive way,what i learned from her was better than all the courses and workshops i took afterwards,so criticism in itself is good and we all need it,but sometimes not all people are strong enough or open with themselves to understand and take it,so for better result I’d go for constructive criticism,the way my dear american coordinator used to do it…take care good friends,and hope that your lives are full of positive people and things all the time,hugs to you all

      2. definitely so Birdy , you and your friends here,with your open minds provide a lovely place for discussions,love you all,and wish you all the best

  6. Kate looks gaunt. If I were William I would hand her cheese on toast. She doesn’t look well. In the photos with George and Charlotte in the park she looks thin and hunched over like an old woman and she is too young.

    I don’t know how we got onto the conversation but one of my teenage male students said he liked a thicker woman who can cook. I said, “Amen!” So did my aide. Then, the three of us laughed together that there are men out there for every shape and size woman.

    1. My boyfriend and pretty much every guy friend I have says they like a girl with “some meat they can grab onto”. My boyfriend said he used to find Kate attractive, but now he says she’s too thin. He calls her stick head.

  7. I have to say that’s a really nice official picture of them both. I knew they’d be straight back to Amner but even I didn’t think they’d have the gall to be use the helicopter. I know it makes sense time wise but it’s so elitist and such bad PR. Did they throw us a bone (unofficial pictures of the kids) so we wouldn’t mind so much about the helicopter?

    1. I must be the only person that’s likes it. I know it’s heavily airbrushed but Kate looks fresh and William isn’t scowling. Gosh my bar is set low these days.

      1. Nope, I agree with you. I too like the photo. It looks a little airbrushed, but that is to be expected. Yay, I said something nice! Now I can have a cookie.

    2. I like the new official photos. Yes, they’re airbrushed a bit, but I think these are better than the official photos from 2011 that were released ahead of the Canada tour.

  8. Bull carp on the time-wise issue. Take the train from King’s Cross direct to Kings Lynn – about 2 hours for the peasants. YooHooYouTwo, The Queen does it.

    Delicate, pampered gits are exhausted, can’t be inconvenienced and have to rest up for the Trooping. Yes, I’m in a really bad mood today.

      1. Or, why not stay at Kensington Palace until after Wimbleton? All this back and forth! Or, excuse me, does Kate have appearances to make nearer to the country estate?
        How much was spent on their Kensington digs, only to have them spend so little time there?

        Oh, I forgot. George has school and William has the air ambulance gig.

        Scratch my comments, please.

        1. Just curious: how much time has William spent at EAAA this year, especially since India? Does anyone know?

          1. I don’t think we’ll ever know. Didn’t they replace the director with someone who’s William-connected? He’s probably covering for him, I doubt there will be any more info leaks.

      2. Because the helicopter takes about 30 minutes whereas the car a couple of hours. Also they get blue lighted through the city so probably even quicker. They really are incredibly stupid at times or they just don’t care if the piss off the public.

        1. Also, they are so cocooned from reality and the public hostility to their extravagances. If you’re surrounded by luxuries you start to believe you deserve them. They become your ‘normal’.

          1. I agree. They think they deserve every bit of their extravagant lifestyle and probably never give a second thought to any costs.

            I can’t shut up about it, but that awful 6K lace dress which made the recent debut with the red jacket, will probably never see the light of day. Thrifty Kate will throw it in Princess Charlotte’s dressing up box in a few years and pat herself on the back for recycling.

      3. The best part of a road trip -no matter how long imo!- is the stopping at a gas station for a quick run up and down the aisles to load up on treats and magazines. Hopefully whoever drives the kids home let’s them have that simple pleasure once in a while. And if mommy and daddy are in the heli, will they ever know that Charlotte sucked on a Ring Pop all the way home, and that her brother had sour gummies AND a small bag of chips? Nanny Maria knows that is what wet wipes and an extra change of clothes in the diaper bag is for 😉

    1. But… But… But then they might come into contact with common folk! Who might look at them, try to talk to them, or, horror of horrors, take their photo! You can’t expect these special people to take the train and risk all that!!

      1. The Queen & DoE do but to be fair they do get a whole first class carriage to themselves, greeted by the station manager, driven onto the station concourse to be dropped by car at the train door plus their security detail travel with them. Even the Queen doesn’t rough it in steerage. I expect the DoE would be quite happy too though.

  9. Thanks for posting those candid shots of Kate and the kiddies. How fun for George to get on such a big motorcycle!! The one photo of Kate wrinkling her nose at the stroller, which I assume held Charlotte, made me chuckle as kids get stinky at the worst times.

    Not a fan at all of her new portraits. The smile in both photos looks so forced and insincere. The space between her and William is rather telling, as I recall the first official photos that were taken just before the Canada tour showed a couple who were very close and at ease, where as these photos speak to me of a great deal of tension between the two. And really beige again??? And of course the neck line must be closed up all the way. It seems that Kate has two preferred necklines, either severe and frigid or opened and way too revealing…sigh.

    1. omg, Lauri! “Kids get stinky at the worst times!” So, true!

      Of course, it had to be Nanny Maria to the rescue!

      Unless, it was a stinky doll in that stroller and not the real Charlotte!

  10. The letter was better but they really need a proofreader.

    George is adorable. I don’t think Charlotte was in that pram. As someone else said, it just doesn’t look big enough.

    The photos were definitely intentional. The motorcycle and the little stroll with the kids. If she wanted privacy she wouldn’t have waved at people.

    The helicopter…more of the same. They aren’t giving it up for anything.

    1. Yes, this pram is fit for a baby or at least, a sleeping child. I would think that by now Charlotte has a stroller where she can properly be in the sitting position.

  11. How many clothing changes did she make in one day? The photo where she is holding little George by the hand, while pushing the stroller, is nice — because it’s a gentle hand-holding moment. Not like some other times you see her holding onto him, but not really relating at all.
    Ok that was one outfit.

    Then, the rather staged photos of little George on the motorbike. That’s two outfits. He, btw, is just a real cutie! I’m sure he was in his glory on that bike! Kate, looked terrible.

    Then, the garden party Outfit 3. I liked her hair up with the hat, rather than the ratty look she had on little George’s Christening Day. I’m torn on the ensemble, though. I wish it were a pastel. I also wonder why she chose to wear it again. The christening was such a special moment.
    Outfit 4. Jeggings? To get on board the chopper?

    I have lost track of the day. Was this also the day of the Flower Show? If so, that’s another outfit.

    Wow, busy day, Kate! With our without the Flower Show, which could have been on another day. Sorry, I cannot keep track.

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, I believe these photos were taken on two separate days. She wore the long skirt the day of the flower show and the grey dress the day of the garden party

    2. The long blue skirt fan photos were the same day as the Flower Show (Monday). The blue Great Plains dress was the same day as the Garden Party (Tuesday). The black outfit to get on the helicopter was the same day as the Garden Party (Tuesday).

  12. I’ve got two words for this: pap stroll. When things get bad they trot out the kids.

    I don’t mind the letter. It’s probably the best that they’ve put out. It’s not horrible, but has room for improvement.

    Thanks for the pics of Georgie.I think he’s an adorable little boy. I just wish they would speak better of him. Toddlers can be mini tyrants, but they’re also endearingly cute. I bet his personality is better than William’s.

    1. I agree, I know little boys are challenging I’ve got three ( big now obviously) but they give such great hugs!! Mine didn’t like reading, colouring etc but give them a ball and some muddy grass and they were happy.

    2. I think Prince George is adorable, but since there are large gaps of time between seeing him, he tends to be the *darling invisible toddler prince*.

  13. Visiting hospices?
    15 minutes in a NZ hospice should not be claimed as getting involved with hospices here!

    1. The NZ experience was incredibly insulting to all those involved with the hospice. It takes so much of people’s time to get things ready for a special visit, and there is an air of anticipation only to be let down by Kate, her perpetual running late (it also happened in India so this is pattern) and lack of empathy. I doubt the hospice folk would welcome her back again.
      Clearly, Kate has no interest in hospices – again, look at the pattern of ‘support’ in the UK. I think KP is attempting to paint this cold woman as warm and caring. Not gonna happen.

      1. I didn’t know Kate had a habit of running late. Another example of Kate without a work history and not having learned the professional behavior of showing up on time.

      2. Jen, how terrible.
        So many famous people make it a point to be on time for such appearances.
        Occasionally, I could imagine that she might run late, but if this is an ongoing problem, shame on her. And, for a visit to a Hospice! That is just horrible.

        1. Hi G and Jenny

          The press alluded to W+K running late in India quite often. The incident in NZ as Cathy mentioned was appalling, with Kate only spending 15 minutes there. You’d think she’d make the effort to stay for a reasonable amount of time for such an organisation and sacrifice personal time down the line in order to do so.

          Not ever working or having to be accountable to anyone has hindered Kate’s personal and professional development for sure.

          1. Cathy and Jen:

            Spending 15 minutes there?! My God.

            It’s true. She is clueless. It’s all about her and nobody else!

            I could cry thinking how disappointed those at the Hospice were. All the work that goes into the visit of someone of of Kate’s “Stature” and to think she stays for short times.

            That’s cruel on her part. Lazy, too.

  14. Why don’t they release more official photos? The BRF is so stingy. Content wise for the letter, I dunno, I feel like I’ve heard her make the “transformational” comment about children’s hospices in almost all of her quotes regarding that. It’s curious though that she’s attached herself to that cause again after months of being “energized” about mental health.

  15. Totally off thread but I just read that CP Frederik, CP Mette-Marit and Princess Madeleine will be Oscar’s godparents, along with one of Victoria’s cousins and one of Daniel’s cousins. I am getting so excited for tomorrow!!

    KMR, Please say that you will cover Oscar’s christening ceremony, please, please, please!!!

    1. She has already said she will. Come on Lauri, KMR knows how much we love the SRF and she never lets us down.

  16. Given how rarely Kate and the kids are glimpsed around their residences, the walk and the police bike are clearly pap strolls.

    And the helicopter back to Anmer fills me with rage. Oh, you worked a couple of days so you get to spend 10 thousand pounds on a heli ride? You know what’s actually nice if doing your job and talking to people is so stressful? A train ride for a couple of hours where you can decompress! Except your job isn’t actually awful, you’re just spoiled.

  17. The expense of the helicopter ride home is outrageous. I agree with those who say that W and K feel they deserve the perk. After all, they worked, didn’t they? More than usual.

    If that’s work to them, count me upset.

    I wonder if they “Babed and “Darlinged” each other the entire way home!

    1. I know MrsBBV it’s been on the news all day. I love Winnie the Pooh. Apparently he is actually 94!! The best bit is when he gets stuck down the rabbit hole having eaten too much honey ?
      I love what they’ve done with HM and George.

      1. Can never go wrong with winnie the Pooh

        Hey MrsBBV, I know this off topic, but since I know you like the York girls.Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, attended a Garden Party hosted by the Duke Of York for ‘The Not Forgotten Association’ at Buckingham Palace on May 26, 2016. The Not Forgotten Association, provides leisure and recreation for wounded serving and ex-service men and women with disabilities. *sigh Bea, the girl’s heart is the right place, but her style sometimes…@_@, although the dress seems to be growing on me.
        Also if ya want to know about a site that keeps track of Bea’s events on a unofficial level you can click my blog:
        I know I’m such a dork >.<
        So sorry KMR for going off topic.

        1. Thank you for that, so kind. Such a shame as the papers are being so horrible to the Yorkies this evening but a lot of commentators are sticking up for them. It’s like Diana & Fergie all over again but with Kate versus the girls. I will most certainly have a look. Xx

        2. Ohhh I love Bea’s dress from The Not Forgotten Garden Party!! She really is stepping into a great spot fashion wise. I also wish the press would lay off of them. They seem much more genuine and down-to-earth than Kate and they were actually raised royal.

          I like that Bea does a healthy amount of charity work even though she doesn’t get paid by Her Majesty. They seem to be nice girls.

          1. @Lindsey in DC, I look at like this; they do charity work because they want to, no body has to drag them at their feet to do their duty, they are not even expected to carry out such duties? Sometimes I think their family expects them to, even if its an unofficial level. No one can never say they do their charity work for payment, or can’t even say they do this for attention, though some still do, but fact is their charity work does not get much attention. It’s very humbling characteristics in them

            @MrsBBV The press always has a tendency to put royals against each other PC&PA PH&PW, Sarah&lady Diana, Kate& whomever dated Harry etc

            At the end of the day I don’t really think the York girls give a second thought about kate. I’ve seen them act civilly towards her and what not, (Eug has even embraced kate with a smile.) So while they may not be best friends, they are not enemies, I don’t think.

  18. Off topic LizB and anyone else in France I do hope you are all coping and have enough fuel for emergencies. Thinking of you.

    1. Merci, Birdy!

      It’s been a little inconvenient and we are definitely rationing our car driving, but nothing too bad yet 🙂 My husband’s workplace is running into problems because of unions blocking access, etc. Thankfully, I’m on maternity leave now, so I don’t have to worry about commuting into the big city by train like I used to!

      Can’t wait for the christening of Prins Oscar tomorrow!

  19. The portrait is…what? Boring. Bland. Lifeless. Strange.

    Her ensemble looks oatmealy and something about her face feels off. It seems as if the right half of her face is much fuller than the other half. Bad photoshop? Botox gone wrong? A shadow? Her natural face shape? Am I the only one who can see it?

    1. No Greta I see it one eye is a different size to the other. I thought Botox, but while I am old and wrinkled I don’t do Botox so I am no expert.

      1. I’m not an expert on Botox either, but I think it overemphasizes the asymmetric issues with Kate’s face. No one’s face is perfect, but Kate’s is very different from one side to the other.

        There was a series of celebrity pictures where they split the faces right down the middle and then used each side as a whole face. Kate looked like two different people when they did that.

      2. We all have an angle where 1 eye looks visibly smaller than the other.
        This is extremely common in photographs, but we aren’t always aware unless we stare past a glance.

  20. I’ll agree with everyone else here that the pap photos are clearly intentional. The Cambridges have gotten good enough at staying hidden that I think pretty much every time they are seen in a positive light, it’s planned.

    As for her clothes, I quite like the Cezanne dress. It looks like something I could wear to my office. I’m a fan of patterns. It’s good to see her not in a solid color! The long skirt with the sneakers is atrocious, though. She looks like my crazy art teacher from elementary school who always wore these light denim maxi skirts. Not a good look after 1998. Hoping it was cuter up close.

    1. Kate in the pale blue skirt and white sneakers looks like Julia Roberts character in Sleeping With the Enemy. I think that movie is at least 20 years old.

      What an unusual choice for a 34 year old.

        1. I agree but it looks better than any pair of her skinny jeans!
          About the pap pictures, I also wonder if they are staged. I particularly have to question the way Kate holds the stroller with one hand. This is kind of rare. Usually mothers choose to control the stroller with both hands while the older child is told to hold on to the arm of the stroller. Maybe Kate wants to hold George herself from insecurity or maybe this stroller is a super advanced model you can control with one hand, I really don’t know, it’s just my thoughts.

  21. The George on the bike shots are staged; the ones in KP grounds are real.

    The clue is whether they appear in the DM or not.

  22. I just wanted to leave a quick comment regarding William and Kate calling each other ‘babe’ and ‘darling’. I am not sure whether that was staged or not, but as far as some comments saying that these terms of endearment are not of W and K’s generation, to be fair I am 26 and say ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’, and ‘baby’. I would prefer a man call me ‘babe’ or ‘darling’ than other terms that are more of my generation like ‘shorty’ or, heaven forbid, ‘bae’. I can’t stand that! But I am an old fashioned romantic. I don’t see anything wrong with a young couple calling each other darling. I’m also a big believer in writing love letters with flowery language. I don’t like texts. Also, I believe a lip reader said that when William saw Kate at the alter on their wedding day he said “you look beautiful babe.” So maybe this is what they call each other? I don’t think that’s bad. Most couples call each other cutesy names.

    1. I agree, I think the problem was that it sounded too artificial. And to me it feels like a general affectionate term, not a cutesy nickname between a couple. I call a lot of my friends and family the equivalent of ‘darling’ in my language, but idk, maybe it’s different for native English speakers.

    1. Of course. But then, the real figures are not released either… isn’t the official claim around 30 million pounds per annum when a collection of other sources, including Republic, can point to just over 300 million pounds per annum. The problem lies in lack of transparency and resistance on the part of the BRF to provide full and accurate accounts of how they spend public monies. That suggests (a) the public would not be happy knowing the full extent of expenditure, and (b) there is something to hide. Every other recipient of public money, either an individual or institution, is obliged by law to provide a full and truthful account of expenditure. Sadly, the BRF has successfully campaigned to Parliament for exemptions to full disclosure of how they are spending other people’s money. Appalling.

      1. This is the reason why I’m not gaga over Queen Elizabeth. Bet after her passing, we will find out the full extent of her corrupt nature and spending public money without any transparency. On a serious note, monarchy is an insult to democracy and I hope to see all monarchies abolished in my lifetime, even if they are as seemingly cute as the Swedish monarchy.

        1. I wholeheartedly agree Red Tulip on every point you make. Regarding, “monarchy is an insult to democracy” I’d add to that, “and humanity.” Charles has also driven the lack of transparency with The Queen, and will continue to do so unless there is a substantial and very public review of the whole system. He has used the ‘royal veto’ to be less than transparent with the Duchy of Cornwall. It all boils down to the fact that they’re as greedy and self-serving as other mere mortals.

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