Kate Middleton and Prince William attend Garden Party

Kate Middleton and Prince William attend Garden Party

Prince William attended his first ever Buckingham Palace Garden Party yesterday, May 24. The Duke of Cambridge accompanied Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie (all old hats at the BP Garden Party game). I’m covering the new candid photos of Prince George and Kate’s ICPCN letter in a separate post.

I’m talking fashion first, because I’m utterly shocked by what Kate chose to wear to this Garden Party, and I’m also shocked at my opinion of it. Up until yesterday, there were four dresses I never thought I would see Kate wear again because they are too “iconic” to repeat: the blue Issa engagement announcement dress, her two wedding gowns (obviously), and this cream Alexander McQueen Kate wore to Prince George’s Christening.

This ruffle-y McQueen dress is a bespoke piece based on pieces from the SS12 Collection, and was previously mostly hidden by George’s giant Christening gown. Since we didn’t get a good look at the dress in 2013, I had to base my opinion of it on the ready-to-wear design it was based off of, which I hated because it had way too many ruffles. Even more shocking to me than Kate repeating this dress is the fact that I actually like it. It’s not my favorite Kate dress by a long shot but it looks way better than I thought it did. I like the bespoke Jane Taylor hat, too.

I would have paired the dress with colored clutch and heels (rather than Kate’s LK Bennett “Nina” in trench and ANOTHER new pair of nude heels), and I would have worn a more whimsical earring (instead of Kate’s beloved Annoushka Pearl Drops), but that’s just me. I liked that Kate wore her hair up, too; with it down around the ruffles it would have been too much.

October 2013 on the left; May 2016 on the right.

Queen, William, Kate at BP Garden Party
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

The Queen wore a blue coat by Stewart Parvin and matching hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. HM debuted a new diamond and pearl marquise-shaped brooch.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie also attended (as they have many times). Beatrice wore a £1,695.00 floral silk dress by Burberry Prorsum and a black cocktail hat by Nerida Fraiman. Eugenie wore a £275 skirt from Alice + Olivia and a hat by Sarah Cant. She carried a clutch by Stacy Chan. As is usual with me, I like Eugenie’s outfit much better than Beatrice’s. Also, Beatrice’s dress is way too expensive for what it is.

William at BP Garden Party
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Part of William and Kate’s 23-strong medical team which helped with the births of their children were invited. The team consisted of two obstetricians, three midwives, three anesthetists, four theatre staff, two special care baby unit staff, four pediatricians, one lab technician (in case of blood tests and the like) and three to four managers. This is just the backup staff, by the way.

Given how odd I think Kate looks when she laughs this hard, I would hate to see a photo of me going full-on belly laugh. I probably look like a loon, too.

Kate at BP Garden Party
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate’s staff also attended the event. The woman in pink on Kate’s right is her personal assistant, Natasha Archer; the woman in blue is Kate’s hairdresser, Amanda Cook Tucker; and I believe the woman in green is Sophie Agnew, Rebecca Deacon’s assistant. On Kate’s left is Chris Jackson (royal photographer and boyfriend of Natasha Archer).

Kate with Natasha Archer and Chris Jackson at BP Garden Party
[Rebecca English ‏@RE_DailyMail]

BP Garden Party cakes
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

Here’s a look at some of the cakes BP offered to their guests as well as the flowers in the garden.

BP Garden Party flowers
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

Here’s a video of the event.

124 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince William attend Garden Party

  1. Haven’t they both aged dramatically since 2013? Why would anyone wear suede heels walking on a lawn? The suede on the heels will be ruined after one outing. Mind you she has so many identikit pairs she probably doesn’t care. I never much liked this outfit the first time round, I thought the one she wore to Charlotte’s christening was much nicer and I agree it’s very odd to recycle such an iconic piece. Compliment coming up but Kate’s headwear is the best part of her wardrobe IMO. She does pull out some beautiful cocktail hats. Her go to milliners are all fantastic. I detest fascinators so I love it that the Royals skip that trend by. Not the best day sartorially for the Yorkies I’m afraid…..the price of the Burberry and how awful it looks. Poor Bea because she’s been doing so well of late. I like the fact the Eugenie is a bit more daring with her choices. Why has William never been to a garden party before……they are set piece in the summer Royal calendar and they only have to be there for 2 hours max. I exect the Lazy’s will be glad that Charles & Camilla are back today and they can head off to Amner until Wimbledon starts.

    1. Sorry, I don’t understand. Why can’t Kate recycle an iconic dress? Diana wore that pink flowery dress during William’s christening & she wore the same dress to Australia a few months later. Is this wrong?

      1. It’s not “wrong”, just surprising to me. That’s all. If Kate is in the business of repeated iconic dresses, I’d love to see that blue Issa one again. I really like that one.

        1. Me too. After some of the things she has worn so far this year, I am really beginning to miss the old Kate during her Issa days.

          For someone in her position, I think Kate should try to cover her mouth a little when she laughs this hard. I looks a little rude in this type of setting.

          1. I’m with you, G: I really miss Kate’s styling from when she was single (though I have heard that she was massively channelling Jecca Craig by wearing those outfits).

          2. Kate’s facial features when laughing hard – lots of teeth like a wolf about to eat something, popping (though glazed) eyes, and manic grinning – is kind of grotesque. It looks unnatural. And it seems unnatural too that Kate would be hysterically laughing with people she’s not met before. I doubt they are telling her something outrageously funny in the few minutes they spend with her. Is it the Botox that exaggerates her facial features? Is she over-stretching because it us hard to move her muscles? Regardless, it’s uncomfortable to look at.

        2. I doubt we will see Kate wearing that Issa dress again. The fashion House Issa was bought by the Al Fayed family, and he (Mohamed Al Fayed) has a fight with the BRF, so, as I read, Kate won’t wear Issa dresses anymore.

          1. Oh I had forgotten about that. Al Fayed’s daughter Jasmine had her own fashion label for a while too and didn’t she go into partnership with the lady that owns Issa?

      2. I think it’s an unusual choice and especially as it’s bespoke too. Certain pieces are usually archived as they have a place in history. As KMR says that is one of them as well as the Issa engagement dress. Mind you there are also a bunch of horrors I hope she has archived because a certain Erdem evening dress should NEVER be worn again.

        1. Thanks for the explanation. So do you think they archived Diana’s pink flowery dress? When I look at that dress & Diana’s dresses that she wore before she died, I think Diana has metamorphosised into a glamorous dresser. I doubt Kate will tread the same path.

          1. I don’t know about that dress, but they did auction off a number of Diana’s dress and gowns, which have been on display and auctioned again over the years. Who knows what the palace actually kept.

          2. It’s a really difficult call with Diana as she was renown for giving a lot of her clothes away to her staff, friends and sisters. Mrs Berry, the Highgrove housekeeper says in her book that clothes got incinerated too. Some went to Althorp after her death as well as to her sisters, William & Harry have most but I expect that has been archived on their behalf. I think unlike the Queen who has everything archived by her dressers, Diana was much less constrained. But we do know that William’s baby clothes or some of them have been archived because George was on the BP balcony wearing one of William’s baby rompers. The Christie’s sales were only evening wear so I guess we will never really know exactly where her daywear is but Royal Historic Palaces have displayed some of it as has Earl Spencer. My most favourite Catherine Walker outfit that Diana ever wore was at Althorp exhibition and it was such a thrill to see it.

    2. MrsBBV, the first thing I thought when I saw Kate was why in the world would she wear tan suede heels on the grass? You do realize the answer is because she has about a hundred more to wear when they are ruined.

      I’m not a big fan of fascinators. Kate has some that are nice and some that are just flat out wrong. I actually like it when she wears an honest to goodness hat.

      1. I very rarely buy suede shoes anymore because they are such hard work not to look scuffed and they pick up every bit of wet and grease going. She was the same in India carrying suede clutches they would be stained with sweaty fingers in minutes. Bizarre girl that she is.

  2. OH those flowers are gorgeous KMR!
    We’re there any reports of how the various members of the royal family interacted with the people or what they said?
    And a medical staff of 23? Was that per child or a combined staff?

    1. I think 23 included the relief team too. I gave them a pass for the that as the back up obstetrician was quoted as saying that was quite normal for any birth, the only thing different for Kate was that she was guaranteed the same faces in her teams as they had been pre planned and annual leave, cover etc booked around which team they were in. Normal non Royal births get the same amount but you may not necessarily see the same faces so he said. But as someone who’s never had a baby it seems a huge amount to me.

      1. Another difference was the whole team had to be on call for three months, so no drinking if you are at a party and no leaving the country for the duration of her last pregnancy semester. I too find it too much, but I’m glad she had the best care possible. I wish one day every woman in this world could get the same.

        1. I would think any doctor, nurse, or surgeon who was on call wouldn’t be allowed to drink since they could be called to the job at any moment and they would need to be sober. The only difference here is that the team was on call for three months instead of whatever the normal shift is.

        2. Still at least she didn’t need to have the Prime Minister in the room as she gave birth like the good old days!

    2. I think the staff of 23 was for each birth – so 23 each time. This 23 number is the auxiliary staff, btw, not the ones that were actually in the delivery room.

  3. The top and skirt by themselves are pretty but….why does it have to be beige from head to toe? It is just so very boring. It needed some color in the accessories, bag and shoes, or the hat. This outfit represents Kate in a nutshell, she is beige. Neutral and boring and older than her years. And as for William, well it is about darn time he attended this event. Richard Palmer tweeted something today about Williams approval rating started to go down. I have a feeling the Queen told William he needed to work more after the no show at the BAFTAs, I think that’s when the work shy headlines really started to come out. When Kensington palace was caught in a lie when they tried to say that Williams job as an air ambulance pilot prevented him from doing more royal duties. I think that the Queen stepped in at that point especially after Kate missed the Irish Guards.

    Even if William tries to claim that the Queen let’s him do what he wants, I don’t completely buy that. There is no way the Queen wouldn’t put her foot down and tell William he has to work more. The Queen is still the Queen. I bet she told him to turn up to this event this year. Geez, the more I learn about Will and Kate the less I like them. I just can’t help it!
    Beatrice and eugenie on the other hand, no matter what they wear I still like them more than Kate. I have seen many clips of them on YouTube and they are both really sweet girls. I wish they were allowed to do more. I get the feeling Kate doesn’t get along with them, though. But who does she get along with outside her family, anyway? I heard Kate was nasty towards Beatrice before her marriage. You can still see some tension.

    1. As much as I believe the Queen let them decide their own schedules, I certainly never believed that she ever approved of Chopper and Chutney basically doing absolutely nothing, under the guise of “being with the kids” like Chopper claimed in that interview.

      1. I don’t think the Queen approves, but I don’t see her putting her foot down either. WK may be getting out more, but it’s still way less than what it should be.

    2. Yes, there was a new poll that showed William’s approval rating went down between 2012 and 2016. But so did the Queen’s and Charles’. The 2012 poll was still riding the high of the Diamond Jubilee.

    3. Andrew and Sarah may have made a mess of their marriage, but the raised their daughters well. I like Sarah. Always have. She’s got a big heart and means well. However she tends to make bad decisions that haunt not only her, but her girls. Don’t get me started on Andrew….

      1. And where is Sarah? She made a name for herself in the States years gone by with all her Weight Watchers endorsements. She was everywhere! TV interviews. magazine coverage and radio, too, I think. Didn’t she publish a kid’s book, too? I’m sure it was ghost-written, but still….

        She is back with Andrew? God help her, if so!

        I don’t know the last time I saw a photo of her.

        1. She has Swiss residency now but spends her time jetting here, there and everywhere. I like her too. She has a good heart & soul. Just a bit weak willed but essentially a good woman….too good for that oaf she married. She was in London a couple of weeks ago attending a society wedding with B & E.

  4. I cannot believe she repeated her dress from George’s christening. I know it’s a McQueen, but still. Kate just loves those cream colors. I like cream. Yet it’s not my favorite color. It’s much better than the hideous coat she wore to the flower show. I wish she would have worn a pastel. Take a cue from the Queen. Also add a little bling to your wardrobe.

    1. I know, this mo tone color palette has to stop. She could have accessorized this with a bright shoe, a gemstone broach or earrings, something with color. But no. Not Kate. She can only handle one color at a time, and her feet can’t handle color at all. I like the dress, but I yearn for color. Maybe I’ll start calling her Beigey Katy.

      1. A little wouldn’t kill her. I agree the mo tone palette needs to go. Also she had no concept of the seasons. Let me wear a suede shoe to a Garden Party in May. Who does that? Also her colors and appropriate attire never really match the event. I remember when she wore the D&G cocktail dress for a daytime engagement. She has no idea how to dress properly. Always looks underwhelming. Or overdressed. Here’s a tip Kate just because you have the money to buy this wardrobe. Doesn’t mean you have any clue how to wear and accessorize it. Oh wait Kate has no money. She lives off the taxpayers

  5. This is their first time attending this event?! Why am I not surprised. William’s such a lazy unless nothing.

    Also I know my eyes aren’t decieving me. I can definitely see Kate’s shoulder blades through that horrible McQueen and I wish she would keep her mouth closed so we weren’t forced to be blinded by those ugly veneers and her horrible underbite.

    1. It’s William’s first time. It’s Kate’s fourth. She also attended in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

  6. That skirt is hideous! At first glance, it thought it had crayons drawn on it. At second glance, it looks like my 7 year old’s artwork.

    I don’t have an opinion on the York sisters: some say they are very sweet, and other’s say they are riding the Queen’s coattails and are layabouts (like the Cambridges).

    1. You mean Eugenie’s skirt? It has elongated images of women on it. I actually like it and think it’s a whimsical skirt to wear to a garden party.

  7. I like it for the garden party; surprised it was William’s first time attending…34 years! This is where I sometimes wonder what the rest of the family expected of William…does any one know if Charles started getting exposed to these events as a teen/ young man? I would think that is the time to develop skills easily and readily.

    1. I’m surprised he hasn’t attend one of these either. The York girls have attended several over the years and they’re not even officially working for the family while William is second in line to the throne. And yeah, I like this dress for a garden party; it works.

  8. I really don’t care about the way she dresses,each one of us has his own style although a public princess is required to be elegant at this time and age,nor do i care about the way she laughs ,i’m not perfect to expect others to be,although i wonder why other royalties are never caught in such a situation and if they do why not as often ? but maybe her artificial and shallow approach towards people made people judge her artificially by the way she looks only.Now i have to be fair towards kate and say that she didn’t suffer in her life,which is good for a person,but it is hard for a person who did not suffer to feel with others,i say hard but not impossible,Diana suffered during her childhood and adolescence and this made her a human,who felt the suffering of others and people felt this and loved for it,she was the first public personality to sit on the same bed of an aids patient and hug him,can you imagine kate doing this. people need someone who really feels with them and be there for them and this person might as well be wearing rags for all they care

    1. There are more photos of Kate than there are of other royals, so that may be why Kate gets caught making more crazy expressions than other royals.

      1. I mean royalties across europe who are out and about working every day and i think photographed more than her ,like princess mary,princess victoria or queen mathilde ,even queen elizabeth II , their expressions are always pleasant and not as exaggerated..thank you KMR for your answer

        1. I don’t think those other royals are actually photographed more than Kate, even though they are out and about more. At least on the photo agencies I look at, they aren’t.

    2. I think Kate’s problem is the fact that she was sheltered her whole life (as in not exposed to other people’s suffering) combined with a somewhat narcissistic personality. She doesn’t seem to know anything outside her world and therefore she can’t recognize her privilege.
      While empathy comes easier to some, like Diana and Harry, I really think it can be learned. It’s a shame that someone in her position doesn’t want to do the effort.

      1. a real shame Paula,especially that her being there only,let’s say once a week would make a world’s difference for those in need

  9. I have nothing to say about them : I am bored with them. I don’t like “humor” from William and I wait to hear something intelligent from Kate (in small talk or in a good presented speech). About her clothes : I don’t care, the style is personnal.
    Here I don’t like her dress.

    About first time for William : read the discussion from Richard Palmer : some people were stunned that it was the first time for William to attend a BP garden party at 33 years old. So he says : Harry doesn’t attend a State Dinner at 31 years old but when some people say that Will and Kate just attend one State dinner last year, he doesn’t answer. -> Read the discussion on Twitter, I just give a quick resume.

    Harry will make a concert for Sentebale in June with Coldplay!!

    On another note, for Kate’s fans there is a video of sailing of Kate….

  10. When I first saw the photo of everyone standing on the top of the steps and I saw the York Girls: I put my head down on my desk and said no no please no. WHAT are they thinking? How can they get it wrong time after time? I don’t like making fun of them but by goodness they are like caricatures of themselves. It’s exactly like Cinderella and the two stepsisters, and they do it to themselves! They are both such pretty girls, why can’t they get it right? Oh well..
    I love the photo of the little pink cakes, I’ll take one or two or six! Kate looked nice. William dressed up nice too.

    1. Yes Jules, I agree with you. I was told that I was a bit harsh when I described them as the ugly sisters & frumpy but their choice in their attire makes me shake my head. They may have wonderful personalities but who would know that from their appearance? Sorry if I’ve offended the fans of Beatrice & Eugenie but I just don’t like their outfits.

      1. Hi Ida, personally I have no problem if you want to criticize B & E’s outfits and call the outfits ugly or frumpy, I just don’t think we should be calling the girls ugly. Just my two cents.

        1. Sorry, Lauri from Ca if I gave the wrong impression.”Ugly sisters” was about their clothes, not their personalities. I’m sure they’re lovely & sweet girls but in the public eye people are going to comment everything about them – good or bad. Sorry again if I’ve offended anyone.

  11. I thought Kate looked nice. I actually don’t mind the nude heels with this outfit. The nude pumps give off a very wealthy look with the cream. The problem is Kate only ever wears nude heels. I can’t believe she bought another new pair! If she changed up her shoe game, maybe then we wouldn’t dread her nude pumps so much.

    Natasha is very pretty. I think she looked nice as well. And Chris Jackson is a handsome man! They are very nice looking couple. I wonder if Kate gets jealous? I do find it strange that she talked to her ‘friends’ at the garden party when so many people are attending waiting to talk to a royal.

    1. When Kate was in New York at a fund-raising event (St Andrews?), she did the same thing: spending a substantial amount of time talking to people she knew as opposed to guests who had paid a lot of money to meet her. They were pissed off, understandably. It was rude behaviour on Kate’s part. She’s not a warm person so these events are awkward. If she could phone it in – or send a letter – she would!

  12. Hi everyone! This has always been my idea of meeting the queen. I’ve always imagined if the queen was to invite me (lol) it would be for a garden party or for high tea. 😉

    Back to earth now, the cakes look yum and the matching (!) flowers beautiful! Poor Kate repeats the whole look of George’s christening, except the hair. She should have definitely accessorised with a coloured hat and shoes, ideally of a warm orange. Instead, her look is like a throwback to the christening so comparisons are unavoidable. I’m afraid her back looks frighteningly thin and almost with a hunchback. Could you make out her small talk in the video? I didn’t catch a lot. And are these fun events supposed to be counted as work for W&K?

    As for the queen, I always love her in blue. Honest question: does she ever repeat?

    1. No, I can’t tell what she’s saying in the video. I tried, and got a few words here and there, but she mumbles so much I can’t make it out.

      Yes, the Queen repeats clothes frequently.

    2. The Queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly, is absolutely brilliant at her job. She manages to make the Queens repeats look quite different by use of different hats, jewellery etc..Kate really does need her own Angela Kelly.

    3. This is the part I could make out in the video:

      “At some point you have to go. They have fantastic wines, amazing landscape and scenery. Great Beaches…..I know! There is a lot that is very tempting.”

  13. Something I don’t understand: Kate obviously works really hard to stay as thin as she is. Why then does she choose really full skirts in order to make her figure looks more curvy? Like this skirt is really full as was the garden party skirt, which she does a lot (that is why her skirt always flies up). She is making herself so thin, yet dresses to make it appear she has hips. If she didn’t push herself so hard she wouldn’t have to fake the figure. I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyone else????

    1. I think she has no control over herself pushing herself and knows she cannot publicly look too thin. They are designed to hide it. I agree with you, it is very contradictory. But this is the same woman that needed padding at her hips for her wedding dress. She knows what a woman’s body should look like, and equally knows hers doesn’t.

  14. I thought the extent of the peplum and the skirt are horrible. I liked the McQueen much better when it was just waist up.

    1. Me too. I also think she could have worn another dress to change the look of the original, iconic outfit. Not a fan of the frilly skirt.

      1. It’s the frills down the front I don’t like. Kate obviously does because she has another cream (surprise!) dress with the frill. To me it just doesn’t flatter her shape. I would wear the bottom with a colourful, simple, unfussy jacket or blouse.
        Who remembers the cardboard cut out dolls where you dressed them by putting on the clothes with the flaps to keep them in place? If Kate had a Kate doll with all her outfits she could try mixing and matching to get different looks.

        1. I remember the dolls! Your comment is so funny. I can imagine Kate with her colouring books, crayons and paper dolls playing on the floor of her compound.

  15. I forgot to add that I LOVE Kate’s big belly laugh. I am a big laugh-er myself. I adore her big expressions! Also I am so grateful I don’t have to get dressed up for tea parties. Except for the food. I would love the food!

    1. The only problem I have with her big laughs is that she is usually the only one in that state of hysterics. It’s just too over the top when she pulls it out.

      1. She seems to exaggerate everything! She knows that the cameras are always on her but showing maniacal expressions are just too much.

      2. It’s very fake. Everyone is usually serious or maybe smiling but she’s cackling like a hyena. So disconcerting and strange.

        1. It would appear more genuine if she didn’t always laugh like that & saved it for an appropriate time, i.e. when others are also laughing hysterically.

  16. Overit, it’s a good question but my humble opinion is that Kate is not after faking her figure. I think she’s happy being that thin and honestly, it would be very difficult to find a style that really compliments her tiny frame.
    In our eyes, the fuller skirts are balancing her silhouette like the high waists do. We have seen her also in the slim dresses and she looked good, that is when the dress was not hanging on her. At this point, I can’t imagine Kate wearing anything that is not bespoke, no matter the style.
    Her being so thin, my only advice for her would be to take lessons from Letizia and start wearing suites and proper trousers. Maybe that would work better for her.
    Sorry that my answer appeared here.

    1. Yes Letizia is extremely slim, but very toned and her clothes fit like a glove. I assume they are almost all tailored for her and she has found a trouser style in Hugo Boss that fits her well. Kate needs to learn about tailoring even her bespoke stuff seems too big or ill fitting often.

  17. I love Beatrice’s dress and hat, great take on the monochromatic look! And while I like the idea of Eugenie’s dress I’m not thrilled with the finished product, however I do love the color and whimsy of her hat. The Queen as always looks beautiful, that new brooch is quite delicate and looks great with the color of her coat.

    Kate looks blah and boring as usual, beige, beige, beige! I really feel bad for some of the designers chosen by the Duchess as her styling of their creations, her poor posture and compulsive crotch clutching really ruin the lines and fit of these outfits.

    So I don’t understand why her assistants and her hairdresser were chosen to speak to the Duchess when they probably speak to her every day. What about the people who actually contribute something to society?

    1. It seems really odd to me that Kate’s office staff – and boyfriend/pet photographer – got to go to the garden party as official guests.

    2. Lauri I said the same thing up above, that she stopped to talk to her people. I am glad I am not the only one who found that strange. They talk to you everyday! Give someone else a chance. I wonder if it is because she needed to get her bearings first before talking to strangers?

      1. Looking at Natasha’s outfit I can see why Kate thinks dressing head to toe in one color is the thing to do. I actually like the outfit on the woman to the far right of Kate, it was interesting and different from the rest and best of all she seemed to own that look.

      2. Maybe they had a little group chant, you know to get Kate’s confidence up before she had to interact with the peasants, maybe a little whispered, “Go Kate, Go Kate, Go Kate” or the ever popular “you got the rock, you got the rock, you got the rock”!

        1. I’m a little perturbed about it. They were also front and center on the hike in Bhutan. I’ve never seen a pic of Angela Kelly at any of these events…

    3. Looks like Natasha and Kate are shoe twinsies! Only difference appears to be heel height, Kate’s are higher

    4. When Kate was in New York at a fund-raising event (St Andrews?), she did the same thing: spending a substantial amount of time talking to people she knew as opposed to guests who had paid a lot of money to meet her. They were pissed off, understandably. It was rude behaviour on Kate’s part. She’s not a warm person so these events are awkward. If she could phone it in – or send a letter – she would!

  18. I don’t care that she wore the dress again. I care that it is just boring colour and to me boring for a garden colour. Has someone told this woman that you can wear more than one colour at a time? It is Spring, pretty colours Kate not the one colour from head to toe.

        1. Well the shoes can be binned, only trouble is there another 250 identical pairs waiting in the shoe rack. I wonder if she has a whole room with beige, blue and black courts lining the walls? The shoes seem to be getting higher and higher, and why the suede and stiletto almost when walking on grass? This is England our grass is soft and heels sink in, not baked hard as in warmer climates.

  19. I’m a terrible person, but I have to confess that the pictures of those little pink pastries reminded me of Tash’s perky little breasts in the pink dress. Sorry, that just popped into my mind as I scrolled through the photos. Obviously, I have had a bad day.

    Bea and Eugenie looked awful. I just think they need help in choosing their wardrobes. They have such pretty faces, but their choice in wardrobe leaves a lot to be worked on! Eugenie’s skirt would have looked fun on a taller woman. She looked so squatty in the dress. She is short, yes?

    Kate? I wonder why she wore the dress from George’s christening. It was ok, but with the boring nude shoes? No oomph for a lovely Garden Party.

    I’m waiting for my husband to get home with pizza. The kids are with him and probably talking him into ice cream, too! I am sipping wine after a tough day. Happy to have a bit of me time to go through this blog.

    Thanks, KMR, for all these posts and for working so fast!

    I am sorry if I over stepped boundaries for common decency with my pink pastry comment. Obviously, I need help!!!

      1. I will join you Mary Elizabeth in the bad kid corner….Kate’s shoulder blades sticking out like that makes it look like she has pointy boobs growing on her back now. Party in the front and party in the back. Sorry KMR ??

      1. Nipple cakes! OMG!

        And, Red Tulip, “Party in the front and party in the back! So funny!

        Mary Elizabeth, I am still laughing. Those pink nipple cakes are just what the doctor ordered for stressful times!

  20. Just popping in for a quick second. Will read comments later. Sorry if I repeat what’s already been said. I actually like this outfit. Not crazy about her repeating the hat and all. She could’ve made it different with a different hat and earrings. And because it’s beige, it is screaming for colourful accessories. It pains me to see yet another missed opportunity. Just proves my point that she wears everything the exact same way. There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching! So boring!!

  21. Kate’s outfit is nice. She needs to wear color! I would love to see her in purple or burgundy.

    I love Eugenie! I think she dresses well. She knows her shape and works best on her. She has fun with fashion and she wears he clothes with.confidence. And her voice is beautiful. I also find Beatrice’s voice nice too. I think Bea and ger fashion choices are a hit or miss for me. I think she’s lovely as well.

    I have a pressing question: how in the heck do you walk in heels in grass? They few times I did, I looked like a raptor from Jurassic Park in heels.

    1. I’ve think Kate looks great in both purple and burgundy and gave loved the dresses she’s worn in those colors. But she doesn’t wear those colors often. She should.

      Re walking in heels on grass: I’ve only done it once and my heels kept sinking into the ground. It was very annoying.

      1. That lavender gown she wore in 2011 gave me life! It was beautiful on her. She looked radiant.

        The times I tried I literally sank. I went to an event in Piedmont Park and wore flats for that very reason. Plus I’m afraid that I will roll an ankle.

      2. Kate is a Summer and should wear more muted cool colors like purples and burgundies. For some reason she dresses like a Winter (and sometimes like an Autumn) — all those colors wash her out.

        But even when she wears a Summer color, it doesn’t look quite right because she dyes her hair a chocolate-y brown, which is wrong with her skin tone and eye color.

        During the girlfriend years, with her natural hair color (which is ashy toned), she often wore very flattering colors. For example:


    2. You have to walk on the balls of your feet the whole time. You can’t walk heel-toe, heel-toe, or your heels sink in the grass and ruin your shoes. It is uncomfortable.

      On the plus side, I bet the lawn is thuroughly airated after the party.

    3. You walk on the balls of your feet. It’s the same as walking on cobblestone in heels. I love wearing heels. I swear it’s because I have to wear steel toe boots at work, so when I’m home, I wear the girliest thing possible. And it doesn’t get any girlier than heels.

      There’s also a thing you can buy to put onto the heel. https://www.thesolemates.com/ It gives your heel a little more strength and keeps it from going into the grass.

  22. Kate took her hairdresser and staff along too?
    *shakes head*
    Words fail me, but I’m wondering if Amanda charged her for the outing? If Amanda charged 500 pounds per day on tour then what’s the charge for attending the garden party?

    1. I love this last line,

      “But they do have one advantage over Catherine. They look a) human and b) as if they might be a lot more fun to sit next to at dinner.” Hahahahaha!

      1. That is extremely mean. I do like the last line though. As for Beatrice and Eugenie I rather have some character and substance. Then be like the willow stick figure Kate. So what she is thin. That makes her beautiful? Please give me a break. Beauty comes from the inside. You can be the most beautiful person in the looks department. Yet if you have a terrible personality it makes you ugly. Just my opinion. So Beatrice and Eugenie keep your heads up girls.

    2. I don’t think it’s mean at all. It’s the truth. It doesn’t help when they are photographed next to each other. Two quirky outfits together just draws even more attention. There is nothing wrong with their figures or looks; they simply cannot dress themselves in a flattering way.

      1. I thought this article was beyond tasteless. Just shoring up the idea that only skinny, very gaunt women are attractive. Kate, genetically blessed? Come on.

        Jules, I agree with you that Bea and Eugenie do nothing to play up their assets. When you got it, girls, flaunt it. Not Kardashian style, but like a real Hollywood legend! The actresses of time gone by had amazing figures. They were not stick thin like today. They dressed to show off their curves and could be downright sexy, or just elegant.

        The writer of this piece thinks she is funny. I think she is not! I did like her last line in regard to people probably enjoying being with the York sisters more than they would with Kate, but it also smacks of that idea that if you aren’t beautiful by the media’s standards, at least you can be fun! Ugh. Beauty comes in all sizes, colors, shapes and ages.

        1. I agree with you Jenny. Today beauty is only measured by how skinny and pretty you are. It is sad that the culture has evolved into that. I will take brains over beauty any day of the week.

      2. It’s the truth Jules? Seriously? Nothing in that article was the truth. I mean, come on, the author said Kate was dressed in pale yellow. That just shows how inaccurate the article was when she can’t even be bothered to look at what color Kate was wearing. This is such a ass kissing piece to Kate that it made me gag a bit. I think it was trying to be over the top and was therefore just laughable. The only people I see agreeing with this are the Kate fanatics.

        It really was just a truly mean article. If the roles had been reversed and the author was praising the York girls all the while saying mean stuff about Kate, I think you would then think it was mean. No one deserves to picked on for their body shape when you have no control over it. They have curves, Kate does not (which actually is not perfect proportions like the authors gushed). There is simply nothing nice about this article and it scares me that you don’t think it is mean.

      1. Now they really are just doing anything they can to make Kate look better! Someone is on Will and Kate’s payroll. I don’t see what is wrong with their outfits today. I think they both look nice! I hope the girls don’t listen 🙁

        You’re right, they have to throw someone under the bus to make Kate and Will look better

        1. I so agree it’s unfair for the York girls and intentionally pushing Kate as a style icon again. Maybe they want to promote the ‘Kate effect’ again and make her sell more.
          As much as I thought Bea’s & Eugenie’s outfits at the wedding of W&K were unfortunate, I also think that it has established a narrative for part of the press to promote the image of Cinderella’s step sisters. It’s ridiculously unfair.

  23. I don’t like this outfit, I never liked. What I find strange is that when Kate repeats an outfit she usually also repeats the shoes and hats, just changing her hairstyle. She really has no imagination. My God, the photo 5 on DM, where Kate is grinning, is scary. Sometimes I think the press is doing it on purpose, showing bad photos of her. How a future queen can laugh like that? I love joyful people, but Kate extrapolates. Her laughter does not seem of joy, it seems desperate. And to say that she is “the most well prepared real bride ever” is pure joke. At least William seems more excited at this event, considering it’s the first time he attends it (not sure if this is because Charles is absent and William have to replace him). As one commenter on DM said: “Looking at flowers and a garden party. Then Wimbledon. William and Kate have nobody to blame for Their bad press but Themselves.” I did not like the outfits of the York sisters. Thank God Harry did not appear, increasingly I like less to see him with the Cambridges.

    1. Jamel, I am a fan of your comments, too! Love everything you pen!

      I remember the first time you posted on this blog. You were so on target, yet apologetic that you might not be expressing yourself correctly. Have no fears, my friend. You did then and still do!

  24. I agree that Bea and Eugenie at least look human.. i’m not too keen on Eugenie’s skirt but I think I read in the press that she was wearing this skirt because it had something to do with a charity. If this is true at least she’s highlighting the charity with a bold statement.

    1. If the dress (skirt) had something to do with raising money for a charity, that is great. I still think it should have been fitted to her body better, though.

    2. It’s Beulah and a lot of the money from their sales goes to charities that rescue girls from sex trafficking. AFAIK Eugenie is involved with them.

  25. Oh dear. From Kermit at the flower show to oatmeal at the garden party. Those outfits were bland the first time she wore them and they don’t get better by repeating them. This woman is so boring that I fall asleep while typing her name.

    And regarding her eyeliner….if you can’t see the tips of the lashes the eyeliner is too thick. Simple beauty rule. Maybe too simple for the Duchess of Fabergé?

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