Sweden National Day 2016

Sweden National Day 2016

The Swedish royal family celebrated National Day today, June 6. Most of the family participated in the events: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Prince Alexander, and Princess Madeleine.

Sweden National Day 2016
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

The National Day of Sweden was established in 1915 as Swedish Flag Day, and in 1983 Flag Day was merged to form National Day. National Day is celebrated on June 6 to mark two historical events: the date Gustav Vasa was elected King in 1523 and the date the Constitution Act was signed in 1809.

To celebrate National Day, the women dress in traditional national dresses of blue and yellow (as opposed to regional dresses), while the men wear normal suits. Sofia got to wear the kerchief this year because she’s now married. There are traditional outfits for men, so why the king and princes don’t wear them is curious.

Carl Philip, Sofia, Alexander open Royal Palace for National Day 2016

The day of engagements started with Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia opening the Royal Palace – which means the Palace is open to the public for free all day, with tours and music and events for the public to attend.

Carl Philip said: “Ladies and gentlemen, dear National Tourists! Warm welcome at the Royal Palace. Today it is open castle and here you can also visit West Gate, which is newly renovated. You can also visit Logården, which of course is not normally open.”

Sofia said: “Just Logården is very special for us because it was where we announced our engagement and where we received the warm warm cheers after our wedding.”

Prince Alexander made his National Day debut with his parents at the Palace opening, just like Princess Leonore did back in 2014.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attended a citizenship ceremony in Nacka Town Hall. During a speech at the ceremony, Victoria said:

    “Today, we welcome you as a new Swedish citizen. But the National Day also calls for reflection by all Swedes. Old and new.
    “Many people have come to our country. At a time of conflict and distress, Sweden is a sanctuary. A safe haven in a troubled world. It is a valuable reminder to appreciate and to uphold the values ​​that are the basis for Sweden’s prosperity.
    “In over two hundred years we Swedes lived in peace and freedom. We are free to live and work in a democracy. Free to choose our future together. These freedoms, we must not take for granted. […]
    “You are now the Swedes. By citizenship, you have the same rights as all other citizens. When you see the Swedish flag waving in the wind so carry with you the feeling you know today. The joy and pride of a community. A community of openness. In democracy. in tolerance. And in caring for each other.”

[full transcript, in Swedish]

Victoria repeated a flower print Oscar de la Renta dress, carried her Abro woven clutch, and wore her Kreuger Jewellery earrings.

In the evening, the Swedish royals (minus Chris O’Neill, and the kids not named Estelle) traveled by carriage from the Royal Palace to Skansen for a concert. To end the day’s festivities, the King and Queen hosted a reception at the Royal Palace for government representatives and diplomatic corps.

I love it when royals hold hands.

37 thoughts on “Sweden National Day 2016

  1. I really love seeing the photos of the SRF when they are out and about. Is it just me or is Sofia’s kerchief bigger than Victoria’s and Maddie’s?

    It would have been nice to see Alexander’s face. He is a big boy!

    1. Sofia’s kerchief seems to be sticking out more than Maddie’s, but it seems to be the same size. Sofia’s does seem to be a bit larger, and sticking out more, than both Victoria’s and Silvia’s. It could just be the angles, though.

      I tried to find a photo of Alexander’s face, but I could find any. I, too, wish we couldn’t seen his face.

  2. I loved the transcript from Victoria’s speech welcoming the new Swedes. Also really nice that Sofia and CP brought out Alexander. Shame Leonore wasn’t there!

    1. I always thought that royals were not allowed to express political opinions? Because her speech is already getting very political as it showed her stance in the case whether or not the country should take refugees.
      Or was is just the british royal family that wasn’t allowed to express political opinions? I’m not an expert on this subject 🙂

      1. As far as I know neither of the RFs can, but I think in this context everything that she said could be interpreted as a political statement.

  3. I love to see the traditional outfits being worn but I do wish the men would wear them too. I bet Sofia was glad to be able to wear the traditional headdress this year, another sign of her royal-ness 🙂

    Just curious, why did Maddie ride alone in a carriage? Why couldn’t she have ridden with CP and Sofia? She just looks a bit lonely there all by herself. And how cute is Estelle in her outfit and adorable headband?? She is just the most precocious child I have ever seen, her parents must be so proud!!

    Thanks KMR for covering these royal events!! You do spoil us…keep it up 🙂

    1. Maddie was in the same carriage as Sofia and Carl Philip. She was sitting across from them. It doesn’t show in the photos I chose because I wanted a close up (well, as much as possible) of each lady.

  4. I don’t know much about the SRF, so I’ve been reading your older blogs. I had no idea about Sofia’s history! I want some hand sanitizer after scrolling through that. But she is pretty and seems to be trying, for what it’s worth.

    These photos and the others you posted are so beautiful. Everyone looks relaxed and happy. Estelle is truly adorable, she could be a child model. Thank you for keeping us informed, KMR!

      1. Ha ha! Oh my gosh,that sounds awful! I’m on my iPad, so I touch the screen. Poor choice of words. But what do you say? Her background was a little skeevy, dirty, but I wasn’t enjoying it. I am blushing. I’m going to stop writing anything other than “I agree”.

    1. Sofia’s background is gross, IMO, but that was 10 years ago and she is doing well as a royal.

    2. IMO her background cannot be erased, especially the early photos which qualify as child p 0 r n, her using children to scrub her image, and her mocking a disabled professor. That doesn’t wash clean.

      To me she remains what she always was, a famewhore out looking for a good mark. That mark has come in the form of CP and the unfortunate Swedish taxpayers. CP and Sofia refuse to earn their own keep unlike Maddie and Chris, and their sticky “private” businesses need to be watched as closely as Cristina and Inaki’s doings.

      Showing up in expensive clothes, accepting flowers, and being praised for showing up but doing nothing? Easiest gig in the world and exactly what she always wanted. I wouldn’t call that doing a good job as a royal, but rather milking it for all it is worth.

  5. Presumably the men of the royal family don’t wear the national costume because it was the male version was available later than the female version so by the time it was available, they were already used to not wearing it.
    This is what people have assumed.

    I hope Victoria can start a new tradition with Oscar.

    1. Could it be there is not a national male version of the costume? I read Queen Silvia designed this national costume with elements from the several regional swedish costumes – can anyone confirm this? Thank you 🙂

        1. I couldn’t imagine the King, Carl Philip,
          Daniel & Chris wearing the Swedish male national costume. I think they look more dignified wearing their usual coat & tie. I hope I haven’t offended any Swedish men, sorry.

          1. Daniel looks good in the regional costume http://gfx.bloggar.aftonbladet-cdn.se/wp-content/blogs.dir/455/files/2015/03/ecsImg2011-Kronprinsessan-Victoria-och-prins-Daniel-besoker-Ockelbo-2901696090101761247-640×960.jpg

            But even if they don’t look good in them, the fact that only women are wearing them makes the group look unbalanced. I think Prince Daniel looks good no matter what he wears as long as he supports his wife.

            Also there are pictures of Prince Carl Phillip wearing folk costume when he was a child. He wore two types I think.

          2. I really like Daniel in the national costume. He’s got the legs (calves) for it. And the colors look good on him as well. I don’t know about the yellow on the guys. And I’m pretty sure CG would only do it if forced…lol

  6. I loved the floral dress and pink cardigan that Victoria wore. To be honest, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, I am not wild about the traditional dress — well, the head scarves, actually.
    The men get off scott free on this issue. Doesn’t seem fair.

    Estelle is so cute. Just a dear and delightful girl. Baby Alexander is precious, although, how nice it would be to see his face. I’m a pushover for babies, so seeing his little arms and hands really was sweet. Bet he is just darling. Such nice looking parents.

    All in all, a day of celebration and fun for everyone. Nice to see.

    KMR, are you surviving all those storms? Yikes! Stay dry and safe.

    1. There was a lot of rain yesterday, but it’s been sunny today. I think I missed the worst of it.

      I agree that it doesn’t seem right that only the Swedish royal women dress in traditional costume. In Norway, the royal men dress in traditional costume as well as the women.

      1. Good news that you missed the worst of the storm, KMR. What about you, Rhiannon. I am not sure if you live in the path of that nasty tropical storm.
        I’m in New York and it’s cool here. Expecting major rain later and hail, but I don’t think it will be bad. Glad all is well with you all and anyone else in that region.

  7. I love this! It’s about celebrating the culture and welcoming new citizens. I love that they enjoy themselves. It was sweet to see Alexander and I can’t wait for his christening.

    Thanks for a sweet Swedish round up, KMR!

  8. Thank you for this lovely roundup. I especially loved all the pics of the Crown Princess and her family in this and the previous post. I didn’t know that there was a National Day so another thank you for providing and promoting knowledge.

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