Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, Queen Maxima, Prince Harry

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, Queen Maxima, Prince Harry

This royal round up features a look at Kate Middleton‘s upcoming schedule of events, a look at Princess Sofia‘s support of her patronage, Princess Madeleine in leopard, Queen Maxima in orange, and some Prince Harry stuff.

After two weeks of Swedes and no Kate on this Kate-centric blog, we’ll be getting a whole lot of Kate in the upcoming days.

Confirmed schedule:

    Thursday, June 9: Kate will finally visit SportsAid again when she attends their 40th anniversary dinner, held at Kensington Palace.
    Friday, June 10: Kate will attend a Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday. Kate (and William) will join guests at Guildhall for lunch afterward.
    Saturday, June 11: Kate will attend Trooping the Color.
    Sunday, June 12: Kate will attend The Patron’s Lunch.
    Thursday, June 30: Kate will be in France to attend events commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.
    Friday, July 1: Kate will still be in France to attend events commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Unconfirmed schedule:

    Monday, June 13: The Order of the Garter ceremony. Kate has attended every year since her marriage except the years she gave birth. I would expect Kate to attend but that hasn’t been confirmed.
    Wednesday, June 22: Supposedly Kate is hosting a fundraiser for EACH at Houghton Hall, but that came from a DM article and has not been confirmed.
    Saturday and Sunday, June 18 and 19: The Beaufort Polo Club festival of polo takes place this weekend. Kate has brought Prince George to this polo event the last two years, so it’s possible she will bring him out again.
    27 June-10 July: Wimbledon. We’ll most likely see Kate take in a game or two. There were reports a few months ago that Kate is set to take over the Queen’s patronage of Wimbledon during this year’s event. We’ll see.

On May 26, Princess Sofia visited Sophiahemmet – a private hospital in Stockholm – to hand out honors to the Sophiasystrar (“Sophia Sisters”). Sofia became Honorary President of the hospital on January 1, 2016.

Sofia previously attended the Sophiahemmet graduation ceremony on January 21, and had a meeting with the director of Sophiahemmet on January 29.

Sofia visited Sophiahemmet on March 31 when she was heavily pregnant, also.

Sofia visits Sophiahemmet March 2016

Aside from Project Playground and the Prince Couple’s Foundation, Sophiahemmet is Sofia’s only “patronage” type appointment. Since becoming Honorary President of the hospital five months ago (and taking several weeks off due to maternity leave during that time), Sofia has interacted with them four times, with another coming up on June 14. That’ll be five interactions in six months (while pregnant and with maternity leave). I realize some people don’t like Sofia, but she’s visiting her “patronage” more than some other royals visit theirs. Granted she only has one, but still; if you’re going to keep your number of patronages low, you visit them often and that’s what she’s doing. So good for her.

For the May 26th engagement, Sofia wore a new dress from Goat, the “Ava” in red ($890.00). Goat is expensive and overpriced, but Sofia does look nice, if a bit twee.

Two days after Princess Leonore made her first trip to her Duchy, Princess Madeleine supported her Duchy, Hälsingland, by attending a folk fair at the Hedvig Eleonora church in Stockholm which featured music by the Järvsö Church Choir. Järvsö is a city in Hälsingland. Madeleine is Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland.

Maddie wore a dress from Somerset by Alice Temperley, the “Blue Leopard Print Dress” (£130). It’s a cute dress and it looks good on her; I like the color.

On June 7, Madeleine attended the opening ceremony of the World Childhood Foundation’s new offices in Stockholm.

BTW, today, June 8, is Maddie and Chris’ 3rd wedding anniversary.

Queen Maxima attended the opening of the Holland Festival on June 4. I must say, I really enjoy her continued support of the color orange. It’s a color that not many royals wear and it deserves some love. So yay for Max showing orange some love.

Prince Harry visited a boxing club on June 6. That’s not the interesting part, though there are some photos at the end for you to look at. The interesting part is KP and Richard Palmer’s comments.

A KP spokesman said (I’m cutting out some stuff for space):

    “Prince Harry is set to embark on a series of engagements and meetings that focus on using the power of sport to help vulnerable young people and communities. This is a topic that will feature prominently in the next phase of his work. … The decision to make this one of his key focuses follows several months of private visits and meetings. … Prince Harry will have a number of other visits and meetings on this topic – both public and private – in the coming months, which will be announced by Kensington Palace in due course.”

With an aide adding:

    “He will be undertaking royal duties in his way. The prince’s work will very much be project based rather than undertaking hundreds of engagements each year. He will continue to work to support the Queen both here and abroad and with his military duties. But it won’t be a question of how counting how many engagements he does each year but how he can adapt his work to specific topics.”

[Daily Mail]

This prompted a series of tweets from Richard Palmer (I’m forming them into paragraphs for space):

    “So Prince Harry has no plans to get a regular job and no plans to up his number of royal engagements to the level of his grandfather, 95. Harry will continue to champion military veterans, mental health etc, encourage young people to get into conservation, and work on HIV/AIDS. Wounded warriors will continue to be a priority but he won’t necessarily continue to volunteer part-time regularly at London District. Harry’s focus will be on projects, rather than upping the number of engagements. He wants to make a difference. No doubt there will be the usual spats on Twitter between William, Kate, and Harry fans over who does more etc. 🙂
    “If the focus is on qualtity over quantity, perhaps William, Kate and Harry will ultimately be judged on what they actually achieve. One problem Prince Harry faces is, don’t we all know that sport can help young people escape poverty and other ills? What’s new? Might it help if Kensington Palace was able to explain more clearly some defined objectives and ways of measuring the success of projects? On mental health, it is possible to see how attitudes and public policy are changing but it’s still difficult to explain W, K, and H’s aims. I’ve yet to meet a journalist or royal aide who can explain the KP mental health project – apart from getting us to write about it more. Perhaps the three of them need to set out measurable objectives?”

Ah man, there is nothing I love more than a good old fashioned Richard Palmer Twitter Rant. He speaks truths. I’ve been questioning the royal trinity’s involvement in the mental health sector for months now; it’s nice to finally have one of the reporters asking the same questions.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Harry’s royal duty schedule in the coming months. For now, The Sun says Harry is banging Ellie Goulding.

Prince Harry boxing club
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

161 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, Queen Maxima, Prince Harry

  1. Busy, busy Kate! How can she find time to fit in Wimbledon with all these royal engagements? Is she going solo to all these engagements? Where’s William of Wails?
    Maxima’s dress & shoes look more like crimson red than orange. Anyway she looks stylish & gorgeous. I’m sure she brightens any room with her appearance & personality.
    Thanks KMR for this wonderful round-up.

    1. The only confirmed one that is solo is the SportsAid dinner. The rest are with various members of the RF, including William.

  2. Love Maxima’s earrings. It’s the kind of accessory only her could pull off.

    I like Sofia, despite her shady past, and I like her dedication, but 890 dollars for that dress? Hope she doesn’t become the new Kate.

    I agree with Palmer here. It’s great that Harry wants to reduce the ribbon-cutting engagements and dedicate himself to fewer charities, but just paying visits to “raise awareness” isn’t enough. Public has to see the results. And I think this talk of focusing on private work rather than on official engagements will only give WK more leeway to do nothing.

    And thank you for The Sun’s link, it’s always a joy reading fan fiction about Harry’s love life 🙂

    1. I agree with Palmer about the necessity for the young royals to work more and about the question of the results of their actions (about the campaign of mental health -> it is vague!!!) but I find it is hypocrite to say that Harry’s touring sport charities with interrogating about the results when Kate makes the same things with mental health charities where she learns about them.

      But when he speaks about quality opposed to quantity of engagements : it is signifiant because Sentebale and Invictus Games help people and that is thanks to every person involved (and Harry). Like it is signifiant that Harry has been awarded for his effort for charity (I don’t remember the name of the prize) contrary to his brother (at my knowledge)

      1. But the boxing club and the others he intends to visit aren’t charities. I think that’s exactly what Palmer was critizing: we already know the power of sports in changing lives. Harry has to bring something new to the table and, like with the mental health project, it isn’t clear what it is.

      2. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that Palmer’s found his nerve to challenge the young royals but the one he has a go at it the one that quality over quantity has something to show for this new approach to Royal engagements. Whether one agrees with this approach or not Harry is the one of the three that has for a number of years done project based work that has picked up traction and been significant – Sentebale had a rough start but it gone on from strength to strength and today does a lot more than provide home children orphaned by AIDS, i.e. education to herd boys. From Walking with the Wounded to Invictus Game.

        Harry is does private visits. If he heard the question and discussions he had during this boxing engagement, or in general his engagements and speech, you’d know he’s done his research or at least bothered to read what prepared, type of work he chooses to do with each cause shows also. He’s actually has awards for his charity, sitting and former President have commended and spoken well of the commitment and work he brings. I’m yet to hear that of Kate and William. The best we get is heads of organisations they visit.

        If Palmer is so seriously about these objections why doesn’t he really take to task William and Kate, cause they don’t do half of the work Harry does and when they do show up there’s no depth to their 30min to an hour (except Downten Abbey, sailing and rugby) visits. Did Palmer say anything about William not turning up again to the BAFTA awards yet his calling out Harry like he has done anything of substance in the year since he left the army.

        For all the photo withholding and limited access and PR games the Cambridges play Palmer has never called out Willima and Kate he goes as far as to say Kensington Palace but never William and Kate.

        An invite to a reception or two and he calmed down and was going on about what “good form” Kate was on the next engagement. W&K’s manipulative games that Harry refuses to play. Yet somehow Harry’s the one he picks on.

    2. I think the public saw more than results in the Invictus Games. Harry has achieved much with that cause And, he will continue to do so, I am sure. It’s not like such a successful event happened overnight. He must have been very hands on with much of the planning and actual Games. I see him doing much, much more than William and Kate do. Ah, but then, he doesn’t have children to fall back on as an excuse.

      I agree that the public and the media need to know more about the intentions that the young Royals have with their mental health cause. If it is a top priority, it needs to be more than words. In needs action and a major description of what the goals are.

      1. But using WK as a basis of comparison is setting the bar really low. Just because Harry does much more than them, doesn’t mean he’s doing everything he can.

        I agree about Invictus. He has created a great legacy, but as he said himself, it isn’t going to last forever. If he’s cutting back in the formal stuff to dedicate himself to fewer causes, they have to be really impactful, and IMO both the mental health and the sports projects lack substance. I know Harry works hard and I believe him when he says he does a lot behind the scenes, but I just think he could do a lot more.

        1. As said by others, Harry being associated with W&K can only do him harm. Isn’t the criticism mostly about the vague projects that also W&K are involved? Wherever all three of them are collaborating, it makes Harry look like the third wheel. On the other hand, Harry on his own has proved he can manage real and important projects, eg IG.
          That being said, he needs to record his private work and present it to the public in a way that does not always rely on KP.

          1. I agree he can manage big projects. I was mostly criticising the sports related one – the way they presented it, doesn’t seem to have much substance.

            KP really does him no favours. It doesn’t make any sense that the same team that’s supposed to up his image also throws him under the bus under WK’s orders.

          2. Yes, I know Paula. The sports project seems weak at the moment. But sometimes it’s not the subject per se that gives quality and gravitas to it rather than how one handles it. Let’s hope Harry will manage to handle this not in a superficial way.

          3. I agree. Harry and ELF need to carve out a strategy that ensures Harry’s activities are recorded publicly, independent of KP. The CC is only one mechanism to do so. Since KP’s priority is to promote W+K, it makes sense for Harry to assume responsibility for his own efforts. Only way to go in order not to get tarred by association which is already happening.

          4. Hmmm, but for Harry and ELF to come up with a solution, Harry actually needs to acknowledge the existence of a problem.
            His whole life the royals, his family and the press have treated him as less than William all because of an accident of birth. That kind of brainwashing from birth must have been very damaging both mentally and emotionally – despite being younger, it comes across as though he had less support and was comforted less than his brother after their mother died. To this day, the press are more willing to excuse William’s shortcomings simply because his mother was so well liked yet judging by the way they judge Harry, you’d probably never say that William and Harry had the very same mother! Even the term “spare”, while used in jest, is insulting and devalues him as human being royal or not. You know how parents often say they love their kids equally? Well, despite his parents attempts to treat the boys equally, he grew up knowing that the whole world loved him less. At some point, did he actually start believing that was second best? Does he still think so? He has always been William’s fall guy, defers to William and has probably learnt not to question “the gospel according to William”. Does he realise how terribly his PR is treating him in order to prop up his brother or is this just the status quo?
            Part of me just wants to give him a big hug and tell him, and his inner kid, that he is good enough full stop. In the real world, it’s not the order in which people are born that determine their value but what they do with their lives. But then, I think that this brainwashing has allowed him to grow into sensitive man that makes actually makes a positive contribution to society. Just think back to that GMA interview when he talked about how desperate he was to prove himself in the army and to prove that he was more than just Prince Harry – you could really hear how sincere a comment that was in his voice and see it in his face. He seems to understands that respect is earned – not given – and is eager to prove himself.
            Had he been as feted and mollycoddled as William was and still is, he probably would have turned out to be as awful and loathsome as William.
            I like him because of his Willingness to rise to the challenge and use his comparative advantages to to actually enact solutions to issues like with sentabale and invictus. He’s the classic case of the underdog!

          5. Great points Em. I’m sure Harry knows he’s a scapegoat whenever it suits – his emotional intelligence would tell him that. Loyalty to his brother probably prevents him from doing more than keeping the status quo. That, and seeing at close quarters how William’s marriage is panning out. Who knows…It must be a burden to be thought of as a ‘spare’, but then he is also not saddled with kingship and all that goes with it. So he can choose his destiny to a large extent: be dissolute (which is temptingly easy given his privilege) or lead a meaningful existence.

    3. I agree and yet I will never forget Palmer mocking Invictus and saying how it’s boring and nobody cares about veterans. He’s firmly in W&K’s pocket for now. Don’t lump Harry in with their stupid mental health rubbish that does nothing but make it look like W&K are doing something.

      Harry can do more. It does not mean he is allowed to do more. Look at all he does and how much is actually officially counted for. You find your answer there.

      1. But Harry is a part of W&K’s mental health rubbish. Harry is a part of the Heads Together campaign. When people (me) criticize their mental health campaign, they are criticizing Harry’s involvement, too.

        1. And Harry shouldn’t be because it’s basically just a ‘project’ to make W&K look good using mental health as some sort of excuse off the backs of people who genuinely need help these charities provide. It rubs off on Harry making him look bad and workshy as W&K are.

          I could go on but you know how unenthralled I am with the use of the mental health thing. Considering it’s doing nothing, and using people to make W&K look better.

          I think Harry is being involved because of the fact they were going to selll W&H together as a brand (the Foundation); Kate comes into the picture, as we know William didn’t tell anyone and sprung the engagement on everyone; so Harry’s the third wheel and given he’s not dull, boring, or outright rude he goes along with things. That and he’s terribly loyal to William, to his own detriment, I think.

          1. Ellie, I don’t feel Harry is that loyal or close to William anymore. I do believe he’s extremely dutiful and loyal to his family as a whole and to the monarchy, so he’ll do whatever is needed to keep the boat afloat. Right now, this means getting lumped with WK. The royal trio stuff and brothers that are BFF make good PR apparently. Unfortunately i think he’ll only be able to distance himself from them when, and if, he gets married.

  3. I really like Sophia, she has done a lot in a year and she has done some while heavily pregnant. I agree that the quality of the work is more important than the quantity, but I’m still not seeing results from all the work that the younger royals are doing for mental health charities.

  4. I apologise in advance that this comment is less about the article but after I found the website a couple of days ago, and I read a bit here and there I have to admit that some Royals really grew on me.

    Obviously if you see someone like Queen Maxima, she is present, full of life, doing her engagements… it’s hard not to like her but with others it seemed more diffcult. So I really liked to read about the fabulous job Camilla is doing, and also Sofia. Sure she has a past and can’t change that, but she seems to care, people see her around, she’s willing to learn and that’s how it should be.

    On other not, I found it interesting to see how we went with Harry from dating (nothing wrong with that), holidays (nothing wrong with that either), and “this could be another prince taking a gap year aka long holidays with no plan” to him hosting another succesful Invictus Games, standing up for Sentable, caring about Veterans, doing engangements.
    Ofc he has a long way to go and we could say he could do more and all, but I find the most important is that he really seems to care (and it’s not about the hugging), that he wants to help, is willing to learn… it’s not just the fun events like sailing, a gala or watching a tennis match.
    So even the whole mental health involvement could be a lot better defined, with him I have at least bit of hope. He at least seems to have some kind of understanding through some of his work.

    And to be fair. Yes, we all know that sport can help to escape poverty and other ills, but we also know that domestic abuse exists, that poverty is huge problem, that lack of education causes further problems, that cancer/aids/etc kill but yet we need Royals (and others) to put it into people’s minds, to raise awareness, to do something. To be like “everyone knows anyway” doesn’t help either… that said, I still hope we see him around, a plan, results.

    Sorry for the long post and excuse my English.
    Again, you do a great job here so looking forward to more 🙂

    1. You are completly right Kristin. I agree with every word you say. And don’t worry about your English, mine is not perfect too (I’m Brazilian) but here on the blog the commenters really understand gramatical mistakes from people who has not English as a first language. Since I started commenting here I have wrotten many words wrong, but there is no complain from commenters, on the contrary of DM which people is always correcting wrong words. For this reason, I won’t never comment there.

      1. Jamel, I have been behind in going through so many comments on different threads. Hope you had a Happy Birthday and that this new year in your life will be a glorious one!

        1. Thank you very much, jenny. My Birthday was hard because there was flooding in my city and the water almost entered my house. But now it’s everything fine.

          1. Oh, Jamel. I am sorry you had such trouble on your birthday. Thankfully, it is resolved and the new year of your life is off to a good path. I hope so. You deserve that and more!

      2. Thanks a lot.

        Sometimes it’s good to be corrected as one learns something but most of the time it seems out of place… and hey we speak more than one language and are willing to try, learn, work. Maybe bit like it should be with Royals.

        And as I’ve just seen Jenny’s comment, happy belated birthday Jamel

        1. From a learning point of view it is good to be corrected but as a Finn I must say … ;D

          This site is the only place where I write in English, otherwise I just stick to Finnish or Swedish. It’s because all you are so nice that you don’t, at least publicly, laugh at all the mistakes. It’s really nice to notice that if I want to say something, then I just write it because on many other sites, I have wanted to say something but never have, because I’ve been so nervous of my spelling.

          1. Thanks Summer for referring us to a great blog!

            English is a crazy language to try and learn. And then you find you need to be able to understand it the way the British write it, the Americans write it, the Aussies, the Kiwis… sometimes things get lost in translation even when we have English as our first language.

            I think those who comment on this blog where English is their second language all do very well!

          2. Thanks for sharing this website! I must say I know this feeling too well, maybe less from speaking languages but from other situations.

            But great that you feel that you can simply write here… normally comments on website can be the worst place so nice to see that it is different here!

          3. Summer, as an English speaker very slowly learning Finnish (the language of my paternal grandparents), moving between Finnish and English is no easy task! Your English is very good, and you’re doing well learning idiomatic writing, too. You have nothing to worry about, and none of us would laugh at you.

        2. Kristin,

          What country are you from? That’s my name too! Spelled the exact same! I can understand your fear, as an American who has learned/is learning to speak Spanish. It took me a year of lessons to have the nerve to order my food in Spanish at a Mexican restaurant. It’s a weird feeling to put yourself out there in another language! But good for you!

          1. Hi, what a nice coincidence!
            I’m from Germany and somehow the name was kinda popular here when I was born. But for sure not the worst to have.

            Over the years I learned not to fear to speak and to be okay with making mistakes but somehow one still feels the need to apologise. It’s weird…
            but wonderful to see that here people have the feeling that they don’t need to worry!

          2. Kristin,
            That’s cool. I heard once that Kristin spelled ‘in’ is the German spelling and Kristen spelled ‘en’ is the French spelling. I have German heritage as well. 90% or more of the Kristins I’ve met were born in the 80’s, coincidentally! 😉

  5. I love Max’s dress, it is gorgeous and I agree, it looks more like a red than an Orange, but Max can get away with either colour.

    I hope that we see both George and Charlotte at TOTC, and I am sure that Kate will be at Wimbledon watching the Men’s Tennis, especially the finals.

    Harry really needs to distance himself from the Dullness Duo and get his own office up and running. He is doing a lot of work but it is not counted as Royal Duties, which is a shame.

    I really wish that he would take over The Prince’s Trust from PC or start doing just a few more Royal duties .

    A quick question for those who would know, is the work associated with The Prince’s Trust counted as Royal Duties? I know that PC started the Trust with his payout from the Navy and I was wondering that if this is counted as Royal duties? I know that there are a lot of very knowledgeable people on here that could answer this for me.

        1. No problem! 🙂

          I find it odd a lot of Harry’s things just don’t end up there. Why? Why is his Sentebale work considered private? Why was his engagement for Invictus last night considered private and not even reported on by KP?

          1. That is a good question. If Harry’s work was reported by KP it would be outshining William and Kate. I had to take a lie down after reading Kate’s hectic schedule.

            I do like Madeleine’s dress. I must be the only one who didn’t wow at Maxima’s. I would say it was more red than orange but the shoes and the clutch bag are nice. I think it is how Maxima wears the dress rather than the style.

          2. I agree with Laura too, Harry would be outshining Will and we can’t have that can we.

            I wonder what would happen then if one of the boys took over the Trust? Would their work for the trust then appear in the CC?

            Interesting to see what happens in the future.

  6. sofia is doing a wonderful job since joining the SRF, she seems like a warm and nice person, and her dressing is not bad!!

    1. I agree Tracy , I think she has worked really hard to change her image. I think it can be misleading to quote prices of clothes, I buy expensive clothes on discount sites and I am sure the royals do too! I have Goat dresses for example, priced at £400 which I bought for less than £100, they are not high end trendy so the fact that I buy a few seasons late doesn’t seem to matter.
      And whatever the rumours of her being a gold digger, the photo evidence to me says their love is very genuine.

    2. I’m not seeing a change in her attitude. I’m seeing the same famewhore she has always been, now funded by the sucker taxpayers and looking for every camera. Her showing up in expensive clothing isn’t sincere to me, it is her glorying in her useless position as a royal. Just as she only used PP to clean up her image, it was never a true commitment to making a difference. It was using children to try to improve her image.

      If it was about CP and NOT the title, she wouldn’t have accepted the title. She would have stayed with PP, followed Chris’s lead, and not become a burden to the taxpayers.

      A country with 10 million people does not need CP and Sofia playing around as royals while working on their new shady businesses on the side. Fish or fowl, and they should both be set firmly aside and not be working royals.

  7. Harry could do a lot worse that Ellie Goulding. As showbiz types go she has quite a safe public image. A friend of mine who works in beauty for Selfridges saw her not long ago instore and she’s apparently she’s just gorgeous with no makeup on…..a real English Rose beauty with beautiful dewy skin. If it’s not going to be Rhiannon I think Harry is going to end up with someone from the public eye as it will be the only type of person who will really cope.

    Re. Goat prices. I am really shocked because staples from there are not usually this price bracket at all. I have a couple of pieces from there and we are usually talking Hugo Boss / Ralph Lauren off the peg comparable and their end of season sales are phenomenal so I am wondering if Sophia has a bespoke piece or the information is wrong. However there was a slight increase in their prices when they opened their first store in Mount Street which is near to Sloane Street which is really the high end designer Mecca of London so maybe there has been a more price adjusting to pay for that store. The rent and rates round there were enough to force Stella McCartney and a few others to downsize. But as I say their end of season clearances are well worth a look because virtually everything goes and up to 80% discount. And I love the classic tailoring from them. I have said before that they would be a very good staple choice for Kate, Beatrice & Eugenie if they wanted to play it safe and then let a fabulous accessory / hat do the wow factor.

    I’m a bit irritated by Richard Palmer sniping at Harry’s work ethic yesterday on Twitter. I mean this is Harry who already has two charity legacies in place, does masses of private work and doesn’t record a lot of what he does in Court Circular so as not to outshine the lazies. Harry plays hard sure but he works hard too. No doubt whatsoever he has the work ethic and duty to serve of his grandfather and father. As well as his Mother’s compassion and accessibility. Harry really is beyond criticsm for me and as a bit of a shallow aside my God he’s looking damn hot at the moment. He’s really growing into his looks and even though I’m 15 years older……oh yes I would. Those fabulous blue eyes and the way they twinkle. Yum Yum! Xx

    1. Sofia’s dress is not bespoke and the price comes directly from Goat’s website. So that off-the-rack dress really is that price. I was surprised myself because Kate has worn Goat before and I don’t remember those pieces being as expensive.

      The part of Palmer’s tweets that I found most interesting was the part where he said the royals’ mental health campaign seemed aimless, because I’ve been saying that for a good while now.

      I’m wondering if Palmer will direct any Twitter rants toward William and Kate in particular. He kind of called them out a bit here, but not super directly. I’m wondering if Palmer is still in KP’s pocket like he was right after that private press meeting at KP where the press got to meet the kids. He’s been more vocal about voicing dissent recently, but his famous Twitter rants had basically ceased until this one.

    2. Conduit Street not Mount Street. It’s all Mayfair but it looks like Goat have gone all Mayfair prices. What a shame. But you can still pick up a wool / crepe mix coat or dress for circa £200 from the Goat Fashion Outlet which is where all the end of season stock goes.

    3. Oh, Mrs. BBV, I hear you! I’m also 15 years older than Harry but yes, I would, too! He really has grown into his looks. I never used to find him attractive, but in the last few years he’s matured into a very sexy man. And the beard just makes me swoon, though I’m not particularly fond of beards in general. But the beard looks great on him. Plus, the fact that he’s such a nice guy who does so much to help people makes him even more attractive to me!!

      1. Hey Corgi. ??

        The compassion, the philanthropy, the huge sense of fun, the living life on the edge plus the developed physicality… all adds up to the most glorious package. But that twinkle in the eye is the icing on the cake. He’s everything a modern Prince should be. I remember when William & Harry were teenagers not long after Diana died and PoW took both boys to Canada the girls were screaming for William like a Beatle while Harry teased William about it. And look now……Harry it turns out, as a child, was the most naturally loved by most of the Wales staff and now he’s really a national treasure and an international sweetheart. The girl he marries will have to be so special to deserve him and yet what she gets back will be just priceless. I love him like I love Her Majesty. I get teased by hubby for saying I love someone I’ve never met but I do really love them……as I did Diana. Good King Harry indeed.

        1. Ha, it really is funny that Will used to be the good-looking one while Harry had some awkward years. My, how the tide has turned!

  8. That last picture of Harry, KMR! You all know that I’m beyond being a Harry sugar…I’m a honey covered by sugar and rolled in honey, lol! That being said, I understand that Harry needs the “effect” . So working in mental health by participating in sport will result in “x”. We know the goal of the IG and Walking for the Wounded. Just make it specific. As far as Ellie, I wish him nothing but the best. He deserves happiness.

    I do like Sofia. She had consistently worked since she got married. Heck, she attended an engagement a few weeks after delivering Alex. I don’t doubt her at this point. I think she needs to find her own style and footing within the family. And so far she’s doing fine.

    I saw this pics of Max recently and loved this look. It’s busy and bright, but it’s Max. She always is seen first and her clothes match her. And Maddie’s dress…love it! It brings out her eyes.

    Kate…all I will say is we will see. We all know why she’s working. I will save my comments until I get over this stomach bug 2.0. I don’t want to unleash on her.

    Thanks for a beautiful round up, KMR!

    1. I always think of you whenever I pick out Harry photos.

      I think Sofia’s first event after giving birth was like two weeks after. So yeah, she’s not disappearing for months on end. I know there are people who still very much dislike her, and don’t understand why I support/defend her, but this type of thing is why. I’ve been told the only reason people like Sofia is because she dresses nicely, but that’s not that. I like the fact that she is doing her thing royal duties-wise. Could she be doing more? Yes. But this is the Swedish RF we’re talking about here, not the Brits. The Swedish king doesn’t even do half of what Charles does; GC doesn’t even do as much as QEII. So it’s not comparable. But I do think Sofia is doing a good job so far.

      I hope you feel better, Rhiannon!

      1. You know the way to my heart, KMR! You know of my unbridled love at make sure I have some drool worthy pictures, lol!

        I support Sofia. I’ve made some horrible choices when I was younger. Choices that I was ashamed of. But, I’ve made my peace. Sofia has too. And, I don’t deserve to have it thrown back at me either. Therefore I can’t and won’t judge her. I respect both sides of this topic, imho.

        I don’t expect her to work more than Vic, but to at least work. And she’s doing that.

        As far as this tummy issue, thanks. I’m over it. First was the food poisoning and now it’s gastrointestinal distress. I feel achy and wobbly and tired. It’s been like this on and off since Thursday. And my tough workout on Monday didn’t help. I know what the cure for this fever is…more Harry, lol!

        1. I know we are all anonymous, but just have to ask, Rhiannon. Are you blonde? If not you either need to accept a life time of coloured hair, or move on. Harry clearly likes his women blonde!! I can’t see Ellie being serious with Harry , she is too successful and I can’t see her giving that up.
          And do please take care of yourself.

          1. Since we’re family…my natural color is, as my stylist would say, dirty brown. Now it’s more chestnut. I will usually stay in the darker spectrum with some lighter strands in some areas. That’s probably why my line didn’t get a bite, lol!

            This is going to sound bad but the last time I changed for a man’s”ideal” it was a mistake. I’m a take me or leave me kinda gal.

          2. I hear you, Rhiannon. You’d better stay true to yourself, good for you.
            Might I add for people who have patterns on choosing boyfriends/girlfriends, that the stereotype that seems to attract us sometimes proves to be just an idea in our heads. It is worth to be open and choose against one’s stereotype, imo.
            Get better soon and also try camomile tea!

          3. Rhiannon, I hope you’re feeling better. Have you seen that pic from the concert Harry went on the weekend? Better than any medicine 🙂

            I think he likes fun women who can be discreet, but it must be hard for him to date outside his circle, so he ends up going for blondes mostly – that aristo gene pool is shallow.

        2. Oh that’s a nasty illness! Had a similar ting last week myself – not fun and no work gets done. Hope you are over the worst.

        1. Oh, rhiannon, so sorry you are still not feeling too well. Ginger tea is a must. Peppermint tea, too. Take care of yourself and don’t push too hard. You need a rest. Take one! Then, when you are feeling better, hit the road again for your racing. It will still be there. We need you 100% for your comments on this blog!

          1. Jenny, you write the nicest, most supportive posts. I always enjoy reading them.

            Rhiannon, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Anything wrong with the digestive system really brings us low. Also, good for you for being a “take it or leave it” kind of gal. I’m older and been married 35 years, and believe me, the “real you” cannot stay hidden in marriage. It is much better to be real up front. If he walks, so be it. Not right for you anyway. I want to shake the dating Kate for putting up with crap from William. She loves him, and they may have still gotten married, but she needed to be less available. I can’t imagine being in a marriage where I was the default choice.

  9. Prince Charles is deeply involved in substantial projects, and yet still finds the time to appear around the realm touching base with the peons and not just hanging out with the special few. Harry is finding an excuse not to do work he may find tedious or uninteresting. Moreover, how can PC streamline the RF when no one wants to actually do royal “work”?

    KMR raises a good point about the effectiveness of Harry’s and W&K’s projects like mental health. Also, projects like sports aid are a no-brainer so what’s the point of just more of the same? Because he loves to do it and can travel widely to exotic places to do it? This is making Harry look workshy too when it comes to the regular royal stuff.

    This is not innovation. This is a set of trust fund kids largely dabbling in philanthropy on their own schedule and following their bliss. What about the UK and the royals’ raison d’être, something not that glamourous and boringly steady? Where is their fealty to the realm?

    What becomes the point of the BRF?

    1. You bring up a good point, Maven. We all know that some of the royal work can be dull. But, don’t we all have aspects in our lives considered dull? You know I love Harry, but Harry, Will and Kate need to work. Now. Their time of idle may be over closer than what they may think.

    2. Excellent points Maven.

      Have we been in any doubt that simply turning up to a mental health event, nodding, smiling, ‘learning’ and ‘raising awareness’ are nothing but empty gestures to quell public disquiet and clock up numbers? It seems to be a self-preservation exercise to keep pubic monies flowing for the Windsors, status intact, private wealth undisturbed.

      It appears that royal worth across the board is measured in quantity of engagements rather than what is actually achieved through measurable means. We only ever hear of numbers; the CC is just a list. What skills does the BRF possess to effect real change? What professional and life experiences could help them understand grinding poverty, lack of access to education and health services, disability and so on? Due to its constructed rarefied status, the BRF can shine momentary attention on an issue but sadly, any media attention tends to focus on the insubstantial eg clothes worn because at heart, these events are just meet-and-greets. Pockets of achievement are there with measurable impact eg The Princes trust, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and various Commonwealth initiatives.

      What is the point of the BRF? Well, none really, apart from tradition. The press largely flatters and supports them so no serious critical public conversation has ensued. Yes, the younger royals are exactly as you describe, dabbling because they are directed to rather than through a sense of philanthropy. I applaud Harry’s efforts in spearheading Invictus and Sentebale etc. but this is not full-time work is it? Do we expect ‘royals’ to work full-time? There is a contract in place due to huge monies paid, but what exactly does it entail? It is entirely up to the BRF to decide what it does and when so it should come as no surprise that much ‘work’ is just a veneer.

      1. Jen and Maven, you both made some very good points.

        Imho, the amount of wealth and privilege that BRF enjoys in return to ceremonial and titular duties in our time of age, is just scandalous. Don’t get me wrong, of course they are not the only ones in UK not to mention worldwide, who are funded by the public and give back little, nothing or even make harm. In my country alone, squandering of public funds has been the norm of corrupted politicians for decades, so I’m not exactly the expert to judge.

        My point is that where hereditary privilege and absence of accountability is given, then it’s kind of expected that members of BRF will take things for granted. It’s inevitable.
        Is there any real scrutiny about their work, budget or income? I don’t think so. There is a whole system that supports them and most of the media is part of it. The public may as well be pleased with just appearances and ribbon cutting shows.

        Substantial work, legacy and work ethic may not be in quest here and may sound a tad hypocritical when brought up randomly by members of the press, ie R.Palmer.

        1. There is an unsatisfactory level of transparency when it comes to British Royal Family expenditure. The Queen and Charles have successfully campaigned to be excluded from the FOI Act, and basically keep the curtain closed on public scrutiny of how public money is spent. At best there is obfuscation and that makes me suspicious.

          Unfortunately, lack of true accountability always corrupts perspectives on life; it leads to a sense of entitlement which in this case is unearned. As long as the British public accepts this, it will continue, sad to say.

    3. Yes, and if you have a problem and you bring it up with Charles when you meet him you know some questions will be asked and he will have people right on it. He does a lot to use his position to help people when it’s not glamorous or attention-getting or cool.

      Charles knows the game and knows he has a social contract to fulfill with his position. Harry understands this yet isn’t following through perhaps because he doesn’t think he needs to, with how active the older generation still is. He’ll need to learn quick. I think the younger generation doing less has a lot to do with various factors–the Queen sticking her head in the sand; Charles not wanting to be outdone but also wanting someone to help him out, as nobody seems interested in taking over The Prince’s Trust; William being William and deluded; Harry doing his thing and supporting his brother by being the punching bag.

      It is accepted and honestly W&K are universally adored, pretty much, so the Queen probably sees no need to do anything about it.

      1. Honestly W and K are not adored. I keep saying this, the younger generation have very little interest in the royals other than the girls interested in the fashion. The monarchy really needs to gets its act together or it’s going to be bloody! (No guillotines here though). HM has support despite her obvious failings, but after her? The greatest threat is just disinterest.

        1. Everyone I know–granted this is America–think they’re the best thing in the world and so amazing, charitable, wonderful, perfect, just like Diana was the bee’s knees and Charles is Satan incarnate. The American media pushes these two like they’re the Second Coming. British friends either don’t care or like them a lot (leave them alone to be stay at home parents they’re so amazing!) and hate Charles…

          1. Yes Ellie I was talking about the British – I know a lot of older teens and young adults and none have any interest in either the individuals, or the events. The girls like Kate’s fashion – or rather they like discussing it but think she is rather boring.

          2. Well, as you said Birdy, the greatest threat is disinterest and if I may add public apathy. It may well be that one of these days someone will raise the question: heck, why do we pay for this family in the first place?
            I’m afraid everybody will be scratching their heads to find a good enough answer.

          3. Don’t you think apathy and disinterest are the RF’s biggest allies? I mean the monarchy has always been there, and I imagine that changing to a republic system would be really costly, so why bother? It makes sense to me that most people would have this reasoning.

          4. Well, Paula, not actually in the long run. Imo after so many years of established tradition, status and habit with very little meaning left in them, it is bound that someone or something will breach this apathy and actually make a case of the fact that it is more costly and detrimental to actually keep things as they are.

  10. I want Madeleine’s Temperley dress In my closet RIGHT NOW!! That is one gorgeous rag. I’d like to do lazy trawl through Madde’s closet, she has some great stuff, and really knows what suits her body shape, colouring, etc.

    1. Sorry if you all know this, but the Somerset range is for one of our major department stores. So it is designed by Temperley but not high prices. I think Kate’s boat dress was the same brand.

      1. Good to know, I have 2 weddings to attend this summer. I’ve never ordered from the UK, though. I clicked on the link from KMR’s post and it directed me to the John Lewis UK site, and the dress was there, but once I said I was ordering from Canada, I was redirected and the dress was not there for me to purchase :(. Going to have to do some digging through the internet! If anyone comes across a North American site that carries it, lmk!!

        1. Ray, I can be pretty stupid sometimes, but I just looked at the John Lewis site and saw the dress. I live in the U.S., but sometimes purchase clothing from the U.K.

          John Lewis delivers internationally. It looked like the dress was $193.00 USD, if I remember correctly, with ten pounds delivery charge. I don’t know the cost for import duties in Canada, but they vary depending on the item in the U.S. There are duty calculators online and I find them fairly accurate. As a general rule, in the U.S. anything over $200.00 in women clothing comes with duty tax.

          I don’t know if any of this helps, but I think John Lewis looks like your best bet. Good luck on the correct size. I think it costs more to return the item than the initial cost of shipping.

          1. John Lewis is an excellent store so contact them I’m sure they will be helpful. They don’t have employees they have ‘partners’ every full time employee is essentially an owner in a tiny way. It is an unusual set up but works very well. They have a fabulous upmarket food store too – Waitrose- I love shopping there for special occasions as they have all sorts of different bits and bobs, but you do pay…

          2. Thank you G. and Birdy! If all else fails, I may have to hop over and Birdy can just take me to John Lewis. And I love me a fancy grocery store or kitchen ware store (anyone else a total Williams-Sonoma freak?) When I go to the States, I look forward to going through the grocery stores, so many different things. I know, I’ve just exposed myself as a complete nerd, but I don’t care. Simple pleasures!!

          3. Hi, Ray:

            I totally love Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. You are not alone. Love the recipes on W-S website, too!
            Hope you find that dress for the weddings! A trip to Britain would be fun, so if all else fails…..

      2. I loved shopping at John Lewis. Got some cute things there. Hobbs also has some great pieces at lower prices if you check out their outlet online; they ship to the US.

  11. I so glad you included Prince Harry and Palmer in this article bc I do have some thoughts on those topics.

    I don’t like that Palmer seems to be out for Harry, and I’m not basing my opinion only on those tweets, but rather on his general behaviour. He does not seem to have a reason to doubt and put into question Harry’s work, while on the other hand he only does this to W&K when they are acting up – his constant change of opinion depending on what the Cambs have done to please him and the press is worrisome.

    He puts K&W on the same bag as Harry, KP aide was very specific Harry is the one who wants to measure his work project by project! Is also convenient Palmer seems to forget Sentebale and Invictus quite often. Let’s not forget Kate and William do not have projects nor invest the same energy and time as Harry does, neither of them have projects that reflet their work like Harry does. (William has the wild life thing that someone else runs and put in the effort to organize. Of course this could be consider similar to Invictus but Harry is constant on his private and official work the only thing Willie is constant about are excuses for that reason I believe when we are told Harry does a lot of meetings but not when W or K).

    It is ridiculous the amount of excuses the press, including Palmer, have come up with not to cover Harry’s work: ‘We don’t have pics’; ‘How many stories about soldiers recovering can one wright?’; ‘He is not saying anything new’; ‘We already know that sport does good so why focus on that’…. Interestingly enough those never come up about K&W work, we all know hunting endegerous species is bad; we all know as soon as a problem is tackled the higher is the change to recover and preventing it – so why is not Palmer saying “what’s new?” everytime K&W leave the house?

    That being said he did make good points. It will seem, just like it seems now, Harry is not pulling his weight as a working member of the royal family. Looking at the bigger picture: project type work rather than engagements, Harry’s disapproval to make public his work behind the scenes, and on top of that KP / press poor report of his work – it will look like he is taking a very long vacation and not being a senior royal he is. Bc let’s not forget most of UK and worlds population do not know as well as us how much royals can work, Harry’s work is already below the radar so I’m not certain this is the right move. [BTW Palmer his work as a volunteer was just as much hours as his brother ‘full-time’ pilot job, but we have to ignore it bc Harry is the spare?]

    And finally someone other than KMR and us said it: what about their campaign about mental health? There are articles saying it’s a 1.1 million campaign (!!!!) and yet there are no realistic and measurable objectives. What is gonna be considered for them a ‘great campaign’? It’s gonna be like the tours? When Harry does one we can see how much love and care the people he meets with has for him, from high dignitaries to common people, and how much he cares and respects them back, KP afterwards: silence. By contrast we can see how fake K&W are, KP afterwards: this was a successful tour the bonds between our two nations have been strengthened. In other words KP will tell us the campaign was a success on changing people’s thoughts and tackling stigma on mental health without actually achieving anything.

    KP has been consistent on their mistakes when it comes to Harry. These past few weeks they have said several times it has the first time he attend an event, when it was not. They rarely report on his private work, while at the same time confirmed everytime that K&W did something private. Just last night (7th of June) he had a Invictus Games’s Team UK celebration dinner as an official engagement, KP did not said anything about it! And of course their poor choice of wording: “The decision to make this one of his key focuses(…)” I’m sorry what!? I’ve been following Harry and his work for a few years and he and his team always said sports and young people are a main point of his job, but once again they forgot about it, just like they forgot about Kate and hospices, Willie and homeless. Sometimes I wonder if they just put their professional interests on what people might consider right rather than being about something they truly want to focus on. They are young people with a lot of staff behind them and yet cannot focus on the few charaties and key focus areas they have every year?

    Even though my comment could be perceived as negative I’m very happy Harry actually likes and puts his energy into this types of projects. He has proven he can use his image to change something on social areas. I just doubt he can truly be taken seriouly when his own team cannot do a good work at supporting him/his work publicly.

    1. I agree with you!!!! The communication of KP is bad and biaised : it is arrogant and pretentious to affirm the tour was a success… About the Chelsea Flower Garden, KP’s twitter has corrected its error after the reaction of the people.
      If I want to have information about Harry’s work, I don’t look at KP’s twitter but peppermint twitter!

      Agree with you about the pretexts of not covering Harry’s engagement : Looking Kate looking photos of herself is more interesting to Harry’s engagement with the boxers?

      But I don’t think that the British want change, they seem particulary content to spend money for royals… The after death of the Queen (I hope it will be in a long time) will be interesting to see.

    2. KP is deplorable. Their staff is awful. And William wants it that way because he doesn’t want Harry to be taken seriously. The only decent person on that staff team is ELF who’s Harry’s guy.

    3. Fabulous point Snowsie. Totally agree. You said: “Harry’s disapproval to make public his work behind the scenes”, and this, IMO, shows that Harry doesn’t care much about the CC, because if he did surely he would make all his engagements public.

    4. Agreed. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even the same office that works for Harry. Sometimes it shows that they work differently for him. I don’t know if it’s because Harry’s work ethic is just that different from Will & Kate’s. Take his Nepal trip, the way they showed Harry’s tour made it so much more genuine than the India tour. Then there are times when it’s blatantly obvious that Will & Kate must the “primary” clients because they throw everyone else under the bus, including their other client Harry, to make Will & Kate look good.

      I think Harry takes it in good stride though because he knows how his brother is. He seems a like a nonchalant kinda guy who isn’t insecure and knows what his worth is. Will & Kate? Their insecurity means they need the constant approval. Hence the constant throwing of other royals under the bus. Harry needs to get his own office pronto. That’s the only way his true work ethic is going to shine through.

      1. Miss K, I wish I ‘d seen your comment before posting further up this thread about how mentally and emotionally damaging I think his life as the second best must have been for him. So, I’m not sure that Harry KNOWS his worth, to me it seems like he is trying to PROVE worth to himself and to the world. He is starting to rise above his insecurities whereas William and Kate are allowing theirs to take over their lives.
        I do agree with you KP handles Harry compared with how they handle Williamd and Kate is incredibly inconsistent. Harry definitely needs to break away from William and Kate’s orbit.

  12. I think Palmer’s rant came because Harry is backsliding, and looks to be doing it to stay lockstep with William and Kate’s lack of work. How DO you go from building two major charity events to…. not having any job.

  13. Maddie’s dress was beautiful and didn’t those flowers match it nicely! She is really a lovely woman!

    Here’s to Sophia for doing events when so very pregnant and for taking to the job again so soon after delivery. The red dress was pretty but lacked something, I thought. Still, it was perfect for her new mom figure and I hate being so nit picky, but we are with Kate. right?

    Maxima, as always, stunning! She knows what to wear and how to wear it. Just hits the right tone every time.

    The pics of Kate’s over the top facial expressions at the last Wimbleton events (that’s where they were shot, right) made me think to myself, “Oh, no. Here we go, again!” We must get ready for those faces and her ridiculous clapping, too.

    She’s going to be busy in the month of June Time for another vacation after that, I am sure.

    BTW, I am not too “keen” on Harry’s latest. She doesn’t seem to have the “it” factor, I had hoped she would have. He’s really smitten with those artificial blondes, isn’t he? I know so many blondes who have a natural and lovely look. To me, she doesn’t have it. But, maybe, she’s nice and suitable for him. I can’t believe that, though. You know I’m cheering for rhiannon. If she can’t have him, someone pretty damn special is the only one I can really get behind! Harry, you keep falling for the same physical types, don’t you? If indeed, you have fallen for this lady.

  14. Did Diana show off Big Blue as much as Kate does? Looking back at photos, I don’t think she did.
    Of course, for Kate, it symbolizes the ultimate prize. Her winning of the Prince after years and years of waiting. At any rate, it seems, it’ always on display with Kate.

    1. You know, my take of this flashing is that she probably promised William “to wear it always and never to take it off”, when William gave it to her. I’m saying this slightly cynically since William is so attached to this ring so by wearing it always, Kate not only shows it off but also makes a point to him. IMO she validates herself towards William through this ring, which, if my speculation is right, is not very healthy for their relationship.

    2. No Mary Elizabeth, Diana didn’t show off Big Blue as much as Kate does. Even at William and Harry’s Christening, Diana didn’t wear the ring.

      1. Kate is shameless in the ways she flaunts Big Blue! I don’t think it has anything to do with her telling William, “I will never take it off.” She may have acted like she was attempting to include the late Diana into her engagement (God, she would do anything to win William’s approval), but I think taking that ring was actually her way of saying to the world, “Look, I am the next Diana.”

        I would never want that ring. Not with all the bad karma attached to it. If she did take it, better to wear it as a cocktail ring. Not one’s engagement ring!

        I think when Diana wore it, she wore it. It did not wear her. With Kate, the ring is the central focus and she has learned quickly how to use her hands to show off the ring more than effectively. She’s not left-handed, is she? Still, that hand is always placed on the top of her right hand in photos. And, she flashes the ring more than the most flamboyant of newly engaged females, who are desperate to show the world they are about to get married!

        From what I read, Diana really didn’t like the ring. I don’t know if that’s true, or not,. Still, if you ask me, she’d be appalled at the way Kate latched onto it and makes it such a focus of everything she does.

        1. Exactly! Diana made the ring famous, the ring wasn’t “known” before she chose it. And didn’t I hear a story that when given a selection to choose from, she just took the biggest one there?? So really, that sapphire doesn’t even have it’s own star power, it all belonged to the person who wore it first. Kate should not be wearing it and neither do I think Harry’s wife. Maybe a granddaughter or great granddaughter, but it was too soon to resurrect this piece with all the emotional baggage and memories attached. William really should have bought Kate something new. Weird how it makes me feel sad when I see her wearing Diana’s ring. Too soon, just wayyyy too soon.

        2. I find it really pathetic if Kate would want to be Diana 2.0 thanks to the ring.
          If W&K want to keep Diana’s ghost alive, this really gives me the creeps.

          1. Sadly, humans have not evolved much. We still revere status rather than substance. Yes, Kate and family are pathetic; mere products of a class system.

    3. I thought it was a lovely gesture for William to give Kate his mother’s engagement ring. After waiting for so many years, she needed a huge, in your face ring. She’s very proud of it, and I don’t blame her. I don’t admire much of what the lazy duo say and do, but I think William got it right with big blue.

      1. Hi BamaLynn, hope you’re ok.
        I was looking up the story of J.Bruno after you have mentioned him recently. Now, this is a case of a true philanthropist.
        I’m mentioning him in reference to the thread here about Kate being called a philanthropist. It must be a joke, isn’t it.
        As for the various ‘philanthropists’ in this world, I understand the word has a nice ring to it and even helps in tax purposes, however as the saying goes: give a man a fish and you feed him for one day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
        A true philanthropist is someone who gives from oneself, not dependent of the money, for a cause that will last and serve the community for many years to come.

        1. The family is doing okay. My mother is having the hardest time, of course, but my sister and I are helping a lot – cousins and friends, too.

          Calling Kate a philanthropist has to be a joke. It’s laughable. Thanks for looking up Joe Bruno. The Bruno family is widely admired in Birmingham.

      2. Firstly the ring was Harry’s so how come Kate got it? And whoever, have the stone reset or something. I don’t want to be patronising to non Brits, but really wherever you sat on the Diana/Charles/Camilla thing the pain is still raw. I think Will made a huge mistake and set Kate up to fail – not deliberately I hasten to add.

        1. The Diana/Charles/Camilla thing was such a colossal disaster with huge repercussions for the future! How I wish things could have been different for Charles and Diana.

  15. Thanks, KMR for the comprehensive update.

    I happened upon KM on a Google search that gave her the professional title of “Philanthropist.” I haven’t seen this before and wonder if it’s her PR team’s attempt to brand her. If so, I hope they understand that a sincere philanthropist does the job because of concern for others, not to get free sailing gigs or free tennis seats for themselves. Kate’s last royal patronage was all about her having a good time, very little about the kids it supposedly benefits. I lost all respect for Ainsley’s charity because of his and KM’s behavior. And will the Royal Box at Wimbledon be filled with KM’s degenerate relatives? Why not give deserving staff from the few charities that KM does so little for a day at the tournament?

    She may have a packed schedule, but it doesn’t mean she actually cares.

    1. Wow, Indiana. Thanks for pointing this out. A philanthropist?! True philanthropists don’t merely send letters to their patronages at the time of special anniversaries. Real philanthropists care so much that its’ not just money they raise, or donate, but they shine such a bright and caring light on the causes they believe in, that others follow suit. You get that. Why don’t others?

      I think you are right when you say that this must be PR’s way of spinning a neat little story about Kate. (Branding her). I love what you wrote about inviting some of the hard working staff of a few of her charities to the tennis tournament. But, Carole and Pippa would throw a fit, don’t you think?

      And, your last line,” She may have a packed schedule, but it doesn’t mean she actually cares,” is a Billion + !

    2. Love the idea about deserving staff!

      But, say what??? Kate Middleton seated on her Wimbledon throne amongst the great unwashed when she has spent her entire life trying to get away from them and what they represent? She’s future Queen, don’t ya know. LOL Her fingernails are still ragged and bleeding from that climb. They deserve nothing except the fragrance of her presence when she allows it. The poors would simply diminish and taint her big moment.

      1. LOL!

        That’s why it’s so ridiculous to call her a philanthropist, as if she’s actually worked and established a career that improves the lives of less fortunate people. She sure has proved by her actions that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. And in my view her mother and sister are the greedy, grubby unwashed.

  16. It’s also insulting to everyone with a brain to call Kate a philanthropist. She is nothing of the sort; just a lazy, vacuous woman who wants a high status, work-free life. She and her equally useless and appalling husband need to remove themselves from the public teat and live their lives privately, using their own funds. Then they will not need to bore the world with their do-nothing lives and endless evasion of what they laughingly call ‘work’. Just. Go. Away. No-one would miss them. I agree with you Indiana: the Middleton’s are just parasites.

    1. On the most basic level, philanthropists GIVE AND RAISE MONEY. The Royals don’t give money, and William and Kate have done astonishingly little fundraising.

      I think that was another point Palmer is making — the young Royals want to be “hands-on”, but the charities need dollars to survive.

      1. Agreed Bluejay. And philanthropists do not necessarily comprise only the wealthy. Individuals of comparatively modest means perform all sorts of philanthropic acts eg the Wild Rose.

        The young royals want to appear to be ‘hands-on’ but they are not. Engagements of questionable value to their charities are sprinkled across a few months of the year and pumped up by KP to appear more substantial than they actually are. In Kate’s case, engagements are around 30 minutes duration, unless of course a man she fancies and an activity she likes are in the frame.

        As Mark Bolland, former Deputy Private Secretary to Charles, wryly observed, the royals are adept at making a few engagements a week for five months of the year look like full-time work.

        1. Jen, you nailed it about Kate. Her engagements are each around a half hour long, unless it’s something she loves. The sailing with Ben!. The excitement of tennis championship matches! It’s hard to believe anyone could get away with what W and K do. Does anyone think they will ever get their come uppance? (Did I spell that ok)?

          1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, nah I don’t think William or Kate or Harry will ever change or get their comeuppance. I think we are seeing the best they have to offer…sigh

          2. Oh, if wishing made it so re. comeuppance! I guess I am hopelessly old-fashioned in that I believe dogged work should trump unearned privilege, but we live in a different world where most are seduced by style and lack of substance.

      1. I am from the school of thought that everyone finally gets his/her due.
        We may not know what either of the Cambridges is suffering, but I can’t believe they are getting a totally free ride. And, their lack of work ethic and laziness will come back to haunt them, I am sure. Sometimes, it takes TIME.

        Things can turn on a dime. Or in the case of the Brits, a tuppance, I guess!

        Harry’s work ethic and is compassion for others is something one can never take away from him. As time goes on, I believe he will gain more and more love and interest in his future by the people. While the lazy duo will lose out.

        I just have to believe!

        1. Jenny, I truly hope so. It’s disheartening to think otherwise. I think William and Kate will struggle to regain peoples’ trust and affection; the die seems to be cast there – they are too difficult and not worth the effort.

          I agree, things can turn on a dime, and often do under surprisingly unexpected circumstances. As for Harry, he does have genuine compassion and interest in the areas he has championed. He just needs to extend this to ongoing work that has measurable outputs.

  17. There was a section in Penny Junor’s book about Prince William that talked about how in the future the Royal Family was going to be a lot smaller than currently. This was projecting into the future with just WK & H plus H’s wife as the only members pending any children coming of age. They couldn’t be expected to take on the huge number of patronages currently held because some would be left out and how could you say one was better than another. W and H preferred to be one step removed from a full patronage and focus on raising awareness of things or kicking off the fund raising for a particular thing (i.e. the St Andrews endowment) and then moving on to something else. ( I paraphrased this) I guess this makes a certain amount of sense but to me it comes off as if they have the attention span of a flea and can’t stick to anything. It is also going to be harder to show that they are truly doing anything worthwhile because most of this is not measurable. Also, the public has gotten so used to using CC numbers as a measure that I can’t see how this will work. I guess they could start including getting dressed to go to an event as an engagement.

    1. Hi Sue, it will be interesting to see how Charles’ plan of a paired down monarchy works and if the people will accept paying the royals millions and millions of pounds for doing less “public” work. While I can understand what Charles is trying to do but he needs to remember that ribbon cutting events and meet-n-greets are important as well, these types of events are a way for the royals to show that the people who do the grunt work are important too and deserve recognition, it’s a chance to spread some of the royal sunshine around and to help the public feel connected to the royals. Imo, this plan of Charles’ might make the royal family more insular and more out of touch with the British people (except for those few connected to the project of the moment) than it already is.

      It’s been bothering me recently that W&K&H launched the Heads Together incentive a month or so ago and since then there has been silence. I think that if they weren’t ready to hit the ground running with this cause then they should have waited to launch it, now by the time they get around to doing anything with it people will have forgotten what it was even set up to do.

      1. I’m not sure that we ever knew what it was set up to do! I just feel that the whole thing, like their Foundation is a lot of PR but no action. IMO Kate should take on the DofE. It needs some young blood, it is very outdoors focused which she claims to love, and it would give her real purpose. She will essentially be in the same position as PP when she is Queen , so it would sit easily.

        1. But maybe PP doesn’t want to give her DofE and prefers that his son and Sophie take care of it…

      2. Lauri, I really didn’t understand the Heads Together launch either. If a program had been laid out then with key events and objectives, with follow ups to evaluate success, okay. But it just seemed to be a group of like-minded charities bundled together for a PR exercise. The royal trio’s speech was awful; hasty and they looked unprepared. Wasn’t there increasing heat at that time for W+K to get off their a**es and do some work? In retrospect it seems like an exercise to appease being called out for laziness.

  18. Guess I’ll start at the top. Kate is going to work four days, possibly five, in a row. Is the earth going to spin off of its axis?? All kidding aside, I’m expecting to see mopey Kate or over the top Kate. Probably a combination of the two. She is really trying to get her numbers up to counteract her lounging at Wimbledon with her family in the royal box. IT will be interesting to see if she makes it to the Garter, I’m hoping she fools us all, but I would not be surprised if she pulls out for some reason.

    Sofia…I abhor her past…period. That being said, I applaud that she has been getting out there being active and working. She still has a long way to go to prove that she’s the real deal as a princess, but she’s already put Kate to shame in my book. She’s taken a solo international trip, given a speech in English, which isn’t her native language and looks like she’s engaged when she’s there. Sometimes I get a bit of a camera hungry vibe from her which makes me want to call her Mary Jr., but at least she’s out showing her face. I think she’s very smart in that she knows she has to prove herself, plus I think she honestly likes the attention.

    Max is freaking amazing. I love it when she wears orange as well. I really love it when she’s with other royal women and they coordinate their outfits. It looks like they have such fun together.

    I applaud Harry for continuing to focus on what he believes in. I know a lot of work goes on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, but and it’s a bit BUT I still am not happy with the numbers that he and W&K are putting up.

    Neither of them probably relishes the idea of a series of grip and grin dates, BUT that is part of being a member of the BRF. The people not only need to see them, but I think a lot of people want to see them. They do get Harry on international tours and some things around the country, however it is just not enough. The whole focusing on major projects thing is all smoke screen for William and Kate because they really haven’t done a darned thing. They are simply spouting platitudes and lazing about at Anmer. I believe Harry is working on whatever his next public event will be but (and forgive me for so many buts) there’s no reason he can’t get out there and spread some good will. The three of them seem to focus their visits as close to London as they can. I know they’ve ventured out to other areas, yet HM, DoE, PC, Camilla and Princess Anne make them all look like lazy bums. I forget which member of their family said they need to be seen to be believed. It is definitely a motto that they all need to take to heart. W&K far more than Harry, but I just can’t completely cut Harry out of the scolding. He can do better.

    On the Ellie Goulding story, my eyes won’t stop rolling.

    That last Harry picture…wow. Definitely the better looking brother now!

    1. Have been thinking of you, Lisa. How is your mom? How are you?
      You write so eloquently and are so on target. Glad to read your comments.
      I hope things are well!

      1. Hi, Lisa,
        Just read your reply to one of my comments on the Leonore thread.

        So sorry that your mother’s health is not that good. How trying for you I can imagine it is difficult and siblings don’t often all step up to the plate to help. Also, there are differing opinions on how a parent should be cared for and where a parent should live. I wish you and your family well.
        This will be trying and I trust you have family and friends to count on to help when you need to vent. I asked about you on another thread as I had not seen this comment from you. So, don’t feel as if you need to reiterate. Just sending supportive thoughts your way!

        1. Hi Jenny,

          Thanks for the reply. She is out of the hospital and in a rehab facility right now working on getting her strength back. It’s very possible that I’ll be making a move in the next few months depending on how well the rehab goes. Family can be a minefield. I’m just trying to avoid the explosions.

  19. Sofia – IMO, she’s left her past behind and is presenting herself well as a member of the royal family. Sophiahemmet has quite an interesting history starting with Queen Sophia (consort of Oscar II) being the founder of Sweden’s first nursing school there in 1884. Interesting queen and well ahead of her time.

    Madeleine – Happy Anniversary! Gosh, two kids in just three years…better them than me LOL. It’s also the 55th anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. I hope we see the two of them at the Trooping this weekend.

    Speaking of Sweden, CG and Silvia are in Bhutan on a state visit. Can’t wait to see more pictures of how Silvia dresses during the visit.

    Maxima – What can I say? I love the dress (reminds me of orange and raspberry sherbet colors) and she’s just so…MAX. She absolutely rocks that funky jewelry 🙂

    I read somewhere that W&K may be at Royal Ascot next week. Now that would be appropriate for her – after all, the whole point is what you wear and what kind of ugly and expensive hat you have glued to your forehead. Plus she wouldn’t have to *do* anything except wave and grin wildly. Hm, she might have to clap though…

    Harry, you need to have a wedding and then a really quick divorce. I don’t care who you marry as long as you are in love with her (ex-military would be cool however) but you really need a divorce from your brother and his wife. Unfortunately, as in real life, I don’t think the divorce can happen until you’re married.

    I sense the “throw Harry under the bus” rumblings beginning again. I read that one of Palmer’s reasons for the rant was no royal reporters being invited to the Invictus dinner last night (the ongoing “private vs. public” engagements argument). I do understand their point, but Harry really can’t control that, as much as he should be able to, being lumped in with W&K at KP.

    1. I saw those photos after I wrote up this post. But, yeah, Beatrice looks really great there. I love that blue color on her.

  20. With regards to Sofia, it’s too early to tell. Every (well, most) newbie royals try to be hardworking or put on the pretense of doing so. She knows she’s got more doubters than most royals so she’s got to be seen doing something within the 1 to 2 years of joining the RF. If she’s consistent in the coming years, then I’ll give her the due praise.

    1. Kate didn’t. Kate has never tried to be hardworking or put on the pretense of doing so.

      1. I think she knew she had a lot of goodwill since she was marrying Diana’s son. Once that Welsh gold wedding band was on her finger, she probably felt that her position was firmly established. For Sofia, I assume it’s different. No matter the opinion I have on various royals, there’s one thing they all have done: TRY. Kate, like you have said, hasn’t.

      2. As COSquared said, there was tremendous good will extended to Kate and William at the time of the wedding and beyond, due entirely to the affection Diana held in people’s hearts. I’m sure William and Kate, living in their bubble of privilege, thought the good will was unconditional and ongoing. No work needed. In Kate’s case, the ‘hard work’ was ten years focused effort to get that ring on her finger.

        Because William’s nature and behaviour had gone unreported for so many years, and because the royal fairy tale story was spun so expertly (and people wanted to believe it) the public was none the wiser as to the couple’s true nature. As time has unfolded, it has become all too clear that they are an unpleasant and lazy couple who bring out the worst in each other.

  21. Harry has chosen two very appropriate areas to work in – the military (the Royals are obviously connected) and with HIV infected children in the Commonwealth.

    A brilliant role for the young royals would be to take on a major patronage in each of the Commonwealth Nations and do the global legwork.

  22. I wonder if Kate will make a speech tonight (and a right speech, not an “I am happy to be here and you make a great job, we must keep going on….” speech..

    1. That would be great, but I doubt it just given her track record.

      1. Emily Andrews says that she will make a short speech tonight. It is bad for me, if I think that the speech will be generic and bad delivered as usual? But maybe that if the speech is short, if her hairs are up, everything is possible.

  23. I find the attack on blogs on sofia appalling wasnt she a teenager when she did what she did, lots of teenagers have done lots of awful things, its part of growing up, but what I see and pics dont lie is a serious mature woman, who is very much loved by her husband and she tries to do her best, on the other hand, duchess kate has disapointed me the most, she has flashed the world while married to the future king and has been doing practically nothing while enjoying all the perks, for god sake she cant even give a speech in English she talks like she has marlbes in her mouth gosh!!

  24. Is Kate going to be unusually busy this June because it is the monarch’s 90th bday celebrations? Meaning once the celebrations are done, she is going to retreat back into hiding? Or is this an indication that she is going to be more public and visible from now on? Let’s wait and see.

    I agree with the comments about the Heass Together Campaign and how there does not seem to be a cohesion or information on measuring its success and impact. It’s curious that apart form the launch a month ago, there has been media silence. What good is a so-called Rohal family if they can’t even start and carry off a project, right?

    Maxima and Madeline are beautiful women and they can even make anything look great on them. Moreover, they actually do work (I don’t how much Maddie works in her Royal role through) and have had a history of working.

    I’ll admit it: I don’t like Sofia and probably never will. Mainly because I do not understand why her and CP need to suck money from the public teat and have their “royal roles”. They contribute next to nothing and SRF being more smaller profile, shouldn’t have the need for them when there is already the reigning couple and the very capable crown princess couple. Methinks, Sofia a d CP do not want to really work either, thus they are hanging onto a royal role so that this can make a few meet and greets and speeches look like an actual job! Hey, at least Sofia had a job prior to marriage, which is something that the upstart Kate Can’t even boast of.

    Harry is looking more and more handsomer by the day! Perhaps his happy and helpful nature adds to his looks too. I agree with all of the comments regarding Harry on this post here, so won’t repeat it.

    1. Re the SRF: I really think Sofia should not have taken a title; she should have remained a private citizen, like Chris O’Neill. Alexander could still be a prince and in the line of succession (after Estelle, Oscar, and CP).

      Agree about Max and Maddie – beautiful with great personalities!

      1. Chris would have had to take Swedish citizenship – isn’t that the real reason behind him not having a title? Also CP is higher up the pecking order. There will probably be a time when the kids are too young to work, and the King may have to cut back due to old age or ill health (they are not Windsors who seem to go on forever) and the CP family along would not be able to pick up the slack.
        Buy hey, I like Sofia, but will never change my mind on Camilla, so each to their own in happy disagreement.

        1. Yea I guess so 🙂 I think that Sofia wanted fame and fortune, but no longer by the dubious means of nude modelling and trashy reality TV shows. So she set out to become the wife of a rich man, in this case a prince of Sweden. And she has a child from him, not too long into their marriage, so she is set for life as a mother to a prince. Not saying that CP and Sofia are not in love with each other now- it seems like they are according to the pictures.

    2. I’m with you, Red Tulip and LizB. There is nothing sincere in Sofia, and her “work” is posing for camera in taxpayer-purchased clothing. She wanted a rich famous man, and he was stupid enough to fall for her.

      Chris rejected a title because he’s smart, smart-enough to realize the SRF is on shaky ground. Republicanism is rising quickly in Sweden and a bloated royal family is making it worse. Chris recognized this and has the pride to want to earn his own way. By doing so, he can protect his wife and children from much (not all) of the anti-monarchy sentiment.

      10 million people do not need 6 full-time working royals. CP and Sofia are only going to make the situation worse, especially with their questionable new business ventures.

      1. @notasugarhere- business ventures? what kind of of ventures? Now that is interesting…I really think that Sofia and CP can be part-time royals in the vein of WK. You are right 10 million people in a country with a rising Republican sentiment, do not need 2 extra full-time mouths to feed. And now that they have a child, that is 3 extra mouths to feed. But I am not Swedish, so I cannot say if Swedes feel the same way. I would be interested to know what Swedes think of Sofia and CP, in general?

        1. There is no such thing as “part-time” royal. That is something made up by W&K.

          In the other European families (and in the BRF) they have seen that being in business and being a working royal doesn’t mix. That is why all the others (other than the heir themselves) are expected to make their own way in the world and not be a burden on the taxpayers.

          CP is well-known for his shady business, like stealing other people’s designs and calling them his own. Sofia just registered a company to do business – with members of her family on the board – using the palace address instead of their private home. She is going to be selling things (clothing, property, etc.) and providing “consulting” services. Shady as hell.

          They have to be one or the other 1) in business or 2) full-time royals. As they are not needed as royals, they need to get off the taxpayer’s dime and set to work supporting themselves. The press better keep a very close eye on what they do, a la the press now paying attention to Inaki and Cristina.

          Remember, Sofia ran charity money through her personal account and her home address was the “business” address. Has anyone investigated how much of the donations went to funding the roof over her head? The Swedish press need to get off their knees and start doing serious investigative reporting.

          1. Both sound a bit dodgy. I posted above the links to articles from Lovelolaheart which are none too complimentary. Can’t believe the Swedes would be happy paying for them. Surely their respective families need to do this if they can’t support themselves rather than burden the public.

          2. The SRF investments are published each year, even though they are privately-owned funds. CP has millions in the bank (not over 10 million if I remember) but millions.

            He also owns three homes (1 city apartment, 1 country home on a lake, the house he inherited from Bertil). All of that is privately owned. With Swedish real estate prices, that is easily $3-4 million in property.

            They have more than enough to live on as private citizens, as long as they live modestly for those circles. If they are unwilling to do so, and use their positions for personal gain (ie “consulting business” while also being supported by taxpayers as working royals), welcome to Cristina and Inaki Mark 2.

  25. Very convenient. Kate’s first engagement after a long break is literally at her doorstep! I wonder how long she’ll stay at this SportsAid 40th anniversary dinner. Will be looking forward to see what she’ll be wearing. Trying to be positive.

        1. So all lunch/dinner engagements must be held at KP so that she could attend them. It must be so expensive to organise a function there. Anyway there was this one function held at KP that William couldn’t even bother to attend. That was a bit too much!

  26. “Kate has brought Prince George to this polo event the last two years, so it’s possible she will bring him out again.” Ah man don’t say that. You’ll jinx it. You know how Kate is about people expecting her doing things. She doesn’t like expectations.

    “… apart from getting us to write about it more. Perhaps the three of them need to set out measurable objectives?” I agree with this part of Palmer’s rant. Truthfully I wondered why didn’t say anything remotely constructive during the Heads Together launch. Like during their speech they could have outlined their objectives, long term and short term goals, what they hope to achieve this year and in the future with this campaign. That’s what’s disappointing about the whole launch. Like Palmer said, they didn’t give us concrete objectives to measure whether their campaign is working or effective.

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