Royal Rewind: Swedish royal baptisms

Royal Rewind: Swedish royal baptisms

The Swedish court announced today that Prince Oscar will be baptized on Friday, May 27 at the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. So in honor of that announcement, I decided to do a little Royal Rewind to the other recent Swedish royal Baptisms.

Let’s start our trip down memory lane with the first Swedish royal baby to be born this generation (and the only one I haven’t covered here yet), Princess Estelle. Estelle was baptized on May 22, 2012, just under three months after she was born on February 23, 2012.

Estelle has five godparents: her maternal uncle, Prince Carl Philip; her paternal aunt, Anna Westling-Söderström; King Willem-Alexander (then Prince of Orange); Crown Princess Mary; and Crown Prince Haakon.

Princess Estelle Christening godparents
[Bruno Ehrs/]

Crown Princess Victoria wore a pink dress from Elie Saab, while Princess Madeleine wore purple and the drops from the Connaught Tiara as earrings.

Queen Silvia went with a beige Valentino, and then-Sofia Hellqvist wore light pink Tibi. This event was Sofia’s big debut as an official royal girlfriend. It was also Chris O’Neill‘s big royal debut as an official royal boyfriend.

Baby yawn!

Princess Leonore

Princess Leonore was the next royal baby to bring out the baby sashes. She was baptized on June 8, 2014, three and a half months after she was born on February 20, 2014.

Leonore has six godparents: her maternal aunt, Crown Princess Victoria; her paternal aunt, Tatjana d’Abo; her paternal uncle, Count Ernst Abensperg und Traun; her mother’s cousin, Patrick Sommerlath; and friends of her parents, Alice Bamford and Louise Gottlieb.

Leonore Christening Photo4
[Anna-Lena Ahlström/]

Both Madeleine and Silvia went with lace Valentino – Maddie in pink, and Silvia in blue.

Victoria wore pink Dolce & Gabbana and a Philip Treacy hat, Estelle wore a white dress Victoria wore back in 1980, and Sofia wore a purple Valerie dress with a white Viktoria Chan coat.

Estelle is still adorable, even when it’s not her big day.

Prince Nicolas Christening

Prince Nicolas is our third and final royal baby in this rewind. Nicolas was Christened on October 11, 2015, four months after he was born on June 15, 2015.

Like his sister, Nicolas has six godparents: Prince Carl Philip (Madeleine’s brother), Countess Natascha Abensperg und Traun (Chris’ sister), Gustaf Magnuson (Madeleine’s cousin), Henry d’Abo (Chris’ brother-in-law), Catherine von Horn (Madeleine’s friend), and Marco Wajselfisz.

Prince Nicolas Christening photo godparents
[Mattias Edwall/]

Madeleine wore Valentino like she did for Leonore’s Christening. I much prefer this colorful gown to the too-short pink lace dress she wore for Leonore’s. Silvia wore blue, as she did for Leonore’s.

A pregnant Victoria wore a custom blue dress from Seraphine Maternity (with odd pocket flaps that I’m not fond of), Estelle wore Marie Chantal, and an also pregnant (but not announced yet) now-Princess Sofia wore burgundy Gucci which I happen to love on her (the bow, not so much).

Though Nicolas made sure we all knew it was his show – and that he wasn’t having any of it – Leonore gave him a run for his money being the adorable squirmy monkey that she is.

Prince Nicolas crying at Christening

Nicolas crying receiving Order at Christening

Princess Leonore at Prince Nicolas Christening

Leonore on the floor at Prince Nicolas Christenting 2

Leonore squirming at Prince Nicolas Christening

This year we’ll add two more Swedish royal baptisms to this list: Prince Oscar, and Carl Philip and Sofia’s baby.

I’ll leave you with info about the Swedish royal Christening gown. Like the British, the Swedes have a traditional Christening gown which all royal babies wear.

The gown dates from 1906 and is made of cotton batiste and Valenciennes lace (bobbin lace) with a petticoat of satin woven silk. The gown is trimmed with lace at the arms and also includes a jersey of Valenciennes lace.

In 1935, a cream-colored silk satin cape was added. The cape features the names and dates of all the royal babies who were baptized in the gown.

Christening gown

Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf with his wife Princess Sibylla holding their daughter Princess Margaretha after her baptism in 1935.

Queen Silvia holding then-Princess Victoria and King Carl Gustaf holding then-Crown Prince Carl Philip during his baptism in 1979.

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  1. Interesting article!! I can’t wait for the baby of Sofia and Carl Philip.
    I love the clothes of Victoria and Sofia during these event, I like less Madeleine’s clothes.
    Personnally I hate the green wall behind pictures from Madeleine’s children christening.
    I think that each member has its colors wall for the photos : red for Victoria, green for Madeleine.

    I wonder who will be the godfather/godmother of Oscar : Maxima, Frederic, Mette Marit, Madeleine, Chris, Sofia? suspens, suspens.

  2. Royal baby sashes!!!! Be still my heart 😀 So cute

    I just love Madde’s outfit for Nicolas’ baptism.

    Estelle was just too adorable; I’ve seen a gif of her yawning and Daniel’s reaction to it – as if it were the most wonderful thing in the world! His love for his children is very obvious.

    1. I know Liz B! Royal baby sashes!!!!

      Thanks for the look back at the recent Swedish christenings KMR.
      I’m looking forward to the fashion (of course) and I’m really looking forward to seeing the cousins and siblings together. Cue Leonore wriggling away and Estelle being in charge of the little ones!?

    2. Yes. I totally agree.

      The SRF are not afraid to show warmth, share genuine personal moments/being human with the people – CP Victoria was very teary (showed how blessed she felt as a mom), during Princess Estelle Baptism.

  3. Oh that was great! Thanks so much – I wasn’t following the Swedish Royals until fairly recently (LOVE them now!) so it was the first I’d seen of this. More rewinds, please!

  4. First time poster here! The one thing I wish is for them to wear SWEDISH designers. Also my guesses for GPs for Oscar: A BeNeLux royal(s), Madde, a Sommerlath cousin and a childhood friend.

  5. Too cute for words — those babies! And, as Estelle and Leonore get older, they just continue to win hearts. Thanks for starting a gray Monday on such a happy note.
    I agree, the photo of little baby Estelle yawning and her father’s loving look at her is darling.

    1. There seems to be a great deal of love for all the royal children. I love the tradition of placing the name of each child in the lining of the garment.

      1. I so agree G, and how great that the children are included in so many events. Seeing Lenore being a squirmy monkey and Estelle running off to get the binky, imo just shows how relaxed the family is and how much the children are loved.

        1. Lauri, that was my favourite part of the christening. With the Swedes, things seem unpretentious and not ‘staged’ as opposed to Charlotte’s throwback christening. The Swedes (at least the young generation of royals) seem to successfully incorporate tradition and formality with genuineness and sincerity. That’s what I love about them.

          1. Binky is another name we have for a pacifier (I’ve seen dummy or soother on UK websites, is that right?).

            I’m not sure if it’s a regional thing or if it goes by family. I also grew up calling them a binky – but I’ve met other Americans who used “paci” “nuk (from the brand)” “nubby”… I’m sure there’s others lol

          2. Thank you Liz B. Yes they are called dummy or soother over here. I only know from ‘The Simpson’s. Though Leonore looks so cute even with her pacifer.

  6. I loved Victoria’s look best at Leonore’s Christening and Sylvia in the blue at Nicolas’ ceremony. Maddie’s Valentino at her son’s Christening is my very favorite, though, even the flower headband!! It just works for me.

    1. The flower headband makes it, IMO – connecting the crimson color from her shoes and the hem of her dress without being overpowering.

  7. OMG, I just love the little baby sashes!!! Too cute!!

    I’m so looking forward to the next two royal christenings! I love that they release the photos of the happy family with the godparents, it’s nice to see who the parents selected. I have to say I also appreciate that the Swedes don’t do “theme” christenings, I like that each woman wears what she wants and what she feels comfortable in. Gosh I love the dress Maddie wore to Nicholas’ christening, I think it’s one of her best yet!

    Thanks for a great rewind KMR, what a great way to start the week!

  8. Thank you KMR! I think it’s so sweet that all of the babies who’ve been christened in the gown have their names sewn in it as a touching reminder of the generations before. So sweet! Can’t wait to see what the ladies will wear at both baptisms!! Also, I *do* hope that Maddie will be one of Oscar’s godmothers since CP was chosen twice and Victoria for Lenore!

      1. jenny, thank you so much for asking! My tootsies were acting up this weekend (grrrr) so I called up wound care this morning and bumped up my appointment by 10 days. From the 28th to the 18th. Also, I hope to call up my PCP this week to schedule an appointment so that he can sign my medical waiver so that I can attend the transplant games in June! Don’t worry, I’ll be doing very low stress events: corn hole toss and trivia challenge! I can’t wait to reunite with my transplant family!!

        1. Hi Kimothy, I actually saw your video about the transplant games some days ago. They sound exciting and I’m sure you’ll get a medal in the trivia challenge. Especially if that includes royal watching! 🙂
          As for the Swedes, I have to say all my favourite outfits are from Nicolas’ christening. All the ladies there, starting from Maddie, look amazing, even Estelle and Leonore look at their best in this christening. I surely hope we’ll get even more lovely outfits in Oscar’s christening. By that time, Sofia will have recover from the delivery of her baby so she will be OK to attend, only a little more sleepy. And I’m pretty sure Maddie will be a godmother.
          KMR, thank you for the happy post. It put a smile on my face, especially when seeing pictures of baby Estelle that I haven’t seen before.

        2. Great to hear from you Kimothy I always worry when you go silent for a while. Love the idea of the trivia challenge, if you have all the KMRers on speed dial we could probably answer most things…..ok that would be cheating. Sending you big cyber hugs.

          1. Hi Kimothy
            I’m with Birdy as I worry when you go silent too. But I see you’ve been busy so that’s ok.
            BTW I caught up with my friend with the lung by pass in the supermarket the other day. She was with her daughter shopping. I told her about you and that you were at 20 years – the daughter’s face was great to watch as she had the BIGGEST smile ever! You can tell she was stressing about how long she had with her Mum. So you did a very very good thing by telling us about your transplant – Thank you from Me, My friend Gloria and her very very happy daughter!

          1. Yes, Kimothy, we are all cheering you on. Good luck with your doc’s apt and may your feet heal and stop giving you any issues.

            Onward with your Trivial Pursuit. Although, may I add, there is nothing trivial about you!!!!!

  9. Lovely pictures of a beautiful and growing family. It’s interesting that the other European Royal Houses all seem close to each other, as seen in Estelle’s baptism. I wonder why the BRF seem more isolated publicly from the other European Royal Houses and do not seem to fraternize with them as much?

  10. What a lovely post and what a gorgeous set of babies. I do like squirmy monkey Leonore and Estelle yawning. The Christenings look like a close family affair rather than staged with no emotion. I like Madeleine’s outfits to Estelle and Leonore’s Christenings. I am not a fan of the dress that Madeleine wore to Nicholas’s Christening. Victoria looks very elegant. I prefer hre outfit worn to Estelle’s ceremony. I like the way the names of the brother and sisters are sewn onto the cape along with previous royal babies and Estelle wearing Victoria’s old dress. How sweet. Thank you KMR.

  11. I just love your coverage of the Swedish RF, they are my favorite. April is here and now time to wait on Prince Carl Philip’s first child! Yay!

  12. What a beautiful tradition of placing each child’s name on the blanket! That is a wonderful way to honor each child.

    I love how the Swedes televise these events. This is how I learned about Dan and Vic. Estelle is loved by all and they delight in her. Leonore was so adorable. She was the cutest monkey and Estelle did a great job with her. Nicolas was a cuie and was not the one to be messed with. It will be awesome to see all these babies grow up while Estelle corrals them in.

    It will be babies galore soon and I can’t wait. Thank you so much for sharing these babies with us, KMR!

  13. Wow! What a wonderful review. The thing that strikes me about the SRF christenings is that although they are a royal affair with a certain amount of pomp and ceremony you can see the gathering of the family to celebrate the new one.

    They don’t come off as overly stuffy but still maintain that dignity of the royal family. I just loved the part about the names being embroidered on the addition to the gown! That is wonderful.

    I can’t wait to see Oscar in the little gown with his miniature order. The little orders and the photos in the crib/bassinet/whatever they call it are wonderful. And the yawn from Estelle was just too cute.

    Just seeing the recap of the christenings makes me look forward to CP and Sofia’s baby. Just for the traditions to continue.

  14. So looking forward to the christening. I hope the fashion doesn’t disappoint, although the kiddies will be the best part regardless of fashion choices.

    I didn’t like Sofia’s short dress + coat for Leonore’s, and also think Maddie’s dress wasn’t flattering on her body shape at the time. I loved all the other dresses… Even the odd headband Victoria is wearing (just like her mom’s?!!)

    1. Lovely photos of happy times in the lives of these fabulous Royals.
      The christenings are such special events and it seems as if each member of this family is there for one another. Not just for the photos, but for the joy the day of each christening represents.
      There is nothing pretentious about these people. They are just a joy to follow. If I lived in Sweden, I would be thankful for their calming and loving presence. Proud of them, too.

      Oh, and yes, the addition of each baby’s name embroidered on the cape is a charming custom

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