Prince Charles talks planting trees with Prince George

Prince Charles talks planting trees with Prince George

Prince Charles has given an interview to BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time in which he discusses his love of gardening and his gardens at his various homes. He also discusses how he’s made his gardens child-friendly and how he wants to instill a love of gardening into Prince George at an early age.

Charles gave the interview to promote the very first Highgrove Garden Festival which takes place April 11 to 16.

    On planting trees with George: “You just never know, do you, what people are going to be interested in but the most important thing is I’ve got him planting a tree or two here. So we’ve planted it together and shovelled in the earth. Because that’s the way, I think, when you’re very small. And then you see, each time they come you say do you see how much the tree has grown? And you hope that they take an interest. But you see I’ve always liked gardening, I hate to say this, from a child’s point of view. Because I have such happy memories of bits of my grandmother’s house.”
    On designing his gardens to appeal to children: “In Scotland and here I have tried to design it to what would appeal to a child. It’s the paths and the interests. We’ve made a maze up there, which is rather fun. I adored a maze when I was young. You just put yourself in the child’s position. It works.”
    About that whole ‘talking to plants’ thing: “You can’t make a joke, can you?”
    He’s not as hands-on in the garden at Highgrove as he used to be: “I used to do much more when I first came because there was only, you know, one or two of us. I planted a lot of the trees. I cut off the end of my finger, banging in stakes and had to be taken to Swindon Hospital to have it sewn back on again. So I did a hell of a lot more. As I’ve got older and my back get worse, so I have to kneel to do everything. But funnily enough I probably do a bit more hands-on planting in Scotland in the garden there.”
    On losing his garden at Birkhall: “There was always the danger every now and again it would flood a little bit but nothing like this horror, which literally sort of gouged out half the garden and removed even from the stumpery. We found stumps half way up trees. So starting again is always a bit exhausting at my age but you know you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again.”
    Prince Philip was not impressed by Charles’ garden of dead tree trucks: “My papa came along and said: ‘When are you going to set fire to all of this?'”


After that weird press war last year where a Charles source claimed Charles complained to friends ‘They never let me see my grandson’, and then Charles put a photo of himself holding George into the background of one of his video messages that same month (first photo below), but then Clarence House insiders claimed “there are ‘lots’ of pictures of the Prince with his grandson dotted around the residence” so it wasn’t a pointed message to the press or the Middletons, I really wonder just how much time Charles spends with George, and now Princess Charlotte. I wonder if Charles will spend any time with his grandchildren while William and Kate are off doing their tour.

BTW, these are the only photos we have of Charles with George. The two not taken at the Christening seem to have been taken on the same day – George is wearing the same outfit. I’d really love to see them release a professional photo of Charles with his grandchildren.

photo of Charles holding George in WWF video

Prince Charles playing with Prince George

Prince Charles holding Prince George

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  1. I think Prince Charles does a good job with the Duchy of Cornwall. Prince Charles also looks after his garden and obviously enjoys his gardening. It must be a real interest for him and escapism. I feel sorry that Charles doesn’t see a lot of his grandson if the reports are true. Charles passing his interest of nature and conservation to his grandson his touching. Princess Charlotte should take an interest too. It would give a bond between the grandparent and grandchildren. Something I think Kate doesn’t want because she blamed him for the split with William.

    1. N.b. Prince Charles did lift Eliza Lopes up at the wedding to see what was going on. The problem is Camilla’s grandchildren have a grandfather and to be honest there is still a lot of history that they want to keep it civil.

      1. Thanks Laura. I forgot that Camilla’s ex hubby would be involved with his grandchildren. It does get a bit complicated with the history part of it.

  2. I admire Prince Charles and his long time interest in gardening specifically organic gardening before it became popular. He is to be commended for his desire that we preserve what we have and plant more to give back what we take away. This would be a great legacy to pass onto his grandchildren. I want to believe that Charles does take an avid interest in his grandchildren and desires to enjoy them. But one does wonder since there has been the stories that Camilla has had to go else where to enjoy her grandchildren.
    And as much as they love each other I would have thought what is mine is yours and vice versa…enjoy their grandchildren together as a unit. It would yes be so nice to see visual photos but then we don’t even know if Harry spends any time with them. It appears to be all about the maternal relatives. Thank you for this delightful post on Prince Charles and his love of gardening…fascinating and interesting.

    1. Charles and Camilla do live separately most of the times. Camilla lives closer to her kids and grandkids while Charles is at High grove. This arrangement works well woth them because Charles dislike unruly little children.

      I think Charles wants to see his grandkids every now and them but would not necessarily want to spend long days with them. I doubt it he’s the touchy paternal type

      1. J …I was not aware of Charles and Camilla’s living arrangements but had read of his not being so fond of wee little ones as in Camilla’s grandchildren …but didn’t know if true or not. He doesn’t strike me as the touchy huggy type grandfather..I would like to be wrong of course. He seemed to relate better to his own sons when they were a bit older. But I am only going by what I have read which doesn’t seem fair to be judging when don’t know if true or not.

  3. I actually enjoyed his interview a lot more than I thought I would! I’ve always admired Charles’ clear love of gardening and the joy he gets from showing and telling people/guests about them.

    I just saw “Charles wants to instill the love of gardening in Prince George”, and thought “oh boy…the Prince George card to get people to read the interview.” But I thought Charles has a really realistic view of the types of interests George could develop, and he doesn’t seem like it will hurt his feelings if George doesn’t end up liking gardening. But I loved the idea of planting a tree together as a great way to build memories and keeping a lasting item in the garden from George’s childhood with Charles.

    I was a happy sap all over this story.

  4. Greetings Everyone,

    Just have enough time to flick you all a message, had a quick read of your comments on the various KMR updates however do not seem to be receiving them through my email –

    KMR – is there any way that you can make sure that I actually receive them? Look forward to updates when I am “in range” so to speak.

    Will be changing course “nautical – on a ship” and will be heading off again NZT 1300 hrs Sunday 3 April, so was glad to see this.

    Is a good interview and Prince Charles has done a wonderful job with The Princes Trust – credit where credit is due.

    Just as an added note: I mentioned this about 4 KMR updates back in reference to the “soap bubble” froth interview that had the ditzy duo in it on Her Majesty for her 90th Birthday.

    Prince Charles did an exceptional Interview/Documentary/Personal Memories at Balmoral for the Queen’s Jubilee year.

    It was filmed at Balmoral, showed clips both old films, black and white as well as colour frames of him growing up, along with the Princess Royal, Andrew and Edward.

    This was truly amazing. If any of you are interested just look it up and watch it.

    It was so good that I actually hand wrote a letter to Prince Charles thanking him for “sharing” his mother with the people and the members of the Commonwealth Community.

    I also mentioned to him that we appreciated that the Queen was not only his Sovereign (a concept which Prince Harry understands fully) but also his mother. That it could not have been easy having to share his Mother with the Realm –

    Prince Charles obviously appreciated the letter as I received a lovely response. Handwritten letters rather than typed ones seem to be answered in a very personal way – maybe it is because it is a personal way of contact. Not sure, however I will treasure the letters I have.

    A couple of thoughts to ponder on:

    I do not want to throw a dampening cloud over this tree planting with George or the attendant interview however it crosses my mind that it was Prince Charles that made sure this was out there.

    To me, and I may be quite wrong but I wonder if it is Prince Charles asserting himself AGAINST the billy boy and snakey Katie “control freak” issues that they exhibit.

    Prince Charles is very much on the “outer” of his grandchildren’s life, whether it be because of the Camilla issue and the blame game that bill middleton/Windsor is always playing for his mother’s unhappiness.

    Billy boy and Katie obviously use the “D.. card” to the maximum to either force feed people to remind us of his mother (sort of ignoring that fact that she was also Prince Harry’s mum as well) and therefore it has become a crutch. Whereas Prince Harry – who it would have had a shocking effect upon (being just that little bit younger) – has always kept his dignity, spoke rarely except when making reference to the Charities and hopes that his Mother would be proud of him.

    Prince Charles has been blamed, accepted his part in all this, Diana had her faults yet I get the distince impression that billy boy and Katie hold Prince Charles to ransom over it.

    Just something odd in all this – and what worries me is that it is so “unhealthy” almost to the point of an obsession of bill to shove it in the face of his family (The Blood Royal). It is a common theme and somewhere deep down it makes me think that it is a calculated, manipulative setup that has Charles on the outside of their lives by deliberate action.

    I know I have digressed a little – however Prince Charles has more than paid for the past and deserves respect for the good that he has done.

    Bill middleton/Windsor and his mrs will hold this over him forever, the children will be used as a stick to beat him with, it is already obvious.

    I am not a person to judge what Prince Charles did or failed to do – however he does not need to be deprived of his grandchildren’s time or presence because bill blames him, which in turn is fed by kate. It must have taken Prince Charles a lot to have spoken out all those months ago on this very issue about not getting to see the children (he got hammered by the redneck bill & kate brigade) over this.

    I actually hope with all my heart that when Prince Harry finds “his one” had children that he will see to it that his father is very involved. Prince Harry has a “kinder, less bitter gene” and I hope that Prince Charles will live long enough to share that joy.

    Enough of me raving on – I know many may disagree however we all make mistakes. Big ones, little ones, sad ones however holding on to fury, hate and bitterness just taints the next generation.

    Thank you KMR for your wonderful work – will check in again, I do so enjoy our community and the different thought patterns.

    Take care out there everyone, find the joy, and a basket full of happiness to you all.

    Kindest regards, fair winds and calm seas

    The Wild Rose

    1. I agree with you, Will most likely is bitter about the past. Being the eldest child myself I know firsthand that parents tend to lean on us more for support and are more open with us than the younger siblings. I think that’s what happened with Will & Diana, also being older he would have a clearer memory than Harry. I also think nature vs nurture comes into play, Harry seems to be more understanding of the situation whereas Will focuses on the negative. I don’t think Kate has an issue with the Windsors, she prefers to be with her family and as such has no issue not seeing his side of the family, she is happy to enable his hatred & negativity. I’ve read somewhere that Prince Charles likes to personally respond to his mail, how special that you received a letter from him, handwritten. What did he write to you in his reply?

      1. Greetings Cat and everyone else who may be interested in this response…

        My letter went to Prince Charles following the documentary I mentioned which was screened in New Zealand late 2012 and again early 2013 – some of you may know the personal interview that he gave – you saw him laugh, shed a tear, it had all the Lord Mountbatten footage in it but also the very very sobering thought and knowledge that here was his Mother mourning her father and having become Queen. It was a standout interview.

        That is why I wrote the letter:

        Though I cannot quote verbatim from it my memory serves me pretty well as to it’s content. One of my major “faults” as some would say – is my memory. Have been criticised many times for it!!!

        Prince Charles thanked me for my kind letter, the thoughts that went into it, he was most grateful t for me taking the time to write to him as I did, and was particularly touched by my honest, heartfelt words. Rounded off with his warmest thanks and very best wishes. (It was truly lovely). He had read every word of my letter and card that I had sent of that there was no doubt.

        Prince Philip also sent me a lovely letter when a wrote to him acknowledging the fact that he had been such a strong, guiding, loving and loyal (partner) to Her Majesty. For all the years that he had given over his dreams in order to be the “strength and stay” as The Queen herself described him. Prince Philip again thanked me for my words, depth of perception and acknowledgment of him as a person. Again – something I will always treasure.

        I have written directly to Her Majesty 4 times during my lifetime – been honest when I have raised a concern, been honest when I have thanked her for sending both Prince Charles and Prince Harry to the Gallipoli Centenary, that was priceless.

        During this I have also written to Prince Harry – the first time was after that disgraceful exhibition of his rude brother and his mrs on the steps of the Mary Magdalene Church when the Queen was leaving in 2014 – that was where I spoke to the issue of his respect for the Queen as being his Sovereign and his Grandmother. He loved that letter.

        The next time I wrote was when he went with his Dad, Prince Charles to Gallipoli and both shed a tear at the Dawn Service at Chanuk Bair when “Now is the Hour” was sung which is actually “The Maori Farewell” and has been for over 80 years or so. It was written by a Kiwi (New Zealander) then translated into English which of course Vera Lynn and others have recorded.

        Again the letter I received directly was lovely, Prince Harry felt quite humbled to be there and as he had not long been in Christchurch where I had met him – it was the ANZAC Day that had me put pen to paper to thank him. This one came directly through Prince Harry’s private secretary and not (the KP or St James) combined office that was initially set up. This was completely separate.

        My letter to Her Majesty reflected her exceptional choice. Again a lovely reply, covering every single aspect of what I raised.

        Every time I have written I have spoken straight from my heart. I always hand write and I enclose the letter in a distinctly NZ card (one of them was created around the turn of the century and depicting the old world but beautifully done).

        Now – as for me I am currently heading out again into International waters and will cross the point of coverage in a 12 hours, delayed because of weather. Just a little bit of background about myself –

        I help out (not actually affiliated with a Church Group per se) however I believe in the basic Circle of Kindness. I help out with Mission without Borders, I knit blankets, jerseys, hats, scarves, socks, supply garden kits for poor countries, books for decimated schools, pencils, chalk, nappies, and the like – it is all collected then shipped out, in a container and then dropped off at various points wherever it maybe accessed then transported over land and dispersed to the people who need it. Can end up in the Lower Pacific, Pacific, South America, European countries e.g. Moldova and other war torn or disaster relief places. The Mission without Borders is a group of people who give a damn and just do what we can – whether it be knitting peggy squares, then somebody else with put them together, then we have a blanket – so then I go off and help whatever we have collected and get where it needs to go.

        At no time do I accept any payment for my time, I pay for all my own supplies, and just do what I can to make this world a little kinder for those who need it the most.

        I was also involved in the project that created 18,600 hand knitted poppies for the Wall of Remembrance for the 100 year Centenary for the outbreak out of WW1 and a poppy for every NZ serviceman lost in every campaign up to 2016 – again it comes back to the Duty and Service that I rave on about …. often.

        Kindness, like courtesy costs nothing.

        I enjoy the community of KMR because it is the only honest place a person can say what they think, freely and openly. For me personally KMR you are my light on a dark night in the moments that I may be alone (even if I am with others) – a light that breaks through the darkness and gives me a sense of belonging.

        Hope that this rather long post does not bore you to tears however thought that while the going was smooth at the moment and before the wind changes that I would answer your question Cat.

        Thanks KMR – you bring me joy.

        So, a cup of kindness to each and everyone of you, a basket full of happiness and a sprinkling of magic to light your way.

        Fair winds and calm seas

        The Wild Rose

        (See you on the flip side…)

        1. I just love your posts wildrose, and your sense of service. I am full of admiration because you follow through on the things that matter, ot only to you but whole communities. I know you don’t do it for compliments, but the world is better for you being in it.
          I agree that this community here at KMR is really special.

        2. Oh wildrose I loved, loved, loved your post. I was very moved by it. You really has a sense of service and your letters to the Royals show this. I am glad they answered you. Here in my city there is a school where the students once sent a letter to the Queen saying they were studying British History and they received an answer from one of the Queen’s lady in waiting. They were very happy that the lady in waiting explained that she was answering but the Queen herself said what to write. It was fantastic and appeared in a television news.

  5. I’m a fanatical gardener and never thought Chuck was a flake about it; I know exactly what he means and my garden was organic as well and talking to plants has never been a bad thing. His grounds are heavenly and clearly lavished with thought and love.

    As for the comments about George: it’s hard to tell whether he spends much time with the kid. Obviously Chuck is a wise man in his approach to children and gardening. One can only hope that the kid will be inspired and interested. And yet, here’s Willy.

    I wonder if there is something about the timing of this interview that includes George that smells of damage control.

    Chuck’s father is a bully.

  6. I saw the article earlier today and loved it. Prince Charles obviously loves gardening and I really hope he can pass his love for this on to the younger ones in the family. I find it quite therapeutic. Considering how William acts it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they got hold of the properties and grazed things to put in tennis courts and Kate’s mythical organic veggie gardens.

    I love his approach with planting trees. My grandfather planted a tree in his front yard when we were small and to this day I can drive by and see that tree. It’s a wonderful thing. He was a gardener professionally and taught all of his grandchildren bits and pieces and if some of us weren’t interested he didn’t push it and focused on those who were. I have vegetable gardens now because of seeing my grandparents plant theirs yearly.

    Anyway, I truly hope W&K aren’t using the kids as a ransom of sorts. They have grandparents on both sides and should be able to see them. PC works an incredible amount, but there is no reason (especially considering the lightweight schedule W&K have) that they can’t work something out to bring the kids to him for visits. They’ve pretty much established Anmer as Bucklebury 2.0, if I were PC I’d want them at my home for building memories.

    MavenTheFirst, I don’t know if I’d call Prince Philip a bully. Of another generation, maybe not as into gardening as his son, but I don’t know if I’d call him a bully. He’s said some things that are just out there and at times wrong, but again I chalk this up to his personality. I don’t think a bully would have his granddaughter Beatrice nearly in tears talking about how wonderful she thinks he is. I think he expects a lot from his sons and grandsons as males. I’d call him salty.

    WildRose, take care out there! I love reading your posts.

    KMR, as always keep up the excellent work!

    1. Lisa you have a beautiful articulate way of expressing yourself. I loved the story about your grandfather. He did the right thing by knowing which of his grandchildren would carry on his gardening skills. And not everyone is interested which of course is okay. I do enjoy reaping the benefits of a garden but not always do I enjoy the hard work of which it sure does entail.

      I want to think that Kate does have an organic garden and that she actually tends it. We know that Prince Charles did have gardens long ago as the proof was in his showing off. There was no hidden agenda. We could believe in a lot more such as the grandchildren being taken to visit but there is nothing to show for proof which leads to extreme speculation.

      Anyway thank you for your wonderful comments Lisa.

      1. Thank you Kat. (insert blushing emoticon) I have really great memories of my grandparents and their gardening. My mother jokes that she couldn’t keep a plant alive if her life depended on it, but she never stopped me from digging in the yard and planting things.

  7. Both of my grandmothers had beautiful backyard gardens full of vegetables and flowers. I loved going out with them and cutting flowers for the table and fresh vegetables for the meal. My mother refused to have a garden. Fast forward and gardening is something my husband and I enjoy. A grandparent can influence a child in all kinds of important ways.

  8. I enjoyed this info very much. Charles has such a love of nature and he works doing things he loves. That is fortunate for him and for those who get to enjoy the beauty of his gardens.
    The idea of planting a tree with Prince George — and hopefully, Princess Charlotte in the future — touched me. I think he has a good handle on how to proceed with his grandkids and each time little George sees the tree and is reminded how it is growing should be fun for both of them. It also seems, Charles is aware that his grandson may not be as interested in gardening as he is and he sounded as if he would be fine with that, too. I can’t help but hope the kids will share their grandfather’s interest, though.

    Sharing interests with children — especially things that are part of nature — is a true gift for them and for the adults, too.

    My parents won several trees at local firemen fairs when my siblings and I were young. They planted some to mark special milestones in our lives and we were very proud of those trees. Sadly, a few came crashing down during Hurricane Sandy and in a few windstorms after that. I remember feeling devastated when I heard the Hawthorn tree they had planted after I was born, didn’t survive Sandy’s wrath.

    This year, my husband and I want to plant a tree to honor our little girl. I hope that tree doesn’t have to weather too many horrible storms, just as I hope my child won’t.

      1. Thanks, rhiannon. Still trying to decide what kind of tree to plant in Maddie’s honor.
        Hope all is well with you. How’s the running? You are an inspiration!

          I have looked on this website to see what kind of tree coincides with my daughter’s birth date. It turns out to be Ivy. Years ago, my sister said she recieved an email saying that you could find the tree that represented you based on your birthday. She lost the email and whenever I google and try to find it, other things crop up. At any rate, this was a fun site to visit to find out what trees correspond with what birthdays. Oops, just found the site I was looking for. I like this listing of trees better than the Celtic one.

          1. Jenny,
            Years ago we planted a dwarf Japanese Maple and we have absolutely loved it. It is very graceful but also very hardy, and lovely in all seasons. Another small tree that has done well for us is the Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus). In the spring it has delicate white blossoms that smell so sweet and in the fall the leaves turn a brilliant yellow. I think it is native to the southeastern US but even in our harsh New England weather it has stayed strong.

        2. I love Japanese Maples. They are beautiful year round. I have an oak in my front yard and and it’s like seeing a friend return each year.

          I ran four races in March and looking forward to one this month. I’m already 7 in the hopper and 8 more scheduled.

      2. Hi Jenny and Rhiannon
        I think planting a tree to mark a special occasion, especially a birth of a child, is a lovely idea. Good luck with picking the right tree, can you get Plane Trees (Platanus × acerifolia) where you are? We had them in the house I grew up in. Loved seeing the leaves change colour in autumn. Rhiannon’s suggestion of a Japanese Maple sounds good too. But don’t plant ivy, it grows quickly and it hard to remove once it has taken hold.

        1. Hello, Rhiannon, Claire and Cathy. Thanks for the lovely suggestions.
          We actually have no plans to plant Ivy. it was just interesting that on one website, that came up as the match for Maddie’s birthday. But, no! Not our choice. Still thinking.

          We plan to plant trees for his boys, too.

          Today, may not be the best day to be thinking of trees as we are experiencing very high winds on Long Island. So many old trees were weakened after Hurricane Sandy years ago and more are now coming down. Two houses up the street, a huge branch came crashing down and knocked out power lines. Nobody was hurt and no major damage. We live on a corner and are attached t other power lines, so our electricity is on, but the rest of the block is out.

          It’s so cold, too. March was a piece of cake compared to April, so far.

          Be well.

          1. Hi Jenny
            I’m with Rhiannon! Stay fast and keep warm!

            Spring storms can be crazy here too – I’m in Auckland which is a thin piece of land between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean so when there are storms brewing off shore you can usually bet they will hit land at some stage.

            I’m feeling for you re the trees in your neighbourhood, I was living in London when the hurricane hit there. I cried as I went round Hyde Park in the bus after seeing all those majestic trees that were toppled in the storm.

            Stay safe! And remember summer is coming!

          2. hI, Rhiannon and Cathy,
            Thanks again for your concern . All is well. Just rainy and cold again. No winds, though.

            Gosh, when you live near the water, it is a given that storms will hit your area with a vengeance, Cathy. Wishing you and Rhiannon well, too.

            Sad to think of all those trees that were downed in Hyde Park, Cathy. What year was that? Not after the storm, I mentioned, was it? Hurricane Sandy in 2012, I think.

          3. Hi Jenny – oh yes, when you live on a small piece of land surronded by water storms can be rough. Then the sun comes out and you forget about the bad weather and the rain. You patch up any storm damage and enjoy the sun. I was thinking of the toppled trees in Hyde Park from the big storm that hit London and southern England in 1987, just dating myself a bit there? I was doing my OE (overseas experience) and at that time I was working in Notting Hill, just round the corner from KP and about 2 minutes walk away from William and Harry’s school.

  9. My feeling-and this is just a feeling- is that Charles may have seen George when he was a baby up until he was about one. Just like we the public saw pictures of George in the park with his mom and nanny more when he was very young. But something happened that made William be one paranoid about George having his picture taken, maybe that time when Carole brought George to the beach? After that, George was made almost a recluse. Barely leaving the house unless he goes to preschool. You never see him doing things like going to a restaurant the way Daniel brought Estelle for pizza. He occasionally goes places, but not often.
    This change happened before Charlottes birth. IMO, we see even less of Charlotte. So I think that maybe Charles did get to see George for a while but that he doesn’t see George or Charlotte the past year.
    This may be why when the interviewer (Robin Roberts?) asked Harry about being an uncle his whole body language changed. He got tense and bit his lower lip then put his hand in his pocket. People say that this body language means a person is reluctant to speak about something. Harry’s answer was that even though you have to be serious in life, what would life be like without some fun? And that he hopes he is a fun uncle.

    My theory is that Harry was hinting that George and Charlotte don’t get to have fun. I think that they must have a very Victorian existence in Anmer Hall where they basically stay in the nursery or walk in their garden but not much else (except George’s school). I think this is due to William’s paranoia and controlling nature and Kate goes along with it.

    But again, this is just my feeling. I can’t prove any of that. I will say that I also watched the documentary where Charles was interviewed. He said that Lord Mountbatten was like a grandfather to him and that he acted as a replacement for King George. Charles said that he believes that the role of a grandfather is a very important one. He was also very close to the Queen Mother so I can imagine that Charles wants to see more of his grandchildren. I personally don’t believe those kids are being raised in the royal family. Unlike Estelle, who will be comfortable with her place in the family, when George and Charlotte finally are thrust into the spotlight it will be a shock for them.

    1. Cookie I definitely agree with you. We saw far more of George than we have with Charlotte. No outings to the little farms that we have heard of, no walking out with Nanny Maria (just one recently with George on his scooter). Someone put those kids on lock down. Maybe William realized they were being papped only when out with Carole and put his foot down.

      1. Do you think Carole calls photographers and tells them where she is?
        I have noticed that we have seen less of Pippa in paparazzi photos this year. Either the press feel the Middletons don’t sell as many papers or someone said something. James with his marshmallows and Pippa with her miniskirt at church…the Middletons act like they LOVE the attention. Carole and Mike posed for pictures in front of the hospital when George was born but not Charlotte. And George went to Australia and visited the zoo and had a play date during the tour but I doubt that Charlotte will do anything like that.
        So either William has put his foot down or Will and Kate are raising George to be the center of attention as the heir while Charlotte is in the background.
        I cant help but feel that Will and Harry were always seen together as equals as children at least in public when they were photographed. But George and Charlotte are spoken of differently.
        I think William is much more Victorian than Diana was in many ways. He also doesn’t seem as close to Harry now.

        Those kids live in a giant Middleton bubble out in the country far away from the royal family.

        1. There’s been strong coincidence she has before. Things only an insider could know. Things like locations, times, interiors only W,K, and the Midds would have access to. No one else. This is highly noted at the just before Kate gave birth to George. The interior of the car that took the Midds was given in detail. As was what Kate was wearing and how she was inside the transport.

          1. I remember reading that, but i never looked into confirmation. It would not surprise me considering how close a realtionship they had/have. Even when they went to court at the request of William they continued to work together.

    2. William’s reaction when George was pictured at the beach with Carole was so over-the-top that it made me wonder if he or someone else had been caught in another lie–another caught naked on the balcony moment. Perhaps Kate and Will had said George was unavailable to see the Queen before his birthday party, or perhaps Carole had sneaked George out without any security knowing, or perhaps Kate and Will had promised Charles that Carole’s time with George was limited, who knows, but I think that set of photographs caused Will and/or Kate some great embarrassment to be caught in some sort of lie, so Will’s reaction once again was to lash out at the paparazzi.

      As many others have noted either here or elsewhere, it’s not privacy that Will is after but secrecy.

      And regarding Highgrove, Charles really has done such a wonderful job with transforming the landscape and the exterior of the house itself. I truly hope he is getting to share his passions with his grandchildren, and that they will have plenty of opportunities to run and climb and dig and play all over that lovely estate.

      1. Clare, I agree. It was really over the top. If the children’s safety had been compromised or they were really being harrassed I can understand being a protective parent. But unless I am not seeing something it seems to me that the press do give George and Charlotte space, at least the British press do. So that whole letter sent out by Jason was over the top, indeed. I actually think that letter did more harm than good and that part of the negative press attention right now is because the press are fed up with it.

        It is possible there was something specifically about those pictures that ticked William off. Maybe he doesn’t want people to know how much influence Carole has over the kids vs how little the royals see them?

        1. I think you’re right, Cookie–I think William has been criticized so much publicly and probably privately about how involved the Middletons are, not just with the grandchildren but with the grown children as well, that he will go to any lengths to keep that involvement secret. For example: that secret skiing holiday in France, which KP led everyone to believe was an intimate family-of-four-only time, was really a house party of sorts, arranged and headed by Carole.

          Actually, if the reports of the Middletons being separated are true, then I wonder if Will is trying to do his part to protect them. After all, when have we ever seen candid shots or reports of Mike out and about with his grandchildren, even with Carole?

          1. I totally agree!

            The RF was excluded from the kids again at Easter as the latest round especially hardworking and dedicated to HM – POW – that the kids were again at the meddlesom carol (weeks after PoW paid the luxurious ski vacation).

            How many warnings/summonds/meetings by HM will lazy entitled billy middleton/duch waity cannot be given….

        2. Not only that — something I was reminded of when I was looking at an old article — you know who DID ski in Courcheval in the past? The Middletons. So once again, it was just another Middleton haunt.

  10. WHT a sweet post. As much as Charles is known for the Prince’s Trust, he’s known for gardening. I read a book about Highland was amazed at what he did with it.

    It’s a shame if he doesn’t see his grands. Regardless of his history, he deserves to see them. And he will be the only one to teach Char and Georgie about being Windsor as his parents don’t.

    Thanks for the post, KMR!

  11. Charles has spent time with George. Maybe not too much, but it’s barely covered. Like the infamous polo event. Charles and George were reportedly adorable together within the tent. Harry also. What gets printed is George standing next to a Charles who is talking with adults ignoring his grandson.

    1. Wouldn’t they have snapped/published pictures of charles and/or harry with the kid? Those would be hot copy like the christmas car shots.
      Instead, unfortunately, “Self-professed, baby crazy” Harry is all kinds of distant at polo (there was only one picture of a hidden h& g at polo). Not to mention, he becomes awkward and generalizes the relationship, whenever, he is asked to talk about them publicly.

      Do the reporters have X-ray vision. How were they able to see/know what was going on in the tent. Why were charles and harry only adorable with george in said tent, not outside?
      Of course they will print the gooey lovable “scoop,” why they can’t publish the pictures of said interaction? Because, sadly, it likely never happened.

      1. I’ve finally caught on to the giant whoppers coming from “sources”, people who supposedly met them, people who happened to be around at that important syrupy moment. Stuff is made up out of whole cloth to confer a sheen of warm fuzzies and happy families on those cold-hearted thumbsuckers . Unless I see it, I no longer believe anything coming from liars who lie with such impunity and abandon it seems pathological.

        So far there have been no pictures of Chuck and the babes that are informal, and the pics behind him are OLD. A pic of Charles and George planting a tree would have been amazing. I believe that he barely sees the poor little blighters except at events, especially considering the copious amounts of time Dolittle spends at mummy’s house. Same for Harry.

        1. It’s been said with some slip ups of photo releases this does happen. Charles is not cold with Children. It’s all about what image goes to print. He’s been said to have held George and played with him in view of cameras before, but those pictures do not get used. Spectators and their photos have caught this. No xray vision required either to see Harry is cute with kids. Imagine how adorable he was with George.

          I think it’s a lot to do with their lifestyle and wanting to keep some moments private. That kids are not a PR tool.

          1. Do you have links to the photos of Charles and Harry being cute with George during the polo match? Because I’ve honestly never seen them and would like to.

          2. They were twitter accounts that came up in passing on… Royal reporter posters.
            I do recall a blog or article that had someone claiming to know a photographer that was there at the event. Giving some unpublished photos for use and providing context to events that made sense. It was how we saw the photos of Kate in the parking lot after George hit another kid with his toy.

            They also caught Harry and George and Charles entering the tent. Not together, but over the course of shots they were in there together. No photos to my knowledge were from within the tent.

            Sorry, that’s the best I can do.

            I think it holds some strong truth George has a good relationship with Charles and Harry from how they are when we do see them. They’re not strangers to the toddler.
            And remember the photos of Nanny Maria bringing George to see Harry off at the helicopter before he left for more barely covered charity work? Photos were blurry, but I bet there were hugs and smiles.

          3. So 1) you basically have no proof to back up anything you’re saying, 2) It’s ridiculous to think that Harry and Charles would not show George affection when they were all outside of the tent and he was standing a foot away from them but somehow they did so when they were inside of the tent and though no photographers were inside the tent with them, somehow they know that both Charles and Harry were “adorable to him,” 3) There are no pictures of PC or Harry with George that in any way can allow anyone to infer that they have a good relationship with him, and 4) Also, when Maria bright George over to the helicopter, Harry was not in the in it, another man was, and the tabloids can make up whatever story they want to go along with the pictures but it’s highly doubtful that Maria brought George to see Harry specifically. She seems to take him out just to see the helicopter because he’s interested in them.

  12. Loved the photos. I recall reading that the royals send each other memos and make appointments to see each other due to their workloads. The Queen and Prince Charles are quite busy so it does make sense to know beforehand if they have time to see each other.
    Having said that, I expect William and Kate have more down time which is why Kate’s family has more access. They also tend to live in each others pockets, are close and plan holidays together. This was made clear by Kate and reinforced by William in their engagement video. Since then William has hammered home the differences between the families. One is formal, works hard and has duties and the other is warm, comfortable and loving.
    I sometimes think he is saying the Middletons are better as they are still married and spend time together whereas the Windsors come up lacking in putting family first.

    George does have 2 grandfathers so what is Charles to do? Would William and Kate go on a ski holiday with Charles? Would they spend the weekend at Highgrove visiting the grandparents as other families tend to do? I know they could arrange that if they wanted to, but it is always the Middletons they choose to spend time with.
    People tend to stick with the people they prefer and its obvious that Charles is not their prefered option which is sad.
    Prince Harry also seems to be outside the inner circle these days. The brothers used to have more to do with each other and over time they have drifted apart. You can see it in the videos that make together that they are no longer speak in unison or seem to know what the other has been doing. They seem to be not as close as they were. Just my thoughts.

    1. Yes Charlston I have noticed that Harry and William no longer seem to be in sync as they once were. I wonder if part of it is due to no longer living in closer proximity such as KP versus Anmer Hall. If one does not work in the garden of a relationship nothing will grow. Even though marriage and children can change things some what it does not have to. They just seem to be drifting further and further apart when they still need each other as that familiar support system. I just hope this is not what it appears to be. Just my thoughts too.

    2. I don’t think Charles has a close relationship with Georges or Charlotte personnally.

      In general I don’t think that William has a close relationship with Eugenie, Beatrice, Zara. I think that Harry and William have drifted apart : Harry appreciate maybe not Kate, W live in Amner Hall.
      Maybe he doesn’t like how his brother use the memory of her mother, the behavior of William in general (he doesn’t seem so sympathic, his jokes are maybe not always well received). I think that his absence of the christening is revealing : how can a brother can not schedule the christening another day in order to have his brother during this day?

      I think that they don’t seem close because they have other center of interests, they had in different stages of their lives (marriage and kids, single even if we don’t know how William is really with his kid).

      I know that in a interview Harry says he will be here to support his brother, and Will sighed. I think that Will feels superior to his brother.

      On another note, there is an article on the Mirro about Will and Kate’s trip :

      What is your opinion about it? But maybe KMR will make an article about it

      1. Greetings everyone,
        I will make this a very short post after my rather long one about half an hour ago…

        No chance – this Tour will not make a blind bit of difference.

        It will be the Empresses new clothes….

        Soapy, sickly photographs in front of the Taj Mahal…

        Flash earrings and the big ring worn with the latest “jeans, jeggings, cargo pants and shirts a la Diana” in the slums…

        Carefully contrived and micromanaged photographs but there will be nothing, absolutely nothing of substance.

        Then they will not be seen for goodness knows how long after they get back.

        Also what is with having weeks off in order to get her hair done and a fancy bunch of clothes yet cannot be bothered to do any Royal Engagements between now and then and the one that is supposed to be on April 6th? (I think I saw this somewhere) Is that meant to soften up the public and appease the critics? Doubt it.

        This is a fluff tour, damage control, to little, to late and the excuse for doing very little following it will be the excuse of being away from the kids (who are being well looked after as we all know).

        Apologies for the cynical view but the tone of the article itself says it all – the secrecy behind these two (especially their work ethic) is like a sinking ship.

        Some may blame billy boy and others snakey Katie – either way they are Jointly and Severally responsible.

        That was a point they raved on about in their engagement interview. How they were their own people etc, etc – as well as only doing what suits them, well that has certainly come home to roost.

        It has well and truly bit them on the butt big time and the critics (the people they are supposed to serve) can see right through the pretence now.

        The do not give a damn, nothing is consistent and yes the Tour may be classed as a raging success however consistency is the problem.

        Both of them have a lazy, arrogant, stubborn streak – everything on their terms.

        Should these leopards change their spots – I will be first to stand up and say I was wrong.

        However until they pull their weight, without the lame excuses and people running to their defences when they are called out for their laziness, lack of commitment, fake concern etc the criticism will still be forthcoming.

        A basket full of happiness to you all, a handful of magic to brighten your day or light your evening….

        Fair winds and calm seas – must away however will check in when I can, the ship is about to change course again.

        The Wild Rose

    3. I can’t picture the Middletons as “warm, cozy and loving.” What warm, cozy, loving mother would never let go of her daughter? What mother who is truly loving would push her daughter so hard in the quest for landing a Prince? I don’t see the Midds as loving — just manipulative.
      I am sure they love one another — but to quote Prince Charles, for them, that means, “whatever love is.”

      1. Carole Middleton is a stage mother. Who has pursued her dream. Of marrying her daughter off to the future King of England. It’s not about what her daughter wants. It’s about what Carole wants. I’m not saying that Kate is the victim here. She went along with what Mummy wanted. Plain and simple. I honestly believe that this 34 year old woman has never made a true decision in her life. Her handler. I mean mother has run the show. Has done it all and sold her daughter and family in process. It is sad.

        What I find even sadder is George and Charlotte. Being basically locked away in a gilded cage of William’s paranoia. Modern day Kensington System going on over there. Which I believe Kate just agrees with. She can’t have a thought of her own. I don’t believe she has ever had a thought of what is best for her or her children. I understand on one hand you do not want your children exploited. I get that my children are the same ages as George and Charlotte. Yet at the same time you are doing a great disservice to them. By keeping out of sight. Both with the public. And with the Royal Family. I think these kids are going to have culture shock. When the day comes for they to take part in the Royal Family.

  13. I find it very odd that this picture is old. George looks a baby here. It’s not a recent photo. Once I saw a photo of Charles making an statement and behind him there were two photos: one of Harry and the other was of George and Charlotte. I thought strange that the photo of George and Charlotte was one of the photos taken by Kate when Charlotte was born (George holding the his baby sister). It was not a personal photo for Charles. It seemed that Charles took the photo from internet and put it in a frame. I bet Charles doen’t see his grandchildren very often. Oh my, and who wears a suit to play with a baby?

  14. It says in the papers today that Charles has a 3ft elephant in his garden that George already loves. It’s a long drive from Norfolk to Highgrove I do wonder how often George has been there.

  15. It’s always lovely to hear from Charles. I do hope that tree does well. What a sweet thing to do with one’s grandchild. I want to plant a tree in our backyard with my son now!

    I’ve been out of town in Boston for the World Figure Skating Championships and am just now getting caught up with KMR as the competition is over. What a whirlwind week!

    1. Hi Ellie
      Ok, I’m going to be nosy here (sorry).
      Were you competing? Or are you an official?
      Either way, I’m impressed!

    2. Ellie that is a great idea to plant a tree with your son. I am so enjoying the different comments as related to Prince Charles and his gardens.

      And I am nosy too as I watched the last few female skaters in that competition. Was happy for Ashley Wagoner and felt bad for Tracey Gold.

      1. No I’m a spectator but I know a ton of skaters! We hung out at the official hotel and ended up accidentally crashing Skate Canada’s party. It was funny. I did get to meet Ashley and got a picture with her! I also met Javi Fernandez who won men’s, he is such a sweetie. No friends of mine are competing this time around but I do know a lot of them from being in the sport for years and doing websites for lots of them; I got stopped by people who knew who I was. It was a bit odd. The best part was meeting legend Christopher Dean!

        Poor Gracie, I saw her last night at the hotel just bawling. 🙁 I’m not a big ladies fan–I’m more into pairs and dance.

        1. Cool Ellie. Oopsie Gracie
          Gold…that is sad since the announcers said she did practices perfectly so might have been nerves. Yes I too am much more into pairs dancing also…so I get it. Dean and female skater gives me goose bumps whenever I see their Olympic winning dance. But Hey nice to meet someone who knows these peeps on a more personal level. Thanks for sharing.

        2. OMG Ellie, I just watched the gala a few hours ago. I’m such a fan of figure skating and have been watching as far as I remember. What a championship this year! My absolute favourites were the Canadian couple for free skating and the Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu. I thought he was amazing. And my God, you met Javier, he does look a sweetie. The French couple I followed them from last championship, they have such a fluid movement.
          And I still remember legends Christopher Dean and Jane Torvill. I was very young when I used to watch them.
          You were an athlete? I wish I could be in Boston this year. Oh well, maybe I’ll have to start packing for the next European one in Czech Republic. 🙂

          1. Oh you should go! It’s so so fun! I’ve been to Worlds when it was in LA, and Skate America. My girlfriends and I are planning on going to US Nationals in Kansas City. It’s really affordable.

            I used to do gymnastics and skate. I still skate for fun. My son wants to, now, so I’m buying him his own pair of skates this week. I took him last week before I left for a lesson. He loved it! He wants to do pairs or ice dancing “because it has girls I can pick up”. Haha.

            Hanyu left me cold in person. I think he’s a phenomenal athlete, but just… dull? The Canadian pairs are okay! I liked their free skate but she’s so graceless, it annoys me, haha. The fist bumping and yelling HI MOM during her skate… urgh.

            The French ice dancers are stunning. I loved them, and the Shibutanis; they were wonderful, Maia was disappointed I think, I got to meet them and Alex was thrilled, she was a bit bummed.

            Lots of girls stalked Sarah Hughes and it was pretty funny. I saw my old coach from my old rink growing up, small world!

          2. Thank you for sharing Ellie! I really enjoyed your inside perspective. My 10 year old daughter also skates but only for fun. The thing is, in my warm country, it’s difficult to find a rink operating after the month of April. Too costy to keep it!

          3. Thanks for sharing Ellie! I watch the WC but with the jet lag it is not the same.
            I really want to see the ice dance next year with the come back of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, it will be interesting. I love them.
            Poor Gracie.
            Personally I really like Weaver and Poje but not their program from the last two years.

        3. Thanks for sharing your trip to WFS. I have been a fan for decades. Poor Gracie. I am worried she may give up the sport.

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