Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima

Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima

Queen Maxima has been out and about recently, chugging along in her role as Queen. So for this royal round up, let’s check in on her.

Queen Maxima SME speech

April 1 saw Maxima give a speech at the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) Envoy Network in Amsterdam. It’s a long speech with a lot of information. She talked about ways in which the government can help SMEs, new financing options for SMEs, and the entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging children to get interested in setting goals early.

As I said, it’s a long speech, I’m only quoting the part about encouraging young people.

    “Like everything in life, it is better if you start young, so it is also vital to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among primary and secondary school pupils as well as students in higher education. The Netherlands is not unique in this: policymakers in nearly all EU countries are working to strengthen enterprise education.
    “Research of the Dutch Young Entrepreneurship Foundation shows that young people in the Netherlands who have taken enterprise courses find it easier to get a job, often at the management level. In schools, exchanging one day of theory a week for a day of practical training of their entrepreneurial skills can lead to better study results and a lower dropout rate. In this way, enterprise education helps create not only successful entrepreneurs, but also better employees. We need to implement entrepreneurship education programmes as well as carry out high level research on entrepreneurship.”

[transcript, in English]

Maxima visited Village Our Pleasure in Nieuwer-Ter-Aa on Wednesday, March 30. The Village has been operational since 2010 and is supported by volunteers from local businesses. The Village is a meeting place which brings together a village shop, library, and playgroup, and promotes self-reliance among the people. The Village is one of three winners of the Apples of Orange 2016 – an annual prize from the Orange Fund, which was given to Willem-Alexander and Maxima as an official wedding gift in 2002.

Also on March 30, Maxima attended a symposium for music education in the Conservatory in Amsterdam during which she received a copy of the book Music Education we do together.

March 22 saw Maxima give a speech at The Hague in her role as a member of the Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship and Finance, and advocate of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Inclusive Finance for Development. She gave a speech during a seminar titled, “Joining Money”, organized by Qredits and The Hague University to mark the retirement of professor Klaas Molenaar.

    “When I worked at banks in Buenos Aires, New York and Brussels, I saw how important it is that people are given a fair chance. It is not primarily about money. Money is just a means. It is about dignity and pride. To join in with all of your talents. To make a good living, on your own, for yourself and for the people to build you back up. And more broadly refers to new jobs and social progress. To equality between men and women. And finally to hope for a better future. […]
    “Loans (small and large) are very important. But they are only part of a much larger whole. What we need is a financial system that is open to everyone. An inclusive system. So that people can safely send money to their families, without skyrocketing costs. So that farmers can insure themselves against a poor harvest. So that women earn money they can save, and not having to keep under their mattress, where others can access it. […]
    “Entrepreneurship is not only a question of money, but also of knowledge and skills. That is always what the starting point for microfinance was in the Netherlands: the combination of funding and support. Money is just a tool. Participation is paramount. That’s what it’s about.
    “People who can participate, feel proud, resilient and valuable. Therefore, we should not rest until everyone can participate! … Whether you have small or big ambitions. Whether you’re working at a company. Whether you’re starting their own business. Or both simultaneously!
    “I wish all the students in the room a lot of success.”

[transcript, in Dutch]

Queen Maxima joining money speech

On March 21, Maxima attended the 35th edition of the Dutch Prix Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year ceremony. This international award is for business women for the purpose of promoting female entrepreneurship and management. The award is presented in eighteen countries. Candidates are judged by a jury to include management skills, organizational skills, business and social influence. The financial and economic prospects of their business is also judged.

64 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima

  1. Queen Maxima. What to say abut this woman. Nothing. Her actions speak for herself. She is exactly what she shows. Intelligent, articulate and engaged. Her peech at The Hague in her role as a member of the Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship and Finance was fantastic. “When I worked at banks in Buenos Aires, New York and Brussels, I saw how important it is that people are given a fair chance. It is not primarily about money. Money is just a means. It is about dignity and pride. To join in with all of your talents.” This is what Maxima shows us, this is what matters to her, among other things, not only shows a dress and a smile. Maxima is exactly like her name: MAXIMA.

      1. Could we get even a modicum of this sort of professionalism out of Chutney and the mister? Not for the first time have these two been an acute embarrassment….I’ve always been proud to be British but these two pretenders are causing that to wear thin. There appears to be no pride, no sense of even a tiny tad of duty, more inappropriate moments than any other eight royals one could name.

        I cannot imagine how KM could aspire to marry a future king but have absolutely no idea how to behave in her role. I have wondered if she is on some sort of medication – extremes of behaviour, inappropriate moments, clueless actions etc. What an elitist pair. Not for the first time have I been happy to be in my seventies….I won’t be around when these lumps are forced to step up.

        I’m done!

        1. the only thing she did in her twenties is sleep her way up, gosh, and 5 yrs in the BRF they are still throne idle, and the hype over the indian/bhutan tour is not exciting, all their tours have been forgettable, they looked and acted like rich tourists!!!

          1. I re-watched the Charles and Diana interview, the first big one with Alastair Burnett ‘In Person The Prince and Princess of Wales.’
            Both were highly articulate and spoke clearly about their interests and passions.

            Diana was excellent in this interview, her delivery was clear, strong and well thought out, no faltering or stammering. Likewise her accent, thought refined, was well modulated and understandable. The interview was interspersed with footage of her visit to a hospice and other charities and she was so accomplished in her discussion of these visits, the importance of the work to her on a personal and a professional level. She calmly discussed duty and commitment to her charities and was impressive in delivery. The only point at which she faltered was when asked to describe her role, she said it was to support her husband as a wife and mother. At this point her voice became weaker and hesitant and she sounded very briefly like Kate.

            I thought it might be useful to compare the Diana Kate interviews, as both were given at approximately the same time in terms of RF membership, and both had young children of approximately the same age, William had just started nursery school and Harry was crawling.

            The contrast is startling, I recommended viewing.

          2. Thank you, Daisy, for the wonderful reminder of just how special Princess Diana was. She really mastered the art of doing something of import with her life while being a loving mother, too.

            I love Maxima and think she is the same type of woman. What dignity and beauty she has. What a way of engaging those she is with and how she understands the issues that others face and how she wants to help.

            I find her to be a true woman of substance Someone who has taken on her Royal role with tremendous enthusiasm. She just never disappoints, does she?

            When you look at Max, you see someone comfortable in her own skin. A woman who loves life and has a way of making others feel good about the world, too. Not everyone has such talents. Still, all people can try to latch on to one or two key interests and shine their own special lights on subjects that can use help.

            The King must be very proud of his Queen. Her children have a strong and caring role model in her, too.

            Thanks for such a nice look at the work Max is doing, KMR.

            And, thanks again, Daisy1000 for the gentle reminder of the lovely and special woman the late Princess Diana was. She certainly made her mark and will be remembered so fondly by those whose lives she touched.

          3. Piper Grits, thank you so much for sharing that link.

            I was quite young when Diana passed away and don’t recall ever watching a her during an interview. She appeared so articulate and seemed to have a genuine interest in her charities. This has helped me better understand why her memory lives on in the minds of some people.

            A few comments on the interview:
            1) I didn’t expect the news anchor’s in-studio introduction to be that cheeky and dare I also, bordering on disrespectful to the couple as royals and human beings. To me, the fact that such an introduction went to air and the video is on-line all these years later suggests somewhat of a mutual understanding between Charles and the press. That the interview was billed as the as the couple – no held in as high regard as at the time of their marriage – answering tough questions, shows a real understanding on their part on how the monarchy’s survival lies with the people and thus the press.
            2) It would probably do William and Kate some good to sit down to a similar-ish interview to address their apparent shortcomings instead of pretending everything is okay and further alienating members of the public.
            3) while I agree that William and Harry appear to have two very different personalities, the William that Diana describes – well except the bit about bribing to smile for the photographers by letting him dress himself for school – sounds nothing like the person he is today. Is this merely another case of every parent thinking their child is an angel? For those that remember him as a child, how did he come across then compared to now?
            4) I enjoy seeing Charles interacting with his young sons especially his attempt to get Harry to smile for the cameras. Warranted or not, he has been vilified for myself of my life so it was nice to see him as a human.
            5) Hearing about his vision to help young people back then with the knowledge of just how well the Prince’s Trust has turned out was great. I agree, with their shared knowledge and experience he and Maxima could make quite the royal micro loan/ micro gain team.
            6) Many people have talked about Kate trying to model/morph herself into Diana, to be honest, apart from being weirded out by some of her clothes, I didn’t pay much attention to those theories until watching this video. Kate’s accent, tone and the pace at which she spoke in the recent documentary does in fact sound like she was trying to mimic Diana. Kate’s PR push about motherhood combined with her choosing hospice as one of the first charities and her remarks about always thinking that hospices would be sad are ver very reminiscent of Diana in this particular interview.
            7) If she actually went through the trouble of, as some suggest, studying Diana’s interviews and clothes so that she could “pay tribute to her” in her own rather creepy way, it’s really sad that none of the actual substance of the interviews struck a chord with Kate. Both William and Kate need to listen to Diana’s comment that nothing would upset her more than just being a letterhead at the top of a page instead of actually working to help her charities! In some respects, even Charles talking about being royal as a way of life and how easy it would be not to do anything instead of feeling his way through his job, reminds me of William. On the plus side, I guess if none of his parents commitment to their roles as royals and their charity work rubbed off on to William, then there is hope for George and Charlotte.

        2. Oh, Sophietta. Your words saddened me. You are really feeing hopeless about the Cambridges and I cannot blame you one bit. Still, keep positive thoughts in your heart. Things can change. Maybe, they will wake up and smell the coffee (an American expression). Perhaps, something will give them the jolt they need to do their jobs with great pride and dignity.

          Or, maybe, as so many of us keep hoping, Prince Harry will somehow be allowed to rule. He has what it takes, I think.

          It is really disheartening to see how little that William and Kate are doing to make people love them and feel proud of them.

          It’s a sorry state of affairs, that is for certain. But, things can change. At least, we can hope, yes?

          1. Hi, rhiannon. Thanks for checking in. I appreciate you so much.
            I had a big cry this AM after my husband left for work. Just feel overwhelmed by so much at the present time. Then, I looked at Maddie’s face as she lay sleeping in her crib and I stopped crying immediately As overwhelmed as I am feeling by having my step sons full-time now, I know I am very lucky. They are wonderful kids and my daughter is pretty wonderful, too. So is my husband, quite frankly.

            The boys are finding it tough, I think. Although, they hide their feelings pretty well and we do approach the subject with them, they insist all is well . I cannot imagine how they feel about their mother, though. To have chosen her boyfriend over them!

            Maddie has a cold, so she’s asleep again. I’m supposed to be writing some biz reports for the client that Mary Elizabeth and I are working for presently, but instead, I am glued to

            Again, thanks for checking in and for your kindness always.

            How is life going for you? Busy, I bet. And, so involved with your running. I admire that greatly. I’ve never been a runner. Walk everywhere, though. Find that to be my special time. I think better, communicate with God better and just come up with the most creative ideas when I am out walking. I hope running brings you peace of mind and other wonderful health benefits, too.

          2. Hi Jenny. Just wanted to send you support and kind wishes for yourself and your family. It is sometimes overwhelming to have a little baby.
            I remember, when my daughter was a baby, I was almost glued on the armchair where I used to breastfeed her and when my husband was coming through the door, he used to see me with streams of tears coming down my face.
            You also take care of your stepsons. You must have a lot of love. Remember to take care of yourself too! 🙂

          3. Jenny, sending good thoughts to you and your whole family. I remember feeding my little one when she was tiny and I can still remember the extreme tiredness and feeling very overwhelmed. And I only had her to worry about, not step sons. They must be having some very confused and mixed emotions at the moment. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on just message me xxx

          4. Jenny, you practiced self care by coming here to the KMR community. Taking care of an infant is very trying despite how cute and cuddly they are. You also are a parent to two young men who have had a lot of changes with a new baby sister.

            You are doing a good job, Jenny. Continue being honest and talking about how you feel. We are all here to provide an ear. You are a delight and it always brightens my day to see your name.

        3. Sophietta, I understand your disappointment. You belong to a generation that grew up and walked through life during the entire reign of HM. It must be difficult to fathom W&K’s way of life. It’s like the model set by QEII is being shuttered by the younger heirs to the throne.
          Well, as you know better than me, life goes on and I have to line up with Jenny in saying that things change, sometimes for the best, or as my dad says, everything has a purpose. 🙂

          1. To Tanya S., Elina and Rhiannon, my sincere thanks for your kind words and ayour thoughtful ways. It meant so much to hear such supportive things. I’m ok. Just had a bad morning yesterday. Elina, when you said how you were often glued to the chair where you fed your daughter and how your husband sometimes came home to find you in tears, I shed tears, again. And, Tanya, how old is your daughter now? She is fortunate to have such a dear Mom!
            Yes, it is hard to take care of a baby and it’s hard to see my poor stepsons going through such a change in their lives. I’m very thankful to have friends – AND FAMILY – who have been very understanding. Both here and in my own life outside this blog!

            I’m around when any of you — as well as others — need me, too.
            Rhiannon, I always love your comments so much. Talk about someone who is a delight!!!
            Elina, Tanya S., you are, too!

            Onward to Rhiannon’s wedding! Get the poll ready, KMR, “Favorite Royal Wedding.” “Favorite Royal Bride” Favorite Royal Wedding Dress,” etc.

    1. I so admire Maxima, just every single thing about her sets her in a class above her peers (and that’s a lofty bunch). What a wonderful example for her daughters to look up to and emulate. Love love LOVE that woman!

    2. I love it. Did she write that herself? She’s certainly no snobby, snotty aristo/arriviste. She blows me away. She possesses empathy and intelligence.

      I wonder if her presence and speeches have an impact. And in what way.

      This is a true *working* royal. Even Queen E (Queenie? Ha!) can’t begin to touch her in that department.

    3. I agree, Jamel. Maxima is amazing. She is bright, focused, so very much the woman we all admire!

      She and many of her other Royal counterparts are putting Kate to shame. Maxima has such a sense of dignity. Such a handle on what it means to care about others and use her stature in life to help! I can find little, if any, fault with her.

      Ok, one thing — and forgive me. But, as KMR points out, this is something we might slam Kate for doing or wearing. The wrinkles on that brown dress were distracting, So unlike her, too. Still, Maxima moves one beyond the superficial to deep thoughts of “what can I do to help others?” – by saying and doing the right things whenever she is representing the Royals of The Netherlands. Sorry to have pointed that out. (the dishelved skirt of the dress, I mean. Must have been the fault of the fabric)!

    4. She gives a very clear impression of being engaged, interested, focused – that is what her role demands and she seems to fulfill it admirably. Others should emulate… As a result the focus is on the content of what she does, not how she appears while there.

  2. Kate had ten years of the role of Royal girlfriend. Yet she does not have the faintest clue. It’s not all about clothes, shoes, and her hair. This is actually a job. Which she is completely unsuited forc. William and her could actually make impact on they’re charities and interests. If they actually cared. I believe they do not.

    Kate and Billy Boy should take a cue from the younger generations of Kings and Queens of Europe. Show up, engage yourselves, show that actually have drive and passion. These two are too dim witted to figure it out. If they cannot learn from the example of Queen Elizabeth II. Duty over self. I think these two will be the end of the line for the British Royal Family.

    1. the european royal ladies are older, work harder, and dress very elegantly and do their job very well, and yet they are still wives and mothers!!!

      1. Adam I completely agree. Yet Katie Girl is 34 years old and a mother of two. She lacks the maturity of a mother all together. I do not believe she has the emotional capacity. Anytime I’ve ever seen pictures of her and her children. Which are few and far between. It’s completely staged. Lacks any kind of warmth and connection. Kate your kids are not props or accessories.

    2. Queen Maxima brings all the best of modern royalty to her role. She does it with JOY! Her husband seems to adore her and you can see why. She knows her role is about what she can do for people. It is about giving.

      What has Kate done? Other than give birth to two children, can we really say she has accomplished much in the last five years? She thinks her role is all about her. Buy clothes, smile and wave. She has brought her role back 100 years. She thinks she should live a combined life of aristocracy and royalty. Whatever serves Kate best on the day. Kate must have forgotten Downton Abbey Season One. The three daughters were bored out of their skulls. They wanted more out of life. But, not our Katie! She wants her world to be like Downton Abbey. Hide me away in the countryside with servants, money and respect just for being Lady Mary/Kate.

      1. Lol, Lady Mary/Kate, that’s hilarious G! And Mary and her suitors, I understand Kate wishing it was her!

  3. Queen Maxima is amazing. She’s used her experience to help her in her role. She knows the back story and how things truly work. Her insight is her advantage. I adore her. She’s an asset to the Netherlands.

    I want to add that Kate, at 34, was the age that some of these women were when they married. Or maybe older. This shows how thoroughly unprepared she was and is.

    Thank you, KMR, for spotlighting my favorite royal. Another huge thanks for your willingness to cover other royal houses.

    1. I so tire of Kate supporters calling her young. Did other royal ladies ever live by that excuse? Immature does not equal young.

      I think Kate is out of excuses. Except, to get pregnant with baby #3.

      1. G., you’re so right. Kate is not young, just immature.
        I actually watched the interview of Charles & Diana that Daisy1000 recommended up thread and as already been said, the sharp contrast between a then 24 year old Diana and a now 34 year Kate is just unbelievable. The footage shown of Diana visiting the hospice and effortlessly interacting there is also so much telling of her talent she had with people.
        IMO, if Diana had lived a little longer she would probably evolved in a big personality as Maxima’s type. I know she was no longer an active royal when she died but I’m sure that had she lived, her legacy would be even greater. Maxima is the same. She’s interested in her legacy like any smart royal would do in our age. Seriously, what else a royal role is about in this age, other than legacy?

  4. Maxima puts the Chutneys to shame. KMR would you consider doing a post on Maxima sometime and give us not in the know more of her background & backstory?

    Also, did I miss the favorite royal poll results, or is it still open?

      1. She really is.
        Still, it shouldn’t matter of a person’s past. Only their present. Past can play a role in that though.
        I think Max is amazing.

  5. Do you know when I look at the Royalty of other European countries I don’t even notice the clothes because these women of substance have so much more about them. Ok I might if it’s a gala or a full tiara affair but for the most part they are just clothes. With Chutney we haven’t even got the basics of deportment, etiquette, and clothing right so how can we expect her to even measure up to these fabulous ladies who give so much? Is it laziness, inadequacy or what William wants? Is Diana’s legacy for Kate just to keep her head down and let those higher up the hierarchy have their turn in the spotlight? Is it a conscious decision or one made because she’s just not up to the job? Of all the ironies the biggest is, that on paper she should have been the most suitable to use her education so show an intelligent Royal lady……far more so than Anne, Camilla, Diana and yet she’s more empty headed than all of them put together without an inch of emotional intelligence either. What an absolute waste.

    1. I find her higher education ironic as well. On paper she is the most accomplished of the Princess Royal, Camilla, Diana,as well Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Yet her shyness to use her education, intellect, or common sense. Shows how shallow and hollow she truly is. As well she doesn’t have the presence. Her body language and posture say it all. She lacks confidence and is completely not comfortable in her own skin.

      1. Well, I think Kate is just too busy being keen on making chutney and focusing on her family to care about anything or anyone outside of this large circle of interest that she has.

    2. As much as I hate to say this, because it sounds like I’m defending Kate (which I’m not), getting a degree nowadays is almost a right of passage. Most employers won’t look at you if you don’t have a degree. I’m a few years younger than Kate and it’s expected of you to go on to higher education. Especially if you went to a boarding school. I know because I also went to a boarding school. I got my Bachelor’s degree and have I actually used it? Hell no! I went back to college and got a diploma in paramedicine. If I had followed my dreams and passions, I would’ve gone straight to college and worked my ass off right away. It would’ve only been 2 years of school instead of the extra 4 at university. Now I have a $25k piece of paper that basically says I can read and write. Mind you, I’m not sure if Kate can even read or write… Anyway, I’m rambling. It was expected of Kate to go to school. Plus let’a face it, she needed to go otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten her claws into William

      1. My upbringing was very similar to Kate’s, in fact every term I used to play Lacrosse in the First XI against the school that Kate was allegedly ‘bullied’ at. Boarding school automatically followed by Uni with year out imbetween. What was very expected in all the boarding schools was community service. It was as normal as Church on a Sunday, prep after school & weekly letters home. All boarders had no choice re. CS only the type of service they did as it broadens the mind and develops emotional intelligence. These typically English public schools are all run along the same lines so I cannot for the life of me understand how she had a gap year, studied in Italy, played for school sports teams, progressed to University and yet aged 34 shows absolutely no emotional intelligence / maturity. She really is like a blank canvas waiting to be drawn. I can see why Princess Anne was so pithy about her as a choice of bride and why compared to Diana aged 24 in the aforementioned video she looks so inadequate. It’s almost as if she’s regressing. English public schools churn out solid, sturdy, confident women not this Geisha type creature.

        1. What did Kate study in Italy and when?
          Also I don’t know but would love to know what Princess Anne is said to have said about Kate as choice of bride for William (how sure can one be of the comment?)
          I have heard that the split between William and Kate had to do with the fact that she (and to some extent her family) tended to go around expecting and demanding preferential treatment, even price reductions, because “don’t you know who I am? I am Prince William’s girlfriend!”

  6. Queen Maxima is like a breath of fresh air. She is as bright as her personality. I enjoy learning about the efforts of other Royal women.

  7. Thank you for such a lovely post KMR!!

    I have long been interested in micro-financing and the benefits it has on a community. With a small (to us in the Western world at least) loan,women and men are able to build a business, support their families, contribute to their communities while strengthening their own pride and self worth. To this end I am so thrilled that Queen Maxima has taken on such an important role not only in her adopted country but in the UN as well.

    Since the Prince’s Trust started by Prince Charles has helped so many in similar ways, through grants and support, I think it would be great for him and Maxima to team up for some sort of special event highlighting this worthwhile cause.

    On a completely superficial note, WOW Max has really been rocking the super-sized necklaces lately!! I’m sorry, but the first one in this post doesn’t even look comfortable to wear, much to pokey 🙂 But as has been noted above, Max brings so much knowledge and enthusiasm to her engagements that what’s on her back (or neck) is really secondary.

    1. Hey, Lauri! I agree about PC and QM teaming up. That would be pretty cool, and an excellent way to highlight this cause. Microfinancing is a complex topic, and I find it fantastic that QM seems to have such a grasp of the issue. Not at all what we see from Kate when it comes to mental health…

      I think Max is one person who can pull off these necklaces. Her personality is so big and radiant that she almost needs loud clothing to illustrate that. I’ve always appreciated that QM takes real risks with her clothing and does not wear the same thing (i.e. a coat dress and suede heels) over and over. I don’t mind when QM has a bad fashion moment because I know that she is, at least, wearing what makes her happy and comfortable, not just playing dress up. Plus, she brings real brains to the table, and like you said, that’s what counts 🙂

  8. I am just surprised nobody has intervened from the firm. Why doesn’t the Queen insist on LIW for Kate? Isn’t William embarrassed that his wife’s bits have been seen around the world? What about the grey men? They seem to control everything but they can’t control Kate? This is all so bizarre.

    1. I just think they are just fed up with the entire situation. Billy Boy wants to be a pilot only when it’s suits him. Katie wants to be whatever Katie wants to be. I figure the two just wake up in the morning. Who do I want to be today? The two of them are a waste. I hope they both step up. Yet I do not see that happening anytime soon.

      I see the spirit of Diana, in Harry the most. He has the common touch and sparkle that she had. She could put anyone at ease. As does Harry. Harry carries on his mother’s legacy. That of kindness, warmth, and compassion. Continuing the charitable spirit that she had.

      Billy Boy and Waity can try to evoke the ghost of Diana all they want. It comes off as cheap, tacky, and really creepy. Actions speak louder than words. Billy Boy take a clue from your brother.

      1. I agree with you both Freeperson and Eleanor. Bill should be taking a leaf out of Harry’s book, but in his mind he is the “wise” one as he went to University, and as we know that Harry did not.

        Give me Harry any day over Big Willie and Crotch Clutching Chutney of Cambridge.

        1. Hahahaha I love how the nicknames Chopper and Chutney have taken off in the great inter webs and is now sticking. These nicknames will be hard to go away- #poorjason did not imagine that Kate’s cutesy story about giving chutney to the queen would have this much legs.

          1. So astute, Red Tulip. Jason never realized what he was unleashing with the Chutney story.

            The American Secret Service always come up with code names for the POTUS, FLOTUS, and their kids. I guess that happens worldwide with security teams and those whom they protect:

            So, is it safe to say that W & K may have been dubbed Chopper and Chutney? Oh, I hope so!

  9. Go Max!!! She really excels on all levels. The dutch are lucky Wax landed Max!

    On another note, check out this docu on Harry. What a superstar! Rhiannon – heads up – best have a defibrillator on hand!

    No surprises, it puts fancy dress bill and mumbles chutney to shame. Harry has a platform and uses it to make people’s lives better.

    1. Oh my gosh. I never should have watched this as I was working out. I caught a dumbbell to the chest, lol. He is a special man, that’s for sure.

  10. I love Max! Love her! She is what every Royal woman should aspire to be.

    But I have to ask…and yes, I know it’s shallow…but why is she wearing shrubbery around her neck in the top photos? Some would say bold, I say distracting. Although I do very much admire her confidence in choosing such a piece!

    1. Ha! You call it shrubbery, others call it a statement floral necklace. I actually saw closer pictures of it on the DM article and it is a rather intricate and arty piece, although not of my taste. Nevertheless, I usually love statement necklaces when accessorised well, i.e. with a more plain outfit.
      I think Maxima’s ‘more is more’ style is delightful. She dresses to impress and totally rocks it. What a difference with Kate who dresses to be invisible…

      1. Love love love Maxima. It is not to my taste, but I think that if anyone can carry off that necklace Max can. She is such an inspiration to others. I think that her daughters ( The three A’s) as their parents have nicknamed them, have a fabulous role model in their Mum.

  11. The thing that I love about Max is that her fashions are a side note. She has had some misses, but she goes for fun. It’s as if she is in on the joke and delivers.

    1. Max’s fashion choices really highlight her warm, vibrant and large personality perfectly. It’s clear that she wears the clothes, they don’t wear her. And while she can wear outfits (and jewelry) that I could never in a million years wear, I so enjoy the sense of fun and sometimes whimsy her fashion choices convey.

    1. I don’t know officially but I am expecting so…..they need to generate some interest & excitement about this tour. What’s the betting it’s a 30 minute circulate and PR puff piece amongst a few carefully chosen characters? Hardly going to like a working briefing session with sleeves rolled up à la Harry getting ready for Nepal is it? God I’ve become so cynical where these two are concerned. I’ll not believe she’s actually going until she’s on the plane… clothes and a designer blow out or not.

  12. I remember in the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe, the Roman people who were watching the gladiator spectacles were chanting for “MAXIMUS MAXIMUS!” I will chant the same, give us more “MAXIMA MAXIMAA”

  13. Proud to be Dutch! We are very lucky to have her. Our RF is one of the best, even though they are expensive……money well spent.

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