Prince Harry’s extra work in Nepal

Prince Harry’s extra work in Nepal

As we know, Prince Harry stayed an extra six days to work with Team Rubicon in Nepal after his tour. Yesterday, Kensington Palace released photos of Harry’s time there.

Harry Team Rubicon 1
[Team Rubicon UK via Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Harry joined Team Rubicon volunteers for part of Operation: Nirman (meaning “build” in Nepali) assisting the villagers of Lapubesi rebuild their school after it was destroyed in the earthquake in April 2015.

From the Team Rubicon press release:

    “The primary role for the Team Rubicon volunteers was to help the community lay a concrete base for one of the larger school classrooms. With no machinery available and using only local tools and methods, it was clear just how much work is required to construct even a small building, such as a basic home, let along replace an entire school. To lay the foundations for the school classroom, rocks had to be broken down to size by hand, and cement – carried from the nearest town 2.5 hours away – mixed and applied manually.
    “The team of veterans were also instrumental in helping the local community restore a much needed power supply. Since the hydro-electric turbine was significantly damaged by the earthquake, the only power in the village has been through individual solar charging units. To improve this, Team Rubicon helped create a solar farm, clearing a platform for the panels, before helping safely wire and install them.
    “The final challenge saw the team carry out as much groundwork as they could to help the village work towards repairing the infrastructure of the hydro-electric turbine. Working on the edge of a waterfall on steep terrain, the team cleared piles of rocks and boulders from water channels, and cleared and repaired the pump house containing the turbine and control systems. The villagers hope to clear the final landslide over the coming month that will allow the turbine to run again.”

Harry Team Rubicon 2
[Team Rubicon UK via Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Harry Team Rubicon 3
[Team Rubicon UK via Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Harry Team Rubicon 4
[Team Rubicon UK via Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Prince Harry loves taking photographs and the KP Instagram account released a couple of his own photos after the tour which he took while he stayed overnight with a local family in the Leorani village in west Nepal.

You know what would be great? If Harry released a book of all of his photographs from his various travels and royal work and the proceeds from the book went to charity (Sentebale, most likely, or one of his patronages). That would be awesome.

The below photo had the caption:

    Prince Harry said: “Found a friend surveying his kingdom! Who can blame him – what a view! He barked ALL night outside our homestay and kept me awake, but we moved past that!”


    Prince Harry said: “Living in such dramatic scenery clearly has an effect on the Nepalese – such calm, friendly people and so much love to give. Note to self – visit again!”

This one Harry obviously did not take himself, but it is damn cute.

In Harry news:

Harry will visit Toronto on May 2 to launch the countdown to the 2017 Invictus Games. And on May 4, Harry will be in Wellington, Florida to play in the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup.

Later today Harry is doing the reveal at Buckingham Palace for the UK Invictus Games team. I’ll either update this post or I’ll have a post on that tomorrow.

65 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s extra work in Nepal

  1. Great tour, he is very passionate about what he does and that’s the difference with his brother and Kate.
    It is easy :there is no critics about him from the UK press or from the Nepalis.
    Great job with Invictus Games and Sentebale : he doesn’t just affix his name, he makes concrete efforts.
    May he goes on in this way

    1. Clem..liked your play on words..”concrete efforts”. Since he literally did just that…in assisting in the building of the concrete basement of a school. Harry truly does have numerous concrete efforts. He really is an amazing young man.

  2. If there was ever a reason to post for the first time and end my long time stalking, it is that last photo. Gadzooks, that might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Please tell me there is a normal, nice, down-to-earth girl out there for this boy.

      1. Now on this I agree with you once more JL – gadzooks!! and welcome Jenni – that photo of Harry with the baby is just too cute, I worry about Rhiannon’s heart.

    1. Why do I think Harry knows how to hold an infant better than Kate. I realize this baby is older, but Harry is a natural with the little cuties. What a beautiful baby.

      Also, love the fact Harry actually looks like he worked. His clothing is dirty.

  3. KMR, I am shocked and dismayed at this post.

    If you are going to post photos of Harry getting all hot and sweaty while he is carrying out is wonderful work. Then have another pic of him with children, which could make our ovaries explode, I expect a huge red warning sign at the top of the post.

    You do realise that poor Rhiannon could be reading this in public and start to hyperventilate or even worse faint?

    Shame Shame shame on you KMR.

    Rhiannon, sweetie, when you have recovered can you please check in with us.

    1. I was thinking that KMR needs to post spoiler alerts for Rhiannon, but Tanya, am I going to have to worry about you too?
      It going to get worse as Harry is always hitting his marks! This guy really knows how to walk the talk!
      My favorite photo of Harry has to be the one where he is accepting a tiny Daisy from a pint size boy on Stewart Island during his visit here.
      Oh yes KMR, I’ll be putting my name down for a copy if Harry did a book too!
      Thanks for the post KMR! 🙂

      1. I am Ok now Cathy, There was a slight squeal incident earlier which caused the Husband of 26 years to peer over his reading glasses to see whether he needed to actually move, but I waved him off by saying that I was fine. I mumbled something about Harry, Big Willie and Chutney and he rolled his eyes and went back to reading his pigeon magazine.

        I have had a chat to my ovaries, and they have promised me to be good for a bit and one look at the mess that Miss Four left in the playroom and the Ovaries have now gone into hiding.

        Yes I would put my name down for a Book of pics from Harry as well. I think that it would be fantastic.

        1. You ladies made me actually lol. HA! I’m excited he’s coming to Toronto next month. I work the 2 nights he is here, but I will try my best to get down there and get me some of that hot looking ginger! KMR, I’m counting on you to tell me where he’s gonna be!

          1. He also seems to have a type…blondes. If you’re not a natural towhead Miss K, get thee to a colorist and ask for butteriest, most sunkissed shade they have! You’ll be sure to at least catch his eye 😉

          2. We are relying on you Miss K to go investigate and then report back to us.
            (they have to need a paramedic in Harry’s vicinity? right?)
            But it might be an idea to post a warning message for Rhiannon and Tanya S first?

      1. I am Ok Cathy, I am all set to be Rhiannon’s bridesmaid when she marries Harry. Lauri C and I are doing the honors. And I swear that I will not upstage the bride with my bum, like Pippa did to Chutney.

        I just adore seeing the pics of him and seeing him all hot and sweaty and with the pics of the baby and the hard work he does………..I will be back after a cold shower.

    2. LOL Tanya S, you are too funny this morning!! Mr. from Ca. also agrees that there should be a warning label on these posts as my poor, old ovaries desperately tried to start up again after seeing these photos and although my babies are 28 & 30 seeing Harry holding that toddler had me thinking “maybe…”, he’s a bit worried 🙂

    3. **pages Rhiannon**

      Seriously, he’s going to cause a lot of us to have many naughty fantasies (day and night) of him as a construction worker! Yum!!

      Also, I LOVE the picture of him with that baby. He’s always had a natural knack with little ones. Sad that it appears that he doesn’t have a relationship with his nephew and niece.

    4. LOL Exploding ovaries!! You are so right! Nothing boils our estrogen more than a hot handsome man holding a baby like a pro. Not to mention those arms and strong chest like he can carry 10 strollers!! YUM!

    5. I’m still recovering. A man who can get his hands dirty and even get a cuddle with a baby? Too much cutwo for one day.

      Goodness help me of KMR ever did a “Harry with babies” post, I’d be a goner.

        1. KMR~ please make that post happen (Harry with babies) but not too soon, okay? My ovaries are still going bezerk over the above picture PLUS my mind is imagining all sorts of naughty things thanks to “Construction Worker Harry” 😉

          1. Kimothy, interesting to know you have a taste for sweaty muscular men working under the sun. Normally I don’t favour sweaty men at all, but I guess I will give Harry a pass, only Harry though!

          2. Mia~I’m usually NOT into sweaty construction workers but……I’ll make an exception to Harry!! I’m usually kinda all over the place. One minute I’m liking Mr. military man and the next I’m looking at j-pop stars like “oooh he’s cute!!” aaaaaand then I’m into the straight-laced, guy-next-door.

            Either way you slice it, I’d like to find the one God has in mind for me.

  4. You should have put a warning sign before that pic of Harry and the baby. My roommate thought I was dying with al the squealing sounds I was making.

    1. Me too! My husband rushed into our room to check up on me! I hope he has babies with a lovely lady someday.

  5. Yeah, Harry is showing in all of his actions that he takes his role seriously. I’ve seen these photos before, but they just make me like him even more. And the baby shot just seals it.

    I tried substituting his brothers face in these pictures and it just doesn’t work. As they get older you really see they are two sides of a coin. And Harry got most of the good stuff.

  6. How I wish history had been different. This boy has ‘charisma you could surf off’ as one commentator said of his Mother. #HarryforKing

    1. I agree with you 100% MrsBBV. Harry certainly has his Mothers Charm. I really wish that she was still around to watch her boys. I am sure that Big Willie would not have married Chutney if she had of. I really hope that Harry finds a lovely young girl to settle down with. Rhiannon Windsor sounds so lovely.

      1. A lot of people do say that if Diana had been alive William would never have married Kate but I think William is so stubborn it would have made little difference. We already know that there was some tension in the relationship between Diana & William caused by the direction her life was going and her use of the media. I also understand that William was very used to her cutting people out ….Tiggy, Julia Samuel (Godparent to George), Fergie, Barbara Barnes (his nanny that Diana sacked and who William invited to his Confirmation and who Diana ignored at the proceedings despite a ten year absence from Williams life) and was often caught up in the middle. If anything one of Williams nicer qualities is loyalty to his friends…..Guy Pelly for example. I believe he tried to make up for his mother’s mercurial behaviour when she cut people out. I do wonder if Diana had tried to freeze the Middletons or brief against them in the press, William would have stuck by them all the more? I guess we will never know but I do think as the boys grew older Harry would have been a calming prescence to Diana but William and her would have really butted horns.

          1. WIlliam was born on my 11th Birthday so although I was Diana mad before that sealed the deal for me! I was so obsessed with her that two days after the Royal Wedding…..C&D, my parents took me to London to Madame Tussauds to see THE DRESS. Oh we queued for hours but as soon as I saw it I burst into tears. Where some girls my age wanted to emulate Madonna it was always Diana for me. Althorp is very beautiful and the house is breathtaking as are the grounds. Is it the right place for her to be buried? I still don’t know but I do think it’s the only place that W & H could be alone with her. The whole island has pressure sensors on it so if anyone does try to get on it, and some visitors have tried to swim across, security are involved pretty quickly. I found my visit there emotional but liberating in the sense I got to pay my respects which due to the lack of proper memorial to her in London I felt I needed to do. Xx

        1. Very interesting perspective, MrsBBV. I adored Diana but absolutely she was flawed. I think I loved her as a public figure – in private I suspect it was much more complicated.

          1. I really loved her too. I took flowers to Althorp the first year the exhibition opened and I even got to talk to Charles Spencer albeit briefly. But I also adore Camilla who I think is an incredible woman and I don’t blame PoW for all that happened either. It was just a cataclysmic set of circumstance whereby all the parties did wrong and were wronged. A real tragedy for all concerned but no one villain of the piece. Xx

          2. Yep Mrs BBV. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I agree, there is not one villain of the piece. There are a lot of what ifs with this sad story.

            I would love to go to Althorp one day and see the Island.

            Diana and Charles were engaged on my 10 Birthday, so I have always ( very silly of me) followed her. I loved her clothing ( for those of you younger ones who look back and laugh) at the time, she was THE girl and such a fashion plate. When the Diana Exhibit came to Sydney I went to see it and I had to be dragged away from her clothes. I had my favourites but funnily enough Diana’s Wedding dress was not one of them.

  7. Nice photos for this Nepal trip, and I hope they inspire people to help. Here’s my question: why was it that when Harry and Willy finally showed up to help sandbag during a flood somewhere in his very own England, Harry blew the media off?

    1. If I remember rightly Harry told them to put their cameras down and do something useful to help! There is another anecdote about a UK TV show that fixes up homes for a disadvantaged family with the help of a core team and local trades who volunteer……DIY SOS it’s called. Both W & H came and helped in one episode and the gossip afterwards was that William was very arsey, demanding to be be addressed properly and not pulling his weight when the TV cameras weren’t recording and generally didn’t like being part of the lads banter whereas Harry was of course charm personified and took a lot of the teasing with good nature. But then I expect Harry’s army service / Invictus / Help For Heroes involvement makes him more used to lads camaraderie than The Duke of Sloth.

      1. William also turned up in cashmere jumper compared to Harry in zipper & tee. Harry was ready & dressed for work – William for a PR stroll. Harry also redid some of the painting William attempted.

    2. I think Harry was doing it just to help and didn’ t want the attention, he wasn’ t there to look caring but to give an actual help. Will instead was there for cameras

  8. Hard not to get behind this guy. He’s such a natural. With his charisma and genuine interest in his charities and the world around him, in general…well, he is his mother’s son ( thank goodness one of them inherited her best side)

  9. He’s just awesome. I love how he so easily becomes “one of the guys” when doing work like this. So un-royal!

  10. Another subject :
    Meanwhile William is predictable speaking about Charlotte : She’s a very good footballer. You hold her hand she kicks it”.
    Because if he is not speaking about his children or if he is not with Kate, (I think that) not so many people are interesting about what he says or what he does (when he does his royal engagement).

  11. Be still our hearts! This is the man who SHOULD BE KING!

    Where’s our Rhiannon? Is she still out cold from the shock of seeing so many super amazing photos? Does anyone have smelling salts, please!!!???

    P,S. The photo he took of the darling dog in that magnificent setting — as well as his wonderful captions on all his photos — just great!!!!
    Harry in the t-shirt helping with the building of the school? To die for.

    Harry with the little baby? OMG, will any of us ever be the same?!

    He is definitely Diana’s son! So endearing, so charming, so hard-working and such a Prince! I truly cannot think of enough ways to praise him and salute him and honor him? This man is the one who is going to save the British Royal Family from extinction. Mark those words. Please!

    1. That would make me so happy. She would be an awesome addition to the RF. Smart, sassy, accomplished, achieving, independent, hardworking. I have yet to see many women who would be good enough for Harry but she would be. And she loves him for who he is, despite what he is. I can only pray for the fairytale.

      1. What is it about Chelsy that so many people love? I will admit I came rather late to this game. I did not follow the Royals much for many years — after Diana died.
        I don’t think I would call Chelsy beautiful or charming. To me, there is nothing really outstanding about her. All I ever read was that she was too needy and that was why Harry dumped her. Again, I probably have not read enough about her, though.

        I must say, Harry is amazing. All the work he did in Nepal is just extraordinary. He really did get down and dirty and seemed to enjoy the hard labor. He doesn’t just talk, does he?

        The photographs he took were lovely, too. And, the photo of him holding the little precious baby? OMG. Now, if that doesn’t clinch it, what would?

        How I hope he gets all the goodness and love he deserves. Rhiannon, that means you.

        1. For me it’s that she not a Geisha type. What I know of her is that she plays hard and works hard. I think it’s the independent streak and the fact that she holds her own. There just appears no side, no artfulness just this feisty, strong, loving girl.

          1. Thanks, MrsBBV. I just always heard/read that she was so needy. To me, that’s not independent, but again, I may have been reading the wrong things.

        2. The first time I saw Chelsy was at the concert for Diana. I thought Kate made a spectacle of herself, while Harry and Chelsy seemed to have a good deal of fun and chemistry. I thought they would go the distance before W&K. Shows how bad my guesses are about people I don’t know.

        3. O agree with you Mary Elizabeth. To me, Chelsy is a blonde Kate Middleton. She lives from her father’s money, a money get from killing animals and left her lawyer job to do….what? She made nothing, only parties and travels around the world. She has no class and showed up at William and Kate like a mess. She is a spoiled girls exactly like Kate. It was reported that she hated the England weather. She mad Harrys’s life a hell, playing games with him, and she didn’t want him to go to Army, she wanted him to live to her. I read Her friends called her Princess Chelsy and she loved it. She even had an inner circle who have sworn some silly oath about loyalty. They called themselves the Princess Circle. She’s realized that Harry has to put his family first and she can’t take it. Like Princess Diana, she thought she could take priority and that’s not possible. She and a girlfriend spent the morning shouting insults at each other, fuelling rumours that Chelsy has alienated many chums with her arrogance over Harry and her view of herself as a future Royal. Her manipulations pushed her romance with Harry to the edge. She called Prince Charles ‘Big Ears’ and jokes that he doesn’t need a plane to fly. And she said in front of Harry that it would be fun to have a dartboard with his father’s picture on it. She shows him no respect. She used to boast that she taught Harry all he knew about satisfying a woman, and that wasn’t respectful either. Harry may have unwittingly played into Chelsy’s hands by telling her too much about his family. They lived a tempestuous relationship and this is not good to anyone. She “hated” the paparazzi but now she beams to them. She would be a disaster to Monarchy like Kate. Harry got a big heart and he wants to make a difference. What difference Chelsy Davy has done in her life?

  12. My left ovary is gone. The right is hanging on. There are too many feels. Just hold on, Harry.

    He’s the real deal. His pics are sublime and it’s obvious that he put in work while he was there. And that pic with him and that cherubic baby? I see my future.

    KMR, a huge thanks you. I love Harry.

    1. To the Future Duchess. You are so funny. So very much the woman of the hour!
      You see your future and we do, too.

  13. I admit I love Harry too, although not in the same way some of you ladies can throw an oestrogen party by watching him, lol. But I certainly wish him the best on this department, he surely deserves a worthy partner.
    I particularly love his dedication but also his rapport with ordinary people that a lot of commenters say that comes from Diana. Probably right.
    His decision to extend his stay in Nepal is definitely noble and I surely appreciate his spontaneity. Nevertheless, I have to wonder, without trying to be devil’s advocate and since we’re rightfully sensitive here about the British tax payer, if this extension of his stay meant a good deal of extra security cost. The reason that I’m wondering is that I would suppose that royal tours are immaculately organised and budgeted. Going over the security budget during a royal stay in a remote country may not be taken so light heartedly by the people who are in the know.

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