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Royal Round Up: Triple the tiara appearances & double the York princesses

This royal round up features three separate tiara appearances (one that barely makes the count as royal, but whatevs) and two different York princesses. Queen Mathilde and Crown Princess Mette-Marit were out and about at State Banquets while Princess Beatrice was doing the charity thing and Princess Eugenie was attending a service at Westminster Abbey.

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Prince Harry attends Girl Summit, says ‘it cannot just be women who speak up for girls’

Prince Harry just ended his tour of Nepal. I’ll cover other parts of his tour later, but I wanted to specifically talk about his speech at the Nepal Girl Summit 2016 in Kathmandu on March 23. Harry spoke out acknowledging the challenges that plague women and girls across the globe, and lent his voice to that call for more access to education.

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Prince Harry gears up for Nepal tour, announces Invictus Games 2017

Prince Harry has been out and about the last week or so gearing up for his tour of Nepal and the Invictus Games in Orlando in May, so let’s check up on him real quick. It seems that after a very quiet January and February Harry either got his act together and started doing more engagements OR his press office finally decided to report all of his engagements (or most of them).

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