Prince Harry gears up for Nepal tour, announces Invictus Games 2017

Prince Harry gears up for Nepal tour, announces Invictus Games 2017

Prince Harry has been out and about the last week or so gearing up for his tour of Nepal and the Invictus Games in Orlando in May, so let’s check up on him real quick. It seems that after a very quiet January and February Harry either got his act together and started doing more engagements OR his press office finally decided to report all of his engagements (or most of them).

On March 7, Harry, as Patron, attended an Invictus Games Foundation board meeting.

On March 8, Harry visited Street Step, Platform (?). According to their website (I think I have the right one): “Platform is Islington Council’s stunning creative hub for young people. The former Hornsey Road Baths laundry has been transformed into a theatre, performance space, media suites, a recording studio, dance studio and a cafe.”

On March 10, Harry attended a round table discussion at Kensington Palace with organizations working in Nepal.

Also on March 10, but not included in the CC, Harry attended a Sport Relief training session with Invictus athletes.

Prince Harry Sport Relief session
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

On March 11, Harry, as Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, visited the Invictus Games Orlando 2016 training session at Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre.

On March 12, Harry, as Vice Patron of the Rugby Football Union, attended the rugby match between England and Wales at Twickenham Stadium. Beforehand, he met with students from Ace Academy who are part of the CBRE All Schools program, fundraisers from the RFU’s Injured Players Foundation, and Tom Cepanonis from the Personnel Recovery Unit.

Prince Harry pre England v Wales match
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Prince Harry pre England v Wales match 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Then of course on March 14 Harry attended the Commonwealth Service.

And yesterday, March 16, Harry officially announced that Toronto will host the 2017 Invictus Games in September of that year.

For those interested in tickets to the Orlando Invictus Games in May, tickets are now available for purchase here.

Also on March 16, Harry attended a Row2Recovery event.

Also on March 16, Harry attended a briefing by MapAction to learn more about the charity’s response to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes.

Harry’s tour of Nepal starts on Saturday. The details of his tour were announced a week or so ago. He’s going to be quite busy.

Of his upcoming tour, Harry said: “Everyone is aware of it when it happens, the media is on it, there’s a huge amount of interest and then before we know it everyone is onto the next thing. Hopefully by doing this trip it will shine a spotlight back onto the issue and people will realise there is still a hell of a lot that needs to be done.”

Prince Harry MapAction meeting
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

96 thoughts on “Prince Harry gears up for Nepal tour, announces Invictus Games 2017

  1. Re:MapAction engagement – Suit it up, Haribo. Throw on a smashing tie as well. Sheesh.

    I’ve been trying to figure out why Harry seems a bit lackluster lately. And then, he shows up in the “private meeting space” wearing his “everyday joe” ensemble and it clicked…
    Does anyone else think Harry(elf) are now working under the auspices of William and his “crack” team at KP?
    It almost feels as if Harry’s being held back in some way.
    It’s not as if he is working to plan the ig behind the scenes. I would assume there are meetings here and there, but isn’t the american contingent planning the entire event?

    Is Harry ever going to step it up as a senior royal?

    1. I have the feeling Harry is not being allowed to as not to outshine William. I wish he’d get his own PR team away from KP.

      He does so much that goes unreported. In January and February he was doing visits to various recovery centers, but we only heard about it on Twitter and Instagram from people who met him. KP does not report these things. He also spends 3 days a week volunteering at these places or with the Ministry of Defence. So I can’t get behind Harry not stepping it up, though I wish he did more than he does I can’t say he doesn’t do anything. He does. They just don’t talk about it. Harry goes to meetings for the Invictus Games but only once was it in the CC but he’s been seen going to far more. Kate has a baby and it’s on the CC, I mean, jeez.

      I don’t mind him not wearing a suit for casual engagements, but I agree being at a meeting means one ought to put on a suit. Even a smart blazer, dress shirt, tie, and nice dark jeans would be great and look professional without doing a full-on suit.

      Harry’s interview with Robin Roberts of GMA is going to be aired tomorrow in the US. He talks about the Invictus Games.

      1. I realize that Harry is purported to do much more behind the scenes.
        Not sure how much I believe it now. It’s so easy post things anonymously on social media and claim this and that.

        It was crickets for the ginge all February and after his ski trip was outed… He conviently shows up volunteering on Instagram and Twitter. It was almost too coincidental.

        NoMane N Tail have left me jaded and hopefully Harry gets his groove back in Nepal and IG.

        1. As there are pictures, I totally buy it. Just like I don’t buy all the talk of Kate’s secret visits and meetings.

          I can’t wait for his tour to see how he can actually do his job: help people. And IG, of course. I went to Orlando in January, I’m joking to my husband we ought to go back as we are going to Miami around that time to visit family….

          1. Harry’s tours are always fantastic because he connects so well and simply radiates charisma!
            It’s just the day to day boring duties in the uk that these two(three?) have trouble with.

            Perfect timing! You could always take a *slight* detour and support the vets and Britain’s fav ginger.

          2. Harry very much h IS active without it being reported. I sort of dislike this running narrative that because it’s not reported means he’s lazy.

            It’s all found by a random tweet or photo on social media too. Just not main stream unless WK really ticked off the press. The guy is constantly going and it’s primarily listed as private or personal time. Factor in his desk job with the military… He’s got minimal downtime.

      2. I would ordinarily agree that a suit, or at least a blazer would be the prime attire for a meeting at which photos would be taken. (I’m of the formal, more traditional persuasion, especially when it comes to Royals!)

        HOWEVER, in this case, I think Harry’s outfit is perfect. Speaks Volumes. It shows him – quite literally – having rolled up his sleeves as he’s getting to work. And he IS getting to work here; I don’t believe anything is staged about the meeting. (Contrast this to Waity’s silly shuffling around that very same room in her too-short skirt and frilly blouse.)

        1. Totally agree!

          Seem HM BP PRINCE Charles/Clarence House decided to loosen the hold up of future heir King Henry activities and to heck with the lazy entitled, ibill*waity middleton.

          Workshy petulant Bill middleton was Ordered to St. Patrick Day royal tradition – HUGE mistake for carole/waity middleton!

        2. He also went out later to be with the vets so it would be random for him to be in a suit poolside.

          I get why for the basketball game when he was with the First Lady and Vice-First Lady he was all suited up but this occasion I think he got it just right.

    2. Harry could be conference calling in for these meetings, I would image there’s the initial London based team that are involved since Invictus Games is kinda like the Olympics where you have a host nation but a body that oversights it.

    1. @Tanya S
      Good point!
      Breathe Rhiannon, deep breaths!
      Now, get Toronto in your calendar for next year too!?

    2. I am certain that Harry was giving me signals with the blinking, head turns and gestures.

      Toronto is on the menu.

      I’m coming Harry. Be ready.

    1. It does, it does!
      He looks engaged in all he does. I don’t think you can fake that.
      I am sure his trip to Nepal will win hearts and minds.
      Rhiannon, are you prepared for so much Harry coverage?
      A wonderful time will be had by all.

      1. Good luck with the race, Rhiannon. And, so happy to know you will be invited to some of those parties in Orlando. May stardust be sprinkled down upon you! Harry does not stand a chance!

          1. Hey 🙂 you will be in orlando ? On invictous games?? Really? You live near?
            Wow. Somebody must take a picture of you with harry and you must post this!! You must! You will be a voloubteer? Or juest a viewer?

          2. I have friends who live in Orlando. She works in event planning and is doing some work with the event. I may tag along with her and also take in some events.

  2. The phrase ” shed the spotlight” on some issue used quite frequently by William, Kate and Harry seem to be quintessential for the verity of the problems they chose to engage themselves. This will explain their superficiality of the knowledge of some issues. One doesn’t have to be mental health specialist to ” shed a spotlight on mental problems. But it will meek tremendous impact if people will see a genuine standing behind the issue they tackle. Harry chanels genuity.

  3. IMO, Harry’s been working it’s just that KP don’t announce it. Don’t forget he has his MoD job too.
    Ok, he went on holiday in January, so did I. I’m a skiier and when I lived in London I was running a restaurant, when I could I would arrange my schedule so I could take off and going skiing. I did that as much as I could as it’s a long way to go to Europe from NZ. I did loads of double shifts so I could do it, and to afford to go. Man, it’s so expensive to ski in Europe!
    Anyway, getting back to Harry. I think he is working it just doesn’t suit the media and/ or KP to acknowledge what Harry is doing.

    1. To be fair the British press haven’t reported very much at all on Charles and Cam’s tour, and nothing on Edward and Sophie in the Caribbean, so it is not just Harry. And at the moment they are enjoying having a go at the lazy duo.

      1. Hi Birdy
        It’s like DM are fixated on Kate and it’s Charles/ Camilla/ Sophie/ Edward who?
        To be honest, we only have tv news reports on the royals when it directly affects NZ.
        If it wasn’t for KMR I’d have no idea what any of the other royals are doing.
        Thanks again KMR!

  4. Harry is great and seems miles better than the Cambs, but he’s not perfect. He speeds past public to avoid photographers & he isn’t supporting HM & Charles as he should be. He’s not taken over the Princes Trust, nor is he a full time Royal – he’s still cherry picking the events he likes, rather than the ones that are necessary, but dull.

    I’m wary of getting into a cartoonish scenario where one brother is “bad” and the other is “good”. My god is Harry charismatic, and my god do I think he would make a better King than William. But he needs to step up to plate & stop hiding behind his elder bully boy brother (or allowing himself to be held back, PR wise). I don’t buy that Harry mustn’t outshine William – I don’t think HM cares about sibling rivalry as long as duty is upheld. Anne has always done more than Charles (PoW does lots, I know) and HM has never said a word.

    All of the younger generation need to stop being selfish and get their spoilt butts in gear. Take the pressure off of HM, or rather take the pressure off PoW so he can step up and take the pressure off of HM.

    I was 27 when I had my 3rd child, and by that point I’d been married 5 years and was on my second mortgaged home. WK&H all seem stuck in adolescence. In the real word you can’t faff about to your mid-30’s. Enough.

    1. I agree with you JL in England about Harry not being perfect, but it’s just because of this that I admire him much more. Harry was never showed how a “perfect” boy like William. For this reason when someone likes Harry, this person likes a real human being, with mistakes and faults, not someone fabricated as “perfect” how William has always been portrayed.

      1. Yes, true Jamel. I hope I didn’t sound too harsh of Harry – I support him without fail, and respect him too. I just want him to step up and help PoW/HM. I love Harry (rhiannon & I regularly have love-ins about him on twitter) I just want – I guess – him to reach his potential and step out of the shadow of William.

        In his ABC interview he said those that serve our Country deserve everything from every single one of us. On the same day that Kate disrespects the Irish Guards. You can’t make this mess up!

        #TeamHarry but a full time Royal, please.

    2. I agree, JL. The good seed versus bad seed comparisons are a bit dated. In this case there is some validity based on temperament. I do think that Harry needs to step away from the Cambs and stand on his own. People love Harry. The time is now.

      This may sound silly, but watching the service at the Abbey reminded me of HM and the DoE’s mortality. They may not live much longer. Harry and the Cambs have to work. Period.

      1. I think we all felt that – HM looked very frail. I wish Harry would just forget his silly brother and just get on with being a proper full time royal – he clearly has his mother’s charm and charisma so he needs to use it. When he is working he looks as though he is happy. Need I say – he needs a good – stress GOOD – woman by his side….wonder if anyone on here knows of anyone interested in the position?

    3. + 110 🙂 I completely concur.

      To some extent, william does lord it over Harry and as long as will is in charge of the KP office that “excuse” holds a small amount water.

      However, harry should bypass the Cambridge mess and get some solid court advisors, not the pathetic “yes” mess that is KP.
      He should be building his diary now, not throwing together events to add numbers.

      Harry is fantastic when he is on duty, no royal can match his energy and personality. The numbers are fudged, but he is not much better schedule wise and there is no solid reason for him not to step up and support his elderly father and grandparents!

      1. Kip, is it possible that he is just better at his engagements because he works towards them and prepares? He is so different to the “let’s get this over with and leave” Cambridges.

        1. Imo it’s a bit of both. Most of the time he comes off as invested in the engagement. However, his personality/charisma is also a factor.

          It’s charles and Diana all over again.
          The public are supposed to love and support the heir, while the others remain in the background.
          No one expected young mousy Diana to eclipse Charles the way she did.
          And now, in a similar fashion the public have genuinely embraced Harry over William.

          1. Diana had compassion and it seems at least Harry has understood his position compared to other people. What a lovely news item for today . Articles on Harry’s work always bring cheer and the fact that he releases not just videos but actual photos of him carrying out his work. Harry really does his research and there is a link between him and those he is supporting.

        2. @HyacinthBucket
          ” is it possible that he is just better at his engagements because he works towards them and prepares?
          possibly, but Harry brings a human touch as well.

  5. Harry is just so down to earth …a people person. He enjoys people and he enjoys helping people. And he is so good looking and because he is so out there much easier to like.

  6. Thanks KMR, I really needed this today!!! A day without Harry is like a day without sunshine 🙂

    I am so happy for him that the Invictus Games have really taken off and it looks like they are to be an annual event!! Kudos to him and all the hard work he’s done to make this happen.

    I have to say I like the “casual” Harry opposed to the “suit and tie” Harry, lord he is one well built man!! I’m not generally attracted to ginger men but he is definitely the exception and I think the beard has given him a bit more mature look and certain gravis (?) if you will.

    I hope Harry breaks free from the Camb show soon, I don’t want to see him dragged down into the mire that is his brother’s PR. I swear William and Kate are like drunken sailors, lurching from one PR mess to the other.

    1. Yep I am not into the ginger hair and pale skin myself…but my oh my Harry is one handsome and sexy man with a deep voice- I would make an exception there 😉

      I can’t wait for Harry to come to my hometown in 2017! September 2017 in T.O. will be a busy one with the Toronto International Film Festival and now Invictus Games!

  7. First, that last picture of Harry…wow.

    I have noticed that they are crediting him with some of his behind the scenes work on the CC. (At least I think I read that right.) If so, it’s about time. We’ll never see meetings of William and Kate prepping for their India/Bhutan tour like we see of Harry getting ready for his tour. If we do, cue them looking serious and Kate grinning wildly at some point. For some reason, I believe that Harry is actually serious about what he’s hearing in his photos.

    Well at least we’ll have some diversion from W&K with his tour. Thanks KMR!!!

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if W+K drop some sort of news or photos while Harry is on his tour. They seem to love to steal the news cycle from other royals.

  8. He seems like the real deal to me. I’m in the U.S., and I just saw his interview with Robin Roberts. (There’s a second part tomorrow). He seems to really care, and be really driven to help his causes.

    1. I was just about to bring up the interview KSP! Link here >>

      I won’t lie, his statements about veterans and their injuries brought a tear to my eye. I’m the daughter of a Gulf War and Afghanistan War veteran so these are personal and emotional issues for me. These are the sorts of interviews KM and PW need to do. They make Harry human and explain his genuine interest and passion for his work. Like I said, I’m a be biased towards veterans issues, but my affection for him grew substantially with this interview.

      1. Lindsey, thank you for the link. It is very touching. I thought about copying one statement her as an example about his genuine and intelligent approach, but I found every single sentence of what he said worthy of consideration. The comments section is very positive, too. He is the real son of Diana it says.

        1. I agree, it was quite moving. His passion for helping veterans was clear to see and he really did come across as such a warm, genuine and down-to-earth young man.

  9. I’ve got the flops again. I have pored over these pictures at length. All I can say is that I’m mad about Harry.

    I agree that he needs to step it up. He cannot contactor work behind the Cambs either. They have and will continue to throw him under the bus. Harry is the one junior royal that everyone loves. He needs to capitalize on that.

    Excuse me while I get my invictus tix for Orlando. A good friend of mine is volunteering and will get me into some parties.

    KMR, I am so glad that this post made us all smile.

    1. Good for you, Rhiannon. You go girl.
      I hope you’ll meet your Harry. Just don’t faint when you see him!

      PS We expect a full KMR report afterwards! 🙂

      1. I think that he would be chivalrous enough to catch me.and even hold my hand as I come to. My luck, if I see him staying by by side and holding my hand, I would pass out again.

  10. Mr Cambridge can torture Harry all he wants how he went to University and his brother didn’t. You just have to look at Harry and you can see an intelligent young man, emotional, social intelligence and all. Look at Cambridge’s mulish expression and I can’t see too much intellect there.

    1. I agree Hyancith, Some people have IT and some people don’t. It is not something that can be learned at a University. Diana had it, and despite everyone wanting Wills to have it, he doesn’t. However Harry does have it. He is a people person, just like his Mum. Wills missed the boat on it and is now on the Titanic with Cannot and Ma Midds trying to make cheese on toast while they put on their life jackets and prepare to get in the life boats.

      1. Diana was good at Dance and French though. Did many aristocrats send their daughters to university then? Even the Mitford sisters were intelligent and were educated and they didn’t go to university but today they would. I would have thought Diana going out to work was actually doing something or was it because they intended Diana for Charles and didn’t want Diana finding someone else. William could use his geography with the Duchy. Which is what I am surprised at. It seems William has lost pleasure in his work. I don’t think William eats cheese on toast. Lasagna is his favourite dish.

        1. I think cheese on toast is the snack Ma Midds makes for William when he and Kate (or maybe just for him) are binge watching their favorite TV shows.

      2. Kate and Will on the Titanic is an interesting subject. I picture Will dressed in women’s clothing and Kate insisting the two of them get a lifeboat to themselves.

  11. KMR this is completely off-topic so feel free not to publish it if you find it inappropriate here.

    I was just wondering if you’re going to cover the DRF tiara event that took place a few days ago. Mary debuted a NEW tiara!

    1. I always thought Will and Kate both enjoyed this event so that is why it was particularly surprising he was going solo this year. Glad he looked in good spirits this year anyhow.

    2. It looks to me like attempt to see how public will react to William without Kate. After all people are mostly talking about her so she is taking the “spotlight” from him. During the previous Celebration of this holiday she had some issue with a shoe, attracting extra attention of the press on herself and simultaneously shrinking importance of others and the tradition.

      1. Yep she got one of those ridiculously high heels that she wears caught on a grate. From the pics that I saw, Wills did not look all that happy at having to hold on to her while she tried to get it out.

          1. I just youtubed it Ellie LOL. He was going to walk away while she was stumbling but she grabbed hold of his hand. It was only a second thing but she was heavily pregnant and a gentleman would have helped her. The interesting this is that just after it, he and the other guy turn and walk around and leave her standing out in the open and grinning like an idiot.


          2. G., small children and animals rarely get it wrong. They go by what they feel rather than what they’ve been told.

  12. That one picture of him, at work, pointing on documents….THAT’S how Kate should have been portrayed during her HuffPo stint.
    But well,….

    I love, love, LOVE Harry. Eye candy for the heart.

  13. First of all, Harry is a sweetheart. When he gave that interview with Robin Roberts and said he was “broken” by being removed from Afghanistan I just wanted to give him a hug. What a contrast to William’s interview where he was arrogant and ignorant. Harry should be the next Prince of Wales. The more I see him the more I like him.
    Secondly, I just saw Kate today. Why does she wear gray or black to children’s events? Can’t she wear something cheerful or with color? Same thing with commonwealth day. She dressed like it was a memorial. And people are still really upset that she missed yesterday. But I have to say that William seemed happier without her yesterday and Kate seemed happier without him today. All is not well I’m that marriage, IMO.

    1. Who knows about their marriage. I think it is unkind to speculate, but today I do not feel kind. After Kate missing the ceremony yesterday, I wish they would divorce and Kate would go away from the public eye. The marriage came with a job and Kate is doing a half-a**ed job of it.

      Between Kate and Will they equal = Kill. Kill tradition. Kill respect for the monarchy. Kill the decades and decades of hard work done by the dedicated members of the BRF. I can no longer find positive things to say about these two.

      I think the smiles from Will yesterday, and the smiles from Kate today, are the two of them ignoring the negative talk in the media. They are either pretending they haven’t heard people are upset with them, or they really and truly do not care.

        1. Lisa- that’s how I feel, too. I originally liked kate when she first got married and I thought their love story as college sweethearts was lovely. But I have grown disenchanted lately. If I try to comment in other places they accuse me of just being jealous of her but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a huge fan of Crown Princess Victoria, for example. So if Kate were more like her I would be a fan. But the writing is on the wall. The press accuse William of being lazy and he responds by going on vacation. William gives an interview saying he believes in big game trophy hunting even though he is supposed to be working with conservationists. And the press accuse Kate of being workshy so William says she can’t attend St Patrick’s day because she has to be with their children (even though they have a full time uniformed nanny and the event probably lasted all of one hour).
          All of these gestures are William’s way of saying “f you” to the public for daring to criticise him. He is being an arrogant idiot and this won’t end well.

      1. I definitely wouldn’t want to be unkind, and I generally don’t like tabloid gossip. But I have noticed that Kate tends to gaze at William adoringly or tries to get his attention and he ignores her. He can sometimes appear to almost resent her presence or treat her like a child. I could be completely wrong of course and maybe he just doesn’t like to show affection in front of cameras. But I saw pictures of Will, Harry, and Kate on a boat a long time ago. Harry had to remind William to share an umbrella with Kate because he walked right past her. Kate kept smiling broadly almost like she was embarrassed so William should be a little more attentive. It looks awkward.

          1. Oh good! Im glad I’m not the only one who saw it because now I can’t find it again. Harry was pointing at Kate and looking at William as if to say “hey, you forgot your wife” and this was right after they married, too.

  14. There our dear ginger goes again….
    Hugs, mummy, kids.
    There shouldn’t be any surprises when inevitably the df takes up the challenge and sets him up with an array of exes, a bunch of sloanes, and the thirsty Hollywood set.
    Why won’t he bless the British media with a splashy royal wedding?

    The vastly different interviews given this week by H&wm highlight the gulf that lay between them and their different approaches to handling the media.
    Harry’s interview was split in half. Got his important message out first and then gave the media the gooey Diana sugar quote.

    1. Harry gives in ways that William never, ever will. He’s entirely too tightly wound and determined to control any tiny bit of personal information that might get out to the public. Just like the empty/turned picture frames in his interview about the poaching. I think if it had been Harry married with kids, those pictures would have been there in their full glory.

      Now I want my hug from Harry. I want to make up my own mind about how good he is.

      Rhiannon, you absolutely must sacrifice yourself and get a hug out of him so we can live vicariously through you. 🙂

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