Kate Middleton buys book for Prince George during engagement at EACH charity shop

Kate Middleton buys book for Prince George during engagement at EACH charity shop

Kate Middleton was in Holt, Norfolk today, March 18, to open an East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices charity shop as their Patron.

Kate arriving EACH charity shop
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate doubled down on her excuse for pulling out of St. Patrick’s Day festivities because she wanted to spend time with her kids instead by mentioning Prince George during her event today.

Apparently George asked Kate to buy him a toy helicopter, but the shop was out of them, so Kate bought a £2 copy of Fireman Sam’s Favourite Tales, saying: “Fireman Sam is George’s favourite.”

Kate also bought an £8 Tom Kitten Beatrix Potter figurine.

Kate buying stuff EACH charity shop
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate was led on a tour of the shop by 11 year old Rebekah Hughes, who has a rare form of childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome.

Rebekah’s mom, Annabel Hughes, said: “I think Kate got off lightly – Rebekah has a way of taking over and she’s lucky she didn’t have her trying on outfits in the changing room. She was brilliant with Rebekah and it was a really special moment.”

Kate touring EACH charity shop 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Here’s a video of the interaction.

Kate spent about 45 minutes at the shop meeting staff, volunteers, and families being helped by EACH. During her look around the shop, Kate tried on a £15 blue Boden felt hat which I kind of think would look good on her and I’m bummed she didn’t buy it.

As we know, EACH “supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. [Their] care and support is tailored for the needs of all family members and delivered where the families wish – in their own home, at hospital, in the community or at one of three hospices in Ipswich, Milton and Quidenham.”

This shop in Holt is their 21st charity shop – all of which play an important role in raising funds for the organization to continue to give help to sick children.

Kate touring EACH charity shop 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate officially open the charity shop with an actual ribbon cutting. I can only remember two previous actual ribbon cuttings since I started this blog: one in New Zealand in April 2014, and one at the Tour de France in July 2014. It’s so weird to see an actual ribbon cutting.

Kate cutting ribbon EACH charity shop
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

BTW, for those wondering why there have not been many/any articles on other royal ladies the last couple weeks and for those wondering why there are ever any articles on other royal ladies on a blog called “Kate Middleton Review”, you’re going to get most likely a bunch from now until the India tour starts because:

From the Mirror: “A source told The Sun: ‘Until Kate goes on tour to India and Butan in four weeks, she’ll be spending all her time with the kids. Don’t expect to see many public duties from her.'”

I know there are people who wonder why I cover other non-Kate royals here, and it’s because if Kate isn’t going to do stuff, either you get nothing or you get other royals.

If that upsets you, then I don’t know what to tell you except deal with it. If Kate isn’t going to do events, then there’s nothing I can do about that. The only thing I can do is supplement the Kate coverage with coverage of other royals to keep things interesting and to keep having things to talk about.

If you really are annoyed that I cover other royals here, then get mad at Kate and complain that she’s not doing enough and needs to step up so that I have enough from her to cover here. Then I can go make a different site for the other royals. Until Kate works consistently several times a week, there’s nothing I can do except cover other royals.

Kate wore another repeat. This time her M Missoni tweed coat from the AW 2010 Collection which she’s worn three times before: March 2012 to Fortnum and Mason with HM and Camilla; June 2012 to Nottingham also with HM; and March 2014 to a wedding.

Underneath the coat, Kate wore her cornflower blue Zara dress which she first wore right after her wedding in 2011.

Kate carried her Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch in navy suede, wore new Prada pointy toed navy suede pumps (because it’s not like she doesn’t already have several navy suede pumps), she wore her diamond and sapphire earrings, and her Cartier watch.

Meh. I’ve never liked this coat – I never disliked it, but I never liked it either – and the lack of styling or anything to make it interesting makes the entire outfit just boring.

Previous wearings: March 2012 on the left, June 2012 in the middle, March 2014 on the right.

Here’s a video of Kate arriving. You can here her speaking to the kids who came out to see her.

295 thoughts on “Kate Middleton buys book for Prince George during engagement at EACH charity shop

  1. Why is her coat gaping so badly this time around? It’s not like she’s gained weight, if anything she’s thinner. Also, while they look very much like her other blue suede pumps, for some reason I just don’t care for these. I think they make her feet look huge. It’s either the shoes or the fact that she’s lost so much weight her appendages are starting to look larger.

    I think we all figured she was basically going to disappear after this event because of the India tour. I’m trying to figure out her reasoning. People work every day and sometimes go on business trips away from their kids and the world keeps turning and the kids are fine. Is she trying to show she’s a devoted mother or is worried they will completely forget who she is when she’s gone? Nothing like fighting the call of being workshy by not working at all. That’s dedication for you!

    1. I’ve seen some pictures on other sites and the coat looks wrinkled… or do I need to get stronger glasses?

      I agree it does seem to be a bit too tight at the top which is strange because if anything she’s thinner now that when she was photographed wearing it previously.

    2. She shamelessly uses her children to avoid doing unpleasant things. She also uses them to *relate* to the plebs when she can’t get out of something. Everything is George’s favorite! Is your kid doing (whatever)! So is George! If not for the kids, she would literally have nothing to say. Can you test the smell by smelling it? Four weeks to prepare for the India tour? My ass.

      1. This excuse bothers me so Greatly!
        Not because a mother wants to spend time with her kids. Not at all.
        It’s that when she’s not scheduled for something with loads of time the kids are fine with the nannies while she goes off on her own.
        Only when work must be done does she claim this. Never does it appear to be possible she could commit to her public role for a major event over this.

        I think she’s a terrible role model and a terrible future Consort if this is her level of priority.
        Again. Not to spending time with her kids. Just that this is only important when there’s work to be done. Because all the other times she has time off she’s not with her kids.

      2. I totally agree!

        What a waste of space this useless woman is. Her excuse fo,r breaking century old royal traditions on St. Patrick Day, to service members (something the climbing middletons know nothing about giving). But she is able to spend time with salons, cut ribbon/shopping next to her house – instead of duties to HM, the military and the people.

    3. The coat is gaping because of poor tailoring to alter this coat to her post-kids body. She might be thinner, but her waist is wider because her rib cage had to expand during her pregnancies and she couldn’t change that with weight loss. She just really needs a better tailor.

      1. I weigh the same as I did before I had kids, but my shape is quite different. If she is fixated on lbs, someone who knows better ( Carole…hello?) should tell her she needs to retake her measurements, including her bra size. Charlotte is not even a year old yet, and I truly don’t think Kate understands. She will so much more put together when she figures this out.

        1. If she had a real stylist, one who actually earns their living from styling people, then those measurements would have been updated long ago. I think Kate is one of those people who thinks that if she can get into her pre-pregnancy clothes she’s good. Forget if they don’t really fit the right way she’ll just drop another few pounds hoping that will make it work. When it comes to clothing Kate is fairly clueless and is too stubborn to accept help from anyone.

          1. G – imagine what a difference a professional makeup artist would make for her. I love makeup and have learned techniques from you tube, make up artists, etc. She would only need to consult regularly for a period of time to learn.

            I read that Diana stopped using blue eyeliner once she started consulting with Vogue and learned that blue liner on blue eyes is generally a bad idea.

  2. I “watched” her engagement on twitter & it was 35 minutes, unless the reports of her arriving were posted late.

    Crowds stood in the drizzling rain & she waved, but didn’t go to speak to them.

    1. Oh for heavens sake JL – speak to the rabble? And I agree it was 35 minutes!! And near Anmer so not much time to spend in the luxury Range Rover.

      I am so glad that George is into Fireman Sam , my boys loved him, do you think G might want to be a fireman when he grows up?

        1. It sure is, it might be a bit better for everyone if Norman Price moved out

          Although I actually said to Hubby the other day, that they would be in crisis if Fireman Sam ever went on holidays.

      1. 20 miles from her home and she cannot be bothered to stay for even an hour. And now needs four weeks to prepare for the India tour. I just really hope that someone explains the difference to her between this India and the American Indians. Otherwise she might be asking where the cowboys are.

        1. In my day we referred to native Americans as red Indians. We didn’t do it to be rude or offensive but I am sure it was. Thank goodness we have become a better world, though still far from perfect.

  3. 45 minutes is a day’s work? Not bad if you can get it.

    A month off because she’s away for 6 /7 days wow .

    99% of KMR followers absolutely love your coverage of Max, Leti, Mary, Vic etc etc so please don’t stop.

    And the coat is all kinds of horrid why does it fit so very badly, has she lost even more weight?

    Ok I’ve worked 10 hours today, so I’ll be on holiday for the next 3 months…. See you!!

    1. Agree with you 100%

      I’m currently on maternity leave and would love when I go back to work to be told by my boss that I only need to do 45 minutes once or twice a week!!

    2. It fits SO badly. This woman has access to amazing tailors (I mean, have you seen how great Harry’s suits are?) and yet she can’t get someone to get a coat to fit her chest properly.

      I also love hearing about all of the other royals! It keeps things interesting. Kate’s engagements are all basically the same anyways. Show up in a coat, make concerned faces to children, say something stereotypical and general, wave, flash too much leg, and leave. The other royals have some real substance and add to the conversation.

    3. I’m expecting her to take a month off after the tour as well since she will have been gone for soooo long ;). So, all the work she will do in 2 months, will be on the tour. I am also expecting a vacation in there somewhere. Oh gosh, wouldn’t it be funny if her and William went on vacation? All the while not working because she doesn’t want to leave her kids? Then maybe people would realize it has nothing to do with her kids, but rather she used them as an excuse to not work. Why do people still think she is amazing??

        1. For some reason Red Snapper, I am thinking the same thing. I think that something is off with Kate and Wills might be going to India by himself.

          1. I think PR trying to rebuild Williams image apart from Kate who is focusing the press on herself and most of the time negative one.

  4. I guess you need to rewear a coat to justify a $700 pair of shoes.

    She is already tall. She needs to wear lower heels for engagements with children. I would say a pair of slacks and flats but we all know that will never happen. Having to awkwardly bend, smooth your skirt, or tower over people has got to be awkward and distracting as she tries to engage with people. And it did seem like she engaged well here.

  5. I love the coverage of the other Royals! It does make me sad in that I had such high hopes for Kate following the wedding. Sseeing the coverage of other Royals at work reinforces how she has failed to live up to the expectations of her role as a member of the British Royal Family. I have been following the comments on other sites concerning handing out of the shamrocks and 2 that have stuck with me (quoted loosely) 1. If the Royals start disregarding tradition, they need to tread lightly. They too are a tradition and 2. The Guards don’t get a day off work from their posts in Afghanistan or wherever to spend the day with their children.

    1. I am a long-time reader who does not comment often, largely because I cannot match the articulate comments all of you posters. I am a full time working mother of two and I am appalled at Kate’s utter lack of respect for tradition, history, and active military service. I try to teach my kids responsibility, love of country and duty to self, family, and the world in which we live. Clearly her children are young, but children are smart and they learn from their parents. George is older and more influenced by her behavior. As a future king, love of and duty to country should be instilled in him from a young age. I do not mean to be preachy and judgmental. I am just sick over the utter lack of respect shown to members of the military. Just as in the U.S., the UK has fought recent wars and is facing constant threats to the homeland. How can you be so selfish to ignore your duty and flat out insult your military when it is your duty. Apologies, this cluster of a pair really have a way of getting under ones skin!

      KMR, your posts on dedicated and working royal are always informative and amazingly well researched. I for one learn something all the time so your work is much appreciated.

      1. You are not wrong in your speculation. Kids learn from their parents. Their parents are both entitled, hedonistic slackers. I don’t see a miracle in the children’s future.

  6. Kate needs to do more ribbon cutting events: she seems to be engaged in it, is enjoying herself and seems to have a genuine smile here. And to add that it involves her favourite past-time: shopping and no wonder she’s beaming!

    I find with the towering heels, her dress and coat is looking embarrassingly short.

    And this coat needs to be burned. It continues to remain ugly!

    Wouldn’t it be so great if Kate donated items from her limitless closet and the sale proceeds would raise funds for a charity of her choice? This would be an easy way for her to raise money, get positive PR and do minimal work.

    1. I thought the same thing about Kate bringing boxes of items to donate. What an easy way to drum up some good PR. I am sure the luxury Range Rover could have held a box or two of donations from their homes.

      1. Absolutely a wonderful idea. Too bad the Cambridge PR team is so stupid. And, the Cambridge’s so clueless. Didn’t William come up with the idea for Diana to auction off many of her gowns? Can you imagine, if the Cambs had donated clothing George and Charlotte have outgrown? And, a few of Kate’s clutches and hats, too? William’s sweaters? It would have been a great gesture.

        As of Kate’s appearance, I do think she interacted better than I’ve seen her do in a while. I thought some of her comments were ridiculous, though. Yes, George seems to like everything and be interested in becoming whatever is the profession du jour at a W and k event.

        I hope the Beatrix Potter figurine was given to Charlotte for the nursery. My parents used to travel to the UK often and purchased several for my girls. I love them and the girls do, too.

        Kate’s coat was ill-fitting. Did like the color, however.

        I wish she had purchased the hat, too, KMR. It suited her.

        As for writing about other Royals, yes! Please! I always enjoy what you post about the other dedicated Royals around the globe.

        I guess the W and K black-out for the next month will give us all a chance to light up with positive words about the other hard working, highly engaging Royals from Sweden, Monaco, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Bhutan, etc. Always good to learn more about them. Looking forward to more baby pix, too! And, the birth of another Swedish prince or princess.

    2. What’s funny is that I had a dream last night that Kate donated lots of her clothes to be sold and the proceeds going to charity. I think it’s a great idea especially for the pieces she’s not worn in years.

      1. Diana did it. It would be a fantastic idea and would raise so much money for these worthy charities like EACH who often have funding struggles.

    3. I also found the coat too short. I especially noticed it when she was leaning over to talk to the children and there were photographs from behind.

      I’ve always wondered why she always wears such high heels, isn’t she already quite tall? Not insulting all of the tall women who love to wear high heels! But when she spends half of her engagement leaning over to talk to children, the towering heels seem unnecessary.

      1. Kate’s only about 5’7″/5’8″, so not super tall. I think she wears the heels because she wants to appear taller than she really is. Maybe she likes towering over people? But when she is around children, she should wear shorter heels (though then people would notice she isn’t as tall as they thought)

        1. I am not a shoe horse, but is it possible that higher heels make her feet look smaller? Today’s heels are a big lower and her feet seem to look larger. I may be way off here. Regardless, her vanity should not always win out over making her audience feel comfortable and at ease v

          1. I thought Diana had to wear lower heels so as to not appear taller than Charles. I read that somewhere years ago. Her creepy stalker behavior re Diana is pathetic. There is no there there with Kate so she has to ape Diana however poorly.

          2. I bet she didn’t know about Diana’s issues with her height regarding Charles. All she knows is that Diana was a long, cool drink of water. Very tall and therefore popular.

            Agreed that there is no “there, there”.

          3. Diana stuck to the heel protocol for royal dressing until the separation. Then she felt free to wear higher-than-3-inches heels.

            I think she wears high heels to trick the eyes into thinking her legs are longer than they are.

          4. I think Diana wearing shorter heels had less to do with royal protocol and more to do with the fact that if she wore higher heels while married she would have been taller than Charles. Diana wearing shorter heels was probably more of an ego/insecurity thing with Charles rather than royal protocol.

        2. The average UK women is 5 feet 3 inches. So though she doesn’t seem it, she is a solid 4-5 inches taller. Even a 3 inch pair of heels makes her 5’10 — which is an inch taller than the average UK man.

      2. I do not classify her as tall – I think she wears heals in order to be a better match for William – and in order to be taller than others around her (tall = regal?!)

    4. And wouldn’t it be so great if she bought that bag for little Rebekah? The girl seemed smitten with it.
      I don’t think Kate gives any thought about what she could do to give something away. I’m surprised she even carried money on her (or did Rebecca Deacon gave her on the spot? – I didn’t watch the full visit) because I really can’t imagine what she would carry in her clutch.
      Still, it was a good thing she bought something for George.

      1. Elina I thought the same thing!!! Why didn’t she buy the bag for the little girl. Even as a thank you for showing me around! It was a perfect opportunity and people would have loved her for it. What a no brainer 🙁

      2. I initially thought Kate should have purchased the bag for the pretty little girl, but since there were so many other children at the event it may have been awkward.

        Kate could have paid for the handbag discreetly and had the item mailed to Rebekah’s home. If Kate bought it for her at the shop she could have sent something to the school as a treat for the other schoolchildren. It is tricky when there are many children involved. Does everyone get something? Does one child get a special treat and the others watch?

        1. Overit, we think the same here.

          G., I think doing a special think for a special person is never a bad idea. Little Rebekah took the initiative to take Kate by the hand, showed her around and made a connection with her. She became something more than the rest of the schoolchildren, at least for the specific event and moment in time.
          IMO, a caring and empathetic person would think she deserves an extra dose of happiness. Although Kate did interact well with her, I think she would have made a real difference if she carried on and walked to the counter with her, instead of saying ‘nice to meet you’ and turning her back.
          It’s the little things that make the difference.

          1. Maybe, it was purchased and has already been given to the sweet child. I hope so. That would be the most thoughtful and kind gesture. Perhaps, we are not told of such things. I want to think that Kate did this. I guess I want to believe it because somehow, I think that is the way it should be.

  7. I am glad we have other royals to read about when Kate isn’t working. There were so many darling schoolchildren in the video. I hope they have fun seeing themselves online.

  8. The coat would have been better with a little styling, a scarf or broach. It’s a bit dull this way. I always thought the particular shade of blue on the dress was pretty. I enjoyed the videos, she was easy to understand; often I find Kate swallows her words a bit, but here she engaged with the kids nicely. It looked like a fun visit. I only wish she did more, ribbon cuttings may seem silly, but it cheers people to see her out and about like this. She could avoid much of the press criticism by doing more small, short events like this while still having ample time with the family and for preparation for the larger royal tours. Whether Kate is busy or not, it’s fun to keep up with the other royals too, so no complaints about “off topic” posts from me!

  9. I like Kate in short outfits but a bit too short for visiting with children. I would be worried about the behind view. It sounds like she hasn’t gotten to spend that much time with her children. I truly don’t get it. Even with time spent getting ready for event and the drive..it is not that much time. I can’t imagine she is not taking the children with when they have events in London. Thank you for covering other Royals during times of nothing about Kate.

    1. Compared to the past wearings, this outfit looks a little shorter now! Either it was shortened or Kate gained some height! Lol
      But seriously, we don’t get to see her a lot in short outfits nowadays, as was more the case pre-George. After George, I believe she had an intervention and was made (by HM?) to change in favour of a closer to the knee length.
      As for her weight? I assume that she’s fixated on her wedding day too-thin-look and consider it as the target she always has to return to. But alas, her body has changed regardless of the weight. She can’t wear the same things as if she’d never had babies.

      It’s funny that you asked why they don’t bring the kids when they’re in London. I could actually think that she could have brought George along to this event. It was a short and fun visit, he would enjoy seeing the kiddies and he would get to choose his own toy/book! Not to mention the side benefit of him getting to see and start being accustomed with ‘real life’ and children with illnesses like little Rebekah. Oh well, I suppose it’s too much an absurd idea for the like of the Cambridges.

      1. Also, why did she have to back out of handing out the Shamrocks to the Irish Guards? Why couldn’t she have taken George with her to help hand them out? I bet he would have loved to see all the soldiers in their uniforms!

        1. That would have been wonderful. George would have been a wonderful addition to the day. I did think William did a fine job. My initial reaction was, “Oh, no,” but from what I read online and the photos I saw, he seemed relaxed and personable.

          Sorry, Kate could not make time to be there, though. Too much work is not to be expected from her, though.

        2. Casey. That would have been precious and it would expose George to responsibility and duty, not just from his parent but from those soldiers. He would have had a blast and the positive PR would have gone a long way.

  10. That coat! I’m sorry, I have no eye for fashion, but even I can see it doesn’t fit. Has it become too small in the shoulder region because she is exercising and doing weights? Other than that she is thinner than ever.

    She is not working until the India trip? Cancel her ticket. Mr Cambridge seems to be more relaxed without her anyway. Send him solo and spare the expense. We don’t need a Diana&Charles rerun of akwardly strained smiles.

    1. Oh no I want to see Kate with HM Queen of Bhutan. HM is very young, very well educated and seems to have a real passion for her role. Kate could learn a thing or two.

        1. This will be interesting in a shallow sense. She doesn’t care for women and can you imagine what a beautiful Queen will do to her? I can’t wait, although I am expecting the usual studied rictus grin.

          1. I can’t wait for the pictures of this tour either and the contrast we’ll see between the Cambridges and the Bhutan royals.

      1. What would you like the Duchess to learn from the Queen of Bhutan?I don’t follow her much so I don’t know much about her,that’s why I’m asking.

        1. How to understand how to be properly prepared, how to choose causes where she can make a real difference, how to expand her work to the world stage because her position allows her to do that, duty , commitment, how to share her family with the public in an appropriate way that benefits both their privacy and the need for your people to care about the royals for them to have any purpose, and flippantly how to dress appropriately but with flair and originality highlighting the best that your country can offer in terms of the fashion industry which is a huge employer and also a huge exporter. That’s just off the top of my head, I could go on…..

          1. I understand most of the points that you make except the ones about fashion,which is something I believe the Duchess gets right.

  11. My youngest son ( aged 19) knows I have a bit of a shoe fettish . When something really good happens ( like him being offered a place to study at Cambridge- still smiling over that one!) he says I can have a new pair of shoes. But when I look he says ‘ not those they are exactly like xyz pair’ or ‘ you have two pairs of black boots why have another’ . Kate needs someone like my son to say NO NO NO don’t spend silly money on yet more of the same thing. And donating her clothes to EACH would be totally awesome. They could do an auction or similar, but certainly identify them as hers. It’s no invasion of privacy if she only donates clothes she wears in public. Go on Kate, show them you care!!

    1. +1 Birdy. I think everyone with a love of shopping needs someone like this! I have to keep myself in line with black dresses. I love them! Kate seems to dole out a lot of money on items that look nearly identical. I get that she gravitates towards certain styles. However, her clothes seem to get such little wear. There’s no need to have 3 pairs of navy suede pumps, it’s not like she lives in them. She’s barely ever working anyways, she certainly hasn’t worn them out.

  12. No wonder she chose this engagement over st. Patricks day. This one was under an hour and involved her favorite thing: shopping. I’m tired of her using her kids as an excuse. One would think from the sound of it they have separation anxiety since she can’t ever work for their sakes. But we know that’s not true since they go out all the time with the nanny.

    1. A lousy, laughable 35-minute visit and she can’t combine it with the St. Patrick’s Day event because it’s too much time away from her kids? And what’s with the hair that has taken over her entire head?!?

  13. I’m confused like everyone else Why is her coat way more ill-fitting than it was the other times? And seriously? Like she really needs another pair of pointy suede blue heels!!!

    1. I agree. It is nice reading about them so we know how a royal lady should behave. Also, it gives us something to read and discuss since Kate works so little. KMR, where did this come from? Did someone say something to you? Because if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read about other royals. There are some ladies I like more than others and will just skip the ones I don’t care for. No skin off my back. If someone said something, I am sorry. Please know most of us love it. I knew nothing of the other royal ladies until this site. Now I love the Swedes and Sophie!

      1. KMR, I love hearing about other Royals. They seem to put W and K to shame, but that is not my primary reason for enjoying reading about them. I admire the work they do and the way they relate to others. It’s a breath of fresh air!

        Don’t have concerns about not being able to cover Kate 24/7. If she is not giving you things to write about, then you need to cover some others. And, you always do. Brilliantly, I must add.i

    2. I like the coverage on other royals too. KMR you’re a talented writer and you keep all of us coming back. Why limit yourself to a one-note royal when there are so many others to cover?!

    3. + 1000!
      I can’t imagine now this blog without the coverage of other royals, KMR. You have really spoiled us.
      And frankly, when there is an overdose of the Cambridges, I need a serious break to get a breath of fresh air either with the Swedes, the Monegasques or whatever you can give us!

      1. Agreed!! I love reading about the other royals. I’m having withdrawals, so sick of the Cambridges, they are so uninspiring. Good thing she’ll be taking time out to prepare for her big overseas tour. Keep up the great work KMR.

  14. I find that she looks better when she is not with William : or rather that she looks so much engaged here that monday on the Commonwealth ceremony : tension in the Royal family? in the couple? Or she is nervous when she is near the queen.
    But anyway : the engagement requires little time, little commitment.
    And I finish my exams, I can follow Harry tour’s.

    KMR I love your article, your site : I like that you speak about other royal family

      1. Thanks I will have the results in May, but I have some weeks off. And after I have preparation in the case where I will be selected for the orals.
        I have blister in my finger : I will not touch a pen for some time.

  15. On the one hand, her forehead looks bigger. I know that that sounds weird but to me, something seems off or that we’re seeing too much of her forehead. On the other hand, she looks really good in that fedora hat! Very flattering!

    With that being said, if she’s wearing a dress she wore right after the wedding, that immediately tells me that she’s gotten too thin because (as we saw in the picture of her and William with the Obamas in May of 2011) she got scary skinny for the big day. Also, I think the reason why the coat (which I’ve actually always liked) looks tight is that, and this is just a hunch, Kate is wearing a super padded bra (to fill out the dress underneath?).

    Last, I LOVE that you cover/talk about other royals KMR! Keep ’em coming!! 😀

    1. I hope you’re feeling better Kimothy! Nice to hear from you again.

      Larger forehead….hmmm…..but I bet the brains did not expand with it!!

    2. Yorkie and Birdie,

      First, thank you for asking. I greatly appreciate it. Though I went to work, I wasn’t feeling my best and, on top of that, they’ve been painting in my bureau plus our own offices. My office was painted on Wednesday and my supervisor, God bless him, went out of his way to make sure I wasn’t inhaling any paint fumes. I was very grateful.

      Also, I was a dope and forgot to take my allergy medicine (it’s OTC) and boy am I feeling it! Been feeling crummy yesterday and today so I’m sooooooo glad it’s Friday afternoon!

      As for my feet, still look nasty, still get tiny reminders that I’m not fully healed but I still force myself to put on shoes and go out and whatnot. In fact, I irritated Wound Care this morning by rescheduling my appointment. The woman actually scolded me like a kid going, “well we got a notice that it was urgent in regards to feet ulcers (ulcers?! That’s news to me!)” but I eventually got her to change it. It was originally set for this coming Thursday but I begged them to postpone it to late-April since I’ve been going to so many doctors (plus my usual ones) and simply need a break. Whew! I just need to pause to allow myself to be ME–no doctors, no medical stuff, no offices….just the person I am behind the transplant/diabetes/everything else.

      Last, LOL! to that comment Yorkie hahaha!

      1. Goodness you put my problems into perspective. How is the vlog going? I watched the most recent one but I am not fully logged in so don’t know if you are reaching your target audience.
        Sending you Wild Roses baskets of happiness, hope you have a fun filled, happy pain free weekend.

        1. Birdy~

          Now that you mention it, I just brought up the Vlog Ideas that Jen gave me when I first brought up my idea (thanks Jen!) but, as you can imagine, with the shingles my vlog had to be put on the back-burner but, while I was sick, I did find a vlog that I now love! It’s a married couple where the wife has Cystic Fibrosis and they vlog about their live with this horrible disease.

          Also, and this is just me fan-girling a bit here, I used to watch The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (yup, the one with JC, Keri, Britney, Justin, Christina, Ryan….) growing up and, after I commented on a lesser-known (but still equally talented) former mousketeer’s Facebook post he responded saying, and this is a direct quote:
          “Back-atcha Kim! You are an inspiration to the organ transplant,donation community and as a friend so that means a lot coming from you. Thanks for the message and keep up the great work that you do as well 😉 ”

          OMG! This gave me a much-needed boost to keep on keeping on after feeling so lousy for a few weeks!! 😀

          1. Keep on, Kimothy!! Glad you find things you love. I’ve seen your vlog and liked all your videos, I hope you’ll get back to it.
            And don’t forget us here, either!

          2. Glad to hear you are still perky, no matter what comes your way. You are a real trouper. Trust you are on the mend now.

          3. Of course I won’t/haven’t forgotten about you! Just been feeling too poo to comment and while I’ve wanted to say something regarding “Willful William” (and his God-awful behavior these past couple of weeks) it appears that everyone else has said it for me plus, I’m not from the UK so I don’t have the insight that our friends across the pond do. 😉

            P.S. I loooooooved Harry’s GMA interviews! He spoke with such emotion and in a down-to-earth way that I was reminded once more as to why so many of us have such admiration for him and the work that he does with veterans. I’m waiting for the moment that William throws his brother under a bus (again) for being so good at something so simple (talking to people and making themselves heard regarding a cause close to their heart).

          4. Kimothy, sending love and best wishes your way. You are a trooper! So dedicated to helping others. I wish you continued healing and all the best.

  16. Hi KMR!

    As a relatively long time reader, I’ve hugely enjoyed your work. I love, especially, that you cover other royals. Everything I know about them, I’ve leant here; through your writing and through so many truly informative comments.

    I do hope that you’ll continue to write about them. Most of them are now my favourites.

    The very best to you.

    Thank you for everything

  17. I like the coat – Missoni’s not everyone’s bag, but I have some of their stuff and it’s well made and interesting, but not in a ‘fashion’ interesting way.

    BUT, it’s too damned short – like most of what she wears. Plus, whatever she’s wearing underneath is shorter than the already short coat, so she looks like a flasher.

    1. I like this coat too! I think the texture and color of the fabric are quite beautiful. This makes it even sadder that it’s too short and improperly tailored.

    2. It’s highly amusing to me that people find this coat short because in her first year – 2yrs, until after George was born, she wore fairly short clothing. This coat was one of the longest item in her wardrobe.

      And when she was pregnant with George, it seemed like she was playing a game of ‘how short can i go?’ Because her pregnancy fashion was composed of dresses shorter than this coat to extent that she managed to flash everyone in a mini dress at a wedding when she was about 6mths pregnant.

      We always poinated outnhow short her clothing was, and beingbcalled prigs and or old fashioned for pointing out her short hemlines.

      1. I like the Missoni coat but not on her. I agree, when she was preggers she was pushing the how-close-can-I-come-to-showing-my-nether-bits, in defiance or on a dare. She keeps pushing the envelope on many levels, like the Irish Guard debacle. And so far, she seems to be getting away with it all. She is untouchable until Workshy Willy proclaims otherwise.

        1. Not sure she is getting away with it Maven, the tides are turning. Times are tough for many in Britain and her profligacy and laziness are not appreciated.

  18. Some people are commenting that the reason why Kate missed the event with the Irish Guards yesterday is because she was having her hair dyed and cut. I think it is possible that her hair is freshly dyed with some subtle highlights. I can’t know for sure but if that is why she had to miss the event yesterday that’s pretty awful.

  19. Boring in blue once again…..could be a song.
    1. Agree, the fit of the coat is a disaster, again, for the love of Mike, get a tailor!
    2. I guess giving out shamrocks and cutting a ribbon is just too much for a person to do in one day. The family excuse is so lame, not sure of flight time, but if they are going to be on tour beginning April 10, that is in 3 weeks, I am sure she will have no engagements until then and plenty of time to spend with her family. Hopefully, she will also get some clothes fittings in as well. K &W sadly underestimate the intelligence of the public.
    3. Hair flopping all over again, and it does look like she had some color thrown on it. The reddish highlights do not compliment her skin tone and as the red fades it will look brassy and make her look even more pasty.
    4. I predict since summer is coming Kate will probably take most of it off to be with her family, with the exception of a day or two of work for the Queen’s 90th, then at the end off the summer she will be pregnant with number 3 and well, there goes the next 10 or so months, and then we won’t see her again until at least June 2017.
    5.Love the posts about the other European royals….just seems to be more substance and joy.

  20. I felt itchy all over when I saw the older and more accomplished ladies curtseying to her. Similar feeling when I saw William holding a sword knighting Sir Jonathan Day. Those two are nothing compared to those who curtseyed and kneeled before them. I find this to be so disturbing!

    And of course, always choose short dress to meet children. Because 1) you need to bend over when talking to taller kids (to flash those behind you), and 2) you need to squat occasionally for smaller kids (to flash those in front of you).

    Finally, I cannot understand these needs for new shoes that are so similar. I love shoes myself, and own some nice ones, but I never bother buying 5 suede black pumps from 5 different designers. She has so many shoes that hasn’t even made a full hour engagement and she keeps buying more.

    1. Thank you for sharing.I’m interested in the Japanese Royal family and to me photographs of them are hard to come by,so I appreciate it.

    2. *WAVES BACK* Hi Nota!
      Anyone who knows my posts knows i’m a sucker for some tailored trouser suits. Classy and sexy without showing a damn thing! Business and comfy all at once. Show off your curves without showing anything.

      Been busy with life, but hope you’re all very well and very happy!

      1. Hi Runaway, hope everything’s good with you too.
        I love suits as well. So classy and stylish. Letizia really rocks them.

        1. Elina
          Thanks 😀
          Letizia’s white trouser suit I believe from her engagement…? A top favorite.

          I could sing the praises of a trouser suit all day long. It’s almost never a wrong bet. And it’s puzzling to me why Kate chooses dresses. I get she likes her legs, but not the flashes should have told her right away that was wrong. Meanwhile a pair of trousers can make legs look straighter, slimmer, and a butt far more tone than it is. You can bend over and not flash the biscuit.

          It’s also functional when paired with a blazer as you don’t need your dress coat buttons to your chin when indoors. The outfit maintains with a matching blouse if needed to remove the blazer. I just don’t get it. Too many women think Ann is what women look like in pants suits.

          1. I am all about a good pantsuit. You can wear it separately or together. With the right tailoring and accessories, you can get many wears out of them and in many settings.

          2. I think Kate does not want to be photographed at events wearing trousers. She may surprise me and wear them. They can look so classy. Kate wants a certain mystiqie and lots of privacy. Layered secrecy surrounds this royal couple extending to non royal in.laws.

  21. 1. I enjoy whatever subject is posted on this page. I don’t think, KMR, you owe anyone anything.

    2. She stayed 35- 45 minutes. Wow. Her grooming took much longer, especially attaching that glaring wiglet. The curls at her age just slay me.

    3. Amazing how Annabel Hughes thought Dolittle was ‘brilliant’ with her kid. Astroturf much? I no longer believe any sparkly quotes about Dolittle given the mendacity of her PR team and royalist/Disney princess sycophants. She is a dud when it comes to the plebs, IMO.

    4. Given that EACH has opened *so* many thrift shops, this is not special. I am surprised someone gave her scissors.

    5. If she was actively involved, she would have gotten behind the counter to sell things. She would have done something stirring. She showed up for a photo op. She looks like she did her minimum bit and buggered off. I want to know what transport she used.

    6. I find the most distressing thing for me is all the people who kowtow to her. I am surprised they are not tugging their forelocks. Look at those smiley, deferent faces. How depressing, for this thumb-sucking nonentity.

    7. Lastly, given the multitude of open EACH thrift shops, how is her presence actually a help? I’m thinking photo op. Oh, wait, I already said that.

    8. It must be really true, per her engagement interview, that she doesn’t care what people think other than Workshy Willy. She shows up here without shame after the Irish Guard debacle. I find her attitude beyond offensive.

    1. I really wish that Kate had taken a few moments to say a few words about EACH or children’s hospice or even just about this little shop. While I appreciate all the great information KMR provides us about Kate’s various charities, it’s such a shame that she can’t be bothered to do the same. I’m not saying that she needs to make a big speech each time but a few sound bites or great quotes (ala Camilla) would go a long in way highlighting her causes.

  22. Oh, dear. If you look at the full-length picture of Kate getting out of the car, her knees look…possessed…like little cherub faces! Is it just me?!? It’s rather unnerving because now I can’t NOT see little faces on her knees.

    I actually rather like this coat, and even on Kate. At this wearing, it does appear much more wrinkled and ill-fitting, though. Rather short, but given how she “behaved” at Westminster Abbey the other day with an appropriately hemmed grey monstrosity, perhaps this is her snarky revenge – a solo outing in a very short dress and coat.

    1. Elizabeth, I had to go back and re-visit those photos and you are right! What is going on there? It does look like some cherubs landed on her knees. Is this a miracle? Some sign of better things to come from the Duchess? I doubt it, but really, had you not pointed this out, I would have totally missed the fun . Thanks for he heads – up, or knee alert, I should say.

  23. KMR……I’ve not been here visiting here for long but one of the things that drew me to this site was the writing of the other Royal ladies. I find Queen Letitia absolutely fascinating and I am learning about the other ladies from your site so please I urge you to carry on educating & entertaining. When all’s said and done if Kate pulled her finger out and did some work you might not have had to diversify. Since this was a Royal engagement ‘light’ I really do think given the weather some black cigarette pants might have been appropriate with the Missoni coat. Better than bare legs on a day that was 5 degrees, windy and raining. When she bent over to greet the lady in the wheelchair I really did fear for the crowd across the road who probably got a right eyeful of the Royal arse. I wonder whether we’ll see her going to Church next weekend with it being Easter?

  24. It’s Sport Relief on to tonight – Kate you love sport and this is the most amazing charity and hang on a minute they help Africans too….get involved, do something , turn up on the night, it’s sport, it helps the most needy in the UK , it helps the most needy in Africa, it’s fun, Its sport which you love. It’s a total no brainier to me GET INVOLVED. And yes sorry KMR I am shouting.

    1. Birdy,

      Oh, I wish she heard you. But I think she doesn’t care about anything but a luxurious lifestyle and convenience and getting a title for her family. I believe those are the only goals she has and she will use anyone, like Workshy Willy and her poor children, to achieve it. I believe that Carole is the Waity Whisperer.

    2. Birdy, you’re giving too many great ideas to the Cambridges’ camp. You forgot Kate is a full time mum but still manages to be ‘everywhere’ these days (which reporter said that for her – I don’t remember). Her days are simply all taken up!!

  25. Please don’t stop posting about the other European royals!!

    There are new pictures of the Monaco twins and also Madde released one of little Prins Nicolas on her facebook!

  26. Hmm, pros:
    Spoke to group of kids for a while, seemed to engage nicely with them
    Seemed relaxed (for her) in the shop from the photos, trying on the hat
    Buying something, pretty key for this event (and not clothes of shoes for herself, not that I dream she would ever buy second hand stuff for herself, even doubt she will give the bits she bought to the kids anyway)

    Too too short outfit
    Too high heels
    Weird coquettish should twitch thing when she got out of the car, what was that?!

    I’ve been thinking for a while that her and wills should focus on easy events like this, low key re subject matter, easy wins, short events, no one can complain about the theme, not controversial, etc. More of these would be so easy for them.

    Did I spot rebecca running on at the end of the video, what for? To try and get her to speak to the other people waiting?

    The coat definitely not fitting as well as it used to, and one of the old photos looks like she was wearing the same dress underneath, weird.

    And if she couldn’t manage time away from her kids yesterday for the soldiers, how come she can today??

    1. Also, in the photo with her and the two older ladies sorting hangers or something, they couldn’t look less interested in her! How funny.

      And KMR – definitely keep up the great work about the other royals, I love reading about them, they don’t feature in uk media much otherwise.

    2. Like your comments, MadCat. I second many of them.

      I did think that Kate was interacting better with people, but the length of the event was disappointing. As was the fact thht she didn’t bother to shake hands with those who waited outside in the rain to see her. Not classy, at all.

      KMR, I did like the hat, too. Wish she bought it. Thought her acting out when she tried it on was “it’s all about me,” though Couldn’t she be less conceited?

      I thought the little girl who gave the tour was so sweet. The lady in the gift shop was very thoughtful, it seemed, too.

      Agree that it would be nice for once to have Kate buy something for the kids and not say, “This is George’s favorite.” Or, Charlotte loves these. They’re just such pat comments, imo.

      The coat? Wrinkled and ill-fitted. I will give a nod for the color, though. A nice change from the usual black when visiting kids.

      And, just a word on William and his shamrock appearance the other day . I thought I would be all negative about him, but I thought it was a good appearance. He looked very nice and handled the event well, from what I read online. I give him a thumbs up.

      Maybe, they are trying. Of course, the next several weeks while preparing for their trip will be a void for anyone looking for W and K news. That’s why the things you write about other Royals, KMR. are so appreciated. Don’t ever second guess what you do. We keep coming back for a reason! We’re addicted to what you do!

      1. Thanks Jenny 🙂

        I agree about going to talk to the people waiting – what she said she gets teased about for taking so long doing?! Yet didn’t do at all as far as I can see.

        I once went to an event that Charles & Camilla came to, they got out of their car and the bodyguards/officials were escorting them into the building when they spotted all the people waiting outside. They both left the officials and went and spoke to the crowd. I really liked that. They did hold up the proceedings which made us mortals like them more. The official person nearest me was stressing though, their day was exactly timed for moving onto the next thing. But c&c didn’t care, just wanted to talk to people who’d waited in the cold to see them.

        It certainly gave them brownie points with everyone waiting and at the event itself.

        1. I’d totally use the royal card and be like “I want to talk to the crowds who took the time out of their day to come here. I’m the royal here, deal with it” But hey, that would be asking too much of Kate.

        2. I agree, MadCatLady. That showed a good deal of thoughtfulness that Charles and Camilla spent time with the waiting throng. Did you get to see them up close, or shake their hands? I imagine that would be such a treat to see them at close range!

          1. I did, it was very exiting and I was totally star struck!
            It was a theatre thing that a friend was involved in so I basically tagged along.
            They both really impressed me actually, speaking to the people waiting and it was freezing outside, and how at ease they were with people they met inside. I can’t say that I added anything to conversation tbh, it was mostly about kids on stage and whether his grandkids would enjoy acting in the future. But they both came across as interested and genuine. I was a bit of a camilla doubter before that day but I changed my mind after meeting her, however briefly.

          2. What a wonderful experience. Something to always remember quite fondly. I would love the chance to see Charles and Camilla up close. Of course, Harry, too!

            My mom has an amazing memory of being in NYC one day and walking on one of the avenues on the East Side. She said there were tons of people lining the streets and up the middle of the avenue came a convertible with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in it, waving to the crowds. She had no idea of what she was about to witness and says it truly was incredible to see them. She still talks about it, though she cannot remember why there were in the city, or how she ended up on that very street when she had not an inkling of a hint of what she was about to see.

  27. Honestly sometimes I don’t even care about Kate and I come here SOLELY for the other royals. How could you not be a sugar for those Swedes?? Plus, it stands to reason that reporting on other royals gives readers something to compare.

    1. I agree Brighton. The Swedes pull you in and they generally know how to dress and how to wear their bling. I loved Diana’s use of jewelry and real bling. Camilla pulls it off well, but clearly Kate doesn’t even respect the history and tradition of royal jewels. You have to force a tiara on her head. The Swedes seem like a real family and real royalty (for more than just clothing and jewels of course, but that just adds to the fun of watching them)

  28. Kate continues to be dull and lazy wearing dull and ill-fitting clothing. Her absence at St. Patrick’s Day was shameful but not surprising. Don’t think she’ll ever change.

    1. Honestly, her skipping this St. Patrick’s Day is the first time I was truly shocked and felt it was, yes, shameful. Just such blatant laziness.

      1. I truly do not understand the really bad decisions that W & K seem to be making, but obviously, if any advice is being offered, it is apparent they are doing whatever they want. I often wonder if Kate is just happy to follow or if she is champing at the bit to become her own person but her husband is intent on keeping her “in her place”. I guess we will never know.

        1. Let’s lay to rest the idea that Dolittle is ‘champing at the bit’ to do more/’be her own person’. Take a look at how engaged she is when she shows up at engagements, never mind the times she cancels at the last minute. Take a look at the decade before she became a duchess to come into her own and not be the mattress she was. When does she stop being the victim?

          1. I daresay it suits some people to see Kate as a victim; it would be a slap in the face of their support to discover she had feet of clay.
            I understand, though, the speculation from BostonBrahmin in an attempt to find some sort of logic for Kate’s awfulness. For people with a work ethic, honor and manners, it beggars belief that someone would behave so badly unless there was something seriously wrong. So everyone speculates. But in essence, Kate is exactly what Maven declares her to be.
            I too cringed when the ladies at the shop curtsied to her, and agree with other posters here that had Kate turned up with boxes of her used clothes, got behind the counter and cajoled people to buy, she would have garnered more attention and money for EACH.
            Personally, I would NOT allow my child to be dragged away from school to be used as a ‘rent-a-crowd’ prop. Nor would I be teaching my child that this woman was deserving of respect simply because of position or wealth. However, I would point out the women of EACH as generous citizens with the type of characters to aspire to.

          2. Kate seems pretty capable of sticking up for herself and she has family to back her up when needed. I don’t think Kate is a victim.

            Who has parents who interfere with a possible engagement and ‘rules’ for their involvement post marriage? I would never allow my parents to be involved in my personal life. People have said the Midds back up William, but I bet if anything serious happened between them, they would take their daughter’s side.

            I once read Kate made a statement that William should be lucky to date her and it isn’t the other way around. Kate stands up for herself and is full of herself all at the same time.

            Hasn’t Will done a good deal for Kate? The wedding had many things she wanted. Diana wasn’t allowed to have her friends as bridesmaids. Pippa was right there with Kate. The Middleton’s have been to more things with W&K than any previous in-laws of the royals. Didn’t Will have something to do with the purchase of their home? Will may do some of these things because he likes her parents, but much of it may be done because Kate wants it her way.

            I think her lack of work is because she has gotten her way. She has the prince, the title, the children (leverage in many situations), the country home, the KP apartment, the tennis court, financial help for her parents, her parents involvement…

            Why work? I think Kate is quite sly. She is good at getting what she wants and when she wants it. I think the reason we saw more of her the first year was because it was fun for her. Once she decided she was bored; she stopped.

            I once read Kate didn’t like being a duchess. She thought it sounded old and would rather have the princess title. Remember when William put the title of princess on the birth certificates? I think so many things are Kate’s idea. Right down to Diana’s engagement ring. It was NO surprise he proposed with that ring. I think it was the ring Kate wanted, asked for and got per her plan.

          3. G. +1
            Perfectly stated.
            She always stood as out as manipulative/sly.
            Playing the victim card worked for poor motherless lazy William and she uses it as well.
            I think her poor little me act is just that… A performance.

            Oh what a future for the British monarchy.

  29. The last pic of her with the man in the wheelchair is the most telling for me. She is doing everything to keep her distance. I want to smack her upside the head.

  30. KMR, just to let you know I appreciate your coverage of the other royals and look forward to the upcoming posts.
    My impression from the video of Kate was that this visit was carried off well. She seemed at ease and gentle with the children.

  31. “I’ve always wanted to learn how to put the price tags on. They’re a nightmare to try and get off,” she said. There you go guys, another priceless pearl from our future Queen.

      1. How the hell she graduated with Upper First honours I’ll never know. I think she didn’t really study Art History but has a certificate in finger painting and it’s been exaggerated when cleaning up her pre Willam history.

        1. She achieved an Upper First? I don’t believe it. Ever.

          Lies, lies and more lies. Just like Workshy Willy’s degree. Both whitewashed and bought.

        2. She got Second Class Honours, Division 1. Read Lovelolaheart for details about Kate’s study habits: http://lovelolaheart.com/?p=2549
          One of her teachers thought she’d plagiarised an essay but couldn’t prove it. I guess it was in the days before Turnitin existed. Was it Ellie here who had a professor who attended St Andrews at the same time as William and Kate? I recall his assessment was none too flattering.
          Yes, you can be assured that William was given an easy ride academically. NO university is going to fail a prince. It’s nice to believe that such institutions have high standards but, like life itself, there are different rules for different people.

      2. omg, what a comment. I don’t have time to go back and re-write my previous praise for her. Come on, Kate. Are you ever going to learn how to make sensible small talk? Geez.

      1. And yet if I’m honest I found there was more charm in today’s local outing that anything else she’s done. It was like a beauty / prom queen visiting their home town. Small potatoes but quite cute.

        1. Are we talking about Toddlers and Tiaras here?

          I can understand how you see this cuteness. I am sure most others out there do, too, and that’s what keeps her lauded.

          Yet, I don’t understand about the charm. What is the charm in these photos?

          1. Despite the usual wardrobe issues, she seemed more at ease and less manic than normal. I didn’t find her quite as irritating as when she’s on the world stage…..then I’m just embarrassed by her. The occasion just seemed to suit her limitations better, well until she spoke that is.

    1. Again, this displays a total lack of preparation. I’d imagine her team were fully briefed as to what this event would entail, not only for security purposes but to convey this information to her too, so why does she come across so clueless?

      As such a high profile figure, she must know that some people hang onto her every word so why not take advantage of the abovementioned briefings and prepare a few “emergency” talking points to fill awkward situations?

      And if she truly can’t be bothered to learn anything about her charities beforehand, she should at least memories a few generic questions that can be recycled every so often, deflect from her idiocy and ultimately give the charities an opportunity to punt themselves eg. tell me more about X, how many people are dependent on X charity’s support, how will the funds raised through this initiative help X charity better support these people, what’s the best way for people interested in contributing/volunteering to get involved etc. I think charity work is one of very instances where talking money is not considered vulgar – people want to know that their contributions are being used for good – and besides the very point of her being patron is to garner support, financial and otherwise, for the charity.

      I don’t even know what to make of this price tag comment. She really can’t really be this silly, can she? Is she dumbing herself down to sell this “young, thin and flirty girl” persona she’s so intent on? Is this her trying not be controversial or cause offense?

      Her and William desperately need media training and lessons on how to interact with people. Forget the grey men, they honestly need a dating coach to help them with everything from posture and body language to picking up subtle clues from others and the art of small talk.

      Despite what he thinks of himself, William is certainly not the brightest crayon in the box either. I’m curious as to what they’ve managed to talk about for 15 years.

      1. ‘the “young, thin and flirty girl” persona she’s so intent on’
        Very observant Em. I think Kate is still trying to channel her 20’s and the heady days early in the marriage when she and William held peoples’ hopes and goodwill. Those days are well past but I think she is still trying to evoke it, plus not accepting that her 20’s were frittered away.

    2. Once again the fact that she’s never worked a real job in her life shows just how inept she is about things. And considering how much she shops you’d think she’d be an expert at getting any kind of price tag off. They should’ve pulled her behind the counter, given her the pricing gun and showed her how it’s done.

    3. When you put the price tags on you use a gun and it has to be the right tag because it is coded accordingly. It is quite hard to do because if you don’t do it probably the tag falls off. Did Kate do some tagging?

      I am pleased that Kate brought the Beatrix Potter figurine. I hope Charlotte got it and it isn’t sitting on her dresser. It was good that George got a book but he could have come and chosen it and been able to interact with the public. Estelle has been doing it for a while and she is older.

      1. I work retail and putting a price tag on isn’t that complicated if you’ve been trained to read the tags and how to use the gun. It would be probably be complicated for Kate considering the comments and dazed looks she gets when she’s just trying to figure out where to stand. The gun does have a very sharp tip (to go through however any layers of fabric, etc.) so I’m sure Kate would have been sporting numerous bandages had she ever attempted to work with one. I can’t figure out why we see her with them as often as we do now. George or Charlotte taking a chunk out of a finger when they were teething?

        1. I have little nicks and bruises all over my fingers…..have done ever since I got a dog. Boisterous play with balls and ropes is usually the culprit.

  32. Do you think she really gave a used toy to George?
    I live for Charity shops in the UK, I gotten cashmere sweaters for 2 pounds, that are made in Scotland.
    If you ever get to UK find a charity shop close to you.
    You will not be sorry:):):)

    1. No, she did not give George a used toy. It’s in a trash bin. Good point.

      I am sure George would want to work there, though. Probably to get first dibs.

      1. No no no Maven George is going to be Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, a helicopter pilot….oh actually Kate he is going to be King , Head of State of a small island with an economy that far exceeds our physical size ( top 10 in the world). But perhaps I shouldn’t stress, Harry and Rhiannon’s children will inherit. Oh if only it were so easy. Rhiannon would read KMR to know where she got it right or wrong, we could even pre vet outfits……ok I’m dreaming now.

  33. KMR- I love your coverage of other royals and find it a wonderful variation; hard working royal women, perfectly dressed for the occasion and sincerley interested in their work. It must be refreshing for you too as Kate has become beyond frustrating!

  34. Someone posted a comment a long way down this thread(sorry I cant remember who it was) about the little girl in the pink shoes and how she looked ill. KMR mentioned in her post that she had Dravets syndrome. My 5 year old great grandson has this terrible syndrome. There is no cure for it. It is controlled by epilepsy drugs. It’s heartbreaking for the child and all the family. I could have cried when I saw this brave little girl. I’m sure Waity has never even heard of this condition.

    1. Thank you Matty I’ve just googled it. It must indeed be heartbreaking for all your family. I agree Kate wouldn’t have a clue.

      1. Thank you Birdy for your kind words.Our poor boy was diagnosed before he was 1 year old. He was 5 in February. My grandaughter copes really well with his illness but of course it never goes away.

        1. Matty, I wish you and your family the strength and courage to deal with this illness.
          You’re blessed to have great grandchildren.

          1. Thank you Elina your kind words mean a lot. I wouldn’t normally have mentioned Our Boy but the Waity visit to the shop, and seeeing the little girl compelled me to mention him .It’s a terrible condition. Our boy has ended up in hospital again this week after suffering 2 very bad epiletic fits. I have 6 greatgrand children and 3 step greatgrand children,

          2. Matty, I also wish you and your family the best as you cope with such a serious illness. I so hope that medical research will find a cure and help your little grandson and all children affected by this.
            I agree with you, Kate probably did not have a clue as to what this condition is or how serious for the little girl she met.

            I so wish someone would take the time to do more research for these appearances. I wish that W and K were more open to learning as much as t hey could about the places they visit. And, the lives that are impacted by organizations they go to.

            Anytime a beloved child is hurting, their families hurt, too. I so wish you and your loved ones the best as you deal with this difficult health issue.

    2. I noticed that sweet little girl right away. There was something so sweet about her. I wish you and your family much strength. He is lucky to have such a kind, caring, and loving great grandmother.

    3. Matty, that is cruel. I know there is no way this heals, but I pray there will be some medical progress to ease it, I’m thinking Cannabidiol, which has been beneficial in cases of seizures.

      Hugs to the parents of your grandson, too, who are managing the illness without having an army of nurses and nannies at their disposal.

    4. Matty. I wish your grandchild and your entire family well.
      You are so right. Kate, probably never heard about this condition. I think the prepping of William and Kate for their events is so lacking. But, that is their “young” and seemingly thoughtless staff’s problem. As well as W and K’s pure laziness.

    5. I am sure having a grandchild with medical issues weighs heavy on your heart. The rest of your heart must be full of love and pride for him and your daughter. I am glad you shared this with us. I am sending hugs and prayers your way.

  35. I think I solved the jacket problem. They have moved the buttons because she’s lost so much weight. They moved the buttons in, thus the gaping. She’s done that on jackets before.

    Aside from not passing out shamrocks, I thought she did great here. I actually like her when she’s not tied to William. The smiles seemed so genuine! Not big toothy grins, but real smiles. I thought she looked so cute in the fedora, too.

    I was wondering also about not meeting the crowd. But all that’s going on in the world, perhaps they have been instructed not to do meet and greets. That makes sense to me.

    And I love everything you cover.

  36. Thanks for a great post KMR!! I did watch the video of Kate and the little girl and thought that Kate interacted with her very well, asking questions, pointing out features of the silver purse, etc. For me it was one of the first videos I’ve seen of Kate where I could hear what she was saying, I have the volume turned all the way up on my computer but it always comes out as a whisper. Weird.

    Please don’t listen to anyone who criticizes your coverage of other royal women. These wonderful women are such an inspiration and it would be a bit duller world if we no longer had a place to come to and find out all that they are doing. If anyone criticizes that, well there are plenty of Kate-only sites for them to enjoy. Frankly, I wonder how anyone could only cover Kate, she just doesn’t do enough to support a site dedicated simply to her.

    1. Kate doesn’t speak very loud, either. I’ve heard people who have met her have a difficult time understanding her, probably speaking at a whisper to facilitate that fake accent.

      Why would people criticize KMR for featuring other royals? They show Kate how it’s done, man! Look at Maxima, Letizia, Victoria… Fabulous.

      1. I agree with what you said Lauri and Ellie 100%. I love hearing about the other royals and lets face it, there would be crickets chirping in here if we just went on Kate’s appearances.

        You do a fantastic job KMR, and I and a lot of other people appreciate all of the hard work you put in.

  37. KMR – I’ve been following your blog for a while, but this is my first time commenting. Thanks for your hard work on putting these posts together.

    It’s crazy that Kate still managed to crotch-clutch even while cutting the ribbon. That just looks so awkward. I also can’t imagine going into my closet and seeing as many nearly-identical navy blue accessories as she must have.

    1. Sweet parts to the video. Kate’s accent is horrendous. Sounds even more clipped and fake than engagement. At least to me. We have all heard Piippa speak. I love her accent. Kate should be proud of where she came from. This fake accent is like marbles in the mouth.

      You can see the breakage of hair on top of head. You see that with bleached blondes- which Kate is not. So probably from hair extensions.

      I wish she’d just be more natural. That accent is grating. As much as I try to take up for her, this is obnoxious.

    2. Kate can barely speak with that affected accent and the way she contorts her mouth. It’s almost closed when she speaks. How ridiculous. I can barely understand her. Nobody cares if you spoke with your natural accent, just make yourself able to communicate, girl!

      Of course, all she talks about is Charlotte. Shocker.

      1. With this affected accent she wants to point out that she is a royal now and more sophisticated than simple commoners.

        1. With the exception being that she cannot hide her lack of sophistication and the best she can do is pretend. simple commoners could handle her position with more grace and elegance. It is amusing at times watching her pretend when it doesn’t grate on my last nerve!

    3. She is so hard to understand. And she does not look comfortable at all! I can’t believe she hasn’t improved but is actually worse. BTW, this looks like it was filmed the same time she filmed the video for her charity. Same outfit at least. It wouldn’t surprise me that she filmed both the same day. God forbid she ‘work’ two days! 🙂

      On a positive note-we FINALLY get to see the whole ice blue dress that she has worn twice for state banquets. It actually looks very nice, except for the puffed up sleeves. I actually think an elbow length sleeves would have looked much nicer! Or just a straight small sleeve. The puffed cap sleeve looks a bit juvenile.

      Thanks for link!!!

    4. It’s so difficult to understand Kate! It really does sound like she’s got marbles in her mouth and (though it might just be me) I heard a snooty tone in Kate’s voice at one point. Also, her sentences don’t flow/make sense. Why talk about Charlotte so much? Also, this video clip didn’t mention the teasing she supposedly receives from the other royals.

      I hope to watch the special and hear the rest of the royals speak because at least you can understand them; I especially like the sound Princess Beatrice’s voice.

      1. She also said the HM was one of the first people to visit Charlotte at KP after she was born. Meaning after Carole and Pippa went first. Really?!? She had to dig that up for HM’s 90th celebration? Clueless and utterly self-absorbed. I am sure there are sweet stories ‘re HM and the kids.

        1. Reilly, I raised my eyebrow at that part too thinking, “Oh really? You mean *after* your mom and sister butted in?” **rolls eyes**

          1. It is like she just doesn’t think when she speaks. The public was not happy about the breach of protocol either. Perhaps her talking points should have been, look I got away with all of this and I am still here.

      2. Kate had her jaws wired shut! Seriously? She sounds so fake. I bet the rest of the BRF have many things to “tease” Kate about behind her back.

    1. This dress looks better than the red she wore at China’s state banquet. The lace on the bodice is nice and the high waist becomes her because it gives her better proportions. But I agree with Overit that the sleeves are too girlish looking.
      And doesn’t Diana’s tiara look too big and bulky on her? The size of the Lotus flower tiara I think suits her better.
      Thank you for the pic, Candice and for the video, Cookie.

      1. I actually like the atructual detail of the top of the sleeves – I don’t think they look girlish since they aren’t a simple put but rather looks like to have some sort of geometric folding going on. They also add a little touch of originality and definition to the overall silhouette. Sarah Burton has great technical skill and this little detail put her mark on the dress as the designer. I like this dress, it is much better than many of her other formal dresses.

      2. I didn’t realize the lace went over the sleeves. I thought the sleeves where the same fabric as the skirt. I would have liked that. The lace on the sleeves looks bad. I still like the rest of the dress. From the side, the puffy sleeves look better, but when you see the video the sleeves standout so much. I still think they look juvenile and not sophisticated at all. The idea of the folds is nice, maybe on another dress they would look better. But there is too much going on up top with this dress.

    2. Thank you!

      I’ve wanted for so long to see how this dress looked like. She has now worned it twice.
      I don’t like it at all. It gives this strange girlish and 80’s wibe.

      This was probably a bespoke Mcqueen dress, but she again managed to make the dress appear really cheap. She has an uncanny ability to make expensive clothes look cheap.
      This looks like those cheap internet shop dresses you get for less than 50 euros.

      1. I respectfully have to disagree on the dress. I think it is beautiful and it does look like the piece couture it is! You have to look at all the well-crafted little details. The proportions are also harmonious and the silhouette really suits Kate’s bodytype.

        1. @arthistorian. I appreciate your comments and I do like how the skirt of the dress fits her as well as the waistline. I just cannot get past the lace. It just screams pre-teen/teenager to me. Then again, I am not generally a fan of lace when it overwhelms the dress on top. I am no fashionista though.

          PS – mom picked out my prom dress and I hated that too!

          1. I too like this dress AH, as I said upthread. Especially the neckline and the overall silhouette. Not very fond of the sleeves though.

          2. I must be the only one that likes those sleeves. They are the little detail that really differentiates the dress from many other lace numbers. There’s a geometric, structual quality to those folded sleeves that I really like – they are very “couture”, the detail that elevates thes dress from a nice bespoke gown to couture.

    3. I’m of two minds about this dress. On one hand I totally agree with ArtHistorian, the details in this dress are stunning and the McQueen craftsmanship really sets it apart. On the other hand, I don’t know what it is but somehow these beautiful gowns can end up looking girlish and almost, dare I say it, boarding on silly on the Duchess. Again, I believe this is where her demeanor and posture play a large part in how clothes look on her.

      1. I like this dress, wish we could see more photos of it to be sure.

        And in the interest of positivity I think she is wearing the tiara better than some ladies I’ve seen with tiaras recently – forgotten her name the one with the middle parting, Sofia maybe? I like how she has her hair to suit holding the tiara in place.

        Thought I’d better post something positive while it occurred to me as it doesn’t happen often!

    4. I like this for the couture piece it is and on the whole I love Sarah Burton’s work at Alexander McQueen but didn’t she wear this two years running to the same diplomatic reception? That seems a very amateur mistake. I thought the Royal ladies’s dressers catalogued their clothes so as NOT to wear the same dress on the same occasion. I know Kate doesn’t have a dresser as such more an assistant but this seems a very simple mistake to avoid. If I remember rightly on the night of this engagement her and Prince Petulant looked like they had had a filthy row. The only pictures we’ve seen to date was the car journey to BP and they looked as miserable as I have ever seen them look together.

    5. For me the gown appears to be a fundamentally beautiful piece.However the sweetheart neckline of the underlay detracts from its appeal.The sweetheart neckline is my least favourite neckline.

  38. I think the coat is so ill fitting because she is pregnant. And…Look at her knees! They look like baby faces.

  39. I always read your blog and I love you write about the other royal families as well. Then, if I’ m not interested in a princess/ prince/ queen and so on, I don’ t read. So keep on writing! Thisis one of the best blog ever!

  40. Several other Kate sites pointed out that Kate’s hair appeared to be freshly colored and that’s what she was doing on Thursday, not spending time with the kiddies. Has anyone here noticed that? I don’t really see it, but then unless there is a dramatic change I’m pretty blind to that sort of stuff.

    1. It looked lighter and with redder tones and streaks. She also looks like she’s had some Botox as the lines in her forehead are much lighter. Looks like she’s getting ready for her trip. Or she saw that picture of her and William getting out of the car and freaked out.

      1. I agree Lisa. There are no lines on her forehead even in the sun. I wondered on Mon if that was the reason for wearing that hat so low on her head – either covering the lines or waiting for the boots to kick in. It is sad that she leaves us with superficial things to comment about, but she gives us so little substance or blunders we respond in kind.

        As an aside, I wish she would experiment with lipstick color. Her sheer nude barely there colors wash her out.

        1. If you google kate and botox, there is an article from OK mag about how she is in serious need of in injections. The pics there are dreadful. Sorry. I am useless with technology or I would try to paste it.

    1. From Berkshire to Buckingham is a pass for me. I do not agree with Jane on many things. Now, Love Lola is more my taste and KMR.

    2. I read it and she lost me where she says that because Will is not senior royal he isn’t expected to work as much as the queen.
      I would like them to explain to me why Anne, Andrew, Edward, Sophie, Duke of Gloucester etc work several times more than William, altough they are much lower in the succesion line.

      1. Larissa, that is where that argument always falls down. They are the third couple of the land and taking massive senior royal perks. They are senior royals but refuse to do the work of senior royals. If they don’t want to do the job, they need to give back all the perks, William’s line should be removed from the succession, and they can go live at her mummy’s house.

    3. Jane is obsessed with Kate and only allows worshiping comments on her site. No work comments either (which says a lot). I won’t read that article and would take anything she says with a grain of salt. I used to read her site awhile ago, and she does write well, but with a stalker feeling to it. She puts Kate on a pedestal, so it is a bit nauseating.

      1. My thoughts exactly. I used to read her posts. But it seemed like every new post was “And this is my new fave thing Kate did… blah blah blah.” I find Jane’s writing to be vomit inducing. The only other Kate blog I read is Duchess Kate. Even then, I stay far away from the comments section. I think I’ve found my place here.

        1. I like Duchess Kate blog as well Miss K, though I agree, you have to stay away from the comments. There are some die-hard Kate fans on there that just take it so personally when you don’t worship Kate. It’s like they want to believe she is perfect and not human. I actually kind of feel sorry for those fans and people like Jane who are so scarily obsessed. I think if they were ever to meet Kate she would be freaked out and just walk away laughing about how crazy obsessed they are. I like Kate, but realize she is human. I also think it is unhealthy to put anyone on a pedestal. I am with you about this place. It is much more well balanced 🙂

    4. FBTB is the blog where I finally got thoroughly amd completely fed up with the moderator and commentors posting sugary nothingness about Kate. Some of Jane’s blog posts are amazingly well-written with great phitos and information, but the comment base tends to be OTT adulation for Kate doing absolutely nothing. I did notice on some of Jane’s most recent articles that the tide of the comments seems to be turning again, probably prompting this most recent blogpost. I rarely visit that site anymore. The people on this site and Lola LoveHeart’s site tend to comment closer in the spectrum to how I feel, with intelligent arguments on either side of where my opinions fall.

    1. This is KMRs blog she chooses what to cover and we enjoy it. Many subjects in addition including her non appearance at the event you mention are discussed in the comments. We highly respect KMR and she has many long standing commenters as well as new ones joining, and I for one don’t appreciate your perceived tone. Anyone else back me up on this please?

      1. Hard to know for sure but the tone does seem negative and not sure what Name* is trying to get at?
        Her no show was discussed at length in the comments, it was mentioned I think in the article that was titled about Harry’s trip to Nepal I think?

        1. +100. Many of us have expressed our disgust at her indefensible decision to not attend that event, imho. KMR has allowed us to hijack threads to voice our anger so asking her to do a separate post seems unfair considering the amount KMR does. A post that would further inflame the comments does not seem like KMRs style

      2. I’ll back you up. If Name* meant something different she/he can elaborate on the initial comment.

        If it is another ‘dive bomber’ trying to stir up trouble… We have learned what to do in this situation.

      3. I’ll back you up! Unless I’m misinterpreting this, Name seemed to come screaming out of left field with total irrelevance. St Patty’s Day was discussed ad nauseum in one of the comment sections. Why rehash it now?

      4. +1 million. KMR does an awesome job and keeps up with the Cambs appropriately. She can’t help that they are lazy. She has well written and detailed posts that all of us enjoy. I would say that your criticism lies elsewhere and not here.

      5. Count me in Birdy.
        As others have said, Kate’s no-show at the St Patrick’s Day has been well-discussed here, if you care to go back and read the comments. It is KMR’s decision as to what she will cover.

    2. No name, maybe you could read the comments on the other threads and then you will realise that this has been discussed.

    3. I already mentioned it when KP announced she wasn’t going. And we already had many conversations about it in the comments on the article in which I mentioned she was skipping that event. There was no reason to rehash everything for a whole separate article a week later. There was nothing new to add to the conversation.

  41. Wait til you see the gift that keeps on giving in her second TV interview re. her Majesty’s 90th Birthday tribute. You guys are going to have a field day. Blue suit….Check. Girly affected ramblings…..Check. Pseudo posh voice…..Check. Apparently, according to the Royal Family, she does too much talking at Royal Engagements.

    1. What a boldfaced lie.
      If anyone actually shows up, she typically ignores them. NoMane N Tail avoided people at Christmas because it was raining. They really live in their own bubble of delusions where the plebs automatically love them because they are super posh.

      She has some nerve showing her face in this documentary celebrating the Queen’s 90th when she is such an awful duchess and representitive of the UK.

        1. I read her comments after KMR posted the article on her FB Page. I am still laughing from it. She says that she is teased by the other royals for how much talking she does at engagements ROFLOL. That alone made my day.

          She THINKS that HM was the first person to visit Charlotte when they got home from the hospital. I had a C Section, traumatic time (with other problems after the bird) was on fantastic pain killers when I got home, and I can still remember as clear as day who the first visitors were to my little girl when we got home. I am pretty sure if HM showed up to visit, I would remember it.

          I am going to record this when it comes on in Australia and sit up with my popcorn. Whenever I am feeling down, I am going to sit down and watch it to give me a good laugh.

          1. Tanya S – she could technically be talking too much during royal engagements. Harry, can I have your program, I am lost. William, you are not looking at me accordingly. How much longer do I have to be here? She just may not realize she is saying any of that out loud . . .

          2. I hate to say it but I think this is the best we will ever see from Kate. I’ve come to the conclusion that she is too self absorbed to manage anything else

  42. I have been out for most of the day and have just caught up with all the comments posted since my post earlier today. I just want to say a big thank you to all you lovely people who have sent me and my family kind thoughts and prayers after I mentioned that my greatgrandson had Dravets Syndrome.I have to admit that I shed a little tear , you are all so kind and caring. It means a lot.

    1. I read your heartfelt comments above and wished to extend my thoughts and prayers to your grandson and family as well.

    2. Many people on here have all sorts of issues and problems and this is a really kind and supportive cyber community. Hope you enjoy being part of it. You will be amazed at the subjects we cover!

      1. Matty, we will continue to support you. Prayers and hugs to you and your family. I wish that things turn around in a favorable way. Perhaps, research is ongoing and can come up with help and answers for your little grandson . I hope that is the case.

  43. http://symphonyofawesomeness.tumblr.com/image/38617972510

    Someone needs to show Kate this picture. I’m big into fitess and staying fit and all that. I love lifting weights, pilates, swimming, soccer, basketball… I’m a very athletic person and super proud of it. I’ve been the same weight for a few years, but my body fat percentage has changed significantly over the years and as a result, my body doesn’t look the same. And guess what? My clothes don’t fit the same either!

    Since Kate is supposedly also very into being fit, you’d think she’d understand this. It’s pretty basic fit knowledge. I just don’t get it. Seeing how she lit up at the tennis event, I thought she might actually have a real interest in it. There’a so much that can be done with sports. But the fact that she doesn’t understand the simlest concept about weightloss/fitness, it makes me wonder. Does she not realize that she’ll look a million times better with proper fitting clothes? She needs to get over her pride! I’d take wearing a bigger size and not looking like a stuffed sausage over forcing my way into pre-whatever size (in her case pre-pregnancy. I’ve never been pregnant) any day!

    1. Numerous articles have commented that her hair appeared to have been freshly coloured between the Commonwealth service at the Abbey and Friday when she made her visit to EACH. It would seem that she didn’t go to the Irish Guards ceremony and had her hair coloured instead. Somehow I can’t see her hanging over the bath at Amner rinsing her own colour off. Let them each cake!

  44. I also wonder about what is going on behind closed doors. I did think Princess Anne may have been unhappy with Kate although she would possibly show it in different ways than I would. I wonder what conversations went on at home?

    The video of the Queens 90th that shows Kate speaking of how wonderful the Queen is to her made me feel she was trying to think of something to say, as if she was saying what she thought would sound good rather than what the reality was. I mention it as Kate does not seem to spend much time with the Windsors so I felt she was making her comments sound as if they are more involved than they really are.
    I know the men would have liked Kate to hand out the Shamrocks and I know they said she had something on the next day but I do wonder if she is going through something they want to keep quiet. 35 minutes is obviously a short period of time for the people who turned up to see her so why rush her in then out. Unless she is expecting which explains the coat.

    KMR I do enjoy your blog, you don’t have a lot to work with so kudos to you for managing as you do.

  45. I have a question everyone. Did William and Kate get rid of their dog? I haven’t seen Lupo in about two years. They keep saying how hyper George is do it makes me wonder if maybe they got rid of him so that George wouldn’t hurt him or something. My dogs are family to me. I’m not married with kids yet but I am sure I would include my dogs in family pictures if I was. I know they couldn’t bring Lupo skiing, obviously, but why didn’t they include him in that picture outside their house? The one that was their Christmas photo. I’m assuming they were home at the time so if that was their house and they still had Lupo he would have been included, right? As a dog lover im a little ticked off if they have given their dog away. Dogs are a life long commitment.

    1. I don’t know for sure but I don’t think Lupo has been seen with them since that Mother’s Day photo in March 2014. The last couple times I think that we’ve seen Lupo he was with James. The photographer claimed Lupo was running around in the yard when they were taking the Christmas photo, but we didn’t see him to confirm.

      1. Thank you for replying! If Lupo was running around I don’t know why William wouldn’t just grab him and hold him for the photo. But maybe that’s just me.

        1. I know right. If the dog is there, just grab it for the photo real quick. Before my dog died, I would have never left her out of family photos. I was even that person who paid for professional portraits of my dog.

  46. Oh, I meant to add that I had heard that Kate wanted another child and Willian does not. True or not my thoughts are that if she is expecting they may not be able to cancel this trip due to the serious nature of it and perhaps that is why she is being given some leeway. If she is ill it would make some sense that she rests up .
    Historically Diana had her moments that they managed to keep it quiet at the time . Just my thoughts as to why she is keeping a low profile. I don’t know if the court would be as flexible this time around and they wouldn’t have known she was expecting when they organised this visit to India and Bhutan.

    1. “where they see an entitlement to privacy, the public see a rich, increasingly spoiled couple growing surprisingly distant.”

      So true and I am glad someone wrote this piece. It is very harsh on them and makes a point of how lame her ‘excuse’ was for not handing out shamrocks. Plus, I am glad to see the video released of Kate for the Queen’s birthday didn’t deter the public from commenting on her lack of work. I am sure the video was supposed to make the public happy again about Kate, but I don’t think it worked this time.

    2. This is particularly interesting because the author is or used to be for years the editor of Majesty magazine and she is the one who is always called on in writing and on chat shows to praise and defend any Royal in trouble. Throughout the nineties she was always on to praising Charles and very often criticising Diana, who was no longer Royal! For Ingrid Seward to be so openly critical is something quite new. Royals take note: if there is a problem with health or the marriage be a little honest , and assuming it is simple sheer laziness and inability to understand a four letter word (DUTY) then give them both a kick up the you know what.
      Anmer should be a weekend retreat, these two should be in London working Monday to Friday – There are amazing nurseries and schools in London, filled with equally privileged and much more wealthy kids, security will be very tight and he would mix with ‘the right sort of people’ to share play dates with.

  47. Speaking of Royal accents I found this of Beatrice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lxhcSVWFoE

    Her accent is perfectly clear to understand. Her Majesty also has a voice that is easy to understand. As does Charles at times.

    Not sure who Kate is trying to be, but none of the Royals speak in her fake accent. Although Bill does speak at times with the marbles as well.

    The York girls seem very sweet in their own right. Vacations and all. It’s a shame that higher powers are trying to squash and silence them. They are Her Majesty’s granddaughters after all. Could be because Charles doesn’t get on well with Andrew. Articles have always pointed to Andrew being a soft spot and favorite of HM.

    I’d hate to be a part of this family. Just think about it, if you were Beatrice or Eugenie, someone in your family could possibly be plotting to have your names soiled. It’s so sordid. On one hand the kids all of the same grandmother, but on the other, it’s all about Charles and William.

    1. Thank you for posting that link ccoop. She speaks very well. Not a lot of hesitations, mumbling or making comments that really don’t have anything to do with the moment.

      And I love the little house. Imagine getting to play in it.

  48. Does she not spend enough time with her kids as it is? I see it as just another excuse to dodge work. I’d believe her stay at home mum schtick if they got rid of the full time nannies and just had one on standby for when they are performing duties. Her coat is okay, I feel pretty meh about it. Its just Kate in yet another coat. That little girl that led her around the shop has more charisma and charm than Kate will ever have. What a little star! Super adorable. Kate just struck me as being in manic grin mode and I just don’t think she is good with kids. It seems forced. I don’t know why they are pushing for her to work with children’s charities, other than hoping to use the “aw” factor of the kids to make Kate look better. She just doesn’t have a natural rapport with anyone other than sports figures. She obviously loves meeting celebrities, but turns into an embarrassing fangirl when she meets them. The palace should just give up on attempting to build a charitable, kid loving image and just be honest. She doesn’t want to “work” unless she gets to watch sports, meet sports celebrities or meet Hollywood celebrities. Everything else she does is just forced and terribly awkward. She is a spoiled stay at home mum, who barely “works” and has two nannies and a full household staff. They just need to be honest about it and stop insulting the peoples’ intelligence.

    1. Cutting ribbons doesn’t need much preparation or intelligence. Children don’t expect smart conversation. To the little girl who showed her around in the shop she suggested to look inside a bag. What did she expect was inside there, jewels, a frog ? She just said something to look involved.

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