Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip name their son Prince Alexander

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip name their son Prince Alexander

King Carl XVI Gustaf held a cabinet meeting yesterday morning, April 21, also attended by Crown Princess Victoria, at which he revealed the name of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia‘s son: Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil.

King and Victoria cabinet meeting name reveal

The baby’s full name and title:

His Royal Highness Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, Duke of Södermanland.

I love the name Alexander.

Södermanland is a county in the southern region of Sweden. The provincial flower is white water lily and provincial animal is the osprey. Södermanland has had several dukes over the years including Oscar I (1799-1859) and Prince Wilhelm (1884-1965).

The witness acknowledgment took place ahead of the cabinet meeting at Drottningholm Palace. Speaker Urban Ahlin, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Marshal of the Realm Svante Lindqvist, statsfru Anna Hamilton, Chief Sophia Brismar Wendel, and midwife Anna Ståhl were witnesses.

The family released messages:

    King and Queen: “We are pleased for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s sake and happy about becoming grandparents. We wish the new parents a nice time in peace and quiet with their son.”
    Victoria and Daniel: “We wish Carl Philip and Sofia a wonderful first time with their newborn son, and rejoice with the new parents.”
    Madeleine and Christ O’Neill: “It is a great pleasure to welcome a new family member and we congratulate Carl Philip and Sofia on becoming parents.”
    Marie and Erik Hellqvist (Sofia’s parents): “We feel great joy today when Prince Carl Philip and our daughter Sofia had their first child. It is a long-awaited grandson and we are both very proud and happy. We wish them the best of luck with the new family member and we will support and help as grandparents.”
    Lina Hellqvist and Sara Hellqvist (Sofia’s sisters): “It is with great joy and love we welcome a new little family member. We have been looking forward to become aunts and it will be exciting to get to know our sister’s children. We wish the expectant family all the best!”

In addition to the above message, Princess Madeleine wrote on her Facebook page: “We are so happy for Sofia and Carl Philip and for our new family member! Leonore and Nicolas are thrilled to have a third cousin and we can’t wait to see him!”

The Prince couple and their new son went home from the hospital two days ago.

The Te Deum will take place today. We should get a photo of the baby sometime soon, maybe Monday.

Princess Sofia leaves the hospital

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34 thoughts on “Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip name their son Prince Alexander

  1. Congratulations on the little bundle of joy! And thank you once again KMR for bringing us all the updates! The dedication and hard work put into this blog is simply astounding!

    And how amazing and glowing does Sofia look??? She doesn’t even need the thick slap of makeup! D’you know if this is counted as an engagement? In Sweden, are royal births celebrated as grand as the British? With photographers camping outside the hospital etc?

  2. Both neo-parents look thrilled. Sofia is glowing, I love how down to earth and ‘normal’ the SRF are compared to the BRF. Can’t wait to see photos of little Alexander.

  3. Alexander is a wonderful name. Can’t remember if the cousins, boys or girls had four names too.
    Sofia and CP are so natural and happy, I love that. Can’t wait for pictures of the Te Deum and also from the newborn.
    The wee soft animal toy next to the baby’s head, how cute!

    Thank you KMR for putting so much work to this site.

  4. Congratulations again to Sofia and Carl Phillip. I like the name Alexander too and the name Eric as it is my dad’s name. I realize it is a different spelling though. Sofia is glowing and both of them seem happy along with their families. Thank you for the updates KMR, and have a good weekend.

  5. What a lovely picture. I love that thr SRF does this. Sofia has never looked so beautiful. I cannot wait for the baptism.

    Fyi, it was announced that the ceremony was delayed so that the Queen could be in attendance.

    Thank you, KMR, for your constant and consistent coverage!

  6. Little bit biased here as I have an Alexander of my own but great name! Great to have you back too KMR, when I read your Facebook post that you would be off line for a long time, I was worried about suffering withdrawal symptons!!

  7. Well not getting any posts none…since server shut down. Not even an email letting me know of this post.

    I really like the name Alexander. Looking forward to christening and more photos of the new Prince Alexander.

    1. I didn’t get the usual emails on my gmail account I get when I post an article, but I did get one on my yahoo account I use for testing. So I need to look into why that’s happening. I had to get a whole new server and database and install a backup of all my files in order to fix my problem, so there may be kinks. I’m still looking into everything. Let me know if you experience any other problems.

      1. KMR, I was hoping the week after the W&K tour would be less hectic for you. Hope everything is fixed and you get the break you deserve.

      2. I’ve had problems with my laptop this week and had a nervous evening doing a backup onto my external hard drive, which I don’t do as often as I should. You got everything up and running again very quickly!
        Thanks again for all your hard work KMR!
        And I like it that the srf don’t need the hairdresser and stylist and three ring circus that Kate seems to need.

  8. Welcome to the human race Alexander!!! CP and Sofia look absolutely over the moon and a bit tired 🙂 I’m a bit jealous of Silvia, all these new grandbabies to coo over, she must be in heaven.

  9. Glad you got everything fixed KMR– we’d miss the bright spot your blog is. Thanks for the great update. Love the name Alexander and how naturally happy Sofia and Carl Philip look. They have that “wow!” look new parents often do.

  10. I love SRF, so I really want to love the little prince’s name but… I’m not that excited. There’s nothing wrong with the names but for some reason it doesn’t sound as good as for example Prince Oscars whole name.
    Princess Estelle’s whole name sounds a bit strange too in the same way but luckily Estelle is a really beautiful name and Alexander is a really nice name too, so perhaps it doesn’t matter what the rest of the name is.

  11. Oh, such happy news! Sophia and Carl Philip must be ecstatic. And, how very “normal” they look as they take their precious boy home! (Note to W & K: Want the more ‘normal’ life? Try taking a few tips from the Swedish Royals). Both new mom and dad have that look of euphoria coupled with the aftermath of the amazing and painful moments associated with childbirth. The good sure outweighs the hard time, though!!

    Welcome to this great bit world, Baby Alexander Erik (love your name). May it always be a healthy, happy, safe place for you!

    Loved all the thoughtful words of the relatives. Another child to love! How awesome!

    KMR, you keep on trucking, don’t you? Despite your issues with the server. We are grateful for all your hard work. Thanks for staying on top of things.

  12. I wonder if we’ll learn more about the toy the baby has? Not everything has to have royal history but since it’s visible it has become a part of history.

  13. Wonderful news and congratulations to Carl Philip and Sofia; that is a gorgeous photo of them with the new Prince Alexander, very natural and happy! thank you KMR

  14. 1.) Sofia looks FANTASTIC and should go “natural” more often!

    2.) I LOVE the name Alexander and I’m sure they’re already calling him “Alex” 😉

    3.) I bet Nicolas, Oscar, and Alex will become BFFs within the next year or two just like Estelle and Lenore have become so close so fast.

    4.) I love how this family is so close and genuinely both love and like one another. So refreshing. 🙂

    P.S. I got my bandages changed yesterday at wound care and the doctor was very happy at how the healing is progressing. She explained how the tiny “red/pink” where the ulcers/sores are is where new skin is growing! Also, the fact that I’m experiencing a wee bit of pain (on my right foot) is a good thing because it’s another sign that I am healing. Last, I was in and out in less than an hour! YAY!!

    Oh…..and……I bought my plane ticket last night for Cleveland!!! 49 days and counting!!! Can’t wait to reunite with my transplant family!! It would be so great if Daniel (and Victoria and the kids) could attend our games just once to experience it. I’m sure they’d have a blast.

    1. Fabulous news Kimothy hope the healing process continues. Sending you baskets of happiness.

      Why not do a Wild Rose and write to Daniel? He can only say no!

      1. Thank you Birdy! I appreciate it. I now have to be on a low sodium diet, to prevent bloating because I’m wearing these bandages longer, so no pizza for Kimmy!! BOO!! Oh well, I’ll just make tuna helper hahaha!

        Potentially dumb question: what’s a “Wild Rose”? Is that an expression or something or what?

        1. No Kimothy Wild Rose posts on here she is a Kiwi and when she gets really annoyed with Will she writes to HM and gets answers! So write to Daniel , invite him and see what happens. As I always say to my kids, if you ask nicely the worst that can happen is they say no.

          1. Just saw your conversation here. Kimothy, Birdy’s idea is brilliant, you should write to Daniel. Maybe it’s a short notice for him but it doesn’t matter, you should try it! A personal letter with your style of writing, I think it will be a winner.
            I’m also happy about your healing. By the time of the games, I can imagine you bouncing and hopping around in Cleveland!

          2. Great idea Birdy. Might not happen this year but next games, could well be a possibility. Kimothy, at least it puts it on their radar.
            Plus good wishes for all health issues Kimothy; let’s hope it’s plain sailing from here.

    2. Good news about the granulation tissue with your with your wounds. I never thought about Victoria and Daniel and the connection to the games, but this is a great idea. I once worked at Cleveland Clinic Foundation in cardio-thoracic ICU. I hope the weather is good. It can be warm and humid that time of year in Ohio (I hope you mean Cleveland, Ohio or I am an idiot).

      1. LMAO!! Yes, it’ll be in Cleveland, Ohio and I cannot wait!! I’m sure the weather will be loads better than here in Tallahassee (heat and humidity–UGH!!).

        Actually, Daniel was at the track & field events (and opening ceremony) at the 2011 World Transplant Games in Sweden! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but friends of mine did and posted pictures on Facebook! Our games (the Transplant Games of America) are sometimes bigger than the World Games!

        1. Great to hear that you are healing!
          And I like the idea of writing to Daniel too. Please share if you get an answer 🙂

        2. Forgot you were in Florida. No wonder you laughed! Glad to hear you will be in my neighborhood. Which by the way, is a tiny town of 23K, described by recent The Bachelor TV show fans as a “dump”.

          1. Whaaaaat?! I’m totally looking forward to going!! Especially seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, which will be holding the Quarter Century Club dinner & dance which I bought a ticket to attend! 😀

  15. Ah, what a wonderful change of news. Sofia looks beautiful in this photo as a new mom. There is a “glow” about her and I love it. I love this couple. And I love the name Alexander. Always had. Perfect choice!

  16. Yay! Congrats to Sofia and Carl Philip! Alexander is a nice name. May I just add that Sofia looks SO naturally beautiful after giving birth; she doesn’t need a truckload of makeup and a blowout to take a nice picture. I love how simple and gracious the Swedish Royal Family is.

  17. Extremely happy for the Swedes. I love the name ALEXANDER. Actually like Eric too. I didn’t get to comment but I love how the men share a few words with the press after birth. At that joyful moment they are soo real and emotional; I love that they share that.

    Sofia looks very pretty and great without the usual amount of makeup.

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