First photo of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s son Prince Alexander

First photo of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s son Prince Alexander

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have released the first photo of their new son, Prince Alexander, this morning.

Prince Alexander first photo
[Prince Carl Philip]

The photo was taken at Drottningholm Palace when Alexander was three days old by his daddy, Prince Carl Philip.

Yesterday, April 22, the Swedish royals – King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Carl Philip, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel – attended a Te Deum for Alexander. The Hellqvist family also attended.

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill did not attend.

Swedish royals at Te Deum for Alexander

20160422 H.K.H. Prins Carl Philip vid Te Deum i Slottskyrkan

17 thoughts on “First photo of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s son Prince Alexander

  1. Gorgeous cute baby, wonderfully happy daddy, mummy is glowing and beautiful, the queen is so clearly a great granny.

    Disappointed that Maddie wasn’t there. I know she’d been in NY but her brother is always there for her and this is a very important service for the SRF.
    And Victoria seems to be back to gentle work already, back in shape and looking amazing.
    You just don’t get these close happy vibes from the BRF, except from the more distant ones…Sarah Chatto for example seems very close to the queen ( from the BBC programme on Thursday ) .

    1. I love the newborn photos provided by members of the SRF. The little guy is darling. I think Victoria, Madeleine and Sophia have their babies dressed perfectly for their first photos. New things (Prince Nicholas in grey knit), the recent photo of Prince Oscar (in vintage) and the cable knit blanket over Prince Alexander hit the right style note.

      It seems like all the new baby photos from the SRF come out in a timely manner. No month or so later, taken in horrible light, fuzzy work from the maternal grandfather and at a distance where the baby cannot be seen. I shouldn’t complain too much about the future King’s (PG) first public photo, since it was a good shot of Lupo.

      I wish Maddie and Chris were in attendance. I should quit seeing too much into situations, because I probably guess incorrectly more than anyone else at KMR, but the tweets after the birth seemed a little lukewarm and a bit slow in coming. Please, feel free to correct me.

      Victoria does look amazing. What a year for the SRF.

      Lady Sarah was a sweetheart. She seems to have genuine heartfelt emotions she doesn’t mind letting the world see.

  2. CP looking less greasy that usual – yay!!

    CP Victoria, what is with that bow on your head lol

    So very happy for the SRF, their family is very blessed with babies – can’t wait to watch this next generation grow up together.

  3. Prince Alexander looks adorable and his proud daddy is beaming with pride. Happy for the SRF.

    Too bad Maddie and Chris missed (I’m guessing Maddie is still in NY and Chris is working in London?).

    Victoria looks *amazing *! (her smile reminds me of little Estelle) My favorite royal!

  4. He’s adorable! The Swedes always seem to have such good-looking kids, and it’ll be really interesting to see who in the family Alexander takes after (Nicolas is all Madeleine, for example, and Leonore seems to be mostly Chris, while Estelle’s a blend of both her parents).

  5. I’m so glad for Carl Philip! He obviously looks ecstatic for being a dad. So wonderful to see him happy. He is a good uncle and I’m sure he’ll make a wonderful dad.
    I would have loved to see Estelle, Madeleine and the rest in the service, but I’m compensated with the proud dad, the queen and Victoria, although I don’t care for her hat.

    The baby is so cute; I will take a guess at the moment and say he takes after more from his mum.

    The best times are when babies come.

    Congratulations again to SRF and many thanks to KMR for the update.

  6. This such a festive occasion to have after a birth. Oh yes Carl Philip is one happy father (and a handsome hunk..but I swoon at beards). So nice they don’t waste time on sharing a baby photo.

  7. An adorable baby and a very happy Dad! I love this ceremony, Just so loving!

    I’m also a fan of Queen Silvia. She always seems so very happy and caring. I am sure she is very, very good with all of her grandchildren!

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