Royal Round Up: Tiaras, Gowns, and Babies

Royal Round Up: Tiaras, Gowns, and Babies

This royal round up features many, many royals including, but not limited to, Kate Middleton, Queen Maxima, Crown Princess Mary, Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Queen Mathilde. It’s basically a round up of lots of tiara events, gown events, and new baby photos.

Let’s start with tiaras! This first tiara is from Queen Mathilde. The last time we saw her wear the Laurel Wreath Tiara it was as a necklace. But this time it was back in tiara mode for the State Visit of the German President to Belgium. Mathilde wore the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The tiara Crown Princess Mary wore to the 2016 Art and Culture gala at Christiansborg Palace was also previously seen as a necklace – in April 2015 during Queen Margrethe’s birthday celebrations.

Crown Princess Mary new tiara

Mary wore this new diamond necklace tiara with a black gown from Temperley London. I hate the dress but love the tiara.

Since Temperley is one of Duchess Kate’s go-to designers, I hope that since Mary wore this dress we will never see it on Kate. Please, Mary, take this bullet so Kate can wear something that actually looks good and that I like – Kate needs a fashion win more than Mary right now.

Mary art and culture gala

Queen Margrethe wore her red gown she’s worn several times now that debuted at her birthday celebrations in April 2015. She wore the gown with the Baden Palmette Tiara, a diamond necklace, and a diamond bow brooch.

Margrethe art and culture gala

Princess Marie also repeated a dress we’ve seen a few times on her – this blue one with a peplum. She wore her Diamond Floral Tiara.

Marie art and culture gala

The royal family of Norway held a banquet for the diplomatic corps on March 3. Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore her Diamond Daisy Tiara, and Queen Sonja wore Queen Maud’s Pearl and Diamond Tiara.

Norway royal family diplomatic corps

The Swedish royal website released a new portrait of Princess Madeleine taken the day she hosted the Min Stora Dag princess party. The photo gives us a fantastic look at the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara as well as the bead work on Maddie’s Fadi El Khoury gown.

H.K.H. Prinsessan Madeleine / HRH Princess MadeleineSweden
[Anna-Lena Ahlström/]

On March 27, ITV will air it’s The Queen at 90 program featuring footage and interviews with the royal family about the Queen. I’m going to wait until the full program airs before I cover any quotes in case there are more than what has been released (and already discussed in the comments). The inclusion of that program here is just to talk about the tiaras since we got to see both The Queen and Kate Middleton in their tiaras at the 2015 diplomatic reception.

Kate and the Queen diplomatic reception 2015

We finally got a good look at Kate in the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara and the ice blue Alexander McQueen gown she’s worn twice. The gown has a sweetheart neckline with a lace overlay on the bodice and a full skirt. It’s not my favorite gown from Kate, but I do kind of like it and would love to see it worn to a different event where we get better photos.

It also seems Kate is carrying her Jenny Packham silver “Casa” bag. We could see in the car photos that Kate was wearing diamond chandelier earrings, but it also seems she’s wearing the two bracelets she wore to the China State Dinner in October 2015.

This is, most likely, going to be a very controversial opinion, but I like Kate in the Lover’s Knot Tiara. I think this tiara looks really pretty on Kate – loads better than the Lotus Tiara, which I think looks odd sitting on Kate’s head. The Lotus Tiara just doesn’t suit Kate, in my opinion. I think Kate looks nice in the Lover’s Knot Tiara, though I still think the Halo Scroll Tiara probably suits her the best.

Kate and William diplomatic reception 2015

The Queen wore her standard Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, as well as her Royal Family Orders and Order of the Garter.

The Queen diplomatic reception 2015

That’s it for the tiara portion of this post. Now on to the gowns! Queen Maxima was on a State Visit to France with her husband, King Willem-Alexander, on March 11 when she wore this Tom Ford gown. The gown features a black velvet top, pink and white satin patterned middle, and black fringe bottom. It’s… interesting.

Max’s ruby and diamond earrings and diamond necklace are fantastic, though.

The annual Rose Ball was held in Monaco on Saturday, March 19. Princess Charlene was a no-show, but there was enough gown drama from Beatrice Borromeo to make up for it.

Beatrice wore this giant red strapless gown from Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2016 collection and some giant diamond jewelry to go along with it. Though the tulle and the style of jewels aren’t particularly my taste, I appreciate the dramz and I love that she went for it.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Princess Alexandra of Hanover were also there. Charlotte wore Chanel Paris Haute Couture SS 2016 (which is a jumpsuit with pants), and Alexandra wore Chanel Resort 2016 Collection. Neither of these are my taste and I think Beatrice won the night in terms of fashion.

Babies! Prince Nicolas is nine months old, and to celebrate Princess Madeleine posted this photo on her Facebook page with the caption: “Time is flying can’t believe my sweet Nicolas is 9 months!”

Prince Nicolas 9 months
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

There are new photos of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella in Paris Match. The photos were taken while the family were on a recent holiday to Gstaad.

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella Paris Match

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  1. Love this post, from where do I begin? I agree with you, the lovers knot tiara does look lovely on Kate. I quite liked the black Temperley dress on Mary. It suits her and is age appropriate, I think the problem with Kate is that a lot of what she has worn lately is too mature/dowdy for a 30 something year old. I didn’t like Maxima’s dress but I feel she wore it well and had fun with it. How gorgeous is Madeleine? Love that Tiara on her, it complements her lovely blue eyes. Nicolas looks just like her, he’s such a little cutie pie. Another great post MKR xox

      1. I love the tiara, but I wish she’d wear it further in front on the head. That’s how one does it with a hairstyle like that; it’s too far back, but I do like it on Kate.

        I wonder if the reason she wore it was because this was being televised.

        1. I agree Ellie, Kate should wear the tiara further in front on her head, but I liked it on Kate too. Prince Nicholas, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. Oh My God, what a wonderful way to begin the week. They are fantastic. Great post KMR.

          1. Diana used to wear it further forward on her head, the tiara is so iconic. Perhaps Kate wants to make it her own by wearing it differently.

          2. Traditionally, a kokoshnik is usually worn like Kate does it. I think Diana wore it differently because she had short hair. Remember that most tiaras were made at a time were women sported much more voluminous hair styles and many tiaras actually needs a certain amount of hair to be fastened properly.

            I think it is quite possible that one of the reasons Charlene got a pair of new tiaras is the fact that it could be difficult for her to wear the more traditional ones with her short hair.

          3. I agree, ArtHistorian. Diana didn’t have the hair to be able to wear it further back on her head.

        2. Eh. I’ve seen pictures of some women who change up the positioning of their tiara each time they wear it – just to keep things interesting; and some positionings look better than others. So I think the positioning on Kate is fine.

      2. You’re not alone. I think the CLK looks better against a backdrop of dark hair, plus it is a tiara that doesn’t look well on short hair. I’ve never really warmed to the CLK (especially compared to the Perle Poire) but I’m starting to like it now. I think the kokoshnik shape suits Kate very well.

        I have already said that I like Kate’s dress, especially the geometric structured sleeves/shoulder points. I do think thst she should have stuck to wearing one braclet, especially when they are so wide. Waering them on both arms makes it look like she’s wearing a pair og sparkly shackles.

        1. The CLK used to be my favorite tiara before I found the other royal families and tiaras from their collections became my favorite. But I still like the CLK.

          There were several comments back in December when we first saw Kate wear this tiara that the tiara looked smaller on Kate than it did on Diana, and I think that’s because on Kate we cannot see the base. On Diana, the base was covered in blonde fabric but it didn’t actually match her hair color, and of course her hair was short so we constantly saw the base part of the tiara, which made it look taller on her head. But on Kate, the base is now covered in brown fabric which blends in better with her hair color so we don’t see it, plus the longer hair can hide it, so it looks smaller on Kate.

          I’m pretty sure sparkly shackles are the best shackles.

          1. I don’t like when the base can be seen. That is one problem I have with Mary’s new tiara. The base was clearly visible and should have been more upright.

      3. I like the temperly dress on Mary. I think she pulled it off with lovely makeup, an appropriate hair style and beautiful posture. I have to say Mary is on of my favorites.

        I think Kate can pull off the lovers knot tiara – she has the height and hair that would prevent it from overwhelming her. She really needs to wear gowns that aRe fitting to her age and status. I don’t like the tiara with the dress because the lace and sweetheart neckline just seem juvenile and thus clash with the sophisticated tiara in my opinion. I hope that makes sense. It would also help if Kate did not look so miserable.

        The lotus tiara worked oN her because it fit the dresses, ie, lacking in sophistication so the lesser tiara (not that there is such a thing – what I would give for just one tiny one!) Didn’t look out of place.

        Princess mandie is just stunning. Those eyes, the tiara, her make up, everything is sophisticated and perfectly highlights her beauty.

        1. I like like top of the Temperly dress, especially the low cut in the back that practically screams for a long art deco sautoir.

          I can see the idea behind the skirt but I don’t think that it works out well in practice. I guess I have to see it in motion to make the finanl judgement.

          1. I kind of feel this is one of those gowns that would not be a favorite, but the gown on Mary takes on a special look. The fit is fantastic, nice tiara hair, new tiara, but it is really the confidence in wearing the gown which seems to make it all the better.

          2. Yeah, I don’t care who it’s one, that Temperley dress just isn’t my taste.

          3. I have to say that I very much like the Lotus Tiara. It is a very pretty art deco piece. Princess Margaret wore it beautifully – and unlike the CLK, the Lotus looks good with slightly curly hair and to the front of the head.

            I think it looks less impressive on Kate because she wears it relatively far back on the head – like she wears the CLK but it is not a position the suits the Lotus. I also have a suspicion the the Lotus doesn’t quite fit because the armature isn’t sized for Kate’s head. Furthermore, I think it needs a more bouffant hairstyle than Kate’s rather sleek look at the State Banquet.

            The Queen Mother (when she was Duchess of York) wore it terribly, across the forehead as was the fashion in the 1920s.




  2. I would have loved to see that picture of Gabriella and Charlene in a full size! It’s a lovely moment between mother and daughter! And Nicholas is such a handsome little boy! He is all smiles and his sister all pouts! They are precious.

        1. You’re welcome!

          I love these pictures because you can see the twins’ personalities and get a real grasp of their life.

          1. yep, jacques looks a handful, these kids are growing way too fast, mummy charlene must be exhausted, anyway love the pics natural and not staged!!

    1. I saw the photo of Baby Nicolas on the Internet yesterday and fell in love. He is gorgeous. Those eyes! Just amazing.

      And, the twins. Oh, are they ever cute? It is so darling to see them together. And, the photo of Charlene floating with a little one on her — just adorable.

      So, when usually, I would start with tiaras and gowns, I had to start with babies. Just precious!

      I wish it were a front on view of Kate in the tiara. From what I could see, I did like her in it, but would have preferred a different view. Her dress was so pale against her skin. The syle? Oh, I don’t know. Too safe, I think. Just too plain, except for the sleeves, which I am not sure I like or not.

      Nobody but Max could get away with that gown. She really owned it.

      Maddie? Stunning? She really is so beautiful and the blue, just great with those eyes.

      Mary’s dress? No. Not my taste. She is a most lovely woman, though.

      Nice way to start the work-week, KMR. I am getting ready to help Mary Elizabeth with an event she is coordinating for a client. She is coming over shortly with her youngest. Between that little angel and mine, we hope to be able to get some work done!

      1. Agreed with all. That picture of Nicolas is darling! He looks like a mini-Maddie.

        I didn’t like Kate in the CLK. Her dark hair gives a nice backdrop but the piece is so heavy I immediately noticed her jowls, and then it looked it was pushing down the side sweeps of her hair; it all combined to leave me with an impression that her head was melting. I think the placement was good but it’s too much. I think that’s why the Halo tiara has looked the best because its such a small piece.

        1. I also think the Halo Tiara fit her the best. It just seems more her style.

          PS. How are you doing, Sunny? I haven’t chatted with you in a while.

          1. I’m doing ok, just swamped getting my dissertation written. I’m working on a piece about regulation law and evaluating how recent implementations on points ranging from health (medical and food choices), judicial (early release, legal restrictions, and criminal code), educational (increase in school benefit designations) and social (food stamp redesign, living) are improving or challenging lives along with where there is waste/fraud/abuse. When I’m bleary-eyed sick of numbers, I’m so glad to come visit here and focus on tiaras instead. I hope you are doing well and have some fun plans for the summer. Thanks as always for continuing your fun coverage!

  3. I find Crown Princess Mary’s gown to be quite ugly.I know that Temperley is one of DOC’s oft worn designers,but really she has worn only 2 looks from Temperley that I count as nice.Her designs are risqué and some how I feel that the designer takes her inspiration from Burlesque dancers.
    Glad to get a better shot of Princess Madeliene’s ravishing gown.
    Queen Maxima’s gown is hideous.As for the Monaco’s I don’t care for any of the gowns that they are wearing.Sweet pics of the twins though.

    1. I’m not a fan of Temperley at all. Kate’s worn two okay dresses from that designer but she’s worn many terrible dresses from that designer. I just don’t like Temperley’s designs.

          1. I know right! When she wore it as a necklace last year I was wondering to myself if it could be worn as a tiara, to the point that I inverted it in Photoshop just to see what it would look like. I’m glad we got to see it as a tiara. I hope she wears this more often and doesn’t wear her wedding tiara. I just don’t like that one.

          2. I was wondering about it too. I like convertible jewellery. It is so very practical! Mary’s wedding tiara can also be worn as a necklace, which isn’t unusual for many of the spike/fringe type tiaras. There are also some wonderful floral tiaras that can be broken up intoi brooches.

          3. I have to say that I’ve warmed to her wedding tiara – I like its delicate spikey quality. However, it is nice that she has a more substantial all-purpose tiara.

    2. I love the burlesque comment.:)) I am not a fan of Temperley either. each her own as far as Q. Max’s gown is concerned.

  4. I have no opinion on whether the CLK looks good on Kate. She hasn’t earnt the right to wear it and it makes me sad and angry to see it on her.

    1. Earned the right?Is wearing this specific tiara considered as an honour?I just know that Princess Diana used to wear it frequently.

    2. She doesn’t need to earn the right to wear a tiara. Whether we like it or not, she is the wife of a prince and a future king, and is expected to attend these events and wear a tiara, just because Diana wore the lovers knot doesn’t mean another woman cannot.

    3. I don’t think it is about rights to wear, but more whether she deserves it. The tiara is strongly associated to a legendary princess who remains in the minds of many even today. It is not about how good it looks on her, but whether she can wear the tiara without the tiara wearing her. Currently it is the latter. I know this may be my bias as Diana’s admirer even today (I even started working in humanitarian field due to her influence), but the tiara lost its shine on Kate’s head. I miss the glamour Diana shows when she wear it. The tiara was at its brightest. Imo Kate wearing the tiara now is a big mistake, especially due to the negative images she has built for herself. The only image I got is that Kate try to use Diana’s image for PR purpose, and this really disappoints me.

    4. It seems almost sacrilegious, doesn’t it, JL? It’s very much associated with Diana and has a powerful emotional pull. On Kate it’s just another tiara and has lost its lustre..

      Also, it overwhelms her skinny face, and is a wee bit too feminine for her. It does look too far back as well.

      Wow! Just love Madeleine’s. It’s gorgeous and she has the presence to carry it off.

      1. Perhaps is she tried lighter more flattering make up and oh I don’t know, a smile or anything other than a scowl it would not wear her. I also think a more sophisticated dress would pull the look together better.

        I think her demeanour just show what we know – she wants to be a Princess in private.

        A grown up would put up a good front at a formal occasion instead of looking like a sulking brat even if she didn’t want to be there.

        1. Everyone has something they hate to do. Be it work, personally, whatever. But what usually happens is we put on our big girl panties, suck it up, put on the right face (smile, studious, serious, whatever the occasion calls for) and deal with it.

          Kate, once again, never had to deal with those situations so she doesn’t quite get that everything doesn’t revolve around her and she has a role to perform. And if it means smiling until your jaws hurt, then that’s what you do.

      2. Maddie looks amazing! The piece is strong and bold but it looks just right and brings out her eyes while echoing her smile and brightness.

        I said up-thread that I think CLK on Kate made her head look like it was melting. It’s too heavy and it immediately draws the eye to her jowls while her hair was sliding trying to hold its weight. I too don’t think she works hard enough to wear this very “Princess” tiara, and certainly not in Diana’s stead. Kate can’t hold a candle to her.

        1. I love aquamarines and I really want to like this tiara but I just can’t. The triangual kokoshnik shape is lovely and suits most women. However, I think that the round aquamarines clash with the rather severe geometry of the frame they are mounted in.

    5. It seems almost sacrilegious, doesn’t it, JL? It’s very much associated with Diana and has a powerful emotional pull. On Kate it’s just another tiara.

      Also, it overwhelms her skinny face, and is a wee bit too feminine for her. It does look too far back as well.

      Wow! Just love Madeleine’s. It’s gorgeous and she has the presence to carry it off.

      1. Mia & Maven, that’s it entirely. It upsets me to see Kate wear it – I know that’s silly but…but…it’s too soon. I’m not sure Kate should ever have worn it, perhaps it should have been saved for Charlotte. Gosh I don’t know, it just provokes so many emotions!

        I miss Diana. This just reminds me of what an incredibly beautiful woman she was, inside & out ( to paraphrase Charles Spencer).

        1. I hear you, JL. A lot of us were shocked to see it so soon. But then, Workshy Willy is tone deaf and must have his way and force it on the public, IMO, as he does everything else. And here’s the result.

          I thought it looked fab on Diana. She made it special. While the dullard does what she does best- dulls things.

          I completely understand the emotional attachments and that’s what makes it worse in this case. I think a lot of people feel that way, and there is no such thing as a wrong feeling or a silly one. I’m not as attached but it still seems crass to me and very, very premature given what a failure Kate’s been as a royal so far. I’m just glad she still has no orders. YEAH!

        2. I totally agree JL should have been saved for Charlotte, and Rebecca I respectfully disagree with you. She has to earn the right to wear this as she has to earn the right to be respected by the British people. At the moment she doesn’t seem to understand that and to me that is the very heart of all the Cambridges issues. They think everything is their right without having to put in any effort.

          1. Thanks both – I feel a lot less silly now.

            Lovely to have a safe space online to talk about this kind of stuff. I can’t even think about Charles Spencers eulogy without tears welling up.

          2. Not silly I remember hearing the news in the early morning, crying all week and sobbing on the day of her funeral. I never met her but I am her age and mother of boys and I know how central a mother is to boys ( can’t comment on girls as I only have brothers and sons and my mother never liked me).
            The eulogy will remain one of the great speeches of the century, along with Churchill, the Kennedy inauguration among others.

            The Queen learned something that week about how the monarchy only exists because of the people. She needs to have a chat with all the youngsters about that.

          3. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about WHEN it should be worn, but I dislike seeing lazy Kate wear it since she seems to have little sense of duty. I realize she has the right to wear it, but she is ignorant to the fact she probably SHOULD NOT wear it.

            I guess Kate missed all the glowing comments on DM about the fantastic job she did handing out the shamrocks. I liked the comments from military families the best. I have a friend, a jet navy pilot, and we have had many conversations about what sacrifices are made while in the military. They fly in to new areas and sleep on the wings of the plane, cannot carry anything personal with them in case they are captured, the spouse must handle every bit of responsibility as a parent, while having constant concerns for the well being of their partner and grieve when military friends die during dangerous training and overseas.

            I hope I haven’t broken a KMR rule, but I am still bothered when the BRF is a military family (Kate has been a military spouse) and she showed such little respect for a military tradition.

            No, I do not like seeing Kate in the CLK tiara. It brings up how very, very different Kate is from someone who understood the meaning of work.

        3. This is probably why I sound so indifferent, I was born in 1997, and was only six weeks old when Diana died, so I don’t have any connection to her. I do understand what you all mean though, I’ve seen pictures of Diana in this tiara and it looked beautiful, on Kate it does seem plain in comparison, but still it’s a royal family heirloom and was bound to be worn by her at some point, maybe it is too soon though.

          1. I understand you Rebecca – it’s hard to appreciate how dazzling Diana was. I was 2 weeks away from my wedding day when she died & have gone on to have three sons with my husband. Dianas phrase of “my boys” is now my phrase 🙂

            She was flawed & tricky & beautiful & luminous. There will never be anyone like her again, imho. We all enjoy the flashes of her that we see in Harry – the charm & warmth & magic. If you can imagine that but on a massive scale – that was our Diana.

          2. I think tiaras, like any other type of jewelries are only complementary accessories. It is merely the cherry on top so to say. No matter how shinny and pretty the cherry is, if it is put on top of cat food, it will lose its purpose.

            Five years have passed since she joined the royal family but instead of looking more royal, she looks so… dim, muted and brittle. I personally think that Sofia of Sweden instead has become so radiant. And this is very surprising to me considering her not so favourable past as a gravure model. She has only worn the same small starter tiara, but she looks more and more royal everytime. She adapts herself to the new role incredibly well. It is unfortunate that Kate instead failed, because she should have had much better chance and ability considering her upbringing and the fact that she graduated from university.

            I don’t know about WHEN is not too soon, but unless she figures out what it takes to shine and makes serious effort to do so, she may never be worthy of a tiara, no matter how small it is.

      2. I agree with you about the side sacrilegious for the tiara.

        I don’t like the dress : the color is too pale for her skin, i don’t like the epaulette : it gives an impression of hardness. I’m not a fan of the lace here.

        Maxima can wear anything, she is just beautiful and very confident.

      3. I guess it depends on how invested you are in the memory of Diana.

        Personally, I think that the CLK looks better on Kate. It really stands out against a backdrop of dark hair and it isn’t really suited to short hair.

        1. The issue us Brits have has absolutely nothing to do with whether it suits her AH .
          The most invested in her memory is Will who uses it whenever it is to his advantage .
          Hope you are feeling a little bit brighter by the way AH? It’s spring here and whilst I am not naive enough to think sunshine cures, I do hope it helps a little lift a mood for at least short periods of time.

          1. I can certainly understand your sentiments. I just don’t share them. I just liked to see the tiara out and about even.

            The sun is starting to shine here as well, springtime is finally coming – hopefully bright flowers will peek out soon.

            I’m off to get a does of furtherapy.

    6. Yeah, I’m kind of over everything right now so I’m with Candice and Rebecca on this one. I just don’t care anymore so all I care about it whether the tiara looks good or not. And I think it looks good on Kate.

      I understand why other people are upset by Kate wearing it, I understand why others are excited to see Kate wear it, and I understand the middle point of view of “Eh”.

  5. Princess Madde is beyond gorgeous. She was always very pretty, but her obvious contentment being married to Chris with her babies has made her stunning! And Nicolas looks just like her, the little pumpkin! He’s a beautiful baby boy!

    I actually like Max’ gown – it’s crazy and only she could be the one to pull it off. She’s having fun 🙂 It flatters her figure and her hair is on point!

    Whenever DoC dresses up and wears a tiara, I just can’t see anything other than a girl playing princess. The only tiara I think suited her was the halo. I also don’t like these a-line gowns she wears because I think they make her look even more ‘little girl’ like. She has no gravitas, IMO.

    Princess Alexandra’s gown looks much better (and suited for her young age) once she took off that cloak/coat thing (3rd picture):

    Thank you for this royal roundup, KMR!

    1. That Dress is very Maxima. It may not be my style but it really suits her larger than life charisma. She looks gorgeous her. The ruby necklace is a favorite of mine.

      I also love the QEII wore this riviere necklace of big honking diamonds! Dear lord, those rocks are ginormeous!

        1. QMII has got some big diamonds as well. She wore them at Fred and Mary’s wedding. The are part of the Crown Jewels, which can be seen at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

          Maxima does well with big diamonds as well. I’m in love with the Rose Cut Bandeau, which originally was a diamond riviere necklace. Those diamonds are enormous!

          1. Everytime I look at Max’s diamond bandeau I am amazed at how truely BIG those diamonds are!

            Daisy’s Floral Aigrette Tiara is a favorite of mine. It is incredibly versatile and she has worn it in many different ways. It was bought by her father Frederik IX as a gift to her mother Queen Ingrid who wear the exact same jewels at Margrethe’s wedding.

            The necklace with the huge diamonds and the brooch are part of the Crown Jewels, as are the wonderful emerald parure. I love visitng the Rosenborg Jewel Vault. Not only to see the Queen’s Crown Jewels but also to see Christian IV’s crown, which is one of the most splendid examples of Renaissance jewellery that I have ever seen.

          2. I would not need any other tiara if I had that bandeau one. Except maybe that diamond and sapphire one you linked to a while back — the one that was taken apart. I felt like crying when I saw it! 🙁

  6. Very nice array of women gowns and tiaras. And in the midst baby photos. I appreciate since I would not view most of these or keep up if not for this web site.

  7. What a great roundup! Mary’s dress looks good on her. She carries herself well. As much as o.don’t like the comparisons to Diana, Kate looks good in the CLK. Max and that dress….well that dress is awful. But, she pulls it off. She is comfident.and that look into the camera is daring us to throw shade. I’m neutral about Mathilde.

    Princess Alexandra looks so age appropriate and Beatrice brought the drama. I hate that look on Charlotte. She’s a beautiful woman and that jumpsuit pulls in all the wrong places. My first thought was that she looks pregnant. And the twins? I love them. They are adorable. Lastly Madde and Nicolas are heaven. Madde does a good job of sharing him. It’s just the right amount of coverage.

    Thanks for starting us off with a bang this week, KMR!

    1. I also thought Charlotte looked pregnant. Which is fine if that’s the case. If not, she should have chosen something more flattering – she is absolutely stunning (as was her mother in her younger years).

    2. +1 regarding Charlotte! Could’ve sworn I recently read somewhere that she’s pregnant again (yup again)

      The CLK looks good on Kate but the dress is very “blah” IMO and Kate simply looks drained and even more now so many months later, like someone zapped the life out of her.

      I too liked Mary’s dress; very flattering, age appropriate and she has the posture for it.

      I like Max’s dress but the hair? Ugh! Looks way too wind-swept!

      I know Princess Alexandra is still a teenager but that dress looks too blah, IMO. I’m not saying she needs to wear something skin-tight but maybe a tad bit more flattering to her figure.

      The latest portrait of Maddie? WOW!! Does that ever bring out her gorgeous eyes!! And Nicolas is a doll–perfect blend of his mommy and daddy! I loved the picture of Jacques and Gabriella–especially the picture of Charlene in the pool with her son, so natural!

      I think I’m done for now haha! As always, great coverage KMR! Looking forward to your coverage of Harry’s trip to Nepal later this week!

  8. kates tiara is ok, but not the gown, she looks drained, mary can pull of anything, shes got the personality just like leti and maxi, dissapointed that charlene did attend the rose ball this year, she always looks amazing!!!

  9. Thanks for another great Royal Roundup KMR!!!

    I love Max’s dress!!! It’s so youthful, fun and dare I say sexy!! Of course Max is the perfect royal to pull off a number like this and the jewelry…wow!

    I don’t know yet if I’m a fan of Beatrice’s dress or not. In a sea of beige, sleek Chanel she certainly stood out but gosh that’s an awful lot of tulle. I wonder how that dress is to wear, is it difficult to maneuver around in? God forbid she has to use the ladies room, it would take a team in there 🙂

    Jacques and Gabrielle are sure growing up to be such cuties!!

    1. Oh, I forgot Beatrice. I saw a photo online of her walking in the dress — a side view. The dress looked magnificent. This photo, not so much.

      And, Charlotte? Pregnant? Wow. She is gorgeous. So much like her mother was. Need I ask– or should I ask — who the father is? Sorry, I do not know much about her.

      1. Charlotte has a little boy with Gad Elmaleh. He is a French comedian who was a little bit older than him. They broke up last year. It is said that she is now dating Lamberto Sanfelice. It was said that they began dating right after she and Gad broke up.

    2. Beatrice’s red dress is very dramatic. It is kind of Disney princessy as well as an impressive piece of couture. It works well with this occassion but otherwise I would say that it is too dramatic for state functions. However, the Grimaldis are more celebrities than royalty IMO.

      I do wonder about the practicality of the dress but she managed to dance in it.

  10. Kate needs core strengthening. Take a few dance classes! Stretch, limber and tone your way to standing up straight. If she isn’t hunching; she is sticking out her abdomen in a strange way and it does not look attractive.

    Madeleine is a perfect example on how to dress and carry yourself as a princess. Kate, copy her until you gain confidence and find your own style.

    While I don’t love Mary or Max in their gowns, I have to say they wear them with style and carry themselves with and air of elegance. Max has toned her way to a slamming body.

    The whole family looks pretty awful for this annual Monaco event. People have asked about Charlene being absent. I normally am in Charlene’s corner, but if I complain about Kate, then I think it is only fair to wonder about Charlene missing the event. She had two weeks for a ski break. Perhaps she was sick or one of the children, but it looks a little odd for her to be absent at an event with family. I am beginning to feel Charlene should step it up. If I say it about Kate, it is only fair to say it about Charlene. I assume the taxpayers do not support A&C the same as W&K, but bringing attention and glamour to Monaco is part of the image of Monaco.

    All the cute photos of the children make a fantastic start to Monday. Thanks KMR!

    1. Taxpayers? What taxpayers, it’s Monaco! LOL. The Grimaldis are self-funded. And living exactly the life they want. Imagine the offspring of another ruling family having kids in and out of wedlock all over the place. There has been more than one rumour about the marriage arrangement of Charlene and Albert anyway, so I think it’s ok if she’s not there.

      I love Charlene as a mother, however. She seems perfectly at ease and as natural as Diana was with children.

    2. I read that this event was always one that he does with his sister and I wonder if that is why she does not attend?
      Goodness how much must all that Chanel monstrosity cost? Money doesn’t buy taste.

      1. Charlene has attended this event many, many times in the past. Like, it’s pretty unusual for her to miss it.

      2. I know! All the money and access to designer clothing and the group shows up looking like a mess.

        Birdy, we are about the same age. You may remember when Princess Caroline made headlines as a young woman in beautiful clothing and looking glamorous. When Grace was alive there seemed to be a number of tiara events each year.

        1. Oh absolutely she was headline news . Her sister Stephanie made the headlines for slightly different reasons!!

        2. It is from Chanel’s most recent collection. I liked a lot of the pieces on the runway, especially the piece that Caroline is wearing. However, I do suspect that a lot of pieces in this collection looks better on the runway than on actual people.

  11. I think Kate looks older than CP Mary and I liked the Temperley gown on Mary. Kate would never wear that Temperley gown because it is not covering her up to her chin. Funny thing, but Kate is pretty sexless and radiates no warmth in pictures. I am sure that these state dinners all royals must attend can be pretty dull and formal yet when I compare the picture of W & K to all the others, they both look totally bored and you just get the feeling they would rather not be there. All the other royals seem to be engaged with their surroundings and if they were dreading the event you would never know it. I must say the women from Monaco looked like a clown troupe, the Chanel couture was awful, what a mess! I love Charlene and the twins and the picture of Nicholas.
    KMR, looking forward to your comments on what Ingrid Seward wrote about Kate in the DM.

    1. Kate should stop wearing Temperley’s because she doesn’t have the pizzazz and personality to make it work and shine. She is totally blah.

    2. Every woman has a body part they like to show off when it comes to getting all dressed up. You gotta play to your strengths. I think Kate’s problem is she loves her legs. But too bad for her, she can’t show off her legs at these events. Can you imagine?! Future queen of England wearing a micro mini. It would be a hoot! But because she only loves her legs (which btw, in my opinion, are nothing special), she covers everything else up and what we end up with is Kate covered from head to toe because she doesn’t know how to dress herself and lets her insecurities take over.

  12. Wow, wonderful way to start the week!

    Queen Mathilde looked nice, nothing that makes you go ‘WOW” but nice.

    Mary’s dress reminds me of a dress that Kate wore early in her pregnancy with Charlotte. I’m pretty sure it was Charlotte, it was around the same time period that she wore the blue mullet dress. This one: I’ll have to admit I prefer Kate’s dress to Mary’s.

    Margrethe needs to give the stunning red dress a retirement party. Probably holds good memories for her, but we’ve kind of seen it enough now.

    That picture of Maddie is gorgeous and the tiara just highlights her eyes. It’s perfect for her.

    What can I say about Max’s dress. I actually really like it and it’s so MAX!! Again it’s one of those things I’d probably scream at if it were on someone else, but Max owns wearing this dress so it works for her.

    Nicholas and the twin goodness of Jacques and Gabriella. It’s so nice that these families share the pictures of their kids on a regular basis. I get more excited seeing pictures of them than I do George and Charlotte. Maybe because we’ve “been” there since they were born and have gotten to see them grow. With G&C it’s so very different.

    KMR, I love these round-ups and hope you continue them. If there are people who don’t like them, they can just scroll on by. I for one love the details and information and really appreciate all of your hard work.

  13. I actually like the Temperley gown on Mary as she carries it with aplomb and sophistication. It is quite edgy, but boy, Mary can pull it off. That’s the difference between a Temperley on Mary vs Kate.

    Agree the tiara looks good on Kate but the oyster shade gown is a washout and the sleeves too girlish for may taste.

    1. Oh good I’m not the only one – I saw the video and love the way it moves. Her posture with a backless dress is perfect too.
      Hate Kate’s gown it is just too bland for me and makes her look pale. I am sure the detail is beautiful, but for the money it’s a huge miss for me.

      1. Same, Birdy. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from – why choose such an insipid one? Sweetheart necklines shouldn’t be worn once you’re aged over eight years old either, imo.

        1. The red gown she wore during the state dinner for the President of China has the same wide belted waist and flowing skirt design as the McQueen gown. The lace style is so overused and tiresome at this point too. And you’re right, she loves her “insipid” colors, which ironically reflects her personality and demeanor.

          1. That red dress Kate wore to the Chinese state dinner was an absolute snooze. Just another short sleeved shirtwaist dress that happened to be long. Kate has nice shoulders, would love to see her in an off-the shoulder gown or a very wide square neck. Enough with this prim buttoned up look, it does not make her look regal. Time to stop being a girl and get your woman on!!!!

      2. Two peas in a pod Birdy! I saw a frontal view of the gown and I totally love it.

        One other observation on Mary’s gown was the belt she chose which didn’t detract from the edgy style. Rewind to Kate’s black Temperly dress which she paired with a ribboned belt that deflated the whole look. Small touches like that can be a big deal when it comes to stylistics, which Kate just does not possess.

        1. I can’t fine the link it was the Danish tv channel that shows arrivals every time. Ok found it … Via Order of Splendour, but when playing it just shows, so maybe easier to get to it via OOS. I really like the way the skirt moves.

  14. My eyes didn’t pop but the Duchess looked lovely. Although I can’t see the full dress, I like very much the top part. The whole look is just perfect with the earrings and no big jewels, order etc..

    I am not a fan of big jewels so always think the ladies look like walking, fully-lit Christmas trees with their tiaras, big jewels, orders…

  15. I like Alexandra’s dress. Feminine, classy but age appropriate. Beatrice’s tulle red dress looks very princessy. See Kate that is how you dress. I do however like the tiara on Kate. The dress comes off as a bit boring. Maxima’s dress is a bold fashion choice and it works on Maxima who looks radiant and charismatic.
    Princess Madeleine looks stunning. Her blue eyes go well with the tiara which is my favourite. Madeline could wear a sack and still look caring and pretty in it. Prince Nicholas looks like a handsome little dude and I like his smile. Leonore and him are a pair.
    Her Majesty looks very frail. The jewels still show well on her.

    1. I really liked Alexandra’s dress too. The coat covering it up I loved and reminded me of Jane Austen/Georgian dresses, and when the dress was revealed, Alexandra looked just perfect.
      I scrolled all the images down from the top. There is a sense of dignity and contentment… until you get to the BRF. The mood drops markedly: the Queen looks strained, and Kate looks medicated / unhappy/ bored (pick appropriate word) out of her mind.
      Re. the tiara: it’s going to be worn, as it should. People here have often said the clothes wear her rather than the other way around. I hardly noticed the tiara on Kate. The dress washes her out, mostly, I think because she looks unhealthy. Compare her to the radiance of Madeleine et al.

  16. Great roundup KMR. I love the dresses and tiaras thing. Being completely without any sense of dress and never wearing any jewelry myself, I still love to look at beautiful gowns and jewels.

    And babies. My sons are 18 and 19, no babies in my life anymore.

  17. Beautiful pictures. Love reading those posts other than c&w. Just love love nicolas….kate looks fab in that tiara….
    ps: i shall be very grateful if anyone can give me any link where luxembourg royals are followed..its so hard to know about them.. Anything i have read goes back to 2014/15 which is so frustrating

  18. Thank you for this post. I haven’t bought Hello magazine in years so I don’t know who is doing what in European Royalty. Have to say the Monaco babies are as cute as buttons. Queen Margrethe really rocks in red doesn’t she?

  19. Kate…neither good nor bad, just boring and forgettable. She even makes the tiara look ho hum. After she blew off the Irish Guard tradition of handing out shamrocks, I’m not sure if she will ever get the order.

    1. I think that if the queen doesn’t give the order, it’s not an issue because William can always say that he is against order made with ivory….

  20. The babies are all adorable little munchkins, their pictures made me smile. Thanks, KMR

    PS Beatrice takes the cake for the adult portion, imo. That bling? Yowza!!

    1. I agree Beatrice looked so glamorous. Her necklace was some major gorgeous bling. Not too many could carry that look, but carry it she did.

      1. Beatrice’s necklace is just wrong for this gown. Both gown and necklace are dramatic, colourful pieces. It would have been better to let the gown make the statement with an understated diamond or pearl necklace as a contrast.

        I’m not keen on the necklace itself. Though the emerald is impressive in size, I don’t like the mounting – it is topped by a bow. I only like bows on little girls, on a grown woman it simply looks twee. I would have that gorgeous stone remounted asap.

  21. Lovely post! I’m also one that loves the round ups, especially when there’s lots of bling! I’m a real jewelry nut -convinced I was born in the wrong time, place, country, socio-economic status! Lol. There are so many days when I wish I could just for one day in my life wear a beautiful gown and beautiful jewels. After I lose 40 lbs 🙂

    I loved Max’s dress – because it’s Max! I don’t care too much for the fringe on the bottom, but no one else could even begin to carry that off. And I love the bold color.

    Maddie is STUNNING. That tiara!! Swooooon. And Nicolas is so sweet! How awesome of her to release regular pics of her kids.

    I’m just “meh” when it comes to Kate and the CLK. I will say I think it sits weirdly on her head.

    I’m over the Monaco royals. They look so jaded and tired. Except Beatrice. But she’s young yet. Lol

    And ArtHistorian, I love your insights as well as the links you sometimes use to punctuate your points! Thanks for that!

    1. You and me both. I’m into jewellery design in a big way – I actually wrote my BA dissertation on the art nouveau jewellery of Rene Lalique, a master that is unparalleled, though Ilgiz Fazulzyanov tries very hard.

      I’m thrilled that high jewellery design has entered a resurgence in the last decade. There are a lot of new designers doing exciting things and the old jewellery houses have really revived in terms of design.

      I have a collection of jewellery boards on Pinterest if you are interested.

      1. Huh. I posted a reply to AHs comment but I guess I did something wrong as I don’t see it.

        So just quickly want to say again, thanks, AH! We DO have many common items that we love. And I definitely love all the boards on your Pinterest!

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