It’s a boy! Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son

It’s a boy! Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son

Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son today, March 2, at 8:28 PM local time (2:28 PM Eastern US time) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Daniel press conference
[SVT livestream screengrab]

The official announcement:

    “The Marshal of the Realm is delighted to announce that HRH Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son on Wednesday, March 2, at 08.28 pm. Both mother and child are in good health.”

Prince Daniel held a press conference at the hospital where he revealed the baby weighs 3655 grams (about 8 lbs) and is 52 centimeters (about 20 inches) long. Daniel also revealed he cut the umbilical cord.

At the press conference, Daniel said (translated by Google Translate):

    “He is happily like his mother… It has been great and we have been cared for really well… All are naturally delighted. You women are a primal force! … I have had no time to think about how it feels to be a father of two, but it clearly feels good.”

Daniel also said Princess Estelle is sleeping and will be told the news tomorrow.

There will be a Te Deum tomorrow to celebrate the birth. The name will also be revealed tomorrow. We should get photos of the new little baby soon, too – they usually release photos a couple days after the birth.

I’m so excited! I was not expecting the birth to be today.

Victoria, Daniel, Estelle portrait
[Anna-Lena Ahlström/]

52 thoughts on “It’s a boy! Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to a son

  1. I’m over the moon for Victoria and Daniel!
    Many congratulations and best wishes for their little prince! (I knew it…)
    KMR, it’s celebration time!
    And thank you for the timely post!

    1. I voted Victoria would have a girl in our prediction polls in January, but for the last several weeks I’ve been thinking boy.

      I can’t wait to find out the name and see photos.

        1. I adore Daniel and Chris O’Neill for how they aren’t afraid to show normal human emotion. I think it’s one of the reasons I can’t really warm up to Charles or William.

    2. CONGRATULATIONS TO Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel big sister Princess Estelle and the Swedish Royal Family!

      Thank you KMR.

    1. I just hope they don’t got with Folke. Maybe Olof? Madeleine used Gustaf for Nicolas so that may be out. I hope they go with something different for the first name and only use family names for the middle names.

      1. I think you’re right about Olof in there somewhere. If they don’t use Bertil will that be a clue that CP and Sofia are also expecting a boy (or have at least asked to keep that name for themselves)? I love Daniel’s brush off when they asked about the name. I don’t love Oscar but think that is another option. I’m hoping to be completely thrown off guard like I was with Estelle (I’m one who is in the pro Estelle category).

      2. I quite like Folke! However, I think they will surprise us because very few saw Estelle coming at the time. I’m looking forward to the christening.

  2. What wonderful news. I knew it was a boy I was exactly that shape with my three. Health and happiness to them all. Thank you KMR for the wonderful news.

    1. I, too, suspected it was a boy because that’s also how I carried for my son! Pointy belly and straight out in front 🙂

      So so happy for the Crown Princess couple and big sister Estelle!!

    2. Me too, I was sure she was having a boy when I saw how straight out she was carrying! That’s exactly how it was for me. I’m so thrilled for that family, wonderful news 🙂

  3. Hooray! Congratulations to Victoria, Daniel and Estelle. Welcome to the world little Prince. I have to admit Daniel’s speech was touching and saying that about his wife he sounded so proud.. What wonderful news for Estelle to wake up too. Thank you KMR for the news.

  4. WAHOO!!!! Congrats to the family!! Now CP and Sophia next month!! I think I voted boy in the January poll but I don’t remember.

    Sorry that I’ve been MIA. Been trying to keep up with the Cambridges saga and it’s quite a doozy plus been binge-watching Fuller House on Netflix AND starting up my YouTube channel haha! I think it was Jen who gave me all of those wonderful suggestions for my channel and I still plan on making a copy and printing those out plus, I’ve got other ideas swirling in my head.

    On top of that, I saw my dermatologist today regarding my feet. They look A LOT better compared to late January (YAY!) but my skin has been scaly and incredibly itchy for the past few weeks (especially on my arms) so now, we’ve got another culprit. Faaaaaantastic. I go back in early May.

    As long as all of these doctor visits don’t interfere with my trip to Cleveland in June for the Transplant Games (YAY!! It’ll take place during my 20th transplant anniversary!!), I’ll be okay though I am starting to get sick and tired of seeing all these doctors!!

    Okay, so now we’ve got a healthy baby boy for Vicki and Dan. What does everyone think CP and Sophia are going to have? Boy too or a girl? I bet Silvia is so happy to have all of these grandchildren to spoil and love and I think it’s wonderful that the cousins get to grow up and form great friendships.

    1. Hi Kimothy. Just letting you know I subscribed to you vlog and liked your first videos. It’s great to see you, keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll inspire a lot of people.
      I for one, am proud of you.

      I agree, Silvia is one happy granny today. She must be so proud of her children, their happy marriages and the growing number of her grandchildren. She must have done something good in her life.

      As for Sophia and CP? Will they follow the tradition of the family with a first born being a girl? I’m not really sure but we’ll see.

      Good luck with your doctors’ appointments. Glad your feet are better.

    2. Hi Kimothy
      I’ve seen your first 2 vlogs. Well done!
      Now can I put a request for one vlog to be for people learning how to be around people with transplants. As I’ve said before, I have a friend with transplant lungs and the first time I saw her post surgery I didn’t know what to do – I usually would give her a hug but I wasn’t sure if I should? My first instinct was… “help, where’s so hand sanitiser” as I was scared of passing germs to her.
      I’m glad you are getting your head around your feet problem. I was wondering if it could be a fungal infection as the anti rejection drugs etc play havoc with your immune system?
      Getting to 20 years rocks, I’ve got to tell my friend about you!
      I hope they have a big party planned for you!

      1. Great request!

        How far out is your friend? I forget! (Prograf-brain 😉 ). Yes, we recipients definitely try to keep hand sanitizers on hand BUT we also try not to become overly dependent upon it because, if we do, using it often will make it worthless. It’s usually better if you just use good-ole soap and water! 🙂

        1. Hi Kimothy
          My friend had her transplant about 8 months ago.
          I am thinking I should be taking her a cake with a number one candle in it in 4 months time?

          1. Hi Cathy!

            Awwwwwww that’s an awesome idea!!! I remember I got a cake on my 1 year anniversary too.

            On the days leading up to my anniversary, I get a bit melancholy because, while it’s a happy time for my family and I, it’s a sad time of year for my donor family. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my donor and/or donor family but, as you might imagine, I’m more aware of them on the days leading up to my transplant anniversary/birthday.

            The vlog you asked regarding hand sanitizers is UP (I posted it Saturday night) so you can go and check it out!


  5. So thrilled to hear this news! Congratulations to the whole family.

    I am sure that Estelle will be a fantastic big Sister.

  6. Congrats to an amazing couple! Loved Daniel’s words about his son’s birth. Estelle is going to be a great big sister. Super happy for them all.
    What a difference from W&K. I almost forget they have kids.

    1. Can I add that Vic worked until the end? She worked hard throughout her pregnancy with smiles and duty. I love her

      I don’t think that I was this excited for the Cambridge kids.

      1. I so agree Rhiannon. Such a huge difference. Victoria and Daniel make one feel warm and welcome so it is easy to feel excited for them. And what wonderful comments made by Daniel.

      2. I commented on Twitter that one of the reasons I’m more excited about this baby than either Cambridge baby is because there was much less of a wait with this one. We were told Victoria was due in March and she gave birth on March 2 – so hardly any wait. Whereas with George we were told July and had to wait 23 days before he was born. And with Charlotte, we were told April and she wasn’t born until May 2. So with both Cambridge kids the wait was seemingly endless and by the time they were born it was more relief that the wait was finally over, rather than actual excitement. Whereas with this baby, there was no wait and the birth happened before I expected it so I was surprised and was able to be excited.

        1. I know! And it didn’t help that both Cambridge’s babies were over a week overdue. But that was also part of the media frenzy.
          I’m so glad there’s not as much madness going on with the SRF, although it may be different for the locals.

        2. Honestly with George and Charlotte I think they lied about the due dates. Especially with George, with everyone waiting almost a month in that crazy heat wave…

          1. I would understand lying and saying she’s due later than she is to prevent the craziness outside the hospital, but why would they lie and say she’s due earlier than she is? I don’t think KP lied about Kate’s due dates, they just weren’t specific about them. I think Kate was due in the later parts of both months, so by not revealing the exact due date it left everyone waiting around the entire month thinking she could go into labor at any time. It didn’t help that, with George, the press got it into their heads that Kate would deliver on Diana’s birthday (July 1). So the entire press pack were outside the hospital for July 1, and then Kate didn’t deliver until July 23.

          2. Babies come when they do. I was 8 days late with my daughter (in a heat wave, El Nino 97, not fun) and had to be induced, and then 4 days over with my son, before they induced as he was getting so big! Unless a c section is scheduled, the timing is truly just an eta

          3. OK, I know this sounds weird but considering Kate likes to be thin thin thin…
            I read in one magazine that Kate had lied about her due date with George and pretended it was earlier so everyone would be…
            “oh look how small Kate is and she’s 8 month’s pregnant”
            Or it could just be Urban Myth?

  7. Yay! I’m so happy for them!! I bet he is as cute as a button. Love the official photo too, Estelle is so darling!

  8. That is great!!! Was so hoping for a son for them. Congratulations to such a sweet couple and his adorable sister.

  9. Congratulations to Victoria, Daniel & Estelle. I was right! A new prince for Sweden! Now the family is complete. I’m surprised there’s no press & media frenzy accompanying the birth, like the ones during George & Charlotte’ births. Everything is quiet & dignified but these didn’t lessen the joy & excitement of the birth. I can’t wait for the baby’ name & the christening!! Thanks KMR for this news!

  10. Congratulations to this beautiful family!!!
    Found out thanks to Maddie’s post on fb. Super happy for all them. I have to look up Daniel’s interview. Hope it has subtitles.

  11. I am so happy! Happy for the new baby and a happy for the family. This baby is going to be so loved and cherished.

    Silvia went from one to five grandbabies!

    Kudos to Dan for recognizing how strong women are.

    I cannot wait to see the pictures. Thanks, KMR!

  12. Wonderful and happy news! This also means she has been working and attending to her royal duties till the umpteenth hour—wow!! What a hard working Royal. Time for Victoria to rest and bond with her baby.

  13. Oh fantastic. Congratulations to Victoria and Daniel for their son. I needed good news today and when I saw the blog I was delighted with this birth. I loved when Daniel said that “You women are a primal force!” Yes Daniel. You are the man.

  14. Just read! wonderful news. Congratulations to Victoria and Daniel on their new family addition. Thank you KMR for the post.

  15. That is so great! Now she and Maddie both have one of each. I would have loved to see the look on Estelle’s face when she found out. Can’t wait to find out the name and see a picture.

  16. Wonderful news! Congratulations to Victoria, Daniel and Big Sister, Estelle. Welcome to the new prince. May life be happy and healthy for you all.

    Excitement and pure joy surrounds this family. The birth of a new baby means as much to complete strangers as to them and the people of Sweden.

    And, Daniel’s lovely words concerning the strength of women surely move him up even more (if that was possible) in all our eyes!

    Victoria, you made pregnancy and working throughout it, seem like a piece of cake! Times may not have been easy, but you never shirked any of your responsibilities. Enjoy your new baby, your lovely daughter, and wonderful husband at this precious time and please, get some rest!

  17. This is the kind of news that makes one’s day. As others often comment, we all seem to feel especially close to the Swedish Royals.

    Congrats to Vic and Daniel and big sister, Estelle. May they, and the little baby, have happy lives filled with only good health. So much love in the extended family. Now, it’s going to be Sophia’s turn, soon. Wishing her the best, as well.

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