Crown Princess Victoria names her son Prince Oscar (updated)

Crown Princess Victoria names her son Prince Oscar (updated)

The newest Swedish royal has a name! Prince Oscar Carl Olof.

King and Carl Philip cabinet meeting

At a cabinet meeting this morning King Carl XVI Gustaf revealed the name Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel chose for their son, as well as the baby’s duchy title:

His Royal Highness Prince Oscar Carl Olof, Duke of Skåne.

Olof is Prince Daniel’s real first name; Daniel is his middle name. Carl is for the King.

Skåne is the southern most province in Sweden. The last Duke of Skåne was Gustav VI Adolf (1882-1973).

Earlier this morning, Princess Estelle visited her baby brother in the hospital before the family left. The Crown Princess family is now home at Haga Palace.

Princess Madeleine posted a message on her Facebook page to congratulate Victoria on the birth of her son: “Congratulations to my sister Victoria and Daniel with the birth of their son!”

The Te Deum is also being held this morning. I’ll cover that in a different post later.

Here’s the first photo of the family of four.

Crown Princess family leaves the hospital

UPDATE: Some messages for Victoria and Daniel from the family.

From the King and Queen Silvia:

    “We share the great happiness of the Crown Princess Couple and Princess Estelle’s pleasure to welcome her little brother to the family. We wish the family a wonderful time in peace and quiet and we very much look forward to seeing our grandchildren.”

From Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia:

    “With great warmth and love we wish to welcome Victoria and Daniel’s son, to the family. We look forward with joy yo the cousin crowd is growing and that they continue to have each other. We look forward to seeing the new family member!”

From Maddie and Chris O’Neill:

    “We are so happy for Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle’s sake and for our new family member! Both Leonore and Nicolas look forward to meeting their new cousin, and we wish him a warm welcome to the family.”

From Olle and Ewa Westling:

    “We feel great joy today when the Crown Princess and our son got her second child and Estelle her long awaited sibling. We wish them the best of luck with the new family member and we will support and help as grandparents.”

From Anna Westling Söderström:

    “It is with great pleasure that we welcome in the family another baby. It is so good for Estelle to have a sibling and Crown Princess and my brother are now parents to two children. It will be fantastic to follow Estelle and her little brother’s sibling relationship. My daughters are thrilled that they’ve got a cousin.”

[press release]

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  1. Prince Oscar – love it. I also like how the royal sisters incorporate the paternal and family names, while still giving the boys their own identities.

    Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf (Paul is Chris’ middle name and Gustaf for Grandpa, the king!)

    Prince Oscar Carl Olof (Carl, obviously, and Olof is Daniel’s first name!)

    I’m taking notes for my little one due this summer 🙂

    1. Congratulations! Are you having a hard time with the name? We chose a boy name long before I got pregnant, and got to use it, haha. A girl name was much harder! Our son was going to be Isabel or Elizabeth Mary.

      1. Yes, boy names are always easier for us than girl names. We chose a name for my son rather quickly and never agreed on a girl name (good thing he turned out to be a boy!)

        For this one, it’s the same – quickly agreed on a boy shortlist, still going back and forth for a girl.

        We decided to have the surprise, so we won’t know until the birth day 🙂

        1. Granted I’ve never had a kid so have never needed to name a baby, but in randomly thinking about baby names (as one does) I’ve always thought it was much easier to pick boy names because there are only two first names I like and I would use my grandfather’s middle name as the middle name. Whereas there are so many cute girl names.

          1. In the USA, at least, it seems the more traditional boy names have stuck around and remain popular, whereas with girl names, the popularity and randomness change so much over the years!

            I’ve been trolling the SS website too much lately!

            Even before I had a boyfriend/husband, it was fun to imagine naming babies!

          2. LizB, wishing you the best with your upcoming delivery.

            Naming babies is no easy task. I, for one, think it would be harder to come up with a boy’s name. There are so many girl’s names that I love, but not many names for males that really appeal to me.

            I so wanted a Juliet, but once my daughter was born, I took one look at her and went with Madeleine Juliet. Now, I hope to have another girl as I really do want a Juliet. Even, thinking of spelling it Juliette . Am I crazy for thinking about another baby when my daughter is not six months yet?!

            I’m going with a girl for Sophia. I thought it was a boy, but I am having second thoughts.

            Such exciting baby news from the Swedish Royals.

          3. Trouble with forward planning KMR is the surname …I had all sorts of ideas that went with my long maiden name, but didn’t work with the short married name I took. The whole thing has to flow.

          4. Oh, jenny, I love Juliet! That was another name we considered.

            My husband’s family makes boys. I probably will just have the one, ’cause I want a girl so badly and won’t get one! That and being pregnant was so, so miserable… I’d rather not go through it again.

          5. @Birdy:

            Lol, yeah. The name may sound great now but paired with a crazy last name they may not sound great.

        2. Liz B I found with each of my babies, the names that came easily matched the gender of the baby. Maybe it’s a little boy safely tucked up?

          My youngest is 13 today & I’m feeling so broody!!

    2. Liz B, are you carrying the same way with your son – with a pointed belly?
      Whatever it is, I wish you a safe delivery and a healthy baby. 🙂

    3. Congratulations! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy. I hope you have some quiet time so you can think about names.
      I know it can be difficult, I know a couple where the wife is French and the husband is Italian and they live here in New Zealand. So the name of their last child had to be something NZers can pronounce. My friend loved the name Capucine for a girl, but the Italians would have pronounced it Capukine (with a hard c) so perhaps it was a good thing that he was a boy, called Robert?
      And I’m with @Rhiannon, I’m excited for another KMR baby too!
      *waves to Jenny and little Maddie, and of course Tanya S and her little one!

    4. Prince Daniel first name ( the name that he is called ) is Daniel. For sure he is called Olof Daniel but just because he is called Olof Daniel it doesn’t mean that it is the name he is called . Me au am called Anna Linnea and the name I am called is Linnea. I am from Sweden and here the name order is not that important . You put them in the order you like best and then decide what name that should be the official name , what the child should be called .

  2. I need to sit down and have a cup of tea. Estelle and Oscar. That is so cute. I love that his name is unique but also pays tribute to his grandfather and father.

    Might I add that the picture is adorable? They all look beautiful and little Estelle’s arm is hooked through the carrier? appreciate Dan and Vic sharing this with us. No muss or fuss. No door watching. No fashion statements. Just love.

    Thank you for keeping us updated, KMR!

    1. I forgot to add that I read that this was the first time in Swedish history that Estelle will retain her role as future queen. Her brother’s birth will not change that. How awesome!

      1. Yes. Estelle is the first royal female to remain in line ahead of a younger brother from the younger brother’s birth. Carl Philip was born the Crown Prince, moving ahead in line over Victoria. The laws were changed in 1980 to absolute primogeniture which made Victoria Crown Princess.

      2. Let’s not forget that Victoria had no succession rights at the time of her birth due to Salic law. A lot of people seem to think that she did have rights. So much progress has been made from no rights to being ahead of her brother. And it was a necessary change because there were very few people in line.

      3. Estelle and Oscar – Stella and Ozzie, they even get cute nicknames out of it! Great names that the kids can grow into. I don’t think parents take that into consideration so much anymore, judging by some of the weird names and odd spellings we’ve seen with the last generation. Some of them are truly cringe-worthy, and I feel for those poor unsuspecting babies!

    2. I also love the more casual photo. By sharing this, and giving the public a glimpse, the press is more likely to leave them alone. It’s also nice to see Victoria looking so fresh right after giving birth! I don’t even look that refreshed after a full night’s sleep!!

    3. Dignified, lovely Crown Princess Couple with their children.

      Love the. Princesses and now Prince cousins – Estelle/ Nicolas/Oscar and Prince Carl/Sofia.

    4. Dignified, lovely Crown Princess Couple with their children outside the hospital (no back door exit like George).

      Love the. Princesses and now Prince cousins – Estelle/ Nicolas/Oscar and Prince Carl/Sofia baby arrival.

      1. Victoria and Daniel didn’t pose for photographers outside the hospital. And William and Kate didn’t leave the hospital with George through the back door; they left out the front where the press were all gathered.

  3. I like Oscar! It is also a name tradtionally associated with the SRF (they onbce had a couple of King Oscar’s).

    Historical factoid:
    Skåne used to be part of Denmark. They have they own flag, which combine the red of the Dannebrog and the yellow of the Swedish flag. it’s official flagday is the third sunday in July.

    1. Yes, several Kings named Oscar. I don’t like Oscar as much as I liked Nicolas, but it’s still good. Interesting bit about Skåne once belonging to Denmark. Cool.

      1. The historical relationship between Denmark and sweden is complicated. At one point Queen Margrethe I ruled Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which she had united in the Kalmar Union. It didn’t last long but the southern provinces of Skåne, Halland and Blekinge remained in Danish possession until the mid17th century where we lost them in a war. Suffice it to say that Sweden is the country that Denmark has had most wars with – though we became very friendly when Germany emerged as the the most threathing enemy in the 19th century. Then it was “our Swedish brethren” instead of those “treacherous, silver-tongued Swedes”. Ah, the vagaries of history….

        1. Kind of like the English and French. They’ve historically hated each other and went to war with each other many times. Yet now they are allies.

          1. Hmm. Loose allies, but yeah. We have a love/hate relationship with each other – kind of like siblings – we can be mean to each other, but the moment anyone else is we back each other up. My inlaws have a home in the south of france & *some* locals have welcomed them, but some are anti-British.

          2. Believe me, having good relations with your neighbour countries is soooo important. I don’t want to go political here, I just wish this was the case for my country at the moment (Greece).

  4. Well done Vic – no shenanigans, no new dresses, no need for hairdressers, just a happy little family. She looks so well, and Estelle looks a little shell shocked! Thinking about having a little brother is always exciting, the reality for her might take a little getting used to her. Wonder if they bought her a hamster as well!
    Love the name, and congratulations LizB – when is your little one due? You will have an interesting time chosing names if I remember correctly you are American with some Italian, and a French husband? The challenge is to chose a name that all relatives can pronounce properly.
    Look forward to hearing about the Te Deum. Thanks KMR for keeping us up to date, I haven’t seen anything in the British press at all.

    1. I thought Estelle looked tired. Like she was worn up early to go see the baby in the hospital before he left and she was still sleepy.

        1. I also thought that Estelle looked a bit tired and slightly shocked. How sweet of Victoria to hold on so lovingly to her.

          Not sure I am in love with the name Oscar, but the way other family names were incorporated into his complete name is quite lovely.

          I agree with the natural look of this happy family. No major fuss for Victoria with her dress, hair or make-up. She just looked so happy. Daniel, holding the baby in his little carrier seemed happy, too.

          Estelle needs special attention now and I am sure she will get it. I imagine, from the way the family seems to love each other, that she will be happy to have a little brother in her life.

          I await news on Sophia’s baby!

          Thanks, KMR.

      1. Estelle reminds me of a child on Christmas morning. I bet she couldn’t be still long enough to get dressed for the hospital. I think she is going to be an adorable big sister. She already has her arm hooked through the carrier and appears to be “helping” her daddy.
        It’s amazing how a crown princess doesn’t need full hair and makeup on call before she exits the hospital. Her child doesn’t have to be dressed in a ridiculously expensive throwback outfit in a picture to be released to the world. Her brother and sister both obviously dropped what they were doing and immediately went to greet their new nephew. I’m questioning why anyone pays attention to Will and Kate any more when we can enjoy this beautiful family who is willing to work with (and for) the public.

        1. I agree with you, Cathy. Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Baby Oscar are so enjoyable to follow. Victoria worked up until nearly the last moment. Always, with a smile on her lovely face.

          Little Estelle and her baby brother have wonderful parents and a huge, loving family. The photo of them leaving the hospital was very sweet. No fuss. Just honest excitement of a new baby going home.

          Wishing them all a wonderful life together. Good health and much joy!

        2. I have every faith that Estelle will be a wonderful big sister. She seems already involved helping with the carrier and from what we know, she’s had some practice with Leonore. I love the two girl cousins. Now they each have a baby brother. They will exchange notes, I’m sure!

          1. I like how Estelle looks after Leonore. It shows such care. Though I would of thought that sibling rivalry is not a reflection on Victoria and Daniels parenting skills. I think involving Estelle from the get go is a good idea.

    2. I’m due in June!

      Yes, I’m American and my husband is French – and we both have dominant Italian heritage (our mothers) lol

      We’ve basically agreed on a more “French” first name, I get to choose an “American” middle name, and a third name that is Italian.

      It has been more difficult than I imagined, getting the American family to pronounce my son’s name properly – I just sorta gave up and they him by a nickname that works in American culture: Cam.

  5. I always think the names for royal male babies make them sound like old men. Can’t say that I love Oscar as a choice, being American it reminds me of the Oscar Mayer Wiener song. I do realize that the first names used are usually traditional to each royal family and that some names, while nicer than others may not be used due to the history of the person who had the name (like King Edward VII, whose name was David before he became King, I can bet the name David will never be used again), so this name is fine I guess.

    1. Edward VIII’s first name was Edward. One of his middle names was David, which he went by casually. But his first name was actually Edward.

        1. I think of Oscar the Grouch, too.
          As well as the Academy Awards. “And, the Oscar goes to……”
          This little Oscar has gone straight into our hearts!

          1. Oscar who lives in the dustbin on Sesame Street! Oscar always was grouchy compared to Kermit who is so happy go lucky.

      1. I thought of Oscar the Grouch too Kimothy!

        I love Victoria and Daniel and I hope that they have a life time of happiness with their family.

  6. The name Oscar is actually very trendy in Sweden now. The Crown Princess couple has received some critique in Swedish press for choosing such a trendy name.

    1. Actually, when Estelle was born people criticized them for choosing a rare name. Some comments in Sweden were like “I wanted a rare name for MY daughter. No one wants to name their children after a princess. So I had to choose another name.” (I modified the comment I found on the internet, but the text is similar)

      You just can’t win.

      1. Huh? That comment makes no sense. Did the person want to name their daughter Estelle, but then Victoria chose that name for her daughter so this person got mad? Who cares if the princess has the same name. If you want to name your daughter a name, then name her that and don’t care that someone else chose that name, too. Everyone shares a name with someone, unless you go really out there and stupid like Pilot Inspektor. Some criticism is just so stupid.

    2. I don’t understand why. There have been two King Oscars, the last of which reigned over 100 years ago. It’s not a new name. Plus it has royal history. So I think the Swedish press is making a mountain out of a mole hill with this one.

    1. I sort of love how they tried to play it off by little direct acknowledgements to responses.

      I like them as a couple, and family, and royals at that.
      It’s all very sweet and genuine imo.

      P.S. I hope Oscar gets his own official instagram like Estelle! what a perfect way to keep the public invested without intruding on the child’s privacy! Kids are getting photos taken by parents and family all the time anyways. It’s controlled and secured.

      1. The official instagram is such a great PR move. I also hope they do this, Snarker! Imagine if even just once a month KP grammed a picture of Charlotte or George. I might actually care about them a little more….and the paps would certainly have less incentive to creep around and photograph them.

        1. Yes, this!

          Given how much Prince William despises the press, releasing candid photos of themselves and the kids pn social media would do an end-run around the press. The public would have their royalty visible, and maybe create public sympathy for the cambridges regarding paparazzi.

          What would be the point of buying tabloids of Kate at the park with George when she already posted a candid of the same on Instagram?

        2. It would never do for William to have nothing to complain about to the world. He and Kate (oh, excuse me, it is H.R.H. Catherine) have such elevated opinions of themselves, they could never stand to do something which makes sense and seems so ordinary.

        3. I heavily shaded WK in this omment, but I didn’t really know how to phrase it all without doing so. The concept of the official Insta account is genius! It is fullproof. How it’s not adopted by other royas and WK is foolish.
          I suspect Jason might have considered this, but it was veto’d.

          Meanwhile G and C will be trotted out to suit their own PR wishes. Be in private meeting with reporters or for deflecting PR.

        1. I didn’t know . How could I have missed this?! I love Estelle!!! Vic & Daniel always showing what awesome riyals they are 😉

          1. Last I knew there were 2 really big Estelle Insta accounts. only 1 is official and it states that.
            Little milestones get listed. Messages for days of meaning and occasions. Or just her at her cutest or most official.
            It’s an amazing strategy. Estelle gets exposed to cameras. Along with gradually being exposed to light official engagements with a parent.

            It also serves to show her progress. Being hidden we wouldn’t see her become more confident in these social settings. It would be a huge disservice to keep a child hidden from things they will have to do later in life. Like speaking. We learn young for a reason.

      2. What’s the official one? I’ve tried looking for it but I can’t find any official ones for her.

        1. KMR
          Hm.. I can’t find it. It had been a while since I looked. I remember there was an offcial Insta and tumblr. They had really simple names attached. Like HRH Princess Estelle.

  7. I love how they pick names that mean something to them. I’ve been reading RD and they said CG actually looked moved by the birth at the cabinet meeting. I’m sure he would’ve been happy if it was a girl, but he’s probably overjoyed at another little boy.

    So very happy for this family!

    1. CG certainly looks like a proud grandfather in the photo they released! This family is so blessed and having so much excitement. Another baby will be here shortly! Sylvia and CG must be so excited to have all the little ones around.

  8. CG does look pleased. I wonder why he prefers sons to daughters. I am not a fan of the name Oscar but it suits the little one here I think. I prefer the name Nicholas but if I had a boy I would use my dad’s name as a middle name. My two eldest nieces have French names. My third niece born in January has an Italian name – Rosaria and I have no idea how to pronounce it.
    I am pleased there is no fuss or fashion statement. It takes the focus off the baby. Estelle looks sleepy. I think the idea of having a sibling is much different to the reality. Try explaining that to my sister in law though I think that was because she was an age where she was interested in babies when her youngest sister was born. Sylvia and CG are lucky and they strike me as a close family. I like the name Estelle.

    1. ps I was wondering do the Swedish Royals have a list of approved names like the Uk Royals. I read somewhere that Sarah Ferguson wanted to name Beatrice, Annabel.

      1. Good point. It was understood that Charles and Diana had Elizabeth and Victoria reserved. Sarah was also nixed as Annabel was a name of a social club in London.

        1. Thank you Rhiannon. Though I don’t think that Annabel and a princess would be mixed up. How can you reserve names. How silly.

          1. I would bet that Bertil is “reserved” for CP and Sofia (especially since Gusaf, Carl and Lilian have now been used by his sisters). Vic and Dan got a lot of negative feedback about Estelle so I hope Oscar is better received.

  9. Welcome to the world Oscar Carl Olof!!! What a sweet family picture, I just wish we could see a bit more of little Oscar. I’m sure Victoria will find a sweet, little helper in Estelle, she’ll be a wonderful big sister (hopefully that continues once she realizes he’s here to stay 🙂 ).

  10. No long wait for the name. Is Oscar the actual spelling in Sweden? I like the Swedish spelling if correct. I like Nicholas for a name better. Guess the name will grow on one. The family of 4 photo was so nice so soon after birth. Victoria looked beautiful. So happy for this family.

    1. Yes, Oscar is the actual spelling. Carl is also the actual spelling.

      1. Thank you KMR. I thought I saw it spelled with a k. The name is already growing on me especially your noting of couple of King Oscar in the past. 🙂

  11. How exciting. They release a real family picture and the name of the baby immediately the day after. Too bad not much of the baby was showing but we are sure to get cute pictures in thr future and he looks like all newborns today.

    I like all their baby names: Leonore, Estelle, Nicholas! Oscar will grow on me. Most likely once I associate it with the little one. Very happy for them. Estelle looks a bit tired and surprised but I’m sure she will be an amazing sister; she is an adorable big cousin.

    Happy to see the king sooo happy!

  12. Wow, both sisters have had a girl first and a boy second, how sweet. And I know that both girl cousins have close birthdays, again how sweet. I wonder what Carl Philip and Sofia are going to have?

    1. Thank you for the inside info Mri. Like many here, I can’t understand Swedish (although may I say that some of my favourite films are swedish, which I know is irrelevant) so I appreciate your translation.
      Estelle is one clever girl! I hope she realises soon that her brother can’t do the same things.

  13. I am thinking that all of this positive press of the Swedish RF’s children will not sit well with the Cambridges. I predict a new photo of George and Charlotte before the end of the weekend.

    Congratulations to CP Victoria and P Daniel!

    1. Between the horrible (but much deserved) beating William has been receiving from the press and now the great press that the Swedish royals have been receiving, I so surprised that we haven’t been inundated with photos or at least “pap” shots of G & C yet. I guess a few photos came out in Australia of G & C with Maria (naturally) but I haven’t seen them in the western press, so I don’t know.

      1. Well I have read that it is Mothers Day in the UK this weekend. I am not sure about the US, so I apologise if it is also Mothers Day there too.

        I really hope that W&K give Nanny Maria the weekend off for Mothers Day. The poor woman deserves it. We have not seen W&K with the kids in ages.

    2. I predict a new photo of George and Charlotte by Sunday, but not because of the Swedes. I don’t think W&K even register the Swedes. But Sunday is Mothering Sunday in the UK, plus their tour is about a month away, and they usually release a photo before their tours and in 2014 they released one for Mothering Sunday. Hence why I think they will release one for Sunday.

  14. I wonder C.P. feels robbed his birthright? I am all equal rights but the way the Swedish government did it wrong I think. The government did not resolve the situation until Vic & C.P. were born! When Haakon was born the Norway government decided not to his to remove his position give to his older sister! Starting with Haakon 1st child be king or queen, Alexandra Ingrid will be queen, even though she has a younger brother! I hope c.p. does not resent vic? I think Norway did it right just my opinion!

    1. The discussion about changing the succession started immediately after the birth of Victoria (it actually started around 1975 but got serious with her birth). The law was not a surprise to CG and Silvia and it didn’t come out of nowhere after CP was born. The new law had to be passed by the newly elected Riksdag and so the delay was due to legislative administration issues.

      The fact that CG continued to express his displeasure about the change when his children were in their 20’s tells me all that I need to know about this man. I am continually stunned that Vic seems to have turned out to be such a lovely person and honestly think that a lot may have to do with outside influence. I know that she originally hired the nanny who cared for her as a child to help with Estelle. Perhaps that is the key.

      I would guess that CP might feel lucky as opposed to robbed. He lives a life of luxury and his calendar is nothing compared to Vic and Dan. He’s got the best of everything, including a father who has indulged him throughout his life.

      1. I too find GC’s attitude very strange. Yes I know that they are a royal family, but the kids are their children first and then royal second. I cannot imagine how poor Victoria has felt during her life with her Father acting like this.

        When we had the scan for our little one to find out if we were having a boy or a girl (we were only having the one, so I wanted to know to be organised LOL). I was convinced that we were having a boy and we had picked out a name (Joshua Mathew). When the Dr told us we were having a girl, I was stunned and Hubby was also. They let me up to relive myself while they did something else in another room. When I came back into the room, I found my big six foot tall Hubby in tears. I thought that he may have been disappointed that we were having a girl as this was going to be the last chance to carry his Surname on in the family.

        I asked him if this was the case and he replied, “No I am thrilled that you are having a girl, I really wanted a little princess and I kept on hoping that you were having a girl”.

        Now of course if we had a boy he would have been thrilled, but he adores his little princess and she adores her Daddy. Like most daughters she has him wrapped around her little finger.

        Mummy did not care either way, I was just shocked that a daughter of mine would turn me off chocolate for the entire pregnancy.

        1. Hi Tanya
          Your story is so sweet, I think your husband is adorable!
          Good luck when Little Miss Princess hits the teen years and wants to go out with boys?
          I do hope that you can eat chocolate now?

          1. Oh Trust me Cathy, When the third trimester hit I had a craving for Caremello Koalas. The Endocrinologist I was seeing had a an addiction for Chocolate as well and he was a darling. He told me I could have one small one a day. It was a sad day when the little town I lived in ran out of them due to me LOL.

            As for the Hubby and the Princess. The first time she goes out on a date I am going to sell tickets and Popcorn. It will be fabulous. He is torn, he wants her to be a Nun but wants grandchildren!

        2. You married a prince of a man. What a sweet story! I bet your daughter loves hearing you tell about that day.

          1. I tell her now but she just looks at me as if I am crazy LOL. I will tell her when she is a bit older and might appreciate it more.

        3. Tanya, what a wonderful story. Your little Princess must be a heart breaker. May your new baby bring such joy, too.

          1. Thanks Jenny, but no more for us. We have the one and it took us 18 years to get her. I am 45 and don’t have the energy for newborn LOL.

          2. Tanya, such good news that you are pregnant after years of waiting. Wishing you a safe and easy delivery and all the joys that new mommyhood brings each time there is a new little one around.

            Believe me, I talk a good game, but want Madeleine to have her own special time with us for a few years before we attempt a second. I just love thinking of names.

            Also, this is exhausting. There are days that I finally get a chance to look into the mirror at around 5pm and I wonder who that scary person looking back at me is! I look more exhausted than is humanly possible.

    2. In my opinion monarchies are government institutions and must do what their government tells them. Yes it’s unfair but unlike the Greek royal family they still have their claim to the throne.

      1. I understand it’s a point of reference, but the Greeks that still carry on as if they are royalty irks me.
        There is no Royal family in Greece. Just some Greeks who claim titles even after they were tossed.

        1. We rightfully abolished monarchy a long time ago after a history of royal political scheming and draining of public funds. The last straw was the involvement of the ex King in a political coup.
          For the above reason, I would never compare the Greek ex royal family with any other active European RF and why the ex King’s children still carry titles for themselves is really beyond me.

          1. Elina
            Greek also I take it?
            Yes, they were horrible. I’ve heard the children do not speak greek. And i’m curious is they were even baptised greek orthodox.
            Not doing this these would be fine if they didn’t carry on like they are such high figures within that culture and country.

          2. Runaway, yes I’m Greek. And if I dare to speak for my fellow Greeks, I’d say we would be more than happy if this ex royal bunch had no ties whatsoever with the country and vice versa.
            The way they’re carrying on is their self delusion and problem.
            That being said, for the sake of the discussion going on here, I would say that people should be able to be proactive and have the reflexes to change or get rid of monarchies before any damage is made to their country.

        2. I think it’s ridiculous that the Greek royal family not only have held their titles since they were kicked out of Greece but have giving royal titles to children born since then. Um, you’re not the King of Greece. Greece has no king because they did not want a king and it’s rude of him to call himself the King of Greece.

          1. As I said he’s only an ex and disgraced King. He and his wife have been living in London since they were kicked out, where they had their children and where they are still lobbying and socialising with the elite. Whatever they call themselves it has nothing to do with Greece.

          2. Elina: I think it’s an insult to Greece for him to call himself the King of Greece. He is not. Greece has no king.

          3. I totally agree. But the country has more serious problems right now than go against (and again) this ridiculous ex King. As far as I remember he was striped of his passport and nationality because he insisted calling himself King of Greeks. I think he now has a Danish passport. People in this country just don’t care anymore about him.

      2. I don’t even think it’s unfair. I think saying the female royals are less than the male royals is wrong and unfair.

    3. Just because Sweden was the first European country to change to absolute primogeniture doesn’t mean they did it wrong and the other countries did it right. The Swedes were just more forward thinking than the Norwegians (and everyone else). Nothing wrong with that.

  15. Olof is actually Daniell’s father’s name. According to Swedish tradition, the oldest son gets his father’s name as his first name and his own name as the middle name. Thus, Olof Daniel Westling. The tradition started changing in the 80’s when sons got their fathers name as middle names instead of first names. Nowadays, no one gives the father’s name to the son. It’s usually a grandparent’s name (as with Oscar Carl Olof) or a new name.

  16. Cathy(2) I respect your opinion! We do not know if Vic might cut of C.P. when there father passes on? C.P. is the king favorite & I do not if this affects their relationship? I do not know what goes on behind closed doors? I am not against Vic or pro C..P.! As far as schedule goes Vic can do as much or little as she wants! Sibling relationships are complex & Vic & C.P. have good points & bad points like the rest of the world! I hope my opinion does not offend anyone!

    1. Oh, no offense taken at all! Perhaps we are venturing into inappropriate “political” type territory so I want to be clear that my issue isn’t with the actual act, but with the public reaction by Carl Gusaf and Silvia in the years following the change. I’ve been told that many in Sweden around that time were hoping that Victoria would be a boy because they predicted the negative reaction. (In fact, I think the BRF still has not changed their so they could have had a similar problem.) CG and Silvia’s point of view was that when Victoria was born she was not born as the heir so that should not have changed (Bertil would have remained?). Victoria was removed from her set life as another princess to Crown Princess status on January 1, 1980 and was never the heir before that date. They have an understandable counter argument but not what was chosen by the Riksdag so they should have kept quiet or at least moved on after over 20 years (in my opinion).
      My understanding is that any change in the Constitution in Sweden requires 2 votes. They have one vote that requires a supermajority and then they have to have another vote following general elections. CP was born long after the first vote but before the September general election and the second confirmation vote that officially changed the Constitution.
      My bits and pieces come from family discussion of a generation that was born in Sweden in the early 1900’s so they have all now passed away and didn’t always have the best knowledge. Perhaps someone here has more information that they can share. I can honestly see both sides of the issue, but think that since the Constitution was amended then CG and Silvia created the controversy with their words and actions when in reality, their 7 month old son was probably being blessed with the decision. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but when given a choice, I would take the job as the spare over the heir!

      1. The BRF finally passed the absolute primogeniture law in 2013. So now if W&K have another boy, he will not be ahead of Charlotte in the line of succession.

  17. I’m not much of a “kid person,” but the Swedish family and how the interact with and share their children warms my heart. Daniel is just so precious! He was definitely in my opinion the best “hot guy of the month” back when you were posting those, KMR. He’s just so cute and nerdy and he obviously adores his family. I never realized just how jipped we are by the British royals until I found this blog and was exposed to the Swedish royals. They just amaze me more and more every time I see them!

  18. I too would not have followed other Royal families on my own if not for KMR blog. This kind of exposure in one specific place has increased my knowledge. It also encouraged me to look up extra info. I went to Wikipedia and read up on this Swedish family and their ancestors.

    Through this blog I have come to have warm thoughts about this extended family. Daniel and Victoria personify goodness and a dedicated family not only within but embrace their royal obligations for their country of Sweden. I was surprised to learn this Royal family is related to Queen Victoria (England). Thank you KMR.

  19. Charlotte and Kat, I too have come to very much like the SRF, at first because of KMR’s coverage and then when comparing with BRF. I have to wonder though if SRF is as popular in Sweden as in this blog.
    The Swedes here have given us some hints of criticism for that matter, so I’m just wondering.

    1. From what I’ve read, there IS a movement to get rid of the monarchy, especially due to CG and his scandals. I’ve talked to a few Swedes, and in their opinion, people are waiting around until Queen Victoria lol She and Daniel are very popular and all see their dedication to Sweden.

      1. Thank you LizB, it’s good to know that Victoria and Daniel are as polular in their own country, since we like them so much here.
        Should I dare the obvious comparison with another royal young couple? Things would have been so different if W&K showed the same dedication to their country.

      2. There’s a movement in nearly every area that has a monarchy to get rid of them. There’s always scandals. And it depends heavily on the press factor. What news gets carried and reported. What actions are concealed.
        I’ve read some truly hateful articles based in truth about V&D. Hearts in the right place and great family. And as much as I like them points are valid that they don’t serve a large enough purpose to justify the expense. The same argument can and is made for certain politicos though so it’s just a choice between the devil and the devil.

    2. Elina I am behind in my email reading but I agree with what you wrote. I posed that very question in the latest blog by KMR and perhaps question will get answered on how the Swedish people feel about their Royal family. By comparison they should feel proud. The Swedish Royal family seem to include their people with more of a close up to their entire family. They all seem to be close knit. The handling of this family is so different.

      1. Hi Kat.
        LizB and Runaway gave us some opinions. I suppose it’s difficult to know because this is a question only the Swedes can answer. For us, it’s easy to like SRF -especially Vic & Dan- from afar, but the truth is we don’t read their press so don’t see the whole picture. There is a chance we see them through rose-tinted glasses, especially when we compare them with BRF.
        I’m certainly not an expert but I would accept Runaway’s point. It makes sense that where there is still monarchy there would also be a movement against it. It depends on how much each state can estimate the investment made on the RF and its return value.
        No easy answer there, but a lot depends also on individual popularity. It seems Victoria is more popular than her dad, for that matter.

        1. I agree Elina. Without the total picture that we have alot more of with the BRF we just cannot know. I was hoping if any on this blog are in Sweden or from Sweden might be able to share. We don’t know so much about the SRF but the glimpses we have seen are of a warm living close knit family who seem to be in touch with their Royal obligations to their country and seem to share more glimpses into their family life. It might not be a fair comparison but …..

          1. Hi

            Just a lurking first timer here, haven’t actually dared to come out of the shadows and comment before but here goes

            I’m a Swede so I felt a little compelled to answer.

            The RF is quite popular over here, especially when something good has happened, a wedding, a birth, a baptism, etc. Otherwise it’s pretty much 50/50 wanting to keep the monarchy vs becoming a republic. It constantly changes, but so far the pro-royals outweighs the opponents in every poll. And whenever a politician does something stupid and the royals stands fast, the RF increases in popularity.

            I’m not that old, but not that young either and I definitely say that they are more popular now than any other time during my lifetime. It pretty much started with Viktoria and Daniel’s wedding and has since sort of just snowballed.
            No one dislikes the young ones, not even the republicans, though they do tend to think of the money they might cost us.

            Which is actually not that much. Last summer a newspapers looked into it and found that it was something like 13kr per person during 2014, which roughly translates to £1 per person, or about $2 per person. A lot of republicans tries to use the money angle, or the old, outdated institution angle to abolish the monarchy, but so far the public doesn’t seem to jump on board. I think a lot of people likes to complain about it, but wouldn’t like to change it. Becoming a republic would mean bigger elections and we’re looking at the US right now, scratching our heads and wondering what you’re doing, and at the same time we have these weddings, and babies being born and pretty dresses and tiaras being worn… Right now the country seem to be pretty pro-royals.

            But a few scandals and the tides could turn quickly.

            I doubt we’ll see the monarchy fall within the next couple of years, and I personally hope it’ll stay for a long time, but everything changes depending on the politics of the day and how the country’s doing.

            As far as Viktoria and Daniel are concerned, they are perceived here pretty much like how you view them (from what I’ve read here at least). They seem like you’re average Swedish family, similar values etc, only they live in a castle/palace or whatever you want to call it. Estelle attends a normal nursery school, nothing fancy about it.
            Aside from the pictures that are released every now and then, along with when Viktoria and/or Daniel attends an event or similar, we don’t see much of them. There’s the occasional article about someone having gone shopping, but it’s not really that big of a deal.

            It was before though, when Viktoria, Carl-Philip and Madeleine were younger. There were a lot of articles about parties, not working enough and a bunch of unpaid parking tickets, parking illegally, breaking several traffic laws etc. Essentially they were all really bad driver. But since they’ve all married and started families, those articles have lessened. They still appear on occasion, but the general public still likes the RF.

            Princess Madeleine does often get critiqued though. Mostly for not doing enough. Having lived in NY and now London, we don’t see all that much of her, we don’t see her work the way we do the others. She does a lot of work for the World Childhood Foundation and the RF has chosen not to include that in her official calendar, so all those hours are shaved off when they tally the year and find that she’s the ‘laziest’ in the family, while it could be argued that she is one of the hardest workers. Some people accuse her of wanting the cake and eating it too – wanting the titles, the tiaras and the pretty dresses without actually working for it.
            She often likes to stress just how shy she is, Carl-Philip is as well. People in the know has recently started to notice that she uses her Facebook to lessen the interest for paps to follow her around London, which was a worry for her when moving there as she absolutely hates the paps. If there’s adorable photos of the family on FB why would the papers want grainy pictures with no real value of her walking down the street? It’s a very sneaky media-strategy.

            I read some other articles today too, and I was too shy to comment over there, so I’ll add that here instead.

            Princess Sofia has been noticed to smile with less teeth if you like and people in the know tend to put that down to wanting to act more princess-like now that she actually is a princess. Make of that what you want, i just think it could be down to her being pregnant. Maybe she’s just not having as easy a time as it appears. Maybe she’s not comfortable in her own body.

            Our almost-loved and often embarrassing King is not as popular as his wife, or in particular his eldest daughter, but he too is having a bit of an upswing. Apart from upcoming baptisms, most of this year will be dedicated to celebrate his 70th birthday, and him and the Queen having been married for 40 years. The papers thinks it’s gonna be quite the year.
            As far as him being against Viktoria being Crown princess before Carl Philip, I had to consult my mother, who sort of likes the RF. She mentioned that he did grow up in a very strict, cold old-school upbringing and to her it seems that he still carries a lot of those old-school values. That it’s not actually anything personal to his oldest daughter, it could just be the old, male-is-best belief rearing it’s ugly head again. And don’t worry, very few Swedes, if any, thinks that Carl-Philip should be the next King. He himself has numerous times also mention that he’s very comfortable not being the next monarch.
            I’ve also read that when the King was young he didn’t exactly live close to his family. He was raised to be a King, his own father died when he was only 9months old and his sisters weren’t necessarily raised alongside him. Some say that he simply isn’t the touchy-feely type, and to be fair most Swedes aren’t, he’s just taking it to the extremes.
            All this boils down to a very stiff-looking man with old old-fashioned values who puts his foot into it far too often.
            Most people actually credits Silvia for being the influence that’s changed the family, and the monarchy the most. She’s supposedly the one who actually steers this ship behind the scenes.

            On the comparison between the SRF and the BRF I’m not the best judge. One moment I think W&K are amazing, and the next I’m pretty much their biggest non-supporter. Prince Harry, however, I’m always positive about. The BRF doesn’t get that much press over here, Kate gets some, most recently because Princess Sofia apparently copied her hairstyle. W&K wedding was a big thing, the media did harp on about George and Charlotte when they were born, but that was for about a day and a half, if even that. A new picture of them and they might get a headline, but it doesn’t become a big thing. So all I read about them is from British, occasionally American, media so…I pretty much see what you see. Which, granted, is a stark contrast to how our own RF is portrayed even over here.

            I hope that clears some things up and that I haven’t muddled anything too much.
            Also, really sorry for the length of this.

          2. I just want to say quick welcome and thank you, Linn, for your information. It’s great to get this perspective.

          3. Wow Linn welcome and thanks for your long post which is fascinating. Please keep posting we have so wanted to know what the Swedes actually think. I am so glad you like Viktoria (I think we’ve even been spelling it wrong) it would have been so disappointing if we had all got it wrong.
            Best wishes and welcome.

          4. Wow, Linn, let me join the others in welcoming you and say how glad I am that we compelled you to come out. We appreciate so much your perspective.
            And I will be spelling Viktoria your way, from now on.

          5. Hi Linn. I am so glad you joined us. It is super to hear from a Swede. Awesome!! I enjoyed and appreciated your comments. I know I am in the minority but I think having Royality one can be proud of and who are doing things for their country is important and can be uplifting. It is hard to explain in words what I mean. A huge thank you to you.

          6. Thanks for the lovely welcome

            As far as Victoria’s name’s concerned.

            It is spelled with a C, as is Oscar, but having grown up with numerous friends and relatives with those very names, and who doesn’t spell it like that, it’s a force of habit for me to write them with a K.
            So I do apologize for the confusion.

  20. What a difference in the hospital leaving photos with the Swedish royals. Compared to the zoo outside in London the last few times with Bill and Mrs. Bill.

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