Swedish royals attend Te Deum for Crown Princess Victoria’s son Prince Oscar

Swedish royals attend Te Deum for Crown Princess Victoria’s son Prince Oscar

Yesterday, March 3, an hour after King Carl XVI Gustaf revealed the name of Crown Princess Victoria‘s new baby, the Swedish royal family held a Te Deum for Prince Oscar‘s birth.

The King, Queen Silvia, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill, as well as Prince Daniel’s family, all attended the thanksgiving service at the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace.

Princess Estelle wore a pink coat once worn by Princess Madeleine as a child.

Princess Sofia wore a new blue dress with embroidered detailing around the hem, sleeves, and empire waist, and new blue hat which I think looks pretty on her – except for the birdcage part of the hat which is a style I’m not fond of.

Queen Silvia wore a blue suit, and Princess Madeleine wore green. Maddie wore a green jacket she previously wore in 2013 when pregnant with Princess Leonore, a green skirt or dress, and green ankle booties.

Here’s a photo of the signed Witness Confirmation. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, President Urban Ahlin, Marshal of the Realm Svante Lindqvist, and Stewardess Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke met with Victoria, Daniel, Estelle, and baby Oscar at Haga Palace as part of the witness confirmation ceremony.

The four witnesses held a press conference after the cabinet meeting where they talked about Oscar and the family.

Of Estelle’s reaction to her new little brother, they said: “Estelle was very excited and very happy. She was a little disappointed that he had his eyes closed all the time and did not want to look at her drawings she had done.”

They also said Oscar was “completely silent all the time when we were there.” and that “He has dark hair and very fine features.”

Witness Confirmation

68 thoughts on “Swedish royals attend Te Deum for Crown Princess Victoria’s son Prince Oscar

  1. Estelle’s reaction is adorable. She’s such a clever child.
    Sophia looks pretty. She’s next!
    Thanks for the update, KMR.

      1. It’s nice that the SRF allow meaningful (and real) anecdotes to be released about the kids. It doesn’t cause any harm and it’s much more genuine that saying your child wants to be whatever career corresponds to the event you’re at. I’m surprised we haven’t heard “George wants to be a mental health professional,” yet.

        ^^sorry for the unwarranted stab. Seeing how well the SRF is handling this just makes me realize how much better the BRF could be doing if they tried.

        1. Good one! Either George needs to become a mental health professional to figure out his parents, or W&K need to save for future cognitive therapy for G&C. I mean really, a raise of hands who wants to be in this family?

          I for one, would like to be adopted by Victoria and Daniel.

    1. So do I LizB and I especially like that little Estelle was there too. She is learning how to sit quietly at an early age which will serve her well in the future. Daniel just looks such a good Daddy too.

        1. Totally agree!

          The SRF is inclusive and in tune with their people (no trial PR announcement then change);they are dignified, regal and with adorable Princess Estelle out in public (and training from a very young age).

          Looking forward to Prince Couple baby arrival and Christenings!

          Thank you KMR .

    2. Now **this** is a family. “Royal” they may be but they are just so: I have to say it. Down to earth and aside from the ‘royal’ part, just like us. Little Estelle and her tiny chair, drawing a picture for her little brother and then being disappointed that his eyes were closed, obviously very bonded with her mother and dad and uncle. (can’t even find a tiny fault in CP in the way he is around her). The picture of the family leaving the hospital wasn’t glamorous or fancy. Or fake. And the ceremony to thank God for the baby was beautiful.

      1. I generally am not a fan of CP, but whenever I see him interact with Estelle, it just makes my heart go all gooey!!

        1. There is a wonderful picture of the two of them, taken when Victoria was driving the pony cart (?) pre wedding I think. You’d love it, it’s adorable. Those two definitely have a close bond.

  2. My first reaction was “Estelle is carrying a purse!”. I love that the SRF includes Estelle. She is such a charming girl. The only thing missing was Leonore. That would have sent me over the edge, lol.

    The SRF gets things done. No long wait for name announcements, drama over pictures, and updates. Sofia and Madde looked so pretty. It won’t be long before Sofia is next. Daniel’s family was there in the second row. I love that they are included also.

    Thanks for the update on “le petite prince”. It’s going to be fun to watch him grow up. Great post, KMR.

    1. I also thought it was nice that Daniel’s family was included. I often wonder about their relationship with the SRF. I also don’t know much about what the Swedish general public thinks about him now or when CPV originally married a commoner.

      1. One of Estelle’s names is Ewa, for Dan’s mom. They are pretty involved and you will see them at events.

        From what I’ve read, Dan was criticized because of his accent. I guess it wasn’t as refined as people thought it would be. But I think that his quiet and consistent support of Vic endeared him.

        1. Thanks Rhiannon for the info. I like Daniel and his dedication.

          You read my mind about Leonore. I missed her too in the Te Deum. She would bring cuteness to a whole new level. Especially when she wouldn’t settle on any chair for long.
          But I’m happy to see her big cousin, anyway. Estelle is a bright star.

          As for Sofia, I can’t remember what I voted in the poll but now I wish for a girl because I’d prefer the tradition of firstborn princesses to continue. The Swedes are all for girl power. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing that Estelle could be such a little lady and sit quietly throughout the ceremony. & she’s only 4 years old!
    Kudos to Victoria & Daniel for being able to instill such behavior on her. Adorable pink dress & that pink handbag!

  4. How nice to see the whole family there! And everyone looked so great today, I love Sofia’s dress and Maddie’s booties! Estelle is too cute with her little, pink handbag 🙂

    I can only imagine what is going through Carl Phillip’s and Sofia’s minds during this service, probably thinking “not much longer now”.

  5. How wonderful news and it’s so normal the way that they are celebrating this new birth as a family and as a nation. No parading around in designer wear and blow dries hours after giving birth and then crying for privacy, whole greedily taking from the public purse.

    And Estelle’s reaction is so cute! I wonder what she drew for her dear little brother? You bet she’s gonna be a protective older sister to him, lol.

    I read up on Victoria and Daniel’s love story yesterday and wow the ‘path of true love did never run smooth’.

  6. Estelle is such a cutie! I love her looking like a little lady on her little throne and with that pink purse. She seems to be a girly girl 😉
    I am amazed that she sat there so quietly as she is only 4. Kudos to Vic, Dan & the nanny for such a great upbringing!

    I like the te deum tradition really much. And Dofias bump has really grown! I somehow think she’ll have a girl…
    And Estelle looked cute in Maddes old coat. I love that they dress her in her moms old xlothes, the style is so pretty.
    Will and Kate also dress George in Wills old clothes sometimes which I also find very cute as I like the vintage style. But some seem to criticize them for that while they like it on Estelle – I wonder why? Answers are greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Nods to nostalgia — like dressing a daughter in a few pieces of clothing here and there — are quite different than reenacting entire scenes from the past, which is ham-handed at best.

    2. When William and Kate dressed George in old clothes, they made a huge deal about it. Whereas Estelle and Leonore wear old clothes and no one mentions it except the fans who point it out. Th court is not releasing that information and old pics the way KP does when George wears old clothes. So there’s the difference there for me. I wouldn’t mind if George and Charlotte wore old clothes if it wasn’t made into such a to-do.

      1. I agree about the fact that KP puts it out there (proudly at that) and the SRF just lets it be. But one other thing that bothers me about George in William’s old clothes is that you know from looking at them that they are from another time period. The dresses that Estelle and Leonore have worn just look like classic little girl dresses to me and I’m not thinking that the 1950’s have come to 2016. If it was a BRF tradition we probably would’ve seen Charles in knee breeches from some old relative. Just my 2 cents worth. 🙂

      2. KMR I thought that Kate brought the old fashioned clothes for George. I doubt that William would want George dressing in his old clothes if he didn’t enjoy wearing them and if his childhood was far from idyllic. Surely Kate would know that. I get the feeling because I have never seen a photo of Kate as a girl dressed in a dress probably because they were passed to Pippa and then worn out. The only reference to a dress Kate wore was dressing in a fairy or princess dress meant for another girl that her parents had sold to another child through Party Pieces.

        1. I was meaning the blue outfit George wore to Trooping last year. It was the same outfit William wore to his first Trooping and KP made a big deal about it on Twitter.

          1. I did not realize. Thank you KMR. It is surprising that KP have to call attention to it. Surely people would normaly recognise it like Madeline’s coat. To be honest as a Brit I am far more interested in the other royals now, due to your fabulous coverage. I hope you are getting a rest with all this blogging.

          2. Imho another difference is that the Swedish simply pass clothes from one generation to the next. But the Cambridges recreate a certain look. I.e. the outfit George was wearing for his sisters baptism was a replica, not the original. that’s creepy!

  7. What an amazing and loving family! What a lovely tradition to have a ceremony as they did. Gratitude for a new baby and for oh, so much love.

    Estelle’s presence and that little chair! Just darling. Her purse? Too sweet for words.
    And, the fact that she drew pictures for the baby and then was disappointed when he wouldn’t open his eyes to look at them. So, adorable. So very real.

    I thought Sophia looked just beautiful. So serene. I am now thinking she is having a girl. I loved her hat. Just loved it. And, Maddie’s boots!! Great!

    Daniel looked so happy. Vic and he have done a wonderful job with Estelle and I am sure Oscar will be a great little boy!

    Warms your heart, doesn’t it?

  8. Thank you for another post on this delightful Royal family. This is a nice tradition tradition the Swedish people have.

    How do the Swedish people feel about their Royal family?

    Estelle is a sweetie. I too think it is nice that Estelle wore a coat previously worn. I had no problem either with George wearing outfits his father had worn at special events.

    Great to receive photos inside the church of the family. Makes it more real.

    1. The Swedish king is NOT popular, though Victoria is. However, the Swedes don’t support the monarchy to the same extent as the Danes, fx. They do need to step carefully, especially after the scandals surrounding the king and Sofia’s past, which isn’t universally accepted.

      1. Thank you ArtHistorian for your valuable input to these blogs from a historical and present point of view. Thankfully Victoria and Daniel are turning the tide of negativity (hopefully).

      2. Hi ArtHistorian and thank you too for your input. I hope everything’s OK with you. 🙂
        Did I mention I saw the Danish girl?

      3. Victoria has made comments in the past that make it clear she doesn’t understand why there would be Republicans in Sweden. As if she cannot comprehend why some people think there should be no monarchy. I also remember reading that some Swedes think it is silly to call Daniel His Royal Highness.

        I’m glad she married a true everyman like Daniel who can open her eyes a little about what everyday people may think of monarchy. Letizia has done the same for Felipe IMO.

        1. I could see why she thinks that, as royals are pretty much raised in a bubble and have no experience of real life.

      4. Thanks ArtHistorian. I have always wondered about them since we are so far away and with the language barrier.

        What are the scandals surrounding the king? I just know how he wished CG to be his heir.

    1. A lovely gift for a lovely little girl. And, look, Vic actually gave the present to her daughter and lets her use it! I hope those who gave it to her see the darling photos of Estelle and her big girl purse! I wonder what W and K do with all those Cambridge 1 shirts that are presented to them for G and C. How about snapping a photo, Kate? You know, George and Charlotte in their little t-shirt gifts!

    1. Oh, thank you Mri and Evchen. Any piece of info you give us is welcome.
      It’s good to know Estelle puts in good use the gifts her mum received for her.

      1. Thank you Mri and Evchen. A Royal using the gift they were given. Victoria’s goes up in my estimation with her kindness.

  9. Adorable family!
    I’m really impressed with the way the Swedes handle the births of their children. Amazing PR teams or simply Royals who understand their roles in the institution?

  10. The SRF could school the BRF. For whatever reason, it looks as if the SRF treat the public at large like extended family.

    I had no idea that royal families could actually be real families until I learned about the SRF.

    The Te Deum is a lovely thanksgiving ceremony. Sure beats that artificial, image conscious, manipulative christening from the Dolittles; it makes them look really, really bad.

    On the other hand, I can’t wait till all royals no longer possess status. But I would be happy to visit their (ex) houses.

    1. There’s much difference between the 2 families and it can be argued they are not fairly compared. Although, work ethic is work ethic. Royal children raised in RF is also a sticking point. Yea, they’re schooling them

  11. Ahhh, the SRF always showing up as united bunch, taking care of family matters and sharing with the world 🙂 always so cool and nice to see.

    If I had a royal family I would love it if it were them; good-looking, hard-working, approachable (?), open and with adorable children. Seriously, if I had a royal family I would like to know what they are up to in terms of work and family. I understand and respect their need for privacy, but I wouldn’t like them locked away hating the plebes and the paps.

  12. The news about the birth made me so happy! 🙂 Although I’m not Swedish and although they are not “my” Royal family it feels like someone I know is happy. And I am happy for them. Even if their handling of the announcement and the celebration of the little Princes birth was only perfect PR I don’t mind. News like these are exactly what I need right now: happiness, love, kindness, laughter. The times are hard enough and everyone/everything that makes me smile is good.

  13. I did not know what a Te Deum was. The whole family plus Daniel’s do the thanksgiving with no fuss. Estelle drawing a picture for her brother is so sweet. I like how Estelle sits on her own chair and behaves. The little bag and coat of Madeleine’s is a wonderful touch. Good to see the Royal family re using their own childhood clothes what a lovely tradition. Daniel is really paying attention to Estelle, which is good to see and so is her uncle by the looks of things.

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