King and Queen of Bhutan release more photos of their son

King and Queen of Bhutan release more photos of their son

King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan have released more photos, taken on February 19, of their two week old son, His Royal Highness The Gyalsey.

The Gyalsey 1

The King and Queen released this set of photos on the King’s Facebook with the caption:

    “To Commemorate His Majesty’s 36th Birth Anniversary on 21st, we are delighted to share a collection of wonderful photographs of His Royal Highness The Gyalsey, with His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen.
    “In these Kupars, taken on Friday, 19th February, His Royal Highness is two-weeks old! ❀
    “As we offer our humble love and wishes, we also rejoice, knowing that on this special year, His Majesty has the exceptional, personal happiness of being a Parent.”

The photos were taken at Lingkana Palace.

King, Queen, and The Gyalsey 1

The below photo, and the other close up of the baby, were taken by the King. Between Mary, Kate, and Harry, we’ve got lots of royal photographers running around.

The Gyalsey 2

King and The Gyalsey 1

Queen and The Gyalsey 1

King and The Gyalsey 3 King and The Gyalsey 2

King, Queen, and The Gyalsey 2 King, Queen, and The Gyalsey 3

King, Queen, and The Gyalsey 6 King, Queen, and The Gyalsey 4

King, Queen, and The Gyalsey 5

Photos: His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck Facebook

39 thoughts on “King and Queen of Bhutan release more photos of their son

  1. These are awesome photos. How nice to see a father so proud and willing to be photographed in these poses. They are a beautiful family. Gorgeous surroundings. I want to visit Bhutan.

  2. Amazing photos with beautiful colours.
    Happy Birthday to King Jigme. He’s obviously totally smitten by his wonderful son.
    I’m very happy for this lovely royal family. Hope to see more of them during the Cambridges’ tour in April.
    These are the posts we like, thank you, KMR.
    I would love to visit Bhutan, too.

  3. We all need to visit Bhutan! There is so much love, pride, and affection in the pictures. The colors are so vibrant! I love that the little prince is the focus of all of them.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics, KMR!

  4. Maybe we can get a group rate! I just know I’d take an extra empty suitcase because I’d be coming back with yards of fabric for my quilts. So many gorgeous fabrics. I drool every time I see a picture.

    1. I know! How amazing are they! Beautiful silks and woven fabrics with lovely patterns to fit a royal family. The yellow/orange colour of the baby blanket looks like a royal feature. The Bhutanese people surely know how to make beautiful traditional dresses.

  5. These are real family photos: dozens of them,with everyone present ( not photoshopped), with emotions, love & affection shown in every shot. Maybe photos of the Cambridge kids without their parents is ‘cos William wasn’t around. I love the first official photos of Charles, Diana, William & baby Harry. They were beautifully taken & you could see the interaction between the family members.

  6. I love the one of King Jigme smiling while holding his son!! I hope they get that one enlarged, framed and put in a special place of honor in their home, along with a family photo! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the photos KMR!

    Beautiful baby, beautiful family, feeling the love here!

    (I have to smile at the ancient kingdom of Bhutan using Facebook to share these photos! The King did say he wanted to bring his country into the 21st century 🙂 )

  8. I just love the affection and love that you can see in these photos. I feel like we rarely, if ever, see affection from the BRF. These two clearly love each other and their son.

  9. He is a beautiful baby. These are lovely photos and it is nice to have the King and Queen share them with the world.

    If W&K would only learn. They act like they are the only royals in the world who have to give up some of their privacy. I am sure the new parents are busy getting adjusted to having an infant, but they took the time to have nice photos taken. These beat the poor quality Michael Middleton photo of W,K,PG and Lupo.

    1. I think they are sharing their joy with their people first and the world second. William and Kate’s trip to Bhutan will be fun to watch. They will be meeting two hard working royals who adore their people and aren’t afraid to share their family. I hope they take notepads with them to write down any advice they are given.

  10. Baby Day is right! This child is truly blessed. Not only in his amazingly beautiful features, but in the parents who love him so much. It is truly wonderful to see Jigme gazing with such love at his son, but also, the photo where his hand so lovingly touches his wife’s arm is so beautiful.

    The garden setting is amazing. The colors are so gorgeous in the natural surrounding and in the choice of clothing and baby blanket!
    Pack your bags, friends. Time to head to this magical country. A visit would be GREAT. Again, thank you KMR.

  11. Amazing photos! They are a beautiful family!
    I do love the coverage of the Asian Families, since my kiddos are Chinese.

    This is keeping me happy during a very frustrating and sad time while out third child is waiting in an orphanage for us to come get her. Out timelines keep getting blown by.. so cute baby faces are helping!

    1. Congratulations on adopting your new little girl! Bummer that you can’t get her yet. Hopefully everything will work out soon.

      1. Thanks you guys!! We were supposed to have family day on this Monday.. but we are pushed off a month and she will miss having a family for her birthday.

        This blog has been a sanity saver during the LOOOOOOONG process.

        1. A friend of mine – White, blond, blue eyed – has two Asian adopted kids, now adults. They are the most beautiful kind blended happy family of any I know. To go through the paperwork and emotional trauma must be so difficult but the end result is so wonderful. I wish you and your family very much joy in the future, and hope you will share with us when your new little one is safely in her new mummy’s arms.

    2. What happy, happy news! Sending good thoughts your way and hoping the process goes as smoothly as possible. So nice to hear a story of love. A dear friend of mine adopted a little girl from an orphanage in China thirty years ago. He always said it was the best decision of his entire life. He was 100% smitten from day one and could never stop talking about her.

      1. Yes, sincere congratulations. I am sure it is frustrating to wait, but I believe your wait will be so very worthwhile. I have a good friend who adopted a baby from Vietnam several years ago — before I knew her . The runaround that she and her husband received was so nerve wracking, she always says. But, it all worked out. And, your waiting will end soon, I am sure. Keep us in the loop!

        I love the photos of the beautiful family! Such feelings of love and awe in the faces of the parents. And, what a beautiful little baby boy.

        Bhutan is a beautiful country. May life be happy for this Royal Family.

  12. They are the most beautiful family in the world. Omigod. Absolutely lovely. I am so happy for them! If I were Kate, I’d be having a huge meltdown right about now. She is going to look like a hag next to Queen Jetsun Pema. They make the Cambridge’s look like a icy cold pretend family in comparison. No forced smiles or manic greens needed here. I’d be glugging wine and crying in my closet if I was in Kate’s position right now.

  13. Beautiful baby and beautiful pictures of the royal couple within a beautiful country. But I will still ask: why would Bhutan, which is not an economically wealthy country, even support a hereditary monarchy?

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