Royal Round Up: New photos of Gabriel & Jigme, Madeleine in London

Royal Round Up: New photos of Gabriel & Jigme, Madeleine in London

This royal round up features new photos of Prince Gabriel of Sweden and Crown Prince Jigme of Bhutan, as well as Princess Madeleine visiting the Swedish Embassy in London.

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, and Prince Gabriel
[Erika Gerdemark/]

On November 1, the Swedish royal court released a new photo of Prince Gabriel, with parents Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, from the same set previously released in October to mark one month to go until Gabriel’s baptism on Friday, December 1.

The baptism will be held at Drottningholm Castle Church with guest arrivals beginning at 11:00am Sweden time, the ceremony will begin at 12:00pm Sweden time, and a reception and lunch will begin at 1:00pm Sweden time (that’s 5:00am, 6:00am, and 7:00am, respectively, US ET). Like with previous Swedish royal baptisms, I will have an open post going during the livestream.

In Bhutan royal baby news: The November calendar features King Jigme Khesar and Crown Prince Jigme. Additionally, 21-month-old Jigme tagged along with his parents on a four day visit to India last week where he met with dignitaries and received gifts, as one does.

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While Kate was playing tennis and Harry was speaking on the Royal Foundation, Princess Madeleine spent her Halloween at the Swedish Embassy in London. Madeleine was received by Ambassador Torbjörn Sohlström before taking a walking tour of the premises and receiving a briefing on the Embassy’s activities. Madeleine met with the Embassy’s management team and representatives of several organizations that the Embassy works with. She also received a book by Ellen Wettmark as a thank you for the her participation at the inauguration of the Room for Children at the Southbank Center Cultural Center earlier this year.

Madeleine wrote on Facebook about her visit, in Swedish. Translated to English (via Google Translate), she said:

    “Today, I visited the Swedish Embassy here in London to meet Ambassador Torbjörn Sohlström and his colleagues. At the embassy, ​​I also had the chance to meet representatives from Swedish organizations working for Sweden and Swedes in Britain. Many thanks to the Embassy, ​​Business Sweden, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Visit Sweden, Swedish School and the Swedish Church for an interesting and rewarding day.”

27 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: New photos of Gabriel & Jigme, Madeleine in London

  1. 1)That’s a better pic of Gabriel.
    2)Prince Jigme has grown so big! Hard to believe that this kid is 1 already.
    3)Nice to see Madeliene.

      1. You had it correct the first time. 🙂 Gyalsey is a title; the prince’s name is Jigme, like his father.

  2. The Bhutans have a real sense of “serene” about them – and the baby is beautiful – and i suspect this family is not about looks etc . . . .

    1. Bhutans live in Buddhism, this means they give more than they take and feel grateful for the things they have.It’s the strong opposite of our world. The parents will teach their son to be humble.

      1. That is a better and sweet photo of Gabriel. It is lovely to see Madeleine out working though I hope she takes care. It is good to see her get involved and I always look forward to reading about her and Victoria’s work. I have been following them since university days. I don’t know why.
        Jigme, is growing fast.

      2. Isn’t is also the country that was found to have the happiest citizens a few years back? Or am I getting that confused with somewhere else? I could totally be wrong but I thought it was Bhutan.

        1. Bhutan do Gross National Happiness instead of GNP.

          Great way of looking at life, and while I am not religious , if I was I would be a Buddhist. The ethos of helping others and giving, and hurting no one is something all religions and non religious people should consider.

          I love the way they bring up the future King, and he is so well behaved on his first royal tour. How lucky they are to have such a wonderful royal family.

        2. I just want to point out that there is no way of measuring national happiness. The policy in place in Bhutan measured a few national values. One of which happened to be cultural protection and promotion. Which meant that culture was promoted at the risk of the culture of minority groups in Bhutan.

          What happened to the minority groups has mostly been forgotten since the previous king abdicated. The current king had nothing to do with it.

          But it still says a lot that there is an article on Wikipedia titled Ethnic cleansing in Bhutan.

          1. Yes, I’ve read about how Bhutan isn’t really such a wonderful place despite royal PR.

            Jigme and Jetsun seem like lovely people so hopefully things are changing.

          2. Jetsun seems like a breath of fresh air. I like that she actually worked or got a good education and is now using it. I am not too informative on Bhutan. But from what I read on here I like finding out something new.

  3. Baby Jigme is just adorable (and so big)! I love his grumpy face in the picture where he’s reaching for the gift.

    I really hate all of the pictures so far released of Gabriel – none of them clearly show his face! The focus seems more on the parents…which, who cares?! We already know what they look like, I’m here for the baby 🙂

  4. Remember how we talked about that Tuvalu award? Kate received it at KP according to the DM–for raising awareness of climate change. Hahahahahhaa!

    Wee Jigme is so, so precious.

    1. Headline news in the UK tonight is not the shooting in Texas but the fact that the Queen has been investing money offshore…potentially avoiding tax. I wonder what else will come out about Royal finances.
      The Palace is being ‘tight lipped’!! According to the BBC.

      Given the royals don’t work privately I never understand how they have so much ‘personal’ wealth. To me it is all smoke and mirrors.

      My sympathies of course to all affected by the latest shooting in America.

      1. That’s not surprising at all. How did they find that out? Is imagine everyone with money does this, and they’re of course able to do so. Is this illegal or simply bad optics now that it got found out? I don’t know British law, obviously!

        I’d imagine the money is from porfolio and investments? Then add in how much the worth is of balmoral and Sandringham not to mention all the land as Duke of Lancaster the crown owns…

        1. I hope KMR will cover this…

          It was a leak of info on tax haven accounts. It was invested by the Duchy of Lancaster. So it is public money invested to avoid taxes. The optics are terrible. I believe this may be the canary in the coal mine for the BRF. They are between the rock and the hard place. If their finances are transparent there will be outrage, and if not transparent, outrage, too. The free ride may be over.

          1. I hope so too; having done a bit of reading it could be, er, somewhat innocent on the Duchy of Lancaster’s part and not tax evasion due to how the Caymans and dual taxation works.

            None of it would surprise me. We know pretty much all politicians, royals, etc must do this, celebs do too. Justin Trudeau was caught out as well.

          2. A bit more here:

            What people do with their own money is their business. The problem with the BRF is that how they use public funding is far from transparent and they have used their positions to put up barriers to prevent it from being so. If this incident means that greater scrutiny will be applied to the BRF along with detailed, and independent auditing of how they spend public monies, all the better.

  5. I found this comment which illuminates the situation. I guess it’s not a big deal but makes them look awful, because we immediately go to tax evasion/avoidance…

    “The tax structure by the Queen here isn’t unusual, not illegal, and not necessarily an indication of tax avoidance.

    Basically, a fund domiciled in the Cayman avoids dual taxation in certain jurisdictions. This means the Queen’s investment vehicle, The Duchy of Lancaster, won’t pay taxes on the profits of its investment until it is repatriated to the UK, at which point it will pay capital gains at the UK rate.

    The same is done by insurance companies, pension funds and asset managers who manage money for everyone from the 1% to bus drivers with a basic pension system.”

  6. Sweet photo of baby Prince Gabriel and his parents Father really loves that boy! My hormones go into overdrive, when I see pix of such young, precious babies. So sweet.

    And, little Price Jigme is growing by leaps and bounds. So cute!!!

    Did I miss a photo of Madeleine? I hope she is well. Forgot when she is due. In the spring, yes?

    Feeling very out of sorts with all the violence going on right now. The truck incident in New York City was very unsettling and so sad. People here on vacation, innocently killed. Two locals, too. Just awful.

    Now, the horrifying incident in a small Texas town’s church. Very sorry for all who were impacted personally and for everyone who suffers pain in their hearts when such awful things happen, too.

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