Kate Middleton spotted out shopping in London

Kate Middleton spotted out shopping in London

Hot off her busy (“busy”) week last week guest editing the Huffington Post UK and hanging with some RAF peeps, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, took to the shops for some R&R.

Kate shopping Feb 2016 1

Kate was out in London shopping at Lululemon – the fitness wear company. I’m assuming this was taken last week since Kate would have been in London, but the Daily Mail does not say when the photo was taken.

Kate actually wore casual clothes for this outing, though they were expensive casual clothes. Kate wore a £1,250 leather and suede gilet over a £395 black honeycomb rollneck sweater, both from Temperley. She also wore leggings and a pair of £75 Asics sneakers that are clearly worn in. Kate topped off her outfit with her Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings and her Tods grey leather bag. This outfit does not look like it should cost as much as it does.

I still think it’s a bit ridiculous how much Kate shops, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt for shopping for athletic wear. After a while, you do need to replace your workout clothes. But I will side-eye shopping at Lululemon. Their stuff is ridiculously overpriced – a normal tank is $42 and a normal shirt is $58. For workout wear that is meant to get sweaty and gross, there is no need to spend that much.

If you want to vomit due to high sugar intake, you can read this article about the chief executive of Mind praising Kate’s “hugely impressive”, “commendable long term commitment to mental health”. Blah. There is nothing wrong with Kate championing mental health, but don’t praise her for something she has not done. And for the love of frog don’t lump William in there when he’s done less for mental health than Kate has.

Kate shopping Feb 2016 2

254 thoughts on “Kate Middleton spotted out shopping in London

    1. But she is a ‘style icon’ remember? So obviously it is okay. In fact, maybe we should all do likewise now that she has made it the fashion.

    2. Those are the same earrings she wore to the HuffPo event. The Mail speculates this picture of her was taken that same day.

      1. Nah, she’s had some of those pieces for close to a decade. I’m not gonna be excited about an expensive bag and jacket. Quality pieces will cost a lot, but also last a lifetime.

        I am also not excited about her wearing earrings. I can relate. I love earrings, so I’ll wear a set all day, take ’em off for a workout, then put ’em back on. My pearl earrings cost $300 too, I got them for my wedding. I call them “my wedding pearls”, and they warm my heart.

        I do think that in her position she might do well to be more discrete about her shopping. Why borrow trouble? She can easily buy stuff online, she already knows what fits her. Just put it on a credit card and have done. If you hate it – return it. Better: ask your trusty assistant to return it. Problem solved.

        By most people’s standard I suppose I shop ridiculously much too. I go on Ebay at least once a week, sometimes more. I’ll select a bazillion items, then sift through them for days until I finally commit to one or two. Then I repeat. What can I say? I like it. And it’s cheap. So I’m not gonna diss her for shopping a lot. It’s therapy. There.

        Our trouble I suppose is that we see her shopping sometimes more than we see her working. And there lies the problem. I work up to 50 hours a week. Some people work 80. Shopping and whiskey are a way to cope. What’s she coping with?

        1. You spend your own money and you work 50 hours a week. Your entire post shows how careful and particular you are and how much time you take in deciding on a purchase. You are very generous in not dissing Kate for shopping and chalking it up to therapy. However, this woman spends other people’s money and I’m convinced that had she not wanted to be ‘spotted’ it wouldn’t have happened. Stupid of her imo, since the press hasn’t been pro Cambridge lately. I think she’s coping with a horrible marriage and the less than flattering sycophantic legit press lately and for her to just throw her wealth into our faces is a foolish move I think. She who does such huge impressive amounts of work ‘in secret’ might think about what others have said, keep your shopping a secret. Whoever said up thread that she is into work out clothes because Pippa is, really made me think. Very good thought since Kate has zero identity of her own and in her mind Pippa’s getting good press this makes sense. If you find my post in any way shape or form offensive it wasn’t meant to be. I simply don’t see that Kate’s shopping and yours are remotely comparable. But again, you’re more generous and kind than I. Maybe I’m over compensating for nearly slipping off the rails in heading towards ‘poor’ Kate territory. To me, this shopping trip is a blatant not nice term to the people who have to finance her.

          1. I read this blog religiously, but have never posted until now.
            Royalsareajoke, I agree with your comments. I do agree that Kate wanted to be seen shopping — as an ordinary woman. “Look I wear work-out clothes. I even wear dirty sneakers! I’m just like you!” If she wanted this expedition kept private, there were better ways of doing so. I also think that you are onto something when you say that Kate seems to be copying Pippa now. No, she does not have a strong sense of personal identity and she does seem to think her sister is getting some good press right now. So, why not mimic her?

            I am also surprised — after reading through all these comments — that Kate made this shopping trip on the same day as she did her guest editorship job for the HuffPost. Here she did one thing that showed that she was supposedly into helping others and she follows it by a personal shopping trip. Does she have any sense of how that makes her look? Her work was not really that taxing, was it? She only stayed for a bit. Did she really need to reward herself and dress in such an inappropriate, yet expensive way, and head out shopping after “a semi day at the office?”

            Thank you for this blog which is a treat to read. There are many things about William and Kate that irk me and I am not a British taxpayer. I would be even more upset if I were one.

            And, the coverage of the other Royals is truly wonderful. To see their hard work and open ways with the public tells a great deal about them. William and Kate need to take some lessons.

          2. Hi Mary Rose, and thanks. I agree with your post and this woman is really pushing her ‘luck’ (which I don’t believe in but can’t find another word) in being out shopping on someone else’s dime. I don’t remember who first made the observation that she’s now mimicking Pippa but it made sense. Can’t take credit for the original thought but it’s really getting creepy, no? She picks the craziest ways to get attention and to mimic her sister?, which whoever said it first I think is right. I am sooooooooo looking forward to seeing that smug smile wiped off the entire ‘Buckleberry Hillbilly’ clan. I believe that the demise of the queen and prince Phillip will really rock the ‘good ship lollipop’, and while I certainly don’t wish either of the dead the fact remains that they are very old. Phillip delights me!

        2. Ecelos. I agree with your post. I have no problem with Kate shopping nor that she is wearing items she has probably had for a long while. It is the lack of known work that does cause the problem. Hopefully she did not shop the same day as her guest editor job for a very small amount of time 1 to 2 hrs of this particular day of involvement.

        3. I truly think Kate shops not because she loves clothes but because it gives her something to do to fill her day. She’s bored, and instead of learning something or working, she’d rather shop because it’s easy. It also gives her an excuse to get away from the kids.

          1. I agree KMR! I am not royal and have never had Kate’s lifestyle or wealth but for the longest time when I was unhappy and unfulfilled in other areas of my life I looked to shopping for a quick fix. My rationale was ‘if I didn’t have a good career, at least I could dress like I did’ – resulting in me being wildly overdressed to go to my menial job. Did it help? Not really! This is just one example – shopping is easy, you see, you like, you buy, you feel better (for a short time) but it doesn’t make the problems like low self-worth, boredom, etc., go away – if anything it makes it worse. Too much of anything is usually a sign of not enough somewhere else.

          2. I think that’s it.

            My husband and I have money. I had a terrible habit of buying my son clothes when he didn’t need it just because I could. (I should have bought myself new clothes instead of wearing t-shirts I bought in high school but I digress.) I was bored and it was fun. But it was our money, and I could do what I wanted with the money I had in my bank account. Kate’s money is taxpayer money, paid to her for doing…nothing. Therein lies the problem.

            When I was in Cardiff I went to a discount shopping centre that sold Jaeger, Hobbs, a lot of Kate brands. I got a bunch of beautiful clothes for a few hundred American bucks. Nice casual dresses, tops, two date night dresses. I remember thinking “Why does Kate look so boring when these clothes are so pretty and relatively affordable being high street stuff?” The lady there was lovely and helped me style things. I’m not a belt or cardigan girl but she convinced me otherwise. It’s so helpful having someone who knows what looks good on different body types and with different pieces to help you set up a wardrobe where it may be pricey in the beginning but then you don’t need to buy anything else because the quality is so nice.

            And it meant I could throw away jeans I bought my senior year of high school. Sooo that was a plus. 😉

            tl,dr: I love Hobbs OK don’t judge. lol

          3. @The Hipsterette: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. But yeah, I understand how shopping could take the place of working on oneself. Anything to keep the mind off of the negative.

            @Ellie: No judgement. Hobbs has some cute stuff. I often wonder why Kate chooses the most boring pieces from the designers she wears. I’ve found so many cute pieces from the designers she wears yet she always chooses the boring ones.

    3. I’m guessing this was taken on the 17th, after her guest editor gig. So she changed clothes but didn’t change her earrings. The cost of the jacket is just ridiculous.

        1. It kind of reminds of the coat she wore while watching that wreath laying ceremony last year, the one where Maxima joined her and Sophie on the balcony….

      1. omg. She does one thing that is supposed to show how caring she is and then she has to treat herself with a shopping trip. I really am losing such patience with Kate.
        I can’t believe this photo was probably taken later on the day of the guest editing gig.

  1. WHY is she dressed in gym leggings in public? She’ s been shopping not to the gym. Attention seeking methinks. Interesting to see that she does have proper handbags though! It gives her something to do with her hands, or maybe it’s just that she is relaxed and happy when shopping.
    Just going to read the Mind article now, but needed coffee first as I think I may need to stay calm.

    1. I was going to say maybe she was going to the gym before or after shopping. I tend to wear my leggings around when I’m out running errands then going to the gym. But her hair looks much too perfect for that…she probably just had her blowout

      1. Why does she need to go to the gym whilst out on a day shopping trip to London. She has a massive apartment in Kensington Palace and a stately home in the country probably both with home-gyms. She is wearing leggings because a) she is still a teenager in her head or b) she is trying to distract our attention from all the negative press about Wills or c) she REALLY wants us to look at her legs or d) she has gone crazy and has lost all self-awareness. I think d. Maybe c.

        1. So funny! I think “C” the most, but some of the others. I don’t want to start something, but I am beginning to wonder if Kate is trying to ‘show off’ her thinness to get attention from Will or worry her family.

        2. I agree with you. Why would the very private Kate work out at a gym when she has all those rooms in two locations.

      2. She’s a Princess for heavens sake let’s not see her in gym leggings unless she is actually running from the gym to her car like Diana. She’s out shopping this is not appropriate attire and the queen will not be amused. I run into the supermarket post workout but I know I look terrible but I’m nobody so it doesn’t matter.
        I bet this was on Huff Po day she had to shop to recover from the stress of all that work.

        1. yup; and it’s not hard to throw a long flowy black dress with a necklace on top of those leggings when she darts from the gym to the car.

          at least she is not showing us her crotch: the top is below the hip level

          1. Oof. I’d hate to throw on anything over my gym clothes after a workout when I’m all sweaty and gross.

          2. KMR: yes, it’s gross to throw something over the sweaty workout clothes. But, the point is, people don’t want to see the legs of their future queen. So, she could do that for 2 minutes while darting from gym to car, then take it off. Or keep it on for another 15 minutes til she gets home. Or here is a wild notion: she could take a shower! Many gyms have those. Then she could put on a nice dress like the Duchess she is supposed to be.

            Makes sense?

        2. Not gonna lie, I love Lululemon and frequently wear their pants and tops out. Some of their stuff is actually pretty stylish. They are SUPER comfortable! So I can’t really fault her for shopping there. But, I do try to check myself and buy things when they’re on sale or when I’ve had a raise or it’s my birthday. They are a bit expensive, but I’ve had these pants and tops for longer than any other workout wear I’ve had. I only go there for workout stuff now. After sweating my butt off, I’ll shower and change into more Lululemons before I leave.. unless I have somewhere specific I’m going, in which case I’ll change into other clothes. But if I’m just going home, it’s back in more Lululemons. Again.. just super comfortable!

          Editted to add, with regards to the shopping online thing. I’ve bought stuff off their website before thinking I know my size for both pants and tops. But you really gotta try it on. They all fit slightly differently. The top I got, I never would’ve bought if I had tried it on in the store. With the pants, they also hem them in store at no extra charge. It comes in pretty handy. If you can’t tell, it’s one of my happy places.

      3. I don’t know how you ladies work out, but after my workouts i’m in need to peel myself out of sweaty, smelly clothes.
        Also, doesn’t Kate only work out at her private gym? I’m not seeing the logic that she wore this outfit out of need. She has all the time to change.

        1. RunawaySnarker I hear you. It’s a workout itself just to take the sweaty clothes off post workout. I just shower and put on clean workout stuff. Maybe Kate does the same.

    2. I can’t bring myself to read another article on her ‘dedication’ to children’s mental health, so like Tanya I will ask that you express your opinion of it. Please.

    3. It’s a thing now. I see lots of girls dressed in leggings. I don’t wear leggings to work out in, but very, very often after a workout I’ll run to the store or to get food or something and still be in my workout wear.

  2. Sigh, I am n the middle of a debate about this on Duchess of Cambridge News and Files because I dared to comment that she do a bit more work after people were commenting about how hard she works and what a good role model she was.

    I swear I nearly went into a diabetic coma with all the sugar. They certainly are a passionate lot there and heavens forbid if you have a different opinion to theirs.

    This place is truly a haven KMR.

    Birdly let me know what you think about the article. I read it and nearly threw up. It was sickly sweet.

    1. I wonder how blind they are? Like, what are their arguments? I’m sincerely curious! Why do they think she does so much and is oh so fabulous?

      1. They think that Kate should be allowed to do whatever she wants because it is her money and when I pointed out that they were funded by the Taxpayers, I was told that I was jealous. They think that she is so busy doing different things and that William and Kate are the best things since sliced bread.

        One person compared Kate to a Hollywood Actor and that they spend money on whatever they want to. I tried to explain that they actually WORK and EARN the money themselves but was again told that I was jealous of Kate.

        Yep I am jealous of her with her expensive shopping outfit and those bloody terrible shoes. Was she is such a rush to get away from the kids or work that she forgot to change them?

        1. Just jealous?. Not fat, ugly, in a miserably unhappy relationship, no friends, and only a bunch of cats for company. Wow, Tanya the sugars must be off their feed 🙂 In my opinion she looks haggard and awful. That outfit is outrageously expensive and again, I’m no fashion expert but does expensive equal ‘lookin’ fine’ in this over grown teenager’s mind? And for God’s sake if she is wearing pearl earrings wouldn’t you think she’d wear a clean pair of shoes? She doesn’t look thrifty or like one of us if that her aim, imo. As for the defenders, I really think that they are “Disneyfying” her. People insists on calling her ‘princess Kate’ and I can’t even read their articles anymore. A few days ago I was feeling almost sorry for Kate. Not anymore.

          1. I don’t feel sorry for her in the least. I used to be a bit sorry for her, but she knew what she was getting into and that is why she stuck around. She wanted to be Big Willie’s Queen and to get the ring of Doom.

        2. Well obviously your a jelly h8er, Tanya. Get out of hear with ur facts & common sense.

          1. Whenever you’re accused of being a hater or jealous, that’s because the sugars can’t cope with the reality of reason and facts, and resort to personal insults. And if a cogent argument doesn’t work, I probably wouldn’t be able to resist and would retort back to the sugars that if I’m jealous or a hater, they’re delusional lol.

        3. Hi Tanya S
          I suspect that you could be fighting a battle you would not win.
          IMO, the commentors on those sites and the Kate fans have bought into the whole “Kate is a normal girl” story. If you believe that and that the girl next door could marry a Prince then you (too) could marry a Prince and become a Princess. It gives them hope for the future and I wonder if these girls wore Disney Princess dresses when they were little too?
          They probably wouldn’t hear you if you told them Kate’s mother had sent her to a pricey private school so she could hang out in the right crowd then sent her on a gap year where they thought Will would be then up to St Andrews. If they did realise this then they would be horrified at the stalking.
          They will defend her as they are (maybe?) defending their personal dreams that perhaps one day their prince will come?

          1. Alright, I need to defend little girls who wear Disney Princess dresses for a moment: I wore many Disney Princess dresses when I was a little girl and I’m not a Kate sycophant. There is nothing wrong with dressing up as a Disney princess for Halloween (or randomly throughout the year because you want to).

            I do agree, though, that the Kate super fans are most likely super fans because they want the fairy tale romance to be true because they themselves want a fairy tale romance. They are living vicariously through Kate, and therefore cannot let Kate be anything less than their perfect dream girl that they themselves want to be.

          2. Oh there was no way I was going to win. However what did annoy me was that they deleted anything that was remotely negative about her. To me that stinks.

          3. I agree KMR, My four year old loves the Disney Princess’s and has all of the dress up dresses ( She has very kind grandparents LOL).

            There is a time when all little girls need to grow up though and take off the rose coloured glasses and realise that Princes are flawed and that Princesses’ are also flawed.

            No being should be held up to the adulation that these people give Kate. It is not normal to do so and no one should be expected to do so.

            If my four year old tells me that she wants to be like “Princess Kate” it will be off to the Nunnery for her! But before she goes I will tell her a story of other people like Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie and many others, who despite having no title were able to achieve a great deal in life and inspire others.

          4. Is there something wrong with me, I never had the princess fantasy, not even as a little girl. I always knew it was something that belonged in the past. Dressing up as a fairy ya; princess, never.

          5. @Alis:

            To each their own. I dressed as Disney Princesses *and* played with Hotwheels. It just depends on what you’re in to.

    2. I checked out Duchess of Cambridge News and Files. Those commenters and I have VERY different ideas about what constitutes “a ton”, “always busy”, and “hard working dedicated young woman” mean.

      1. Have you seen the comments on the British Monarchy FB page, for example? God, the ignorance astounds as well as the worship of the Cambridges. It’s so strange.

      2. Oh KMR they are so very different to here and incredibly ignorant of the facts of how the Monarchy is run. I swear, Kate could sit on a cloud eating a cream bun and these people would still be amazed at what she does.

    3. I understand you Tanya S. As a said on my first comment I was a big fan of Kate and it was not long until I noticed who she really are. I was blind to her faults, her laziness, her lack of work ethic. But I paid attention on the critics about Kate and realized they were true. And I found this blog, where we discuss Kate without the sugar blindness. And the work KMR does with the posts are really fantastic, the research and pieces of information are impressive. And KMR answers the comments, which shows consideration to every commenter. I learn about the many Royal houses and I learnt things about the BRF I didn’t know. I refuse to read the Mind article. I have said before that I was just seeing Kate receiving praises for her “hugely impressive”, “commendable long term commitment to mental health”. This flattery is ridiculous. I think the next step is to get her a Nobel Peace Prize.

      1. Oh Gosh no Jamel!

        Any negative posts have been removed from that site now which is disgusting. If you are not a sugar you cannot have an opinion. They have not removed just my posts, but anyone who said the slightest negative thing.

        1. Wow thank goodness for KMR she only gets cross when we are rude personally to other posters not when we post a comment she disagrees with. As an aside those dust ups are long departed and isn’t it so much nicer ?

          1. It’s great not having the dust ups – thank you guys so much.

            I’ve definitely been more strict about which new comments I allow, though. I don’t approve of comments which are mean and will upset the majority of commenters here. Positive for Kate, sure why not. Cruel toward the commenters, hell no. The funny thing is, is that the new comments I haven’t approved aren’t defending Kate but rather attacking commenters. I guess that’s their main defense.

          1. Sorry KMR I was in bed typing on the ipad. They were deleted from The Duchess of Cambridge News and Files. Anyone who said anything negative had their comments deleted but the left the replies from the sugars there. I can’t even post there now. I must have really gotten up someone’s nose. And all I did was point out the truth. They must be like Ostriches over there and stick their head in the sand.

          2. I hate when people delete comments when there is no reason to. It has happened to me on so many blogs. Unless the comment is truly rude to other commenters (or the royal/celeb, which does happen sometimes), then I understand.

          3. Oh I could totally understand if it was rude to other people, it wasn’t though and another lady commented on the fact that HM took a train when Kate took the helicopter the other week and they were deleted as well. It looks as though real life is not allowed to penetrate the bubble that they have there.

      2. Kate would never accept a Nobel Peace Prize, then she would actually have to learn the names of the royal family of Norway.

  3. Kate and William indicated their interest in this very broad field of mental health last Fall. They really have not done all that much yet. It is too soon to be making such huge praises. It would help if we knew exactly what are they doing behind the scenes. The staff of Huff Pro would have done nearly all the preparation for the editorial day…unless someone could let us know of Kate’s entire involvement besides writing an article and showing up for one hour or so. As has been indicated by those on here the mental health subject is huge. So far this has been a couple of waves in an ocean.

    1. I know, right. Kate has only been to less than a dozen engagements for mental health, and William way less. They do not deserve the praise that Mind guy gave them.

  4. Same earrings as she wore on HuffPost morning. Perhaps she only stayed 45 mins so she could do a workout and go shopping? Nothing would surprise me with her.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, too. That this photo was taken on the 17th after the guest editor gig.

      1. Kate’s pattern is to go shopping after each engagement.

        Given her blown out hair and the fact that she’s wearing the same earrings and make up, there is a big chance this shopping trip was the afternoon after her 45min guest editing stint.

        I will defend her alittle with regards expectations of being papped. If you look at her hand, she’s wearing the ring of doom turned inside her hand.

        Usually if she has an expectation of being papped, the sapphire is turned topside and in full view. If she doesn’t expect to be papped, she turns it inside her hand.

        It’s always amusing when the paps catch her unawares and take a series of photos where she realises that she’s being papped and turns the ring round to be visible.

        1. This doesn’t make sense. Why would she do that? Maybe she has another ring, a plain wedding band, that she wears when she is out and about and doesn’t want to risk losing The Sapphire. And that’s what we’re looking at.

        2. The more I hear this ring theory, the more I am convinced that she/the Midds call the paps on themselves.

          As one of the most recognizable and rarely seen people in Britain, any expectations that she may have of non being papped also seem a bit unrealistic to me.

  5. There’s dressing that is savvy high street/designer mix, and then there is confused, “I have too much money and no clue at all” dressing.

    I think Kate is channeling the ‘confused’ look here.

    1. Spot on. Waste of raxpayers funding in millions at willnot and kmunearned disposal.

      At her rate of her expensive trainer/dieting, she is disappearing in her. expensive wear and unroyal leggings out shopping; except the cost to the British people, is her hair/ head. and Dis ring.

      1. I think I figured it out…she was doing Catherine on top and Kate on the bottom!!?? Although with everything that has gone on since the wedding, the pleas to call her Catherine will never work. She will always be Kate, it’s obvious that’s who she wants to be since she hasn’t changed a bit. She’d need to become Catherine, and that ain’t happening.

        1. Kind of like that mullet hair-do. Business in the front, party in the back. Come to think of it, she wore a dress to a formal event with that same theme. Remember the light blue short one with the semi-train?

  6. I think her legs look healthy here, thin, yes, but they look strong. I think the super high heels she usually favors don’t do her favors as they throw the proportions off. Her hair grows fast. I guess that’s good to grow out the bangs. I would have had to be stuck with them for endless months! I hope she keeps the length just below shoulders though…it was an improvement, I thought. As for the brand LuLuLemon, it is incredibly popular but I think it’s the name more than the actual product that makes it expensive. One thing that has become popular partially due to them is the crazy swirled colored yoga pants which I find unflattering. Hopefully Kate stuck with black!

    1. Kate’s always had toned legs, even before marriage. The difference is now they look so incredibly thin so I’m not sure how strong she is.

      In this picture there is a huge difference between her style from the waist down and up. Even in a casual shopping outing she should know she can be spotted and therefore should be dressed accordingly. Did she just get these leggings from the shop and didn’t bother to change? She should have been in proper trousers or jeans and suitable casual shoes or boots.
      From the expression of her face, she looks tired and worn out. That Huff Post editing ‘hard work’ obviously had its toll.

      Side notes: I hope Kate is not a compulsive exerciser which is associated with eating disorders.
      She looks much better with proper handbags than clutches – no need to crotch clutch there.

    2. One thing I was struck by when seeing this photo is that her thighs look stronger than I thought they would.

      I have seen some super unflattering yoga pants. I don’t even get it. Why would you purposefully want to make yourself look bad?

  7. I just have to wonder about some people?
    As I don’t want to throw up in my mouth I will not be looking at that article.
    Kate’s lack of fashion sense is showing again . I’m guessing that she is running around in exercise gear because Pippa does. Now, we are often told Kate is a keen sports woman . If she was then she would know those dirty tired trainers are dead and she would be doing her feet no favours if she trained in them..
    Yes, Kate, trainers only last for a certain amount of time then you need to toss them as they no longer support your feet. Which leads me to think she is keeping the weight off by not eating at all.

    1. I have a pair of sneakers that I’ve worn for years that I still wear to run around town in. Not work out in, though. I have a newer pair for that.

  8. The workout gear is very much overpriced. I agree with you KMR, you’re going to get it all sweaty, you don’t need to spend hundreds on it. A good pair of trainers is one thing, but if you’re living off of the money of someone else you should be more considerate.

    Comparing Kate to actors/musicians who spend that kind of money is ridiculous as well. As it was pointed out, they earn their money with their talent and work. Kate hasn’t earned a fraction of what she has spent.

    That five pound bag of sugar that was dumped on Kate by Mind comes off as someone trying to get her to be their patron. I felt like commenting that she’s technically only claimed the mantel of mental health for a few months, not a long term commitment, but the thought of the nauseating replies stayed my hand.

    I’m going to revisit the Leonore and Bhutan posts now. I need a dose of real.

    1. +1
      I’ve been avoiding the posts about the Cambridges for some time because I grew so tired and disappointed of them. Instead, I found so much joy in posts of other royals, like my favourite little monkey Leonore and the Bhutan royal family (I have to thank again KMR for that). By the time Victoria’s baby is born, I hope I will have forgotten the Cambs altogether!

  9. Pages 16-17 of today’s Mail on Sunday – 2/3 on William the Unwilling plus 1/3 on Kate and her £3,000 casual wear.
    William has gone ‘missing in action’ . By Katie Nicholl Royal Correspondent.

    Wonder when they will start getting the message?

    1. I was going to ask you and the rest of the Brits how much of a full blast criticism you think is now set on the Cambs as far as the press is concerned. On the one hand you get these angry royal correspondents but on the other hand there’s so much sugary coverage as well that I can’t really make out if British public opinion is really shifting or this is just an exercise of power from the press.

      I suppose we’re also going to find out from the reaction of KP’s PR machine how big this is. I expect distraction measures to be taken in the short run but I doubt there’s going to be any significant changes.

      1. I think its too early to say. This could be a kneejerk reaction to Fleet St being annoyed at then endorsing HuffPo, or it could be the start of a continuous critical campaign.

        I hope the latter as it will take time to change public perception.

        1. I agree JL too early to say. But I think increasingly people are questioning the money being spent especially on KP which they hardly use.

        2. Murdoch is mad because Wills appears to endorse staying in the EU when he wants OUT. It’ll be all-out season on the Cambs for a while now I bet.

        3. Thank you guys for the insight. The press has it’s own agenda and criticism can derive from different places than the public can sometimes think.
          The fact remains that the Cambs’ attitude doesn’t help. We’ll just have to wait and see if they’re going to make any change in their ‘work’ patterns.

  10. I personally refuse to support Lulemon. They aren’t very friendly to sizes larger than a medium in their stores. Of they do have larger sizes, they only carry a few and they are relegated to the back of the store. Okay, rant over…

    She has on three different outfits. The shoes shouldn’t be on anything but an off trail run. Mine look similar or maybe worse and I chunk those on my trunk when I am finished with a run. Those leggings would be cute with a tunic or ballet flats. The top/jacket could be worn with jeans or trousers.

    I think that she wants to be seen, but on her own terms. She doesn’t want to work, but purchase overpriced workout duds while looking like a fashion hodge-podge. Kate was not smart at all being seen doing this after the smack down of William and his work shy ways. She’s making it too easy.

    Thanks for the breakdown, KMR.

    1. That sucks. I hate when brands don’t support bigger sizes. That’s why I don’t support Victoria’s Secret or Abercrombie & Fitch, either.

  11. I am very disappointed with this look for anywhere but a gym. My pet peeve is how women in most of North America dress for shopping – workout clothes, yoga clothes, pajamas etc. and now Catherine is doing the same! Way too casual and meant for a gym somewhere! And I don’t want to know details of anyone’s crotch area especially the future Queen of England! It is bad enough to see women of all sizes dressed like this but, on Catherine, it is a disappointment. Yes, dress casually to go shopping, but wear clothes that leave a little to our imagination!

    1. We have to remember that Kate used her body, from a young age, to get the attention of whatever person/s she was trying to impress. She flashed the world several times, sunbathed topless after getting the ring.

      Kate in these leggings is Kate saying to me “Take a look, don’t I look good. Now stop picking on William.”

    2. Ordinary Mather of two usually is on the run trying to fulfill the demands of the family, job and stay fit and healthy. This doesn’t apply to the duchess because she has plenty of help, yet she looks like she is under tremendous pressure and sports poor fashion choices. This leggings are too inappropriate for a street wear.

    3. I mean, when you’re coming from the gym and you’re already out you don’t want to have to run all the way home and change before grabbing whatever you need from the store. I have gone shopping in my workout clothes lots of times.

      1. I have seen that done lots of times here in Australia too KMR. I have an allergic reaction everytime I go near a gym so I go shopping in normal clothes, but if someone has come from a workout I would not expect them to go home and change before they went shopping.

        I do agree with Marion though about the outfits that some people wear ( who have not come from a workout). I may be old fashioned as well, but when I was younger ( I will be 45 on Wed so not that long ago) people would get dressed up to go to the shops. Even now if I have a really daggy outfit on at home, I will change before I duck down the road to get milk or bread. If I go out to shop for clothes or with a friend, I do get dressed up in a nice outfit. Not a cocktail dress or anything, but jeans or nice pants and a nice top. My Husband is the same. He wears shorts around the house but he would not be seen dead in them in public.

          1. Thanks lovies. I am gearing up for an exciting but hot day here tomorrow for the big day. I have washing to do and trying to entertain the four year old inside as it going to be too hot to go outside. Thursday she goes to Kindy and I am going to have a day to myself at home. It will be bliss

      2. Sorry KMR, you are not a duchess. I think we all have higher expectations from the royals and running around the town in tights invites unwanted attention and criticism(see above). She has plenty of choices to avoid this.

      3. Would they be members of a regular gym? I recall photos of them exiting a gym together a few years ago, but that might have been before the two massive homes that likely have home gyms.

        Sometimes she dresses to the nines when shopping. One photo of her while pregnant with their son was her in high heels, black mini, $3000 black leather coat – and that was just for shopping. I remember because she was better dressed to go shopping than one of her rare work engagements around the same time.

        1. You know, this baffles me. Why go to a “commoner” gym when you have a freakin’ castle – I am certain they have can an exercise room there. Heck, my husband’s cousin has a treadmill in her basement. That is how she stays thin with three kids. *That* woman is amazing. And no gym membership required.

          1. Going to a gym I guess can motivate you to exercise more? Maybe someone likes to show off her fit body?

            I personally hate exercising with other people. One time I went to a community centre. We were mainly women. In the middle of the exercise, I saw boys looking through the glass windows watching us. We had some exercise positions that I don’t even like my husband see me doing now.

            So I never went exercising again in public again. My husband’s niece is staying with us. She did yoga in front of us and seriously, some of those poses made me embarrass. Thank god, she does yoga in her private room now.

      4. I agree with you KMR, I go shopping in my work out clothes if I’ve just worked out. But Kate didn’t just work out. Her blowout looks fresh and perfect, and she’s clearly wearing make up. Also those earrings and her sweater aren’t really work out clear. She doesn’t at all look like someone that just worked out. IF she worked out prior to shopping, she obviously changed her top, put on earrings, put on make up and freshened up her hair too. So why not change out of those work out pants and gross sneakers?

        1. I agree. There was no work-out. She actually thought leggings were a suitable item of clothing to walk around in public in; despite being one of the most famous women in the world. I will add in f) She is not getting Wills’ attention anymore and thought this might help.

    4. Absolute agreement. What happened to jeans and pants? I wear leggings underneath my pants when it’s cold and they’re called long johns.

      I never wear sweat pants outside the home period… never mind leggings and oh, horrible.. tights.

    1. I don’t know if anyone here has heard of the affluenza (too rich to know right from wrong ) defense that actually saved a drunk driving Texas teen from prison. I’m wondering if that’s the mental condition that willie and katie might claim

    2. No I think just spoiled lazy self obsessed. And allowed to get away with it by HM and PC who is funding the spending but not instilling the work ethic. It’s typical BRF they just don’t deal with problems until they are too huge to deal with. There are quite a few who need to take responsibility for this disaster in waiting.

  12. My late husband would get upset when we’d go to the gym. I’d bug him about did he want to go anywhere afterwards so I’d makes sure to pack at least jeans and a tee shirt. I won’t even wear sweats to run to the grocery store. There’s a time and a place for certain clothing. I do believe katiewon’t is either lazy about dressing or just thick skulled and oblivious to the fact that her running around in overpriced gym clothes and jewelry looks ridiculous.

  13. Kate looks like just about every fairly young woman running into the grocery store in my town. I have to ask myself, if Kate is so ‘thrifty’ couldn’t she find the same look for less. The vest/Jacket looks like many in the $300.00-$500.00 range which are still decent quality. At least good enough for running around in a casual outfit doing some shopping.

    I realize I must sound very old fashioned, but Kate in leggings out in public is… I think a nice pair of narrow leg trousers or jeans would be a better choice. At least a longer top covering more of her thighs. Just because Kate is thin and can dress this way, does not mean she should wear this out in public. It should be saved for going over to mummy’s house.

    1. Wearing leggings is like wearing tights without feet. Why does she not cover her nethers better? I find this immodest.

      And she’s not shopping in a suburban mall- she’s shopping on the high street in *London* no less. She’s a duchess, for heaven’s sake, and expects to be treated like one but ignores the basics of position and manners. I don’t want to see her crotch.

      She has no sense of occasion and is willfully ignorant. If anyone lowers the tone of the BRF, she does. Just, ugh. I’m convinced she perceives herself as untouchable and invincible and the growing sycophancy in some quarters is just feeding her narcissism and sense of entitlement. She certainly doesn’t see herself as a representative of the royal family. At. All.

      Did I mention, ugh? Just. Ugh.

      1. agree with Ugh and the not being a good representative of the BRF

        but where do you see the crotch? I see a sweater being long enough to get far below the hips, so the crotch is covered

        I can’t believe I am actually *looking* for this woman’s crotch

        Double Ugh

      2. I understand the sentiment but you can’t actually see her crotch in this photo, the sweater is covering it.

    1. Mariyah, I loled at the same sentence. So, they’re rude and entitled, I’m not surprised. It is interesting, too, to read the comments to the DM article. Sort by most liked.

      Somebody please tell the two a normal life is not the life they lead. If you dump your shifts on your co-workers and take a 4 weeks holiday and insist on spending evenings at home, in a normal life you usually earn yourself a permanent vacation in a hurry if you do this. A normal mother of two usually isn’t provided with two homes to chose from, ample time to get back in shape after two births and an army of hairdressers and make-up artists every time they step out. Rather, they are expected to juggle a paying job, child care and household chores.

      Now, cut the “normal life” c*** and, as you’re unfit for the pressures of normal life, at least grow up, do some good in the world like your late mother did.

      Sorry, I’m ranting again.

      1. Arthistorian: yep!!

        British snark at it’s finest.

        ‘a little grand’ = snobby and expects others to kowtow to her

        ‘entitled and petulant’ = this is the most polite way they can describe what is nightmare he is without spelling out the details.

        1. Thanks Herazeus.

          Since I’m an Anglophile I do try to keep up on English colloquialisms. I was fairly sure about “abrupt” but I actually didn’t know about “grand” 😉
          So Kate is snobby and rude. Colour me (not) surprised.

  14. Didn’t KP have an “agreement” with the press that it wouldn’t pap Kate et al while she was off duty?

    Anyway, I posted the other day about the consequences of William quitting his job as Prince of Wales and KMR said it would take an Act of Parliament to re-do the succession. Is this the only consequence to be had?

    It’s pretty clear that William is NOT interested in being a royal and I honestly cannot blame him with all the awful turmoil surrounding his mother, her death, and “tampongate”, Camilla. The list is endless. Let’s face it, the royal family is deeply dysfunctional and William wants no part of it.

    Then there is the part of having to give a fig about ceremonies, meet and greet, and the endless facade of pretending to care, when he simply does not. Hell, he probably resents his “subjects” seeing that they are the reasons why his life isn’t that of private, easy living.

    William, if you are reading this, just quit! He has money from his mother’s estate. He can write a letter to Parliament saying “i quit” and remove his kids as well. He moves to a warm, overseas department of United Kingdom and plays golf and when money gets tight, he can write a tell all book about the Royals (or use said threat to keep a nice income stream coming in from Charles lol). Or he can stay in Anmer Hall since it was the Queen’s private property and she gave it to him, so legally, it shouldn’t be subject to confiscation.

    1. I seriously think he will abdicate after the Queen passes. I don’t think he wants to break her heart (that’s why he will wait until Charles is king) , yet all he does is prepare for his future life in seclusion hating the entire world.

    2. There is no agreement forbidding them to photograph her in public. He goes ballistic when the kids are photographed, not when she is.

      They cannot live the lifestyle they have on his inheritance. If they had to purchase a home like Anmer it would cost most of what he inherited.

      Right now Anmer is a free rental for them. He doesn’t own the house or the land, it is Grace & Favor. The Kents lived there years ago under a similar arrangement. W&K staying there depands on the owner of Sandringham allowing them to stay there.

      He and Harry were given the use of a small house at Balmoral by the Queen. They do not own the house and land itself, that remains part of the Balmoral Estate.

      1. I missed the post by my2pence. And rather than have KMR have to change my comment I’ll just say that I would have **almost** (not taking any chances at my age) that William put his beloved and adored camera hating (yeah riiiggtt) wife off limits, too. Maybe he just makes it up as he goes along, what with his moods and all.

  15. Wealthy woman goes shopping in expensive clothes. I think there are plenty of other things to criticise her about, without that. Of course her clothes are going to cost more than mine. I don’t have her income; if I did mine would cost more too. The jacket and bag are several years old.

    I’ve got no problem with this at all.

    I did, however, get a serious laugh about how Kate is now “a little grand”.

    1. Agreed. It may be unusual for a Royal, but she looks like every mom in their 30s-40s in a good neighborhood where I live. None of this bothers me. Surprised she let herself get papd after this weeks news, but nothing more.

    2. It’s more the principle for me. I just can’t spend more than $20-$25 for workout clothes. And that sweater and vest just don’t look worth the cost. In fact, I think a lot of what Kate wears is overpriced. I think for most big name brands, you’re paying more for the name than the clothes, which I just can’t get behind.

      1. It’s a similar situation to the extravagant amount she pays for her insubstantial jewelry that isn’t worth the cost, only because they’re designer jewels. Not worth that expense at all.

        1. Yeppers, I have been wondering that myself.

          Seriously, with enough patience, one can get extremely good precious jewellery on Ebay for a fraction of the price. For example, she has those Morganite earrings from Kiki that go for £3,400.00 Meanwhile, about 1.5 years ago my husband and I got our money together to buy a Morganite ring for me on Ebay, for $450. Same color, same size. Seven times cheaper. I stalked that ring for a full year. The seller wanted $500 for it at first, but dropped the $50 when nobody was buying it. Hubby and I discussed it and started saving.

          As the well-known commercial goes, “why pay more?”

          Her tanzanite set I really like (I know not many people do, and that’s okay), and for a really special set like that, I can see shelling out big money. For her as a Duchess, that would be appropriate. Like those Emerald earrings she wore in the US when pregnant with Charlotte. Those were amazing, and worth the cost. But the stuff she wears every day – bah, nothing special.

          1. The tanzanite set is odd to me. Incredibly expensive but not one of a kind. Anybody can buy it. there are other identical sets for sale. If you’re going to spend $60,000 on jewelry, make it unique. Ditto the ugly Cartier for $80,000 which is not a one-of-a-kind. And since none of it is her money, she shouldn’t be spending that kind of cash!

          2. My2Pence

            That is also my pet peeve when it comes to her jewellery. It is very expensive for how aesthetically unimaginative it is. She really has no sense of style.

            To be fair, grade AAA tanzanites aren’t exactly cheap. Generally, I like Cartier’s Trinity collection – the rings and bracelets in this collection are beautiful.The necklace is the dud, which is rare for Cartier. They have really revitalized their designs since the 2000s. Their high jewellery collections are exquisite and among the more mundane collections Paris Nouvelle Vague is a particular favorite of mine (especially the bracelets).



      2. I agree, I work in a high end shopping mall and could never justify $600 jeans. I can’t afford them but even if I could I wouldn’t. I guess I’m going to have to pay more attention to the people who do shop in those stores. I haven’t seen anyone this ‘dressed up’ to shop so I’m going to watch now. I think that Kate equates cost with ‘it must look good’.

      3. I get that and that is lot’s of people’s preferences. Not everyone likes to spend on the same things, but at my gym, almost everyone is in Lululemon or a similar spendy/high end brand. Same thing for other clothes – some people get all their work clothes at a discount store, some like a mix, and some (hopefully only those who can afford it!) but higher end only. Maybe because they like the clothes and enjoy it, or maybe just because the can.

        My point is that this story only ran because people are saying publicly that W/K don’t work enough and don’t deserve to have this lifestyle, but saying Lululemon or even a Tods bag is extravagant doesn’t really hold that much water when its not as if she’s wearing custom McQueen to the gym – that is inaccessible. Maybe she should wear Sweaty Betty instead to fly the UK flag 🙂

    3. Bluhare
      I’m with you. This isn’t crazy. It’s not great, but not crazy.

      BTW I noticed Sixer missed me 😀 I tried commenting to you guys, but my emails, IP addresses, and any comments where I mention how the mods dismissed my complaints gets removed immediately and added to a blocked list. It’s sort of funny as I only wrote them an email as to poster on poster attacks.

      Which is why I have a greater appreciation of KMR’s eagle eye on shutting this behavior down.

      Back to the point. By “income” do you mean “allowance”?;)

    1. Wow, Kate does look much older in the photo. And, the clothing she has on — and those dirty shoes – don’t look like what they cost!

      I guess she figured that all the sugary comments supporting her “hard” work as guest editor meant that she is deserved a shopping expedition. Wonder if she just shopped for herself, or if she bought anything for the kids?

      1. She doesn’t take care of any shoes many of her expensive courts are scuffed shabby and dirty. Given that she surely doesn’t clean them herself it is somewhat surprising. I’ve just cleaned all my shoes today and it doesn’t take too long if you never let them get too dirty. And trainers (sneakers) go in the washing machine – does Kate know how to use one of them????

        1. I buy New Balance sneakers and the cheaper ones are about $50, but I’ve seen others in the $150 range. So $75 seems reasonable for sneakers. Also, I don’t know about other brands, but New Balance tends to fall off after a few months and need to be replaced.

          1. KMR
            I love NB too. With a sale they’re under $50 maybe. And most sneakers fall off after several months. Nike or cimilar brands are forever too expensive.

            My NB last a few hundred miles so a few months seems fair. Only so much wear you can get out of them.

    2. I agree, she’s looking kind of rough. Bags under her eyes, and look at her how bony/veiny her hand is. A woman her age shouldn’t have hands like that.

      1. The bags are a natural trait in her family. Even in her Uni healthy days she had them. They look worse with low weight and dehydration.

        The thing about Kate is she always “looks rough” when more natural. We have such a warped image of her now with photoshop and makeup her true state appears weird. It’s another case of the portrait. The portrait was a true image, but to us it looked like she was run down.

  16. The outfit is puzzlingly bipolar, and highlights her personal fashion sense. As in, she needs some help.

    I’m pretty sure that vest is the mini me of the shearling she wore early first pregnancy (Starbucks run with Lupo pics). Who needs both? But guess you can’t show off the bod that sucks up all your focus/ willpower/ time in a full length coat. She also has the same sweater in a cream color, just saying. And yes, it’s because I’m jealous.

  17. I shared this observation before but I will repeat it. It looks like after every official engagement she is showing up doing ordinary things. Although there is nothing extraordinary for her to do it, the pattern is mind bugling. Similar repetitive behavior I observed during official engagements with William. She is always whispering something to his ear, during last engagement it appeared like she is asking him some question about the event, but most of the time it looks like she is coming up with some nonsense just to engage him. High anxiety or a show off?

    1. You’re right and I hadn’t really noticed that until I read your comment. Why? I guess one reason is because she can whisper into Billy’s ear and might want to make sure the entire world (especially young girls and women) knows it, which to me indicates some real insecurity. She’s most assuredly a ‘show off’ but there has to be a reason behind it and it is way beyond me. Then maybe, to play fair, she gives the peasants a glimpse of her doing something ‘ordinary’ like shopping. She can’t possibly need anything, nor does she need to go out to shop. She could send a ‘minion’ or shop on line. Wasn’t there an article about her mummy shopping on line lest the peasants get a whiff of what she’s buying and then rush out and buy it for themselves? Arghhhhh This woman/child/bundle of contradictions/wannabe but won’t put forth an effort/and those shoes. Those shoes. This was a definite, deliberate action but the reasons behind it elude me. Wonder if it was a chance to ease her withdrawal pains from her media/attention addiction. But why did Billy allow this? All the articles about how he protects her from paps, did he allow it or did she just do it? w/o his approval. Oh, I am **so** back to just arghhhhhh.

      1. Thank you Royalareajoke for confirming my observation. It came to the point that I am anticipating her to pop out after official engagment and she usually does and with her whispering to William is given each time. Of course somebody may say that they are married so they have planty of time to talk and while not to talk some more even during engagments but…what I see is her letting him know”don’t forget that I am here” and letting the world to know” he is mine”. Am I making too much of it? Sometimes cigar is just cigar.

        1. well, I am rifling in my head through all the memories of the people I know, and whether they whisper to each other in public

          here is what comes to mind:

          1. usually people pay attention to what is happening, and thus do not whisper because that would divide their attention

          2. people who do whisper, cannot bear the thought that what is happening is not about them, that everyone’s attention is on someone else; so they grab the attention of the person sitting next to them, to feed their narcissism (this is only from the people I know, so I am not generalizing to ALL humans on Earth);

          3. sometimes someone might be uncomfortable in a formal setting, and talks to people nearby to get validation and dispel the tension

          4. from I was taught, whispering in theaters, meetings and other events that are not specifically designed to be easy-going and noisy (like fairs etc), is thought to be rude, because it is a sign you are disrespecting the event and people who prepared it

          so … them’s my thoughts

          1. Thank you Ecelos for elaborate explanation which suits me. I was always distracted by her behavior and although I came with similar explanation I was puzzled because it was contrasting with my observation of her before weeding.

          2. Ale: yah, she did seem a lot more secure during the wedding, and right after.

            To me, the big shift in Kate’s behavior seemed to happen after the Australian trip, where she had the “bumgate” — remember how near a helicopter her skirt momentarily flew up and some photographer among the public captured it unwittingly, then found the pics on their camera later and sold them? Huge scandal. Lovelolaheart wrote several really scathing pieces about it.

            Anyway, during her first engagement home after the trip Kate looked just terrible, the worst til then, in my opinion. And very constrained, insecure body language. I suspect she was hugely embarrassed, and probably got quite the scolding from the courtiers. To think – flashing subjects during an international Royal tour! It is quite possible the scoldings continued, and she never regained the confidence.

            And if she does not feel confident, then maybe she is uncomfortable during the engagements, and needs Will’s support by way of small talk, to relax and feel reassured.

            I also think maybe the Queen has been sympathetic and tries to encourage Kate. After all, Kate did produce two very healthy heirs, and that is a big deal in the Royal circles. So the permission to wear certain jewellery that carries extreme personal significance to the Queen (e.g. the wedding gift bracelet from Prince Philip) may have been a way to say “It’s okay Kate, we all make mistakes, just learn from them and carry on.” Wish I could be so serene as Her Maj…

          3. 5. They have no idea what is going on, or they don’t get a joke, and they ask the person they are with to explain it to them.

            6. They are commenting on the show, event, situation.

            I’ve whispered to people I was with in theatres and during events. Sometimes you just want to make a comment and there is no ulterior motive.

          4. Have to disagree on when Kate appeared more/less confident.
            Post wedding she was terribly unsure from appearances. Clinging to William as he walks away. Unsure what her next move is to be. Standing outside a circle of conversation trying to appear like they’re included.
            All points that were caught in video.

            Down the road she has a better understanding, but still if William is near she looks to him for praise and guide.

  18. You can really notice how her short her legs are in comparison to her height. Shopping again? She should shop for someone to help her with her image.

  19. Hello 🙂 Here I am, Greta from Munich. KMR is one of my daily blog-pleasures since a few months. I found this place when I was searching the Internet for “Kate Middleton bad taste”. And KMR was the only match. All the other results were about her oh so gorgeous wedding makeup (ugh), her oh so great fashion sense (ugh) and her work ethic (lol). When I saw the above picture on dailymail today I asked myself why I’m still reading news about her. I think the first two years after the wedding I was still hoping for some progress. Time went by and nothing happened. Now I’m only waiting for the big crash. Something will happen very soon. I don’t know what it is, it’s just a feeling. Maybe Philipp dies (I really hope he won’t. I love him), Harry will find his future wife, the Brexit, some sort of scandal caused by the middleton’s….all of it? But it will be something which will expose their lazy ways in full daylight. Imagine Harry and his perfect girl, imagine how they share the passion for veterans and kids, imagine them working hard for what they believe in, imagine their gorgeous babies…without even wanting it, they will eclipse the lazy ones from the very second they go public. It’s so sad that all I expect from William and Kate is something negative. Thank God we still have the Swedish Royal family who serve as a great example for hard work, love, beauty and grace. I think I want to learn Swedish.

    1. Greta, I have the same feeling. I think that it will take something major happening like the death of either Prince Philip or HM ( neither of which I wish to think about) for the cracks to start to widen. I think that there is going to be a great upheaval in the British Royal Family and it is coming very soon.

      However, like you I adore the Swedish Royal Family and I love the way that KMR puts articles of them on this site so that we can see them and learn about them. They are so down to earth and I love all of them.

    2. Hello, Greta! Victoria and Daniel are two of my favorites too. I was able to visit Sweden years ago, and if the real estate costs weren’t so high, I’d be tempted to learn Swedish and move there.

    3. Hello Greta. Awesome post. I wonder at times if William (not Kate) is deliberately committing ‘suicide’ by press. He seems to go out of his way to alienate the press and the people, but then his marriage shows in my opinion how short sighted he is, and he appears to be cutting off his nose to spite his face. One hour at the BAFTAS would have done wonders for his PR and he snubbed them. Yet Kate gushes all over the DA set and really spent a lot of time there, just because she wanted to. Wonder what’s up. I’m with you, just waiting for the straw house to collapse. *snicker*

    4. There’s a bad moon rising, to be sure.
      I hope the press runs with the momentum, ditching the KP press releases for more searching and substantial articles. UK taxpayers deserve to see the unvarnished truth of W+K’s lives.
      As for the picture of Kate shopping, I wonder if it was after the morning’s HuffPo photo op? It would be interesting to know, if only because Kate was supposed to be guest editor for a day. Anyone would be forgiven to think that ‘a day’ would be a working day.
      The photo is a just a candid snap? Her un-Photoshopped face looks looks like she lives hard which ages her. The heavy make-up for engagements probably disguises it to an extent. From what I have read and observed, Kate’s calling card is her body. She wears the tightest clothing possible at every opportunity to show it off.

    5. Hi Greta! Welcome.

      “Now I’m only waiting for the big crash.” – Yeah, something is going to happen. Who knows how long it will take, though.

  20. This is a puzzling wardrobe though I will admit I like the jacket and sweater (sans the leggings and filthy sneakers).

    But what’s more interesting are the relentless criticisms coming from the press for WK post the helicopter ride and BAFTA no-show. Kate also took heat from Dr. Max Pemberton for her editorial post on the HuffPo mental gig. Then this shopping escapade. The honeymoon is definitely over. I can’t wait to see what the KP PR machine will spin out to save face. But with the impending strike, who knows, KW may have to start writing their own PRs.

      1. Royalsareajoke here is the DM link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3455581/DR-MAX-MIND-DOCTOR-Kate-don-t-turn-George-therapy-junkie.html

        One of the most damning comments from Dr. Pemberton was that her advice was “slightly inauthentic” and “sounded as though it came from a PR handbook.” I would love to add “Jason’s PR handbook.”

        This is what happens when you have someone like Kate taking on a very complex and sensitive cause that should be left to the experts. It really is a head scratcher as to who masterminded her involvement in mental health and why.

        1. Yorkie, thanks so much for the link. I read the article and while I found it very interesting with a touch of humor, the comments are revealing. People are pretty much saying ‘we should take advice from a nut case herself’? Hilarious and if ***nothing*** absolutely nothing else comes from this she got brought down a peg or two and now the spotlight is brighter on the issues. I agree with letting go, but it takes time and sometimes a lot of time. I also agree that back when there were no therapists people just got on with their lives so to speak. The Holocaust victims who wrote of their experiences, which is perhaps a form of therapy come to mind. Those people went thru unspeakably unimaginable horrors and refused to remain silent. But I see no self pity, no poor me, not even bitterness or vengeance simply this is what happened, and they seem to be whole people, awesome people. (time sometimes is our best friend) Mixed feelings about Dr. Max’s theory but I think he’s on target and this was a short article, but I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to think ‘letting go’ is all that simplistic or easy, but again, short article. But: his take on the ‘straight from a PR handbook’ honestly the best. A total call out of the ‘great crusader for children’s mental health as long as I don’t have to stay very long, and I can go shopping after a meeting’ was totally the blunt brutal truth about this dipstick’s little foray into this area. I do not, will not, can not, believe that she truly gives a rat’s patooki. Thanks again!!!

        1. Oh I have so many problems with that article. It had me for a bit, but it lost me about halfway through. I understand the whole “let it go” thing, but at the same time, self-analyzing to understand where one’s behavior comes from in order to change it is not only fine but a good thing (versus not knowing why one does things and feels the emotions they feel). Also, just because one shows emotional restraint does not mean one is emotionally healthy. That article read to me like the author was denouncing seeking help for mental health issues.

          1. I didn’t agree with all of his comments either. But I give him a pat on the back for his chutzpah to call out Kate for her editorial spin when the other side of the press has been slobbering praises as if Dr. Freud reincarnated himself in Kate.

          2. Well, KMR, after going to the garage and indulging in a nasty habit (smoking) I had to come back here because I think I agree with you more than I admitted. I stand by what I said, not that anyone is ‘after me’ but…when I am upset about something and someone gets into my face and says ‘you have to let it go’? I go flat out ballistic and advise them in many and varied ways depending on what is in reach to ‘back off and leave me alone’. You are more right than I am.

          3. I am with you, Royalsareajoke.

            It’s healthy to let go, but easier said than done. For some people (like me) it can be particularly difficult. No amount of prayer, therapy, distraction or reading is going to “just” let it go. Only time and healing in a healthy loving environment.

            So yeah, when someone says “just let it go” I pretty much rip off their face and shove it up their ***. Better leave it alone and let me handle it on my own time.



  21. I haven’t commented in a bit because everyone says what I’m thinking [so much more eloquently too!], and I’m still embarrassed about posting a comment the other day on the wrong story!! What strikes me here in this photo is the look of disgust on her face. She looks so perturbed that a pap had the nerve to snap a pic. Perhaps she’ll have another letter written banning all cameras in London. Geez.

    1. But Jane, you see, she had the Ring of Doom turned in towards her palm, which is how she triggers her cloak of invisibility. Yet the paps saw through that and her WAG commoner clothing. Hence the look of disgust at being caught out.

      She probably thinks that if they see the ring turned in they realize she’s out on a private run and shouldn’t take her picture. Wait…wait…if she believes that she’s really not that bright.

      1. What is the purpose of turning her ring inwards? Why not just leave it off? Does she turn it right side up when she’s in a store? Sooo many questions about the mysteries of life….

        1. To be honest THE ring is huge I cannot imagine wearing it all the time. My engagement ring literally never comes off , but that big stone cannot be easy to wear. Perhaps Harry Potter has the answers……

          1. That is why engagement rings shouldn’t be too big, they have to be comfortable and practical enough for everyday wear.

            If the stone is very big, then it is more correctly a cocktail ring.

            However, Diana chose the biggest ring from those offered by Garrard – because Charles didn’t actually select a particular ring for her.

  22. This outfit is not any more expensive than the clothes and bags she owned prior to marrying William and really who cares.

  23. My who cares comment was in reference to yet another shopping trip. Also if she had dressed less casually and the value of the outfit was the same would the cost of what she wore be an issue? I do not think so. However it is clear the press has declared war on the Cambridge’s with all the openly negative articles about them popping up more and more.

    1. I would still think those Temperley pieces are overpriced, because I always think Kate’s Temperley pieces are overpriced. Temperley is overpriced. As is Lululemon.

      1. Yes, but overpriced things are not a problem for the rich. They have the privilege to spend more for any item, should they choose. I’m not saying that if I was rich I was going to purchase overpriced toothpicks for example, but still it is a form of liberation to just not care about cost. Part of the feeling of being spoiled rich.

        Having said that, as Jen points out, Kate should be more openly sensible on how she spends taxpayers’ money.

    2. Kate has come under increased scrutiny because she is the recipient of generous taxpayer funds though in five years has done virtually nothing to earn them. The point being made in the photo is that Kate spends a good deal of her time shopping with other peoples’ money.
      It is interesting that unflattering details about W+K are now appearing in print: long overdue. I doubt whether such exposure will change their unpleasant characters but at least it’s out in the open.

  24. So I do like her bags, and I went looking at other Tod’s bags

    Check out this page:


    The model looks more polished and appropriate for casual shopping than Kate. Now, that’s effortless chic. Maybe none of us peasants would look like that when running errands, but I think it is reasonable to expect the future queen to do that.

  25. Actually, I don’t care how much Kate pays for her clothes. She used the opportunity of shopping in London while she was there. I would have done the same. BUT what I find annoying is that she appeared in filthy sneakers and workout leggings in London. The future Queen of England! She has no class and no style. Never ever would you see Crown Princess Victoria or Queen Maxima in leggings and dirty sneakers in the city.

    1. I don’t get the hate on the dirty sneakers? They’re workout sneakers. If they’re clean you’ve never worn them.
      I think of it as a point of pride my sneakers are covered in dirt, but I run trails XC so there’s no point in washing them. Hose them down? Maybe.

      1. I agree. I run 5ks and do a lot of trail runs. It’s actually not good for OCR shoes to be in concrete. That’s my first thing. Secondly, they look atrocious and come off my feet as soon as I finish. Finally, they don’t smell the best. Kate has worn a plimsol (?) before.

      2. Why do you think there is hate ??? Of course there is nothing wrong when sneakers get dirty while running on a trail. But King’s Street in London is not a a fitness trail and Kate is not just somebody but a future queen.

        1. Hate is not literal here. It almost never is used in that literal sense. So don’t think of it as that. The context I’m using is criticism or a point to attack.
          That sneakers being dirty gets pointed at as a negative seems odd to me. They should be dirty. If they were brand new clean maybe there is something there to show she has too many.

          I just don’t see how it’s a fault. I’ll praise her for the dirty shoes. Shows she uses them and doesn’t have a closet full for everyday or tosses when they get smudged.

          As far as future Queen consort… I’ll take greater issue with her not working and instead shopping before I pay attention to her clothes.

          1. Dirty sneakers on a trail while running = okay

            Black leather oxfords neatly polished with some shoe shine and wax, to keep them looking good after 2 straight years of wear in order to avoid buying new ones, while on a shopping trip = okay, for both commoner and Duchess

            Any sneakers (clean or dirty, cheap or expensive, old or new) on a Duchess while visiting the High street = not okay

            There lies the difference, from my perspective.

          2. Ecelos
            It’s still a game of appearances over actions for me. Her appearance is no big deal. She’s shopping I an area where money matters. Not the appearance of money
            And her clothes here on her private time is IMO a point of nit-picking. That she’s shopping over working is more of a point.

            Private time attire? IMO that’s low on the list

          3. When she’s out in public, and so very public and central a place like the high street, London, there is no private. In public she is a representative of the RF. She can’t just turn it on and off. Yet I bet you that she wants *at all times* to be treated like a Duchess.

      3. I do agree that emotional restraint isn’t a sign of mental health and I was a bit baffled by that. Again, mixed feelings, but I don’t think he was discouraging getting help but maybe he’s not wanting it to become the ‘in’ thing. Wasn’t there a time back not too long ago when if you were famous and lived in Beverly Hills to be truly a part of the circle you had to have a therapist? A balance may be what he’s speaking of. I don’t know what to think of his reference to the queen. I really don’t, but perhaps out of the public view she isn’t so ‘restrained’.

    2. Carla, I agree with you. 100%!
      Kate seems to always be thumbing her nose at the public, telling them, I am a regular person, albeit a Duchess. I will do what I want to do and dress the way I want to dress!

      It bothers me when you see women of all body types shopping here on Long Island wearing leggings without the benefit of long sweaters, or tops that cover the parts that need to be covered.

      Of course, we all have seen Kate’s flashing incidents in the past. If she is wearing slips under her dresses now, this is her way of saying, “In my recreational gear, I shall dress as I please.”

      For someone in her position, it shows very poor taste and a lack of respect for Royalty. She is a disappointment in so many ways.

  26. No doubt she peeled off her pantyhose and “work clothes” quicker than if she’d been outdoors and gotten drenched in a rainstorm. I seriously think she experiences a childish “eeewwww” and “icky” feeling after any “work” she begrudgingly undertakes: not only does she climb out of the attire pronto, but she literally has to clean the slate and run off to do something that will stabilize her mind. That means doing something mindless and selfish.

    We’ve all been in situations where we wound up staying longer, investigated more or simply became more curious. Even if that meant running into a bookshop or drugstore and being sidetracked by an interesting article in a magazine! I believe that does not nor will ever happen with Waity. I’m sure it was the same with the “guest editor” nonsense. If she were really and truly engaged, she would have stayed more than 45 minutes, would have had impromptu conversations with one or many of the professionals, or the children, might have even had off-topic questions for the folks about online publications, etc. I know when I learn something that intrigues or interests me, I want to learn more and FAST, even if that means Googling! I’m sure her shopping jaunt in her filthy, muddy sneakers didn’t include a stop at the bookshop for literature on mental illness, even of the pop culture sort.

    I agree with everyone who says she dresses in poor taste, and a shows complete lack of respect for her position, the public and her country. It’s comical that we here are reduced to almost bickering (in a loving way) over whether her tunic was barely long enough to cover her crotch or not! When I’m in this almost frantic state, incredulous that she could be so bad and there be no authority to reel her in, I take a deep breath and try and remember who she is: The person who became a duchess then decided to frolic naked in France (yes, I believe there were more revealing shots that were never published). The person who doesn’t wear underwear to royal engagements nor ever wear a slip under those flimsy, billowy A-line dresses – just in case. After all, it happens again and again and again and again.

    Defective Duchess.

    1. But it’s private attire. The lines are really blurring between work time and work attire to private time and private attire.

      You can’t wrap them both in the same box.

      1. I’m 42 years old, my job is PA for a partner in a big law firm, I have a household, family, friends, I’m not overweight and – sadly – not rich. I get up at 6am, do some housework, take a shower, get dressed for the job (typical business attire as it’s normal for secretaries of important people), do my hair and makeup (just a little to appear well rested) and leave the house. At 8am I’m sitting at my desk and do my job until 6pm. When I come home, the first thing I do, is to change into something more comfortable like I.e. leggings. BUT as soon as I have to leave the house, and if it’s only for five minutes, I put on actual clothes. Some of my coworkers live in the same area and I would never ever want them to see in my chill out-area-long-worn-deeply loved leggings. Never ever! The reason: if they saw me like this their respect at work would never be the same.

        Clothes are so much more than fashion, labels, price tags. They are symbols on so many levels. And that’s what bugs me about Kathy the Lazy. Hello, it’s not rocket science! You want to be respected, act like someone respectable. But she simply can’t! She is not even able to pretend that she cares or that she is really interested. Let’s say CP Mary would have done that very same appointment with Huffington Post. We would have seen pictures of her at work with the journalists, pointing on screens, going through papers, deep in conversation with experts, then with the kids or all together, then lunch or maybe a little tour around the apartment. Maybe, afterwards, she would have gone shopping, maybe even in leisure wear, but we would never ever had this conversation. We would’ve been talking about the great work she did for mental health and we would’ve said that a little shopping trip is absolutely fine.

        1. Agreed Greta. In Kate’s case, she does not appear to have a sense of modesty or appropriateness of occasion = everything is on her terms.
          Re. work clothes vs private clothes: I’d say that the clothing allowance Charles gives Kate is used as she sees fit.
          I think the issue is not so much the cost of the clothes, or her shopping in London after the HuffPo nonsense but more that Kate does so little and takes so much. Plus has attitude. In Australian terms: a bludger.

        2. Well and cogently argued, Greta. What is there to respect? Also, class is as class does. She resembles a rich CHAV to me.

          I keep my private attire private. Public places are a whole other consciousness; I change for public places.

        3. Exactly! I mentioned on another post here that with the way Kate dresses for her work, she displays little respect for her job or the people that she meets. Her attire for the HuffPo was embarassing: for a woman in her mid-30’s who is aiming to be taken seriously!

          I love my leggings/tights and my running shoes. But even poor little me, with no nannies, no clothes worth thousands of dollars, with no unlimited lifestyle budget on other people’s dimes and working 365 days a here, which includes my job, household and family/raising kids, would go out looking so unkempt as Kate does here.

        4. Greta you are so right about this! For Kate this was just another pop in engagement. We have no clue if she actually did anything in the background regarding this day as she didn’t seem the least bit involved with anyone from HuffPost or even look as if she’d done any in dept research. There’s so much more she could have said when she was thanking everyone. It was a chance for her to say something about the importance of the moment for her beyond what she managed to whisper out. and then to almost immediately run out and shop, it was a little much.

          And to Greta and Sage, Kate’s never really worked a day in her life. So she simply does not know about work attire or earning the respect of a boss or co-workers based on how you present yourself in a work environment.

    2. ” I seriously think she experiences a childish “eeewwww” and “icky” feeling after any “work” she begrudgingly undertakes”

      Good point! Yes, work seems beneath her and she does it begrudgingly. She was meant for better things. I’ve never thought of it that way.

      Gracing the worker bees with her presence, as inconvenient as it was for her, was her great gift to them and they and the world should be grateful. Look, she even put together a new outfit and sat through a blowdry, *and* walked across a courtyard! Having blessed them and the children, and the project, she could quickly return to her interrupted day and undying passions- shopping and exposing herself. What a bore all this Duchessing must be for her.

      1. what if they simply did not want Kate there for long?

        They are using her face and name to draw attention to the cause, and otherwise are pretty happy to take care of things themselves, without the distraction of interacting with her. After all, they are professionals, they can move very quickly when not burdened by a novice …

        Maybe the courtiers intentionally asked her not to linger? Leave the job to the pros, reduce the probability of a guffaw (flying skirt, manic faces), just do enough to get the public to pay attention to the initiative, then leave. Please.

        ? could that be ?

        1. I agree that Kate was not needed for anything much but a photo. The whole event smacked of lack of authenticity, down to Kate’s over-done smiles.
          I wonder how long the HuffPo people stayed? They had set up at 6.15am but really, after Kate popped in, they’d have to get back to their respective offices and get on with work. Kate lent her name and position, that’s it. Let’s not pretend it’s anything else. Kate being praised to the hilt for doing what exactly insults us all. It is poor form on the part of HM and PC that both she and William’s attitudes and lifestyle choices have not been reined in well before now.

        2. That is a good point- KM may have been advised to do the barest of the minimum and just focus on getting positive PR for herself and Petulant Willy. Then only she’d be allowed to treat herself to shopping on other people’s money- YAY!

          If the media and the general public is beginning to figure out that KM is lazy and bird-brained, then I am sure the Royal insiders figured that one out a long time ago.

        3. Then why go to the trouble and expense to set up a “press room” at KP. Why didn’t she just pop into Huff Post, do her hour and move on like she does at other engagements?

          I think the initial thought would be that she would actually be there longer and appear to be working. They got there at something like 6:15am. The HuffPost staff could have done their part in their offices. Kate didn’t show up until what, 10ish? Now that’s a hard working guest editor. I know this all happened prior to having her click the mouse, but why not have the pretense of Kate reviewing an article one more time before it goes to press? Something editorial. Talk to the staff about the line up of articles, the people who are contributing. Instead she showed up in her Working Girl outfit, mumbled a few words, posed for Chris Jackson and did a photo op with the kids. Total waste of expense. Kind of like redecorating KP for their use.

    1. Genuine smiles all around. This is adorable.
      Your earlier post about your not wanting your co workers to see you in your ‘comfy grungy clothes’ is awesome. I agree. I don’t live any where near my co workers and I have a different kind of job so I feel ok about going out in sweats. (We’re talking K-Mart and Walmart here, not high street) .However, when I am wearing my work shirt which has the name of the place I work on it, I am very careful about how I act and what I say. Until I change I represent the business. You are correct and I think she is just thumbing her nose at the ‘little people’. I have **the** ring, the title, and I’ll do as I please.

  27. Oh, look at Princess Madeleine with the darling little girls. What a wonderful event. So full of positive outlook and lots of caring from Princess Maddie. Those little girls are having such fun and aren’t they lovely? Thank you, Greta.

    1. My guess is that it makes it easier for her to get across what she’s looking for without having to put on the posh voice by simply pointing at what she’s wearing and then smiling happily when they take her to the appropriate section.

      We see so much of her with Big Blue and have heard her speak so much that by turning Big Blue around and not speaking one can never really be sure they saw Kate out shopping if they don’t have any other way to identify her.

      Sorry, it’s just so lame it’s becoming comical with these two.

  28. How does someone who just left a palace (probably chauferred in a really expensive vehicle after expending probably zero energy so far in her day) wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothing manage to look like such a scrub?

  29. Kate has a goofy sense of style at times. Her inner nerd will become evident. There are photos of her walking George in his fancy pram in the park and she’s got a chunky sweater t-shirt, yes a sweater t-shirt, over white striped black leggings that have to be from 2001, along with a hat and a huge scarf lol. She’s got the outfit partially right here, but the shoes are awful. New black fashion sneakers with like a silver or white accent would have looked much better. But she throws on her romp around the yard chunky tennies lol that are a terrible color scheme for that outfit, and not to mention worn to bits. Sometimes Kate is just plain goofy. That’s why I love her though.

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