Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia

Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia

I had a request for Queen Maxima, so I’m giving you Queen Maxima. I’m also throwing in Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia.

Queen Maxima put on an Etro jumpsuit for the opening of the Rotterdam International Film Festival on January 27 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I’m not a fan, so let’s just move along.

In keeping with her love of large graphic prints, Maxima wore a paisley quilted skirt from Alessandra Rich while in Pakistan on February 9. I’m not a huge fan of the skirt but I love the turquoise earrings.

Maxima was in Pakistan as UN Secretary Generals Special Advocate (UNSGSA) for Inclusive Finance for Development for the launching ceremony of the Universal Financial Assess Initiative in Islamabad.

Maxima gave a speech in English. She said in part:

    “We know that financial inclusion is one of the key drivers of development.
    When the poor gain access to affordable and effective financial services, they are able to protect themselves against hardship and invest in their futures. Recent research reaffirms that financial inclusion has a positive impact on the broader economy as well, creating jobs, building stability and resilience and fostering growth benefiting all. […]
    “When women receive funds directly to digital accounts in the safety and privacy of their own homes, they can avoid traveling to faraway banks and can better control their assets. And since women tend to invest their money back into the welfare of their families, their financial inclusion carries a double benefit that extends to future generations.
    “The National Strategy pinpoints women’s financial inclusion as a critical priority and sets a goal of providing a quarter of all women with financial access by 2020. To reach that, providers will need to think carefully about what products women need and what they will use.”

[full transcript, in English]

Continuing her visit to Pakistan, Maxima inaugurated the office of Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) in Rawalpindi on February 10.

On February 16, Maxima and King Willem-Alexander visited Brabant where they visited a cycling talent school.

On February 17, Maxima visited Schulhulpmaatje (Debt Relief Buddy) and took part in their fifth anniversary celebrations. Schulhulpmaatje is a social support network of professionally trained volunteers aiming to fight debt and offer help to individuals with debt problems. Maxima gave a speech, saying in part:

    “We know how important your work is. But what I like about your work is that you look beyond finances. You look at the people. Because debts are related to many factors. Family, behavior, work (or lack thereof), living situation, social environment, health, mental health problems, past events: they can all play a part.
    “All these factors taken together leave people sometimes without a way out. You become paralyzed. You do not dare to open the mail. You retreat into your own world. You are ashamed of all the problems. So many people feel indebted, lonely, and desperate. […]
    “Through your work, you not only help people in debt. You help us all. … I would like to thank you immensely. You give people a perspective and courage. You give people hope again and a fair chance of happiness. You make our societies more resilient. You make the difference!”

[full transcript]

Switching gears, Crown Princess Victoria made another appearance. Victoria visited the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace (with a collection that include around 100,000 books and 500,000 photographs that belonged to the Bernadotte dynasty) on “a day in mid-February” (per the Swedish royal website).

Victoria Bernadotte Library 2

Victoria heard about the ongoing work of sorting and cataloging Karl XV’s book collection and viewed some of the photographs in the collection.

The current library was founded in 1877 by Oskar II, and contains material from Karl XIV Johan until Gustaf VI Adolf.

Victoria Bernadotte Library 1

Victoria’s blouse is a repeat and comes from Swedish brand Mayla. The blouse has a gun print on it.

Victoria Bernadotte Library 3

Victoria Bernadotte Library 4

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia joined Queen Silvia at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts formal gathering on February 19 in Stockholm.

Sofia wore a red cocktail dress with embroidered lace on the bodice, patent nude pumps, and carried a red suede clutch. I’m not a fan of the shoes or the black jacket she wore into the ceremony, but I love the dress and the bag.

I couldn’t even tell that Sofia was pregnant from the front, but from the side she’s definitely showing. Sofia is due sometime in April, so about two months or so to go.

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  1. love love maxima jumpsuit, and the rest, love the swedish royal family, they look great, proud pregnant ladies and still working, sofia nailed with her red outfit, I like that she has a fresh face and a warm smile nothing over the top!!!II

    1. I am so with you on Queen Maxima’s jumpsuit! What a fantastic fashion statement. The Swedish Royals dress impeccably.

  2. Against all the odds I love the jumpsuit! Most importantly I love the work Max does and her speeches are polished and well informed. I assume given her background she is a confident public speaker?
    Sorry if I upset any Americans but I think Vic has made an error of judgement with the blouse – guns on a maternity blouse? Big no no for me. She looks tired now she needs to rest.
    Love Sophia’s dress, the black jacket suggests to me she is just throwing on something she already had, rather than buy a specialist maternity jacket, so kudos for that. I would have worn red or black shoes, but maybe the nude ones are comfy if her feet are a little swollen so overall she gets a maternity pass from me.

    1. I’m an American. I live in Texas and if you are familiar with the US you know that state is the most ridiculously pro gun of any of them. I agree that the pattern is an awful choice.

      Sofia has worn that jacket before as a part of her more formal attire. She wore it around the time of the Nobels, maybe just before. I specifically remember because it’s a clipped fur look and I questioned why a vegetarian was wearing what appeared to be fur. (One of the coats I questioned at the time was shown to be faux fur.) I think her style is improving a lot. I wish the dress was a bit thicker (it appears to sink in at her belly button) but the color is gorgeous on her. Now if I could only get her to stop it with the curls. She cut her hair to a length that would look so beautiful with a straight blow out!

      1. Hey Cathy, I removed your first sentence because I don’t want to cause any further offense to anyone. One who did find offense to the gun comment could potentially find offense to the adjective you used with “American”. So I just want to prevent that. Your point, and majority of your comment, is still there, I just removed a sentence with a word that could cause offense. Thank you for understanding.

  3. I love Max, she never disappoints and she is such a hard worker.

    I had to look hard at the print on Victoria’s blouse and I have to say that I don’t think that it was te right thing to do. It is very rare that I don’t adore what she does, but I agree with Birdy she is looking tired now and I am not surprised. I remember the end of pregnancy and all I wanted to do was clean and rest LOL

    As for Sophia the dress was fine for me, but I would have loved to have seen her with a different colour purse. Black shoes to match would have been great, but again as Birdy says she is pregnant so not going to be too hard on her at all. Considering I refused to wear heels during my pregnancy anyone who does so is fantastic LOL.

    These ladies are all fabulous examples of what it is to be a Queen and Princess’s.

  4. KMR thank you for yet another great, informative article, learn so much from your blog and all the comments from the other readers, thank you.
    Articulate, well versed, researched the background . Queen Maxima really nailed it what an amazing lady, she is out there making a real difference, wow what a asset she is to King
    These ladies just shine. Princess V and Princess S are out and about being proactive and contributing, a credit to them. Both ladies are glowing. The red dress on P. Sophie stunning. Much to be admired all three. Now that’s how you do it!

    1. One thing I have noticed over the years with photos of King W-A and Queen Max is the look on the face of the king when he looks at his wife. He seems to get such a kick out of her. To me it looks like he is saying to himself, “Isn’t she great!” and “I’m so lucky she is coming home with me.” Maybe, I am reading WAY too much into his facial expressions, but he seems very proud of his wife.

      1. I think they are one of the royal couples that are genuinely in love with each other and enjoy spending time together. they are very at ease with each other. No stiff posing.

      2. Willem-Alexander and Maxima do seem to adore each other – at least as far as I can tell in the photos I’ve seen.

  5. I really don’t like the jumpsuit. The print is too busy. On the other hand, it is so very Maxima who generally takes the maximist approach to fashion 😉

    I love how focused her work is. She’s using her education and her work experience with finance and it is clear from her speeches that she knows her stuff and that she sees the broader picture in relation to individuals and society, fx to support women especially because they invest with an eye to the family. I think it is great that she puts a focus on something that is often forgotten in aid work: that a sound economy is crucual if people’s lives are to improve. It is giving a helping hand so that people caught in debt and poverty can help themselves!

      1. I have an embarrassing girl crush on Maxima. He has such charisma and is from all reports a warm and caring person. People always look so happy around her. I suspect she one of those persons that always make eveything sem more fun when around.

        That she isn’t afraid to show off the royal bling is an extra bonus in my book.

    1. It’s the print of the jumpsuit I dislike; as you say, too busy.

      I liked that Maxima included bits about how supporting women gives a boost to the economy because they reinvest in the economy.

  6. I think both C.P. Victoria and Princess Sofia look very nice. Princess Sofia has been a member of the SRF for less than a year, but I feel she is showing more respect for her position within a royal family than what I am seeing from Kate.

  7. I think Maxima owns that printed jumpsuit, but it would look like the dog’s dinner on anyone else.
    Sophia with the closed mouth smiling again, such a change. Is this something she is consciously trying to do, for a more demure look? Many royal ladies from all houses have big warm toothy smiles (or gaping rictus, depending on who we’re talking about). Own the gap, it’s part of you. Unless it is no longer…

  8. Maxima did indeed own that jumpsuit. I don’t think I would have liked it on someone else either, Ray, But, she just is so confident and so amazingly full of life that she nailed it. I loved her speeches, too. As someone who has friends who are indeed afraid to open their mail due to bills they can no longer pay, I appreciated her mentioning that. The terrible recession here in the States forced many to use credit cards for necessities. Paying those bills now, when new jobs with lower salaries are in vogue, is really very difficult. My friends were not going hog wild with their purchases, but they are definitely paying the piper now. I know that it is important to help those in dire need,but it is also important to look realistically at the situation that many middle class, or formerly middle class people now find themselves in.

    Victoria amazes me. I did not see the pattern as guns, Birdy, or KMR. Looked again, but I just did not see it. I truly doubt she would choose to wear an outfit with guns on it — pregnant, or not. And, I am sorry, Birdy, I did not understand your statement that you did not wish to upset Americans by your remark. I know this is not a political blog, but your statement seemed a bit political to me. WIth all due respect, do you think that American women (again, pregnant, or not) go around wearing outfits emblazoned with pistols? Nobody I know does that. And, the designer was Swedish, not American.

    Yes, from the front, Sofia did not look pregnant. Her profile shots show that she is. I compliment the Swedish Ladies for their style and poise during the late stage of pregnancy. It is, as others have said, a time when it would be far more easy to stay home and rest.

    Awaiting the babies coming into this world safely!

    1. I apologised in advance to Americans because I know it is a very contentious issue there and I didn’t want to be seen to making a political statement – my intentions were good but clearly you have misunderstood.

      That said the pattern is guns – and yes I know it is a Swedish designer. Strange choice, but lets move on.

      1. I am not a card carrying member of the NRA, nor do I want to be considered a Damn Yankee because I live in a country where there is a Second Amendment to the Constitution that gives Americans the right to bear arms. In fact, most people I know don’t bear arms!

        I appreciate your post, Birdy, but you did not apologize in advance to Americans in your initial comment. You said you did not wish to upset Americans by your remarks. That’s admitting that you were giving people something to feel upset about.

        And, just because you want to move on doesn’t mean that I am still not hurt by your comment. “Let’s move on” does not cut it for me. If you were not making a political statement then may I ask what it was in what you said that made your intentions good? I don’t think I misunderstood what you said. I really think you intended to slam Americans.

        And, truly, I thank the poster who gave the link to the dress with the similar pattern as the blouse Vic was wearing. Again, I don’t see the pistol effect. Even, if the designer said it’s there. I truly cannot imagine Victoria choosing to wear guns on any outfit.

        Forgive me as I don’t want to turn this into a battle, but when we are asked not to be political on this blog, you were being very political and insensitive. At least to me, Birdy. And, I am usually so in line with your comments. Forgive me, but your words truly bother me.

        Sorry, KMR, but I think the initial comments crossed the line of the civility you have been asking for on this board.

        I’m getting off the blog now as I really am not in the mood to peruse Royal topics now.

        1. Jenny and Birdy:

          I understand why Jenny would be upset. The issue of guns in America is a very contentious and political one at the moment.

          While I think Birdy prefacing her comment with “Sorry if I upset any Americans” is recognizing that this issue is a contentious one, the preface could be taken to assume that all Americans have a pro-gun stance or own a gun and would therefore become upset with the following comment (whether the preface was meant that way or not).

          While I did not take Birdy’s preface that way, and I hope it was not meant that way, I can see how one would take it that way given how sensitive the gun issue is in America and the caricature of Americans that has been portrayed over the years.

          The gun issue is a very contentious, political issue here in the US, and in keeping with my “no politics” policy, I would ask everyone to please cease the discussion of it and Victoria’s blouse pattern.

          I understand that feelings were hurt, and I understand why, I just hope that we can put this issue aside and continue the discussion of the royals. I enjoy both of your comments and would hate to lose you’re contributions here.

          1. You don’t have to stop commenting on the blog forever, Birdy.

            In another comment, you mentioned that you were at a loss as to why your initial comment caused such ire, so I was trying to explain another interpretation of the comment which could cause offense. My intention was not to say that you did anything wrong – I don’t think you intended any such malice – but just to give an alternative interpretation to the comment.

            I love both yours and Jenny’s contributions here and I don’t want either of you to leave. I asked for this particular topic (Americans/guns/the gun print blouse) to cease discussion in order to stop people from getting upset and leaving. I want us all to move past this and continue talking about the royals.

          2. Thank you for your post, KMR. And, G for your words, too.
            Yes, I stand by my assumption that the comments made by Birdy were meant to lump all Americans together on the gun issue, which as any American will tell you, is not true. I so hope that was not the intention, but that is how I saw it.

            I would never assume to place all Brits in one category. Nor, any other people from any country. So, why it was deemed appropriate to do so of Americans is beyond my understanding.

            I am not pro gun, but I am proud of my country and don’t like to hear from anyone just what Americans are like. I also stand by my comment that I initially wrote to Birdy. Here it is again and as you can see, she did not apologize in her initial remarks. Here is what I wrote to her regarding her original comment:

            “I appreciate your post, Birdy, but you did not apologize in advance to Americans in your initial comment. You said you did not wish to upset Americans (that is not an apology) That’s admitting that you were giving people something to feel upset about.”

            Bullying is not to be tolerated and I felt bullied. Especially when Birdy said we should just drop the subject. I may be young and I think some people may think, I am naive, but I know when I am being treated with disrespect. And, that is how I felt and that is why I commented the way I did.

            I thank you KMR for understanding and G for your thoughtful words, too.

            If Birdy is quitting this site now, that is also in my opinion the way a bully reacts when called out.
            I have always found Birdy’s comments insightful and a good part of this community. However, her recent comments were hurtful to me and I don’t need to be told by anyone that I had no right to be hurt.

            I will now stop commenting on this subject, but did want to reiterate why I felt the way I did. Thank you to those who understood and to those who didn’t but chose not to slam me in their replies, thank you, too.

            I don’t want to cause any problems here, KMR. I appreciate your understanding of how I felt.

            Again, this is not a political site, so let the political nastiness stop, please.

          3. Let’s all please drop this subject now so as not to cause any more offense to each other.

            If you guys would like to talk to me directly about a problem (any problem, not just this one), please email me (my email is in the sidebar) and we can resolve the issue privately.

      2. Birdy, I love your comments. The one about guns didn’t bother me at all. Our American household is an NRA lifetime membership one, but I don’t think gun motifs are appropriate on clothing.

        1. Honestly there was no intention to insult anyone each country is quite entitled to do what is right for them. I am honestly at a complete loss as to why I have been accused of personal attacks which was absolutely not the intention. I’m going to comment no further because I think it is an issue where feelings run high which was why I said move on. This is not the blog to discuss it.

          1. Birdy, I am guessing Americans may be wondering why Americans were brought up to begin with. This is just my guess. Bringing up a stereotype, as in any sentence with guns=Americans.

            Love many of your comments. I am not trying to inflame the situation, but trying to explain where the responses may be coming from among the readers. Cheers!

          2. Hope you stay! I enjoy your comments very much. Have a cuppa, shake it off, and just resume commenting when the mood strikes. 😀

  9. When I saw the picture I actually thought “what a groovy 70’s inspired jumpsuit Max is rocking.” Love it. But I will qualify that by saying I love it on her. I can’t imagine anyone else pulling it off.

    Max can pull it off because she has fun with her clothes and because she has such a larger than life character she wears the clothes, not the other way around.

    Love that Victoria is still doing some work. Interesting print for a maternity top but she looks good in it.

    Sofia, I agree with you on the shoes and jacket. I think the jacket was probably an afterthought when she realized it was chilly outside. Otherwise I liked her look.

    So nice to read about working royals.

  10. I swear, Maxima is the only royal who can wear a 70s-inspired jumpsuit and totally rock it! She looked amazing! I also liked her skirt and turquoise earrings. I just read the snippet of Max’s speech, good girl! She knows what she’s talking about rather than just glossing things over!

    I didn’t notice the cartoon-ish guns until I saw up close. Um…..not a good idea, Vicki!

    Last, Sofia: like KMR, from the front she totally doesn’t look pregnant. Only until she moved a smidge and then you go, “yup! She’s got a baby in there!” I too noticed the closed-mouth smile and I’m starting to think that she might be undergoing some dental work. Just a theory of mine. In all, I think, she, CP, and Silvia all look lovely and red is a great color on her!

    1. Maxima rocks that jumpsuit! In my head I was thinking how I would look completely ridiculous but she looks awesome. I also liked Sofia’s red, but wish she would’ve coordinated her shoes and jackets better.

  11. I looked back to Sophia’s wedding coverage today and interestingly there were a lot of negative comments about her and her back history. Even a few suggestions about gold digging. It’s interesting because she has proved her doubters wrong, seems to be very happy in her marriage and is actually working much harder than P Madelene. Compare that to Kate who was praised so highly and has failed to live up to expectations. Just goes to show if your intentions are honest and honourable and you work hard you can change perceptions, and if you don’t ….well I don’t need to spell it out Kate.
    Just as the US election is hotting up here in the UK our role in the EU is front page news so Kate will struggle to get the coverage she wants. As a nation we have a generation changing vote ahead of us, and her laziness becomes an irrelevance.
    Maybe she will benefit from taking a backseat role for a bit, it might enable her to quietly reinvent herself.

    1. Yes, Sofia definitely got a lot of negative comments directed at her and her history. Those seem to have subsided. Sofia really did have a good first year as a royal, so I think that turned things around.

    2. Unlike CP and Sofia, Madeleine doesn’t live off the state. She lives with her husband in the UK and he pays the bills. She works for Childhood and when she does appear in Sweden for royal events, her travel is compensated.

      Sweden does not need more full-time working royals. CP and Sofia should have followed Chris O’Neill’s lead and rejected a title. Now they are more millstones around Sweden’s neck. Bottom line, Sweden needs to downsize the royal family. Sofia and CP are useless hangers on who should be out earning their own livings.

      Out of deference to KMR not wanting fights on here, I’m not going to detail, again, all the reasons why her history continues to matter and shouldn’t be whitewashed, the questionable luxury property in South Africa, and what I think of her in her current role.

      1. +1 to My2Pence. I’m trying to go with the flow and stick to clothing, hair and tiara comments only based on prior reception to my extremely critical comments about her. Just want you to know that you’re not the only one who continues to be in the “doubter” category.

        1. I know very little of her history Cathy 2 why are you still a doubter?
          And My 2 Pence your comments are interesting especially because it makes me wonder if Will and Kate can do the same? Finance themselves ? I’m only disappointed by Madeleine’s choices because I think she is so wonderful and has so much to offer, but do understand that her husband can afford her lifestyle.

          1. It doesn’t matter if Chris could afford it or not. The political point is that all monarchies are downsizing. King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel — that is all that should be working royals in Sweden. No one else is needed and any additional people on the taxpayer dime are 1) a drain on the economy and 2) encouraging Republican sentiment.

            The sexist king can’t deny anything to his idiot son. Ergo, Sweden is stuck with these two useless individuals living off the state in perpetuity. She should have refused a title, stayed with the charity, and been the least burden to the taxpayers as possible.

            To get more on Sofia’s background, check LoveLolaHeart


          2. Basically people still dislike Sofia for a similar reason to why people still dislike Camilla.

          3. No, KMR. My reasons for disliking Sofia in a taxpayer-funded public role are completely different from why I suspect some people dislike Camilla.

            I don’t recall Camilla writing blog posts making fun of a disabled professor. I don’t recall Camilla participating in a photo shoot that qualifies as child p0rn in Sweden. I don’t remember Camilla making highly questionable comments about rape victims. I don’t recall Camilla claiming her apartment as a business address and having donations go directly into her personal bank account. etc. etc. etc.

            I think the Sofia whitewashing is dangerous and anti-feminist, although I know her staunch supporters think I’m wrong.

            What some people think of as Sofia proving her doubters wrong? Sofia showing up in an expensive dress, accepting flowers, and playing the ultimate royal famewhore-who-hooked-a-sucker is no asset to Sweden in my mind.

          4. I believe My2Pence made some excellent comments and had a wonderful link with several pages of history. I am making a strong attempt to be only positive in my comments about Sofia and CP. My opinion of him is quite similar to my opinion of her.

            If KMR’s comparison to Camilla is simply saying I have a problem with their past then that is partially correct. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out what KMR meant by that comparison because some may be aware of the rumor that CP cheated on his long time gf with Sofia. That is honestly an issue that is quite low on the scale for me (and more a reflection of him in my eyes). I am not of the opinion that either of them have accomplished anything of note to compensate for their history or their current lifestyle and I believe they are being given undue credit for some of their recent “accomplishments” such as her charity or his design work. The comments made by My2Pence about the King are spot on.

            Only time will provide us with the opportunity to truly judge. I continue to watch, read, and be open to changing my current opinion if warranted.

            Here is a link to the official calendar so anyone can see how hard the SRF is working. In my mind, CP and Sofia are the equivalent of BRF Edward and Sophie. They are siblings (or sibling in law) of the next in line.

            When using this please do take note of the prior point made that Chris declined a royal title and continues as a private citizen who supports his family in a lovely lifestyle. I believe their children must return to Sweden to be educated if they are to remain in the line of succession.


      2. My2Pence thank you for your reply. If I consider the UK the trouble is if you said HM, PC and then Will and Kate the workload simply wouldn’t be covered. Ann , Sophie , Edward, even Andrew and all the Queen’s cousins do so much . For all these people over 60 to be doing so much work astonishes me. Most get very little recognition although I know when they turn up to anything people love the fact that they are there. In the 21st century with all the austerity it is definitely a conundrum . For the UK what do we want from the BRF and what are we willing to pay?

        1. I guess we’ll see when Charles becomes King since he wants to streamline the monarchy and all.

          1. I hope Prince Charles handles things with caution concerning W&K. While I may be off base, it seems like W&K received the big apartment and the nice country home and then decided to become more lazy with each passing day. I realize this is a huge generalization, but I don’t think these two should receive perks from the family until they have proven themselves.

            It isn’t as though I expect HM to evict the two lazy bums, but if she did I would LOVE it.

        2. I don’t doubt Birdy, that all these members of BRF have offered and still doing a lot towards the British public interest. It all boils down to the role of monarchy in this time of age.

          In my country- Greece – monarchy was abolished after years of severe political meddling and financial draining of the state. The final straw was the ex King’s involvement in a military coup.

          The case for Britain or Sweden is very different where monarchy has deep roots. Unless something extremely radical happens in society, it is unlikely that the monarchy will be abolished.

          However, it is a matter of debate how much of monarchy should a state finance. Each national parliament should be able to decide not only on keeping the principle of hereditary monarchy but also estimate the return of investment made upon the number of the active royals. In this sense, of course austerity plays a major role but imo, there are also other factors to consider which are not as countable.

          No doubt that after HM passes, changes will happen probably marking the end of an era.

          1. I don’t think Charles will make drastic changes . There is no real republican movement here and there is no real debate about any alternative head of state . So I think the status quo will largely remain. We do love our big Royal events – with all the uniforms and carriages etc, and enough people love it when even a junior Royal comes to town for it to continue for a time. I imagine Commonwealth countries might reconsider when HM passes, but here in the UK I think things will continue much as they are.
            Time will tell.

        3. Most other royal families have a much smaller number of “working royals” that the British Royal Family. Norway is limited to king, queen, crown prince and his line. His sister and her husband are not working royals. Spain is king, queen, and their line (grandfathering in some Queen Sophia and Princess Elena). Netherlands is limited to King, Queen, and their line.

          Sweden is a small county with a rising Republican movement. People already laugh about having to call Daniel a Royal Highness. Adding the extra burden of CP and Sofia as full-time royals when they aren’t needed doesn’t help.

        4. Elina’s comments are pertinent:
          It all boils down to the role of monarchy in this time of age.
          However, it is a matter of debate how much of monarchy should a state finance.

          I’d also add relevance.

          But what do royal engagements comprise? State occasions, charitable visits, fundraising, and…? If limited to state occasions and a few charitable events an argument could be made for very modest funding instead of the present sum with undisclosed amounts for 24/7 security. Maybe a per diem for attending an event?

          1. The DRF works together with Danish industry when it comes to State Visits abroad. They usually bring a delegation of business people and the visit also includes events that are relevant to Danish industry and commerce. Contacts are made and contracts signed between businesses on these tours though the royals themselves aren’t directly involved. In this context, the royals brings some glamour/stardust and, according to industry representatives, it does have an effect.

  12. Not crazy about any of the outfits except for Sofia’s dress. The nude pumps, black jacket and red purse just don’t go together. The black jacket makes her top heavy then light at the bottom with the nude pumps. I would have worn a beige jacket with the nude pumps or black pumps with the black jacket to balance things out.

    I love the bouquets. Interesting choice with the flowers with the dark eyes. I thought they’re pansies but they’re not? Anyone knows the flower?

    1. Sofia has a couple black jackets that seem to be her go-tos for throwing on a jacket over a gown while walking into and of out an event. I’m not a fan of any of those jackets. Maddie has some too that I’m not a fan of.

      I don’t know my flowers so I don’t know what kind of flowers those are.

    2. They look more like anemones. They are beautiful bouquets because they have a wild flower feel. Their vibrant colours are lovely.

      As for Maxima, what can I say, she proves her name – as I think ArtHistorian mentioned – in her maximalistic sense of fashion. Less is not more for her, that’s for sure, so in a way, I kind of enjoy her love of patterns and colours. I even like the jumpsuit on her.

      About Sofia: I agree her style as a whole may be a little off but she looks lovely in her red dress. Her face is glowing and she looks happy in her marriage. As I’m not aware of the reasons of criticism against her, I can’t have an opinion although I would appreciate an honest analysis.

  13. Princess Madeleine of Sweden has hosted a reception for very ill children at the palace. P.M. got dressed up in a gown, tiara & royal order & Princess Lenore was there also!
    Q, Letizia visited a children’s hospital in Madrid, Let did it a great job interacting with the ill patients!
    I read the comments above about Sofia & C.P. I will admit that did not think with S.H. past that she should not marry Carl Phillip. Today I feel neutral about her! Sofia should never allow people white wash her past, because she has stated she does not regret her past. It only makes P.S look like a hypocrite. S has taken a step in the right direction. I think S & C.P. upgrade their education & get regular jobs so not drain the Swedish taxpayers! Besides P.V. is expecting a 2nd child. Just my honst opinion! Halia

  14. Queen Maxima and Princess Victoria are examples that I hope the Duchess of Cambridge looks to.

    I am quite sympathetic to Kate and William moreso than the average royal watcher, and i wish she would shuffle off the lack of confidence and emulate Maxima and Victoria. Easier said than done. Question: is the dutch and swedish press as harsh as the brtitish press when it comes to the royals? I do believe the british press is quite harsh and it must absolutely wear on Kate. It shows.

    1. I too wonder about the other royals and the press they get. I constantly read that Chris and Maddie are harshly judged for whatever state funds they receive – in my mind it is little as Chris provides financially for them. Unfortunately, I am only fluent in English and Spanish, so Im just left wondering.

  15. 2 questions please: Did KM only work 45 minutes for H.P.then called it quits & went shopping for the rest of the day? Did K.M. wear a see through blouse in the presence of the children when talking about mental illness in kids? I am hoping these are just rumors & not true! I know come across as hard on K.W. they have a habit of not listen to advice! Seattle i respect you opinion!

  16. While we talk about Swedish Royals: Princess Madeleine hosted a “dress up party” for children.

    Edit:I see that there is a comment above that is similar.

  17. I’m in Maxima heaven. I also have a girl crush on Maxima. She is truly the sun and everyone gravitates around her. That jumpsuit is hideous, imho, but it works on her. Clothes don’t wear her. She has the personal style and charisma to rock anything. I’m always interested in what she will wear as she goes big and bold. I agree that this is a woman who used her past experience to help make an impact to her charities and the world around her.

    Vic looks beautiful. Not a fan of the shirt. But, the cut and style are nice. She’s weeks away from giving birth and still working. Just like millions of women. She doesn’t have to, but she does. I love her for that.

    Sofia looks amazing. The redress suits her. This is the one time where I would advocate for her to wear black shoes to match her jacket. I also wish that she smiled with her teeth more. I think that she has a beautiful and unique smile. It’s a shame she isn’t showing it.

    Thanks for the max-tastic roundup, KMR!

    1. There are outfits that I would hate on principle but that I love on Maxima – like a fascinator with a pheasant feather or a giant bow on the shoulder of dress. I despise fascinators (especially feathered ones) and bows on principle but on Maxima they just underscore her larger-than-life charisma.

  18. Queen Maxima can work herself! She does good she is worth every dime!! Princess Sofia is looking better since pregnant better body!! Her dress was nice fits her perfectly!! Crown princess victoria is looking good to both are glowing!!.

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